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Good morning kind people. I’m not labouring on a post today, the lack of air conditioning combined with melty weather dictates that.

Arsenal played to a full stadium of teenage Mexican wavers yesterday. The sun came out, Galatasaray fans had a ruck and Arsenal picked up a 2-2 draw. Not a great performance. Two sloppy goals conceded. Jenks had a bad game, proving Sagna is the right man this season. Fabianski wasn’t great, confirming that doubt around his mental ability at the top level is totally justified.

Giroud scored one and Koscielny the other to make the result 2-2.

Amusing to hear the booing at half time. One suspects less aimed at the players, more aimed at a manager and a club who make transfer deals more complicated than buying a kilo of enriched uranium.

Sure it’s preseason, but let’s not pretend that booing was based on a few weeks of inaction. That’s 8 years in the making. It’s also a sharp reminder to the board that the crowd are militant this year. A poor summer won’t be tolerated, nor will any deviation of results off the back of that.

Arsene should maybe engage his brain and do whatever he can to make sure he has a squad capable of winning something this year. We don’t want to be the balance sheet champions of 2014. It’s boring. No one cares. FFP is already dead if Monaco, PSG and Madrid’s behaviour is anything to go by.

Wenger’s quotes on Suarez were almost identical to the ones he made the day previous. He’s admitting there’s a bid, but talks are on-going. He also thinks we’re talking about others. Amazingly he said that Gervinho and Chamakh were off on permanent deals. Crystal Palace and Roma the victims of Arsenal and the false descriptions con of the century.

I’m not complaining… £150k a week right back on the balance sheet.

Nik B is still here though. What a pathetic boy. Money over playing time at 24. An absolute embarrassment of a man. Clearly not as confident in his mad skillz as we’ve been led to believe.

The Sun reckon we’ve done a deal for Ginter for around £6m. I watched him for the under 21s. Not a bad player. He’s pretty big, can play at centre back, but mostly covers defensive midfield. Obviously he’s technically sound… and hugely inexperienced. Wenger going for the cheap option because he can’t get Lars Bender. It’s a position we need help in. No doubt he’d be understudy to Arteta.

Tune into game two today… have a good one!

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  1. Goongoonergone

    @ Arsenal Flavour
    Arsenal Flavour said:”WE need some germans and we need some spanish.”

    You made me smile mate. Have a look at the ones we have.
    What we need is a German manager called Klopp.

    By the way, Arsenal are so crap that there is not enough shit paper at the Emirates to clean Wenger’s mess.

  2. Kiyoshi Ito

    No way is Suarez,coming to join this pile of shit,called Arsene FC..

    It’s not happening..I don’t care if Mr Wenger raises his bid..Suarez will avoid us like the plague…

    As for Ramsey,I’ve said all along,a pointless player..running into dead alleyways,jumping,needless backheels..Slowing down of play,no pace..

    This so called team,is in terminal decline..The worst of it,there is not one player amongst them,that has won a trophy..They don’t even have a winning mentality..

    Expect more turgid crap from this team ,this season..

    No amount of panic signings from Mr Wankstain,this season,is going to paper over the cracks..

    The rot,has truly set in..Time to get rid of Mr Wenger..Pure & simply..

  3. ikon

    Ramsey was bought by Wenger with great hopes of filling in Fabregas’ shoes… I am sorry but Ramsey does not even have the ability to tie his shoe laces….his technique is poor, his sense of passes is poor… totally useless… well almost.

    Arteta is a better playmaker than Ramsey

    Soooo many side passes, so many zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz moments in the match.

  4. Ozy

    Wow, this was embarrassing. I’m gutted.

    We need a new player in every single position. What the …

    What a poor performance. So boring, lacking any creativity… we just… ugh. We need a completely new squad!!!!! I’ve decided.

    This squad will never win anything. Even if we buy Suarez (we had Van Persie and won nothing), even if we buy Fellaini, Williams, Cesar, whoever. I don’t understand what the problem with this squad is.

    It must be said, though, Wenger’s been really impressive to get us in the top 4 every season with mid-table team players. My god.

  5. Guninurback

    How can anyone say starting this season with Wenger in place is “safer” than without? Based on what?

  6. useroz

    Great and world class strikers /forward try find that half foot to shoot and they practice to shoot well.

    Our guys try hard to find half foot to PASS to another guy, and the next guy – if the ball reaches him – repeats the same. Fuck Wengerball. We want winner-ball.

  7. Relieable sauce




  8. ikon

    The point is if at all Real Madrid come in for Suarez, they just need to show them a few pre season videos of Arsenal to make Suarez realize that he will be a much decorated player at Real than at Arsenal… negotiations over.

