Protest for Wenger sacking | Arsenal Suarez move saga continues…

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I will not use Twitter to set up protests

Morning people. I’ve a mad morning on, so this will be quicker than an Benik Afobe substitute appearance.

Things appear to be moving on in the Liverpool prisoner of football scandal. They’ve lodged a bid of £21m for Diego Costa. Where did they get the money from for that? Hmmm…

I’m guessing he’s a Suarez replacement. Just a guess of course, but Liverpool aren’t in a financial position to be purchasing £20m players without an injection of debt. Remember, this is the team that spent the early summer PRing the story that Kolo was a world class addition.

They bought Kolo… That’s how skint they are!

So, take that move as a positive. Does that mean they’ll take our offer? Not if Madrid bid. That’s looking very unlikely. For me, Arsenal have backed themselves into a very horrible corner. Outside Suarez and Rooney, there’s no one left.

Good news is Luis wants to join. We just need to up our offer. The way the summer is going, I wouldn’t be surprised if we went to £50m to save face. Because believe me… the fans won’t tolerate another embarrassing transfer window. Nor will the players. Ivan should just tell Wenger to do one if he’s holding up the deal based on value… as Amy Lawrence and Myles Palmer are suggesting .

Ivan and Dick Law should take a list from Wenger and make it happen. The idea a man stuck in 1996 has the final say so on what we bid is perplexing. He’s not in the right decade mentally to judge what a player is worth these days… unless he’s screwing a club. That’s not a skill is it? Well it is, but it’s one that is very hit and miss. The skill with top end managers is taking a high risk punt and making it work. Not buying in 5 players on the last day of a window in the hope two might make it.

I’ve heard rumblings of a Wenger Our protest going on at the start of the season. Quite ridiculous for so many reasons. Here they are. And please, remember, I’ve always been anti protest and anti banner. And also remember, we started the questioning of Wenger long before anyone else dared…

Protests and the issues…

1) The CEO doesn’t sack the manager. The owner does. The owner is infatuated with Wenger.
2) You don’t cave to mob rule in business. Especially when the mob is unlikely to escape out of cyber space onto the street. Twitter is all talk.
3) Our window to part ways with Wenger ended 2 months ago.
4) You don’t sack a manager two weeks before the start of a year. An outrageous suggestion put forward by people with a total misunderstanding of the game. Not even Madrid would be so foolish.
5) We’re not Geordie fans. Protesting with your shirts off is for people without employment.

Like it or lump it, the only way Wenger goes is on his own accord. At the end of the season. After ballsing up.

Also, there is a £40m bid for Suarez on the table. That works out, which I suspect it will, are we really not going to wait and see how that pans out? Wenger is fine by me, despite the flaws, if he spends some f*cking money. The transfer window isn’t over yet… I know we’ve heard that before, but we’ve never bullied a club with a mega money bid before.

I’m all for change. I’ve banged the drum for years along with plenty of the Grovers. Everyone knows the managers limitations but a sacking protest before the charity shield? Smacks of dimness of the highest order…

Right, that’s me done. Most clubs are back in the UK now. I’m getting excited. In ways no man on a packs 35 bus should.

Have a good day!

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  1. Bergkamp63

    “Lets all start cheering loudly and singing gervinhos name or any of the other shite we have. ”

    I don’t have that much voice !

  2. TitsMcgee

    People don’t like when former greats come out and slate their old team publicly but I don’t mind if it’s the truth.

    People can be upset with Wright all they want but he’s not saying anything most of us aren’t saying here.

    I am glad he’s able to shed the dysfunctional behavior that is Arsenal at the moment.

  3. TitsMcgee

    “But they’re running out of time and I don’t think, at the moment, they’ve got the ability to attract those players because they haven’t won anything in such a long time. This is why Arsenal are in serious trouble right now.”

    Another side-effect of this youth project BS.

  4. follow the money

    Pedro, I think the protesters know nothing will change, but their vitriol is about punishing Wenger for what he’s done to the club. It will make the blogs battlezones and the Emirates a toxic place. Enough empty seats and Wenger out chants and he will eventually go. If you can’t repair your house burn it down and build again. There is a twisted logic to it considering there seems to be nothing fans can do to affect the direction of the club

  5. Pedro

    The Wenger comment about better players was amusing…

    … but at least he said he was in for Suarez and others.

    Rather than… ‘we are not close to anyone’

  6. Niraj

    So many of you have already suggested this and am gonna reiterate. Do not go for the games at emirates. It does not take 1 year to notice the empty seats, within few months you will see the ball rolling. You can still catch the game on tv.

  7. Pedro

    FTM… it won’t happen.

    It’s all talk.

    The BSM aren’t supporting, the AST aren’t… nor is anyone else.

    Which pretty much means it’s dead.

