Suarez failed clause is a total irrelevance | Liverpool still massively on back foot…

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‘What? It’s not there? But you said it was f*cking there Dick.’

‘I don’t give an Eboue’s backside whether his agent only speaks Spanish. You put on your CV you speak ‘the Rosetta stone’ you fu*king smart arse!’

… that’s what I overheard on the bus in. Gazidis is furious with Dick Law.

Just in case you’re unaware, the £40,000,001 clause doesn’t entitle us to buy Suarez.

Right, ok, so am I the only one who knew this last week? You know, when every paper carried the exact story?

Oh, also, Liverpool want £50m…

What? Oh yeah, exactly the same story as last week.

So where are we? In exactly the same position as last week. No Suarez. £50m fee yet to be agreed.

Now, a few things to consider.

  • Cesc
  • Song
  • Hleb
  • Robin
  • Adebayor

What have they all in common?

That’s right. Two things.

1) No buyout clause
2) They all wanted to leave
3) They all left

… god damn, that’s three!

Now, Liverpool can trump this non-important clause all they like, it doesn’t change a thing. Simple fact of the matter is they still have a player on their books who wants to leave, they still have a £40m bid on the table… and just to make things extra spicy, they have an owner looking to flog the club. From a due diligence perspective, as I understand it, a solid balance sheet tends to look good.

… you might want to check in with a financial expert on that.

So, as you were. Liverpool haven’t strengthened their position, because everything the papers are talking about this morning is old news with new quotes. If anything, their stance will likely work against them as the player will start to pressure for a move. At the heart of it, this comes down to someone wanting to work for someone else. I mean, imagine it, someone offers you a better career elsewhere and your employer demands you stay with them for another year.

I appreciate football is different… but put in perspective… it’s a bit of an old school way of behaving. But for me, it’s posturing of the highest order. Unhappy players don’t play for you. The process of keeping people against their will is totally counter productive. Have you ever worked with someone on a 4 month notice period? Holiday’s O’clock as soon as the notice goes in. Look at Wayne Rooney last season. Look at Modric in his last year… Henry, Nasri’s last 6 months… the list goes on.

Basically, the jist of this post is not to worry about Liverpool telling the world something everyone already knew. The only worry I have about the whole issue is that it was a bit of a wind up tactic to offer the pound. If any other club come in for Suarez now, and Liverpool will probably be hoping this happens, I’d imagine they’ll show preference to them.

Keep em’ crossed that Bale to Madrid is real eh?

Talking of Madrid, they have Khedira, Di Maria and Ozil on the market. Another two two top quality players that are available that we’ll likely turn our noses up to… sorry, three top quality players!

Amy Lawrence reckons there’s friction between Ivan and Wenger over his reluctance to spend. This isn’t new. He’s a known ditherer… one minute he’s buying the world, the next he’s spent ten minutes with Aaron Ramsey nibbling on his ear and he’s changed his mind. If he’s not supplying the names outside Suarez, you’d have to say he’s taking a massive risk. If he finishes the summer with no one, he’ll be on a very bad footing with the fans because we all know what the spending power is.

… worse though, he’ll be on a bad footing with the players. He was supposed to strengthen and so far, his return has been embarrassing. We’ve chased two players so far this summer. Neither have happened. That’s not very proactive. There are plenty of targets out there. If the first move doesn’t happen… you give another name. We have a giant scouting network. We have Giles Grimantube watching all the French second division games… where are our signings? Where are the recommendations Giles?

Still, in my view… if the summer is a failiure, it’ll likely be his last season in charge. There’s no way another 4 years of this will be tolerated. Players will leave. Fans will make for a nasty atmosphere. The squad won’t compete.

Contain rage. Summer isn’t over yet. Patience. Patience.

… tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Rage. O’Clock. Hopefully. Isn’t. Coming.

