Protest for Wenger sacking | Arsenal Suarez move saga continues…

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I will not use Twitter to set up protests

Morning people. I’ve a mad morning on, so this will be quicker than an Benik Afobe substitute appearance.

Things appear to be moving on in the Liverpool prisoner of football scandal. They’ve lodged a bid of £21m for Diego Costa. Where did they get the money from for that? Hmmm…

I’m guessing he’s a Suarez replacement. Just a guess of course, but Liverpool aren’t in a financial position to be purchasing £20m players without an injection of debt. Remember, this is the team that spent the early summer PRing the story that Kolo was a world class addition.

They bought Kolo… That’s how skint they are!

So, take that move as a positive. Does that mean they’ll take our offer? Not if Madrid bid. That’s looking very unlikely. For me, Arsenal have backed themselves into a very horrible corner. Outside Suarez and Rooney, there’s no one left.

Good news is Luis wants to join. We just need to up our offer. The way the summer is going, I wouldn’t be surprised if we went to £50m to save face. Because believe me… the fans won’t tolerate another embarrassing transfer window. Nor will the players. Ivan should just tell Wenger to do one if he’s holding up the deal based on value… as Amy Lawrence and Myles Palmer are suggesting .

Ivan and Dick Law should take a list from Wenger and make it happen. The idea a man stuck in 1996 has the final say so on what we bid is perplexing. He’s not in the right decade mentally to judge what a player is worth these days… unless he’s screwing a club. That’s not a skill is it? Well it is, but it’s one that is very hit and miss. The skill with top end managers is taking a high risk punt and making it work. Not buying in 5 players on the last day of a window in the hope two might make it.

I’ve heard rumblings of a Wenger Our protest going on at the start of the season. Quite ridiculous for so many reasons. Here they are. And please, remember, I’ve always been anti protest and anti banner. And also remember, we started the questioning of Wenger long before anyone else dared…

Protests and the issues…

1) The CEO doesn’t sack the manager. The owner does. The owner is infatuated with Wenger.
2) You don’t cave to mob rule in business. Especially when the mob is unlikely to escape out of cyber space onto the street. Twitter is all talk.
3) Our window to part ways with Wenger ended 2 months ago.
4) You don’t sack a manager two weeks before the start of a year. An outrageous suggestion put forward by people with a total misunderstanding of the game. Not even Madrid would be so foolish.
5) We’re not Geordie fans. Protesting with your shirts off is for people without employment.

Like it or lump it, the only way Wenger goes is on his own accord. At the end of the season. After ballsing up.

Also, there is a £40m bid for Suarez on the table. That works out, which I suspect it will, are we really not going to wait and see how that pans out? Wenger is fine by me, despite the flaws, if he spends some f*cking money. The transfer window isn’t over yet… I know we’ve heard that before, but we’ve never bullied a club with a mega money bid before.

I’m all for change. I’ve banged the drum for years along with plenty of the Grovers. Everyone knows the managers limitations but a sacking protest before the charity shield? Smacks of dimness of the highest order…

Right, that’s me done. Most clubs are back in the UK now. I’m getting excited. In ways no man on a packs 35 bus should.

Have a good day!

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  1. northern gooner

    If there is money to be made sky sports will defo do something about getting coverage over there.
    Thats me done for tonight. Absolutely shattered.
    Higuain 1st goal in Emirates cup haha.

  2. mr

    The word is Wenger is signing a contract extension after the ec. I have this in good faith. His annual contract is being lifted from 7.5 million to 8.5 million, I’m shit at maths but that’s around 200,000 per week. Well he did say we could afford Rooney’s wages. Little did we know the cunt was planning on paying them to himself. I’m thinking sadam Hussein…towards the end!!!!

  3. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Lol at some of the frimpongers on here. He’s shite. Sorry, did you watch Liverpool game? Kicked more pool players than the ball.

    Mentally unsuited to working ass off to be top player. Will go every year for most of jan for ACN.