  8. vicky

    “I don’t want to speak about Suarez, because that is between Liverpool and Arsenal. We will completely respect what Liverpool wants to do. We want to [sign the player] if it is feasible in an amicable way,” Wenger said.

    “I am a great believer you have to keep as much confidentiality as possible, which is quite difficult in the modern world.

    “But we work very hard, not only on the case you name, but on other different cases.”

    Suarez is currently serving a domestic ten-game ban imposed by the Football Association for biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic at the end of last season.

    The Uruguay international had previously received an eight-match suspension and £40,000 fine from the FA for racially abusing Manchester United left-back Patrice Evra in December 2011.

    Wenger indicated, should the striker become an Arsenal player, such future behaviour would not be tolerated.

    The Gunners boss said: “We have values that we want our players to respect. No matter where they come from, we will be very touchy on that of course.

    “This club has built a reputation, not only during my period here but over 127 years, and the values that are very important for this club have to be respected by every player, no matter where he comes from. That will be with every potential signing.”

  9. Bush Gooner

    We saved something like £500k + per week on wages by finally getting shot of the absolute garbage we had. There are 4 still left to go and no fucker wants them (Bendtner, Chamakh, Gerboue and Park).

    I’m still going counselling as I still find it hard to believe that the maniac tried ton convince us into believing that these players were the ones that would allow is to compete with europe’s best teams.

  10. Ash79

    Guys, im going to play devils advocate here…

    If the CEO of your club calls you inf or a cosy chat and tea and biscuits, wouldn’t you go along? Now bear in mind this is the CEO and he is being positive and the rhetoric is different this time aorund. Its so different, its believable. Would you not want to relay that back to your readers?

    I sense much of Pedro’s posts are anchored in optimism rather than any real hard knowledge and again why would Pedro have inside info?

    Has Pedro been used? not sure. Maybe Ivan has had the best intentions and everything he said to Pedro he meant but fast forward and things (nameley le prof) havent gone to plan. Isnt there every chance that Ivan himself is fuming?

    devils advocate..

  11. Niraj

    So many of you have already suggested this and am gonna reiterate. Do not go for the games at emirates. It does not take one yr to notice the empty seats, within few months you will see the ball rolling. You can still catch the game on tv.

  12. Bergkamp63

    Bush GoonerAugust 2, 2013 15:14:38
    We saved something like £500k + per week on wages by finally getting shot of the absolute garbage we had. There are 4 still left to go and no fucker wants them (Bendtner, Chamakh, Gerboue and Park).

    I’m still going counselling as I still find it hard to believe that the maniac tried ton convince us into believing that these players were the ones that would allow is to compete with europe’s best teams.

    You have to remember, Wenger will only bring in players of a better quality than those we already have at the club !

  13. Cesc Appeal

    As I said earlier in the summer, we should have approached Heyneckes about managing for one season. Then looked at either Klopp or Laudrup as the permanent replacement for Le Senile.

    Can’t see Klopp leaving BvB though, would be a MASSIVE step down to Arsenal. But I like Laudrup.

    I wonder if they’ll be any ‘stories’ in the papers tomorrow about ‘Arsenal close to signing Suarez’.

    Would be interesting…would show Arsenal PR at work trying to placate what I hope will be a spiky atmosphere inside the Piggy Bank tomorrow.

  14. Niraj

    I have been in london for more then 3 years now. It was always my dream to come to london n watch arsenal play from the stadium, but i havent been to a single game yet not even the tour of the stadium.

    I just hope arsenal change and i can atleast catch them play once begore i get back to India.

  15. arsenal-flavour

    THIS whole argument that you shouldn’t protest is laughable.

    If you stay silent throughout the season and then expect arsene to get the sack if we finish 4th you have got to be kidding or living in a parallel universe.

    The whole point of protesting throughout the season isn’t so wenger will get sacked straight away or within a couple of weeks

    the point of protesting is one to draw press attention and 2 to keep the pressure on wengers back for the whole season so when he does fuck up its even more of a big deal.

    You think staying silent for the whole season then hoping the board will sack wenger? lol we are not chelsea, in order for wenger to get sacked we are going to have to apply constant pressure and scrutiny via protesting which in turn will grab the attention of the press who will then add to that pressure.

    yeah lets just be silent and not protest I wonder how that would of worked out for martin luther and nelson mandella.

    This isn’t chelsea who sack at the hint of failure for wenger to go something dramatic has to go.

  16. DUIFG

    Given that we have missed out on all the good playmakers and Bernard looks dead would the boy from Wigan be a decent bench warming replacement for gervinho. He surely can’t be laying championship football next yr. 10 mil would surely pick him up.actualky goes at defenders unlike podolsi. Could then put caz in central.

