Hello, where are my new Arsenal players?

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Word up people! Yeah, things just went east side American slang on yo ass. Ya feel me?

Just joking. I’m still the raw middle England character you knew before.

So, today, is another news day.

We enter August with no signings whatsoever. Now, obviously the web is about slamming people, and, despite the window having another 30 days to go, I’m being slammed. Ivan’s dasterdly plan to conquer the biggest moaner in the land has obviously worked and I’ve been hook lined and sinkerered

… but wait, you mean, if nothing happens… I can go back to making this site a place of misery and doom?


I can come back with twice the venom as before? Like, literally, melt the Internet with misery and proclamations of the end?

I know… Of course I can. Ivan and his team have gained nothing by getting me onside for a month. It’s also worth noting 95% of my summer chat comes from someone else I’ve been speaking to for 4 years. So still, despite the lack of noise, I’m keeping the faith. Or two relationships are over…

The main reason for the on-going positivity is because if you’re Arsene Wenger armed with £100m and £500k a week in wages… you really can’t be coming out of a summer without any players. If you do… it kind of means you’re finished. Attracting talent is a major part of the job. If we’re not doing that, or worse, Wenger has gone cold on the idea, it’ll be curtains for him. Big clubs need progressive managers. If Wenger has lost the fight, move on garçon…

Anyway, bidding £40m for Suarez is a start. That story has plenty to go. The rest of the squad still has a chance as well. So lets keep the faith, kick up a fat fuss at The Emirates at the weekend (and we know the players will support that as well) and hope for better days.

One more thing… Arsenal are the most long term club in the world. I’m really not sure why people think Ivan Gazidis would put so much effort into bringing people like me onside, just for a few months respite.

Simply put, that’s really not a social PR strategy… and beleive me, bitchy bloggers are a massive irritant, I’m learning that first hand this month.

I guess the other thing in the back of my mind is that I don’t think 4 players makes us contenders… mainly because it doesn’t solve Wengers managerial weaknesses at the highest level. Those were present in the prime times. They’re even more obvious nowadays. Maybe a new manager with £100m is a tastier proposition?

Most of you can’t believe that Wenger is tactically weak, ‘Oh but Pedro, he put a striker on when we were losing 2-0 in the 81st minute’, I mean obviously, there’s a level of thought that goes on…  but the club are still in the dark ages compared to others on tech, preparation and post game recuperation.

How’s that for a bit of positivity this morning?

Love Pedro. Xxx

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  1. northern gooner

    And I read the blog!
    I was hoping for a big player signed before the Emirates cup. My 18 month old wont be getting that new kit until we spend some proper money in the transfer window.

  2. Charles

    I have to say I am undecided as to whether I want Arsene to remain manager. He seems to have some glaring deficiencies but also, some amazing managerial skills. That isn’t going to be a popular view on here I know.

    When you listen to managers like Ferguson and Wenger talk they are clearly deeply concerned with the psychological side of the game. Most of what wenger says at a press conference is for the players NOT us or the media. Hence he says a lot of rage inducing things.

    On the one hand you have a very selfish man and some of that is good and some of it is detrimental. On the other hand you have a very selfless man who takes enormous amount of flak for the players.

    We need to change things but keep Arsene at the club. We need new personnel at board room level to facilate acquiring new personnel at the coaching level to complement Arsene and ultimately enable us to complete some fucking signings.

  3. Oh Theo Theo!

    Ah ha, looks like Pedro’s twigged he’s been hoodwinked by Ivan “Spin Master” Gazidis.

    Looks like Ivan’s jedi mind trick is wearing off…

    “These are not the players you’re looking for….”

  4. AFCEd

    The atmosphere at the Emirates cup will be the fiercest for years if no new signings have been announced. I really can’t see the club opening the curtains to a new season with a toxic fanbase and mutiny in the ranks.

  5. Romford Pele

    Like others, I miss football. But bringing Arsenal back is just going to make me wish it away again.

  6. Adam A Carbarundum

    ThIs is your Arsenal. Wenger’s final statement – Project Youth! Think about it?

    He’s offloaded bad contracts and marginals. Signed no one. Is telling all that so and so from the Youth Academy is ready to play. Think about it?

    Wenger is in his final year. What better way to cement your legacy than by doing it your way? The man is going out either in a blaze of glory, or a crazed gambler. Think about it?

    The pieces to this puzzle appear to be falling into place. Wenger’s just egotistical and maniacal enough to do it. Project Youth – It’s closer to reality than you think..

    Think about it?