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592 Responses to “Suarez failed clause is a total irrelevance | Liverpool still massively on back foot…”

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  1. sam

    Who da hell is that man city striker, number 9?

    Suarez better no call his name
    fa’s lip readers will be watching

  2. Reiss

    Another day and it looks were not doing any business, what a joke forget about Suarez for a minute we have to strengthen other areas.

  3. Kiyoshi Ito

    KeyserJuly 31, 2013 18:11:26
    “we lost out on Higuain because we refused to pay the asking price”Lol which was ?Seriously how much should we pay for Suarez, none of these club’s set prices, they’re out to get as much as they possibly can, that’s all, either Suarez forces his way out, or there’s little point really.

    Can’t believe what I’ve just read here..

    No wonder you are forever unemployable..

    You really are an imbecile…

    Is this how you spend your life..?

    Wasting it away on Le-Grove everyday,just facilitating arguments & coming up with moronic comments..

    & you say you are of sound mind?

  4. Reiss

    So sad Cardiff,Southampton,Norwich,Swansea and Sunderland will outspend us and come September 3rd Arsene Wenger will say something silly like those clubs are participating in financial doping.

  5. raisonar

    So its pretty clear now that there is no release clause in Suarez’s contract,so whatsoever little hope I have of seeing Suarez in red and white has faded.

    Its very likely that he will cost upwards of 50m, thats 20m more than Higuain and 5m less than Cavani, both of whom were equally good value for money.

    But what I could not understand is If Suarez is first choice,why dont you just put up and get your man. Would it be worth it, if due to 10m we dont sign Suarez, end up losing qualifier and thus 30m. its also worth noting that all the alternate striker options, we seem to be pursuing are also no longer available.

    If only we had some sensible person in Board, who could talk sense to wenger, we wont be in such mess.

  6. Keyser

    Did you have a point ? Or did you just want to throw around a few insults to make yourself feel better ?

  7. Samir

    Valencia president Amadeo Salvo confirms a deal has been agreed with Tottenham for Roberto Soldado. Only one issue remains to be solved

  8. Kiyoshi Ito

    You have no points at all..

    You just argue& talk incessant shit..
    Man find a fucking job…

    Get some self-esteem..
    Instead of projecting your issues,onto people here..

    The fact,that you are even trying to rationalise Higuain going to Napoli,leaves me not only speechless..

    But informs me,you are the village clown..

    Don’t you ever get tired of arguing incessantly?

  9. Keyser

    SDE – So wading through the shite your point is somehow related to this :

    “The fact,that you are even trying to rationalise Higuain going to Napoli,leaves me not only speechless..”

    At least you’ve used the word ‘Rationalise’, now learn what it means.

  10. the_real_andy

    I wonder what´s really going on inside the club. I do understand that kroenke doesn´t lose anything with this situation – he may even get something out of it. but I don´t understand AW and IG. both get a lot of stick in the media because of their incapability of signing players. I mean, I know AW is unbelievable arrogant and he may well like this stick he gets but IG? what´s his point in acting – or better said – not acting properly?

    To me it looks like there´s a lot of trouble within the club. IG may well want to sign some players but he is yet to make a real statement of intent from his side. I don´t read any comments of him really urging AW to buy players – he´s only saying WE DO HAVE MONEY. on the other side AW says the same in more or less every interview. I start to believe there´s a very important information all arsenal fans (or more or less all) missing in this whole story. you know what I mean?

    AW loses his good reputation, IG looks like a fool. if they are not financially compensating for not acting properly – which I´m pretty sure they aren´t because other shareholders wouldn´t accept that – why are they acting like they do? what´s the plan? why talking about escalation for our financial power and 70m + transfer kitty every year without doing anything of note?

    I feel there´s something going on. and although I know many of you may call me AKB I don´t think it´s down to AW or IG. I just can´t see any profit for them by acting like they do.

  11. Relieable sauce

    Well tomorrow might be a bit more fun one way or another.

