Wenger has ALL the best players | Negotiations on for lots of players

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Well howdy everyone? How was last night? Good? Did you drink a lot? Did you text all the numbers on your phone? Dealing with that regret right now?

Good. We have much in common.

Apologies for the tone of the post yesterday. A bit spikey for a Friday. I’m ill. You know how it is.

Anyway, enough of that. What’s going on with Arsenal?

Let’s firstly talk about the sad news that Kenny Samson has hit rock bottom. Boozed up, pennyless and homeless. Tragic eh? An Arsenal great I never had the pleasure of seeing, ruined by the beast that is booze. Arsenal are involved, hopefully he gets all the help he needs. Alcoholism is a nasty disease and one that for footballers, is all to easy to succumb to. I think George Best summed it up quite nicely when he said something along the lines of… ‘Everywhere you go people want to buy you a beer’… if you’ve got an addictive personality, that’s a bad situation to get yourself in. Especially if you don’t really have a job.

Anyway, Le Grove and the Grovers wish you all the best.

Onto transfer news. Arsene Wenger came out with some typical press conference pearlers yesterday. When I first saw them, I got the fear… you know… that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, like when a girlfriend says, ‘we need to talk’.

Here are some of the lines that give me that…

  • We have a large squad that I believe in
  • If I buy XXX it kills the careers of a young player
  • The average age of my squad is 14
  • Diaby will be like a new player

Here are some of the lines from yesterdays presser.

“These players can have a special bond and they are on the way upwards, they are not over the hill.

Shut the back and front door… we have young players. Superb.

“We have signed Sanogo, he has not made the headlines. Why? Because he is not £50m to £100million, but I am quite confident he will make them soon on the pitch, and that for me is the most important,”

Get in, Sanogo will be worth £50m in 3 seasons. How will we know that? Because he no doubt has Madrid DNA and we’ll sell him. I love that Arsene is upset a player we snapped up on a free, who has played 8 senior games in the French second division, didn’t get headlines.

The worst line is this one… because of the total madness of it all.

“If you can give me names that are better than who we have I am ready to talk about it,”

Errr… really? Is this some sort of invite to embarrass you? Jeez… someone should collar the manager on quotes like that. He is intentionally inflammatory. I hope all the journo’s in the room laughed.

The rage could set in after reading the above. But then he did say some interesting things.

“I don’t want to speak about Suarez, because that is between Liverpool and Arsenal,” said Wenger. “We will completely respect what Liverpool wants to do. We want to (sign the player) if it is feasible in an amicable way.

“I am a great believer you have to keep as much confidentiality as possible, which is quite difficult in the modern world.

“But we work very hard, not only on the case you name, but on other different cases.”

Yeah, I’ll take those quotes. He’s acknowledged that we’re talking to Suarez. So that’s not dead. He’s also said we’re working hard on other names. Which is also reassuring. Wenger isn’t stupid. I’m positive he knows the ramifications of a summer of failure because Ivan has bundled so much pressure on him… he can’t not know.

“We can still strengthen the squad, there is one month to go. We are at the beginning of August, the transfer window finishes on August 31 (Sept 2).

“We are working very hard to strengthen our squad.”

“I am confident. You look at many teams around us. Nothing has happened until now.

“At the moment the market hasn’t moved a lot. Apart from Man City, nobody has done anything.”

Again, all pretty true. Spurs have made a couple of decent moves, but against the back drop of losing their best player? Well, there are no guarantees they’ll be any better off than last season.

So all in all, bar the silly churlish comments about naming players better than he has, we have a lot of positivity to grab hold of…

People keep telling me I’ve been had by the club. I’d accept that, if the transfer window were closed. I think it’s a bit premature for the ‘I told you so’s’ to be raining in. Let’s see where we are by the end of the window. If it goes down the sh*tter, then I guess I’ll have to hold my hands up. The up shot of that is that the club will have ruined a relationship with me. In the grand scheme of things, that might not matter to them… but it’ll also, by proxy, mean they’ve soured their relationship with you… as essentially, that’s who the club care about communicating with when they get in touch.

Basically, if they’re mugging me off, they’re mugging you off. You mugs.

Which is why I don’t believe we’ll have a bad summer. No executive worth their salt wants the fans offside all season.

Anyway, Emirates Cup today. If you’re heading down. Have loads of fun and throw a Mexican wave for me!






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  1. tom

    Le Grove succumbs to mass hysteria.
    Get a grip.
    Drawing with Napoli is no disgrace.
    Sure it was a less than perfect performance but typical of pre-season and nothing to get worked up about.
    To the fickle and the grudge-ists at Le Grove it’s the latest sign of the apocalypse.
    Gala game is another chance to tune up for PL, relax and enjoy it.