  9. useroz

    Great and world class strikers /forward try find that half foot to shoot and they practice to shoot well.

    Our guys try hard to find half foot to PASS to another guy, and the next guy – if the ball reaches him – repeats the same.

    Fuck Wengerball. We want winner-ball

  10. luke

    1-julio cesar

    rb- jenx, sagna
    lb- nacho, gibbz
    cb- williams, kozz, verm, per, miquel

    cm- arteta, aaron ramzidane, ljw, fellaini, cazorla, rosicky, (diaby),schneiderlin
    lm/rm- theo, ox

    Giroud, podolski, suarez, Lamela/Reus

  11. Guninurback

    August 4, 2013 18:3

    “It must be said, though, Wenger’s been really impressive to get us in the top 4 every season with mid-table team players. My god.”

    Oh my fucking god!
    Jesus flipping Christ come on!!!!


  12. Ozy

    Wenger… just go. Give it up. Let go of that death grip you have on our club.

    Why can’t he just go? I can’t stand it. I seldom feel any passion when watching Arsenal anymore.

    Sanogo … this is our only signing. He should be playing for Crystal Palace or something.


  13. Paulinho

    They need to cut the grass on that pitch as well.

    Clumpy, slow paced artificial junk of a playing surface.

  14. Ozy

    Haha, Guninurback. Relax. You must have mistaken what I meant.

    Look at my other post. I want him gone just as strongly as the rest of you. I was insulting our team of average players. Chill.

  15. unhappy gunner

    Maybe some of these players, ramsey, ox etc might become very very good players with a better manager/coach behind them. Wenger is the disease at this club. I bet if maureen or old red nose had some of those players, they would be 100% better than they are. Why do you think zaha didnt want to come to us. Join wenger and go backwards

  16. ikon

    The worrying part is , when the goal was scored… everyone was so happy.. it was unreal… I thought come on… the team did not even create a half chance till then and never did even after that.

    That was almost our first choice midfield at least. How come no one sees this is going to be really tough to create chances.

  17. Samir


    One of each player in each position and we’d compete.

    We all know we’ll end up with Gareth Barry, Bent and some unknown kid though.

  18. useroz

    On paying fair price……wenger saying we need to be patient and try to be CLEVER….

    ..he still wants to add to the squad….


    Oh, he’s still thinking FFP still coming in

  19. Jim Lahey

    Look is it just me, or is this “British Core” thing not working out…

    Walcott is unbearable, knocked off the ball too easily, runs into dead ends, refuses to cover his RB, instead floats into the centre as he fancies himself a striker, guy has a serious god complex… I wonder if Marco Reus would enjoy 100k a week?

    Ramsey, someone said it perfectly jumping around and running for 90mins in not football.. The guy brings nothing to the team, 10 yard passes to add to his statistics. Very slow, buy in pace and on the ball, he kills any foward momentum as he dithers on the ball to pass it back or to the side..

    Gibbs, so lightweight, positionally awful.. Ashley Cole he is not.

    Ox. Don’t mind him as much, awful first touch and poor vision, but is strong and has great pace, not a first teamer, but a good squad player. Where does everyone think is him best position?

    Jenks. Squad player right now, good engine and a lot of heart never goes missing, but not up for it just yet.

    Jack… All to potential in the world if he can stay out off the treatment table..

  20. Jeff

    I think I know why Wenger went in soon as the referee blew the final whistle. He didn’t want to hear the boos. It is very disrespectful though. We invited Galatasaray to play at the Emirates and just because they won, we have to pout and walk out without shaking hands. He is one sore loser.

  21. stevethebrightongooner

    Well boys welcome to the preview of the season to come …

    4th place is going to be a trophy this season, because I reckon we’re looking at a spot between 6 and 10 at the moment.

    Serious money needs to be spent on serious players … cause this lot are going to take some serious beatings against the likes of Chelsea, Man U and City …

    But hey don’t worry FFP will be our saviour … Hahahahaha yeah right!

  22. Guninurback

    August 4, 2013 18:41:04

    (Guninurback after trying endlessly, finally manages to find a vein and pumps the contents of a dirty syringe into his system, the horse tranquilizer only barely makes an impact, but slowly the rabbid frothing subsides).

  23. Mask of Zorro

    Guys, has actually been to Arsenal trainings? I mean actually watch then train? I will give anything to know what they do when they train!

