12 days to go and not one senior Arsenal player signed. Shambolic eh?

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If there’s one thing I totally dislike about modern day journalism, it’s that the people penning the stories forget they’re dealing with human beings. Story first, consideration of the person second. The Sun are running with pictures of Kenny Samson homeless in London, sleeping on a park bench. It’s tragic, it really is… but what’s worse is the glee in which some publications take in showing all the gory detail.

There was even a comment this weekend from a journalist mocking Arsenal for having an ex player who is an alcoholic gambler addict. Again, no consideration for the fact that out there, on a bench is a man who has f*cked things so badly for himself he has nothing. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of normal people suffer the same issues. I’ve seen third hand how gambling can destroy people, until you see it happen, you can’t quite comprehend the destruction. Coupled with drinking. Well, you’ve got a devastating concoction.

Arsenal are apparently looking into it. Hopefully Tony Adams charity is as well. Arsenal certainly aren’t any obligation to help, but for me, when the game is swimming in the money it is, you’d like to think a club like Arsenal takes some of the burden.

For me the wider story here is footballers and the lack of education they receive during the game. Clubs should do more to educate the players. Ambition is probably one of the best things you could give a player. Working with Saracens was an eye opener. They have their players on development programmes. Whether that’s working in restaurants or educating them elsewhere, it’s opening their eyes and their minds to post game life… because let’s be honest, most normal professionals only get going. The concept of being retired off at that age would be scary.

Having all the money in the world doesn’t protect you against boredom and bad decisions.

Onto the game yesterday, well, it followed an all too Drogba familiar pattern. We went one up, he came on and we lost 2-1. We lost the Emirates Cup. Pretty embarrassing. The whole weekend has been pretty poor. It’s preseason, and I get that. It doesn’t impact our season. But it does when you’re looking at the same squad again.

Arsene Wenger is relaxed about Suarez because he believes we can win the league without him, he’s that deluded. We’re days away from the start of the new season and despite finishing a million miles away from the top of he league, we’ve made zero moves so far.

That won’t be through lack of trying. It’ll be because Liverpool haven’t budged on Suarez yet and that we’re generally just not that good at transfers. Arsene says we’re working on other deals. I’ve said it all summer. We’re just slow. The longer it takes, the more chance we’ve got of it going wrong.

The only two teams who’ve done little business are Chelsea and United. One team won the league by a margin, the other had the best squad in the league. Both teams have made at least one first team purchase.

We still need a goalkeeper. It’s quite clear after a serious game that Fabianski is going to fold this year when it counts and our normal number one is average. We know we’re a centre back short. We need a winger, a striker and a box to box midfielder.

We have £100m and about £400k a week to play with. That’s Manchester City cash. That’s like going to Roman Road market with £10k in your pocket…then going home and telling your partner buying stuff was complicated.

The comments Wenger made on Cesc are positive in the sense that the news he has heard will have come straight from the horses mouth. He’ll stay their one more year, if he’s first team all year, he’ll never come back, if he has a bad season, we’ll get him. That might affect us getting a midfielder this summer. But it shouldn’t. We need to start taking care of the now. Right now, we’re not good enough by quite a margin. The club need to stop messing around and tie down some big players.

If Suarez really isn’t available… time to move on to someone who is. Rodgers is adamant he won’t let him go.

“I’ve got to say I’ve always associated Arsenal as a club with class and so there was a wee bit of a game there. For us, it’s about moving on and doing our own work. There will come a point where they understand our position. Obviously they have an interest and they put that interest in with two bids which were nowhere near what the player is worth. That’s within their right. There is a market in football for players but from us the message is constant. We do not want to sell.”

Player pressure might change his mind.

It’s amazing anyone at Liverpool can talk about class, it really is.

Anyway, I’ll leave you to chat amongst yourselves on that.

Just before I go, I’m away that some of the comments that went on yesterday verged on unacceptable. The comments section here is about respect, it always has been. If you’re being disgusting to other people or about other people, you’ll find yourself banned. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, that’s why the site is lucky enough to have such a great community… but there’s a line. Please don’t cross it as it makes the experience for everyone else a sour one.

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  1. arsenal-flavour

    know because your chatting complete gibberish and trying to pass it off as words of wisdom you also seem unhinged and you obviously think your alot smarter than you actually are…. Kind of like some in a cult.