  17. Kiyoshi Ito

    I said yesterday morning,chances are this is what Mr Wankstein,will come out with in his Google Hangout..It seems I was out by a day..
    Well,it appears..I got close to his predictable musings in his latest press conference today..

    See below..

    Kiyoshi ItoAugust 1, 2013 06:32:19

    I can imagine how Mr Wankstein’s Google Hangout will go..

    Mr Wankstein:
    “There is still 4 weeks left to the close of the transfer window..”

    “We are working hard behind the scenes to add quality to the squad.”

    “Prices for players,are exhorbitant”

    “We believe in financial prudence & hope clubs will abide with the FFP rules.”

    “I believe in my squad,they showed great mental strength in Asia.
    So maybe one or two additions might not be needed..Maybe so,we will see..”

    “We needed to sell& release players,before adding..”

    “I will not talk about the Higuain,or Suarez deal,as I pride myself on discretion.”

    “I believe the current market is highly skewed..”

    “We remain competitive& will try to compete,with additions,or no additions..”

    “There is still time too add to this strong squad..”

    “What is more important,is the belief,mental strength& team spirit that we have.
    I hope the fans will show the same traits,in the Emirates Cup Tournament..
    They are & remain vital to our success..”

    “This is the best squad I’ve ever had”

    “Quality players,are hard to find”

    “There is a lot of money moving around in Europe for so few players..
    What is important,is not to get caught up in the craziness of the transfer market”

    “I will not sacrifice the financial health of the club,just to satisfy a few disgruntled fans”

    “What is important is to remain true to your beliefs & too give the fans what they pay to see..”

    In short take your pick from the above potential statements from Mr Wankstein today..

  18. vicky


    Remember Ivan had thrown a caveat that ultimately all the decisions regarding transfer would be made by Wenger and that his version of big name might not match with that of ordinary fans.

    So probably he could envisage such a scenario where Wenger would again dither and he would have egg on his face.

    Fair play to Ivan. He is doing his job properly but got to say the guy is very very smart. Plays his cards beautifully. He has got himself in to the good books of Pedro and other bloggers and probably fans as well. He has washed his hands off the whole transfer thing.

  19. Niraj

    Agree with arsenal
    Flavour. Keeping silent wpnt achieve anything. If protesting at emirates is not feasiable then Boycott games. Lets stop going to emirates.

  20. Bush Gooner


    You would think that he would. But when he makes statements like “If you can give me names better than the players we have, I am ready to talk about it.” makes you thinkwhat a total loon he is and is taking us for mugs..

  21. arsenal-flavour

    pedro logic lets stay silent throughout the whole season then kroneke will sack arsene if we finish 4th are you joking???

    kroenke will only fire arsene if he thinks his investment is at risk, he will only think its at risk if arsenal fans turn against wenger/board in turn if press says arsenal fans have turned against wenger more arsenal fans will take note of course some will reject and fight against this but many more will become active and join.. in this sense protesting will help speed up the process it will act as a catalyst.

    Also we have nothing to lose, I study history every single event in history you don’t get anywhere by sitting back and twiddling your thumbs. World doesn’t work like that

  22. Kiyoshi Ito

    Gunner2301August 2, 2013 14:04:21

    I agree with you..But this has been an ongoing issue fr a considerable length of time..
    The running with the hares & hunting with the hounds springs too mind..
    Or more aptly a Double Agent..It really leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

    Sailing very close to the wind..Everyone makes decisions in life,just be prepared to deal with the consequences,when there is a fallout.

    You can’t be stringing fans along forever& claiming to be one of them,whilst batting for the other side..

    Have a good one Gunner2301,see you in another stratosphere!!

    Keep up the good posts!!

  23. Bergkamp63

    Kroenke’s no fool, all he is doing is making the balance sheet look as strong as possible. He knows the minute Wenger fucks up and loses his coveted 4th place trophy Usmanov will bid.

  24. arsenal-flavour

    yeah from most sources seems like ivan is not a complete cunt nor harris nor chips,

    It sounds like wenger is holding us back and kroenke is allowing him to.

    Kroenke wants arsene as he feels he adds to the brand recognition. Arsene wenger yes is being slated by more and more fans but around the world, wenger is famous he is seen as an iconic figure in football.

    Also it helps that wenger would never ask for kroenke to spend a dime of his own money.

  25. Ash79

    vicky – yep Ivan is a smart guy. His profile grows every season with his networking and appointments within the wider football community and various UEFA committees etc. He did make that very specific caveat – “what excites you wont necessarily excite arsene”.

    All managers fight tooth and nail for money from their Chairmen. Imagine if Redknapp was given £120m budget.

  26. Relieable sauce

    There’s always an excuse or three not to protest, not to sack him.
    The latest being kids at the EC & 3 weeks to the start of season.


    WAKE UP FFS!!!