  4. Wengerites be damned !

    ‘You don’t sack a manager two weeks before the start of a year. An outrageous suggestion put forward by people with a total misunderstanding of the game. Not even Madrid would be so foolish.’

    Foolish is to persist with a serial loser like Wenger.

  5. Harry Redknapp

    ivans had a wicked idea, they will unveil arsene as a new signing on the pitch on sunday,pacify the fans

  6. sam

    for those who still believe we are buying a new striker.
    stop wasting your time.
    with the world cup coming there is no way arsene wenger will keep Giroud on the bench. thats why Sanogo is here, if he score few goals he might make the squad.

  7. mr

    Fuck the politics, fuck the intellectual arguments. Forget whose right or whose wrong. This is about …..


    1st….don’t even think about it
    2nd. No chance
    3rd… If the others really fuck up….if?
    4th. .if we beat the spuds this could be our year
    5th.. Us and the welsh

    My point…. You need to aim for the stars…you might get half way there…. We are clinging to mediocre. I wonder where Wenger will bring us ??????

  8. Wengerites be damned !

    I can’t believe in some things I read here.

    ‘I for one am glad he spends our money carefully.’

    Does it include the socialist wage model that rewards shites like Diaby, Djourou and Chamakh by paying them inflated wages?

  9. kwik fit

    Mark Lawrenson “I’m convinced Suarez believes he is going to be an Arsenal player.”

    I’ve always loved Lawrenson’s as a pundit and that rat just under the nose. To think he almost sign for us in 81.

  10. arsenal-flavour

    6th is a trophy

    sorry mate have to disagree frimpong is bloody brilliant!

    He wont be played because his to much of a fighter/bad boy wenger wants ballless nice guys.

    Frimpong whenever he has been played has been played sporadically often while injured, ive posted a few vids of him will show you the guy is pure class!

    Frimpong for prime minister! lol

  11. sam


    Zelalem is not ready for high level football
    send the boy back to play with his mates in reserves.
    He’s still a baby

  12. sam

    Even if you hold him back for 2 years he will still be 18 years old whats the hurry?
    He needs to develop his body and practice some defending.
    have you seen him when he loses the ball?
    he still has zero defensive skill

  13. kwik fit

    I think Pedro put up a Freddie ( can you believe he messed with immortality) picture the other day, Wooooo can you belief that. Yea i’m a sex machine trying to reload. He actually played freddie every day cos I live in

  14. kwik fit

    Sometimes LG’s when you are holding the old lad. Yes the old Penis.
    I was just a skinny lad, never know good from bad , get on your bikes and ride!

  15. Jim

    Up the bid? You’re having a laugh aren’t ya? Why would you up a bid for a player who wants to leave when the club he is trying to leave are already splashing the cash from his sale? 40 is a joke, we could get him for less

  16. kwik fit

    Gus we all talk about cesc and caz but reallity is Irish men , Real fucking Irish men. not scottish notenglish…. but Iresh… Brady/stapletobn/ Nelson/ Radford!Geotge!

  17. sam

    Wenger called bale signing a joke?
    someone please tell him that real madrid are a global brand they will get their money back on shirt sale alone after few months.
    Arsenal are the only joke for buying cheap players who bring no revenue whatsoever to the club. in fact, they drain the club finances.
    how many squillaci and chamakh shirts did he sell so far?
    he’s the total joke

  18. sam


    Still cheap buys have destroyed this club.
    do you think chamakh over benzema was a great idea?
    pairing benzema with van persie would have made us a force in the premiership.
    imho, arsenal is run by petty street merchants ala delboy, just happy with small profits to brag in the pub. no business mind to take risks whatsoever. big deals scare them off

  19. Moray

    @ sam: dellboy?? more like old man Steptoe.

    Have we worked out any players that actually fit his description here? This MUST be a question for the next AGM. Wenger prefers longevity but how come it’s only our shit and injured players that are happy to stay at the Arsenal. Those who have no better offer from a club with ambition that wins things…?

    “That is why what we do is unique. Look at our competitors, who in the last 10 years has started for them in the Premier League and is still there now?”

