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Good morning kind people. I’m not labouring on a post today, the lack of air conditioning combined with melty weather dictates that.

Arsenal played to a full stadium of teenage Mexican wavers yesterday. The sun came out, Galatasaray fans had a ruck and Arsenal picked up a 2-2 draw. Not a great performance. Two sloppy goals conceded. Jenks had a bad game, proving Sagna is the right man this season. Fabianski wasn’t great, confirming that doubt around his mental ability at the top level is totally justified.

Giroud scored one and Koscielny the other to make the result 2-2.

Amusing to hear the booing at half time. One suspects less aimed at the players, more aimed at a manager and a club who make transfer deals more complicated than buying a kilo of enriched uranium.

Sure it’s preseason, but let’s not pretend that booing was based on a few weeks of inaction. That’s 8 years in the making. It’s also a sharp reminder to the board that the crowd are militant this year. A poor summer won’t be tolerated, nor will any deviation of results off the back of that.

Arsene should maybe engage his brain and do whatever he can to make sure he has a squad capable of winning something this year. We don’t want to be the balance sheet champions of 2014. It’s boring. No one cares. FFP is already dead if Monaco, PSG and Madrid’s behaviour is anything to go by.

Wenger’s quotes on Suarez were almost identical to the ones he made the day previous. He’s admitting there’s a bid, but talks are on-going. He also thinks we’re talking about others. Amazingly he said that Gervinho and Chamakh were off on permanent deals. Crystal Palace and Roma the victims of Arsenal and the false descriptions con of the century.

I’m not complaining… £150k a week right back on the balance sheet.

Nik B is still here though. What a pathetic boy. Money over playing time at 24. An absolute embarrassment of a man. Clearly not as confident in his mad skillz as we’ve been led to believe.

The Sun reckon we’ve done a deal for Ginter for around £6m. I watched him for the under 21s. Not a bad player. He’s pretty big, can play at centre back, but mostly covers defensive midfield. Obviously he’s technically sound… and hugely inexperienced. Wenger going for the cheap option because he can’t get Lars Bender. It’s a position we need help in. No doubt he’d be understudy to Arteta.

Tune into game two today… have a good one!

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  1. arsenal-flavour

    chelsea’s bench is better than are first team

    I don’t think we can compete for a serious title for at least

    5-7 years

    3 years of wenger, 2 years if we get a super manager in and completely revamps the team with world class talent (that would make a very optimistic 5 years)

    more likely 7 years and thats if everything goes well, e.g. the next manager is decent and can spend the moneyy

  2. arsenal-flavour

    same story

    what we have going for us we are slap bang in the capital of england, northlondon near the wealth of the capital, and we have a history of trophies and are known globally

    whether its usamanov or not when we are in the years of wilderness we will be bought by a sugar daddy…

    chelsea were and they had none of the history or success that we had…

    we will be bought by a russian or an arab, especially as I imagine are share price will decrease

    I am not saying it moral or right but right now it looks like the future of football

  3. Relieable sauce


    Great stuff isn’t it, there’s quite a few sketches from the “Saw you coming” shop. Harry Enfield must of been inspired by the AKB. I think he lives, or lived in north London, spud isn’t he???
    One of his most memorable characters “Stavros” was a gooner though so i might just have done him a huge injustice & he might be one of us after all.

  4. Gunner2301


    All I can say is Bayern Munich. It’s how you choose to distribute your resources and Wenger has chosen to reward mediocrity and his yes men time and time again rather than call time on this shit and bring in some real talent and pay them accordingly. How can we have a wage bill of over 150mill with no stars? That’s the fucking question.

  5. Guninurback

    Same Story
    August 5, 2013 00:44:43

    Believe it or not Chelsea has a bigger global fan base than us.

    Yeah its a conspiracy! Kids only pick the best teams in video games and even though our manager says he is, on FIFA Bendtner is not the best player.

  6. Relieable sauce

    “What I know is Fabregas will stay one more year at least in Barcelona,” said Wenger. “That’s the information I have. If that changes, I don’t know. But that’s what I have been told.”

    Interesting & believable for a change.

  7. El Tel

    Fucking prove the chavs have a bigger fan base.

    They haven’t even got the biggest fan base in London.

    Go watch them on TV you fucking fake Arsenal fan. Or better still play them with your stupid fucking computer game.

    When is anyone on this site going to get behindnthe team.

    The same shit written dat after fucking day with no constructive chat at all.

    Baaaaah Baaaaah I want this Baaaaah Baaaah they are better than us.

    Most of you don’t even attend the matches yet want protest.

    You all think you can pick a team beacuse your poxy Playstation does it for you.

    What happened to fellipe Mello. Many on here wanted this man last season. He got subbed twice for His team and was average.

    Higuain did fuck all either. Are they shit? No of course not. They were playing in a friendly.

    That diving piece of shit did it again and gets lauded as a great player a beast. He would be a great player for me if he wasn’t such a cheating cunt.

    To finish. E Chavs won the CL and still only just caught us up and we have won fuck all for eight years.

    Go figure that out.

    They are bigger than us are they.


