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Good morning kind people. I’m not labouring on a post today, the lack of air conditioning combined with melty weather dictates that.

Arsenal played to a full stadium of teenage Mexican wavers yesterday. The sun came out, Galatasaray fans had a ruck and Arsenal picked up a 2-2 draw. Not a great performance. Two sloppy goals conceded. Jenks had a bad game, proving Sagna is the right man this season. Fabianski wasn’t great, confirming that doubt around his mental ability at the top level is totally justified.

Giroud scored one and Koscielny the other to make the result 2-2.

Amusing to hear the booing at half time. One suspects less aimed at the players, more aimed at a manager and a club who make transfer deals more complicated than buying a kilo of enriched uranium.

Sure it’s preseason, but let’s not pretend that booing was based on a few weeks of inaction. That’s 8 years in the making. It’s also a sharp reminder to the board that the crowd are militant this year. A poor summer won’t be tolerated, nor will any deviation of results off the back of that.

Arsene should maybe engage his brain and do whatever he can to make sure he has a squad capable of winning something this year. We don’t want to be the balance sheet champions of 2014. It’s boring. No one cares. FFP is already dead if Monaco, PSG and Madrid’s behaviour is anything to go by.

Wenger’s quotes on Suarez were almost identical to the ones he made the day previous. He’s admitting there’s a bid, but talks are on-going. He also thinks we’re talking about others. Amazingly he said that Gervinho and Chamakh were off on permanent deals. Crystal Palace and Roma the victims of Arsenal and the false descriptions con of the century.

I’m not complaining… £150k a week right back on the balance sheet.

Nik B is still here though. What a pathetic boy. Money over playing time at 24. An absolute embarrassment of a man. Clearly not as confident in his mad skillz as we’ve been led to believe.

The Sun reckon we’ve done a deal for Ginter for around £6m. I watched him for the under 21s. Not a bad player. He’s pretty big, can play at centre back, but mostly covers defensive midfield. Obviously he’s technically sound… and hugely inexperienced. Wenger going for the cheap option because he can’t get Lars Bender. It’s a position we need help in. No doubt he’d be understudy to Arteta.

Tune into game two today… have a good one!

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  1. Cesc Appeal

    Gazidis should just sack Wenger and get Heyneckes in for a season.

    Then start negotiating with Klopp and Laudrup straight away…the BvB man seems unlikely though, huge step down for him.

    Heyneckes coming off the back of a league, cup and UCL treble would do a job for us for one year.

    Problem is…would he even want to take it now?

    If you were a manager of his caliber and you looked at our squad…what would you think?

  2. arsenal-flavour

    The thing is I think we are all reasonable

    we are not glory hunters

    I don’t no about you guys

    but if we were winning the premier league title every 3 years and fa cup in between I would be happy.

    I would be happy if we came second and in the league and got to the finals of the champions league and even though we didnt win we buy the players or strengthen where we need to to win the year after.

    But what we have is a team that is out of the running for the premier league by Christmas and is out of all trophies by march

    and creep into 4th place on the last day of the season

    We never compete

  3. Reiss

    So sad that every fan in the world can see that we need reinforcements but the man in charge can’t and then he comes across so arrogant and says because we don’t coach professionally that our point is invalid and that he knows it all, arrogant mug!

  4. follow the money

    totally agree Crusaderrabbit, Very well said. I’ve been saying for years that Wenger’s unwillingness to even spend what he has and do everything in his power to win is gross dereliction of duty. He should be sacked asap

  5. Gunner2301

    ~unhappyGooner 19:28

    I know how you feel I’ve done the same.

    Kiyoshi 19:03

    Commendable post to the point and a realist

    It’s plain to see where the problems lie and the root of it is Wenger. Gone are the days where the quality of players Wenger brought in or had at his disposal could cover for his deficiencies and what we have seen over the last few years is Wengers flaws being laid bare for all to see. He hasn’t just developed these if you look back through his career at Arsenal he has always had them but other things OF THAT TIME were of a magnitude they could offset them.

