12 days to go and not one senior Arsenal player signed. Shambolic eh?

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If there’s one thing I totally dislike about modern day journalism, it’s that the people penning the stories forget they’re dealing with human beings. Story first, consideration of the person second. The Sun are running with pictures of Kenny Samson homeless in London, sleeping on a park bench. It’s tragic, it really is… but what’s worse is the glee in which some publications take in showing all the gory detail.

There was even a comment this weekend from a journalist mocking Arsenal for having an ex player who is an alcoholic gambler addict. Again, no consideration for the fact that out there, on a bench is a man who has f*cked things so badly for himself he has nothing. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of normal people suffer the same issues. I’ve seen third hand how gambling can destroy people, until you see it happen, you can’t quite comprehend the destruction. Coupled with drinking. Well, you’ve got a devastating concoction.

Arsenal are apparently looking into it. Hopefully Tony Adams charity is as well. Arsenal certainly aren’t any obligation to help, but for me, when the game is swimming in the money it is, you’d like to think a club like Arsenal takes some of the burden.

For me the wider story here is footballers and the lack of education they receive during the game. Clubs should do more to educate the players. Ambition is probably one of the best things you could give a player. Working with Saracens was an eye opener. They have their players on development programmes. Whether that’s working in restaurants or educating them elsewhere, it’s opening their eyes and their minds to post game life… because let’s be honest, most normal professionals only get going. The concept of being retired off at that age would be scary.

Having all the money in the world doesn’t protect you against boredom and bad decisions.

Onto the game yesterday, well, it followed an all too Drogba familiar pattern. We went one up, he came on and we lost 2-1. We lost the Emirates Cup. Pretty embarrassing. The whole weekend has been pretty poor. It’s preseason, and I get that. It doesn’t impact our season. But it does when you’re looking at the same squad again.

Arsene Wenger is relaxed about Suarez because he believes we can win the league without him, he’s that deluded. We’re days away from the start of the new season and despite finishing a million miles away from the top of he league, we’ve made zero moves so far.

That won’t be through lack of trying. It’ll be because Liverpool haven’t budged on Suarez yet and that we’re generally just not that good at transfers. Arsene says we’re working on other deals. I’ve said it all summer. We’re just slow. The longer it takes, the more chance we’ve got of it going wrong.

The only two teams who’ve done little business are Chelsea and United. One team won the league by a margin, the other had the best squad in the league. Both teams have made at least one first team purchase.

We still need a goalkeeper. It’s quite clear after a serious game that Fabianski is going to fold this year when it counts and our normal number one is average. We know we’re a centre back short. We need a winger, a striker and a box to box midfielder.

We have £100m and about £400k a week to play with. That’s Manchester City cash. That’s like going to Roman Road market with £10k in your pocket…then going home and telling your partner buying stuff was complicated.

The comments Wenger made on Cesc are positive in the sense that the news he has heard will have come straight from the horses mouth. He’ll stay their one more year, if he’s first team all year, he’ll never come back, if he has a bad season, we’ll get him. That might affect us getting a midfielder this summer. But it shouldn’t. We need to start taking care of the now. Right now, we’re not good enough by quite a margin. The club need to stop messing around and tie down some big players.

If Suarez really isn’t available… time to move on to someone who is. Rodgers is adamant he won’t let him go.

“I’ve got to say I’ve always associated Arsenal as a club with class and so there was a wee bit of a game there. For us, it’s about moving on and doing our own work. There will come a point where they understand our position. Obviously they have an interest and they put that interest in with two bids which were nowhere near what the player is worth. That’s within their right. There is a market in football for players but from us the message is constant. We do not want to sell.”

Player pressure might change his mind.

It’s amazing anyone at Liverpool can talk about class, it really is.

Anyway, I’ll leave you to chat amongst yourselves on that.

Just before I go, I’m away that some of the comments that went on yesterday verged on unacceptable. The comments section here is about respect, it always has been. If you’re being disgusting to other people or about other people, you’ll find yourself banned. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, that’s why the site is lucky enough to have such a great community… but there’s a line. Please don’t cross it as it makes the experience for everyone else a sour one.

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  1. Reiss

    I said Ljajic and Gustavo would be good signings and relatively cheap if we were serious we could tie these signings by the weekend with minimal fuss.

  2. Gunner2301


    I think Ben Arfa plays down the right so I think Downing would be an addition to the left.

