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Good morning kind people. I’m not labouring on a post today, the lack of air conditioning combined with melty weather dictates that.

Arsenal played to a full stadium of teenage Mexican wavers yesterday. The sun came out, Galatasaray fans had a ruck and Arsenal picked up a 2-2 draw. Not a great performance. Two sloppy goals conceded. Jenks had a bad game, proving Sagna is the right man this season. Fabianski wasn’t great, confirming that doubt around his mental ability at the top level is totally justified.

Giroud scored one and Koscielny the other to make the result 2-2.

Amusing to hear the booing at half time. One suspects less aimed at the players, more aimed at a manager and a club who make transfer deals more complicated than buying a kilo of enriched uranium.

Sure it’s preseason, but let’s not pretend that booing was based on a few weeks of inaction. That’s 8 years in the making. It’s also a sharp reminder to the board that the crowd are militant this year. A poor summer won’t be tolerated, nor will any deviation of results off the back of that.

Arsene should maybe engage his brain and do whatever he can to make sure he has a squad capable of winning something this year. We don’t want to be the balance sheet champions of 2014. It’s boring. No one cares. FFP is already dead if Monaco, PSG and Madrid’s behaviour is anything to go by.

Wenger’s quotes on Suarez were almost identical to the ones he made the day previous. He’s admitting there’s a bid, but talks are on-going. He also thinks we’re talking about others. Amazingly he said that Gervinho and Chamakh were off on permanent deals. Crystal Palace and Roma the victims of Arsenal and the false descriptions con of the century.

I’m not complaining… £150k a week right back on the balance sheet.

Nik B is still here though. What a pathetic boy. Money over playing time at 24. An absolute embarrassment of a man. Clearly not as confident in his mad skillz as we’ve been led to believe.

The Sun reckon we’ve done a deal for Ginter for around £6m. I watched him for the under 21s. Not a bad player. He’s pretty big, can play at centre back, but mostly covers defensive midfield. Obviously he’s technically sound… and hugely inexperienced. Wenger going for the cheap option because he can’t get Lars Bender. It’s a position we need help in. No doubt he’d be understudy to Arteta.

Tune into game two today… have a good one!

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  1. Gunnershabz

    Matthias ginter will be a good signing if we can’t get marquee signings due to our past 8 seasons then at least go for good players that can make a difference then build up our reputation

    We missed the trick when we had the invincibles because at that time we could of signed anyone because we was creating history and had a world class squad

    RVP summed it up in his interview last season, players like him want world class players and players look forward to pre. Season when new players of quality come in

    The only good thing wenger has done is getting rid of dead wood

  2. midlandgunner

    morning all,why cant the stubborn old bastard just make a few signings and give the whole place a lift surely he can feel the tension with the fans and knows a couple of defeats and a cup exit and the pressure is on him again the rest of the squad needs this boost as well,watching premiership years yesterday late 90s early 2000 he was full of life and ambition that man no longer stands here he is a mere shadow of his former self.
    im overjoyed we have got rid of denilson squid arshavin santos and now hopefully chamakh and gerv but not replacing these players as poor as they are surely leaves our squad thin and looking weaker than last year,one last thing im not going to pretend i know much about ginter but wouldnt capoue be a better option for just a few extra million?

  3. SpanishDave

    Wenger has become a dictator, the board are scared of him, and they are making our club a laughing stock. Wenger will back off Suarez bacause he has got enough press coverage to say he tried.
    He will go for last minute deals after we have lost a few games, he is totally deluded and could not give a toss about thefans or the club, he lives in his own world, he is un sackable and he knows it.
    This nightmare will only end when we finally sink to mid table and the club looses support.
    Failure is our only way out now.

  4. Gunnershabz

    I think what has messed up wenger emirates stadium plan was Chelsea they really put a spanner in our works with roman throwing money around

    Real Madrid had their galactic era but the value only affected the worlds best like zidane Beecham values

    Chelsea changed the transfer market in 2004/05 and this changed values in players

    Then man city came along changed it even more and now we have the two French clubs

    Wenger did not like this and he thought financial fair play would help but still nothing has changed and wenger is now stuck with his early 00 values

  5. Inter YourGran

    Been banging on the Ginter drum for ages. If the sun is to be believed (haha) then I’m chuffed with that signing. The lads not the finished article but he will be a top, top player.

    He can play centre half and defensive midfielder but he’s looked more the part in a back four. I hope we’ve persuaded him he’ll get playing time because he looked likely to stay at Freiburg for developmental purposes.

    Also, if he does come in, we’ve obviously done them a favour and will probably let them keep coquelin should they want to on a permanent move.

    I’m a bit disappointed Coquelin didn’t get more chances, especially when jenkinson and frimpong are pony. But, Ginter is better than the lot of them, so every cloud and all that…

  6. Highbury Pirate

    Nothing pleases me more than the turmoil unfolding in front of me. Arsenal fucking deserve all they get for allowing that cunt to run rough shod over our club.

    See you in the mid table everyone.

  7. Jeff

    But what is the point of signing people who aren’t going to have an instant impact? Are we really still going to play the game of buying, waiting and hoping that the player turns good? Have we not had enough of such players who come with so much promise, fail to deliver, get loaned out and eventually fizzle out until the next hopeful appears on the horizon?

    Surely, for once in our miserable life, we should go for several big guns and leave the toy clenching adolescents alone – at least for a couple of seasons.