  24. Goongoonergone

    I am thinking that new good players will make no difference to our team. I watched both our matches yesterday and today and not a thing has changed in eight seasons – the same frailties and all the baggage that goes with it.
    The common factor is Wenger.
    So for myself, a good manager with good tactical awareness and a good understanding of the importance of defending can really help this team go beyond the mediocrity and tedium of this ‘over-passing’ team managed by Wenger.
    I believe our greatest investment would be a really good manager, example, a Klopp, that could work with this squad and get the players to fit his system.
    If we are relying on a Suarez or Fabregas to cover Wenger’s flaws we are seriously not addressing the main problem in our club.
    Sadly Kroenke, Gazidis, Wenger, Chips and the rest of the BOD have not played a second in the Premiership.
    We are desperately in need of a new MANAGER!!!
    For now, new players be damned; that’s how desperate things are, in my view.
    I have begun to reconcile myself that Wenger certainly believes that this current squad are good enough to challenge for the title, hence the lack of a stellar signing.
    Wenger reminds me of Hitler who still believed in and got Goebbels to broadcast to the already defeated German people that Germany would win the war although the Russians and Allied powers were just miles outside his bunker.

  25. Santos

    Mentally weak manager, mentally weak players. Our squad looks worse than when we were beaten 8-2. We have profit from the sale of Gervinho, while we are not ready to spend. Great

  26. ikon

    It all started when people in England started pointing to Wenger saying, you do not develop English players enough. It happened numerous times when we had Hleb, Flamini, Rosicky and Fabregas.

    Wenger decided “ohh I can run another project now”..

    And 5 years later… the team quality has gone down the drain.. 50% less technique and 100% zero vision and temperament.

  27. Dannyboy

    ‘Wenger reminds me of Hitler who still believed in and got Goebbels to broadcast to the already defeated German people that Germany would win the war although the Russians and Allied powers were just miles outside his bunker.’

    DING DING DING! winner!!!

  28. Relieable sauce

    I wonder how we’ll get on against city next week?

    Will he panic buy this week or wait for a crushing humiliation?

  29. Toli83


    Was there many boos though? I still don’t think Wemger gets how the fans feel? He always has a coy look on his face and grins as if we will be lucky to see any transfers…

  30. unhappy gunner

    @Mask of Zorro
    Wenger probably gets them to dress in speedos and run around all morning while he knocks one out. Cause I havent seen any evidence of any training over last 8 yrs

  31. James wood

    A rich man who is totally deluded as to what the modern game is about.
    A man who,s dated tactics are read so easily by the opposition.
    A man who tactical reading of games over the years has constantly
    Been he,s undoing.
    A man who,s manners constantly let him down.

    A man who should be putting pen to paper and releasing us all
    From this farcical situation that say,s he is bigger than the club.

  32. Johnty79

    There can’t be anyone out there who wants us to win a single game…if you do you are the enemy, u are a spurs fans. Getting wenger out is the number one priority he is deceiving the mind of gazidas. Overal though kronke just wants 40m plus profits each year

  33. Santos

    Wenger and Arsenal can be simply compared to Robert Mugabe and Zimbabwe. Oh he just got re-elected for being an ineffectual leader, just like OGL will soon be dished a new contract by the board

  34. Ozy

    No point in addressing what players we could go out and buy. We’re not buying any.

    We’re being linked with Ginter (some unknown 19 year old), Williams (Some subpar English defender who will be 29 soon) …. erhm.. that’s about it.

    The rumors about Bernard were just that… rumors. Fellaini? We’ll probably buy him when he’s 28 and half his value and no longer in his prime. Don’t think he’ll ever come. I can’t see us buying Suarez. I don’t know who else we’ve been “linked” with but even if we buy all of the players I just mentioned, we won’t compete for anything.

    There are so many available players out there that would love to come to England. Eriksen’s flirted with Liverpool for fucks sake! Liverpool! Isn’t he on his last year? Alderweireld flirted with Everton, etc. You get it.

    I’m done getting excited over transfers. What kind of a joke is it that this entire transfer window, we’ve supposedly only bid for ONE player? Has this senile old man not realized that you can bid for MULTIPLE targets?

    Oh right. There aren’t any other targets. Man City came in second last season and have bought all these players. Chelsea have bought players. Liverpool. Spurs. What the fuck!!!

  35. Jim Lahey

    @Danny Boy & Santos – If Arsenal was a small African nation, the UN would have already implemented a no fly zone over the Emirates so the fans could oust the great dictator himself.

  36. Ozy

    I met a traveller from an antique land
    Who said: `Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
    Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
    Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
    And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
    Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
    Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
    The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.
    And on the pedestal these words appear —
    “My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
    Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
    The lone and level sands stretch far away.’