  7. Dublin Gunner!!!

    August is here and it’s time for another ANR EXCLUSIVE on the same scale as Song and Van Persie have left the club.You didn’t see that shocker on the BBC and or in any newspaper, and you won’t see this one either.Right now, I can’t give you all of it. But I can give you enough to chew on.In a heated board meeting, Wenger refused to spend big on Suarez.Chips Cheswick and Phil Harris are pushing him to do deals. But Wenger said : I’m not paying that for him.Then the board ordered Wenger to make an offer of £40 million. They said, “Go to £40 millon. We’re instructing you to go to £40million.” And Liverpool have said: He’s yours for £50 million.Centreback prices are so high that Wenger was looking at two centrebacks who are unknown to your or me or anybody else. He’s decided not to buy either of them.He thinks Sagna can do the job and that’s not as crazy as it sounds. The mobile Sagna is great in the air for his size and is the best natural defender at the club. Fellaini’s clause is August 15 and nothing will happen before then.Wenger has Kroenke’s ear and Stan says : You’re in charge, do whatever you want. I’ll make sure the board support me.It’s stalemate.Wenger is saying: I’m not paying more than 40. And Liverpoolare saying :He’s your player for 50. You all wanted to know what’s happening at your club. Now you do.The Board are telling Wenger : We’ve lost all credibility with the fans, you have to buy Suarez.And Wenger is able to stall because the owner has told him to do what he wants to do.

  8. angeausarsenal

    Just read this on Arsenal news review,

    “In a heated board meeting, Wenger refused to spend big on Suarez.

    Chips Cheswick and Phil Harris are pushing him to do deals.

    But Wenger said : I’m not paying that for him.

    Then the board ordered Wenger to make an offer of £40 million. They said, “Go to £40 millon. We’re instructing you to go to £40 million.”

    And Liverpool have said: He’s yours for £50 million.

    Centreback prices are so high that Wenger was looking at two centrebacks who are unknown to your or me or anybody else. He’s decided not to buy either of them.

    He thinks Sagna can do the job and that’s not as crazy as it sounds. The mobile Sagna is great in the air for his size and is the best natural defender at the club.

    Fellaini’s clause is August 15 and nothing will happen before then.

    Wenger has Kroenke’s ear and Stan says : You’re in charge, do whatever you want. I’ll make sure the board support me.

    It’s stalemate.

    Wenger is saying: I’m not paying more than 40. And Liverpool are saying :He’s your player for 50.

    You all wanted to know what’s happening at your club. Now you do.

    The Board are telling Wenger : We’ve lost all credibility with the fans, you have to buy Suarez.

    And Wenger is able to stall because the owner has told him to do what he wants to do.”

  9. Gregg

    People have been a bit harsh on Pedro being hoodwinked. The club invited him in, informed him of their plans etc and in return he trusted them. Now quite clearly if nothing happens then he will never trust or believe a word that they try to say to him again. We’re the club that cried wolf once too many times.

  10. Matt

    Im sorry but I cant see how even the most optimistic fan can remian positive at this point. We have put all our eggs in one baslet with Suarez and I just cant see that transfer happening. With have pissed Liverpool pff with a £40 million + £1 bid which wa wsjust embarassing. Can you imagine any other top club in the world doing that!?

  11. Emiratesstroller

    I think that Arsenal’s main problem now is not the club or even our squad, but the manager.

    He is sitting on his hands in this transfer market not because our squad is
    strong enough even though he may think it is, but because he ‘values’ players
    who could be of interest and improve the team at less than the selling club wants to sell for.

    This is becoming a consistent pattern in almost every transfer window. There
    has to come a point when transfer negotiations and decisions are being taken
    out of his hands.

    Frankly we are not paying Wenger a huge amount of money to be an accountant or bookkeeper. He is paid to build a team/squad which can win titles and

  12. Fada Dee

    To think that I just bought 2 club level seasons ticket for my son and I. I have to tell you, I am becoming bitter and less optimistic about our transfers this year as it has been for the past few year. All we are doing is selling, even in a year we have no stars to sell. Just resignedly waiting for the usual line of talk, that is, Wilshere and Diaby are like new signings and we buy another young start or unknown watched out striker and defenders

  13. unhappy gunner

    Nothing will change under wonga. As for project youth….please…come on be sensible. Current 1st team squad we have, injuries permitting, are good enough for top 4 , especially with spuds usual bottling of things. There we have it a nutshell, 4th is all the board and wenger want. Any of you akb’s who are happy with this good luck to you. I want a manager who’s hungry for success and wants to win everything. Wenger and the board out. Fuck off to average land where you all will be quite happy.

  14. Oh Theo Theo!

    So what the ANR article seems to suggest is that it’s Kroenke and Wenger vs the rest of the board. I must admit I’ve never heard of manager in conflict with the board for NOT wanting to spend money! Usually other way round.

    Interesting dynamic if true, and would explain the total lack of any other activity in the transfer market as the club bickers internally.

    So Usmanov in, problem solved as Wenger would last 2mins.

  15. Martin Wengrow

    Away from Arsenal’s transfer policy, what about Tottenham selling Caulker for £8 million ? It seems that the Totts. get max or more on their sales, whilst we have to either pay up players contracts or subsidise the wages whilst we loan them out until their contracts run out, Any thoughts ?

  16. Ash79

    To all you guys claiming it will be a heated tamosphere blah blah at the Emirates Cup – have you ever been? It’s very much a cricket crowd AND as Gregg has said LOTS of chidren. The chances of someone standing up and shouting “spend some fuckin money you cunt!!!” are extremely slim.