  8. Danny

    Yes he’s unsackable but his contract runs out next May – FFS please don’t offer him a new one or else this nightmare wil just continue on and on and fuckin’ on.

  9. Ali

    We need cover in CB , DM and CF positions as after the deadwool clearings the squad is short on numbers nevermind quality. Ginter would be a good fit to cover DM for Arteta and act with Sagna as 4th choice CB. He is German so should be techinically sound as well.

    Speaking of Sagna , he was a warrior out there yesterday and Jenks certainly has a lot of learning to do to really challenge for the RB spot. With high earners like Arshavin and Chamack soon to be off the wage bill , we really need to tie him down to a contract.

    If the Suarez deal goes through eventually , we would still be one man short in the attacking department. Perhaps a certain no. 4 could arrive and make this summer worthwhile eventually !

  10. Gunnershabz

    We should look at realistic signings

    Lets face it making marquee signings is going to be difficult especially our recent history

    Man city made good signings not marquee but good signings that will make a difference

    Signings we should really consider

    Adil Rami
    Geoffrey kongdobia
    Toby aiderwierld
    Christian erickson
    Julio cesar
    Matthias ginter
    Mahamdou sakho
    Daniele de Rossi

  11. Inter YourGran

    To be honest regardless of what we do in the market, some people still won’t be happy. I’m hoping some signings will be made that can go straight in.

    If I was a betting man and we signed 5 players in total.


    I’d be happy with that…

  12. Gunnershabz

    I don’t think wenger will make a signing like fellani because we have the ox wilshire Ramsey cazorla arteta and diaby for the central positions

    So realistically I can’t see midfielders coming even though we need a strong defensive player maybe ginter is a realistic target playing in defence and midfielder

    He is like a phil jones

  13. Alan Lawless

    there is a definite change in atmosphere wenger knows,the owners know, if you lose the game going fans completely your finished.Owners and sponsors will not want to be associated with that its bad for business,I think wenger knows this he has to,he has this season to prove that he hasnt lost it or its over for him and his legendary status will be gone he will be remembered as a nearly man,the stadium move,london coloney it will count for very little if he finishes on the present sour note,but if he manages to create another team that can land the premier league or european cup with his brand of football he will go down as one of the greats,coyg.

  14. Gunnershabz

    Inter your gran

    Those signings would be brilliant but can’t see cesc leaving barca he still gets into the national team and well that’s what he wants barca and Spain World Cup squad

    His performances still good for Spain to be called p

  15. Jeff

    The only way forward for us at this juncture is to sign big players and not just one but several. It will save our bacon, restore some confidence in the fans, show that we have intent and put us in amongst the trophies. If we spend say upwards of £100m on several top class players plus a good, seasoned, experienced GK, and we won say the FA cup, went further than usual in the CL and finished in the top four, I’d be happy as Larry. If we win the title, well, that would be the icing on the cake.

    But none of this can happen with one or two free transfers or £8m players. It just can’t.

  16. shad

    How is Ginter an improvement from Dench? And yet we also have Coquelin?

    Yesterday was an indication that if no world class players are coming in then we can expect players like Cazorla and Kosc to leave, with the rest of the squad disillusioned.

    I’m tired of this senile old fool and I am happy that the booing got the attention it deserves. Since Wanker is too arrogant to fall on his 8yr sword of failure, we might as well make each day of his pathetic management a living hell.


  17. Gunnershabz


    Marquee signings would be excellent but we have to be realistic if we can attract them maybe if we do sign saurez it could change because we can sell our project

    But we need to make this signing this week at least

  18. Scott

    Was there a fight with the Turks yesterday?
    I’m going over there today see if I can recognise a few that I belted in Copenhagen a few moons ago. Bring on the cunts!

  19. azed

    I was at the emirates yesterday for my first live game and if Wenger does not strengthen this team, then we are in for a long season.
    Based on yesterday’s game, we are going to concede lots of goals from counter attacks this season.

  20. Inter YourGran


    Bak Dave BFG Gibbo

    Micky Rambo


    Theo Gooney Santi

    Squad; Szczesny, Martinez, Jenko, Bellerin, Nachoman, Vermaelen, Ginter, Miquel, Wilshere, Kondogbia, Diaby, Little Mozart, Oxo-Chambo, Serge G, Ryo, LuLu, Giroud, Sanogo, Akpom

  21. Jeff


    Of course we need to start with the first marquee signing. We have to knock over the first domino and get the monkey off our back but Wenger just can’t get himself to move in that direction no matter what pressure is put on him. He’ll go for nobodies or unknowns again and another season will go down the drain. He can’t help himself.

  22. Doublegooner


    Tomorrow, an email from a group of 20 season ticket holders will arrive with the CEO informing him that we have no confidence in him, his manager or the owner.

    Don’t let anyone suggest fan power is irrelevant.

    Sponsors will not like fans suggesting we won’t buy their goods or services whilst they support a club who hoard money & will not invest in the playing stock.

    Anyone with half a brain cell can see the squad is not good enough nor big enough. Most see the Manager as not good enough.

  23. shad

    For those banging on that we are 3 signings away from a complete team, I beg to differ. Even if Suarez and Cesc come in, we’d still need at least 4 more players to complete the squad esp if we are losing Forehead and Shisha-man.

    Needed: CB, LB, DM, AM, GK, Striker(s).