  37. Jeff


    Not sure if there were boos judging from the coverage. I think the fans were just shell-shocked and wanted to get out of there. I am surprised about the lack of handshake though; it is after all supposed to be a friendly.

  38. Santos


    a mini emorates cup drought if i may say. All these will be forgiven if we gey new players and win the domestic cups and challenge for the title and CL

  39. Scorpion

    was reading few comments on arsenal’s official fb page. most of the people have had enough of wenger and want him out. feeling among some of us that most of the fans still think arsene as their saviour is wide of the mark…

  40. Kiyoshi Ito


    The best signing that the club can do this summer..Is sack Mr Wenger & chase after either:-

    1)Mr Klopp

    Bring in a manager with a winning mentality.Not one pre-occupied with delusions of grandeur..Or concerned,with money,than with success..Or with his grip on power..
    Or political machinations..

    Bring in a manager,who is hungry for success,who will walk heaven & earth to bring silverware..Who looks at a player’s quality,rather than on his monetary value..

    A manager,who is proactive,not reactive..A manager that does not molly cuddle his players..A manager that is ruthless,who does not tolerate failure,or complacency..

    A manager,that is tactically astute, a manager that is free & fair in his dealings with the fans..Not treating them like the thing,you find on the bottom of your shoes..

    The most cost effective task,the club can do now,is do a Roman Abramovic..

    We are flush with cash..Go & get a top level manager…Wine & dine the top managers..Pursue them,like how you pursued your wife/partner..
    Woo them…
    The money is there,that will be the best signing ever..

    Mr Wenger armed with this bankroll,is like giving a homeless alcoholic, money to buy a house..He will just simply piss it up the wall..& we will be back to square one..


    Another shit performance today !!! We can’t get the ball,we can’t keep the ball,we can’t cross the ball and mr.bean still reckons we can win the title with the squad we have. The kunt talks more shit than politicians !!!
    I can’t believe nothing is being done at this once powerful club !!!!

  42. Santos

    My God guys, even Laudrup is a good manager these days and can only step up if he joins Arsenal, is a household name in football, will attract players and talented youth. Can manage his money, understands the transfer market. Does not play predictable football, now underatands the league. Let is get Laudrup next summer. Wenger wont ne sacked yet though

  43. Goongoonergone

    @ Ozy who wrote:

    I met a traveller from an antique land
    Who said: `Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
    Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,
    Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
    And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
    Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
    Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
    The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.
    And on the pedestal these words appear –
    “My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
    Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
    The lone and level sands stretch far away.’

    This is my take:

    I met an AKB from an antique stadium
    Who said: `Two thin and trunkless legs that kicked water bottles
    Stand at the Emirates. Near them, on the turf,
    Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
    And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
    Tell that anti-Wengerites well those passions read
    Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
    The hand that mocked at fourth officials and the heart that fed lies to the fans
    And on the pedestal these words appear –
    “My name is Wengersauras, king of kings:
    Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that colossal wreck called Arsenal Football Club, boundless and bare
    The lone and level turf stretch far away.’

  44. Jeff


    I agree of course that a new manager is top priority from any angle we wish to view it. However, I think the chance of that is less than Wenger buying some more players. Now if those players are just more unknowns or cheap has-beens, the best we can hope for is fourth.

    Given that Wenger wants nothing better than fourth, he might strengthen in these remaining weeks but it won’t be anything spectacular. It will be aimed at ensuring we get top four, nothing more.

    This team can and will beat a lot of bottom half teams and a few top half ones. That is how we’ll get fourth but nothing short of a miracle or the suspension of the laws of physics will win us the PL or the CL.

  45. N5

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Gooners this worked up! it seems judging by most sites that nearly all now want Wenger out! the tide is changing!

  46. Crusaderrabbit

    The club is essentially putting the financial interests of it owners and manager before the team.

    As far as I’m concerned this means – by essentially choosing not to strengthen the team – we are no better than sports cheats who take money to lose.

    Sport is about winning above all else – I swear the way the club conducts itself is in breach of the spirit of the competitions it participates in by choosing not to create the strongest team possible. Instead it lines its own pockets and supports the twisted morality of one individual because he supports this scheme. They are no better than cheats the lot of them.

    If any name signings are now made it will simply be seen as a necessary investment to maintain this financial status quo – rather than to actually compete. They have no place in football and no right asking for your support.

  47. Reiss

    I don’t know how many times this has been said but from now to the game against Man City in Helsinki we have to make some signings and forget about Suarez for a minute we have to improve the squad all over and last but not least signing Fabregas won’t happen, get realistic and good signings in please.