    For the record, I have been to 2 of these and going on Saturday also with 3 non-arsenal mates. But why Ash? why do you want to hand over cash to Wenger??!!! cos life is too fuckin short lads. We never watch the matches on the day, we hit up club level bars and get pretty tanked, watch around half of the arsenal game but mostly drink and have a laugh and thats the plan again this saturday. However i wont be standing up whilst a 7 year sits next to me and hurl expletives on deaf ears. Not at the Emirates Cup I wont.

    Im not saying dont protest etc etc – feel free to do it but the EC isnt the platform and you’ll be wasting your time. EPL and ECL games most definately are as you get proper fans and more importantly, you’ll get coverage and the worlds cameras and media. Last season I went to the schalcke defat and we gave some real stick, made some AKBs real uncomfortable and upset but it had to be done.

  17. ughelligooner

    Welldone Pedro. People I know this may sound AKB..ish, but what if the tension bw ivan and wenger is that arsene is the one pushing for suarez (plan A) before anybody, like him saying you sold my best players before, now you have money give me plan A and not plan B or no new contract becos from where i sit,i can see that ivan is the one pushing for a new contract and not wenger that was why wenger was angry with that jornal last season when the story broke out that he has signed a new contract (why do you look at me,.. Because you are bringing stories with the intention to harm) well you can see nobody here said anything about the reply only the question “why do you look at me”

  18. Gunner2301


    If what is being said on ANR has some merit and there is a stand off between the board and Wenger how come you don’t know about such an important development?

  19. Oh Theo Theo!

    Romford – did they get the RvP and Song story right as they claim.

    I never read ANR so can’t really form an opinion.

  20. Gunner2301


    Wenger was pissed off at the time because we weren’t doing well fans were making noise so any news of new contracts would not have been welcome. A bit like now really.

  21. Adam A Carbarundum

    Not saying I am for Project Youth @unhappy gunner. I’m saying that it’s Wenger’s master plan and always has been. He’s invested his entire reputation on one thing and one thing only – he’s right and you, me and everyone else us wrong. If this is his last year, and it should be, then you just have to know it’s going to be done his way. What else could you ever expect from such an egotistical person?

    I’m just throwing it out there because so far, it’s about the only thing that is making sense in an otherwise bizarre off season.

  22. LeMassiveCoq

    Everyday I wake up and hope it’s all a bad dream.

    What the fuck is going on? There is not one piece of news about Arsenal transfers in the press this morning.

    We just want something to get excited about Arsene. Oh hang on we’ve got lots of money in the bank, yeah well so will fucking Tottenham after they sell Bale you penis.

    Go and buy some fucking players.

    x1 GK
    x1 CB,
    x1 versatile defender / DM
    x1 AM
    x1 Suarez

    useless, no ambition, bargain bin dipping, garlic crunching surrender monkey cunt.

    ***aahhh that’s better*****

    now what was that web-site, Xgerbil or something?

  23. Jimbo

    That ANR article has come from the same source that said Cesc had signed a contract with us 3 weeks ago

    Lets not waste any more time on that rubbish

  24. DanC


    I like that. Put it in perspective right there…life is too short. A day on the lash with the boys taking the piss watching the warm up for the season. But you’re right its the wrong time and wrong place to be shouting shit and voicing opinions. Take in the game, take it for what it is and hopefully it won’t be our line up for the start of the season

  25. Paddy got up

    Murdering Turkish scum at our place. Hang your head in shame Arsenal.
    Also anyone going the weekend you need to take a good look at yourself. Your all moaning about the greed of the club yet support this disgusting position.
    And as for bringing kids!! Have a look at the Internet and see what’s being planned this weekend from both sets of fans..

  26. Romford Pele

    “Romford – did they get the RvP and Song story right as they claim.I never read ANR so can’t really form an opinion.”

    Nope. They make it up as they go along. They never came out with any sort of exclusive. These are the same people that said Pep was a shoe-in to be the next Arsenal manager this summer. They haven’t the foggiest.

  27. The Yes Man

    Lets hold on a second. Why are we being hoodwinked into believing that our team, that carried that excellent run at the end of last season, needs wholesale replacing?
    Podolski, Giroud, Mertesacker, Walcott, Ramsey, Wilshire and Cazorla are players that can (and have) proven themselves… our signings from last season are only going to get better. Why should we spend £50m on one player and think everything will be ok?
    I am confident we’d survive without a single signing in this window, but it seems too many people are listening to the non Arsenal media and all our rivals for what’s wrong with our club.
    We have an entire month to go so why are we worrying today?

  28. arsenal tom

    The Turks coming to our place must have been a sweetener to get them to take Eboue.

    No point moaning about whats going on though, Nothings going to change for a good few years yet.

  29. Midlandgunner

    I really like the new way kit but won’t be purchasing until a player worthy of his name on the back of it is purchased,also I’m quite happy to have no signings this summer as long as there is a 100% guarantee Wenger is gone after the last game of the season

  30. Hitchy

    Everyone knows the emirates cup wont be a protest, its a family-day. Anyone who thinks otherwise is going to be dissapointed.

    I’m going this year (3rd time), as Its a good excuse to have a few beers in the sun with my brother and make a weekend of it in London. Nothing more than that, A signing announced tomorrow would be nice though eh?