    If we have any hopes of playing a 60 game season then we need at least 6 new players. We all know Wenger won’t buy 6..probably 2, 1 or none and as usual fade off in the 2nd half of the season when the fixtures really pile up.

  24. Inter YourGran

    I don’t think it kicked off yesterday. There were reported scuffles and news that even some Leeds fans turnt up.

    If it was even remotely bad the media would have widely reported it.

    Much a do about nothing… Today might get a little tasty though…

  25. SpanishDave

    Wenger will never change he is a Walter Mitty he lives in his own world.
    The club are frightened of him, 8 years of failure and still he presides as manager. This must be a world record for a top flight club.
    The owner is in it for the money, he is not a fan.
    Wenger will not go he would rather sink the club into the mid table mire.

  26. Jeff


    I’d be happy with 3 big players and a GK. Six would be too much to hope for. We’re not talking winning the treble here; we just want to be able to compete and maybe win a trophy of sorts whilst still finishing in the top four.

  27. Niall McGonagle

    There’s almost a month left in the transfer window for God’s sake. Trust in Arsene and keep your powder dry. Ye of little faith!

  28. Inter YourGran

    Btw, I’ve not seen nikki b in any training picture. Not only are his wage demands outrageous so is his gut, probably.

    All that time spent on his arse designing jewellery has probably made him a pudgy fucker.

  29. shad


    If the booing has not fazed Wenger, I highly doubt a letter penned by 20 ST holders will make a difference. But carry on.

    The sad part is we have eroded our market appeal by allowing this man to stay as our gaffer. No player wants to play for a team aiming for 4th (unless you are coming from the championship) and who cares about how much money is in our war-chest if not a single penny is being spent?!

    This is all bollocks, we need Usmanov to come in.

  30. shad

    @silent stan,

    Since simple math eludes you, I did say we’d need 4 more players EVEN IF we ADDED Cesc and Suarez.

    4 +2 = 6. At least where I’m from.

  31. Jeff

    On the violence side of things, I think the meeting between Galatasaray and Arsenal at the Emirates should be seen as an opportunity to let bygones be bygones. It should be seen as a conciliatory occasion and not one to be used as an excuse to open healing wounds. As Gandhi once said, an eye for an eye only makes everybody blind.

  32. Inter YourGran

    DG – no offense but 20 people aren’t exactly going to create a boardroom panic and they’ll look mugs if we make some decent signings.

    I’m not one to preach patience and whatever way people want to express their disappointment is non singular, but i’d wait for the window to shut 1st.

  33. silentstan

    oh dear shad just seen another purler from you

    ginter no better than brain dead frimpong? just because Pong said laddish things and amused the under 2’s does not make him a good footballer. he couldnt even get a regular starting place when on loan.

  34. Johnty79

    Has anyone actually seen Gunter play?

    Very robotic and limited in his play..similar to steffens malz and remember how good he was…

    If diaby comes back and breaks his leg again wenger will persist with him..

    Thinking back vieria, Henry and pires has saved wenger. I reckon only 15 % of his signings have come off. Probably.

  35. silentstan


    oh i am enjoying you today

    we are not aiming for 4th, but top 4. that means 1-4. and yes it is important because ala suarez, top players want to play CL

  36. shad


    I concur. But we all know Wenger has never been good at bringing already established world class players. And then ustilizing them is another topic all together. I’d be happy with the same 3 big players (Striker, DM and GK) and 3 squad players (LB, AM, Striker #2)

  37. Pedro

    Admir, I think Rodgers is posturing… £45m should do it for Suarez.

    Inter, I’d be pleased with those signings. Ginter works if he’s replacement for Arteta. Some suggesting he’s more or a centre back… He looked better in midfield to me

  38. alan

    Flappy will never change.he’d shite but only Wenger cant see it.
    If we dont get Suarez which we wont we are still stuck with that French plank upfront watch us bid for Remy on deadline day

    Remember Rioch was sacked 5 days before the season started still time to get Wenger out for good

  39. Inter YourGran

    Johnty – I’ve seen ginter play several times and I know from your description you haven’t.

    Comparing him to steffan malz. Clown!

    But then again your the bloke who keeps bigging up samba so your judgement shall be deemed one of little value 😉

  40. stevethebrightongooner

    I saw nothing yesterday to impress me or change my opinion that this season will not be a good

  41. shad

    @silent stan,

    Oh my, the clangers keep dropping from you like Flappyhandski’s gloves. Isn’t it your beloved Wenger who created the “4th place trophy”? You can call it aiming to finish top 4, but we all know with the squad at hand that even that 4th place will be harder to nail. Carry on.

  42. Highbury Pirate


    Arsenal aren’t a top club so eight years is perfectly fine for failure.

    Arsene knows which side his bread is buttered. £7.5m for????? Exactly. People slag bentdner for taking the cash and not playing football but he is a product of Arsenal FC post 2006. Like manager, like player.

  43. Johnty79

    Eisfield is finished as a footballer now…after the reading 7:5 game where he changed the game…apparently it was suggested to wenger that he start te next league game..this doesn’t go down well with wenger. No one tells him who to play..result end of eisfields career. Still 15k aweek he ain’t complaining.

    Wellington well our south American scout should be sacked…santos and then him.

    Everyone band together on hear. 6 straight league defeats can be enough to get this cunt out.