  48. Relieable sauce

    Kiyoshi 19.03

    Your best post for a while, couldn’t agree more.

    I think if IG has the power to sack him & the theories on his post season words are to be believed, now is the time to sack him.
    If it doesn’t happen in the next day or two, i will expect no change this summer, apart from a few panic buys (excluding Suarez) & potentially a new contract for Wenger if we start well.
    There is of course the Usmanov factor as well.

  49. Kiyoshi Ito


    In his interview,he talked about being being “clever in the transfer market,with 28 days remaining..”

    Well being clever in my books,usually means stealing a march on your rivals..Doing your homework,& getting the WC Players in good time..
    Not after 3 months,suddenly on deadline day,he does a supermarket trolley sweep..
    Buying what discounted players,are left on the shelf..

    Unless our rivals,happen to be Everton,Newcastle & Swansea..Then I suppose he has a point..We will just pick up the tier 3 type players@knockdown prices..

    Jeff,I’ve got to drop football as a spectator sport..I don’t know why I wasted 2 hours of my time today..

    The man,has no shame…He has really put me off football..I know,I’ve said these numerous times..My time of watching football,is coming to a rapid end..
    Because of that man..Mr Wenger…Words escape me..I’m just speechless right now..

  50. Jeff

    Ah Kiyo, it’s in your blood. We’ll bounce back – of that I am sure but it will take time. For what it’s worth and as much as I would like Arsene to be politely and respectfully given his marching orders, I also know there is very little chance of that happening.

    The best we can hope for is damage limitation whilst he’s still in charge and after so many years refusing to compete or being delusional about it, Wenger can’t go on forever. So I think possibly at most we might have another three years of it. I’m resigned to that but it’s painful – very, very painful

  51. unhappy gunner

    I agree mate, I will always love and worship Arsenal fc, but while that man remains I will not spend a penny on them. Gave up season ticket 4 yrs ago, gave up sky end of last year and the presents my missus got me, Arsenal memorabilia, were all sent back and refunded. That cunt wenger and the cunting yank board have destroyed my club and I refuse to give them a penny of my hard earned cash. Yes I know in the grand scheme of things it means fuck all to them, but to me its a matter of principle, something those pirates are lacking.

  52. Scott

    Back from the Emirates what did I learn today. Not much we lack up front, Mert is slow as a donkey. Sagna is never a centre back. Ramsey is a headless chicken with no end product.
    Oh and I saw a Gooner with the new yellow away kit with Balotelli on his back wtf????

  53. Guninurback

    August 4, 2013 19:16:02

    Take a bow, that should be nailed to the door at the Emirates that there.

  54. Crusaderrabbit

    Simply put Wenger has taken something we loved and enjoyed and destroyed it to serve his own ego and twisted morality.

    I genuinely believe you could actually claim he is in breach of the spirit, if not yet the rules, of the Premier League by refusing to strengthen the team to the full extent of our financial capability

  55. samsenal

    If City destroy us…fucking hell…

    big changes needed in the transfer market market of big changes in the managerial chair are absolutely inevitable. I don’t think he would last the season.

    We will know on September 2nd whether Wenger is going to avoid going out like Brian Clough or not. No proper signings means another disappointing season and mutiny in the stands.

  56. vicky

    Why such a meltdown when it is all pretty much on the expected lines ???

    This Arsenal team is a rank average team. Any team worth their salt can give us a real hiding.

    There are only three players in this team who are quality : Cazorla,Rosicky and Koscielney,

    Rest of them are either ordinary or complete waste of squad space.

  57. Same Story

    I said a long time ago that Mertsacker was a liability, but some on here said we shouldn’t break up the defensive partnership that only let in 5 goals in the last 10.

  58. Kiyoshi Ito

    Reliable Sauce

    As Crusader Rabbit,alluded to in his post..What the club are doing,is tantamount to cheating..

    They are no different,than the athletes who take steroids,to gain an unfair advantage over their rivals..

    The difference here,being they are hoodwinking the fans,time& time again..

    In fact,they are no better than the Bernie Madoffs,of this world..It’s one big ponzi scheme..

    I used to be a fan,of Usmanov..Now,I could not care a less,if he comes in,or not..
    To be fair,the whole Usmanov scenario,is just political machinations..
    All this has been dragging on for a while..Too long for my liking…

    The in-fighting b/w Lady Bracewell,PHW,SS& Usmanov…All the while,these fornicators are enriching themselves & guess at whose expense..?

    It’s just all too creepy & incestuous for my liking..

    Mate,I’m going to call it a day soon..It’s stomach churning…

    I don’t know,how Pedro sleeps well at nights!!