    I wouldn’t spend 5 mill on him he’s the wing equivalent of Ramsey mind you that’s how much Ramsey cost wasn’t it? Way too much.


    I think he will. His bridges are broke at Pool and RM are spending all their dough on Bale. Can see movement this week. keep the faith!

  4. Gunner2301


    I think Ben Arfa plays down the right so I think Downing would be an addition to the left.

    I wouldn’t spend 5 mill on him he’s the wing equivalent of Ramsey mind you that’s how much Ramsey cost wasn’t it? Way too much anyway.


    Gunner2301August 5, 2013 22:34:18

    Yeah wouldn’t touch Downing with a barge pole but with Remy and the other guy Gouffran I can see Ben Arfa being off-loaded, Would also love that Kebah guy.

  6. Jeff


    You asked me what I would do if Arsene bought no one this summer and therefore would I call it a day.

    Absolutely not! Have I called it a day in the last eight years? This is a war of attrition. Wenger’s days are numbered; not because of us or what we can do or say but because of what he has done and continues to do. He will be his own undoing. He will go and we will all be here to see it; there is no question about it. And when he does go, things will never be the same at Arsenal again.

  7. GUNNER786







    This is what I’ll be singing outside the Emirates.

  8. Cesc Appeal

    The DHL delivery man who delivers to Arsene Wenger must have THE worst job in the world.

    ‘Please sign for it, I’ve been here 6 hours!’

    ‘I know people are desperate for me to sign, but for me it is more important to sign correctly.’

  9. Marko

    My only worry is the lack of movement in other areas. I get Suarez it’ll take a while but ffs the other areas are as important.

  10. KWIK FIT

    LFCTS ‏@LFCTS 5m
    Andy Hunter says Suarez could miss pre-season friendlies against Valerenga and Celtic

    Welcome to Arsenal Louis.

  11. Campbell

    Thinking out loud here but… If the Suarez deal has stalled due to the interpretation of this £40m+ clause then isn’t it worth us upping the offer to the £50m Liverpool want (with a clear cut clause regarding the £9.999m ‘refund’ should the contract dictate that with a view to compensation also) if it isn’t watertight and Liverpool wriggle their way out of it then we just cough up the market value for once. Either way, he needs to be in our squad asap. Leave the legalities til later. Dick who??

  12. Marko

    For me with Gervinho gone and if we’re not bringing in Bernard it’s gotta be one of Muniain, Andre Ayew, Griezmann or Gaitan for the wing.

  13. Geogooner

    If we get to the end of the window with no new additions, and that seems unfortunately to be a possibility, why not have a two year punt with Drogba. I’m sure he’d prefer London and we know he can do a job, even if against us.

    I don’t see us getting Suarez and the bank of available players seems to be getting surprisingly empty – perhaps we should have stolen Soldado if only to annoy the spuds. Hope he turns out to be a dud or’ egg on face’ comes to mind.

  14. Gunner2301


    WENGER: I must bring in my legal team to go over this before I sign and they are busy looking for loopholes in the Suarez 40mill+1 pound deal so I will not be able to sign until the transfer goes through …….

    DHL MAN: But surely if you give them a call I’m sure they’ll say it’s ok to sign

    WENGER: Are you crazy they cannot work on more than one deal at a time come back on September 2nd.

  15. Jeff


    I don’t see too much credence in the popular idea that Wenger will “move upstairs”. He is too power hungry and likes to be in the limelight. If he can’t have that I think he will just go back to France and either manage another club for a while until he retires or become a pundit. The latter would suit him more because he gets to talk a lot of gibberish (which he likes to do) and people will listen but everyone knows nothing that pundits say matters – it’s just a job.

  16. GUNNER786


    We need to get rid of that parasite away from the club.

    If he moves upstairs then he will still run the show and we will go 2 decades without winning a single trophy.

    We need to get rid of him altogether.

  17. rollen

    Arsenic must be the second most arrogant man after virus Johnson.

    Who has ignored advice and Londoners feelings an will shut ten fire stations.

    Nice one …..

    Boris getting abuse all day on LBC

  18. Gunner2301


    I can see him looking for a position upstairs – Advantages

    He can retain the power and influence he has to a larger extent
    He can still collect a sizeable sum
    He can exert influence from behind the scenes
    He can bring in Stoikovich as a puppet
    He can continue project youth without taking the shit for its failures
    He is deluded into thinking he can spot talent so would relish a director of football role.