  44. the mighty karim

    Chill out Scott, this is History now
    Leeds fans ?
    Riots ?
    Vengeance ?
    Come on, this is only football, not WW 3

  45. shad

    @silent stan,

    Aaaaaaaaand I didn’t draw a comparison in playing styles between Frimps and Ginter. My train of thought was why are we getting another one for the future when what we really need is a straight fit into the squad (Bender, Gustavo, Kodogbia)

  46. Inter YourGran

    Pedders – I think his technical ability and short passing game means he has had more stalwart performances in the middle of the park, but he looks an ideal Arsenal centre half in the long run from what I’ve seen.

    Either way, it’ll be a good coup and add to ze german contingent we already have.

  47. jamie

    I saw Ginter play against Spain at the Euros. His game reading was quite good and has decent pace.Not a bad 4th choice CB.
    However Nordviet was good when on loan in the Bundesliga but never made the step up.

  48. hokuspokus

    All the boooing AW should be realising that its him and the club its aimed at,Gazidis should off kept his trap shut mouthing we have £70-100 mill to spend and they could pay whatever wages,that gets us fans excited to think wowww that money could get us great players etc ,but NO as usual we have a freebie,he needs to grow a set of goolies and spen spen spend,give up on Suarez coz the pool are getting greedy now and start looking else were,BUT NOT THE SECOND TIER IN FRENCH DIVISION,number1 priority should be a keeper spend £10-20 mill on one and work from there.

  49. Bergkamp63

    If I were Suarez I would be giving it serious consideration to not joining Arsenal if I watched our game yesterday.

    A poor squad indeed and for the sake of 9 months, he might find himself out of CL football and Liverpool in it.

    As for Wenger, what a total twat, everytime he opens his mouth it gets worse. there is him banging on about RM spending 50-100m on Bale and what a joke it is while he makes a 40m bid for Suarez, you might think they are poles apart but if you were Everton or lower down it amounts to the same thing.

    As for FFP, clubs will bid what they can afford, if RM or Man UTd have the best commercials because they have been more successful on the pitch they will simply outbid the opposition without the need to breach FFP.

    See you around 4.20pm !

  50. Inter YourGran

    B63 – we drew against a very good napoli side in a pre season friendly.

    If anything suarez would be looking at that with the chances we created yesterday and think “ooof, I can bang in goals all day long there”

    Just my opinion, mind 😉

  51. Keyser

    Lol that’s the grand idea ? Spend big money, show big intent.

    It’s pointless, if we went out and said ‘Liverpool, what do you want ? 50, we’ll pay you 55m, because we’re well endowed now’, it’d mean fuckall because the next buy will see us scrambling around in our budget haggling over a few million again, erm penny pinching.

    Citeh have sent almost 100 million on 4 players who aren’t even close to the sort of impact we need. Not one of those signings could fire and it wouldn’t really affect them.

    Suarez, Higwin whoever have to be worth every penny we spend on them and more, Suarez can’t take 187 shots to score 23 goals, just like Higwaheen scoring 16 goals, spending half the time on the bench would be a waste for 34.5m.

    I wonder how much we rely on qualifying through to the Champions League group stages, because we wrapped up our signings early last year, I really doubt Suarez will be signed, but if we did, him and another couple of middle market, potential buys is good enough for this window.

  52. japha

    A few weeks back, Arsene challenged a reporter as “insulting his intelligence”. Honestly, his press conference on Friday and his attitude thus far is much more than insulting the intelligence of us all, If I were one of the reporters getting the worst response of all from Wenger being “Give me names that are better than our players”, I would honestly dish him back ten folds with his inane arrogance

  53. Keyser

    “If I were Suarez I would be giving it serious consideration to not joining Arsenal if I watched our game yesterday.”

    You’d have to be a complete idiot. Thing is Suarez does seem quite thick.

    I wonder how long his next ban will be.

  54. TOLI83

    DoublegoonerAugust 4, 2013 11:19:55


    I like your work mate.

  55. Kiyoshi Ito

    I’m sorry peeps,but it’s been almost 3 months since the 2012/13 EPL Season finished..& still no fornicating signings..

    With more money,than we’ve ever had..All we have to show,for Mr Wankstain’s hard efforts behind the scenes,is a relative unknown from Ligue 2,that we did not even buy,but got for free…

    Are you honestly telling me,that a club of Arsenal’s stature,with a decent bankroll behind it,are struggling to find players to buy,after 3 months since the season ended?

    & there are some of you,pinning your hopes on Suarez coming to Arsenal..
    Thinking that would be a major coup..The highlight of our season..!!

    I’ve never seen such a bunch of r*e*t*a*r*d*s gathered in one place..

    If some of guys are representative of the larger core of the fanbase,no wonder the club is forever shafting you..

    As for the booing..You honestly think,Mr Wankstain,gives two shits at the Emirates Cup..?

    He was booed last season..?What was the result?Top 4 finish,with the fans relieved..Now look at this season so far..!!No signings..

    He was booed the season before..?Look what happened?Top 3 finish..Fans relieved..
    What happens next ?RVP gets sold…

    He was booed,along with the team,last game of the season against Fulham..?
    What was his response?On TV,he never heard the boos..& if he did they were a minority.
    What happened next? Cesc,Nasri,Clichy sold…

    In short,do you think him,or the BoD,give two hoots,about you guys booing..

    They will just make you pay for it later..

    In short,don’t attend games,or buy tickets..It’s that simple..