  27. MarsBar

    I believe Gazidis knows what he’s doing. I think for a few years now the aim from the fans giving abuse and slack to to the board has made him change the pace and stance towards Wenger in a none blunt way.

    Slowly but surely more has been said and news popping up now things work.

    I actually would like believe he knows what he’s doing. And realises Wenger has to much power at the club but the fact silent stan loves old cock boy their is probaly little he can do without major views and opinions from people that matter – us fans.

    Who knows, maybe Ash and Vicky have a point.

    Makes you think with all that’s been said last years make a little bit of sense…..

  28. Paulinho

    Reiss – Gervinho is not going anywhere, unless we subsidise a loan move.

    He won’t agree terms with Roma for permanent transfer.

    Think about it, when was the last time one of Wenger’s rejects was ever sold?

  29. samsenal

    To anyone reading this:

    Based upon how you are feeling now, would you take the Suarez signing, a cheap 4th choice CB and nothing more between now and the Window closure?

  30. DavidT

    Hello guys, first time poster.

    This season I did not renenw my season ticket.
    I convinced 4 fellow ST holders to not renew.
    I convinced 2 of those ST holders to return the new away kit they bought.
    I have written a letter to Puma informing them that I have boycotted all their products and wont be buying the new kit range next season.
    I have written to Emirates to state i will not fly with them, will discourage others to also.
    I have done similar with Carlsberg and Citroen.

    Get up off your keyboards and get this tyrant out! talk is cheap.

    Arsenal Football Club for life.

  31. Samir


    “If you can give me names who are better than the players we have compared to the players we have, I am ready to talk about it.”

  32. Samir

    “If you say we’re under pressure to spend money, yes we are.

    “But I feel more under pressure to spend the money in the right way and that’s what I’ll try to do.

    “We want to spend it if it strengthens our team. Just spending the money’s not a quality.

    “Spending the money, buying the right players, that’s a quality, of course.

    “If you can give me names who are better than the players we have compared to the players we have, I am ready to talk about it.”

  33. GoonerDave

    I’m much more optimistc after hearing him admit his interest in Suarez, and say we are working on others.
    Its taking too long, yes, but were we to land Suarez and one or two others, better late than never I say!
    Of course, if we end up signing nobody of note, then I’ll be bloody angry too.
    But we have to at least allow them the allotted time to do it.

  34. ikon

    When Wenger asked “If we are willing to discuss names that are better than we have” someone should have shouted…
    Kurgen Klopp.

  35. Reiss

    Gervinho to Roma for €8 million looks imminent and I must say we did well to get a fee for him, an absolutely shocking footballer and how Wenger claimed he was the best player in Africa is beyond me not even in the top thirty.

  36. BillikenGooner

    The 2 main problems are:

    1) Wenger has to think a player is better than who he has and we all know he thinks who he has are the greatest squad he’s ever had.

    2) Wenger (and probably the board) think that Arsenal is a ‘destination’ club like Madrid, Barca, Bayern, etc. He thinks players are pining to come here and will accept lower wages to play for us, and will force their way out of their clubs to get us a better deal.

  37. Jake

    Why do some of only choose to hear certain quotes. Anything that Wenger says that is negative you take as an absolute truth but when he says that he wants to make signings you all just casually ignore it to suit your confirmation bias.

  38. ikon

    Eboue loves Arsenal, Wenger loves Emirates cup, Fans love Suarez, Bloggers love Ivan, silent Stan loves lambs, the players love each other….

  39. Jake

    Do you expect him to say “My players are shit and I’ll take anyone I can”? Seriously, get some common fucking sense.

  40. Relieable sauce

    Fair play to Wenger he is is absolutely fucking hilarious nowadays, he’s doing his utmost to cheer us up this pre EC joke Friday 🙂

    “…everyone could get 90 mins”. No shitt, our 1st team squad has about 18 players in it, excluding kids, crocks & dead weights.

  41. Pedro

    I don’t know what people are upset about…

    He said we want to sign the best players…

    Suarez >> Higuain

    And he said we were after others…

  42. ikon

    Jake … buddy…

    Basically Wenger is saying the players we have are the best in the world in every position.. where as we finished fourth, so they are at best fourth best bunch in premier league only. That statement is logically porous!!!

    Not even Murinho will come out and say there are no better players than they have at Chelsea.

    Humility = zero in Wenger’s brain…. which is sad to see.

  43. ikon

    We signed Suarez for 41 million, and then soon after sold him to Real for 60 million to make a 20 million profit to be spent on Wenger’s bathroom fittings.

  44. salparadisenyc

    Looks like Bale is going for the highest fee ever.
    Never saw that coming, good player but for the money?
    Loaded on the wings at the Bernabau, lets temp Ozil with our fantastic project at the Emirates. Surely Giroud leading the line is a tempting proposition.