  31. arsenal tom

    Jimbo.. i pulled him up on the Cesc deal and to his credit he e-mailed a reply to me saying it had been agreed but not signed.

    Guess all that really means is we’ve agreed numbers with his agent should he choose to leave.

  32. MadeToLoveMagic

    Hey hey hey hey mr postman!!

    Wow pedro, old Skool lE grove 2 day, word up

    I think I know exactly what Ivan was doing by speaking to you,

    He’s putting pressure on wenger, he knows he can’t sack wenger, so the best way to hang him is by giving him the rope to do it himself

    If you look at gazidis quote from a couple of months back he said, “your idea of a quality signing might not be the same as arsenes”

    He knows that wenger is obsessed by not spending and probably won’t

    The only person who looks bad because of what gaz said to you Is arsene,

    Plus we got he whole arsene contract st’ories coming out at the same time which shows gazidis is sticking by him or pretending to,,,, then magically a month later we get the wenger and board at loggerheads story.

    This has been well planned by gazidis, he isn’t stupid, it’s a ploy to get rid of wenger without actually having tO fire him,

  33. Admir

    Pedro, could it be that you – not intentionally, I hope – might be a first priest of IKB (Ivan Knows Best) fraction?

    Just kiddin’. You are not the first one. Ivan did it with another blogger before. Educated Gooner was the first one who fell on Ivan’s charm.

    Now, I understand what made you believe Gazidis would change things around. He would probably fool me too with strong arguments when it comes to marketing and financial dimension. He would have done the same thing to me. After all, one of your strongest points is that we are selling a dream right now. That sort of sale has to start from somewhere and the first ones who Gazidis et al have to persuade are fans.

    Furthermore, it is something that we all want to believe – things will change. ‘We won’t enter August without reinforcements. Our new players will have enough time to gel in with their team-mates. We will sign players with special quality. We will add some muscles to our current team.’

    And then, when the season starts, we feel stupid because we were fooled again.

  34. Ben

    Ive got he other halfs family visiting from abroad first game of the season and they want to go to a game, 60,000 seater and you know its never full, but the numpty at the box office wants me to buy 6 memberships on top of the tickets and can’t guarantee he will be able sit us together or even in two lots of 3. I’ll tell them I can’t get them and we’ll all see on tv the rows of empty seats and they’ll think I’m a c**t.

  35. Gregg

    Spot on mate, The Emirates cup is not the platform for outbursts. The crowd are mostly kids and are the next generation of fans and we cannot afford to make them fearful of going to watch a football match. That would be too selfish and ultimately counter productive.

  36. gambon

    This is getting ridiculous

    I said over and over at the end of the season that the fans were gonna get mugged off again, that we would make transfer market profits, that it was just a more elaborate version of the season ticket shifting scam.

    A big part of me thought i may be wrong and this time we would actually change things.

    I do think theres a good chance Amy Lawrence is right, and Wenger is refusing to spend cos he thinks money is the root of all evil (apart from when hes being payed £600k per month).

    If you look at Arsenals financial capability then something doesnt add up.

    Next year our revenue will hit £295m (estimated)

    This will allow us to run a £170m wage bill, and still make £45m in profit.

    2014/15 we will have revenue of at least £320m

    This will allow us a £200m wage bill and still make £40m profit

    So very very clearly we can spend the next 12 months building a world class team, a team with 3 marquee players on £150k-£200k per week.

    We can afford to spend £100m this summer without worrying.

    So why have we got to the Emirates cup with no signings at all to improve the squad?

    We needed signings to bed into the team so that they could make an impact from the first game.

    We have once again completely missed the boat, and once again Wenger has done whats right for him, and not whats right for Arsenal FC.

    Talk all you like about this grand plan for the future of AFC, its all bollocks. We now have significant progress in commercial revenue, we have signed 6 regional partners in 12 months, we have signed big deals with Emirates & Puma.

    If we dont spend big this summer we will never spend big. This was our opportunity to take a leap forward and we’ve just not bothered trying.

    It doesnt matter if we sign Suarez, which i dont think will happen. We’ve left it too late, we needed 5 top players, all signed in July, not an outside chance of 1 signing in August.

    Silverware has gone for yet another season.

  37. Jimbo

    Kenny Sansom, absolute legend

    We should do more as a club to keep ex players involved in the club at some level once they have retired, Man U do

    Freddie coming back is a good start, but shameful that Vieira is employed by Citeh now

  38. Dplanet

    It will be hilarious when The Spuds sell Bale for €100m… and then buy Suarez while we dither. Imagine the blow to morale that would cause at the start of the season – knowing the Spuds would be favourites for our coveted 4th Place Trophy.


  39. gambon

    Met Kenny Sansom 8 years ago and was under no illusion that he would be fucked up in future years.

    Good guy though.

  40. Romford Pele


    Suarez won’t leave Pool to join Spurs. He wants CL footie. That’s his main reason for wanting to leave.