  2. N5

    Apparently if we like Pedro and his posts its because you are brain washed and influenced, if however you are a stand alone who doesn’t like him or his blog then you are intelligent, handsome and witty!

    It is an amazing way to argue! if I stand up for Arsenal I’m brainwashed, if I defended my wife it because I’m an idiot! If I go to work then I can’t be a hipster!

    Stop being a cunt! if people protect something they like it doesn’t mean they are brainwashed they just like the thing they are protecting you ignorant fool.

  3. Meditation

    @inter your gran
    the funny thing is that your were never meant to help me. Or say anything to me unless you wanted to converse. You didnt. You tried to play the hero for you buddies and told me to pipe down. No nerve was hit but ill just tell you dont act big in a small world. That should be easier for you to grasp.

  4. sylvain

    My top 3 for this season:

    1 – the chavs
    2 – yoonited
    3 – man city.

    Us ?? Don’t know.
    Don’t care ??

  5. N5

    Yeah Inter you have no right to tell a clown who won’t be quiet to shut up if he wasn’t addressing you first, how important do you think you are to talk to the mighty mediation without being addressed first! ha ha ha who does this melt think he is?

  6. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Guys honestly why are you rippin Mediator to pieces

    Isn’t the guy entitled to his opinion.

    Pedro can speak up for himself.

    See all the emotion and anger this Wenger brings absolutley terrible

    Mediator has made some good points.

  7. N5

    WPB nobody attacked him, I asked him about his rage and he got all cagey, he can have what ever opinion he wants but he stated time and time again this site and it’s people are brainwashed idiots and we can’t defend that?

  8. Inter YourGran

    Meditation – it was much easier for me to deduce that you were an attention seeking melt from your posts.

    If you wanted to be civil then there’s a contact header at the top where you can e-mail Pedro directly with your so called grievances.

    Coming into the comments section acting like a holier than thou whiney little bitch, will get you chin checked.

    And you were

    Moving on, who’ll be top scorer next season in the prem?

  9. Meditation

    lol. Like i said .You need that security of justification. Justify yourself instead of looking for others approval. Im replying to more than one person. Like i said i addressed pedro and his dominions started talking shit one by one.

  10. Pedro

    Meditation, your passive aggressive chat really is boring.

    Sure you could say it to my face, which wouldn’t work for you because you don’t have an argument.

    Like your comment on Arteta… he took a pay cut to get an extra year on his deal. Hence, not really a pay cut when you consider what over thirties get.

    I didn’t create a monster, I created a community based around a passion… that’s still performing really well an growing.

  11. lord snotty

    Had the misfortune of attending the Mickey Mouse cup at the week-end? The inadequacies of the team/sqaud were again painfully exposed. EVERYONE can see this except the guy supposedly in charge.
    How much longer do we have to put up with this shit?
    Only a madman never learns from his mistakes.
    Only a madman repeats the same tactics over and over again after they have been proved to fail.
    Only a madman refuses to listen to advice.
    I am often reminded of Adolf Hitler in his bunker in the last days of the war with the Red Army marching down the streets of Berlin.
    He still convinced he was right and everyone else wrong.
    Some mugs still believed in him…

    Granted Wenger is no mass murderer but apart from that, this analogy holds.

    Will Wenger do the decent thing and go or does he have to be carried off in a white van! Either way this nonsense must end, and must end NOW before Wenger trashes this club, just like Adolf trashed Germany.

  12. arsenal-flavour


    because its rude to just come on someones blog and outright slag off the guy who spent his time and effort to make it, of course you can disagree with pedro, we all do at different points all the time, none of us have uniform opinions.

    no one on this site is saying PEDRO IS ALWAYS RiGHT, your just choose to believe we do… when we dont.

  13. Pedro

    … and if you wanted to address me individually without others getting involved, perhaps you should e-mail me… not do it on a public forum.

  14. Meditation

    @inter your gran
    Chin checked? ill say it one last time. Dont play the big one in a small world. Ive said my piece. 95% of my posts have been replies. I commented to pedro on his site .In his comment section. Understand? Address me properly and then i talk to you the same. The fact that you were not even involved from the beggining shows you tried to be the hero for your damsels in distress.

  15. John Travers

    You finish a mile from the top of the table and do NOTHING to change things? The definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. No way this squad wins a trophy. Followers of baseball on this blog understand that Arsenal is evolving into the Chicago Cubs of the EPL. Tired of Wenger’s promises that NEVER happen. Posted this comment after losing the Carling Cup to Birmingham, as long as this guy is the manager Arsenal wins NOTHING. Overdue for a change.