  45. ikon

    @Jim, this same video i posted today in the last blog post.

    It could well have been titled, “Arsenal: The catalog of misses, season 2012-13”

  46. Bergkamp63

    JakeAugust 2, 2013 16:00:55
    Why do some of only choose to hear certain quotes. Anything that Wenger says that is negative you take as an absolute truth but when he says that he wants to make signings you all just casually ignore it to suit your confirmation bias.

    The last 8 years might give it away !

  47. Meh meh meh

    Just a thought here..

    IF Arsenal sign no one else between now and the end of the window.
    After all the spin around season ticket renewel time saying there is money, it will be spent, big signings are coming, we can compete with the best etc etc…

    Atter so many fans decided to renew based on these statements. Would Arsenal fans collectively be able to all send their ST’s (or memberships) back for a full refund based on ‘false advertising’

    If the club said no, could we take it further?…..

  48. Vish

    We need major improvements at board level, particularly in respect to transparency and accountability- I really can’t take too many summers like this one. Just like with any successful organisation, if you continue to fall further behind as a direct result of failing to use the available investment capital available then surely someone needs to take the fucking blame!…..
    If channels of accountability continue to be quelled then surely it should be the owner!

    We are run like an insider-dominated business where unfettered powers rests in the hands of few, which allows the actors up top to pursue persona agenda at the direct expense of their fiduciary duty to the fans. You will not find our governance structure at any top football club or organisation(coming to think of it) around the world. There’s a reason for this.

    It is the fans that give the license for the club to exist and it is absolutely within our right to protest….or do we just let the actors up top continue to conceal and deceive their way to delivering long term shareholder wealth for our owner.

    Things aren’t changing any time soon .We have just promoted a Chairman from within so that the board can continue to evade independent scrutiny and continue to derive overgenerous remuneration benchmarked against delivering Long term Shareholder value.

    If people sat down and just opened their eyes then they’d realise that such allegations levelled at the club are not just pure conjecture, and it Corporate Governance is not much better then what you’d find in a third world institution. (This one of the more pressing issues things Black Scarf Movement are demanding). I was fooled once too.

    ……..And Micro you really are a twat!

  49. unhappy gunner

    @Bergamp 63
    Nothing you say will make fans like jake see the light mate. They are so far up wengers jacksie they can’t see life without him. Look on the bright side, one day wenger will fuck off and so will the akb’s.

  50. Concerned Gooner

    Wenger has been making these comments for years and does fuck all the end of it.How many times can someone tell you the same thing over and over again before you wise up to them?Its good to be positive but not to the detriment of your mental health.

  51. vicky

    Does “amicable” solution of Suarez saga mean Wenger won’t egg Suarez on to put in a transfer request ??

    If it does mean that,then I wonder whether AW will up his bid to meet Liverpool valuation or simply give up on him

  52. Bergkamp63

    The sad thing is we have no recent football legends at the club, and nobody from a footballing background in the boardroom either.

    A bunch of old beancounters running the show.

    There is no feel good factor at Arsenal whatsover.

  53. Josip Skoblar

    Bayern would contemplate selling Luiz Gustavo for £15M as they seem keen to streamline their squad. Arsenal have allegedly expressed interest. Gustavo’s main position is defensive midfield, but he can also cover as an emergency defender. He hopes to be in the starting line-up for Brazil next year. So a potentially good move if there is any move at all of course!

  54. Bergkamp63

    Why the fuck are the likes of Platt & Viera at City and not with us ?

    Why do we not have Tony Adams or Lee Dixon around the place in some capacity ? Let alone people like Wrighty or Bergkamp.

  55. Bergkamp63

    Jim LaheyAugust 2, 2013 16:23:39

    Hearing both Chamakh & Gervinho have gone.

    That’s gotta be worth a cup of tea in celebration.

    That calls for a glass of Riocha !

  56. GoonerDave

    Good point re ex players.
    If we did mount a title challenge, our lot have nobody around who has done it before, apart from Bould and Freddie the ambassador.
    Having old experienced heads around the club would promote the winning mentality, and remind some of the players who they play for.
    And how not to crumble in March if we have a chance to win the league.

  57. Dannyboy

    ‘Hearing both Chamakh & Gervinho have gone.

    That’s gotta be worth a cup of tea in celebration.’

    So our ‘weak squad’ from last season, is now an Arshavin,Djourou,Squillaci,Santos,Gervinho,Chamakh and Coquelin short…

    with no-one in to replace him.

    So basically, we’ve moaned all year about how knackered our car is, and how embarrassing it is to be seen in it on the 10 mile drive to work. so we took it to the scrapyard and dumped it there…

    Then decided we would walk to work instead. Nice one Arsene.

