12 days to go and not one senior Arsenal player signed. Shambolic eh?

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If there’s one thing I totally dislike about modern day journalism, it’s that the people penning the stories forget they’re dealing with human beings. Story first, consideration of the person second. The Sun are running with pictures of Kenny Samson homeless in London, sleeping on a park bench. It’s tragic, it really is… but what’s worse is the glee in which some publications take in showing all the gory detail.

There was even a comment this weekend from a journalist mocking Arsenal for having an ex player who is an alcoholic gambler addict. Again, no consideration for the fact that out there, on a bench is a man who has f*cked things so badly for himself he has nothing. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of normal people suffer the same issues. I’ve seen third hand how gambling can destroy people, until you see it happen, you can’t quite comprehend the destruction. Coupled with drinking. Well, you’ve got a devastating concoction.

Arsenal are apparently looking into it. Hopefully Tony Adams charity is as well. Arsenal certainly aren’t any obligation to help, but for me, when the game is swimming in the money it is, you’d like to think a club like Arsenal takes some of the burden.

For me the wider story here is footballers and the lack of education they receive during the game. Clubs should do more to educate the players. Ambition is probably one of the best things you could give a player. Working with Saracens was an eye opener. They have their players on development programmes. Whether that’s working in restaurants or educating them elsewhere, it’s opening their eyes and their minds to post game life… because let’s be honest, most normal professionals only get going. The concept of being retired off at that age would be scary.

Having all the money in the world doesn’t protect you against boredom and bad decisions.

Onto the game yesterday, well, it followed an all too Drogba familiar pattern. We went one up, he came on and we lost 2-1. We lost the Emirates Cup. Pretty embarrassing. The whole weekend has been pretty poor. It’s preseason, and I get that. It doesn’t impact our season. But it does when you’re looking at the same squad again.

Arsene Wenger is relaxed about Suarez because he believes we can win the league without him, he’s that deluded. We’re days away from the start of the new season and despite finishing a million miles away from the top of he league, we’ve made zero moves so far.

That won’t be through lack of trying. It’ll be because Liverpool haven’t budged on Suarez yet and that we’re generally just not that good at transfers. Arsene says we’re working on other deals. I’ve said it all summer. We’re just slow. The longer it takes, the more chance we’ve got of it going wrong.

The only two teams who’ve done little business are Chelsea and United. One team won the league by a margin, the other had the best squad in the league. Both teams have made at least one first team purchase.

We still need a goalkeeper. It’s quite clear after a serious game that Fabianski is going to fold this year when it counts and our normal number one is average. We know we’re a centre back short. We need a winger, a striker and a box to box midfielder.

We have £100m and about £400k a week to play with. That’s Manchester City cash. That’s like going to Roman Road market with £10k in your pocket…then going home and telling your partner buying stuff was complicated.

The comments Wenger made on Cesc are positive in the sense that the news he has heard will have come straight from the horses mouth. He’ll stay their one more year, if he’s first team all year, he’ll never come back, if he has a bad season, we’ll get him. That might affect us getting a midfielder this summer. But it shouldn’t. We need to start taking care of the now. Right now, we’re not good enough by quite a margin. The club need to stop messing around and tie down some big players.

If Suarez really isn’t available… time to move on to someone who is. Rodgers is adamant he won’t let him go.

“I’ve got to say I’ve always associated Arsenal as a club with class and so there was a wee bit of a game there. For us, it’s about moving on and doing our own work. There will come a point where they understand our position. Obviously they have an interest and they put that interest in with two bids which were nowhere near what the player is worth. That’s within their right. There is a market in football for players but from us the message is constant. We do not want to sell.”

Player pressure might change his mind.

It’s amazing anyone at Liverpool can talk about class, it really is.

Anyway, I’ll leave you to chat amongst yourselves on that.

Just before I go, I’m away that some of the comments that went on yesterday verged on unacceptable. The comments section here is about respect, it always has been. If you’re being disgusting to other people or about other people, you’ll find yourself banned. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, that’s why the site is lucky enough to have such a great community… but there’s a line. Please don’t cross it as it makes the experience for everyone else a sour one.

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  1. Ash79

    Morning to all you wonderful grovers. I was at the Emirates on Saturday and posted the below yesterday morning but wanted to repeat for the Mon-Fri crowd.. as someone said yesterday “if you cant see the problem, then you’re part of it”

    Yesterday’s post

    and I thought i’d conduct an informal survey. I spoke to around 10-12 different people yesterday. My opening and only question was “Arsene Wenger, in or out?” every single person said IN. When I asked why, the response was the same – “he’s done very well with he has and gets us in the ECL every season with all the restrictions he has. When I asked what those restrictions were considering he has had money for years but wont spend, people were stumped. One chap asked me did I have inside knowledge on the finances? I said no, its al there for public consumption. In summary, no one believed what I said, thought I was being a “bit OTT”.

    By the time I reached the 12th guy I was pretty sloshed Me and my mates were then asked to leave the stadium, it was closing time to be fair. What didn’t help was when I shouted out at the AKBS “It arsenal FC not Arsene FC!!” also “Arsenal 1886, NOT 1996!!!” didn’t go down too well.
    Had a great time getting wasted with my mates but the majority of our fans are and will always be brainwashed AKBS. Depressing but that’s where we are.

