Hello, where are my new Arsenal players?

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Word up people! Yeah, things just went east side American slang on yo ass. Ya feel me?

Just joking. I’m still the raw middle England character you knew before.

So, today, is another news day.

We enter August with no signings whatsoever. Now, obviously the web is about slamming people, and, despite the window having another 30 days to go, I’m being slammed. Ivan’s dasterdly plan to conquer the biggest moaner in the land has obviously worked and I’ve been hook lined and sinkerered

… but wait, you mean, if nothing happens… I can go back to making this site a place of misery and doom?


I can come back with twice the venom as before? Like, literally, melt the Internet with misery and proclamations of the end?

I know… Of course I can. Ivan and his team have gained nothing by getting me onside for a month. It’s also worth noting 95% of my summer chat comes from someone else I’ve been speaking to for 4 years. So still, despite the lack of noise, I’m keeping the faith. Or two relationships are over…

The main reason for the on-going positivity is because if you’re Arsene Wenger armed with £100m and £500k a week in wages… you really can’t be coming out of a summer without any players. If you do… it kind of means you’re finished. Attracting talent is a major part of the job. If we’re not doing that, or worse, Wenger has gone cold on the idea, it’ll be curtains for him. Big clubs need progressive managers. If Wenger has lost the fight, move on garçon…

Anyway, bidding £40m for Suarez is a start. That story has plenty to go. The rest of the squad still has a chance as well. So lets keep the faith, kick up a fat fuss at The Emirates at the weekend (and we know the players will support that as well) and hope for better days.

One more thing… Arsenal are the most long term club in the world. I’m really not sure why people think Ivan Gazidis would put so much effort into bringing people like me onside, just for a few months respite.

Simply put, that’s really not a social PR strategy… and beleive me, bitchy bloggers are a massive irritant, I’m learning that first hand this month.

I guess the other thing in the back of my mind is that I don’t think 4 players makes us contenders… mainly because it doesn’t solve Wengers managerial weaknesses at the highest level. Those were present in the prime times. They’re even more obvious nowadays. Maybe a new manager with £100m is a tastier proposition?

Most of you can’t believe that Wenger is tactically weak, ‘Oh but Pedro, he put a striker on when we were losing 2-0 in the 81st minute’, I mean obviously, there’s a level of thought that goes on…  but the club are still in the dark ages compared to others on tech, preparation and post game recuperation.

How’s that for a bit of positivity this morning?

Love Pedro. Xxx

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  1. Reiss

    £105 million is a complete ripoff but you have to applaud Tottenham for getting that amount of money because if we were in their position we would have sold Bale for maximum £60 million. We are so weak in the transfer market it’s so untrue and last season we only bought Cazorla and Podolski because Fc Koln were relegated and Malaga were in financial crisis. Absolute joke!

  2. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Looks like scum getting 80m ish cash plus players for monkey/human hybrid.

    Oh dear. Are you watching arsene? I fear not, as gnabry is the way forward.

    Gulp. Anyone else see the car crash starting to unfold?

  3. Ben

    So, question for you guys.
    Which game finally made you realise 100% that Wenger was a fool and it was best for him to resign / be sacked.

    For me, it was the 8-2 to United a couple of years back at start of 11-12 season (I was more patient than a lot of people!). He pissed around the whole Summer – let Cesc go, let Nasri go, didn’t buy anyone. Gave the same BS about being able to challenge for the league and then fielded a team of kids against United.

    Merson said afterwards United would have had tougher games against Championship teams – spot on. Losing 8-2 to someone who is meant to be your biggest rivals, shameful. Should have resigned on the spot……….and guess what he’s still here. It’s like some horror movie where the bad guy never goes away

  4. Harry Redknapp

    well i couldnt exactly name the game, but when he dropped arshavin (our best player and most inform player at the time) from the FA cup semi final against chelsea at wembley and stated height as the reason, i went beserk and smashed a telly and a toaster and a barbie house@ Ben

  5. Harry Redknapp

    thats the first time i ever wrecked my house (infront of her mum and aunt anyway) fuckin naggin whores.

