Protest for Wenger sacking | Arsenal Suarez move saga continues…

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I will not use Twitter to set up protests

Morning people. I’ve a mad morning on, so this will be quicker than an Benik Afobe substitute appearance.

Things appear to be moving on in the Liverpool prisoner of football scandal. They’ve lodged a bid of £21m for Diego Costa. Where did they get the money from for that? Hmmm…

I’m guessing he’s a Suarez replacement. Just a guess of course, but Liverpool aren’t in a financial position to be purchasing £20m players without an injection of debt. Remember, this is the team that spent the early summer PRing the story that Kolo was a world class addition.

They bought Kolo… That’s how skint they are!

So, take that move as a positive. Does that mean they’ll take our offer? Not if Madrid bid. That’s looking very unlikely. For me, Arsenal have backed themselves into a very horrible corner. Outside Suarez and Rooney, there’s no one left.

Good news is Luis wants to join. We just need to up our offer. The way the summer is going, I wouldn’t be surprised if we went to £50m to save face. Because believe me… the fans won’t tolerate another embarrassing transfer window. Nor will the players. Ivan should just tell Wenger to do one if he’s holding up the deal based on value… as Amy Lawrence and Myles Palmer are suggesting .

Ivan and Dick Law should take a list from Wenger and make it happen. The idea a man stuck in 1996 has the final say so on what we bid is perplexing. He’s not in the right decade mentally to judge what a player is worth these days… unless he’s screwing a club. That’s not a skill is it? Well it is, but it’s one that is very hit and miss. The skill with top end managers is taking a high risk punt and making it work. Not buying in 5 players on the last day of a window in the hope two might make it.

I’ve heard rumblings of a Wenger Our protest going on at the start of the season. Quite ridiculous for so many reasons. Here they are. And please, remember, I’ve always been anti protest and anti banner. And also remember, we started the questioning of Wenger long before anyone else dared…

Protests and the issues…

1) The CEO doesn’t sack the manager. The owner does. The owner is infatuated with Wenger.
2) You don’t cave to mob rule in business. Especially when the mob is unlikely to escape out of cyber space onto the street. Twitter is all talk.
3) Our window to part ways with Wenger ended 2 months ago.
4) You don’t sack a manager two weeks before the start of a year. An outrageous suggestion put forward by people with a total misunderstanding of the game. Not even Madrid would be so foolish.
5) We’re not Geordie fans. Protesting with your shirts off is for people without employment.

Like it or lump it, the only way Wenger goes is on his own accord. At the end of the season. After ballsing up.

Also, there is a £40m bid for Suarez on the table. That works out, which I suspect it will, are we really not going to wait and see how that pans out? Wenger is fine by me, despite the flaws, if he spends some f*cking money. The transfer window isn’t over yet… I know we’ve heard that before, but we’ve never bullied a club with a mega money bid before.

I’m all for change. I’ve banged the drum for years along with plenty of the Grovers. Everyone knows the managers limitations but a sacking protest before the charity shield? Smacks of dimness of the highest order…

Right, that’s me done. Most clubs are back in the UK now. I’m getting excited. In ways no man on a packs 35 bus should.

Have a good day!

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  1. arsenal-flavour

    aaron lennon

    wenger was a good manager some people seem to think he was shit

    I would say he was always flawed but that his flaws were less in the past or the flaws that he has were less relevant in past times.

    If you look at his entire carreer he has a history of starting relatively well then gradually getting worse and worse until he gets sacked.

  2. Ron

    Man goes into his local pub with his dog to watch an arsenal game . The bar man say no dogs allowed the man says please my sky is not working your the only place to see the game . Me and my dog love arsenal . 5 minutes in to the game arsenal score the dog gets on to the bar an high 5s everyone the barman says that’s amazing . What does he do when you win something the man says I don’t know I have only had him 8 years’.