    We are going nowhere as a Club. Suarez will just be a sticking plaster and an expensive one. The problem is not the players per se but Wenger. So unless we bring in a team of players that can operate more or less autonomously (and we have had that before under Wenger) then expect us to go round in circles until Wenger decided to give it up.

    it’s sad that we have allowed someone to become bigger than the Club to a point no-one really knows how to remove him. Yes it’s a Mugabe like situation and just like Mugabe maybe Wenger is getting to the point where he’s too old, but why should we wait around until he decides he’s leaving we’re not actually in Zimbabwe and we shouldn’t feel we owe him anything after what he has taken from the Club and the allowances he has been given, which is way beyond any other manager in World football would receive. So enough is enough we have had enough patience and given him enough time. How much longer are we going to wait?


  6. Scott

    Laudrup would be the best man to replace Wenger. Similar style of football but with fresh and new ideas and talent spotting not the shit we get from Grimandi.

    Guardiola was quoted earlier this year saying. Players get tired doing the same training sessions and match day preparation year after year from the same coach. They get bored and stale.
    Clearly the case with Wenger. If anyone questions his policy they’re out the door, the man is a ego maniac.

  7. Cesc Appeal


    He smiles because he sees losses differently to the fans.

    He sees each one as a little learning curve for his babies in their pursuit of the coveted 4th place trophy.

    We see each one as another death nail to a once great club rapidly sliding down a ladder into averageness and mediocrity.

  8. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    Goongoonergone ….

    The only way to take away the aim of watching that shower … Is to come home and listen to some classic lovers rock… 20 minutes lately you will be relaxed

  9. Scott

    Did anyone else notice today whenever we defended a free kick near our 18 yard box or a corner we had all the outfield players in our penalty box.
    Why not leave oxo or TW up there. Clueless schoolboy misjudgements from Wenger. We cleared the ball away to get it straight back without any pressure and this man gets paid £7.5m per year!!!

  10. Kiyoshi Ito


    In all honesty,I don’t buy into these conspiracy theories about Mr Ivan Gazidis,wanting to spend & basically backing Mr Wenger into a corner..

    He is just as complicit,’ole Mr Gazidis..

    If anything,if Mr Gazidis was backing Mr Wenger into a corner,it’s simply to protect his own skin & wrestle some control/power from Mr Wenger..

    Let’s face it,the man was paid a bonus,off the back of the sale of Cesc & Nasri..

    What was it again..£600k-£800k..??

    Look at the machinations in the hierarchy..It’s all about jostling for power & money…

    To me Ivan Gazidis,is just as complicit..

    The whole set-up reeks of skulduggery..

    They can all rot,as far as I’m concerned..

    Arsenal died,when we left Highbury…!!

  11. Danish Gooner

    If we signed Suarez,Rooney,Fellaini etc nothing would change,wenger is the problem not the players(admittedly,they are not all up to scratch).He is so stuck in his ways,they play the same way they have done for donkey years and against half a decent team they are in trouble,every time.His way of playing tippi tappy are archaic and Mourinho and Chelsea and others will have a field day against this rabble.Not in one position is there progress to bee seen,defense prone to some stupid,stupid mistakes,midfield so unevenly balanced it is a joke Rosicky,arteta and Wilshire are you fucking kidding me,where are the enforcer the big bad cunt ??? And lest not forget about attack,how come they still miss from ten yards are they not working on being clinical,as wenger said they should be 5 and i repeat 5 seasons ago.WENGER IS A BROKEN RECORD and HE IS THE PROBLEM.

  12. follow the money

    what we see here on this blog is exactly why the club has gone after Asian and African fans, to replace the income stream from long time fans of Arsenal who are disappointed in the fourth place trophy, and have given up going to games and buying kit. We are not disloyal or even fairweather fans. We just want Arsenal to be the best they can be, utilize all their resources, and Wenger has made the club into such a laughingstock feeder club that unless you live in Asia or Africa you get laughed at for wearing kit. I would love to buy some Arsenal kit again but it simply invites so much derision and jokes from knowledgeable footie fans, its not worth it

  13. Dannyboy

    I’d be happy if we came 4th every year if that was the best we could achieve.. Like if we were Spurs for example..

    But we are the biggest club in London, new stadium, 4th most valuable club in the WORLD! We should be laughing at 4th and saying ‘2nd isn’t good enough!’