  2. Pollux

    If we dont get Suarez, we must fight and compete with Chelsea for Rooney.
    If that fails as well, we may have to turn our attention to Darren Bent. Dont forget that bloke is also an England International who has lost his way in Aston Villa. Just need some tender loving care from Father Wenger and he will be back to his clinical best. (Pun Intended)

  3. decampo

    I’m finding it difficult to support a manager who is so deluded about the quality of our current squad and inept at improving it. He is the main cause in holding the club back now.

    Please make it his last season. I predict we’ll win a trophy within two years of a new manager succeeding Arsene…


  4. indian gooner

    I am amazed at the continued defence of wenger’s abysmal transfer dealings this season-some of the bloggers say we still have a month to go.For what, i ask?
    We should have done our business and bedded the players in so they could hit the ground running.Instead the manager talks crap and the fans continue to throng the emirates.We needed to have a strong protest at the emirates cup to show the board that they cannot afford to side with the manager if he cannot/does not want to buy and improve. I fail to see who we will get in the next one month-if it is a bunch of panic buys on the last day like we got squillaci or silvestre i say we go full out against the board until AW is sacked.

  5. samsenal

    Wenger doesn’t believe he can win the league with this squad.

    We haven’t tried to win the league for 5 years.

    It shows no sign of changing this year.

  6. Stonroy

    Saw Fellani play against Madrid the other day. He was far and above the best player on the pitch, he bossed that midfield. Why we’re not in for him I don’t know.

  7. Ash79

    Signing Suarez isnt enough. We still need IMO a GK, CB, MId on top of a striker. Im not talking randoms, but quality names to plug those gaps. It simply wont happen. If you really think about how this window went and look at it in black and white, AW only wanted Higuain, now Suarez after Higuain failed. Other than paper talk no real bids or interest in any defenders, midfielders (perhaps Bender). Just shows AW was happy to go into the new season with little-no signings.

    Lay off Sanogo too lads, isnt his fault that he’s the only siging, in no way should he be made some sort of scapegoat. Also anyone who booed Higuain this weekend, shame on you. Shows how dumb our fans really are.

  8. Shubham

    Though I remain hopeful about signings still, I agree with most fans that the key additions should have been made already and tested in the Emirates Cup. However, Wenger seems indifferent. His cryptic talk is getting on the nerves of even the most ardent followers. He seems on a ego trip which can only be detrimental to the club. God bless Arsenal and may we win something this year.

  9. Arsenal2174


  10. Midlandgunner

    We all know this current squad cannot compete with the big 3 so it will be a fight on for 4th again,if no signings are made we could miss out and hopefully Wenger will not get his new deal,all the funds should then be made available to a manager with ambition next summer it could be another long painful year…..WENGER OUT
    It shouldn’t all be about chasing suarez the squad needs improvement all over he is seriously neglecting his role as manager

  11. PV4

    Shameful news hounding of an Arsenal veteran. No surprise as the hacks love to rip us to shreds and will take any angle to do so. On the players in front – no surprise there either. What we witness every season is a team that has had to survive on very little in the way of supplements. If you ran a business and failed to re-invest for eight years, no matter how ‘unbeatable’ your business was, eventually things will break down and your business would fail. The thing that Arsenal have forgotten that many bigger clubs haven’t is the old adage of speculate to accumulate. Very sad.

  12. Foreheadinho

    Wenger got a well timed reminder of what buying world class players gives a team. Thank you Schnieder and Drogba. Get the job done Arsenal and get some world class players in or whimper into forced retirement with a has-been reputation fully secured.

  13. ughelligooner

    Pedro welldone. It was yesterday i knew that many moaners on legrove got no bite they just bark. After all the noise of going to the emirates to protest, stand naked outside with banners sing wenger out etc nothing happened, i was expecting one of ito, scott, ug, gunneruis, westsussex, gbone, kwifit, dialsq, samestory, ramsey, to run into the pitch naked and do something instead they where back on legrove moaning. As for that “spectrum” all he does is go round the blogs moaning, if you hate wenger so much i expected you to travel from Australia to emirates and protest but meh. Pedro said it earlier moaners are all mouthed. Maybe you should beg Geoff to carry the flag for you. Kronke was there yesterday, we will see what he will do. PS. This is a new day you say something meaningful and make the blog attractive to newcomers other than moan.

  14. Aussie Gooner Dave

    Poor deluded Arsene. He is so stubborn that he can’t fathom that he could possibly be wrong. It will be a real shame if he is not remembered for the great things he did in the 1st 10 years of his tenure. I truly believe Arsenal FC will be derelict in their duties if they allow Arsene complete reign over the policies of the football club going forward. It will be gross mismanagement.

  15. Ash79

    N7 August 5, 2013 09:52:20
    ..so what was all the booing about? Did yo ask your 12 if they were booing?

    N7 – ppl were booing being 2 down at half time. Peopel will alway sboo poor performance but when push comes to shove “do you want arsene out?” the answer is generally “no, how will we survive without him”. The majority of fans still trust Arsene.

  16. Dplanet

    Pre-season or not, we have a team so lacking in creativity, skill and grit it’s embarrassing. There’s nothing worse than seeing a player who thinks he’s Messi when really he’s Ramsey. And we’ve got a team full of ’em.

    This team is average at best – and these kids we’re going to be relying on are nowhere near good enough – even to be squad players.