  3. Reiss

    I’ll say it once again but why is Wenger worried about how Real Madrid spend their money he should concentrate getting new signings for us but instead he is too busy ranting about FFP.

  4. Cesc Appeal


    100% agree.

    I really hate the way Arsene ALWAYS goes on about other people’s business! Shut the fuck up. No one cares about your opinion! It just embarrasses Arsenal fans.

    It’s almost like he’s saying he doesn’t agree with those prices, therefore you got to ask when he sells players does this also hold true?


    A) If he does, then he’s a buffoon!

    B) If he doesn’t he’s a gigantic hypocrite!

    I just hate the guy, every time he opens his mouth now I hate him more and more, time to get rid, like an infected limb. We’ve eyed the gangrenous leg for long enough and hoped it’d some how recover, it’s not, the infection is spreading…call the surgeon.

  5. TOLI83

    Cesc AppealAugust 2, 2013 18:19:00



    Coming upto the winter transfer window he spent the whole time talking about Chelsea and City and what an unfair advantage they had.

    Any team will have an advantage over us when we buy no real talent.

    We needed a striker, center back and center mid in that window and we got Monreal in return last minute all because Gibbs was injured.

    Incompetence or Ignorance.

  6. Reiss

    Agree Cesc Appeal Wenger lives in his own little world even Dortmund /Napoli who were close going to bust are spending money to improve their squad so why not us and when I heard that yearly comment about not buying players unless they are better then what we have I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  7. Cesc Appeal


    Incompetent and Ignorant about sums him up.

    He’s got £180 Million, no one is asking him for £50 Million signings.

    But have a look at Dortmund, or Munich, they identify a target and get them, zero fuss.

    Dortmund lost Gotze for £32 Million when his release clause was triggered. Dortmund were raging.

    But they went out, bought Mhiktaryan for £25 Million, Aubemeyang for £10 Million and Sokratis for £10 Million as well as holding onto Lewnadowski.

    They are not a financially doped club…they are WELL behind us in commercials and revenue…so how are they doing it?

    Why does no one stick these points to Arsene?!!!

    We lost Fabregas and Nasri for £60 Million…he sat there, did nothing until we got whipped 8-2 and he begrudgingly bought Arteta for £10 Million.

  8. Cesc Appeal


    How he gets away with it I don’t know…every year.

    Pedro said earlier something along the lines of ‘I don’t get why everyone’s upset, he says we’re in for Suarez and chasing other big targets.’

    So I said, was that story from 2013, 2012, maybe 2011, or perhaps 2010…specify.

    He ALWAYS says ‘we will look to identify targets that are better than what we have and move for them’ THEN he adds the doozey ‘but it’s not always easy to improve what you have at a realistic price that doesn’t upset the harmony of the squad.’

  9. sam

    Who said gervinho has left?

    he’s in the emirates cup squad, check who’s training with sanogo on slide 17
    maybe the deal with roma is off

  10. sam

    Arsenal still havent agreed the deal with roma so gervinho’s still arsenal player, just like bendtner, chamakh and park

  11. TOLI83

    Adam BucciAugust 2, 2013 18:38:42


    I’d love those two but I dont think Wengers got the balls to go in for players of that ilk.

  12. Daniel

    Have we signed anyone yet?

    Has there ever been anyone so shit at signing players? Wenger is throwing around 40m and still can’t buy anyone.

  13. Cesc Appeal


    At which point when he arrives tomorrow they’ll go ‘oh, ohhhh, your Gervinho? Who’s that chap with the squirrel like face, scored the screamer against West ham and has the tattoo on his wrist and a forehead NOT like the landing deck of an aircraft carrier?’

    ‘Err Cazorla?’

    ‘That’s him…boy do I have egg on my face…really sorry for the wasted flight.’

  14. Reiss

    Mario Gomez went to Fiorentina and I doubt Ozil is for sale. What I don’t understand is why we passed up on the opportunity to sign Jovetic despite what some say Jovetic would have been good player for us and also if I am not mistaken Ljajic is still available are you telling me he wouldn’t improve the squad.