  14. Reiss

    This guy says he sees every defeat like a death then why doesn’t he do much to improve the squad then? Also some people are saying he did well to get rid of the deadwood but why did he bring in these dreadful players in the first place? Complete and utter joke!!!

  15. Gunner2301

    Jeff 19:49

    Looking at it subjectively. I don’t think any of the players are of the quality, character, or display the leadership, passion or commitment to be wearing an Arsenal shirt that;’s the bottom line.

    Nothing against them personally but where is the fucking bar at Arsenal? Ramsey, Sanogo, Jenkinson are we having a fucking laugh? It’s not Joke Friday it’s the joke decade at Arsenal FC.


  16. Goongoonergone

    @RSPC Asenal who wrote: ”

    Goongoonergone ….

    The only way to take away the aim of watching that shower … Is to come home and listen to some classic lovers rock… 20 minutes lately you will be relaxed.”

    Better still mate, stay in my damned studio and get my Gibson guitar cranking again.
    Also get some time out to listen to Boston, Deep Purple, Whitesnake, AC DC, Grand Funk, Bad Company, Thin Lizzy, Van Halen, Journey, Uriah Heep, Rare Earth, Led Zeppelin instead of listening to that pathetic whingeing excuse for a manager, Wengersauras.

  17. Same Story

    Why does Wenger persist on playing tippy tappy with players who lack technique., Ramsey,Walcott,Giroud,Jenkinson,Mertesacker etc.

    If you look at Barca, even Valdes is good with the ball at his feet.

  18. Reiss

    Look at Wenger using silly little excuses saying Mertesacker played two games in a row and so was tired so whose fault was that? I bet if he bought another centre back that wouldn’t have happened or if worst came to worst he should have kept Djourou and he wouldn’t have been in this mess in the first place.

  19. follow the money

    the Cesc/Nasri/RVP team needed ONE inexpensive leader on the pitch and anyone other than Almunia and we would have won something. This bunch needs 5-6 world class players to compete with the top teams. Good job Wenger. Suarez alone might get us fourth if we’re lucky but we are many miles away from competing for the EPL or CL. Many many miles

  20. tom

    Where’s your Gooner pride, ftm?
    Won’t wear the shirt coz you’re afraid of being teased?!!

    No wonder Arsenal have confidence issues with ‘fans’ like this.

  21. Reiss

    Jenkinson’s technique for a professional footballer is very poorand he’s so right footed its untrue I don’t think I have seen him touch the ball with left once ever.

  22. nepGunner

    Oops…We just lost the only trophy we could win this year with this squad (looking at the past 8 years’ trend)

    I heard AKBs and Wenger are in a “close camp” brainstorming new excuses for the coming season. I hope they come up with some catchy new one liners. The old ones are too often repeated and dead boring now. Its the only thing I’m looking forward to at this point.

    Drogba scoring twice and Snider setting up that winner simply illustrates what classy players can do in a game as well as how inept tactically Wenger is (how many goals does Drogba has to score against us for Wenger to figure out how to stop him?). I hope he doesn’t buy any players as he’ll only destroy their careers by either running them down to the ground or playing them out of position. I hope the current squad gives him their all this season and sends him off well for all the good things he has done to this club. Honestly trying to balance the book is one thing (its still positive in some ways) but lying downright and jacking off on it with pleasure is despicable (Oh I get so irritated by his smirks).

  23. dialsquare

    Wenger would be a magician if he had achieved the same results over the last 8 seasons with a club like Watford.
    The fact is he’s managing The Arsenal and performances have been more akin to a Court Jester.

  24. tom

    Jenkinson is not the finished article but has plenty to offer.
    He did ok today. Made some decent forays forward and handled his defensive duties adaquatly.
    He has plenty of passion and fight in him too.
    He is fine for the squad, though maybe not first choice yet.

  25. follow the money

    If you say so tom….I had no problem wearing kit when Fergie and Jose hated us. I was proud of the stick I got then. It was hatred because we were beating the big teams and playing lovely football. Now…not so much. I choose not to contribute to Wenger’s experiment, until he fields a team I can be proud of. They don’t have to win all the time, just fight and not concede 25 joke goals every season. Beating the Birmingham City’s and Bradfords would help too. When Wenger produces a team that doesn’t fold on the pitch like a wet paper bag anytime the pressure is on I will be first in line at the kit shop

  26. Cesc Appeal


    It doesn’t bode well does it when both your right side players, Walcott and Jenkinson have the technical ability of a 6 year old.