    How dare Wenger sit there and tell us he has faith in this crap? If he really believes that he should be fired immediately. If he doesn’t believe that, why isn’t he doing anything about strengthening the squad. I really don’t believe buying players is that difficult. We obviously don’t have the right people in place to do deals.

    Arsenal fans never change. People are moaning about Drogba diving. He did what any decent striker should do when he feels two hands on his back in the penalty area – he went down. That’s what strikers are supposed to do! Who do we think we are, The World Morality Champions (we can put that next to our Financial Prudence and 4th Place trophies)?

    I can’t take another season of this shit.

  17. Arsenalone

    Hard to believe we are making the same mistakes in the transfer window as years gone !.

    Leaving it all to late again,David Dein would have the knowalage to deal with the Suarez problem.

    Trouble is we have giving this madman to much power,I’ve said before on here ill say again.

    Arsene Wenger interviewed Ivan Gazidas for he’s job.

    How the fuck does that work ,how can you interview your own boss.

    Still if AW fails in the transfer market (suspect he will) he will fall in he’s own grave,thet him get on with fucking it up,I mean that’s what we all want.

  18. fire in the hole

    think we can be pretty confident in getting Suarez. We have the money and the will, it’s just up to the player to force it. This has happened to us several times over the last few seasons… RVP took forever, Cesc took forever and i’ll throw Nasri in here too (sorry). Big transfers are not done early in the summer (especially if it involves Arsenal) and all this Wenger out, burn the board etc. a full month before the window closes just isn’t healthy:) Unload your weapons for a bit, give Wenger the chance to make it right transfers-wise and let him try to snatch a trophy so he wouldn’t have to leave Arsenal with 9 trophyless seasons on his back. Would be an awful end to an Arsenal legend.

  19. Radio Raheem

    Arsenal are hopeful of signing Omar Abdulrahman, the 21-year-old who played at the London 2012 Olympic Games for the United Arab Emirates.

    Monday’s London Evening Standard reports that the Al Ain player looks set to undergo a trial with the Gunners this week.

    A playmaker, Abdulrahman trained with Manchester City last year but failed to agree terms with the Etihad club. Deputy chairman of Al Ain, Rashid bin Mubarak Al Hajri, said: “Have we had an offer from Arsenal for him to come to train? Then yes.”

  20. ste

    From sky sports:
    Despite reports in yesterday’s The Sun on Sunday, Freiburg insist they have not received a new bid from Arsenal for Germany Under-21 defender Matthias Ginter. They’ve told Badische Zeitung that Ginter will definitely be staying at the Bundesliga club for next season.

  21. Ànthony Stewart Stewart

    Morning one and all, another bad day at the office, we have even less players than we did last year and yet we are going for the title, can anyone remember at highbury when we had only a couple of thousand fans turn up because we wanted the manager out terry neil, I wonder if we have the bottle to do it again, wenger out, !

  22. Andy

    Daniel Levy IN, Ivan Gazidis OUT, if we had made the signings Spurs have I would be looking forward to the new season.

  23. Arsenalone

    Terrible shame one of our own Kenny Sansom in this condition.
    He’s been at it for years,I often spotted him in the book makers in highbury barn.

    I hope some one can help him

  24. Richard

    Most of the papers on Swanson are fine he is quoted as saying that he has a problem and that arsenal are trying to help him but he has to help himself first. As for signing of players we have a good core of players and lost no one of importance so that is good. Can we win league well if in those first ten games where we only face Tottenham and Liverpool we have good chance to build confidence giving us momentum to go to utd on the 11th game and get a result. On the down side we have the hardest 10 run in of any of the other top 4 contenders. I think we need signings but there is no rush . Remember also Suarez will not be able to play for first six games of season so it’s not a panic. Wenger knows his squad and he has always done well with the squads he has at his disposal. Yes let’s not be deluded if we want to win something we need additions because suspension and injuries are a problem throughout season. But for start of season we have a good squad.

  25. ughelligooner

    Ash you where ther too and you did nothing after all the mouth? Who else was there and did nothing? People you are like the board and arsene wenger; you see the problem but do nothing other than moan and groan. Thats why i respect Pedro, KJfc, Romford, Sesame, keyser, jake, jeff, interyourgran, nasri, the new gambon (thanks to kjfc) becos they discuss and analyze and dont say what they cannot do.

  26. ste

    as for people saying whenger is deluded (yes he is) with his comment of we can challange for the league. what manager would say my team are crap and wont win a thing??? this would hardly instill confidence in your team will it?

  27. Josip Skoblar

    Pedro: “[Cesc] will stay their[Barca] one more year, if he’s first team all year, he’ll never come back, if he has a bad season, we’ll get him. ”

    I’d like to share your optimism, but what makes you think that in a year time he won’t be siging for ManU ? I haven’t heard once Cesc say that he’d be tempted to come back to Arsenal in the near future. Why wouldn’t Cesc join Manu? RvP did.

  28. AFCEd

    Feeling very despondent in all honesty, not that I want us to spend for spending sake,But we despeatley need more numbers whilst we haven’t had a marquee signing for years (understandably), however we were off the pace last year and he seems to want to persevere with the current crop? it’s bordering farcical.

    I really cant see us buying the 4-5 players we need for the new season.