    If its true i’m surprised Pedro didn’t know, perhaps IG doesn’t know either! : /

  12. Kiyoshi Ito

    Unfortunately,I don’t have 20 hours spare in a day to enter into a meaningless argumentative marathon session with you..

    Some of us have responsibilities/commitments..

    You know a career,partner,a house to take care of..

    Not that you would have any idea about that..

    You jobless parasite..!

  13. Ash79

    Kiyoshi vs Keyser… My week isn’t complete until this.

    Keyser, sorry mate didn’t understand your response to me. It’s been a shit long unproductive day, Wenger styles, break it down for me if you have the time. Plus I’m distracted by the chick in the tight yellow top on the first great western

  14. TitsMcgee

    “Its very likely that he will cost upwards of 50m, thats 20m more than Higuain and 5m less than Cavani, both of whom were equally good value for money.”

    More dithering cost us at least Higuain. It seems like we only “went in” for Suarez because we thought we could get him at a bargain by triggering his release clause at 40,000,001.

    Soldado just went for 30m to Spurs so Higuain would have been a steal at 34 and could have easily been had. Regardless of whether Herr Wenger thinks it was too expensive for him beggars shouldn’t be choosers. He doesn’t set the value. The market does. We need strikers and Higuain was the way more realistic of the two between himself and Suarez.

    Now we stand a very good chance of getting neither.

  15. Guninurback

    July 31, 2013 19:28:36


    AW – “If I go into a season and I say, ‘For fu*k’s sake, if we don’t win anything, they will all leave,’ I have already lost. The problem of the media is always to imagine the worst. The problem of the manager is always to imagine the best.”

    So there you have it guys “Imagine victory”.

  16. Keyser

    Ash79 – If you’re on your way back to West London, looks like rain bruv.

    It was basically it doesn’t matter whether we care or not how the money’s spent, but when people go on long rants because they can’t understand why we’re not spending, it’s just looking for reasons to explain it.

    I don’t think anyone thought Andy Carroll was worth 35m.

  17. Ash79 get it. Yeh grey skies. Scorcher tomorrow. Trains and tubes will be a joy.

    By the way how many times ya’ll reckon spurs will smash our transfer record in this window?

  18. Keyser

    SDE – I’m not asking for 20 hours you dippy cunt, I’ma sking you to find a braincell, rub it up against something, maybe use a defibrulator and shock it into thinking up something relevant to the conversation.

    All you do is post once a while, with a stream of invective and on top of that pat yourself on the back.

  19. Kiyoshi Ito

    The prick rationalises Wenger not spending..

    The prick rationalises Wenger being unable to compete since the stadium move..

    The prick rationalises why Wenger is unable to compete against the Oligarchs..

    I’m just at a loss as to why the prick is unable to rationalise,or afraid of competing on & off the pitch as a top club?

    The prick is well,just that really..Albeit a small one..

    Your comments are so mind-numbing its unreal..

    You regurgitate the same arguments everyday…To the point,I actually think you are mentally r* e*t*a*r*d*e*d..

    I don’t know of any top level sportsman,or top level club,that shies away at the thought of competing..& you try to justify that..You fat fuck!!

  20. Guninurback

    “All you do is post once a while, with a stream of invective and on top of that pat yourself on the back.”

    Can’t you see he misses you? Please take him back….

    For all of us.

  21. Reiss

    You just know tomorrow Wenger will be bombarded with transfer questions and if his answers aren’t to the fans liking it could ugly.

  22. Guninurback

    July 31, 2013 19:46:03

    Its either going to be another breakdown or a long indecipherable rant.

  23. Guninurback

    July 31, 2013 19:47:55

    Lost interest in it five years ago or so,in retrospect I feel somewhat sorry for it, some of that anger was obviously misplaced.

  24. Johnty79

    Why the hell seriously would Suarez sign for us. If he signs we will probably sell wilshere,Walcott and cazorla. Arsenal are probably the least attractive side to join in the world. Can any one on here disagree with that?