  58. Goongoonergone

    Everyone of you who is fine with Wenger. For once, I will become a waiter, and since you are Wenger’s lickers , I am prepared to bring his bum on a plate to you.

  59. Vish


    Totally agree mate. Profit has gradually shifted from initially being a purpose to now becoming the objective. Very sad indeed.

    But when you have an owner like Kroenke this is to be expected.

  60. sylvain

    Believe me or not, but I just discover that the Napoli will play the EC!!!

    At first I thought it was a fucking joke !!!!!!!
    FFS how long will we pay for supporting this club ???? : – [

    Stop playing with our fucking nerves Arsène!!

  61. Vintage Gun

    ‘When Wenger asked “If we are willing to discuss names that are better than we have” someone should have shouted…
    Jurgen Klopp.’

    LMFAO!!! I bet he would of got up grabbed one of them crazy smiling women behind him at knife point and demand a three year contract

  62. TitsMcgee

    “what does he mean an ‘amicable way’”

    It means it’s just like every other transfer he tries to do.

    He’ll come and ask politely.

  63. sylvain

    Oh yeah, and of course it is obvious that Higuain will play against us, and score a goal or two, right Arsène ???
    You fucking senile moron!!!

  64. Bergkamp63

    ‘When Wenger asked “If we are willing to discuss names that are better than we have” someone should have shouted…
    Jurgen Klopp.’

    And then added,


  65. goona

    …………HAHAHAHA even FUCKIN PALACE wont take permanently Chamakh…..

    ….if he was a racehorse we could fuckin shoot him.

  66. TitsMcgee

    “I don’t know what people are upset about…He said we want to sign the best players…Suarez >> HiguainAnd he said we were after others…”

    You’re joking Pedro.

    We passed on Higuain because we didn’t think he was worth the extra millions Madrid wanted(even if you don’t think Higuain is worth 34m the market says he is).

    So we passed on Higuain because we “thought” we could get Suarez(probably because he thought he triggered a release clause at 40 and didn’t have to spend more than that).

    i.e trying to get a discount.

    Now Suarez is better but you don’t get points for “trying to sign” a player and if we end up with neither then it’s just another example of incompetence.

    This isn’t year 3 mate. This is year 8 soon to be 9.

    You are the eternal optimist but you need to hit reality sometime.

  67. Vish

    We are made to believe that the primary incentive to finishing fourth was so that we could attract the best players. The prize money is of secondary importance.

    Yeah, of course it is…that’s why we’re going to end the season end with no top quality acquisitions but a a year to year improvement to our current assets on the year end’s balance sheet.

    Pure Coincidence?…. i think not!

  68. Dannyboy

    Just looked through the squad on and there is genuinely 13 players good enough to be in our squad, and that’s being generous!!!

  69. Reiss

    Chamakh basically gone permanently because he joined in 2010 and he had a four year contract which will run out next year and obviously we won’t renew.

  70. Bergkamp63

    Arsene Wenger believes Real Madrid’s mooted £100 million deal for Gareth Bale will make a mockery of the Fifa’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules.

    Spurs insist their star man is not for sale but the Spanish giants are said to be ready to test that resolve with what would be a world-record fee.

    Wenger feels such figures would go completely against the new regulations aimed at making sure all clubs balance the books.

    “It makes a joke of it. It’s quite amazing that in the year where the Financial Fair Play comes in, the football world has gone completely crazy,” said the Arsenal manager, who has yet to make a marquee summer signing despite having significant funds available.

    “You wonder what kind of impact and effect it has on the football world. It looks like it has made everybody worse than before.”

    This is the difference between giant clubs like RM and Arsenal, where they look to the wider aspects of such a purchase including shirt sales, increased commercial revenue & prize money, Wenger and the peoples rebublic of Arsenal are stuck in the 19th Century in terms of thinking.

  71. unhappy gunner

    The reason he doesn’t buy stars anymore is because if he did and as usual fucked up, people would then realise just how shit he is. By buying no one and barely scraping 4th or buying shit and scraping 4th, the wengerettes can then wet they’re pants and claim him to be a genius. The celebrations on the last game of the season were an absolute embarrassment, and indicitive of the clubs and wengers mentality. 4th is all they want as long as it brings ruggy stan money, and allows wenger to say “16 years I have qaulified for CL football, I am a genius”. Fuck wenger, fuck stan, fuck em all. CUNTS!!!!

  72. TitsMcgee

    If we spent more time trying to build a winner and less time complaining about what Madrid and Chelsea and City do he’d be better off.

    Very bitter man.

  73. Dannyboy

    Signing players like Gustavo and Capoue, who can cover multiple positions, is a must to supplement the squad if Wenger doesn’t want to sign specialists…

  74. Vish

    Yeah Madrid have got a huge following in South America and they’ve always actively market their brand on a global scale.