  59. Goongoonergone

    @ Kyoshi Ito
    Kyoshi Ito wrote: “Jeff,I’ve got to drop football as a spectator sport..I don’t know why I wasted 2 hours of my time today..

    The man,has no shame…He has really put me off football..I know,I’ve said these numerous times..My time of watching football,is coming to a rapid end..
    Because of that man..Mr Wenger…Words escape me..I’m just speechless right now..”

    Mate, I feel your pain. I have been a Gooner for 46 years. I made myself one promise: If Wengersauras gets a new contract at this season, I’m done with AFC until we get a new manager who can invigorate the club.
    At the moment, Wenger is close to admitting my beloved club to the ICU ward. If this terminal decline is not arrested by Gazidis and company, and if Wengersauras is allowed another three seasons, expect our club to be admitted to a hospice.

  60. sylvain

    Ah Ah!!
    So nice to see that Arsenal still the favorite prey of the Drog!!LOL

    So according to Wenger, this team can win the title this season.
    Pathetic team which isn’t even able to win the Emirates Cup ???????????
    Amen to that.

    Zubizarretta has confirmed that the mancs has abandoned the hope to sign Fabregas, YES my summer is safe, I don’t give a shit about the rest, as Wenger will continue to sink our club anyway.

    Have a nice start of week everyone.

  61. stevethebrightongooner

    I am actually fed up hearing how Arsenal have lots of money in the bank to spend …

    … If they don’t actually spend some of it, we might as well be a club under a transfer embargo.

    It’s the same situation, it makes no difference to me whether its 1 million or 100 million in the bank, its looking like it won’t get spent anyway.

    I applaud the fact they want to run the club responsibly but it’s gone way way way beyond that now.

    Do they honestly think FFP will force a glut of quality players to be sold on the market to be picked up on the cheap?

    Because if they do, that’s going to be a dangerous game in terms of the here and now in relation to our Prem position and Champs League qualification.

    Make no mistake on the field the enemy is strong and will get stronger … Inaction will make us weaker.

    Or maybe we are actually waiting for clubs to go to the wall to be the grave robbers of the football world?

    Nice. Classy.

    The week in week out visitor to the Emirates and away games is not happy.

    A clouded judgement at the top is about to witness the downhill slope for Arsenal.

    It feels like a pivotal year.

  62. OhtobeaGooner

    So after the wankfest that was the Asian Tour for Wenger supporters, we play two decent teams and come back down to Earth. I bet my arse Wenger will decide whether to buy or not after the Man City game. If we win, draw or lose by one goal, expect maybe one Sanogoesque type signing. If we lose heavily we’ll make maybe 2 or 3 average signings…

  63. Scott

    I agree Mert is a liability how he’s got that many international caps is beyond me. Williams of Swansea is a better player.
    What a bang average team we have yet Wenger the liar thinks we can compete on winning the championship.
    2 points off the top 5 teams last year and 18 points the winners and all above have strengthened apart from us.

  64. Scott

    Nothing really toli mostly families and Turks they made up around 15k of the attendance. Never heard any booing at halftime I was already off getting a beer.

  65. Relieable sauce


    Completely agree.
    I said something similar last year when the Asian badmington players were kicked out of the olympic finals for essentially the same thing, . Not competing to their fullest.
    It goes entirely against the spirit of sport, was the IOC line.

  66. WengerOut

    I went to the Napoli game, I won’t be going to another this season.
    Stop buying tickets that’s the only way we will get Wenger out.

  67. Toli83

    Vix / Jeff,

    We all want he same thing, I just can’t see it happening anytime soon. He’s already said he’s in talks to extend his contract. IG won’t fire him either and SK is scared of what life would be like without him.

    Will anyone actually protest?

    Loads go on about not attending but there are loads of people who will go, win lose or draw because people always have done.

    At a loss to think what the answer is. The man has no shame, if he did he would have gone a long time ago, which makes me think he isn’t ever going to walk / coupled with not been fired – we will subjected to this for years to come.

  68. Johnty79

    I think we have been going about this the wrong way…

    If we send a letter to arsenal stating we want wenger out and get about 10000 they will start to listen.

    Or an email….come on. People.

    If we all agree a day we can send as many ‘we want wenger out’ email or letters As we can.

    Imagine the admin department receiving 50000 emails of complaint and Distain as we can.

    They will have to listen. If it was leaked to the press or islington gazette I think we can get things in motion.

  69. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    I unhappy gooner… Totally understand and hear you.
    I gave up my st two years ago not like all those twats who sell it on but retain the name. I hope those fuckers get caught out.