  6. salparadisenyc

    Wenger of course.
    That nutter would defend Diaby, the English core and his socialist wage structure with such vigor, surely Kompany would be no match.

    Gustavo makes far too much sense for Wenger to sign him… see above.

  7. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    And only because eboue was typical of Wenger, ok talent but totally totally shite human being, diving, cheating, complaining etc.and cost us in big game. Win that Liverpool game and pressure on Utd. Eboue cost us title. Wenger never drops. SAF would have dropped for rest of season.

    Difference between managers.

  8. Relieable sauce

    It was around the time he was relying on Almunia rather than buy a good keeper & then recommending him for England, the cheeky twat. Think it was the season we went out of 3 or 4 competitions in 10-14 days, mark hughes’ blackburn in the league cup(?).
    I still had a lot of respect for him back then but i did want him to resign, he had gone on too long without addressing obvious weaknesses.

  9. Cesc Appeal

    What do we think Pedro’s post will be tomorrow?

    > No point in protesting

    > Let’s get behind the team

    > We’re trying to make signings

    > We’ve made a bid for Suarez

    > #patience

  10. Same Story

    For the 3rd year in a row, well be out of the title race by the end of Aug.

    Fielding a full strength team in the COC and hoping we don’t meet City or the Chavs is our best bet at winning a trophy.

  11. Doublegooner

    Cesc Appeal:

    Why dont you draft an email to Gazidis stating your dissatisfaction on behalf of yourself & all your Gooner pals who are dismayed at the inaction & what appears to be a lack of ambition.

    Do state that the failure of significant signings this transfer window will leave you all failing to support the manager and the CEO & majority shareholder. Inform his that your protest will extend to withdraw from any purchases of merchandise including Puma products & other Arsenal sponsors services or products for the forseeable future. Also state that failure to make significant on pitch improvement this season will result in many on your list failing to renew season tickets, memberships next season

    Make sure you cc all your mates in the email.

    If everyone starts to do this, Kroenke & Gazidis can’t fail to take notice & be concerned.

    I have just done this with over 20 season ticket holder of all ages on my list.

    I believe the correct address is igazidis@arsenal.co.uk

  12. Cesc Appeal


    Good idea, thanks.

    Dim question, is that actually his e-mail or will it go into some massive server or something and answered by a pimpled face intern with some ‘standard’ response.

  13. dialsquare

    The problem with the Anti-Wenger brigade is their willingness to be compromised for a Trophy. I don’t care if Wenger spends £100m and wins a Trophy i’d still want him out.

  14. sam

    I said it guys

    did you really think the tyrant was going to invite Gambon on google hangout?

    They only picked people who’ll ask him stupid questions like his favourite holiday, Lol!!

  15. Guninurback

    Relieable sauce
    August 1, 2013 20:33:11


    & then when he’s sacked, they’ll say the fans forced him out. They’ve got some bizarre fucked up Stockholm/martyr syndrome, beyond help.
    Its what IG & the bod’s will have them believe as well, rather than make an “executive decision” for the good of the club, gutless.

    Pure Genius that right there, as soon as I saw that in writing a few of the remaining pieces fell in place.

    Yup we’re being sold this year,the only real obstacle “Wenger”.

  16. Relieable sauce


    And all based on solid speculation 🙂
    Its my best interpretation anyway of the slow motion train crash that is AFC.
    Can’t figure why Gazidas hangs Wenger out to dry now though, maybe he’s run out of #patience for AW & bullshit for the fans.

    I was looking at some old posts & came across this, its the blog the day before Eduardo’s leg break.

    Pedro-“maybe this is the summer Arsenal act like a big club in the transfer window”
    LOL- He is regressing.


  17. Dannyboy

    I know it’s only a small minority, but noticing alot more ‘Wenger is a cunt’ comments rather than ‘by the grace of god etc..’ from African sounding fans on Facebook… Wonder what the satisfaction levels are among all the other different groups of Arsenal fans?