    But essentially, what everyone is saying is right. Arsenal are only going to get richer so why we’re not strengthening when there are blatant gaps in the team is down to Wenger. As I said yesterday and Pedro alluded to this morning, Wenger has nothing to hide behind anymore.

  41. Romford Pele

    Wenger must have truly gone senile. The guy is stubborn has hell, but he isn’t stupid. Why undo all the good work you did in the first 8 years? He’s just tarnishing his reputation now and it’s good to know that fans aren’t standing for it.

  42. Jimbo

    Arsenal Tom

    Hope you’re right mate

    It only takes one or two great signings to change our mood and chances for the season

    Fingers crossed

  43. bazza

    @ Martin Wengrow
    Why is Tottenham’s transfer policy better than ours?

    A great question and the source of many of our problems.

    In the red corner we have Wenger who has an academic knowledge of supply and demand and therefore thinks he understands value. He is not a businessman and lacks negotiating skills. His other duties in managing the team directly conflict with his ability to have the detachment that any good poker player needs. He is constantly distracted from pursuing a hard negotiating because of his “relationship” with the players.

    In the blue corner we have Daniel Levy Managing Director of ENIC, he has wide experience not only in running football clubs but also in technology, media and retailing. Levy knows sod all about football but understands value and is an incredibly shrewd cookie. He establishes his objectives and then single mindedly goes for it. He has no personal relationship with any of the players, his sole objective is to maximise value for the club.

    Who would you rather have in your corner?

  44. porkchop

    Some people saying that we should rather spend 50M on two worldclass players!please tell me a world class striker who is on the market worth 25M!dont even give me that lewandowski bullsh*t!truth is,wenger brought this situation all on himself due to penny pinching so i dont care if suarez goes for 70M,we need to get him!anything less would be a failure…futhermore dont we have ‘financial might’ to compete??…in a market where a one dimensional runner such as bale is going for 100M,suarez who is a better player IMO,is a steal at 55M and i bet most on here would agree.

  45. Gunnershabz

    Told you guys I can actually believe that story about wenger and the board

    They know arsenal fans getting inpatient hence the statements about we working hard signing players

    This summer the prices for players are high and especially if Real Madrid try signing bale for £85m+

    Then saurez value will go up even more, we have to sign him before bale goes to Madrid because then Liverpool will value him even higher

  46. lamia

    On reflection I think achieving the glorious 4th place was the worse thing that could have happened. Had we finished below Spuds we would have no doubt already added quality to the squad, despite not qualifying for the CL.
    Better still, wenger might even had walked, (unlikely I admit)

    We certainly wouldn’t be hearing wenger’s lunatic protestations about the squad being good enough to challenge for title. And don’t thing this was said to wind up the press, the madman means it.

  47. Willie

    I agree with Gambon. Besides the massive deals, Le Arse has the priciest tickets and is in the top five richest clubs in the world. Somebody please explain the ongoing mediocrity.

  48. goona

    @Jimbo August 1, 2013 10:17:01

    …agree about keeping the old players involved, at this rate I would also be offering them playing contracts!

  49. SUGA3


    there is one thing everyone needs to understand: there is no amount of good will towards making signings and paying proper money to proper players amongst the top brass at that will make a difference to the way we come out for the next season for as long as we have a manager who wields WAY too much power and is fucking cuckoo, which sadly is the case at Arsenal…

    I don’t care about good intentions, they say the hell is paved with them, that’s why I am not going to bother with this shit whatsoever…

    and by the way, a new manager armed with 100M? fuck me, is Wenger not negotiating another contract extension?

  50. Wallace

    “The main reason for the on-going positivity is because if you’re Arsene Wenger armed with £100m and £500k a week in wages… you really can’t be coming out of a summer without any players. If you do… it kind of means you’re finished. Attracting talent is a major part of the job. If we’re not doing that, or worse, Wenger has gone cold on the idea, it’ll be curtains for him. Big clubs need progressive managers. If Wenger has lost the fight, move on garçon…”


  51. DanC

    Granted the spuds will be losing monkey boy but in terms of intent and going out and making a statement you can’t fault them.

    They have broken their transfer record twice already, erm isn’t that what we were meant to be doing?

  52. reggie 57

    I’m not religious or anything!! but im gonna pray that wenger sign’s no one, let him carry on with his master plan let him crash and burn!!

    Wenger Out !!

  53. N5

    “These are not the players you’re looking for….”


    Looking around the internet on different forums indicates most supporters will react when the window closes and no one is signed and won’t react over the weekend as there is still a chance of signings!

    So basically fans will react when it is to late.

  54. Gunnershabz

    Wenger has his own value for players that’s what hurt us

    For example, ibrahimovic, ribery, cristano ronaldo,mata

  55. Dplanet


    Sure Suarez wants Champions League football, but if Liverpool are offered £60m would they turn it down? Suarez would have more chance of CL football with Tottenham (next season) than with Liverpool. I’m sure Tottenham could put together a nice financial incentive for Suarez too. It must be a possibility?

  56. N5

    “Official Soldado to spurs £26M”

    FFS, Spurs are going to get the 4th place this year, so Wengers usual trophy will not be achievable. It amazes me he thinks this team is good enough when it wasn’t last year and nearly everyone else has bought improvements.