    The only thing I miss is getting regular copies of the gooner. Even that toe rag high bury spy leased his ticket out last term. Scum.

    When arsenic goes I will go back.

    Love arsenal as a football club.
    Hate arsenic wenger man is a poison to the club.
    Hate the way a football club is now just a big business making money for the already weslthy.

  70. Scott

    Reissue Oxo and Walnuts were both very disappointing today. Ineffective is a compliment ok TW scored a flakey goal but missed an absolute sitter from 6 yards.

  71. sam

    Worse case scenario!

    he keeps insisting on Sanogo and we keep losing.
    Just like he did last season with gervinho and Ramsey

  72. Jeff

    We have to be a little be more fair on the players when analysing games and drawing conclusions. Whilst it is true that most of them are not by any stretch of the imagination what you would call world class, they aren’t complete trash either.

    When you have a set of players such as ours, it is up to the manager to study:

    1. The players’ strengths and weaknesses
    2. The opposition’s strengths and weaknesses
    3. Base player selection, tactics and formation on that information

    We don’t do that. We play the same tactics no matter who the opposition is, which players have been selected to play and whatever strengths and weaknesses they possess. Is this not the most stupid thing for a manager to do?

    Here is a simple example. If Mertesacker is at the back, why play with such a high line thus making it more likely that he will be isolated and vulnerable? His weakness is his lack of pace but his strength in the box is there for all to see. This is just one example. Another is consistently starting players that against the opposition we have on the day, would obviously prove useless and ineffective. And yet, the manager, in his wisdom, will not replace that player with one that can do the job a bit better.

    So, it’s not always a player’s fault if they are put in a position with which they cannot cope.

  73. Scott

    This isn’t a knock but I wonder are most AKB’s around the age of say 22-27 and only really know the club under Wenger. I cannot for the life of me see anyone older who thinks Wenger is doing a good job.
    All that bollocks in Asia from the players “excited about our signings” what fucking signings. Just pure propaganda spilled out from the club it makes sick.

  74. Guninurback

    August 4, 2013 19:36:51

    Thats a fair fucking point though!

    How would winning by being the only team left standing when the big money was stripped away be any better than any of City or Chelsea’s victories?

    I mean in this best case “wet dream scenario” Wenger sold us, where FIFA just orders City, PSG and Chelski to drop half their team because of wages, (Will never happen) we only win because we scoop up the leftovers and or exploit the chaos.

    When you think about it thats a pretty fucking defeatist plan to begin with, I mean fuck wether or not it would or would not have worked. The whole sentiment behind it is fairly fucking daft. I mean in this scenario we’re still not actually trying to compete, we’re just competing by default because our rivals fucked up!

    I mean thats the greatest lie with FFP, even if implemented, its no guarantee anyone would want to come here and theres no reason to think we’d be any more financially capable than we already are.

  75. Johnty79

    If fact I gurentee it 50000 emails for wenger out will see him leave pick a day Pedro and Geoff can organise it unless they are paid by the club??? And will refute it?

  76. Jeff

    Just went to the BBC/Arsenal page and saw the most laughable, ironic headline you could hope to see:

    “Nigeria’s Oboabona denies Arsenal link”

  77. Kiyoshi Ito

    GoongoonergoneAugust 4, 2013 19:35:28/unhappy gunner

    Thanks for your words of comfort mate..I’ve been trying to ween myself off this club,for like the past 5 years..

    The writing has been on the wall for me,since 2008..I managed to get my Father,to give up his season ticket,a few years back..

    But it still doesn’t stop you following Arsenal,or the club,in the media,or on tv..

    That said,Mr Wenger,slowly eroded my love for the sport over the years..
    In b/w,I took up triathlon..I remember last year,I mentioned that & got the piss taking out of me..

    But it served a useful blanket,to take my mind of the utter tripe@ Arsenal,or Arsene FC.

    This year,as a past time,my training for the triathlon has been intermittent..

    In b/w I’ve watched how the car crash of the man(Mr Wenger) & the club,has gathered momentum…

    Along with the pathological lies,spin& smokescreen..I’ve asked myself,why did I even bother to watch,or listen..
    Was it to be proved right?Was it too see whether,change would occur..?
    Or was it too see ,how low these dirty rotten scoundrels would sink?

    After yesterday’s & today’s game,plus the interview from Mr Wenger..
    Was it all really worth it..?

    To see the man flounce off at the end of the final whistle,not even bothering to offer the customary handshake in your own friendly tournament,really left a sour taste in my mouth..

    What has been achieved by you,by me,or by any fan,witnessing this great car crash..?