  20. follow the money

    Dempsey leaving Spurs and going to Seattle. Would have been too expensive for Wenger anyway haha

  21. follow the money

    Wenger is obsessed with building a team that won’t leave in pursuit of big money or trophies. Which is why we have what we have now, a bunch of mediocre players whose max is 4th place. If Arsenal ever flex their financial muscle and become winners in the transfer market we could become winners on the pitch. Look at the record–every time Wenger has splashed the cash (and spent in the top four in EPL spending) we’ve won something. Every time he doesn’t we don’t. Facts are facts

  22. sam

    Moray, you are so right.
    here is the article that describes old man steptoe( wenger), so familiar

    Steptoe Senior is lazy, stubborn, narrow-minded and foul-mouthed, and has revolting personal habits. Albert is content with his place in the world, utterly unpretentious and downright cynical. He can be extremely vindictive and does everything he can to prevent Harold, his son, from improving himself — especially if it means him leaving home.

  23. neil

    There is no way Wenger would table 40 million for any player, 63 years old and his highest transfer was 15 million, he would not change now, truth be told he was ordered by the board to bid for Suarez, this is not a Wenger type player, about time the board said shut the fuck up Wenger and spend some fucking money because I know he wont revolution coming to the Emirates, Wenger out

  24. Moray

    @ Sam, haha. Dirty old man. It also doesn’t mention that n real life Wilfred Bramble was to be found sucking off other men in public toilets.

  25. sam

    He was arrested in a public toilet in shepherd’s bush in 1962?
    ha ha thats so old. he was also accused of abusing boys

  26. useroz

    The dirty old man is entirely twisted. Who the fuck cares how long these poor and medicore players have stayed. The sooner we get some of them out the door the better for the club. It’s not wenger talking about having the like of cesc, helb, rvp, even song staying 10 years… He’s bragging about the like of non-achievers ffs.

    Get the fuck out of our club (even if fucking stan owns most)…

  27. Peter Garvin

    Of course mass action works – fans should stop attending home games! That will gain owners attention

  28. Jeff

    If Higuain scores against us today and Napoli beat us, what do you think Wenger would say?

    “Well err, overall we had a good first half and Napoli came strong in the second, err, we could not stop them err, Higuain played very well. We focus on the next game”.

  29. Matt

    Price is not linked to the quality of the player. Wenger the wanker makes my blood boil every time he opens his mouth . He needs sacking ASAP. Wenger out.

  30. Jeff

    When Wenger says “I must spend right”, what he actually means is he prefers to not spend at all if it means finishing fourth with the current squad although I think it will probably be more difficult this year to do that than it was last year. He’s lulled himself into a false sense of security by seeing the goals fly in against nothing teams in the Far East and he probably thinks he has enough to “wing it” once again.

    Now that FFP has been completely shat on, I wonder what the excuse will be come mid October when he’s sitting there in front of a heap of cameras trying to explain why we lost to Norwich? Here are the contenders:

    1. Handbrake
    2. Jaded
    3. Lost focus
    4. The other team played well
    5. Judge me in May

    So here we are then in January 2014, some 15 points off the top and 5th, 6th and 7th position teams snapping at our heels, will he “spend right” now? No of course he won’t because fourth is still on. It is a disease from which neither he nor we can be cured.

    His illness the inability to change; ours is the refusal to accept mediocrity. Who will prevail: of course in the fullness of time, there is no question that we will win. By the time he goes it is inevitable that Wenger will have lost all his credibility and undone the adulation of past success. He will leave a failure.

  31. Jeff

    He has already knowingly committed us to eight years of failure about to start his ninth. Another few more years until he goes won’t make that much of a difference. The damage is already done my friends; there is no hope for us under Wenger; it’s just the way it is.

  32. unhappy gunner

    Agree with virtually everything you say on here mate. But wenger is already a failure in my eyes. He was a lucky manager who was in the right place at the right time when the french had best players in the world. Now that talent pool has dried up so has his luck. In years to come when world class managers of the past are feted his name will not be amongst them.