  2. Ozy

    It’s frustrating that Rodgers wants so much. Of course he wants to keep his best player but “Bale money”? He’s not fairly selling his asset at all. Nobody would pay that money and I’m tired of teams always playing hardball against Arsenal.

    You guys, Jenkinson does show potential. He’s young. He hasn’t had a great preseason but he performed well for the most part last season. Stop blaming today’s performance on him. Stop singing bloody murder on a couple of performances. A lot of players performed poorly today, on both sides.

    Higuain is a great player. Today is irrelevant. It was a bad game in a new team. Give him time. Giroud is a good back up.

    I love Wilshere but I am unsure of what he adds to the team. We seem to perform better without him.

    Sagna deserves two more years, at least. I like Ramsey and I do think he will improve. Call me overly positive but hey.

    With all of that said, I can’t stand seeing Ox and Walcott on the wings. How I would love to see some threatening players bombing down from those positions. El Sharaawy, Tello, Bernard, Lamela, etc.

    ONE LAST THING. I was watching Roma vs MLS All Stars a few days ago… what a fucking player Strootman is. A colossus. Exactly what we needed. Such a shame.

  3. Sam


    At this time of desperation I will take kaka in a heartbeat.
    I seriously gave up on the idea that we will splash out 70M on world class signings. I am guessing we will only spend gervinho and manone money and the so called summer budget will stay in the bank to generate interests

  4. tom

    Hi, rs.
    Did you get any comfort from Wenger’s post match quotes?
    Strongly implied he would be spending though he was typically coy.

  5. Relieable sauce

    No i didn’t, was there anything new?

    Do you think this squad is strong enough for a title challenge like AW? Do you believe AW believes this squad is strong enough for a title challenge?

  6. tom

    I don’t believe Wenger truely thinks we are strong enough without additions, though I do think he thinks more highly of them than most on Le Grove.
    He’s bound to say positive things.

    He did however say there is still s month to go before the window closes and the club was working hard to make improvements ( including Suarez). First direct quote and it seems positive, if not unequivical.

  7. OhtobeaGooner

    “It is like you go to your neighbour and say: I want to buy your house, so get out tomorrow morning. He will not be necessarily happy about it” – Arsene Wenger

    This guy has lost his marbles. His analogies are unbelievable. First the Usain Bolt one in reference to teams buying players, now this one in reference to needing an agreement from the club, the player and agreeing a price. Smh

  8. Relieable sauce

    Wenger really should recognise its time for a bit of straight talking, we have heard this all before several times & fans are rightfully sick of it.
    Yes we have a month left until the window closes but in return, it has also been open a month & we havent been very decicive in that time.
    It is 3 weeks til the start of the season & pre season is over next Saturday,.
    TV has been injured for weeks & we sent scouts to watch Williams the other night but still haven’t even bid for him.

    AFC is a shambles, he needs to go.
    I have got more Tom but Its late, no need for a quick reply.

  9. sam

    The club is working hard to make improvement simply means

    the club is working hard to find the cheapest players,
    even tottenham are putting us to shame, they see the player they like they payup and sign the player.

    whats is arsenal working hard like? making phone calls to clubs to accept their stupid offers?
    people are busy with pre-seasons they don’t have time for this. so they conclusion is we will sign no one.

  10. The BearMan

    Do not forget, before Wenger buys a player he also contemplates the sell on value. He himself has to admit he has gotten it wrong. He is not happy with the lesson he got from the noisy neighbours with the sale of Bale.

  11. Leon

    I read a perfect analogy of Wenger – Wenger goes to the local sandwich bar to buy lunch. The sandwich bar owner tells him the sandwich is £3.50 so Wenger offers £2.40. Wenger stands around in silence doing nothing until a minute
    before the sandwich bar is about to close and then he offers £1.40 and is once again refused and walks away with nothing. This is Wenger’s approach to the transfer market and illustrates exactly why Arsenal are struggling. Its ALL Wenger – this shows why Arsenal need to move Wenger on and get someone else in…

  12. kc

    Ozy you sir are an idiot. And I quote, “I’m tired of teams always playing hardball against Arsenal.” Umm wow, just wow. I’m pretty sure we play hardball against ourselves. The stated price for Suarez is 50 million, and we offered 40 and 1. Stop making excuses for Wenger.

  13. Johnty79

    I repeatedly pushed strootman on here but no one listened. If I was in charge of arsenals buying policy we would be the most successful team in England.