  29. Paddy got up

    The majority of the fans DON’T support Wenger or any of his cronies. The hoorays in the ground don’t speak for the vast amount of fans who have either been priced out or just given up going.

    I see some knob posted earlier mocking people who planned a protest. I say just wait and see when the real stuff starts!

    We’ve now got a muppet owner with a muppet manager and muppet fans. Of course they like Wenger it’s a nice little exclusive club for rich boys. But soon those people will move on to the next big thing Rugby or Tennis or Rowing or chasing some animal with a gun for half a day! And then what?

    The boys club has gone. Suddenly the Hackney boys and all the other working class fans that the club have alienated, suddenly are the ones they need to fill the pop arena!

    Change is coming folks it’s just a matter of time. Sad thing to say but more losses and rambling a of the French mad man only speed the change up

    Kenny Sansom = true legend


  30. GoonerDave

    Gazidis has done an amazing job – the deals he and his team have brokered are the biggest in the history of the club.
    Levy has been at spuds for years and has failed to come close to the achievements of Gazidis.
    Levy is good at getting top money when spuds have a player that’s too good for them.
    Hating everybody in authority at AFC just because we have not been performing on the pitch is simply silly in my opinion.

  31. miki dora

    I’ve gone from being angry, to being indifferent to now just feeling a bit sorry for a guy whose clearly stuck in the past and totally lost the plot. It’ll be the same scenario as last year with panic buys.

    There’s a box to box midfielder available with premier league experience and quality with a buy out fee of what he’s worth. The fact that we’re not in for him is quite frankly laughable. And he’s got good hair. AND he speaks French. I guess because he’s not 19 and doesn’t play in the French second division he must be shit.

  32. Arsenalone


    IMO our squad is no we’re near good enough for 6th place let along 4th trophy.

    And our deluded manager thinks we can win the league with the current squad?.

    We have to much average players like Ramsey,Arteta,mertesacker,jenkinson etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

  33. Ogemdi

    Wenger has lost his foresight. He’s been stubborn n don’t want to compete with other top clubs in europe. This is his final season n I bet u we won’t survive d first 4 dis year if we don’t get any new signings b4 d start of d new campaign. Maybe he’s waiting till we loose out first 2 games b4 we get a new signing. That will be disasterous. Last term we cudnt take half d no of points from d big 7 a club like arsenal
    Me I think its time for wenger to bow out n keep his reputation n legacy intact if not he’s going to destroy d very thing he built with his hands
    One love gunners

  34. GoonerDave

    Even more puzzling is that none of the top teams seem interested in Fellaini.
    I wonder why that is, he is a top player.
    Maybe his wage demands are more than the reported 100K a week? Seems odd no top team has gone for him.

  35. Ash79

    ughelligooner August 5, 2013 10:15:00
    Ash you where ther too and you did nothing after all the mouth?
    Never intended to protest at the emirates cup. Said it wasnt the place to do it. I think you’ve got me mixed up again. You once attributed a quote to me on a day i never even posted so since then cant trust your judgments or quality of posts, just like this one. Have a good day.

  36. Gooner 72

    I went yesterday and I have to say was very disappointed. Leaving the fact that the type of fan attending was bordering on the ‘moron’ aside, the football was just the same as last season. Loads of possession, trying to walk it in, midfielders too far forward, no defensive midfielder holding the line meaning disaster on the break even against a shit team from Turkey. Drogba came on, and as per usual the defence turned to jelly – a half fit semi retired journeyman made Per look a numpty on at least three occasions before reverting to type and cheating his way to a goal. I left embarrassed and unable to talk for at least 20 mins.

    First comment from the Mrs, “I remember when we went before you had players like Bergkamp and Viera, and that other dutch bloke with dark hair (Overmars), this team seems full of little boys”

    Says it all really

  37. Josip Skoblar

    Nani for £9M. Why not? He’s a versatile player who can play on the wing and centrally. He’s got great technique like most Portuguese players. In short, I rate him. To be fair, I haven’t seen him play much over the past two years… Any thoughts?

  38. nickw

    Wenger and his delusions are so depressing they offer no hope of improvement just more living in denial. I want to believe him when he says this squad is good enough to win the league and then I watch the team play and all our weaknesses come flooding back. I mean who is he trying to kid and more importantly why? He must know this team will struggle to finish above spurs this year let alone win the league so what’s the point in pretending otherwise. I thought his job was to try and make Arsenal the best team they can be, not hold them back because he’s too stubborn to buy quality players. If he won’t do his job then he should let someone else have a go.

  39. Ash79

    if there is the slightest chance that Arsene could be gone at the end of the season then I rather he didnt touch the ‘warchest’. I’ll bury my head in the sand this season and write it off. Get Klopp in.

  40. Bergkamp63

    According to Sky.com we have 7 players out on loan & 13 players either sold, released or Free Transferred with probably a few more to go yet.

    Maybe the plan is to keep the existing first 11 and make them the reserves/back up players which sounds about right and then buy an entire new first 11 to replace them !