  15. sam

    I don’t think they will let ozil go, now they are signing bale
    we can gamble on Kaka, revive his career.
    Kaka with one leg is still better than rosicky and ramsey.
    he also has the speed to play as a winger.

  16. kwik fit

    Wenger still wants to sign Suarez. That’s like me saying I’d like to have mad passionate sex with Kelly Brook. Is it going to happen?……………………………..Hi Kelly I hope you’ve brought protection!

  17. Reiss

    I like Gnabry and Miyachi is decent albeit a bit limited but having them as our backup choice wingers is an absolute no no. Okay Arshavin and Gervinho didn’t give as much for the past two years but you don’t replace two internationals with players who have yet to complete a full game for us its just ludicrous and wouldn’t happen at any other team but ours.

  18. Cesc Appeal

    When this all blows up…and it will…I just hope there’s no one who has any sympathy for Wenger.

    He’s made his bed.

    After the first embarrassment of the season…people will want his head in greater numbers than ever.

  19. kwik fit

    Wenger on Jackson Martínez: “Porto always have many good players who could play for us, but I don’t want to speak about individuals.”

    Exactly Wenger. That Jackson Martinez guy is many things but he certainly is not an individual.

  20. arsenal-flavour

    Frimpong is ghana international and their team are actually quite decent.

    the fact that fulham a quite decent established premier league team always mid top of the table took on a 20 year old on loan says something

    even jack was loaned to teams like bolton, and miaychi was at wigan.

    Fulham even want to buy frimpong despite just playing only 6 games for them and being inured shows his got plenty of potential!

    His allot allot better than people reckon.

  21. Cesc Appeal

    arsenal flavour

    As long a she plays better than the last time I saw him, 7-5 against Reading…that was arguably the worst I’ve ever seen an Arsenal player play, aside maybe from Giroud against West Brom when we went down to 10 men.

  22. arsenal-flavour


    to be fair everyone played awful… very easy to pick out the guy whose just come back from a career threatening injury, and I have seen ramsey have far worse performances

  23. sam


    you never rated kaka thats why you are not managing a football team
    anyway, I don’t think he’s gonna cost that much or a cheeky loan deal to see how he plays in the premiership

  24. sam


    We all love frimpong but not a good idea to count him fully fit to avoid signing new players.
    Him and wilshere should have some they are rotating with throughout the season.or they will breakdown again before xmas.
    Wenger is so stupid he declared wilshere fully fit today

  25. sam

    If Kaka doesn’t leave this summer he will rot on the bench, I don’t think he will take that risk with the world cup coming up.
    @arsenal-flavour, kaka’s wage was massive years ago. he’s getting the same as james milner.
    If we know how to negotiate we grab him, a chance to win the champions league blah blah blah blah. just get him to sign first

  26. Relieable sauce

    Selling Africa’s best player is a bold move!
    Wenger must have a tip top replacement up his sleeve…sly old fox.
    & with the fans having no-one to boo anymore, we can pretend everything is ok & get behind – PROJECT YOUTH III The Rise of the Brits.

    Self preservation at its most cowardly.

  27. sam


    you don’t have a degree in economics
    you don’t have the charisma to pull 10000s asian girls singing your name in the stadium.
    you will never be treated like pop star in asia

  28. Johnty79

    I was shot down last season suggestin frimpong is on 45 k. I don see anyone at te club denying it? Relatively I rather him on 45 k then diaby,bentner,park, santos or Denison on 60k aweek. At least e cares about arsenal. I remember the emirates cup of of 2010 when frimpong dominated te midfield of ac Milan. Flamini, seedorf etc…

  29. sam

    Yes Reliable sauce,

    you cannot boo jack Wilshere.
    even Alan shearer will plead on Motd that you are thrown out of football
    you cannot boo england international players,

  30. cj1764



    The Money i have spent over the last 30 yrs + on following The Arsenal
    (even if i could they would’nt care) they take us for MUGS whilst they collect they Fat salaries.