  25. Kiyoshi Ito

    samsenalJuly 31, 2013 19:43:27
    Kiyoshi…which has more pins on it, your Voodo Keyser Doll or your Voodo Nasri’s Mouth Doll?
    Probably on an equal footing..

    They both redefine the term a pair of “c**ts”..

  26. Guninurback

    July 31, 2013 19:56:37

    Yeah Wengers pride was worth 15 extra K and what? Three Premierships or so?

    Believe me that Ashley doll got a beating but not as much as this Wengers doll right heeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeee (Guninurback ferociously tears Wengers head off with his teeth to make his point).

  27. Johnty79

    Can’t believe spurs sold caulker..definitely there best centre half strong and quick never hardly ever makes a mistake. Have a feeling hell disapoint there though.

    We should have signed him.

  28. Reiss

    Yeah Johnty79 selling Caulker will come back to bite them on the ass if he performs well he could be in the England world cup squad next year easily.

  29. ali

    Were not signing anybody. Time to vent our frustration this weekend. The scum have smashed our transfer record twice and what have we got to show for it? A shitty pointless 40 mill and one pound. You think LFC will sell to us now after we insulted them with a pound. IG your a dick.

  30. GUNNER786

    Kiyoshi ItoJuly 31, 2013 19:30:15


    Unfortunately,I don’t have 20 hours spare in a day to enter into a meaningless argumentative marathon session with you..

    Some of us have responsibilities/commitments..

    You know a career,partner,a house to take care of..

    Not that you would have any idea about that..

    You jobless parasite..!


    LOL Kiyoshi

    To be fair to Keyser he does take a half an hour lunch and two 15 minute breaks morning and afternoon from his 20 hour shifts on LeGrove.

  31. Hotshot

    I think Wenger is deliberately trying to get himself sacked. That way he can p*ss off to PSG and still say that he has never broken a contract. Why else would he be acting in such a suicidal manner by not strengthening the team?

  32. arsenal-flavour

    we could easily buy luis gastavo his a quality dm and also plays as cb and left back,

    if we bought him it would give us depth and security, his strong has pace and is a great tackler

    but it makes to much sense for wenger to go for

  33. Alan Lawless

    patience my young padawans wait until you see wenger getting all his little ducks in a row he is getting rid of the dross drowning them one by one in the thames,squid,santos and the rest,then he will settle down and bang,bang,bang,three major signings a whole new spine to the team,I can feel it in my bones,if he doesnt do this I will go bleedin beserk and drown him in the fucking thames.coyg.

  34. Jeff


    That means he’s been trying to get himself the sack for the last 10 years. No, that’s not it. He’s just a very stubborn man – highly strung – very conceited; trying to prove a point that he can do things “differently”. When and how his last day at Arsenal will come I can’t say but every season that passes by with Arsenal deliberately being left high and dry in the transfer market can only bring forward the day we’re waiting for.

  35. Harry Redknapp

    thing is wenger will cite this new team spririt as a reason for not spending but iv seen it before were one beating away from the handbreak , hopefully emirates cup rather than aston villa.

  36. BillikenGooner

    We’ll just rename Park Chu-Young, Yu Park-Chu, and say we have made a wise signing to add depth to our already good enough forward line.

    Diaby will add depth to our midfield and we will have Vermaelen back in a few months at add depth to our defense.

    Problem solved for Wenger.

  37. Kiyoshi Ito

    The fact of the matter is,you Mr Wankstein apologist..

    You come on here 20 hours a day,slamming anyone that dares to criticise Mr Wankstein & co…

    You call everyone dippy c**ts,that so happen to be in disagreement with you..

    You call for a bit of so-called common sense& rationality..

    You hail your messiah,from the stone cave of yours..

    Hey even Fred Flinstone,would be proud of you for maintaining your archaic living & school of thought..