    It’s not rocket science..

    Why go to games,to boo..It defies logic…

  56. TOLI83

    Suarez just won’t happen for many reasons, I think L’pools desire to hold on to him is so big that they won’t let him go, they don’t need to.

    Another striker is needed, I cant see it been anything that an understudy to Giroud to be honest, which isnt what we need. Giroud isn’t as bad as everyone makes out, he would flurish in a 4-4-2 but should be a plan B in a 4-3-3 as we don’t play to he is strengths at all and we need a more mobile striker (someone who could turn and run at defenders)…

  57. Hitman49


    Arsen wankers ! Tragic

    He wears a flashers mac

    And when he saw the press core

    He said who you lookin at…..


    Arsen wankers tragic

    He wears a flashers mac

    And when he saw the press core

    He said who you lookin at…


  58. Paulinho

    We’re not in a million years signing Suarez. All these people are reading far too much into these little smirks he does and wrongly deducing from that we’ve feeling confident of getting him,

    Firstly, Wenger is mentally ill so him smirking doesn’t mean as much as it did when he was more sound of mind a decade or so back, and secondly when he’s asked about it in two weeks the reporters will probably get a short shrift, with Wenger going through his stubborn truculent end of window phase.

  59. N5

    Yay Ginter, our troubles are over! *sarcasm! I understand this guy may be a future prospect but I’m so fucking sick of potential, buy people that already are good enough! seeing Ginter as the only person we’re linked with today and the window getting closer to being over makes me bloody lived! AW out!

  60. vicky

    Is Chamakh going out on loan or is it a permanent move ???

    It is being reported that he is going out on loan but I think AW said it would be a permanent deal.

    Any update guys??

  61. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger and Gazidis have played a clever game, IF and it’s a massive IF they manage to land Suarez he isn’t enough to turn us into any kind of title contending side.

    However, we’ve waited so long, endured 8 years of mediocrity and selling our best players replacing them with unknowns, youngsters or bargain oldies that even after having been promised a summer of massive spending that to just land ONE ‘marquee’ buy will satisfy a lot of fans.

    As a group of fans we’ve gone from ‘well we certainly need a striker, a GK and a CDM, could probably do with a CB as well.’


    ‘Just get us the ST.’

    Gotta say it’s well done by Wenger et al…every year they manage it…don’t mind admitting I was suckered into until they appointed Sir Chips as Chairman…that made me realize that nothing was changing despite Gazidis’ brazen claims about our financial clout.

    I’d be quite happy to eat my words in the next few weeks and they’d taste far from bitter if we saw a Suarez, a CM, a GK and a CB arrive…however, i really rather doubt it.

    Mattias Ginter just shows where Arsene Wenger is with his thinking again…same old buys…same old tired ‘strategy’…boring, boring predictable Arsenal.

    I wonder if at meetings during the transfer window teams like City, Chelsea, United, Tottenham etc even worry about us doing anything or just say ‘pffft, Wenger will do his usual.’

  62. N5

    westsussex don’t take it personally mate, my sister has schizophrenia but I know people use that word to mean deluded or idiotic and don’t mean any offence by it. I understand you getting offended but Paulinho is good people he means no harm.

  63. Keyser

    It doesn’t really matter too much about either club, it’s about Suarez’s desire to leave or who else get’s involved.

    We haven’t qualified for the Champions League group stages and I’m sure there’s some tricky teams out there, some random link on newsnow mentioned the team Vela’s playing for now, who are actually a very good team.

  64. westsussex gooner

    Ok n5 i hear u just sometimes people dont think . Maybe they should read. A dictionairy more lol. This summer like summer of sam except arsenal killing us with there slow dealings whose the transfer guy a tortoise . Rest must hsve hares . Anyone heard of summer of sam.

  65. Guninurback

    August 4, 2013 10:55:40

    “Ginter would be good but I see him more as Coqelin’s replacement than Song’s.”

    Somewhere at the Emirates an AFC publicist just shot himself, damn Jake, didn’t think you had it in you, but I agree with that post.

  66. N5

    Reading about the booing at the ground yesterday on various sites has a lot of commenter’s moaning about the class of gooners booing at a friendly. I can only assume they are happy with the current situation, it beggars believe at times.

  67. Wallace

    Surely Ginter would be signed as a DM with the option to cover at CB. nothing in the German press about it though…

  68. Kiyoshi Ito

    I’m 90% confident the Suarez deal,won’t happen..I stated my reasons yesterday& it can be found below..3 months have almost passed & not one recognised world class player,so far..?! It really is comedy stuff..

    Kiyoshi ItoAugust 3, 2013 15:50:21

    I can’t see us buying Suarez period..I think Mr Wankstein,is stringing this out for as long as possible..Prick teasing the fans..

    Either way too look at the Suarez scenario from a logical point of view..
    Suarez,apparently wants CL football..Granted we’ve been in the CL for 16 years..

    This season,we are not in the CL Proper..We have to play a run of games & qualify..
    So assuming,we don’t qualify..Will Suarez,still wish to join us,even if we are not in the CL,this year..?

    He’d be better of staying at L’pool,or moving to a club that is in the CL Proper..

    From Mr Wankstain’s viewpoint,he would rather not commit any funds till,he has being assured of CL qualification..Then if we did qualify for the CL Proper,could you still see him paying £45-£50 million for Suarez…?No…I can’t..