    So pedro please don’t tell fans not to complain at matches (if they feel aggrieved) AS IT’S THE ONLY CHANCE WE HAVE TO LET THEM KNOW



  31. Radio Raheem

    It is understood that when Suarez signed a new contract in August 2012, he requested a clause that allowed him to depart if Liverpool failed to qualify for the Champions League and received a bid in excess of £40m.

    Liverpool refused this but suggested an arrangement that obliged them to act in good faith if those conditions were met, which Suarez argues he only accepted because he felt there was verbal agreement from all parties that – despite the new wording – it would work in the same way as a release clause.

  32. Josip Skoblar

    In relation to your BBC piece, I think I understand better what Wenger meant by “We want to [sign Suarez] if it is feasible in an amicable way,”. It is now clear that Suarez is considering court action if Liverpool refuse to sell him.

  33. Radio Raheem


    Yeah I agree with your interpretation. I almost can’t believe but we might actually get Suarez! I might wet myself if it had happened. The only snag is I fear it’ll be our only signing but we need, at least, two more – versatile defender and CM/DM

  34. Josip Skoblar

    I’d be over the moon too! Suarez is one of the best attackers in world football today. I became a great fan when I saw him play at the Emirates last Winter. I found him truly impressive that day. He’s a more accomplished and versatile player than RvP.

  35. mr

    I hope the arsenal fucking slate that French cunt. If they do or not it will make zero difference to the man. He is deluded. The only way arsenal will move forward is this way….fail to qualify for the cl for two seasons= wanker will Quit=bod will sell to the fat man= arsenal move forward….Period……There is no other way but ground hog day……..unless we get lucky and a akb goes too far and bums the French turd to death.

  36. Relieable sauce


    Refs don’t like to book established England players either & can get an advantage with decisions, we shouldn’t overlook that fact with JW. Yes he might be overrated but he IS one of Englands most promising players, i don’t think he’ll maximise his potential though the way England & AW treat him.

  37. Radio Raheem


    Again I agree. Getting Suarez is like having 2 players in 1 – can play as a CF, one of the 3 in a front 3 and in all three positions behind the striker.

    You rate Gomis? I think Newcastle have just wasted money.

  38. arsenal-flavour

    stephen gerrard 15 years with liverpool has never won the premier league and stuck with his club

    is that we our hoping for jack wilshere? the only problem is gerrard got a CL title

    We will have nothing if wenger A stays in power and or B appoints his own succesor

  39. arsenal-flavour


    oh dear brother

    He declared Wilshere fully fit? so im guessing that means he will over play him to the ground till he breaks down and becomes an invalid.

    What the fuck is wrong with wenger he doesnt rotate so we have a huge number of players injured and we seem to have the worst medical staff who approve players as match fit when there obviously still struggling with fitness and injures

  40. mr

    Arsenal flavour …………..if Wenger a points his own successor I will go and shoot both of them don’t worry about it. Hes damaged my mental strength as it is. …the cunt!!

  41. mr

    Sam..if I remember our med team was brilliant under Gary Lewis. I suspect that French turd has his money saving tentacles everywhere now days.

  42. BacaryisGod

    It looks like the most likely scenario is that we bring in Jesus Gamez from Malaga and ship them Bendtner. I really think that we’ll stand pat defensively if that deal happens with a defensive unit of Sagna, Gamez, Jenkinson, Vermaelen, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal and Gibbs. I can live with that.

    It’s clear that based on the reported interest in Bender and Bernard that we’re looking to beef up our midfield. With Gervinho on his way, I wouldn’t be surprised if we try to pick up an out and out winger and have Ox available for both a wing and central midfield position depending on the game or need.