  19. Jeff

    I wouldn’t put it past Wenger to be doing this just to get back at Gazidis for dropping him in it with his “we’ve got loads of money and Arsene is not afraid to spend”. How dare he make such a bold statement? How dare he talk out of turn? Who does he think he is? Wenger made him what he is, put him there; how dare he talk to the media about spending before asking for permission from Arsene first?

    So, best way to wrong foot Gazidis and show him who’s boss is to spend absolutely nothing. Take that baldy.

  20. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    Rightly so rollen….

    London becoming more populated … Every piece of brown land being built on for new homes… So he shuts ten stations… U couldn’t make it up in a comedy sit com

  21. Same Story

    “For me with Gervinho gone and if we’re not bringing in Bernard it’s gotta be one of Muniain, Andre Ayew, Griezmann or Gaitan for the wing.”


  22. Jeff


    I understand all that but nobody upstairs is in the limelight as much as the manager. Yes he likes power but he also wants to show it. Behind the scenes nobody is going to notice or know what he’s doing and I don’t think he would like that. My reasoning is based on the fact that he is finding it extremely difficult to let go of the manager’s job. Why not decide to go for this “upstairs” job now? Why be so eager to sign another contract?

    He’s 63, hasn’t won diddly-squat in almost a decade; he must know there is no chance of winning a major title with the policies he has in place and the squad he fields so all he does is enjoy the limelight and it really doesn’t matter a damn whether or not Arsenal Football Club win a trophy or not – it’s all about Arsene. So I don’t think he fancies a move upstairs – I really don’t.

  23. Kiyoshi Ito


    I’m still 90% confident no major WC signings will be made…

    The simple reason,being that the actors running the club,are more pre-occupied with the bottom line,than with success on the pitch..

    Fundamentally the club,is run as a business..

    With Ivan Gazidis earlier pronouncements about their being an” escalation in financial power”..I believe this was intended to tap into the mood & sentiment of fans,that they meant business this time around..

    Whereas the underlying motive was to hoard as much cash as was humanely possible,by the dirty rotten scoundrels..

    Now,combine that with a whole host of players being released,or sold..
    So far only one player has been sold..This too gives the overall impression,that changes are being made & that Arsenal are turning the corner..

    Far from it..Why you say..?

    Well from a business perspective,a firm looks to increase it’s profit margins,through either increasing its revenue base/ seeking alternative revenue streams,or through the process of cost-cutting,or both..

    You see,as Arsene keeps telling us,there are no players to sell these season(top players,he is right there..)

    The player transfer sales has usually been a nice little booster to the P&L sheet..

    Not this season..So the Club,in its infinite wisdom,is looking to bridge the gap/void,via cost cutting & through the increase in its commercial revenues to be bang on target,for a nice little windfall for the financial year end..

    So,in short most of the fans have been had…

    Don’t expect any major outlays this season..The status quo continues in earnest..

    All this helps Silent Stan& his cohorts..Maximising shareholder wealth..!!

    It’s all about the bottom line..Streamlining your cost base& maximising your revenue streams..

    That’s the way the cookie crumbles…

    With all that money at one’s disposal,it does not take 3 months to sign at least 1 WC Player?

  24. Jeff

    So, Arteta thinks great players come at the end of the window. Why? Oh I forgot, he came at the end as well didn’t he? So he must be a great player.

    Some of the players are just as deluded as the manager – it must be infectious.

  25. Gunner2301


    He wants to leave on a high. He knows he doesn’t have a cat in hells chance of winning anything in the next couple of years so he has to extend. He is already moving into territory where his barren years are over shadowing the successful ones. He wants his statue and currently it would probably get pulled down like Saddams. He foolishly thinks he can turn things around but needs time.

    By the time his extended contract is up he’ll be 66 or so time to take it a bit easier. The fact that he has his fingers in so many pies to me means he will want a role somewhere afterward it wouldn’t be just like a manager leaving so he will find it difficult to let go completely. I hope I;m wrong I hope he’s not going to sign a new contract but I reckon it’s already done they’re just shit scared to announce it until there’s a feel good factor around the Club. See how we start the season if we’re doing well they’ll announce it then.

  26. Sam

    With Gervinho gone Gnabry will take over no need for new winger. Both Gnabry n miyaichi are good at tracking back I know grovers don’t trust them because they are young. Don’t forget Wellington still here, all depends on how arsene wenger will manage them.

  27. GoonerGaz

    I’m usually very negative, as are most fans ATM, quite right too with OGL at the helm.