    At this point,he will believe CL football assured,Suarez wants CL football..
    Therefore,he will wait for Suarez,to hand in a transfer request..
    Thus setting the cat amongst the pigeons..He will probably wait till deadline day,before launching a bid of say £20 million,hoping L’pool are backed into a corner & they blink first..

    If this happens,do you think MrWankstain,would be happy having a player known for rocking the boat on his hands..Thinking this could be us in two years,with Suarez,going to court,seeking a release from his contract..?

    Or alternatively,Mr Wankstain might think,we’ve qualified for the CL Proper,it seems pointless spanking £50 million on Suarez..My team,has shown quality & mental strength.It is good enough..

    Now,what people seemed to forget,is that Liverpool,can just as well wait till the January Transfer Window & sell him for their asking price..

    Strikers at top clubs,can get injured b/w August & Jan..
    That’s 4 months..Monaco,PSG,Real Madrid,could all be hampered by striker injuries..

    Remember L’pool sold Torres in the January Window for £50 million..
    So,I don’t think Liverpool,are in any rush to sell Suarez this summer,if their asking price is not met..

    Oh & its WC year,next year..Suarez needs to be playing games..
    So L’pool have him by the balls on this one..

    Either Arsenal,or some other club meet the asking price,or Suarez can rot for another 4 months..
    Will Suarez comply,or strike in a WC year..?
    He might just swallow a dose of humble pie..If Mr Wankstein,baulks at L’pools asking price..

    There is no way,Wenger will spunk £45-£50 million on one player..He would rather spread the money over 3-4 unknown players,with significant resale value..!

  69. Jeff

    I don’t know that Arsenal have ever been booed before at home when playing in a friendly and not winning. Maybe we are nearing a watershed moment or the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

  70. Scott

    @the mighty Karim
    I was there in Copenhagen mate I saw kids in arsenal shirts getting spat on and kicked by grown Turkish men. I along with other gooners out there didn’t simply look on. Yeah I fucking belted loads of the dirty cunts and believe me they deserved every punch I landed on them.
    So shove ya patronising comment up ya arse mate.

  71. FINANCIAL FAIR PLAY none of Wenger's business

    Wenger has no business mouthing off about Financial Fair Play. How dare he tell the football world not to spend money. It is none of his business. Or is he trying to make himself look cheated so we can feel sorry for him. If REAL wan to buy Bale for 100 million then great. None of his business.

  72. Reiss

    At least Gervinho and Chamakh are out the door but realistically no matter how shit or average these players are Gervinho,Chamakh,Arshavin,Santos,Djourou ,Coquelin,Denilson and Bendtner we can’t sell or loan all of them and just replace internally that won’t work. We need investment and fast forget about Suarez for a minute we still need a defender/defensive midfielder/winger/ and possibly a goalkeeper all inside of a month.

  73. N5

    Scott, my old man was maced and beaten by the old bill there for standing up for himself against that animal scum! how they got invited is beyond me!

  74. Kiyoshi Ito

    westsussex goonerAugust 4, 2013 12:15:36

    Yep,I’ve heard of the “Summer Of Sam”..Is it not about some bloke,that goes on a killing spree in NY.(Brooklyn or something),in the 70’s I think..?

  75. Inter YourGran

    Regardless of where Chamackh goes he’ll be in the last year of his contract, so a Crystal Palace loan or a Bordeaux permanent move means he’ll be gone when next season swings around.

  76. samsenal

    Jeff’s on good sober form today.

    Have to say I agree with the concern over Ginter…we need the impact of a Bender or Fellaini in the midfield, if German football thought Ginter was that good now he wouldn’t be available for that price. Simple. It’s another compromise where we balance talent and likely impact with cheap prices. A Club with the financial power that Gazidis has crowed about doesn’t buy Ginter, it buys Bender for 30m or Fellaini for 25m.

    If Ginter is chosen because we are saving money and getting Cesc then I will be happy and AW, IG and SK can Bukkake me like I’m going out if fashion.

    If Ginter is the only midfield signing then we have NOT appropriately upgraded in the middle of the park for the 2013/14 season.

  77. Scott

    N5 it was mental out there. Not giving it but I and my mates who went over there can look after ourselves not trouble makers but things that went on over there was a disgrace. I saw dads with their kids scared and running for their lives. I was never gonna stand for that.

    I agree how the club can invite them for a tournament proves how out of touch they are with the fans.

  78. Tansamui

    I was in Copenhagen as well. The attitude of the majority of the Turkish fans was disgusting. I was on the motorway having driven there and Turks were coming beside the car and making slit throats gestures. In the service stations they were pushing in front of everyone else and generally being obnoxious.

  79. N5

    Good on you Scott, those guys got everything they deserved that day, it was a disgrace and they get away with it time and time again! Well done to you guys looking out for the kids out there, we need more of you guys at these away games.

  80. Jim Lahey

    @N5 – I think the only reason that Galatasaray were invited was because of the large amount of Turkish people living in London, I’m sure who ever organised the Emirates Cup was afraid of a poor turn out and wanted the stadium to be full.

    So Arsenal have put money over their own fans safety. No club should be doing any form of business with them, their fans are savages and cause harm everywhere they go. For Arsenal, a team with such high morals, this was a very poor decision.

  81. DavidDein'sLoveTruncheon

    Well said Scott.