    That’s being unfair on 6 year olds actually, you seen some of them fuckers on YouTube?!

  27. LeMassiveCoq

    Hooray, Arsene’s mouthpiece (tom) is back.

    Are you going to shed a positive light on this clusterfuck of a football club for us then tom?

  28. stevethebrightongooner

    I’d like Usmanov to take over for one reason, he can keep his money, I’d just like him to instill a bit of fear, accountability and focus on improvement as a team and club.

    I think Arsenal have everything to be a top level club again, it’s just not coming together in the areas that it needs to.

    It’s all very getting great sponsorship deals but the sponsors want to be associated with success otherwise they don’t renew.

    I really can’t see success in the near future at the moment.

  29. Reiss

    Too right Cesc Appeal, I like what Walcott brings in that he will probably score 15 goals a season but he can’t do basic things such as beat a man without the use of pace and don’t even get me started on his freekicks it should be illegal for him to take freekicks. Jenkinson will improve but in terms of overtaking Sagna he has a long way to go.

  30. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    It was funny seeing the only two world class players in either team coming on and ripping us a new one.

    Wenger will use excuse after excuse. Tired. Refs.etc.

    Shite. Players simply are not good enough.

  31. Cesc Appeal

    I wonder what Pedro’s post will be tomorrow.

    >It wasn’t good enough.

    > It was only a pre season friendly though and the players were exhausted you could see that.

    > Wenger knows the squad isn’t good enough no matter what he says.

    > We’re working hard on deals behind the scenes, look at Suarez.

  32. Scott

    @tom I was at the game today Tom remind me was you in U.S.A. By any chance as you are 365 days a year ya fucking septic tank wanker !

  33. SpanishDave

    Wenger sneeked off early to avoid the boos
    He is deluded and lives in his own world.
    We need failure to get rid of him there is no other way unfortunetly.
    We are in a nightmare that the board cannot see, no body seems to have the balls to sack him they are all scared of him

  34. Cesc Appeal

    I wouldn’t mind Usmanov

    But my first choice is the emperor from Star Wars and Darth Vader as manager.

    Can you imagine Giroud missing, sticking his tounge out in over exaggerated agony at missing and then getting the shit force chocked out of him!!

    ‘You have failed me for the last time, Olivier.’

  35. samsenal

    Were it not for Wenger’ transfer profits Arsenal would have posted annual losses. That would surely have affected IGs pay packet.

    It would also have affected the value of Stan’s company. Thanks to Wenger, Stan and Ivan can point at lovely bar graphs showing profits each year.

    Sack him off? Suck him off more like!

  36. Relieable sauce

    CA – 21.18

    You forgot

    -IG cannot sack Wenger

    -Protest isn’t the answer

    What should we do then???

    Go along with it all buy the new AKB super hero costume & wait for what???
    Wenger to change !?
    Stan to sack him !?
    more like a mid season wenger meltdown to save anyone getting their hands dirty, God forbid we should be pro-active.

  37. Crusaderrabbit

    Just been on twitter hoping to see #wengerout trending but instead see the AKB and ‘patience’ squad are out in force. They’re a disgrace – we might not be able to choose the manager the board or the players but we can choose who we are as fans. Sadly it seems a significant number choose to be total and utter deluded w@nkers

  38. arsenal-flavour

    WHAT IS THIS UTTER BULLSHIT that we have not WON a trophy in 8 years???

    WE HAVE WON TROPHY IN 2007 2009 2010




  39. Kiyoshi Ito

    Cesc AppealAugust 4, 2013 21:18:31

    > We’re working hard on deals behind the scenes, look at Suarez.
    lol..I’d go with the last one Cesc…

    I don’t know,who comes up with more excuses..Mr Wenger,or Pedro?

    I suspect Pedro’s post will also include..

    > From my sources,Arsene was visibly upset behind the scenes & as we speak is looking to bring in a couple of signings off the back of the EC..