    Here’s a thought,I know you ‘ve said in the past you have not been to the Emirates,or even Highbury for that matter..

    If you are so in love with the messiah..Mr Wankstein,why don’t you get off your jobless fat ass & go cheer on Mr Wankstein,through your penniless pocket?

    Maybe some of your arguments,might have a tad bit of credibility..

    I forgot,you are unemployable,so getting down to the Emirates,might be a tad difficult for you..

    Anyway,IG&Co,don’t welcome your sort at the Emirates..i.e.penniless fat f**ks..

  38. Reiss

    See that’s what pisses me off we can moan about whose leadership would be better Kroenke or Usmanov’s but when there is a player like Gustavo out there for a reasonable price and we’re not trying to buy him whose fault is it surely Wenger’s isn’t it?

  39. Harry Redknapp

    why would any player really wanna sign for us though? gustavo could choose a host of clubs better. better managers better teams. no player is lining up to be the one signing to appease arsenal fans

  40. Harry Redknapp

    any player that sits down with arsene and ivan will ask two questions, how much are you paying me (if its a top player it will be less than the other top clubs, second question who else are you signing (diaby to a new deal wont do) thats why were signing no one coz no one will fuck with our club at the minute.

  41. Harry Redknapp

    its a double edges sword, if we signed suarez two months ago arsene wouldnt have been able to convince yaya signono that there were opportunitys for him at arsenal, and by signing signono first and foremost and flyin out to meet him and treat him like it was neymar arsene has shown all the top targets who he speaks about for months and never moves that he has no ambition. why would any cunt sign for us unless their 17-20 and offered a small fortune double what anyone else will offer

  42. Thomas

    We have more money in the bank than the other 19 clubs have combined.

    Spend some money Wenger or fuck off!

  43. sam

    Exactly Harry,

    thats what I thought, maybe we are not able to sign anyone decent this summer. we can only attract a 20 years old french and a colombian we have them bigger salary.
    Maybe real players are turning us down especially with our lame bargaining method.
    Grenier has been told to forget wenger coz someone serious will turn up. true! look at hazard, nice salary and his club pocketed big money for him.
    Wenger has no place in football anymore, the noose is surely closing. no one wants to sell him a player and no one wants to play for him.
    Arsenal has zero credibility in the transfer market right now, we will have to pay ridiculous money to sign someone decent.

  44. Jeff

    I agree with Sam and Harry. We don’t do ourselves any favours with failed bids like Higuain and Suarez. These things don’t just pass. People are watching and avoiding us like the plague unless of course they see us coming and want to put one over us with a dud player or someone they desperately want to offload. Goodness knows we’ve had more than our fair share of those. I won’t list them because it’s just boring and everyone knows which players I’m talking about.

  45. Cesc Appeal

    Come on guys, it’s hard to find top talent with a miserly £180 Million…it’s not a supermarket out there where you just, I don’t know, find a player you want, make an acceptable offer and agree terms with him.

    If it was only that easy.

  46. Cesc Appeal

    Marko Reus says Arsenal are his favourite club, a few months back he said Jack Wilshere was his favourite player…oh, i wish

  47. Harry Redknapp

    even with the 180mill no one is queing to sign for us, players are not impressed. we cant convince them. clubs may sell to us if we meat their values but the players just wont sign

  48. Harry Redknapp

    it will only happen if we hire a top negotiator and he practically drags 3 top players to the table together in a show of ambition. and we know were not gonna do that.

  49. Harry Redknapp

    when suarez sits down with wenger and asks whats the plan for the next 3 years arsenes reply will be develope yaya signono and abou diaby will be like a new signing , hows that gonna inspire the man? brendan talks a better game

  50. kwik fit

    Geoff Arsenal ‏@GeoffArsenal 3m
    Being told again that Suarez wants to come and will push for the move.