    I’m a big fan of players who can deliver in multiple positions as it helps offset injury issues.

    As I’ve been horribly wrong all summer predicting who is coming in, my best bet at this time is Gamez, Suarez, Cesar and Payet. I do think we’ll end up with 4 or 5 new additions including Sanogo and don’t forget the possibility still of Vela returning although he wouldn’t be happy. However, our team has a much more Latin flavour now and I can see him thriving alongside Cazorla and Suarez.

  43. Jake


    He said he wasn’t fit. But sure, go ahead, slate the guy on something that isn’t true. Don’t want to break a habit now, do we.

  44. arsenal-flavour

    Above all this season I would not be surprised if we have allot of injuries.

    Are squad is threadbare lets be honest if Cazorla gets injured are season is over we have noone else that can fill his role not one single player.

    Giroud might not be the greatest player but at least his a physical specimen I can’t imagine him ever being injured. But still there are is not much cover for him.

  45. Relieable sauce

    I would like to see TW employ 50% of Suarez’s determination when closing down defenders in the attacking third, his work rate should be one of his assets. If he harassed defenders in the same way the team would score 10 extra goals a season.

  46. BacaryisGod

    Radio Raheem

    I think most Arsenal fans are just exhausted at this point….it’s good news but even Ornstein has been fooled this summer over Higuain.

  47. sam

    Wenger said:

    i consider jack Wilshere to be completely available and part of the team

    yup! like a new signing

  48. arsenal-flavour

    squad next season

    Verm Injured
    Nacho Injured
    Gibbs Will be injured at sme point
    Jack will be injured
    diaby always injured
    santi will be overplayed
    ryo unfit
    yaya completely unproven
    gnarby inexperienced

    18 players
    2 injured 16
    1 unfit 15
    1 player completley untested 1 player inexperiened 13 players
    2 players likely to be injured at some point 11
    1 player that will be seriously overplayed 10

    so we have a squad of 10 fit players, until they are overplayed and get injured

    oh and frimpong is still injured

  49. sam

    I think thats stupid,

    Diaby probably hates us just like van persie did
    we will find out the day he will be fully fit, believe me he will be off
    i believe this mad man also bully the medical staff into declaring players fit early.
    Just like van persie, gullible arsenal fans will expect diaby to be grateful, nope
    he will blame arsenal for fucking his career with unnecessary injuries.

  50. Radio Raheem


    Yeah it’s been a mad summer, one that’s tested the most patient gooner (even the ones that type #patience). I still have some faith in Ornstein. We were in for Higuain until Real moved the goal posts and, more importantly, Suarez became available. I don’t think he gets duff info unlike the rest.

    As for Suarez we are definitely one of the likely clubs he’ll be moving to. It still could happen that one of the big European clubs beats us to him. It would just be Suarez’ preference not Ornstein getting it wrong I feel.

  51. salparadisenyc

    MayankAugust 2, 2013 20:12:31

    “I expected more excitement over the Ornstein article on Suarez. Is nobody on or is everyone that jaded?”

    We’ve been pummeled into submission by Wenger, Gazidas and we can financially compete with anyone. Pedro’s watch this space. Higauin’s moving goal post. £40,000,001 triggering a vanishing release clause. Mr. Henry and his smoke. John Cross Goebbles. Wenger trotting out the usuals, even our own Ian Wright and now were suppose to have faith in fucking Ornsetein.

    Jaded indeed.

  52. IL Capo

    Hey do not panic weirdos (much better website since that. Gaybon avator thing went outta town )
    Stick with Ice…..,he’s the man in the know!

  53. arsenal-flavour

    If suarez took liverpool to court and then moved to us, well lets just say his a ruthless bastard with massive balls.

    Im sure if he did join us he would leave within 2 seasons for chelsea/city/man city/psg/monaco

    Of course we need him but its still a fucking big chance he abandons ship as soon as he can, I would believe higuain for that reason would of been a more sensible buy.