  16. LeMassiveCoq

    Can’t be bothered anymore. Wenger, you have done this. When your gone, I’ll come back.

    Take it easy folks.

  17. Reiss

    A player like Gustavo is available and were not doing anything why? He has all the right attributes in terms of age and experience and I can’t help but think he would be a could signing for us.

  18. salparadisenyc

    Le Massive

    Think were all feeling the same, its been a cruel summer filled with disillusionment. This blog would be less interesting without your commentary.
    Don’t think anyone would of believed Sanogo would be our only signing at this point whilst Spuds have spunked up to £50 million this summer. Has to be a civil war happening above the line between Wenger, Gazidas and the board. Its the only logical answer.

  19. Inter YourGran

    Reiss – signing perez might be a shrew move allowing us to have options and splurge on Fellaini…

    Sorry, I just laughed. I’m struggling to convince myself now 😆

  20. Inter YourGran

    Gustavo’s a good fit for us but it’ll upset the apple cart.

    Arteta or ramsey will lose their place and then where does wilshere play?

    Too much of a conundrum for the modern Arsene I’m afraid.

  21. gilo

    Gustavo is not really comparable to Paulinho – but my word he’s certainly better than ramsey.

    Ramsey is amongst the worst players to ever wear the shirt

  22. arsenal-flavour

    ps im not 12!

    I know their fifa stats but its creepily howaccurate they can be

    I suppose when you have a billion dollar franchise that is based on a realism football module and that they spend 10.s of millions every seasons going over footage and statistics, they even have records of players muscle to body fat ratio and 100 meter and fitness test results…

    Trust me gastavo is sik

  23. Reiss

    We haven’t signed a dm since Lassana Diarra and we didn’t even use him right. I don’t care what anyone says Arteta and Ramsey are not defensive midfielders.

  24. arsenal-flavour

    gilo there quite similar

    they both play the same role there both tough tacklers that are defesnive minded there both decent but not so great technically but are great at pushing forward from a deep defensive position, paulinho is much better finisher though

  25. PhilF

    Wenger always seems to prefer project youth over experienced players… with the exception of journeymen or bargains of course. We had this a few years back… all we had to do was wait for our young team to mature and we would sweep all before us and be the next Barcelona. I appreciate we had a stadium to pay for at the time, but what’s the excuse this time? Our squad is threadbare and seems to be getting filled up with young kids. I’m sure some may have the potential, but what we really need is quality… and that usually comes with experience…. that’s what I meant. Not the other thing, although….

  26. gilo

    inter – take your head out of your arse and tell me what Ramsey brings to our game. Have you watched a single game for the last 3 years?

    I genuinely feel sorry for him because we’ll never know how good he would have been had he not suffered that injury – but its time for him to be put out of his misery. He should leave the club and move to Cardiff.

  27. Inter YourGran

    Our midfield set up is weird. Arteta’s for a deep luing quarter back, ramsey is a box to box type and wilshere is more a dribbler. As Reiss said we don’t have a central midfielder who is a classic “sit in front of the back four type”

    Against weaker opposition we can get away with it, but not the top sides who can be devastating on the counter and clinical.

    Wenger worries always more about harmonising and improving a squad when he should be fixing the glaring deficiencies with the warchest in the market.

    We’ve spent enough peanuts on monkeys. Where are the organ grinders?

  28. Inter YourGran

    Gilo – how can I take you seriously? Have I watched him the last 3 years, yes. He’s made good strides of improvement. And I think he’s not one of the worst players ever to wear the shirt.

    So, you don’t agree, we’ll done for having your opinion. However, as I said there have been much worse players who’ve played for arsenal. You can’t have been a supporter that long if you’re going to make such silly statements.

    Lastly, feeling sorry for him and an acronym like he should be put down and sent to cardiff like he’s some dead horse after his injury makes you a cunt.

    What sort of arsenal fan says something like that?


  29. iPond

    Not sure quite where i stand on the Wenger Out theme…. Still want him to suceed with us again but have to admit major frustration with the lack of transfers after the ‘warchest of money’ comments.

    Do agree with Ash above tho, I was at the game on Saturday and was appalled by those who started to boo Higuain. Fair enough i get your dissapointment but it appears that he actually wanted a move to us, we just didnt make it happen. Hardly a reason to blame him…. What if he has a shocker of a season at Napoli and our interest is re-ignited for next year? If i was him I would tell us where to go after that reception.