  14. Jeff

    The entire summer has been wasted talking gibberish, giving excuses and going on holiday to play nothing games. Here we are 4th August having signed nobody. What conclusion could one reasonably draw from that? I really don’t think he has any intention of signing anyone of note; probably no one if I have to choose one way of the other.

    There is a logical reason (in Wenger’s mind anyway) why we don’t need anyone else. This squad came fourth last year. All we want is to come fourth. He’s already made one addition (Sanogo), so to his mind why spend more if all you think you can achieve is fourth?

    That philosophy has not changed. We are not going to spend £100 to £150m, which is probably the minimum outlay required to challenge for the title so why spend say £50m on one player and still not do much better than fourth? If you have no aspiration or think you can’t possibly compete with the big spenders, it makes perfect sense.

    So the real question that all this boils down to is this. Do we in fact have the financial clout to spend say £150m on 3 or 4 known world class players plus an established GK who will have an instant impact on our season, or not? From all the reports and the big talk about financial deals and all the rest of it, it would appear that we do. So if the answer to that question is yes, only one question remains.

    If we are able, are we willing? And the answer to that is absolutely not. I really don’t think Wenger has the confidence or the positivity in order to risk that much money because then there will be a huge expectation to win something and he won’t be able to handle that. Deep down I think he has an inferiority complex and doesn’t trust his abilities as a coach; this is why he’s always talking about other sides to the game like FFP, the economy, young players, the future of the game etc.; are all associated with “soft skills” of which he has plenty but not enough hard skills that’s needed to win us games on the pitch.

    This way, he spends little, he has no pressure anyway from his superiors to win anything, makes a little bit of money and cruises along at 50 mph in the middle lane, has no worries about who overtakes either on the left or the right and he still gets to his destination which is fourth. It’s the perfect set up for Wenger and he wants to remain like that for the rest of his years if at all possible.

  15. useroz


    Don’t disagree with your view re Jenk etc; however, it got to be said that this tier of players at our club, and there are many, aren’t as good as some would want us to believe.

    Sagna is a far better RB but quite useless in the last third. We should keep Sagna and vastly improve our right side MF and winger. It reduces our exposure to counter attack too. Sadly Wenger won’t change and that’s why people (some anyway) are mad. Not much better on the left. How many assists Gibbs produced average a season? Decoy yes, real assist, no.

    We saw, albeit in desperation, our defence could be tight towards end of last season. Wenger should drop his ego and learn /improve from that. Again, sadly he wouldn’t.

    Wenger out is the only solution to save Arsenal. MAnagers come and go, the club stays.

  16. Jeff


    Interesting read. Andy’s well upset with us wanting to buy Suarez. Having read the article, I smiled inwardly and concluded the same as you.

  17. Hitman49

    I hope we don’t buy !!. Then the mad frenchie will have to go ! , !

    Did you hear to half time boo from a crowed of,,

    ” women and children”

    He’s done for, you wait he’ll hang himself,


  18. Jeff


    I didn’t but then in most of those pictures Wenger is also smiling inwardly and thinking the same about us.

  19. TM

    Kc, Leon, your interpretations of the transfer market would be accurate if players came with price tags. The analogy of being in a sandwich shop and not paying the stated price is just naive really. Football transfers have never worked like that. Convenient to demonstrate how you think AFC pay below be pricetag whislt ignoring that they exist in reality.

  20. Hunter

    So no protests at the Emirates yesterday!as expected,we are not going to get Suarez,especially as that twat Rodgers keeps uping the anti,mind you who can blame him,why would you want to sell your best player?….oh yes let me pinch myself…didn’t we do that with RVP last season and Cesc the one before?and for how much?Transfer fees have gone mad and all this crap from wenger about ‘working hard’ to sign players,with only 29 days left he has had it,lets face it if he hasn’t signed anyone by now the negotiating team needs shooting.

  21. goona

    jeff……my thoughts exactly……wenger no longer wants to compete for anything other than 4th, and that has now become a struggle. signing sa-NOGo….. just sums up his ambition….NONE. the longer arsenal have him at the helm the longer it shows the club have no ambition. if I was santi I would be asking for a transfer. this season with no further signings I can see us struggling for top 6

  22. Gunnershabz

    Matthias ginter would be a good signing u know wenger loves a versatile player

    I can actually believe this signing

    But I also think we might sign that Sevilla player Geoffrey kongdobia because the manager basically said they need money

    In Spain, most teams need to money expect real and barca as they get majority of the tv money

    So we easily raid the other teams like Valencia, Sevilla, athletico Madrid, betis

    Adil rami is one we should bid at as well

  23. Matt

    If sanogo has a god game game today. Forget any strikers coming. And are palace the biggest dopes in the world wanting to pay 80% of shitmacks wages