  33. Guninurback

    Yup Wengers reputation is tarnished beyond repair, even if he now where to abandon his principles and actually buy someone of note, plus the necessary additions to make this team competitive and thus subsequently win something…
    I’d celebrate the team and the players, but we’d all know they’d have done it more in spite of him than anything else.
    I don’t actually think Arsenal needs to spend 100 mill to win something, thats the sad part, I only think Wenger needs to spend 100 mill to win something.

    His incompetence is established fact in my book, I know there are both younger and more competent people out there. There always is, and thats another fact.

  34. MarsBar

    Wenger was a good manager, tactically maybe some down points.

    But I believe his maor downfall is he’s never been a le to adapt to change. He says it one way and that’s the only way his way. Ferguson adapted when mouriniho raised the bar, Wenger didn’t. And sense then we’ve been found hopelessly wanting and it will continue. Didn’t shake up the coaching staff nor the players.

    He’s so stuck in his ways it’s beyond belief.

    Wenger getting and aiming for 4th with this team is the only form off success he can ever cling to anymore and that is working on a small budget and making it work. But that was before now we know we have money availiable.

    Can’t believe a manager like him can get so much credit for doing fuck all.

  35. Guninurback

    Its also a bit harsh on the staff that has left us over the recent years, I know for one that Pat Rice was always held in the highest regard, Liam Brady as well, and I think their departures reeked a bit of “scapegoating”.

    Or at least reading the debates at the time, I had the feeling a lot of the criticism aimed at them was by people like the AKB directing criticism away from Wenger in whatever direction and unfortunately they where the ones caught in the crossfire. I’m all for changing out some people at the senior level, but how about just bringing in a new manager? These new ones come in “packages, they have “teams” now, with publicist, negotiators, agents, fan surveyors. You know all those things Wenger is claiming is killing football.


  36. Jeff


    I agree of course generally that a successful manager is a hungry manager. Wenger has always been the beneficiary of circumstances. In the early years he inherited a good core of players and managed to add on a few that reinforced and rejuvenated the team. The same principles were in place though even then. Find unknown gem, buy cheap, develop and win trophies. He then used that success and the fortuitous concatenation of events that followed the upshot of which was that he was made emperor – could do no wrong.

    The possibility of repeating that success formula has become more and more remote over the years; whether it’s his failing or the way the market has gone is debatable but the mark of a good manager is to adapt to the environment. It’s not just his actions in the market. It’s also his tactical demeanour on the pitch. It never changes. Everything he does seem to be scripted and one dimensional. That tells us he is unwilling or unable to change.

    If he was to suddenly change and buy three or four top class players who then help us win a trophy or two he would be heralded by the faithful as the best manager in the world. They would put the barren years down to the stadium, anticipation of FFP or Kroenke and quickly move to absolve him of all wrongdoing.

    But alas we all know he won’t change. He holds so dear to his heart the principle that no player is worth these large sums of money and he considers it as an affront to football and common sense. He has therefore isolated himself and is playing the management game using a completely different set of rules from all the other top clubs. It is only by the grace of the club’s high standing and size that we are still better than most teams in the PL and to many that is good enough. To us, and most people on this blog, that is simply NOT good enough and it never will be – not for Arsenal.

    It is this salient point that doesn’t seem to register in some people’s heads. This is not good enough. Why are they satisfied with fourth? It baffles me because we know we can do better and yet the manager chooses not to and most fans just accept that. It is lunacy and I will never tire of saying it because every time we go through the same cycle of failure we are met with “this year will be different, we have money now, you’ll see” by the faithful and misguided. How is it going to be different if we are not doing anything different? How?

  37. Jeff

    Here is an example of what happens when you go into the season with no proper reinforcements and no plan B. This was October 2012 after we lost to Norwich (their first win of the season).

    “Norwich had a good defensive performance, were focused and committed. We had a lot of the ball, but did not create much with it, which was a disappointing performance for us, he said.”