  18. useroz

    I live in australia but is posted to asia. What I’d say is people do moan about the lack of trophies or wenger or not buying for years. Hell we pay dearly to watch arsenal (well and all other clubs if you want) on foxtel (like your sky) and watch big games in pubs. Some go to watch arsenal once a year while on holiday etc. Well, we spend but surely not as crazy as what I see in asia. Merchandise and watching games in pubs are big difference;so many more do it here in asia. Cable tv subscription not cheap but ok. The cable tv right costs a fortune though.

    So if fans starting to hit the club in its pocket merchandise and especially cable tv companies will feel it so quickly it won’t be funny. In turn they will not bid at the same level next round (usually 3 year right). Apparently it costs around 30m pounds for the right. And that’s just one city/country!!

    Wenger out. You sick joke.

  19. ikon


    Everyone should see this video. At first my reaction was like “25 minutes of compilation is not worth it even if its Santi”…

    But then my love for my club led me into it and a discovery dawned.

    This video speaks volumes about how a super talent like Santi are screwed up by our inefficient attack. The amount of key key passes which would have definitely led to a goal had it been a Huntelaar, Nistelroy kind of a striker is unbelievable.

    Someone please send this link to the club e-mail, asking how on earth we are going into the new season with one striker less?????


  20. ikon

    The decision making this club representatives including the managers have displayed over the last few years has been juvenile at best.

    No one sells the best player at the club as easily as we did that too to a direct rival.

    And now, when you have money to get replacements, you fucking baulk till the new season is 2 weeks away.


  21. Scott

    What do we think Pedro’s post will be tomorrow?> No point in protesting> Let’s get behind the team > We’re trying to make signings> We’ve made a bid for Suarez> #patience

    Pedro was reigned in by IG bullshit at his tea and sandwich party.

  22. Jeff

    There is no way one or two world class players would stay with us unless we get others. So Arsene’s solution to this problem is to not buy any at all. Parity in the team doesn’t equate to success on the pitch – it equates to mediocrity. How the board and owner can’t see where this is going after 8 years is beyond me. It is pure unadulterated madness.

  23. Gregg

    Whether we get Suarez or not and I’d say we wont; I’m flabbergasted that it appears we aren’t in for anyones else at all. The way we operate is an absolute disgrace

  24. ste

    @ pistol

    A good time to do this is when it comes to him speaking on the big TV’s (yes i know its a recording) before the game.

  25. Dannyboy

    haha seen plenty of those ste! They charge a shitload though man, $20 for a shitty 6 pack of cider bottles… jesus.

  26. bishop

    whats going on for God’s sake.This transfer window is abnormal.
    Are they all dead? wenger, dick , ivan and stan…these guys are incompetent.

  27. The Hig

    Lets just wait and see. It’s so frustrating trying to figure out whats going on with all the rumours flying around. Truth, only Wenger knows. He’s always secretive, we’ll only hear we signed someone when they training already.

  28. Oh Theo Theo!

    Hig – it’s a disgrace, plain and simple. Wenger’s latest PR offensive (very very offensive in my opinion) seems designed to say “we don’t need any more players”.

    It’s disconnected with reality, frankly. And a disgraceful disservice to the fans.

    As he will probably sign somebody today. He can’t help himself trying to look clever in the media and has utter contempt for the pleb supporters like you and I.

    It is time for him to pack up his baguette and leave.

  29. Peanuts

    The Hig,
    I wish i was hopefull as you, but i have got a feeling we will be going through the same old thing in the January window.

  30. The Hig

    We are so hungry for a title, we can’t believe the worst is actually coming to fruition. We are desperate to hold onto that little bit of hope. Hoping he will announce player names we wanna hear, hoping he is right by saying our squad is good enuf to challenge. Hoping Hoping Hoping.

  31. The Hig

    One day you angry saying “Fuckoff Wenger” the next day you humble and hoping cos you realise he’ll never leave. It’s the worst thing ever! Wenger’s going nowhere and we will have to deal with this shyt every transfer window because we love the club so much. What can we do? Absolutely buggerall.