    A little tip for Suarez….you’ll come quicker if you pull .

  51. GUNNER786

    Wenger is deliberately ruining AFC because the BoD got rid of his close friend David Dein.

    Grovers what do you think of this theory?

  52. Gunner2301


    I don;t believe it’s that.

    In Wengers eyes he loves the Club and is doing his best for it. From the boards perspective he;s meeting his targets. From our perspective he’s deliberately ruining AFC. However it’s due to the power he holds, his arrogant nature and the fact he;s fallen behind as a manager, which are all things he would never admit to which is damaging the Club.

    You can;t help someone who doesn’t believe they have anything wrong with them and that is the problem with Wenger he will never see the wrong in himself and will therefore never do the best for the Club.

    Time for him to leave, but he won’t so the fans will have to get him out …. or so says Ivan anyway.

  53. Wengerites be damned !

    What’s the point in wanting Wonga to spend money? If he buys one top player he’ll get a new contract. Then, add more years of mediocrity and players like Diaby being rewarded improved long term contract.
    I’d rather the clown doesn’t spend at all and brings only unproven young players from League Two dross. The discontent will grow and we’ll have a good chance of seeing Wonga and Arsenal part ways.
    I know it’s difficult but it’s better to have one crappy season than see the team languishing more years under Wenger.
    Besides, better to save the money for the next manager…

  54. Brent

    Does anyone else believe that Wenger is waiting until after the Emirates Cup to make signings?

    I honestly believe the cunt is trying to show the board that the team can compete.

    Think about it. There were reports that there is tension between Wenger and the Board. The Board supposedly want to spend but Arsene doesn’t.

    Arsene is trying to prove them wrong by putting on a good show so they don’t have to spend.

    If you’re a supporter of Arsenal the best thing to hope for is a mauling this weekend.

  55. Gunner2301


    I thought that too. Maybe he’s waiting to see fan reaction to what has gone on so far during the Summer so he can assess whether he needs to buy i.e. 8-2 mauling . It’s seems he has to be dragged kicking and screaming before he will spend. Do the bare minimum is his motto.

    I can’t think of any other manager who operates this way. He should not be a manager of a football team.

  56. AA23

    RE: SDE/ Kyoshi Ito
    I’m normally the first one to attack and ridicule this poster. I often feel bad about it as its basically bullying.
    But I’m genuinely asking for this to stop. Starting with me.
    This is clearly an unwell individual, I think he may have suffered from a stroke or head trauma.
    His writing is slurred, he’s very angry and obsessed with at least 2 long time Le Grove contributors and he’s so thick it’s unbelievable.
    These are all signs of being a dreadfully ignorant and boring cunt.
    I fully belive this is brought on by a major trauma, such as being known as a total cock all your life and being openly ridiculed as such. Even by the most pathetic weeds at school.
    Or your mum letting all of your “uncles” bum you in the name of Christ.
    Spare a thought for this cretin.
    It’s not his fault that’s he’s a fucking moron.
    Good luck Kyoshi Ito
    You brave, inspiring, wanker
    You are a nonce

  57. Alan

    So he joins us from Liverpool. But he’ll do the same to us in 2-3 years time, probably earlier. and we won’t play the game half as cleverly as levy, Rogers and Peres
    All we needed was 4 solid premier ready players.
    Benteka (a gooner)

    Put something into the spine, something wenger has neglected for about… ……… 8 years .

  58. salparadisenyc

    Were not operating at the highest level.

    Where’s the: Thomas its up for grabs, Gambons, Franchise, Dan Aherns.
    Not that its all gone Pete Tong but I feel we need some old heads to cool the toxic broth.

  59. Kiyoshi Ito

    AA23August 1, 2013 00:51:49

    Aargh….The jobless bum Keyser,gets onto his cokehead friend “AA23” to offer some protection..

    AA23-The illiterate cokehead..
    Your pearls of wisdom are quite a delight..