    “I felt we lacked a bit of sharpness. We missed what makes the success at the top level, that is complete focus and they were sharper than us. We do not blame anybody, we made many mistakes. We have to put that performance behind us and realise that is not good enough.”

    “The attitude of the team has been excellent, but that was not at the level of what we have produced until now, it was the first time of the season we were way below par. We have to come out with a difference performance in the Champions League game (against Schalke) on Wednesday night.”

    He’s basically telling us everything that is wrong in the team and when the transfer season comes, he chooses to do nothing about it. Who can explain this?

  38. Cesc Appeal

    Steven Gerrard urges Suarez to follow his examples in shunning Chelsea and stay at Liverpool.

    Yeahhhhh, because that worked out brilliantly for you, Stevie.

    Let the lad join Madrid you selfish scouse bastard.

  39. Jim Lahey

    The media really wants Cesc to join Untied so they can point and laugh at us, oh boy wouldn’t they love that…
    Its not like they even need cesc to go to united to laugh at us at the moment.

    My point being, media are scum.

  40. Alex James

    Wenger is knocking Madrid because he has finally realised that clubs will drive a coach and horses through his beloved FFP idiocy. As with his failed youth policy, FFP is a pipedream that will penalise only minnows.

  41. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Fabregas is being lined up as Paul Scholes replacement, I can see him signing for them over us if given the choice.
    Whether he leaves or not is down to messi, does messi want him in the team?

  42. Dannyboy

    haha Jeff, Wenger reminds me of when I lose a game on football manager, and I say to the lads ‘that was not good enough! I expect much better from you!!!’

    Then they lose the next game.. and I get really mad and say ‘that was not good enough! I expect much better from you!!!’

    Then guess what happens the next game?

  43. Jeff


    When he keeps saying the same standard phrases year in year out but does nothing about it, hearing him talk after a lacklustre performance is so utterly annoying and irritating that I can’t face it for at least a couple of days after the match because we know the same thing will be repeated sporadically over the season and nothing will be done about it.

  44. unhappy gunner

    @Alex James
    Exactly mate. FFP is their to protect footballs aristocracy, not the minnows as you rightly say. Wenger knows this as well, come 2 years time he will be blaming FFP for the reason we can’t compete. The guy should be a fucking politician as he can bullshit with the best of them.

  45. augie

    I’m not advocating a pre season protest or anything but your reasons opposing it are flawed to say the least – “allowing” wenger to play out the last year of his (current) contract is basically writing off yet another season and if we cant be bothered to try and impliment changes in an attempt to be successful again, then should we even bother attending games this season ? It is laughable to say that I am ok with wenger IF he spends some money……..he doesnt spend the money, never has and never will. Making a statement like that is the same as saying that you would be happy to have have almunia as your number 1 keeper if he could only be top class cos at the end of the day, neither will happen.
    What exactly is it that makes you ok with wenger being manager ? His total inability/lack of understanding of tactics ? His love of playing players out of position ? His rigid attitude to 70th minute substitutes ? His constant crap to the media about mental strength and how his team are good enough to win trophies and of course ffp which will never be implimented that way it was first mooted ? His constant sacrifice of domestic cups in favour of a champs league competition that he has no hope of winning ? Finally, and most tragically, the loser/2nd best attitude that he has brought to our club -what kind of message does it send to the players when their manager is championing a 4th place finish as being a trophy ? What does it say about the ambitions of the club and manager when 4th place is the height of our ambitions and when secured it is classed as success ? It is no coincidence that in recent years all of our better and more ambitious players depart cos they know that they will not win a trophy under this regime – we can bleat about financial motives all we want but the reality is we are on a road to nowhere

  46. Arsene Knows Bitches

    Yeah! Time for sacking the ol’ grandpa fella!

    Some 27-years-old Chamakh version 2.0 and another South American kiddo are going for trial this day. And some Gervinho kiddo no. #2 from UAE is reported going for trial too.

    I wonder is Wenger smoke crack? Cause I want one!