  57. Gunnershabz

    We got giroud so don’t expect a target man signing like soldado, nelgrado, Gomez are all target man forwards so wenger won’t buy them

    He would buy a saurez because he can play along the front line like podolski he can play two forward positions and also Walcott

  58. Romford Pele


    Liverpool may not turn it down but Suarez will. At the end of the day, it takes three parties to agree a deal.

  59. arsenal tom

    just e-mailed arsenal asking about the possibility of a membership refund citing the lack of business following Gazidis’ flannel about spending.

    should be interesting to see if/what their response is.

  60. DanC

    ‘Arsene Wenger armed with £100m and £500k a week in wages…’

    This is the only comfort we have in thinking they HAVE to buy before the season starts. We need numbers desperately and the thing is now we will probably get them but not at the desired quality we were expecting at the start of the window, and its all down to the fact we wont spend the fucking money!

  61. ikon

    IF that little snippet of information is true.. I have to say Wenger is banking his last season in charge on Gnabry, Akpom, Gelalem, Miquel, who he sees as the best players in the youth team. Now he will not win anything with them… but even if we are able to sustain a title challenge till say February, it will earn himself a new contract and worse thing is next summer he will have even fewer people questioning him. These are the possible gains.

    The downside is if we fall out of title race by November, his life will be miserable at Emirates, and probably he will be fired.

    Make or break season for Wenger. Even I cannot make out arguments to support such a mentality. It says that our manager is afraid of competition, nothing else. In a virtual competitive world of development of players and 4th place, Arsene’s team is the only team.

    I cannot even imagine him going into the season thinking Sagna is enough for the CB position.

  62. goona

    ….I honestly think the reason we are not attracting players is WENGER. He no longer has the status in World football he used to have, his aura has gone. World Class players can see that he is finished, he is a has been.

  63. arsenal tom


    To use another… Abramovich and Mourinho ‘killed’ Wenger the day they strolled in he walked away from the fight and began his personal crusade.

  64. Romford Pele

    “I really hope you’re right. The thought of Tottenham with €100m burning a hole in their pocket makes me nervous.”

    Don’t think it fills anyone with confidence mate. And the fact they’ve just spent £30m on a 28 year-old shows they mean business.

  65. Gunnershabz

    We really need to buy saurez and fellaini quickly because I can sense spurs selling bale will inflate transfer fees even more

    We already have Rodgers comparing prices to falcao and cavani

    The way it looks those deals are a bargain

  66. MarsBar

    I can believe that information.

    Wenger hasn’t done anything of note not winning anything in years the only thing he can cling to as a success in his eyes and some fans eyes is the low budget yet still maintaining a top 4 side.

    So maybe if he did now out with us finishing 4th he would spin that to a massive positive proportion doin it “his own distinct way” not following the masses.

    This I think shows the ambition and stubbornness of the guy, it’s all about the ego.

    But who knows probably not true. But wouldn’t surprise me. He spends big and we finish 4th he’s found wanting and failing. He doesn’t spend and we finish 4th and leaves then watch that media spin….

  67. Marko

    Take the transfer policy away from Wenger seems to be the only solution. Sure he can give you some names and maybe even meet the odd player to sweeten a deal but that’s it. Really poor summer. The club is in such a great state and yet it’s in such a rotten state too

  68. N5

    “We really need to buy saurez and fellaini quickly because I can sense spurs selling bale will inflate transfer fees even more”

    If we were going to buy Fellaini that would have been done now because his buy-out clause expired yesterday.

  69. DanC


    Sagna can 100% be centre back cover in an emergency, lets say when the window is shut. But why should we be penny pinching on solutions when we have a shit load of cash available for the right players.

  70. Gunnershabz

    It’s simple saurez £50m he is yours and fellaini £24m he is yours

    In this market that’s the value

    10 years ago having a £30m war chest was big but now £100m is good enough

  71. goona

    …all this talk about Spurs getting 4th, at this rate they will be challenging for the title not 4th, they have already made signings to strengthen, we have not. If they do sell Bale they WILL spend the dosh on the team.

  72. Santos

    Good Morning Grovers,

    When loyal bloggers are beginning to get fed up with the mismanagement of the club’s football affairs, then the signs are in the air that there needs to be change. A part of me tells me that Wenger is deliberately doing this to step down next year, but the other larger part of me says that it is a big lie. We all know how he always wants to be the highest earner in the club. I fear that Kroenke will team up with Gazidis to offer him a new contract at our own detriment.
    Wenger’s profligacy in the market is alarming. It just paints a picture of what the whole season will look like.

  73. sylvain

    I read everyone’s posts and I want to say: people it’s time to stop hurting ourselves, let the storm pass, until Wenger’s departure.
    Yes he will sign a new contract…so this could take a little while. lol
    There’s no choice but to deal with those cunts (the board + AW) for the moment.
    With the actual squad we can easily finish in the top 4.
    There’s nothing more to expect for the moment.