    >It’s only a friendly,better to iron out the weaknesses,before the EPL starts..

    >Arsene cares,the players care.We as fans just need to be patient.

    >You can’t read too much into friendlies.The EC was more a fan’s dayout.
    What is more important,is that Arsene is working hard to get the Suarez deal sorted..He’s not that stupid,to bum the fans off,or not sign anyway..

    >There is still 4 weeks,people..#patience

  40. sam

    Wenger destroyed arsenal local tradition. Did you even know that foreign kids get paid more than home grown kids?
    He deliberately replace local kid with a foreign one everyone they are closed to break into the first team. I know Bartley wasn’t all that but miquel, djourou and squillaci? come on!
    Now we are stuck with Sanogo, he’s gonna insist on him till Afobe get fed up a nd fuck off to a league one club for 1M.
    local fans mean nothing to arsenal these days its the foreign fans that treat them like pop stars there. you can boo all you like at the emirates. you are only few compared to millions that follow arsenal worldwide.

  41. arsenal-flavour

    wenger is hilarious did you hear is wiley quip

    about how noone is talking about the sanago transfer because his not a 5o Million signing

    he then goes onto say he will be a 50 Million signing on the pitch

    Ok arsene I expect 30 goals and say 5-6 assists and 7 goals in the champions league from are sanago

  42. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Arsene seems like he is at the stage when a divorce is confirmed
    and he is just sticking around to see if there’s that one chance that all can be forgiven and that they can both relive the good years.

  43. Jeff


    I would have said that Wenger is one of those people that keeps his mother’s corpse in the living room and pretends she’s still alive.

  44. Cesc Appeal

    There is certainly more outspoken for Wenger out now though…you can see it just on FB and the comments section of sites for tabloids and what not, where Anti_Wenger stuff would instantly have received a thousand red arrows it’s now top rated in the comments.

    If no signings come in, this will be the season to finish Wenger off. The fans will see to that.

    You can feel it just at boiling point, threatening to spill over.

    There are still a good many AKB’s…but watch that change when the transfer window slams shut. This year just feels different in terms of the fans, and Wenger feels exactly the same…that’s what will be the breaking point.

  45. arsenal-flavour

    except when he could possibly save the marriage by taking out his estranged wife to a fancy expensive meal instead he takes her to aldi to buy the discounted crusty baguettes left over at the end of the day…

  46. NoMoreCesc

    Wenger isn’t deluded, he just appears that way because he can’t tell us what the real plan is.

    The EPL really consists of five divisions now. Economic realities make it so. There are 3 teams that can compete for the league title (ManU, Chelsea, City), 3 teams vying for the 4th place trophy and CL spot (Arsenal, Spurs, Pool), a couple of additional teams for the Europa League (Everton, West Brom maybe), best of the mid-table, and relegation fighters. If you look at it this way, every team can have an exciting season in their respective target area. Wenger and the club owner/mgmt have already decided that we can’t compete for the title based on economics, so we have set our target for the second group or division. In this context, OLG is correct in trying to challenge himself by minimizing transfer expenditures and working with youth. After all, could a coach with such high regard for himself be happy spending lots of money and still ending up in 4th? The problem is that they keep pretending to have title aspirations and setting fan expectations high, which leads to eventual frustration. Perversely, it appears that AKBs are the ones in touch with current reality while the rest of us are actually living in the past.

    It will take time for this reality to be fully comprehended by all current supporters that are not AKBs and then they can decide if want to accept that reality and remain loyal supporters of the club. Imagine if Stoke mgmt, for example, started each season telling their supporters that they will compete for the title. They don’t because they know that their supporters have already accepted what their realistic targets are and can still have an exciting season. Domestic cups add to the excitement for every club because any club can potentially win. This is where OLG has made his big mistake. He should be going all out to win one to help the Arsenal supporters transition into the new reality.

  47. Reiss

    I don’t necessarily agree with the Wenger prefers foreigners to British players thing but why did we sell Bartley when he is better then Miquel and Miquel is still at the club. I never understood that decision.

  48. Kiyoshi Ito


    How about this one for tomorrow’s post.

    >I hear we are in the mix,for 3 or 4 players.These are players,we’ve been working on for a while.As we speak,the negotiating team,are trying to fast track the signings.