  8. TitsMcgee

    Chelsea’s squad players would give our 1st team all they could handle and that my friends is the difference.

  9. Guninurback

    El Tel
    August 5, 2013 01:20:01

    You know you are a dumb fucker when you can’t smell that that was sarcasm but hey whatever floats your boat, right?

    You’re sounding kind of rabbid there these days El tel,what is it? Don’t like being the minority? Or is it maybe that whenever this farce of a manager opens his mouth you have to run for the fire extinguisher?

  10. Guninurback

    Yeah tough life being an AKB these days, you only have hope, faith and sanctemoneus bollocks to rely on.

  11. arsenal-flavour

    lol have you seen moses his better than walcott and his their third choice winger

    hazard de bruyne moses schrule

    we have walcott ox ryo gnraby

    they have mata oscar we have cazorla wilshere

    they have lampard ramieriz essien van ginkel obel mikel we have arteta ramsey

    there keepers are also so much better than ours

  12. Guninurback

    “Shitty name in all regards, though I like flava…”


    I’m going to try and sleep some more, now…

  13. Guninurback

    I don’t disagree at all, but its still a shitty name :-\

    Unhazardous Gunz

    What’s tha Mata with Arsenal

    and thats all I could come up with… but you know are other options if you where absolutely going in that direction. But as I said I like flava.

  14. Guninurback

    Fuck! Now my mind can’t stop trying to make a pun out of Hamburger Hill, our last season and Gary fucking Cahill, I’m going to have that fucker on my mind until I fall asleep now, great! Fucking greeeeaaaat!

  15. MICE & MEN

    The OX, Sanogo and Zelalem are going to be world class. But Schneider and Drogba are already world class AND THAT HAS MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE. So go and spend some money.
    Thats the difference. Two world class players win a match in seconds. Kids take years to develop and even then it is not a guarantee. In the meantime we watch them make mistakes which is fine for kids while world class players grab a game and win matches.
    No better example of Galatasaray winning a match because of two world class players for the need to buy world class players.

  16. sam

    Watching second half now Jenkinson actually played well
    Zelalem didn’t do bad either, he kept it simple.
    But eboue really owned us on the left and drogba exposed our naive defending
    should have been booked for cheating and that was the turning point

  17. Jeff

    Most managers, after a certain number of years at the same club, especially if it’s no longer working (for whatever reason), would want to leave and give themselves a fresh challenge at another club. Not Arsene.

    Ferguson is the only manager that I can think of who stayed at the same club for even longer but the difference is that he was much more successful (year on year and trophy for trophy) than Wenger was and will ever be, hence nobody minded him going on and on.

    So there must be something else that is keeping Wenger at the club come hell or high water. What is it? I find it difficult to believe it is just money because he must have more than he’s ever going to need in his life-time and probably the next generation as well. And yet he continues to torture himself (and us) in the same way year in year out doing the same things in the same way and failing over and over again.

    There are two possible explanations if we leave out the money side of it.

    1. He has no confidence in his abilities and thinks he’ll be found out instantly if he leaves to another club. Since he has full control at Arsenal, he can mask his frailties by hiding behind the excuses he’s drilled into us for years and years and which we still hear from him even now on a regular basis. So he basically wants to “retire” at the club.

    2. If it’s not (1), it is very difficult to understand what else it could be unless you bring in some sort of clinical personality disorder.

    I find myself bouncing between the two but currently (1) edges it slightly.

  18. goona

    wenger is insane simple as that. he said our squad can win the league, no more proof required. it would not win the title in the championship. we could have the best players in the world we still would not win anything because of a naieve and stuborn old manager

  19. Confidentgoner

    follow the money August 4, 2013 20:42:45

    what we see here on this blog is exactly why the club has gone after Asian and African fans, to replace the income stream from long time fans of Arsenal who are disappointed in the fourth place trophy, and have given up going to games and buying kit.
    How old are you? So in your tinted glasses only African and Asian fans tolerate second best for Arsenal? What koolaid are you on?

    Why Wenger has not been sacked is because majority of the paying fans – London based fans- are still mainly AKBs. The moment that changes – perhaps when we might have signed no one, we will see a mass of fee paying fans calling for him to be removed.

  20. Charlie Nick

    How anyone, even the most die hard AKB can defend this summer’s transfer business is beyond me. Sanogo is a punt (not a mis-spelling) in the same mould as Bischoff, Diawara, Caballero, Danivilicius et al. That’s fine and dandy when you have bought class to improve the team and you have a guess at a long shot but when you start talking them up as having a big immediate impact etc you are seriously scraping the barrel. Wenger is getting like the John Peel of football, clever for clever’s sake. The more obscure the better as long as they “discovered” them.
    “Forget Oasis, check out this Biafran bagpipe player that only I have heard of”.
    The reluctance to take on City, Chelsea, Manure etc in the transfer market has seeped on to the pitch. We are beaten before we even get out there but thats only because they financially dope/tap up players in public/ spend money they dont have etc. As long as we are the tops of the also rans – happy days.