    We we’re too short sighted and tightfisted to market our brand when we where on top. We we’re distracted by the new stadium venture at the time- we still fucking are!

  75. GoonerDave

    If we splurged money like Real Madrid, we would no longer have a club.
    They have been bailed out numerous times. They do distort the market and raise valuations for players.
    If shirt sales/merchandising are that profitable, how come they have been in financial trouble on more than one occasion?
    They are hardly a club we should compare ourselves with or aspire to.
    We only need to look at Bayern Munich if we need a proper example. I doubt very much they would spend 100M on any one player.

  76. Bergkamp63


    it’s true, most of us know it, he can’t abide spending money because he will be found wanting.

  77. Vish

    FFP is just an instrument that the club uses to ensure that our owner gets guaranteed long term wealth. I’m sure that they know that it” never have the teeth to change much.

  78. arsenal-flavour

    Its just bizaree why we didn’t buy higuain most fans would of been appeased by this signing, no one was actually calling for suarez and it is obvious that we were very interested in him at a certain point.

    So intead we decide that 34 M is to much but 40 M for a player who is banned for however many games isn’t.

    Ok the argument could be well maybe wenger/board thinks suarez is a better fit… but if that is truly the case why did they try for higuain before suarez??

    Either way its a complete cock up

  79. Dannyboy

    The reason Wenger is spouting off about Bale is cos he is terrified of what they could do with the money…

    Also, he’s furious he didn’t sign him 5 years ago… I bet he’s seething at the thought of £100 million on its way to Spurs, and not to Arsenal Financial Corporation.

  80. Bergkamp63

    GoonerDaveAugust 2, 2013 16:56:07
    If we splurged money like Real Madrid, we would no longer have a club.

    Are RM still operating ? The last I heard they were ! Are they in so much trouble they can’t bid for players ?

    No, they are about to bid a world record fee for a player because their turnover is over 1/2 a billion $

    And why do you think that is ?

  81. unhappy gunner

    And we got lumbered with forestt walcott who is so poor that with one season left on his contract noone actually came in for him. Some fucking talent spotter arsehole is eh….

  82. GoonerDave

    I did make reference to the fact that they have been bailed out more than once.
    So yes, if we spent like that, we would go out of business, barring a similar bailout.

  83. Same Story

    Has anyone mentioned the possiblity of us signing Di Maria who was offered for Bale but rejected the move?

    He’s ought the feeling pissed and unwanted about now.

  84. Scott

    Don’t agree about the protest or sacking AW Pedro.
    Gus Hiddink is waiting in the wings I’d have him take over the day before our first game of the season.
    Wenger is stale and bad news for our club now.

  85. Relieable sauce

    Harold Shipman would have used the same technique Wenger has over the years.

    Yes don’t worry, I’ve been practicing as a GP for 16 years…I’ve carried out 50 000 medical procedures! How many have you?…

  86. arsenal-flavour

    spurs are a stronger team if they keep bale, they should not sell, people talk about the 100 M

    and its true world class talents at 40 M and a very good player at 20 M would help them

    BUT if they don’t make it 4th spot this year that 100 M is alot of money but world class players still wont want to join a team who are not in the champions league (e.g. DI Maria)

    in this way they will be able to buy good quality players not world class and with their spending it will increase the pressure on arsenal to spend. (so could work at as a positive incentive to us)

    If tottenham keep Bale there is no way they wont beat us to 4th place, if that happens we are fucked and then tottenham can sell Bale if he still wants to leave for roughly the same fee as he will only be 24, but at this point they will have CL football and can buy world class players as well as adding 30 M to their warchest.

    100 M is fuck lot of money but for the club it makes more sense to hold onto Bale for one more season get that Cl football then sale Bale and buy when they are at more of an advantage.

  87. Dannyboy

    Lol a certain little Spaniard just handed in a transfer request on FM 13.. £40 million Barca want for him, but I’ll get half of it back! Thanks Ivan!!!

  88. jack

    Pedro, would you be happy with 4th place trophy again and no cups. Are you a schizophrenic? Some of your posts supporting the Wanker are pathetic and are a microcosm of AFC. Inability to make decisions, to buy players, to win anything, to protest, to have ambition, to be decisive, to protest, to live in reality, to stop deluding yourself. Get your head out of AW arse ffs

  89. Relieable sauce

    Scott August 2, 2013 17:12:54

    Don’t agree about the protest or sacking AW Pedro.
    Gus Hiddink is waiting in the wings I’d have him take over the day before our first game of the season.
    Wenger is stale and bad news for our club now.