    It’s not like our fans went to cause trouble in Copenhagen, we only reacted to those pieces of shit.

  82. the mighty karim

    Chamack to Bordeaux on a permanent deal ?
    I’d love to see your source…

    As for mentally ill people, I guess every single person in this fucked-up world is a tiny bit mentally ill.

    I’m not taking the piss, my 8-year partner is schizophrenic too and let me tell you we had a couple of “great times” dealing with it

    Arsenal 3 Galatasaray 1 ( Drogba of course)

  83. Scott

    Yeah and this isn’t kids, this was grown men in their 30’s and upwards. I’ll never forget what went on over there.
    The muggy Danish old bill got battered when they didn’t protect the arsenal women and kid supporters

  84. N5

    The only fans I’ve seen worse was the Roma fans, we got a smoke grenade thrown on our coach and they’d blocked the road, they were coming through the door and all we could do was keep kicking them back out, but they were stabbing guys from my supporters club in the legs.

    I wonder what would happen if that was Arsenal acting like that, I imagine we would be banned from Europe but these guys keep getting invited back!

  85. Inter YourGran

    Samsenal – I know we all ab-so-fucking-loutley hate it but wenger will not give up on his developmental tendancies.

    Whilst Bender (already bid, very high and rejected) and Fellaini (nothing official) represent bold, top quality purchases, wenger perhaps sees ginter as a punt worth taking in regards to what the young man can achieve overall at arsenal.

    Is this position, which some see as vital, I see the risk as he’s a bird that kills two stones. It might work in his favour as Ginter may excel and cover games as a DM and CB with aplom when called in.

    The other shoe is that he gets thrown in at the deep end far too often due to injury and we get found wanting…

    It’s got wenger written all over it I’m afraid 😆

  86. Paulinho

    Jeff- We were actually booed alot more (and with more venom) when we lost to the New York Red Bulls two years ago.

    The atmosphere was poisonous that day and yet still nothing changed and Wenger remained unrepentant.

  87. Uk Bubbler

    Wenger says we can challenge for Pl even without signings, delusional is an understatement. If Wenger Out is to disrespectful for some fans, then a petition asking the board not to offer him another contract should be done. At this point in time Arsenal badly need a new direction. Tell me were to sign.

  88. Inter YourGran

    Saying that if we sign kondogbia as well then we’re covered. Some might be fucked off as they aren’t exactly Williams and Fellaini for example.

    If wenger does do that then he’d have to deliver suarez or rooney. Remember, however you want to look at it, either of these signings would put us up their with the really big boys. We aren’t going to spend 50m on a striker then another 35m on a DM and CB, no fucking way.

  89. Reiss

    I hope Ginter is brought in too play strictly as a fourth choice centre back and we have a experienced dm lined up such as Capoue or Gustavo.

  90. Jeff


    I suppose it goes to show that booing doesn’t actually change policy though it does make the post-match interview a little more interesting.

  91. TitsMcgee

    Ginter is another lazy signing.

    He has potential but he’s also just 19.

    Doesn’t help our team one bit at the moment.

    Glad to hear Wenger get booed. Hope it happens every home game.

    It’s what he deserves for his arrogance and ignorance.

  92. Guninurback

    I have to agree with all those that say Ginter is a step down from a Bender or a Fellaini, Ginter has potential, but its just another case of saving a few bucks in the hope that it works out rather than buying the expensive solution we all know will work.

    Its about the appearance of competitiveness not the actual thing.

  93. samsenal

    Inter. I am all for Ginter if we are saving money to fund 2 big purchases; Cesc and Suarez for example (okay I know that’s ridiculous) would represent such attacking threat that we can afford to get a guy like Ginter in and help him develop. However Suarez on his own isn’t enough and we still need at least one more a big impact player.

  94. Rich

    Chamakh+Gervinho £150k p/w???
    Again you’re sensationalising a story to suit you’re own agenda, based on guess work
    No surprise really

  95. Kiyoshi Ito


    As for the booing..You honestly think,Mr Wankstain,gives two shits at the Emirates Cup..?
    He was booed last season..?What was the result?Top 4 finish,with the fans relieved..
    Now look at this season so far..!!No signings..

    He was booed the season before..?Look what happened?Top 3 finish..Fans relieved..
    What happens next ?RVP gets sold…

    He was booed,along with the team,last game of the season against Fulham..?
    What was his response?On TV,he never heard the boos..& if he did they were a minority.
    What happened next? Cesc,Nasri,Clichy sold…

    In short,do you think him,or the BoD,give two hoots,about you guys booing..
    They will just make you pay for it later..

    In short,don’t attend games,or buy tickets..It’s that simple..It’s not rocket science..
    Why go to games,to boo..It defies logic…

    The last two lines,were not aimed at you guys..

  96. Relieable sauce


    FULL STADIUM??? The lower tier was very patchy & the upper looked mostly empty.

    Chamahk deal isn’t permanent either is it? Just a loan, which WH are paying 80% of his wage.

    !50 k pw freed up for wages is great if we use it to pay the wage of a top player, it looks like he’ll waste it on 20 yo’s.
    We need a 1st choice DM, Gustavo type, not a prospect in Ginter, especially when we have Coq & Frimp on the books.

  97. Arsene's Nurse

    Fucking Gary Neville taking the piss out of us on Sky because he’s been invited into the commentary box. He doesn’t think we will get Suarez either.