  21. The Hig

    After Drogba fucked us….again….I hope Wenger sees that we need at least 6 more players. We fielded a fairly strong team and probably woulda kept it 1-0 if Miquel and Zelalem never came on. But we were just not good enough. Maybe the players need to hit form, maybe it’s “Just a friendly”, but from what I seen this weekend, we definitely need a Great GK, another Great CB (Without Kos we screwed), we need a brilliant AM/Winger. Sanogo and Akpom did well but we still need a World Class CF and Fellaini. Then, we might put up a proper challenge. Sign ’em Wenger, you lethargic cunt.

  22. PistolPete

    Don’t know to much about the AKB’s, but how the hell can you support a man like wenger when he is treating arsenal fans with absolute no repect. How can you say that this team can win the league, were 20 points behind man u last year, and now we can wi n with the same players, come on, really!!The real problem is wenger has no accountability, no one to tell him off when he does not perform. That why he can come out with all that dribble. Dose he really believe we can win league.

  23. Gregg

    Highly disappointed with whats happened this summer. The rallying chorus from all within the club suggested that finally we may see some change. The deadwood was and still is being let go of and things, for once, were looking positive. There is no excuse whatsoever not to have secured a few signings already other than the usual penny pinching bollocks we have to put up with every year. The market isn’t moving ? yes it is and has been since last season ended. The market started moving when Munich bought Goetze in April FFS. I understand the Suarez thing is difficult but the other areas should have been addressed by now. Not interested in Emirates cup or shit friendlies but what we’re seeing is just confidence sapping stuff. Dreadful summer and it looks like we’re getting trialists to replace the shit that we’ve let go of.

  24. Matt

    Sanogo doesn’t no he arse from his elbow. I don’t think he’s brain is in control with his body . Top top super qaulity. If bales worth 100 m sanogos worth 200m

  25. unhappy gunner

    Agreed mate. As rogers said we used to have class. Wenger is tarnishing that image and has been for years. His refusal to shake hands among other things are a disgrace. Fuck off wenger, your numbers up.

  26. TheBayingMob

    Jeff August 5, 2013 06:43:49
    So there must be something else that is keeping Wenger at the club come hell or high water. What is it?

    1. He has no confidence in his abilities and thinks he’ll be found out instantly if he leaves to another club. Since he has full control at Arsenal, he can mask his frailties by hiding behind the excuses he’s drilled into us for years and years and which we still hear from him even now on a regular basis. So he basically wants to “retire” at the club.
    2. If it’s not (1), it is very difficult to understand what else it could be unless you bring in some sort of clinical personality disorder.
    It’s neither in my opinion, but closer to (2). You need a (3), which I will give to you here …

    (3) Wenger has an absolutely, unbreakable belief in himself, his ability and what he is doing.with his squad / team. It’s almost some sort of footballing god complex that some surgeons end up suffering from in the medical professions.

    The worse thing that happened to Wenger, strangely, was the 2004 invincibles squad / season. He said they could go a season unbeaten and they did.There are various soundbites from Arsene that support (3), the best one was about building a young team with a certain footballing style then they would go on to dominate ‘naturally’ …

    He blames the 2007-2012 failure on external sources, financial pressures caused by City and Chelsea and that the young players he had were foreign and therefore had no long term love or loyalty for the club (even though part of the youth master plan was that these players would grow with a natural love for the club), so what do we see now?

    He’s doing exactly the same thing but correcting the bit that went wrong (i.e. not him, the players), he’s doing project youth again but with British players.

    Couple this to the fact that nowhere else (and I mean NOWHERE ELSE) would he get the same level of power and/or autonomy within any top club in the world, and you have why he will happily sign a new deal and stay.

    The irony, I believe, is that if he’d moved onto Madrid when they offered him the chance he would have been successful as they would not have allowed him to humour himself with his little pet footballing project as Arsenal have done for the sake of making profits on transfers. He would have been bought senior players and he still has that skill to work with them, only at Real the president would have taken some of the glory, couldn’t have that now coule we Arsene? Because it’s you, you, and only you.

  27. Paddy got up

    It’s simple
    1. Don’t go
    2. Don’t buy the merchandise
    3. Protest outside
    4. Protest inside at away games

    Or just give up and accept it

  28. Jeff


    I think we’re in the right area. It does the club no favours whatsoever in any case and can only end one way but when is the big question. How much more of it can the club take? How much more pain before someone at board level decides enough is enough? That’s the big question.

    I can remember the same debates being had in 2009. Here we are four years later still facing the same failures and nothing is being done about it. If I was superstitious I’d say we were cursed.

  29. Dannyboy

    Gregg, Wenger has already arranged for us to draw Pacos de Ferrieira so don’t worry about qualifying. I searched them on google and didn’t know a single one of their players…

  30. goonerboy

    You don’t get anything for nothing- and to get anything worth having in this transfer window, Wenger will have to spend money- that in all honesty he will never spend. Suggest this scenario:
    Wenger trades his first refusal on Cesc for Rooney. I say its worth a deal much as I love Cesc. I think Wenger is the perfect manager for Rooney. He will be a world beater under Wenger.