    The Emirates will be sold out for every games again this season…I live in France, and well, fans do what they want to do with their money, it’s their problemafter all…
    Sad to see that the public at the Emirates look a ,bit more like sheeps every season, with their banners “In AW we trust”…there’s really some neurons missing LOL.

    But also I have to say that I understand more than ever why Nasri and RVP left. they understood so much sooner than us that this club, with wenger and this board, had no futur.

  74. Marko

    Also if someone can put up tasty bits from that google thingy Wenger’s doing today that’d be great. Fully expect a verbal assault on him

  75. Bush Gooner

    I Just hope that the Suarez transfer saga doesn’t drag on till deadline day. That would be a perfect excuse for the maniac to say “he had no time to get other targets”.

    Throw the lot of them to the lions.

  76. Gunnershabz

    Since the invincible era moving onto the emirates with the youth era we have always been 3 players short and we just been shouting at why we always that short

    Everyone can see arsenals problems but nothing has been done, wenger will come back with stats like we had the second best defensive record last season

    But we always 3 players short

    It’s simple, 3 players

    Complete forward
    Defensive midfielder

    Now am sure we got that list and I can think of many players we can actually sign without spending so much

  77. arsenal tom

    The google thing will be even more vetted than the questions at the AGM.

    It’ll be pointless shit about Zelalem and who plays the music in the changing room.

  78. vicky

    In my opinion this year was a golden opportunity to at least fight for the title If not win it.

    Man U : No SAF, probably no Rooney, chance of RVP going off the boil a bit after winning the PL ,also he is not getting any younger.

    Citeh : despite spending a fortune they have become weaker imo. A better manager at the helm but he is new to the PL.

    Chelsea : So far they have not been able to add a marquee striker which I think they sorely miss. Also Mata and Oscar may have some adjustments to make to suit Mou’s style of football.

    So all in all,with proper signings,we could have gone in to this season with a head-start over others but that was not to be. This summer in my opinion is a massive massive opportunity missed.

  79. DanC


    Settle down mate they’re going to be losing their star man. Remember they were a one man team last year. The rest were average apart from Vertongan who had a decent season and monkey boy who was outstanding. So jus cos they’ve added Paulinho and Soldado they wont be doing any better than 5th again. Fact

  80. Jimbo

    just e-mailed arsenal asking about the possibility of a membership refund citing the lack of business following Gazidis’ flannel about spending.should be interesting to see if/what their response is.

    Absolute classic mate

  81. gambon


    We’re a lot more than 3 players short.

    We were 3 players short in 2008, 4 short in 2011, about 6 players short now.

  82. Santos

    thank you gambon for clearing that to gunnershabz.

    we need 6-7 players to compete with Bayern Munich and Real Madrid

  83. The Hig

    Honestly, I don’t think Wenger is technically weak. I believe the only manager in the PL that was more technically superior than Wenger last season was SAF. This season JM and Pelleg might be, but I doubt it. I don’t think it’s him being technically weak, I think he knows what he needs to do and what type of players to bring on to change the game. He just doesn’t have those players. The Solution?

    Buy the fucking plaers Wenger!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Gunnershabz

    I would love to see 6 players coming in but that is going to kill of

    Ramsey, the ox, jenkinson, schezney, Fabianski, giroud

    U know that’s what wenger will say

  85. Arsenal2174

    Actually without sounding like a fucking troll we actually have the perfect name don’t we (Arsenal) effectionatly known as the GUNNERS. GUNNER do this GUNNER do that GUNNER spend GUNNER win the title GUNNER get HIG, GUNNER get CESC back, GUNNER get CESAR,GUNNER get SUAREZ, GUNNER GET ROONEY, GUNNER pay he’s wagers etc etc etc GUNNER do and say a lot of shit but in the end accomplish NOOOOOOTHHHHIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG.

  86. Kiyoshi Ito

    Let’s be honest with ourselves..

    Pedro’s post today was a clinical case of damage limitation..

    In response to my post I posted earlier this morning@8.50am on the previous thread..

    Here’s the link & post in it’s entirety..

    Kiyoshi ItoAugust 1, 2013 08:50:14
    An excerpt…

    http://le-grove.co.uk/2013/05/02/moving-things-forward-will-the-manager-match-the-clubs-ambitions-this-summer/May 2nd, 2013 by Pedro

    Moving things forward: Will the manager match the club’s ambitions this summer?

    This summer though… and I know what you’re thinking… is going to be different.

    Firstly, we don’t have any players leaving. Everyone is tied down to a contract, no one is unhappy… so bar the deadwood, the squad stays the same.
    Now, think whatever you like about us as an elite team… as a team in the league… we have a solid base to build from. The feeling I took from the meeting without drilling down into specifics… and also tugging on insight I’ve had from someone else close to the action is that this summer will see positive improvements… and if thing go really well, the movements could be super positive. The club can’t have empty blobs around the stadium.

    The sponsors won’t tolerate it.

    The club need to maximise revenue in the shops. They need to g ive all these new sponsors something their clients can be proud of.That starts with a team.The infrastructure has been laid. We’re a Michelin star restaurant that’s been getting away with Tesco’s own brand ingredients. This summer, we have to go out and bring in the Kobe beef. Arsenal have to make a huge impact and I really wouldn’t be surprised if we did. I’m not talking signing Benteke either… think bigger. The feelers are out as of now.