  41. Devon Gooner

    Like the family from Ilfracombe I travelled up from Devon yesterday with my son, more in hope than anticipation. A long drive up and a longer one back. Clearly Arsene Wenger has no plan to improve the team, Tactically he is inept. Many others have detailed who and what players we need. What was interesting was Higuain; in 45 minutes he showed more intent and class than any one Arsenal forward – and as for the booing – very sad! How Walcott can consider himself a striker is amazing – his positional sense is non existant and should never be let near a dead ball again. There is so much work to do; one close season is not enough – this is a big project and the sooner Laudrup moves to the Emirates the better. A young progressive manager – forget the Spuds, Arsene is our biggest danger.

  42. Tomtom

    Why is the press full of stories about us signing shit players such as ginter and taking other players on trial? Did Wenger clear out all the crap players just to replace them with more crap players? Taking players on trial is pathetic

  43. gilo

    the really sad thing is that Wenger clearly genuniely believes that Ramsey and Giroud are good enough. This is the clearest sign of his delusion.

    This isn’t going to end well and I think that’s a real shame cause for all his faults Wenger just about still deserves a dignified departure – his chances of getting this are receeding by the second.

  44. gilo

    Has to be said that Drogba is a magnificent player – one of the very best strikers I’ve seen in 35 years watching football

  45. Hitchy

    So here’s my two pence’ worth:

    Atmosphere was fairly jovial yesterday as expected for what is essentially a procession and family day out. Everyone got along alright in the block I was in UNTIL the final whistle when there was a scuffle behind me which im fairly sure was Arsenal fan Vs Arsenal fan as there were very few Napoli/Porto/Gala fans in my block.

    Players wise: Ramsey looked alright, Cazorla’s touch was impeccable. Sanogo was ok, but certainly should be a 3rd striker or lower. Sagna can play at CB, but its a square peg in a round hole. Miquel isn’t good enough for Arsenal, was tentative in making decisions which easily gave his man the upper hand.
    Conclusion: We need first teamers – like – NOW. About 4 of them too, GK, CB, CM, ST

    Drogba came on, the rest is history. As soon as he warmed up people booed, He heard the boo’s, He came on. He wrecked us. He celebrated. The penalty was soft IMO but havent seen a replay.

    As we’re talking about booing (fair enough on the Drogba front but I personally didn’t join in): What is up with booing Higuain?
    Its pathetic is what it is, genuinely pathetic. I made a point of standing up [quite clearly in an arsenal shirt]and applauding when everyone was booing him.

    As we left on the walk back to the tube, I heard 2 different people say.
    “We can’t even win our own fucking cup” which for me just about sums up the mood of the ground – exasperated, and mildly discontent.

  46. Radio Raheem

    What’s the AST doing.

    Teabagging each other whilst farting #patience #patience patience…

  47. Brennyken

    Wenger wants to say I told you so if he wins the league with an average squad. He has done the double twice and was Invincible. Doesn’t have that Sir Alex hunger. Not looking forward to this new season at Arsenal PLC.

  48. Bergkamp63

    Does anyone else think Wenger has signed a 3 year extension and the club are waiting for a big signing before they announce the fact ?

  49. SpanishDave

    The squad know they wont win the league, we know that too.
    Wengers only constraints is himself, he has completely lost it. The club wont sack him until the results stare them in the face. Failure to qualify for the CL may wake this club up.
    Its the owners fault for letting this happen ,but he knows sod all about football, its just another money making investment for him. Take the fucking statues down they are not worthy.

  50. Matt

    The fact that we are now being linked with an under 21 from UAE shows how obsessed Wenger is. I honestly think he does it on purpose to wind teh fans up. What other explenation is there!!

    ‘Arsene says we’re working on other deals. I’ve said it all summer. We’re just slow. The longer it takes, the more chance we’ve got of it going wrong.’

    Do you really believe that?? I dont for one second!

  51. Ash79

    Bergkamp63 – completely agree.

    They havent announced should AW change his mind or something drastic happens and they have no choice. They are waiting for a convenient time to drop that bombshell.

  52. Ash79

    The media is hell bent on pushing through the Cesc transfer to United. Every article simply states that

    • Moyes wants him
    • May make another record bid
    • Barca keep saying he isn’t for sale

    As far as I can see there isn’t an article to be made or to persist with but the media want this one to go through.

  53. samsenal

    There is no need to have extended Wenger’s tenure at this stage.

    If they have done it then all those people saying IG was desperate for us to spend and AW was blocking it….they are all wrong. If AW is given a new contract before we’ve signed major players that says all you need to know about IG’s and SK’s requirements from their manager: transfer profits. UAE Under 21 players.

    Personally, if we sign Suarez, a Fellaini-level midfielder and a CB, I wouldn’t mind Wenger being given a small extension (many people would disagree)…if we don’t sign then either AW has held us back or IG/SK never intended for us to spend.

    Either way we are f*cked.

  54. PV4

    Bergkamp63 – agree. I also am reminded of Nottingham Forest’s obsession with BC – and the sad end to that little tale!

  55. Jimmythegun

    Show’s how far off we are, but I’d take Remy over what we have got right now.

    Apparently he’s having a medical at Newcastle.

    If they get him and Gomis then that’s ANOTHER team with a better front line than us

    As it stands:

    Man Utd
    Man City

    With another signing or two:


    F*ckin hell.

  56. samsenal

    PV4 – yeah, the Clough thing was really sad and it would be awful if Wenger ends up getting us relegated from the Top 4 on his way out.