    What has Mr Wenger & IG really achieved(apart from monetary gain)..?

    One thing,you cannot buy in this world is credibility..& Mr Wenger is fast using up his credit lines,along with some of the main blogging sites out there..

    The sport-football is so far disconnected from reality..That I don’t think I will bother to even engage it anymore..

    If there was one sole comfort this summer,was that the Confeds Cup was a joy to watch.Ignited my enjoyment for football,albeit briefly..

    Until that tall monstrosity strode back onto our screens,with his smirking,smiling & pathological lies..

  78. Samir

    Gerardo Martino on Fabregas “I would prefer him to stay with us and I dare say he will, but it’s his decision.”

  79. Guninurback

    August 4, 2013 19:39:31

    In Merts defense Germany doesn’t play him in a suicidally high line though.

  80. Guninurback

    August 4, 2013 19:52:57

    No its the 15 – 21 and the 55 – 80 brackets that he just has locked down I think.

  81. michael

    First and foremost were all arsenal fans n will cheer n give stuck as we see fit but were 3-4 sisnings at least from competing with spurs for 4 th nevermind chalenging the top three and the rest of europe

    The signings dont have to b young superstars worth millions a few seasoned 29-30 yr old international players for 3 yrs would suit

    2 players that wud improve us straight away played against us today sneider n drogba

    Lewandowski for a yr or two at 25 m is a no brainer n if his heart is at bayern selk for 35-40 its up to him to find form n score goals to make his move come off

  82. sam



    Doomers need t shut up,

    still arsene wenger is so stupid the turkish coach outsmarted him in friendly.
    he kept sneijder and drogba on the bench, wenger had giroud and zelalem, LOL!!!!

  83. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Where’s Tom when yo need a laugh

    The one person who can see positivity?

    I feel Kiyoshi’s pain

    Wenger is the kind of fella that was probably bullied at school and now he has turned into the worst control freak ever. If you tell him the sky is blue, he wold probably argue that is was green.

    until he leaves Arsenal will be a joke to all the fans. never here any other football fans talking about finances and this players costs over the odds bla bla.

    Our football is so crap, two passes forward then back to the keeper a team that has not creativity.

  84. Jeff


    Thanks for the link. It seems he’s still not repentant. When asked about transfers his answer is something like “first we have to look at what we’ve got”.

  85. Keyser

    Heard the Black Scarf Movement are having a Wenger Out Barbecue outside the Emirates, first home game of the season.

    Anyone going ?

  86. Mike adamski

    Was at the game yesterday . For the first time in my life I looked around the armoury at all the gooners paying £70 for the new away shirt with one of our many overrated players names on the back and thought , ” look at all these mugs ”
    Can’t believe I’m saying this .
    It’s like wenger has sucked every inch of happiness from me with his frequent bullshit and embarrassing pressers .
    Been a lifelong fan at 33, this is the lowest I’ve felt about the team.
    Wenger OUT

  87. bayo

    Some of our players don’t even give 70 pounds of football value on the pitch yet Arsenal wants us to pay the same amount for a shirt

  88. Reiss

    Haven’t won a Emirates Cup game since 2010 so honestly there’s no point in hosting them anymore and we just hear the same joke that we can’t even win our own cup which is painfully true.

  89. Goongoonergone

    Hi Kiyoshi
    Thanks for your response and great chatting to a like-minded Gooner.
    Good luck with your triathlon.
    Me too, I will be spending time away from Arsenal. In my spare time, I am a singer, songwriter, producer, etc. performing original rock, reggae and contemporary music in my own home studio. Because of my love for Arsenal, I have neglected my studio for a while but I am getting back into my studio with a vengeance from now onwards and get my new album ready for mixing and mastering by January.
    So PRO TOOLS in and WENGER OUT!!!
    Cheers mate.

  90. Scott

    Haha 55-80 yr olds.
    I don’t know any friends nor people I know in the pubs I drink who still back Wenger anymore. These are people who have supported AFC home and away and abroad for years and spent thousands doing so.
    We all loved AW when he took over and changed the way we played and gave us some superb players, but now he’s losing all the great things he done and ruined it.

  91. the mighty karim

    I told you the other day you were completely useless
    On top of that, you become agressive and insulting now ?!?
    Why won’t you comment on l’, espèce d’imbécile immature !

  92. Mike adamski

    Why is wenger smiling in that conference ???
    Does he even give a shit anymore ?

    We are useless .
    Chamakh, gervinho, squillaci, arshavin gone

    So that’s three players owed arsene if you’re insisting “it’s a no-go” is a good enough striker (postman )