    Arsene has ok’d it,from what my inside sources have told me..

    .So hold tight,we are in the mix,& if Arsene wants that extended contract,he’s going to have to pull his finger out on this one.

    >Watch this space people..#Mega signings..

    >You can’t say,I don’t give you exclusives..

  49. samsenal

    “except when he could possibly save the marriage by taking out his estranged wife to a fancy expensive meal instead he takes her to aldi to buy the discounted crusty baguettes left over at the end of the day…”

    Love it.

  50. SpanishDave

    Wenger thinks we have enough quality to qualify for the CL , help us.
    The nightmare is that we fail and the players wont come.
    We have to get verbal about this

  51. Cesc Appeal


    ‘What about the infamous ‘Wenger is only in for top top top players’’

    He’ll offer £25 Million for Bale as not to make a mockery of FFP….LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

  52. follow the money

    @NoMoreCesc, you’re right mate. BUT, Arsenal have the money to compete with the top three, Wenger simply chooses not to. And that is unforgivable. Look at how Chelsea and Man U do things–and have been for the last 4-5 years–they’ve been loading up on cheap youth for the future AND signing the quality players to compete now. With Wenger, it’s always potential and players for the future, a future that never comes because the Cescs and Nasris and RVPs don’t want to wait 12 centuries to compete for a trophy

  53. Toli83

    Just watched Wengers press conference, like the bit where he said Sonogo done well baring in mind he has just returned from holiday.

    I personally think Sonogo done exceptionally well considering he nearly became a postman 2 years ago.

  54. mystic

    “He [Drogba] took advantage of it. Honestly the penalty was very, very, very, very, very, very soft! It was classic Drogba.”

    Wenger seems totally oblivious to the fact that is exactly what Arsenal need – a striker who can take advantage of naivety of defenders. and gullible referees..

  55. arsenal-flavour

    it would be interesting to know your guys opinion of wenger when we were winning silverware left right and centre?

    what was your opinion then?
    and what is your opinion now of wenger during our succesful period based on hindsight?

    I personally think he was once a great manager during the late 90’s to mid 2000’s I think he was one of the best in the world

    But I think his completely lost it.

  56. Toli83

    Like how Wenger, refers to it as classic Drogba. What was classic about it was him scoring again. Wengers never known how to play against him. Drogba must love playing against us.

    Forget about Suarez – Fred anyone?

  57. Guninurback

    August 4, 2013 21:46:25

    Caugh *looser* caugh


    CA & Ito I don’t think Pedro needs to come in tomorrow he can just copy and paste your post.

  58. Reiss

    Hate to agree with that cunt Stewart Robson but what he said about Wenger was true. How could we trust Wenger with £70 million plus when you know he’ll buy somebody cheap/ unknown and unproven and then go on a rant about the FFP and complain about how other clubs are spending there money.

  59. Guninurback

    August 4, 2013 22:15:04

    I thought if anyone had a chance of eclipsing Fergie it was him, but alas…

    He truly is just a shadow of himself these days, the anger, confidence and fuck all attitude is just gone. Back in the days he used the exact same excuses and you didn’t believe it even then, but the way he said it, back then I cheered him on for saying bullshit whenever we got red carded or lost fighting etc.
    Partially because “hey its my team fuck you!” but mostly because I always felt even though he was lying through hos teeth, at least he thought he did it for the right reasons, protecting his players, keeping confidence up etc.
    But at some point it I just realized its no longer about making excuses as to why we didn’t win this or that match. Now its more like a coordinated effort to keep us ignorant and Wenger in place.

    Its no longer about the players, the team or us for that matter now its just all about Wenger and the next line of mercenary’s he has coming of his “world class” conveyor belt. We have become a revolving door for talent, but now I’m ranting so I’m ending on that note, good night.

  60. Guninurback

    August 4, 2013 22:28:29

    Oh man don’t get me started… The next AKB that says “Wenger is a fantastic spotter of talent” is getting bitch slapped in the face with a list of all the talents we looked at but Wenger deemed not good enough like for example:

    C Ronaldo

    And the list goes on but as I said good night 😉

  61. Tomtom

    Why is Wenger even talking about sanago? I thought that he was just s kid that had no chance of playing any first team football this season. Wenger is talking like this guy will be one of our main strikers this season.