    Anyway, I could be totally wrong on this. I could have misread the situation. I could have been taken down the garden path on this one.

    But ask yourself this… what would be the point? Bring in one of the most disruptive bloggers on Arsenal and make a fool of him. What would be the pay off?
    Tell us Pedders..!!

  87. Gregg

    Spurs eh. They’ve added a winger, they’ve added goals from Midfield with Paulhino & they’ve added a more natural goalscorer to replace Adebayor. They’ve lost a CB and will possibly lose Bale aswell, Huddlestone and others. I wouldn’t say that as they are they will challenge for the league, it’s what they intend doing with the Bale money that could determine that.

  88. The Hig

    Sylvain, ofcos there are. We don’t need 6 Great players. We need 3 Great players, two good players and one squad player. The full back being the squad player with experience. I don’t who out there we can buy. But there is players bud.

  89. Gunnershabz

    Well as soldado is off to spurs not many strikers around unless we some how convince lewandoski and Dortmund.

    Saurez only one left he is in the top 10 players in the world

    Fellani is with Everton on tour in America so looks like he is staying

  90. Al

    In regards to wenger and transfers it is very simply explained. … the man is scared to pull the trigger.

    You can talk about real Madrid increasing the price of higuain but why wasn’t the deal finalised the day after the initial fee was agreed with them. If you know you want that player why wait for circumstances to change or are you just looking for an out/excuse

  91. Gunnershabz

    After that win in Newcastle we were optimistic we will compete against the best in the league but we here in August and well nothing has happened expect for a money spinning tour of Far East

  92. sylvain

    Without Bale, spuds will be back where they belongs, between the 6 and 15 league places LOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLL!!

  93. Gunnershabz

    Even if spurs sell bale they can invest heavy into their team and well they would have similar budget like ours don’t know about the wages

    They have already added 2 players and possibly the striker

    We still have the same team in which we on par with them

  94. Mers10

    Arsenal fc just dont understand the way the fans feel. Even if you believe AW is doing a good job ( as I do for the most part) you need to give the “customer” what they want. This is the first year I think arsenal should blow ( possibly over the odds ) money on a player. This transfer window is just not acceptable whatever happens from now on.

  95. Romford Pele

    Agree with Gregg. If Spurs manage to hold onto Bale, they can challenge for the title. If he goes, however, then they need ample replacements – a CB, a winger and a playmaker.

  96. gambon

    “Without Bale, spuds will be back where they belongs, between the 6 and 15 league places LOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLL!!”

    No Sylvain, they wont.

    Guess why…….unlike Arsenal they actually spend money, so they will reinvest all £80m they get for Bale, on top of the £50m they have already spent.

  97. shad

    @Gunnershabz 10.37

    Soldado isn’t a target man a la Gomez/Giroud. He is more technically refined and has more finesse in his finishing. He also drifts and holds the ball well and also can create something from nothing with his deceptive turn of pace. He is in between a Rooney and a Suarez IMO.

  98. Romford Pele

    As someone said the other day, Arsenal have made things unecessarily hard for ourselves. With a £100m, we could’ve had all our targets in by now and been in good nick for the season ahead. All I can see here is that Arsene is to blame.

  99. Gregg

    If there is discord at Board level and if we do fuck all in the transfer market then Usmanov will ramp it up big time, getting majority of fans on board. The summer we were led to believe, was to be one of change, where we get to mix with the big boys. It will be a summer of change but not the intended one. This will be the last rites for the current set up. The Usmanov shit storm will gather and we’ll see the irresistable force versus the immoveable object

  100. Reiss

    FFS sake this is embarrassing we’ve over a hundred million to spend and the only person we have signed is Sanogo what an actual farce we should have done business before the Asian tour not know and also Arsenal fans rip Wenger apart on that Google Hangout thing.

  101. bergkamp10

    Patience!!! the FACT we have released deadwood and bid 40million on a risk shows we mean business… CHILL for now

  102. N5

    Without Bale, spuds will be back where they belongs, between the 6 and 15 league places LOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLL!!

    They’ve just spent millions on good players and about to spend more on another attacker and Bale could go with Modric coming the other way so I think they will be in a better position then ever.

  103. N5

    “Patience!!! the FACT we have released deadwood and bid 40million on a risk shows we mean business… CHILL for now”

    Are you serious, 8 years of patience has been shown by all supporters there is 30 days left in the window and I’m telling you now Suarez isn’t going to fix this team, as Gambon said we need 6 players not 1. Patience?…..I’ve run out.

  104. Dannyboy

    Gambon, have a nap mate, you honestly see Spurs spending £130 million this summer?
    No chance pal. Majority of the Bale money will be going in the ‘new stadium fund’

  105. Dream10


    The board wants him to spend but Arsene has mental valuations of players.

    There is a power struggle

    Cesar, Ginter, Fabregas, Rooney & Suarez.

    Dont think we’re in for Fellaini. Who is your choice for DM (except Gustavo)?