    On a positive note, I’m glad to hear that Yennaris and Miquel are off on Loan to Leicester. It’s not possible that he won’t sign a least 1 defensive player, is it? We’ve only 7 first team defenders at the club, 6 if you take the injured Vermaelen away.

    You can’t go into 4 trophies with 6/7 defenders, there is always bound to be one player injured, 2 or 3 especially with Gibbs’ record!

    Just looked at the reserves too, the only two names I recognise are: Bellerin and Hayden. I just hope neither of these are promoted as ‘new signings’.

  28. Gunner2301


    I think Arteta is just filling the propaganda gap left by Djourou bless him.


    I can see your logic, not sure I agree entirely. Do I think we’ll buy Suarez? Not likely, something will happen where we don’t show up with the money, aside from him we will just sign a load of squad fillers nothing much for the first 11. Suarez alone just keeps us 4th so why would they spend 50mill to do that? Especially when Arsene likes to do the bare minimum. He believes he can achieve 4th with what he has so I reckon this will be the most likely reason.

  29. Jeff


    We’ll see in the fullness of time of course but I’m persuaded more that Arsene is only interested in managing. He doesn’t want to be upstairs because it doesn’t suit his needs. He’s been doing it for too long and it has unfortunately become more of an addiction than a job. My bet would be that if he can’t manage Arsenal, he’ll try to manage some other club and will be politely asked to call it a day shortly after that.

    Wenger probably doesn’t even know how to manage another club because he’s been used to managing Arsenal for so long and AFC is by no means a good example of how the chain of responsibility at a top club is supposed to work. Nowhere else does the head coach wield so much power and influence in almost every aspect of the club and there is not another club owner who keeps himself so silent and distant – leaving it all to just one person (Wenger) to run everything in whatever way he wants. Arsenal is atypical in almost every aspect.

  30. Sam


    Arteta is scared he will be run to the ground again this season if we don’t buy any player. Frimpong is still immature and can’t stay fit.
    Arteta doesn’t want to play 3 days a week and wenger still hates rotation

  31. rewenger

    I am just as annoyed at the lack of signings as you all are, but some of you say its easy to sign world class players when we so much money. The same people saying that also say just put 50 mill on the table for Suarez.!

    How much money would we have left then?

    If Arsenal are buying world class players, I am afraid we barely have money for one, and we need so much more..

  32. Jeff


    As far as the squad is concerned, if there are no major additions, we are heading for the rocks. Broadly speaking most of our first team players would in fact find themselves as backups at other top clubs. At Arsenal our bench is usually so very weak that one dreads any injuries because we know that there will be an instant drop in quality of play. That’s why he won’t rotate because he doesn’t trust the very people he’s brought into the club.

    Say for example Cazorla has four weeks off because of a knock. We instantly become a middle table team. We cannot afford any of the precious few key players going off because we have no one to replace them without seriously compromising the quality of the starting eleven.

    Basically, Wenger is playing Russian roulette with the team. Anyone with half a brain can see that this squad cannot win anything major so we conclude that fourth is once again our target. But will we get that this year with this squad? Very doubtful.

  33. Gunner2301


    We could probably go out and spend 150mill today and it wouldn’t hurt us. It might hurt the accountant but we could do it and I think that’s a conservative figure. 70mill is like spending what you’ve earned and not taking into account you’ve got a credit card, savings account and the bank are throwing low interest loans at you. And who doesn’t have one or more than these? and manages them as they need to.

  34. Jeff


    Wenger spending £150m in one sitting is like asking a Muslim to become a Jew or vice versa. It just cannot happen. It’s against his religion.

  35. follow the money

    Whatever Wenger is teaching them in training is a Fail. The team had no width in both of the Emirates cup games. It’s not a new problem with us. That tells me players have no discipline and don’t even know where to be on the pitch. What a shambles

  36. Gunner2301

    It’s like when the aid workers went into Ethiopa after the famine they could only give the people small amounts of food even though they were starving otherwise it would kill them.

    70mill is just an acceptable level to wean us back into spending money so our body doesn’t reject the experience, but it seems like Arsene is choking at the mere idea, he’d rather starve to death. 😆

  37. Jeff

    I’m going to say goodnight now as I need to get up for work tomorrow. It’s already way past my slumber time. Good night all – hope tomorrow brings better news than did today.

  38. Gunner2301


    He’s been playing russian roulette for years and getting away with it the more he does the more he feels vindicated and carries on. Welcome to The Deer Hunter.