  62. Cesc Appeal

    Should have been Jupp Heyneckes this year, give him the budget to add buys, maybe a marquee signing like Suarez then some good squad additions possibly from his Munich connections like Gustavo, Boateng, Shaqiri.

    Then get your actual manager lined up for the season after, most likely Laudrup.

    Give Heyneckes and mo to win a domestic cup and get top four.

  63. Gunner2301

    Pedros post tomorrow

    It was a good day out as usual at the Emirates Cup.

    The Booing was not Class – What was it about anyway.

    What did you expect from the youth – too much expectation being placed on them (Hey but that’s not us picking them it’s Wenger)

    Wenger will buy but it won’t be what we need (so why should he be allowed to carry on managing our Club?)

    Don’t protest what’s the point the manager will leave at a time of his own choosing (I’ve already given my view on this one)

    There’s still time maybe the manager will re-think his plans based on what he’s seen (well this is more reactive than proactive and I wouldn’t call it planning if that’s what he;’s doing. THERE IS NO PLAN)

    Our options for top class players have narrowed drastically (you don’t say)

    We’re still trying to do deals behind the scenes and we should hear something soon.

    World Record for Bale and what the Spuds will have to spend (Wonder what Wenger’s thinking about NO BIDS FOR WALCOTT)

    Re-iterate why Suarez wont go to Spuds (He’s probably not coming to us either)


  64. Doublegooner

    Anyone still supporting Wenger is actually doing the club no favours.

    Why doesn’t anyone here start to take real action.

    Moaning on here is not enough.

    A group petition of the firm message NO SUPPORT of Wenger, The CEO & & majority shareholder Mr KroenkeThe Owner sent to Gazidis signed by 000’s


    Multiple Letters from Multiple groups, from Blogs, group of friends, with the the firm message of NO SUPPORT of Wenger, The CEO & The Board & majority shareholder Mr Kroenke – listing all the names/email addresses of the group.



    Interested ?

  65. Cesc Appeal


    Him leaving after doing a treble was literally the perfect chance for us.

    We could’ve contacted him after Pep was announced and he could’ve had a word in the ear of a few of the players like Boateng, Gustavo, Shaqiri etc

    I think under him we’d have had a solid season, title contention (not saying winning because who really knows) and I think some silverware though this is all presumption. But I think he’d be like Hiddink really, stern, straight, gets the basics right with a sprinkling of spectacular.

    But no, the Arsenal board is as unimaginative as the team, as cowardly and unambitious as Wenger. Rotten club.

  66. Wengerites be damned !

    And people saying this next season would be different. Really? LOL!
    It will be different when the serial loser goes.

  67. Relieable sauce

    LOL good stuff, can see Wonga quoting 60 m starting price when Walcott is put up for sale.

    He’s Wengers great hope & AFC’s 2nd choice striker, he expexts him to perform like a £50m player & he can’t do that from the bench.

  68. sam

    This Matthias Ginter is so cheap
    Thats a top defender in the bag then, arsene!

    I heard he’s signing in the next 48 Hours
    now who’s the new DM? frimpong?

  69. Tomtom

    If sanago gets regular game time this season then that alone should be enough to prove that Wenger has lost the plot. Did sanago not come from the French second division? Even sanago himself must know that he would be out of his depth at premiership level and needs a few seasons of playing reserve football with the hope of eventually stepping up to the first team. It’s getting harder and harder to continue with an interest in arsenal when shit like this is going on. We are not even near a position to challenge for trophies

  70. Tomtom

    Ginter has been described as versatile in the press. So in other words he is a jack of all trades but master of nothing. Another mediocre player to add to our ever expanding list

  71. arsenal-flavour


    I would cry with happiness if jupp heynckes was are manager.

    Ridiculously underrated he won a treble and no one really gave a shit!

    A Treble for fuck sakes while everyone was having wet dreams over pep going to Bayern

  72. sam

    Guys I know the squad is shit but don’t forget it was only a friendly game
    and they played 2 games in 48 hours.