    I agree Scott, nothing wrong with protesting or sacking him now.
    I did ask the question yesterday if Usmanov knew Hiddink, (not that this really matters) but he resignation 2/3 games into the season did seem strange. Now that there’s news of 16 or so shares being traded i wondered if there was a takeover bid looming…

  90. Reiss

    What Wenger and Gazidis don’t understand is you have to spend money to make money and I guarantee you that Real Madrid will make a lot of money back from things such as merchandise not to mention that he will obviously to make them potential la liga/champions league winners.

  91. arsenal-flavour

    I think spurs realize with their recent additions and if they keep Bale they are guaranteed Champions league football.

    If they have 100M they can spend that on lots of players true but they can’t buy the upper echelons of talent, even if they overpay top talent wants CL football and more than that a cub with a history of winning aka a big club.

    Spurs can sell Bale anytime they wont his young and his in demand and shows no sign of dropping down a level if anything improving and getting better.

    Also Spurs are desperate for Cl football with him gone it will take time for his replacement to bed in.Spurs aren’t thinking lets get Cl football in two seasons time they want it this season coming up, Bale is their best shot.

    Im not saying Bale will stay but my dirty spurs mate works at white heart lane and thats what the word is round the grounds.

  92. arsenal-flavour

    I dont think ancelotti is a dumb man, he wont want to sell Ozil.

    Ozil had an average season by his standards last season, but that was more down to Mourniho tactics he didn’t know how to best use the man.

    Though I conceded Ozil is not a typical real players as his not as direct and vertical. I would concede however would they not wish to rid their team of kaka before they think of ozil or De Maria who is openly slated by the fans and the press.

  93. unhappy gunner

    Think I might put a bet on as to how many times wenger uses the phrases “mental strength” “played with the handbrake on” and my favourite “top top qaulidee”, this season.

  94. arsenal-flavour

    “If you can give me names who are better than the players we have compared to the players we have, I am ready to talk about it,” Wenger stated.

    “I believe money is important. It’s not the only thing in the game. We want to spend it if it strengthens our team. Spending the money is not a quality. It has to be the right players.”

    “At the moment, the market hasn’t moved a lot.”


    “I don’t want to speak about Suarez, because that is between Liverpool and Arsenal. We will completely respect what Liverpool wants to do. We want to (sign the player) if it is feasible in an amicable way,” Wenger said.


    “I am a great believer you have to keep as much confidentiality as possible, which is quite difficult in the modern world.


  95. Relieable sauce

    Wenger bleating about FFP & pointing out the culprits like a teachers creep.
    The teacher though is having a sneaky giggle under her breath & is thinking- aahh poor little Arsene, he just doesn’t know how to have any fun. Poor little boy.

    I wonder if OGL knows about Sagnas involvement in creating an app (or something ?) where fans can pledge money to help fund signings. RM fans were using it for the Bale bid i read yesterday. Bizarre if true ??? & what will UEFA think? I reckon ol’ rughead would fucking love it 😉

  96. BillikenGooner

    Wenger will use his ‘outrage’ over the Bale bid as his reason to not spend any of our already budgeted transfer funds.

    His own private protest about FFP.

    “If they won’t honor it, and it won’t be enforced, I will show them all by not spending a penny.”

  97. Aaron Lemon

    I don’t blame Pedro for the optimism. I just want to know if he thinks that actually, maybe, he was taken for a ride like John Cross is every day. Because from where we’re sat, that’s what happened. Gazidis got one of the most critically astute bloggers out there onside, if only for a few weeks, and now it’s up to Pedro to defend Gazidis’ position and his own position in the wake of a meeting or two. It’s a shame.

    And I bet the invincibles look back and wonder how they fuck they went unbeaten with Wenger in charge. And the fact that none of the invincibles or club legends has much input at the club if any. Vieira should damn well be at Arsenal doing that job here, not at fucking City! Why is Keown not our defensive coach? Why do we not have one or two of our legendary forwards coaching the attack? Our coaching is dire in terms of attacking invention these days and the defence isn’t much to write home about, so what the fuck does Wenger ACTUALLY coach?

    I will know the coaching at Arsenal has returned to former glories when Arteta and Podolski are taking our free kicks and Walcott is nowhere near the ball.

  98. Paulinho

    Yes it’s true Gervinho has gone.

    Arsenal have agreed to pay Roma £5 million up front with another 2.5 on appearances, trophies won etc,

    Wenger :” I always said I wasn’t afraid to spend money on improving the squad. For some reason people reproach me on that but there is nothing wrong with a little bit short term pain long term gain.”.

  99. Dannyboy

    cracks me up when the french twat says ‘liddle bid’ all the time…

    My favourite one was when Walcott had arsecheek pain, and he said ‘he has liddle bid inflammtion in his.. *points to his arse* glutes’ funny fucker thinking he can use big words and outsmart us all.

  100. Moray

    @Same Story, Di Maria won’t come to us as Wenger already almost bought him and then left him high and dry with no cash through or explanation. Another bridge burnt.