  54. arsenal-flavour

    rosiscky is class but I don’t see him as a cazorla replacement in case cazorla is injured as he him self is injured and unfit for most of the season, his class but he tires on the pitch after an hour.

    We really do need a quality attacking mid.

  55. pistolpete

    Here we go with the Wenger FFP. Is he the only one who wants this. Because it will not work. Way to much money in the game, and the big boys will just start their own league . Please please can someone take wenger away someway. We want our Arsenal back.

  56. LeMassiveCoq

    I find it quite amusing that Wonga has been building us up to be the most FFP compliant team in the world…and then RM pay £100m for Bale.

    He must be seething.


  57. GoonerDave

    At least we are in for Suarez though, we must have had encouragement from his camp to go this far.
    Cant understand why no top club has gone for Fellaini. He would add a lot to any squad.
    I would have thought after all our rhetoric about doing things the right way, we would have been proud to spend our “fair” earnings. Would have been a great example to set.
    Still time to buy a few though!

  58. Rohan

    Ornstein is the most reliable guy out there. I think we’ll get our man.

    Also wish people would actually watch Wonga’s press conference before jumping to conclusions. I thought he was remarkably assured, and I have renewed confidence that we’ll buy a few players.

  59. Same Story

    Ornstein is reliable, but Dick Law and Wenger aren’t.

    Also what difference does it make if he submits a transfer request?

    L’pool could just reject it no?

  60. Rohan

    You cannot keep a player who has definitively said he wants to leave. Makes the position untenable.

    It puts Liverpool in a difficult position. If he throws a strop, they really have no choice. It’s not like how the nutters say, “stick him in the reserves, that’ll teach him a lesson”

    In this day and age, the player gets what he wants.

  61. Rohan

    Plus it’s not like we are ripping them off. 40-45 mill is a very fair price and breaks the British transfer record.

    From Suarez’ point of view, if he stays, according to Brenda’s 5 year plan, they’ll make it into Champions league in 2015/2016 at best, by then Suarez will be 29.

  62. sam

    same story,

    Please give it up,
    Aneke is better than ramsey. Wenger deliberately fuck up young player career by sending them to play low level football. even better if he gets injured that will be like another year wasted.
    you are rejoicing aneke leaving as if you are getting cesc and fellaini, nope! you are stuck with ramsey and rosicky. enjoy!

  63. salparadisenyc

    Ornstein may be reliable, no matter all the article says is Suarez may consider submitting a transfer request.
    Its on a slow boil through sept 2 and yet again we’ll of been involved in one of, if not the major transfer sagas of the summer. Granted i’m much happier being on this end opposed to losing a key player and without doubt Suarez is worth the gamble. But what happened to a settled squad, getting our business done quick, addressing other areas?
    If our boys spin the giant striker wheel and loose at this point failure equals a level of toxicity the Emirates has not seen. Higuain at the Emirates cup with Napoli is about the last thing Gazidas and Wenger needed. Imagine if he turns it on for a hat trick.

  64. zeus

    Is it a pre requisite that Liverppol have a nasty disgusting bastard in their ranks. This is the guy they want. What a nasty bastard!

  65. N1Goon

    “Ornstein just on 5 live saying Suarez will speak to LFC & if an amicable decision can’t be reached he’ll hand in a transfer request.”

    Would be very hard for Wenger to fuck this up if Bale goes to Madrid, but I can still see him at Chelsea if Rooney doesn’t agitate for a move. Likewise, I could see us make a push for Rooney if Chelsea get Suarez.

    Just offer £45m+£5m C.L bonuses and be done with it. They have asked for £50m, there it is.