    Its only because its drogba that I feel hurt,

    fuck him!
    wenger should have brought koscielny when the turks brought that chelsea pensioner on.
    I forgot we don’t do any tactics

  73. Dan Ahern

    Evening all.

    I put virtually no stock in today’s result, but it’s August fucking 4th. We have basically the same damn squad. And you’re deluded if you think one summer will magically whip them into world-beaters.

    I’ve been extremely patient. I’m encouraged that we’re bidding for Suarez, but he hasn’t been sold, and we haven’t bought ANYBODY.

    Patience time is fucking. over.

    Time to be serious about improving this team, because not a single fan on earth believes it’s good enough as is.

  74. arsenal-flavour

    We should of gone in for Baltollie when we had the opportunity.

    he hasn’t had a single red card or any real problems since his been ac milan…

    And his been scoring like an essex slag

  75. Cesc Appeal

    Drogba is the perfect example of Wenger’s total tactical ineptness.

    Everyone knows Drogba kill us, years later, 30+ years old he still does…

  76. Cesc Appeal

    arsenal flavour

    ‘we still have to 2nd of September..
    I think after today his got to realize its sign some players or else’


    The last 8 years didn’t, but yep, today did it

  77. mystic

    As far as I am aware this summer’s transfer activities at Arsenal have resulted in a spend of £400k compensation and sales of £2.7m + circa £6.9m coming in for Gervinho.

    So excluding wages being saved, the releases / ended contracts / loans / sales, assuming that Wenger started with a budget of £70m (hmm?), will now be almost £80m

    WTF is Kroenke up to? Wenger is an employee, a minion, but the American lets him run around as if he rules the roost. Arsenal are being screwed by a gutless fucking owner and a psychotic excuse of a manager (dictionary definitions include- loony, crazy, nutty, nuts, bonkers; kooky, cuckoo, daft, batty, screwy, potty).

  78. arsenal-flavour

    drogba does make arsenal his bitch

    he bends our team down and fucks us with his huge black african monster cock!
    wenger likes it secretly you can see it in his coy wiley smile whilst talking about classic drogba…. (during the post match interview)

  79. Dan Ahern


    I don’t know if it’ll make him realise anything. Honestly. AW is one of the most stubborn people on earth. And there’s no “or else” if he doesn’t do anything. Fans might be mad, but what are the actual consequences? I personally think he’s already agreed to a new deal.

    Regardless, I don’t think today should be what spurs him to action. All of last season should’ve spurred him to action.

    Anyway, you’re right, there is until Sept. 2 so he still gets the benefit of the doubt. But I’m sick of patience. Make it happen.

  80. arsenal-flavour

    dan ahern

    word to the wize don’t watch any chelsea games

    there so good its depressing been watching 5 mins of the chelsea ac milan
    game and their team is so talented, hazard is playing like we all dream walcott would

  81. Dan Ahern

    a-f — Thanks, definitely wasn’t planning on watching, haha.

    I made sure not to watch City earlier too. I know it’ll just wind me up.

  82. GoonerGaz

    DannyboyAugust 4, 2013 20:45:48
    I’d be happy if we came 4th every year if that was the best we could achieve.. Like if we were Spurs for example..But we are the biggest club in London, new stadium, 4th most valuable club in the WORLD! We should be laughing at 4th and saying ’2nd isn’t good enough!

    Spot on!

  83. arsenal-flavour

    this is chelsea bench

    Mark Schwarzer, Ashley Cole, John Terry, Ramires, Juan Mata, John Obi Mikel, Fernando Torres, Victor Moses, Romelu Lukaku, Andre Schurrle.

    chelsea team playing at the moment

    Petr Cech; Cesar Azpilicueta, Branislav Ivanovic, Gary Cahill, Ryan Bertrand; Marco van Ginkel, Michael Essien; Kevin De Bruyne, Oscar, Eden Hazard; Demba Ba.

    compare are squad today

  84. arsenal-flavour

    we could have afforded hazard and mata but no project youth/british core

    chelsea are playing amazing football right now against a very decent ac milan side

    we haaven’t played with the pace aggression dynamism for many years

  85. Sam

    The tragedy is project sanogo will carry on throughout the season and we will drop points for trying to play him. Wenger is not going to back down