  57. N7


    I don’t buy it that booing is normal for any fans being 2 nil down at half time. Speaks to me of a deeper malaise, a more impatient, urgent need to see some real improvement, the familiar despondency you get with an ongoing situation that only real, radical change will resolve, the depressing realisation that the impotency we display in the face of any real quality is still there.

  58. MarsBar

    The idiots that do love of Wenger and see nothing but a Wenger love in, support him more than they do Arsenal. They go Arsenal for the day out and the experience of following a team that looks classy to all there friends in London. Drink in the poncy pubs and know fuck all about our club our history.

    Before I left England I hardly ever went in. In a ground full of a large proportion of muppets who don’t even want to sing, don’t like a bit of noise in their ear and watch the game like its a fucking movie and bleat on about one Arsene Wenger being the only song they sing.

    Stayed in the pub. Much better and tons of people share that view. Some times can’t even give tickets away. What does that say. Last away games if the team was shit could be around a good bunch of supporters that share the same view on the club and pretty much be vocal all game.

    The sooner Wenger fucks off the better and I hope them so called fans do to. I’m talking the ones that idolise him beyond sane proportion.

    On the game. Didn’t get to watch em. Got the result when back from work. Only gutting thing about being in Oz. saw extended highlights, same frailtys as usual,nothing new. Wenger is an absolute idiot to think its ok,but you know what.
    He will get away with it because unfortunately their is a majority of people who still love him and that will not change. People’s opinions on twitter and all the social websites count stupidly as o ‘the majority’ which is bollocks.

    Wenger out!!

  59. Ash79

    N7 – take your point mate. However i reckon if you ask that entire population of ‘booers’, the majority would still back Arsene and THAT is the problem.

  60. Ben

    99% tourists at the emirates all weekend.
    Booing Hig was embarrassing.
    Jenkinson was toilet.
    Wenger says we haven’t lost anybody not much of reference for Gervinho is it?
    Brendan Rogers is so desperate, the mans embarrassing. Like David Brent, his greatest achievement is manager of the month jan 2012. Watch the video interview after Louis bit Ivanovic he looks like his been body snatched, clueless mug.

  61. sylvain

    What’s the point Pedro in saying and repeating all the things we already know ??

    Anyway, there can be only one major signing before the start of the season: Suarez, and that’s it. And if Bale goes to Madrid we can forget the cannibal.

    I think that the fact that Wenger truely believe that his squad can challenge for the title is a good thing after all.
    This will be another season in hell for us, but with a little bit of luck that will be the end of the Wenger era…
    IF the board has the balls for sack him after our 9th season without trophy, of course.

  62. DanC


    Keep the faith brother!

    We will get the minimum 3 signings we need. With the departures and the imminent departures of Chamakh and the Gerv we are desperately short all over the pitch now. Hopefully we can step it up and get the 5 players that are so blatently needed. Its just frustrating this hasn’t been done before the start of the season. There is no reason whatsoever that the transfer targets we are after couldn’t of been completed especially in time for the qualifier.

    Think the Suarez transfer will happen but will go the wire unless he submits the transfer request this week to force things along.

    Hopefully the MF and DC signings will happening in the next couple of weeks. If not you really have to wonder what the fuck is happening behind the scenes

  63. The Yes Man

    Hmmmn. More of the same boring Wenger Out brigade I see and the usual pre season “we won’t get top 6/10” whatever. Boring. Have a little faith in the people that wear the shirt and our manager.

  64. Pedro

    Sylvain… what’s the point in writing a blog?

    Hmm… so you’ve got something to bitch about.

    Raheem, what do you want the AST to do?

  65. DanC


    Wenger knows this squad isnt good enough to win the league thats obvious. He wont come out and say my squad isnt good enough will he? What would that do to the morale and spirit?

    He would never sign for spuds that is a fact. Cant afford his wages, not in champs league and monkey boy will be long gone. Where is the appeal?

  66. Radio Raheem

    Who could we seriously bring in if they did give Wenger the boot?

    We got Wenger from Japan we can try Tahiti this time around or Papua New Guinea…there must be some ‘great’ manager chewed and spat off by European football seeking redemption in some far away land somewhere, no?

  67. Goonerman68

    This situation is getting beyond any reasonable answer. we have clearly needed to add quality players to our squad for some years, in fact with a bit of investment on 2 january transfer windows we might have done something big, but it didnt happen and we all thought it was finance related. this is different we have the finances and the players needed are available, GK , fellani, Suarez, etc etc.. every fan from every club worldwide knows that we are in dire need of players when teams who finish streets ahead of you are spending millions to improve and we arent then the coming season looks bleak. but what do our senior players think are they happy and content to go with wenger on this surely jack and theo and co want to be competing for the league.

  68. Paulinho

    Booing Drogba as well.

    Notice that with AKB’s. Chilled out hippies when it comes to Wenger and Arsenal, and filled with so much hate when it comes to anyone else.

    Bit like the Manson family.

  69. DanC


    By the way. You didnt even know we were playing Napoli in the EC before Friday so its probably a good thing that certain things are repeated on here for the purpose of certain imbeciles

  70. arsenal-flavour


    great post! I especially liked your thoughts on the kenny sampson tragedy,
    allot of modern journalists are like vultures circling the fallen and making a mockery of there pretty horrid situations… case point gazza.

  71. DanC


    People are well within their rights to boo Drogba, he’s consistently fucked us for years. And he’s a massive cheating cunt. I dont think you need to be classed as an AKB do you?