  30. samsenal

    some people can’t see that disagreeing with the idea that Ramsey is absolute sh;t is NOT the same as saying he is the best eva eva and should be in the 1st team and would get into bayern’s team and win the Turkish league and that wales is the best and he has nice hair.

    It just means he isn’t sh;t.

  31. arsenal-flavour


    thats the madness of the situation we have got two players who were originally attacking mids filling in as defensive mid fielders it makes no sense

    once again wenger wants to get his favorites in the 1st team no matter what

  32. arsenal-flavour

    samsenal should be samsensible

    its always extremes with arsenal fans, ramsey would make a great squad player, his like are ray parlour not the most talented but an engine that can be used in certain situations

  33. Inter YourGran

    Af – exactly, Rambo’s a good little squad player who gives 100%. Not the most talented player I’ve ever seen and has a perchant for annoying little back flicks, but a Gooner, that boy.

  34. gilo

    Inter –

    This is a blog where people leave their opinions, you think he’s not one of the worst players to wear the shirt- I disagree – that’s life. If that sort of thing upsets you perhaps you should do something else with your time.

    I feel sorry for Ramsey because I believe that without the injury he could have become a decent player, as it is he should leave and try to rebuild his career elsewhere where he’s out of the spotlight.

    I presume you also believe that Diaby should get a contract for life.

  35. samsenal

    samsensible….so much better than samsenal. darn it. I think i might start ranting like a mandman and then rebrand like Kiyo…

    right, that’s it. I amd one with you all, and this awful club. this is the end.

    Enjoy your rubbish club.

    Good bye.

  36. Inter YourGran

    Gilo – why ruin your well constructed response with the last semtence!?

    If you’d asked i’d have told you Diaby shouldve been released at the end of the season.

    Thanks for asking 😉

  37. arsenal-flavour

    lol apparently we are in for alvaro vadilo an 18 year old who has just come back from injury who hasn’t scored yet in his career and is valued at 12 million and is apparently the next ronaldo…

  38. Classicist

    Fabianski is really atrocious.

    As for #WengerOut and whatever other campaigns there are out there to see Arsene sacked, I go back and forth. He’s pretty clearly got no interest in competitive transfer pursuits if we let Higuain slip without being fairly certain we could get Suarez at our valuation, and his reluctance to sit Vermaelen last year cost us a few too many points, but the man has kept this team in CL football for years. Although, honestly, how many other teams in the league can really challenge for 4th? You’ve got Utd, Chavs and City, then us, then maybe Spurs and Everton will be competitive consistently, then the rest of the league is frankly rubbish.

  39. samsensible

    Hi all. I’m new to these parts. Thought i’d join in.

    So…Wenger eh? What a legend! I do love Lord Wenger. What a man.

    Right guys???

    Our squad. Wow.

  40. Reiss

    Wouldn’t it be nice for a change if we had a midfielder whose first thought would be to protect the defence, currently we just have midfielders who just want to attack and I think we definitely need a balance in the midfield.

  41. N5

    Gilo, I may have missed the point as I didn’t see your other posts, but in your comment you put you think Rambo is the worst ever player in an Arsenal shirt, do you mean in his position or do you rate him lower than Santos, Cygan or Gus Ceaser?

  42. Vish

    ”Relaible Source”
    The AST have to call for accountability, transparency & good business practice. These are basic practices that should already be employed & its the root of AFC decline, more interaction & consultation with fans should also be a priority.

    Spot on mate. This is exactly the reason for the demise we see before us. Unfortunately, I don’t think that enough fans out there will weight enough significance to what you refer to. Its plain for anyone to see that the club falls short in respect to best practice requirements (Corp Gov) but the AST just don’t have the teeth to pull them up on this (for whatever reason).

    The only way better Transparency and Accountability will be achieved if one of Usmanov’s non-execs gets a seat on the board. This should be the number priority on the fans’ lists this summer , that is if they want to avoid many more summers like the one we’re having now.

  43. gilo


    thanks – 🙂 – perhaps it was a little harsh and overstated and having supported Arsenal since the early 1980s I accept that I have seen worse players than Ramsey in this time – his performance yesterday really irritated me and that was probably what was behind it.


    for me the Diaby Ramsey situation is comparable (i appreciate that this won’t be the case for you, or maybe, indeed, anyone else)

    They were both promising players and they’ve both suffered horrendous injuries at the hands of disgraceful tackles – for which I genuinely feel sorry for them – and they have struggled badly since.