  39. sam

    Real replacement for gervinho is sanogo
    Wenger is addicted to spoiling arsenal season by bringing someone not good enough. we didn’t really need but he bought him and throw him immediately in the first team then refused to sign players..
    Also insisting that supporters get used to mediocrity, how many arsenal players and fans believe we will win the tittle?
    man city fans ffs, have higher expectation than arsenal.

  40. sam

    spend some f-king money chant should be replaced with

    get a f-k out of our club
    no need to ask him to spend coz he’s never gonna do that

  41. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Arsene Wenger admits lacking mental stability.’

    Oh shit, no it was ‘defensive ability’…my bad, I thought, finally!!

  42. Atomic General

    I don’t believe Wenger doesn’t want to win trophies.
    I don’t believe he only wants to have a healthy bottom line.
    I think he has some outdated ideas of how football teams should be managed – that they should be grown rather than bought.
    He desperately wants to believe that he can grow a trophy winning team rather than having to buy players to do so : he finds it distasteful that other teams have won by buying their way to the top.
    In his heart of hearts I think he would agree that if you buy a lot of “world class players” (and he could probably do so more smartly than MC or RM) that he could win trophies but so could any old manager: Arsene wants to prove he’s better: that he can do it with home grown talent and w/o spending much money.
    He wants to show the world that it can be done.

  43. Ryan

    Like I’ve mentioned before wenger will sign no striker. Reckon he has enough of them in: Walcott sanogo plodoski and giroud!

  44. PistolPete

    I guess at the end of the day we will get new players at the end of the windows. The thing that really pisses me off is wenger just what to have a big show when he dose get his “quality”. It all about wenger stringing us all along. I think though, by buying these new players so late, it will backfire on us. WENGER OUT

  45. PhilF

    Wenger: the man who’ll run into the supermarket just before they close with his wallet bulging and then rummages through the dump bins and ‘use by ‘ shelf for bargains…

  46. unhappy gunner

    I hope from now till he fucks off that the fans make wengers life hell. Over last 5 years if he’d spent money wisely and on better players, instead of project youth and shite, we would of been in the mix for trophies. But because of his stance the few remaining world class players we did have fucked off, and now we are at least 6-7 players away from achieving anything.

  47. bishop

    I believe that someday, the truth behind why Wenger acts Gadhafi will be unfolded. ..Be it the board or wenger himself we shall know.

    Cos I even think about it that why does the board not act if they all aren’t eating from thesame plate. ..Eigth fuck*ng years and still counting#unreal

  48. PhilF

    4th richest club in the world, highest season ticket prices and absolutely no chance of silverware….
    You couldn’t make it up.

  49. Thomas

    We have more money than ever and we’re bringing in players from Ligue 2 on trials. What a fucking joke. Someone needs to send Wenger to the psychiatric ward to be evaluated.

  50. wenker-wanger

    Most people on this website have wenger well and truly sussed out.If it was just a case of footballing competence he would have got the sack after the birmingham final or the man utd 8-2 hammering. It isnt about the passion to win trophies or at least challenge for one. Its about money and despite wengers atrocious signings, he still makes profit on selling our best players. Overall his acquisitions are crap and you get what you pay for in general.
    I find it astonishing that this useless senile arrogant charlatan has “got away with it” for so long.
    Ironically many rival managers sing wengers praises and some ex-players like gary manu neville heap it on wenger. Obvious isnt it?
    Wenger and his peculiar mindset is ruining our once great and respected club. We are a laughing stock under this touchline gesticulating clown.
    I believe this season he will finally get what all arrogant dictators get and that is humiliation and a fall from power. We surely cant get 4th again can we?

  51. Gregg

    Well it seems to me that the Suarez £40m clause only relates to a “Champions league Club” – Nothing will happen unless we win our qualifier.

    As for not signing anyone else prior to that, well that’s wholly un-acceptable and can only be down to his fascination of playing roulette in the final days of the window. pay the fucking money and secure the player.

  52. bishop

    nani, suarez,a young good defender, a defensive mf…

    He wont ever buy a keeper..He’s blind

    That should be fair

  53. arsenal-flavour

    caughtoffside is the biggest load of bullshit

    apparently we are bow in for benzema

    Its like they throw all the players names in europe into hat take one out and thats the story

  54. Johnty79

    Missing remy is a massive mistake that you will all regret. U think we r better than what we r.

    I gurentee for the money remy will out perform Suarez next season.

    I’ll take any bet against that.