    Maybe you should concentrate some of you’re hate to the opposition in matchday? Just a thought

  72. Radio Raheem


    As the only body representative of Arsenal fans, it’ll be better if they were more vocal of fans’ anxieties. Right now, they come across as extensions of Gazidis’ media department.

  73. Guninurback

    August 5, 2013 09:55:53


    Have we not made it clear we would not pay for this shit?
    The fact you are dumb enough to pay 40 quid just to watch Wengers blow a load in your face doesn’t mean the rest of us are.
    What is it in the word “boycott” that you don’t understand? Because your not doing it right if your sitting there next to the dugout with a “wenger 4 life” sign held high…

    Pedders can say what he want about tone, but I have to be allowed to call out “stupid” when I see it.

  74. stuart

    Your Comment Here

    Wenger is negligent if he does not strengthen the squad. It is obvious that he is so arrogant as to ignore the obvious requirements for new quality players. The fact that every reasonable fan with Arsenals best interests at heart can see we are understrenght is a slight on the fans inteligence.

    I am afraid that the ONLY way to achive real action is for the fans to stay away from the games in large numbers. Maybe just maybe the board will take note if the demonstration is there for all of them to see.

    I live in hope and desparation.

  75. Paulinho

    Dan C- I can understand a little bit of booing at the start of the match, same with Higuain as well maybe, but to incessantly carry it on throughout the match just creates a horrible atmosphere.

    You never really get the sense it is tongue in cheek either, or meant as banter. The crowd at the Emirates are too thick, and as I said, filled with angst.

  76. TOLI83

    PaulinhoAugust 5, 2013 11:26:02
    Dan C- I can understand a little bit of booing at the start of the match, same with Higuain as well maybe, but to incessantly carry it on throughout the match just creates a horrible atmosphere


    Disagree on booing Higuain, that was embarassing to be honest.

  77. Jim Lahey

    Rodgers and Liverpool are the ones who lack class, it was them would went squealing to the media as soon as they could, Arsenal’s side of things are keeping pretty quite.

    How many players have we had hounded away from the club tapped up left, right and centre, and we have never come out and accused anyone or any team of being classless… First big player that wants to leave Liverpool and Rodgers can’t stop running his mouth, accusing us of being classless??? Take a look in the mirror there bud.

  78. Radio Raheem

    “As the only body representative of Arsenal fans”Lol, you mean non-AKB.

    I’m only aware of AST and don’t think they discriminate on their membership. Are there others?

  79. Paulinho

    Toli83- Agree on Higuain, but maybe a little bit of friendly jeering as a form of recognition for the first few minutes then leave it all alone. But no, booing for the full 90 minutes.

    I never noticed how irritating our crowd was at Highbury.

  80. arsenal-flavour

    Wenger doesn’t want to buy a certain caliber of player e.g.world class/bignames/big price tags what have you

    Because it goes against his philosophy his principal of building a team not buying 1

    I also feel their are personal reasons, the types of nasri cesc and rvp abandoning arsenal have deeply hurt wenger… you can see it in the man, he seems withered deflated

    I don’t think he wants to take the risk of buying the talent that has the most opportunity to leave at some point (I think suarez is grudingly forced upon wenger)

    and obviously ego comes in to it, he thinks he can prove us all wrong

    but once again personal reasons take over, he obviously feels a real bond and attachment with this group of players, when he spoke of the best squad he ever had last season though we all laughed I think he also meant the squad he liked the most.

    I think that he thinks giving us a british core would appease and please the fans, they have made such a big deal about it part of the reason is for shit sales and profit the other part because wenger wants to do something the other managers aren’t

    I think his lost it and is a hopeless manager but its rather down to personality flaws then some master mind evil schemer cackling like skeletor in he-man

    He generally thinks his way is the best way for the club, i think we all agree he is wrong

  81. Keyser

    “it’ll be better if they were more vocal of fans’ anxieties. Right now, they come across as extensions of Gazidis’ media department.”

    You said it, what department should deal with your anxieties ?

  82. Bankz

    Pedro still keeping the faith.
    I will be surprised if we got Suarez…..infact I will be shocked if we bought Luis Suarez. Its so obvious Wenger has picked Giroud and Sanogo to compete for the CF role next season.
    Y’all should stop being #LesGullibles.
    My advice for my Arsenal mates this season is, go get a detachable toilet as there will be so many games, y’all will have to SHIT yourselves before the ref blows the 90mins full time whistle’.

  83. samsenal

    DanC – i’m less confident about the Suarez transfer actually.

    I think Liverpool will string it out because they can. There’s the theory that this 40m + £1.00 is a legit release clause, provided the Team is a Champion’s League club….we’re not and won’t be until end of August.

    The money they are demanding is eye-watering. If we sign him it tells me Arsenal are very very serious about competing from now on….

    If we don’t it says we are still only interested in bargains.

    Fingers crossed….and there i am hoping we sign one of the biggest w@nkers in the game. Dark times.

  84. Hitchy

    Anyone else staring down the barrel of a mad hangover today?

    Cider is never a good idea….Neither is buying those ‘French Lagers’ from M&S at Waterloo for your train home

  85. N5

    12 days to go and no signing in sight! being a gooner can be the most frustrating thing in the world at times!