  66. sam

    Wenger loves the hype, especially this season he wants to hear he has discover a new gem, Zelalem.
    don’t make me laugh, the boy is good no doubt but he’s still too weak to play first team football. any manager with sense will pick aneke 6’3 powerhouse in the squad. Wenger doesn’t use any tactic he uses sentiment to pick players. he probably pissed him off deliberately by playing him in defense

  67. GoonerDave

    Liverpool will lower their price if Suarez hands in a transfer request.
    He would forego his loyalty bonus.
    And Suarez’s position at Pool would be untenable.
    If he hands in a request, we have a really great chance.

  68. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Hi there Northern, I told you they would do it, I can see Wigan continuing on a poor run of form and coming good for the play offs.
    I reckon the play offs this year are going to be so bloody tight that picking an overall winner is bloody difficult.

    It is there for the taking, I wouldn’t write your boys off either.

  69. sam

    Cesc appeal,

    Please explain whats so shit about aneke?

    Arsenal number 10 at every level in the youth team.
    Its time you people realise that arsenal football club thats shit not the players.
    and you expect paul pogba to leave juve to join us.
    maybe thats why we will never sign anyone descent this summer, arsenal is a graveyard for footballers.

  70. Bade

    Syarez, Fellaini, CB, Diego Lopez & a winger instead of the forehead & we’re most probably winning the league

    All that said, I’d love to see 2 midfield players coming in

  71. Relieable sauce

    “I am confident. You look at many teams around us. Nothing has happened until now. At the moment the market hasn’t moved a lot. Apart from Manchester City, nobody has done anything.”
    Not content with the 40 mil + £1 insult AW calls Liverpool nobodies, Sacre bleu! We should be worried by what the nobodies are doing, we’re one of them now Arsene.
    We were one result away from a season long, monkey boy giz fest & he doesn’t even see the threat from spuds & co. Incredible!

    Saurez has a verbally agreed release clause (says he) & that is what people are pinning there hopes on. If Suarez joins us i don’t think it will be because of the threat of legal action.
    Wenger will never agree to pay the legal fees for starters, Saurez will expect that & it will probably be what scuppers the deal.

    You read it here 1st folks! : /

  72. sam

    Arsene wenger is hated in france among football presidents
    even from the league 1 we can only get Sanogo. no one will sell anyone decent to arsenal.
    I said it before, our ex players hate us for running them to the ground.
    Cesc is not coming back, stop dreaming!

  73. unhappy gunner

    As a footballer I think suarez is very very good. Immensely talented, because I don’t watch dutch football I never realised how good he is. But I agree with a few on here who have said the mans a liability. Next year if he remains in EPL he will be a marked man by both refs and opposing teams. With the fact most of our players are so lightweight that if a man farts near them, bones are snapped, then is it wise to pay that much for a player who will more than likely miss most of next season through suspension?

  74. northern gooner

    Your right. It was a good proper game of rugby.
    As for the play offs I wouldn’t like to bet on it. Its the most open its been for a few years.

  75. sam

    A liverpool supporters reminded me of Francis Jeffers.
    you sign players and turn them into shit then blame them to let your shit manager off the hook.

  76. sam

    Cesc will quit barca where he has the chance to play with messi and neymar.

    He’s quitting barca to join theo and ramsey

    seriously deluded!

  77. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Northern, we got lucky tonight Hull could have nicked it late on.
    Not seeing the dominance from the first half of the season and I do feel that we rely too much on Tomkins and Richards, hoping that they are being kept back to freshen up the back end of the season.

    Big game for you tomorrow, you could go 5th and near on guarantee your place in the play off.

  78. sam

    At barca he won’t play every week, which is good for a professional footballer to have rest sometimes, then come back fresh

    At arsenal you have to fake injury to get a day off, Lol!!!!
    arsene wenger treats players like donkeys

  79. Arsenal 1886-2006

    A bit off track but still relevant to the game, I was speaking to some family members in the States and they reckon that RL is gaining quite a bit of popularity over there amongst the youngsters, they love the pace of the game and the constant hits. They reckon it can take off big time with the proper exposure on the TV.