    Diaby is finished as a professional footballer and should leave the club

    for me

    Ramsey is currently finished as a top level player and isn’t good enough to play for Arsenal (the arsenal of old), and would be better suited to a level or two below where he can rebuild his career

  44. gilo

    N5 – no, certainly not.

    (i didn’t actually say worst – I said ‘one of the worst’ 🙂 ) I am prepared to revise this up slightly…

  45. samsensible

    gilo – Ramsey is finished as a top level player? That is insane.

    He was never a top level player!

    *laughs at own hilariousness*

    No, but seriously, you are wrong mate – you can’t say he’s finished; he’s still young, still learning. He isn’t a number 10. that we know for sure….but he is improving as a CM.

  46. arsenal-flavour

    inter gran

    I didn’t know conversations had corners? lol mate way over my head…

    being awake over 24 hours and 5 coffees later will do that 😉 ], I could sleep where I sit right now, if only alas woe is me 🙁

  47. H14

    What I leant from the weekend games is that nothing has changed from last season in the way we play. This is the fundamental issue I have with Wenger. He persists in playing this tippi tappi football with the ball going to the corner flag, back to winger, across to the center mid where we then either try to force it through and loose it or we we try some silly dink which just goes to the keeper. We just take too f..ing long and give the opposition too much f…ing time to get back and defend.
    For me the solution is simple! we need to play the players in the positions they’re best suited.
    Walcott is not a winger he’s a striker so he needs to play up front he’s proven he’s prolific in front of goal but his kick and run down tactics are predictable and more often than not he loses the ball.
    Podolski is in no way shape or form a winger he’s too slow and has no skills whatsoever, he should be up front and up front only.
    For me with gervinho leaving we have only two quick skillful wingers at the club OX and Ryo.
    OX can play right wing but if we play him there then we lose his shots from the center. I would play Ryo on the left but really we can’t rely on him to get through the season injury free can we? i would be surprised if he makes it to 10 games.
    Wenger needs to be splashing 20m-30m bringing in a decent winger, someone at the Nani, Hazard and Milner level. Without a proper winger we’re gonna carry on playing the same crap tippi tappi football cos we have no skill and pace on the wing, even with Suarez we’re gonna struggle!
    Remember when we had Overmars, Pires, and Henry tearing down the wings? We played better football than Barca! how Wenger can go from that to Podolski and Ramsey on the wings is just beyond me.

  48. DanC


    we’ve won it 5 times is a sound something all too familiar with friends that support those scouse mugs! It is their get out of jail card….so they think

  49. Inter YourGran

    Gilo – I think you’re taking your overall frustrations of our squad dynamic on players you deem not worthy. Ramsey does seem to still be a bit of a whipping boy amongst the fans, which is a shame.

    In my opinion the injury stunted his natural development and it took a while for him to rediscover his verve and commitment. Back end of last season and this pre season he’s really kicked on in my view and done enough to warrant a reliable squad player sticker.

    Fair enough it’s an opinions game, but I thought he had a good game yesterday. Yes, there are some issues regarding his ball retention at the wrong times and being too Hollywood when it requires simple.

    But that’s why I don’t think you can blame the boy for currently being one of the better options we have to play in the middle of the park week in, week out.

    That’s Arsene’s fault…

  50. Reiss

    InteryourGran that is a good team but if I was being picky I would say we may need another winger now that Gervinho has been let go. Right now I count we have about 17 first team players which is far too small.

  51. Matt

    Everyone slagging of Ramsey you don’t know what Your talking about. He drive and energy is in the mould as ray the raider parlour

  52. Inter YourGran

    Af – it’s such a squad based game now with the physical, emotional mental developmentment.

    So based on that, I think he can continue to become more prominent and stay in an arsenal first team squad of 25.

    Do I ever think he’s a player who will start a cup final if everyone’s fit and I’ve got my house on us winning it? Hmm, probably not.

  53. Vish

    It’s a shame that an organisation of our type who’s primary purpose should to serve its members (us fans) is allowed to pursue a long-term shareholder maximization plan .

    This is proof in itself that we are not a big club. I couldn’t see this being tolerated at any other big club, or sporting institution in Europe.