    Pull your finger out Wenger.

  86. Radio Raheem

    “it’ll be better if they were more vocal of fans’ anxieties. Right now, they come across as extensions of Gazidis’ media department.”

    You said it, what department should deal with your anxieties ?

    Are you being deliberately daft here? Many Arsenal fans are unhappy. AST is a body that tries to represent fans. Currently, AST seems to be peddling #patience and whatever line Gazidis comes out with. As a body purporting to represents fans it makes sense to bring forth fans’ displeasure when it does exist.

    So your question is stupid to say the least

  87. Guninurback

    Jim Lahey
    August 5, 2013 11:29:20

    Ok what up with the dumb AKB attack on Rodgers today?
    Thats what a real manager is supposed to do when someone taps up his best player. I know its unheard for a lot of you, but you should really be taking lessons, or else I don’t even want to hear it when we sell Caz for 10 mill next year.

  88. Guninurback

    Could someone describe to or at least try to explain how selling your best players as soon as a better club comes knocking is now considered “class” by the AKB?

  89. mrz

    We, the Asian fans, who watch Premier League in TV, are surely not like u guys who spend a big chunk of ur hard-earned money to watch the games live at stadium. Still, we are crazy about the game and Arsenal, of course. I, check all the updates on transfer news at BBC,SKY,GOAL,ESPN frequently with the hope that Arsenal might finally sign a big name..But no luck yet..

    As far as I understand, there is no way Wenger will sign a big name UNLESS he is made to do that. It surprises me most to know that Wenger believes current Arsenal team is capable of winning Premier League Title. Even a fan like me, who does not have any professional football experience, can easily say that We need 2/3 world class player to challenge for title. U wanna know the reason? I can give it to u. I ain’t a expert. Still, I can give u something.

    Wenger believes he is right about his team and no big name signing is needed to win title, although every other coaches who have ambition to win titles think otherwise. What makes him think he is right?? Did he win anything without a big name signing? NO..Then? It has been 8 years!!!

    Wenger always brags about his team’s champion’s League qualification for 18 years at stretch. What is the point of just being in Champions League if we don’t have any ambition to win it? Please don’t tell me just being in ECL makes u a top team and top players can be lured by the Champions League football. Tell me, how many top players did we sign in last 8 years?

    I wonder how can most of the Arsenal fans are still AKBs.

    IMO,Wenger should be sacked immediately. The earlier, the better. He has gone insane. There is one thing I am pretty sure about; WENGER WILL NOT WIN ANY TITLE AT ARSENAL EVER AGAIN.

  90. Keyser

    Are you serious ?

    “As a body purporting to represents fans it makes sense to bring forth fans’ displeasure when it does exist.”

    The AST represents Arsenal fans as a whole, how many fans are you talking about here and what sort of reaction do you expect ?

  91. N5

    Guninurback the difference with us though is when a team taps up our players we just bend over and take it, we’ve been fucked over on numerous occasions and then Wenger will come out and say be nice to that player when they return. I agree with you, a manager should come out and say piss off to the team trying to take his players, not be such a wimp you not only give them the player for pennies but you praise them for doing a good job!

  92. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    The thing for me putting Wenger aside for a minute

    Is the football we play has become so crap and predictable.

  93. DanC


    The booing of higuian wasn’t called for he’s done nothing wrong. We all wish he’d lined up for us on Saturday instead of Napoli.

    Booing Drogba is 100% called for. Every single day of the week. He’s a prized wanker and is correctly touted as our nemisis. No one since Fowler has had more fun scoring against us (had a bit of class wasnt a cunt) than Drogba so booing is the least we can throw his way. 15 in 15 games against us is ridiculous

  94. Aussie Gooner Dave

    I can’t help but think there’s something behind the continuous noise coming from ManYoo about Cesc. May I suggest that if Cesc goes to them Wenger is totally finished. He’s supposed to have remained a close relationship with Cesc and sounds like he knows what going on. If Cesc ends at Man Yoo I would have worse feelings towards him than I do towards RVP. Cesc would be a thorough c**t if he went there.

  95. Jim Lahey

    @Guninurback – Are you really calling me an AKB?? Have you ever read anything I have wrote on here?

    What is he to do? How about what everyone else has done, keep it within the club, and not yap to the media the first chance he gets. And how have we been tapping up Suarez? We have lodged a bit and as far as you or me know that is the only contact regarding him the club has made.

  96. Gregg

    Thoughts on Nani ?
    Always rated him but thought he was always under immense pressure at Utd, given the success of Ronaldo. Think there was too much pressure on him given the fact that his career followed the same path as Ronaldo’s.

    If we sign him then there’s far less pressure and I think his natural ability & the fact that he should be coming into his prime, will see him flourish. It’s not as if he’ll be under pressure trying to step into Gervhino or Arshavin’s shoes is it ?

  97. Josip Skoblar

    Keyser August 5, 2013 10:47:12

    Ha! Ha! Excellent metaphor: Concorde, the classy airplane and Ryainar the thuggish-greedy company. We know how it all ended with Concorde…

  98. Ash79

    Gregg – re Nani, couldnt be any worse than the forehead could it?

    i’d gamble on Nani for a good price. As you say, less pressure here than OT so he could let loose and play his game. He does like to have a shot from distance however, im sure AW could beat that out of him.