  80. northern gooner

    I missed the rugby tonight. Only seen the final score.
    It should take off in the states as we dont get padded up like they do with American football. Mind u one of my friends went working in wisconsin a couple of years ago and managed to catch a green bay game. He said they were all giants!

  81. GoonerDave

    That Ashley Williams link is appearing again.
    Would be decent cover, but would he come to be a squad member? Isnt he captain of Swansea?

  82. Paddy got up

    Been working and just got in. I’m not a Geirdie but would happily go topless to protest against these robbing bastards. To suggest we don’t protest is pure bollocks.
    I actively encourage everyone to do everything they can to get this French prick and his hangers on out.
    What your saying is Arsenal fans are too posh to protest.
    Know your history!
    Attitudes like yours is why theses fuckers can get away with it every year.

  83. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Yeah they are big fellas all right, proper athletes as well. Would be nice to see League get a foothold there, could really give a boost to the game. Apparently Fox shows two NRL games a week and it has been gaining fans rapidly, it is also shown on livestream with 5 matches a week.
    Could be good times ahead they play there cards right.

  84. sam

    Between 18 and 20 is the age to make or break a player.
    all our reserves players are under 21 why send anyone to play low level football?
    the french fox knows they will lose their skill and come back injured then flop in pre-seasons. if this happens 2 seasons in a row the player will turn into shit. then get rid of him for 1M.

  85. sam

    Ambitious club will mix world class players with local boys.
    arsenal prefer cheap average mercenaries. As soon s they turn good they are off to a bigger club, if they flop they stay to run down their contracts.

  86. Chris

    Mr Grove, Myles Palmer is an idiot. He writes like he is an old grumpy miserable and abused Grinch! And Myles and Amy, with all their inside knowledge? Please give me a break, actually how bout a spanner! To throw at them! Have you even read the blogs recently, I have been for a while now. So morbid and sad. Cannot see the positives in anything. At least you spin both ways! Hahahaha!

    Anyway, lets be honest, We/Arsenal are not Chelsea or Man city, we are not money bags, we are run ethically, and personally I believe like many arsenal fans it is the right way to run a club. However, I do believe that we need additions. There is no doubt about that. We are short up front, and at the back, and could even do with a hard man in the midfield.

    But lets be honest, fans are pretty fickle, and so easily misguided/deluded. The papers link everyone in world football with Arsenal, and when we don’t sign them, fans moan. It is ridiculous, if we signed every player we are linked to every summer, we could have 4 or 5 full starting 11′s.

    Furthermore, these papers and blogs state that we have agreed personal terms with so many of the proposed targets. Really? You believe the projectile vomit being printed all over the back of newspapers and on blogs? Come on, get real Gooners, they are just trying to sell papers, and make money from advertising revenue by directing your web traffic over to their websites. This is why there are so many sensational headlines and stories with so many players being linked all too often and then nothing ever materialising. Coz it is all cold turtle turd.

    And some fan sites/blogs are just pursuing personal agenda’s, proclaiming to have inside knowledge. Honestly, some fan sites sound like they are being run by a Grinch, an old lonely miserable alone in the dark, sodomised by satin’s little helpers grumpy old Grinch.

    Now, why I love Arsenal football club, is because it feels like a community. A friendly family experience, we do not have an abundance of chavs and scum supporters i.e. Chelsea, Man U, Tottenham etc. etc. We actually have civilised and well articulated supporters. This is what separates us from the shit. Lets keep it this way. Throwing bad comments around and talking cheap about our club is not right, bad mouthing our manager, especially right before the start of the season is not right either.

    Lastly, our squad appears to have some excellent team spirit going on. Lets not ruin it, lets help it flourish, lets show our support which in turn will give them confidence, as footballers so desperately crave as it is their fuel. And lets hope that we get those extra additions. After all, nothing good has ever come from being negative.

    Be positive, have an opinion but don’t trash talking like some other blogs and fans.

    Peace fellow Gooners