    It’s got to the stage where some of the fans have become so indoctrinated, their scared of spending the money we have more then the club is.

    Do they seriously expect to watch a whole season of Ramsey, walcott and Giroud starting every game while the bank balance reaches £200mill?

    They do and we will. Pathetic

  54. Bergkamp63

    Ray Parlour was great in his day, but sadly like Wenger, there is no place for people like that in the modern game.

    We have moved on a bit from then.

  55. Meditation

    @ pedro
    thanks for replying again. I dont do the social media thing. hence me just leaving a comment in the comments section. Passive aggressive chat? Maybe me saying it had irony but im only saying what im observing and have seen on this blog for years. What other site has comments like this one. Variation is good but its negative. Its not constructive critical observations. Its just emotional 90% of the time. Also you missed the arteta point completely . My point was that he must have considered compromise because its a step up going to Arsenal from everton. Not true? surely you must no what influence you may have. Would you have been invited to see gazidas if it wasnt the case.

  56. gilo

    n5 – i think with Ramsey, for me its deep frustration more than anything (which has clouded my judgement of him) when you see someone making the same mistakes over and over again and seemingly not learning from it. – Also where you see someone not playing to their strengths.

    I’d love Ramsey to kick on and become the quality player that Wenger clearly thinks he is/will become – but I just can’t see it happening

  57. Reiss

    What happened to the list of players for if we finished in/outside of the top four anyone know? I knew those players wouldn’t have come in anyway.

  58. Inter YourGran

    B63 – yeah agree with that. It’s all a game where the quality of player is determined by their price tag and appealing internationally capped quality.

    Every top team wants 2 world class options for each position and 3 youfs in an ideal set up.

    The Parlours will always be about, but they won’t be what’s required to appease a fan base who want forever want bragging rights.

  59. Bergkamp63

    The first penalties are to be dished out circa Dec 14 for breaches of FFP rules, do you think Wenger is waiting to see the effects of this before parting with any cash for players ?

    Maybe once it has kicked in proper in 3 years time, we are going to do a RM and buy a team of Galactico’s with all this cash mountain !

  60. Classicist

    People ragging on Ramsey must be joking. He’s finally getting back to the quality he was at before Shawcross broke his leg and he’s still only 22 years old: lots of room to get even better. He works hard and passes well (highest passing % of all midfielders not named Arteta) – that’s exactly what we need from a midfielder.

  61. DanC


    I disagree mate you need a balance. Too many chiefs and not enough indians is not the way to go but i feel we’ve got too many indians (not those chaps from asia) and not enough chiefs. More leaders and top quality to add to what we already have in the squad and we’ll do alright.

  62. Bergkamp63

    Don’t even waste your time looking at caughtoffside, they would headline prince charles signing for Arsenal if they thought it would get traffic to their site !

  63. Vish

    I can’t believe that people actually rate Ramsey. Think he’s improving but come on are you serious?

    Would he get more the 2 games a season if he played for the teams we’re chasing (utd & city and Chelsea) ? I don’t even think he’d get two games for Spurs.

  64. salparadisenyc

    Rodgers is really beginning to come off a grubby lil tyrant in the press.
    I’m not sure what lacks class about bidding £40 m for player cut from the ilk of Suarez. On the face of it you’d think it might be a relief for Liverpool to sell him and I still think they will, creating a bidding war in process. When the “what you smoking” tweet came out I was partially convinced it was loaded with a much different subtext.

    What has Arsenal done that ‘lacks class’?

    Put in a bid for a top player whom publicly stated he wants champions league football. £10M under the UK record transfer of £50m for Torres to trigger supposed clause. It will take maybe £10m more, but Suarez will move IMO its a live wire situation waiting for ignition.

    Lacking class is calling for the loyalty of Suarez after the treatment of Reina.

  65. Meditation

    @ the offended
    I hate what the club is doing right now, but what is worse for me is the torture the fans are being put through and what they are putting themselves through. We all wake up wanting good news. To have no news then to see emotional blogs doing the hacks jobs then its even more fked. Forget the emotional responses. How many supporters group leaders, members or blog owners etc from other clubs are going on talksport ,sky, etc slagging their club. Revealing finances and airing dirty laundry. It just damages the club the fans and so on. Either we do it italian style and turn up at training grounds, do an fc united or do a liverpool and run these rouges out of town if thats what they are. O r be balanced. Its good the diversity of arsenal . So many voices and blogs but right about now its not a concentrated effort to make change but to score brownie points and advance personal agendas I read all blogs and i see the influence of all words good or bad. For me though im seeing a fractured arsenal.