  98. Guninurback

    I don’t think Wenger wants to buy Suarez or Fellaini, or a Messi for that matter because if he where to bid and get them, and if they where to win something for him, then he’d still not be able to claim full responsibility for their success.
    And that I believe is truly the most important thing for him.

  99. Relieable sauce

    ——————————–WENGER OUT!!!——————————

  100. Arsene's Nurse

    He asked Nassa Hussein who’s a gooner whether he enjoyed Van Persie last year – cheeky fucker.

  101. Kiyoshi Ito

    Mr Wankstain,is like the Chris Eubank of football..Get’s off on the booing..He thrives on it..

    The more you boo him,the more he smirks,hisses & gives you the middle finger..
    Most managers,would react in a positive way..Not Wenger,he will blow you a raspberry kiss..& do a little dance jig in your face..

  102. Inter YourGran

    Samsenal – exactly. As I said we’d need to be seen as frugal only if we’re going to make world class signings.

    I think most would take Ginter and Kondogbia as opposed to Williams and Fellaini if we sign Suarez and Fabregas for example.

    I’d compromise a bit. I’d take Ginter and the south American fella who plays dm on trial. Sign Fellaini and take Erickson instead of cesc. Suarez is without question, the priority.

  103. Jeff


    I was trying to see if booing at a friendly home game was a precedent. If so would tell us that fan dissatisfaction is on the increase. However, as Paulinho has pointed out there was more vociferous booing in the Red Bulls game so we cannot draw any conclusions on that front.

    Certainly I am with you on booing in general not having any effect on term policy at the club.

  104. MadeToLoveMagic

    I actually woke up yesterday and thought fuck it im going to the ems , , they were advertising tickets on TS all day, but the website said sold out!!

    So was it sold out? I saw many empty seats for the first game , was it the same for the arse game, , ?

    does that mean thousands of people bought a ticket and didn’t show or what?

  105. Alex James

    It is the defence. It is always the defence and the terrible mistakes that occur. And we still have two rubbish first choice goalkeepers. There is no point in buying a great striker, assuming we have a chance of one joining,if the defence continues to play like they have never seen a football before. Words fail me. Wenger will be looking to resign Almunia next!

  106. Relieable sauce


    Ash79 last night posted he was kicked out of the emirates, he was wasted so didn’t go into any detail, said he’d post on Monday.

  107. Mayank


    “Admir, I think Rodgers is posturing… £45m should do it for Suarez.”

    If Arsenal believe there is a 40m agreement as Ornstein said, we won’t be upping our bid.

    Apparently ex-Liverpool DoF Damien Comolli just stated the clause does exist and Liverpool are mucking about.

  108. arsenal-flavour

    if ginter comes good you can bet he will be sold in a few seasons from now.

    Does wenger ever learn from previous mistakes we need players that keen make us compete today not in 3 or 4 years

  109. Jeff


    It was obvious from the coverage pictures that for the first game, more than half the seats were empty. By the time the second game started, it looked much fuller. Since when you buy tickets you buy for both games, I can only assume many people didn’t fancy the first game and turned up late to watch the second one.

    Still, I don’t think we can draw any concrete conclusions from attendance alone as all last season there were many empty seats even in high profile games; some estimate to be something between 10-20%. These are people who paid and didn’t turn up. Whatever the numbers, it’s not having any tangible effect on Wenger and his mad policies.

  110. Inter YourGran

    Why do people get so wound up when we’re going for players saying “they’ll be sold in a couple of years etc”

    Football became a human meat market long ago.

    If we sign suarez and sell him two years later, so what?! You can’t have it both ways saying we need players for now, then ask why we are signing them if we’re going to sell them at some point.

    Makes No Sense!

  111. Guninurback

    But I also seem to remember there being a hell of a lot more AKB backlash after the Red Bulls game, the cunts calling us out for fights in the stadium, plastering the few bad apples on blogs etc. Journo’s speaking of the “madness of it all” calling out the “bad unsupportive fans” etc. This time though the backlash seems somewhat non existent. So I wonder if the subdued tone this time around was simply from the fact that, not that many bothered to show up. Because it certainly was not the “full stadium” Pedders is harping on about yesterday, so if you do the math on that, its most likely just the most ardent fans that made it down there at all. 50% probably had kids and where just interested in having a nice day out. The rest though was probably somewhat divided equally AKB and our lot, but believe me the AKB don’t seem to have much fight in them these days.

  112. Paulinho

    I think the clause exists as well. There was something about Liverpool’s reaction that told me they’re bluffing a litte bit.

    Also Gerrard coming out and saying “It’s Luis’s decision” talking about how he’s got a big decision to make in the next few weeks. That suggests it’s all down to Suarez and the power lies with him.

    Even if it is a clause though Liverpool can drag it on and on.

  113. Arsene's Nurse

    From what I’m hearing this will be Wenger’s last year. There appears to be change going on behind the scenes with the possibility of a clear out next year including coaching staff and board. Usmanov is still 100% wanting to buy the club outright.

    The wage bill is one of the biggest issues, the club have released a huge number of players in order to get this down because they want to restructure the wage bill which is against Wenger’s socialist wage policy and his desire to keep lots of kids (on silly wages).

  114. Inter YourGran

    Reiss – where’s that info coming from?

    Even if that’s true it would make more sense to let him stay at freiburg for another season. Think it’s an excellent 4th CB signing though come what may.