  66. Bergkamp63

    It’s always going to be jam tomorrow with IG & Wenger,

    I have only one thing to say in that regard, your’e a long time dead !

  67. Inter YourGran

    Vish – How many games did cleverly play for united last season?

    Ramsey’s better then him.

    Not forgetting in football terms (unless you’re a scary talent) that 22 is still a baby. It’s also not Ramsey’s fault that he isn’t filling in and training with the world class players we should already have.

    Ramsey’s a good young player.

    Who’s fault is it he’s playing to much and we don’t have better options?

  68. Wengerites be damned !

    Wonga to sign no one. shit season ahead . No 4th trophy bollocks this time. 8th place trophy instead. Fans to get fed up with this clown and The Great Wigged One ceases contract talks. AKBs to follow Wonga worshipping his sorry ass.

  69. DanC


    that was re Parlour! just so coincidental that the galacticos came up afer.

    I get what you were saying though:

    ‘The Parlours will always be about, but they won’t be what’s required to appease a fan base who want forever want bragging rights.’

  70. DUIFG

    Why are people trying to bin Ramsey off after he ha just Come off the b est run of his arsenal career. The guy actually shows some heart on the pitch which is nice to see even if he isn’t the world beater we want him to be.

  71. Bergkamp63

    Ramsey is a decent squad player but that’s about it, he is not first 11 material for a big club period.

    He would probably have improved more if he were surrounded by top class players and had a top drawer Manager but sadly he doesn’t have either !

  72. DanC


    Ramsey is easily good enough for the squad but at the minute he isn’t of the required quality to be starting if we are to be challenging for the league and the champs league. A good squad player that is only going to get better

  73. Inter YourGran

    Brendan Rodgers is a class a cunt. How dare he talk about class the little cunt when his club pay 35m for carrol and are acting soooooo fucking desperate to keep a player who dragged the clubs name through the mud.

    Little shitbag even goes on talksport, no big manager goes on talksport, only muppets.

    Then, him and fucking their classy chairman are the only ones who keep banging on about suarez. Arsenal bid this, arsenal bid that, wa wa fucking wa.

    Liverpool are a pissant club now and watching them mug themselves off when they sell suarez to whoever gets him, will show the club and it’s tinpot manager up.

  74. Bergkamp63

    “Little shitbag even goes on talksport, no big manager goes on talksport, only muppets.”

    Hasn’t Wenger been on there ?

  75. Relieable sauce


    I read the stuff about good business practice you posted not so long ago, couldn’t agree more.
    I’m sure it has been pointed out before on LG & the media that Arsenal is run like no other football club or business even. The AST don’t seem to be to concerned by this flouting of universally accepted business practices & the complete lack of accountability, i’m not sure how many fans even know or care. This would be a great starting point for the AST, the demands are more than reasonable & should have been called for years ago.
    I want Wenger out NOW but i realise its not the solution to the problem the way Arsenal is run.

  76. DanC

    Talkshite is a crock of shit. The fact Mickey ‘Im a fat fuck’ Quinn even gets airtime amazes me. What a muppet he is.
    This is the guy who predicted LFC would win the title last year with their ‘quality’ additions.
    Absolute twat

  77. Bergkamp63

    DanCAugust 5, 2013 16:08:11
    No no no WPB. Artetas defence splitting passes actually GO FORWARD!

    The only defence splitting passes Arteta makes is when it goes back to Szczesny !

  78. Kiyoshi Ito

    Inter YourGranAugust 5, 2013 14:11:30
    I reckon meditation is another sde, kiyoshi Ito moniker that’s just been munched. Twat!

    In your dreams mate..!!

    Where’s your bib..?

    Mr Wenger…dribble,dribble..
    Wipes mouth..


  79. Inter YourGran

    Talksport pisses me off no end. Their piss take daily arsenal, then there’s the west ham, spurs and Chelsea cunts 8-10 hours a day.

    Then, everytime an arsenal fan seems to get through on the phone it’s always some r3tarded mong from the depths of mordoor.

  80. samsensible

    Kiyoshi….The Master. I am The Doctor and I have regenerated into this lithe new body. I am here to stop you posting your heinous attacks on Inter, Nasri’s Mouth and Keyser and make you understand that it is okay to let Wenger inside you…