    Great contributions from the cokehead-“AA23″ & the jobless bum”Keyser”..

    Pity your addiction,has not turned your lights out permanently..!

    If it does,you won’t be missed,either by Le-Grove,or by society..!!

  60. follow the money

    Higuain wanted to go where “he was wanted.” I’m sure he wanted to come here but when Real upped the price Wenger backed down, like he always does. Logically Hig felt we didn’t want him enough, and who can blame him. Wenger is a loser in the transfer market and it infects the team on the pitch with a losing mentality. On top of that, he’s just not that great a manager. In cup finals and title run ins Wenger teams choke and fall apart much more often than not.

  61. sam

    Gulible fans are falling for Tyrant Arsene’s PR exercise again
    Who organised the stupid hangout? Arsenal fc
    what made you think they are not prepared?
    Its a classic case of divide and conquer here they are trying to isolate angry fans and increase their support before the season starts.
    Signing? the window is still opened I will sign players but I cannot name our targets, Judge me in september. Our aim is to win the tittle and we are building the squad capable of doing so. the same BS.

  62. sam

    Those who refuse to support us will be deemed traitors and troublemakers and sent to the guillotine. the sheep will be singing tyrant’s name in the stand.
    Long live the king!
    if you think you are going to roast him you are fooling yourselves.

  63. sam

    on friday the media will rally behind him he doesn’t deserve this he’s done this for arsenal blah blah blah blah

    Emirates cup ticket sales!!!!!!
    He’s putting himself in the frontline to win hearts and minds
    Bad treatments he will get from angry fans will make him even more popular

  64. Kiyoshi Ito

    The propaganda machine from AFC never ends..

    A Google Hangout by Mr Wankstein..

    It’s quite simple really Mr Wankstein..

    I mean according to your cohort IG..
    We have seen an “Escalation in financial power”..

    It’s almost Day 80 since the 2012/13 Season ended..

    No signings..

    Less talk,more action..

    No need for a Google Hangout,Mr Wankstein..

    So the Suarez,Higuain,Cesc,Jovetic,Rooney,
    Bender saga ends in nothing..

    So more soundbites, procrastinating & spin ensues..

    I am actually starting to get a massive migraine & feel like vomiting..

    These guys have no moral compass..

    It really is sad,especially for a club that prides itself on having class..

    They have about as much class,as “AA23-the posterboy on here”,who is a coke-snorting rentboy,that plies his trade in the back alley way of Shoreditch..!!

    We have sunk to a new low..!!

    Talk,Talk would be proud of AFC..!!

  65. Kiyoshi Ito

    No doubt the Keyser’s & Nasri’s Mouth’s of this world,will be defending the prick(i.e.Mr Wankstein) from their closeted wardrobe..!!

    Mr Wankstein,can do no wrong in their eyes…

  66. Kiyoshi Ito

    I can imagine how Mr Wankstein’s Google Hangout will go..

    Mr Wankstein:
    “There is still 4 weeks left to the close of the transfer window..”

    “We are working hard behind the scenes to add quality to the squad.”

    “Prices for players,are exhorbitant.
    We believe in financial prudence & hope clubs will abide with the FFP rules.”

    “I believe in my squad,they showed great mental strength in Asia.
    So maybe one or two additions might not be needed..Maybe so,we will see..”

    “We needed to sell& release players,before adding..”

    “I will not talk about the Higuain,or Suarez deal,as I pride myself on discretion.”

    “I believe the current market is highly skewed..”

    “We remain competitive& will try to compete,with additions,or no additions..”

    “There is still time too add to this strong squad..”

    “What is more important,is the belief,mental strength& team spirit that we have.
    I hope the fans will show the same traits,in the Emirates Cup Tournament..They are & remain vital to our success..”

    “This is the best squad I’ve ever had”

    “Quality players,are hard to find”

    “There is a lot of money moving around in Europe for so few players..
    What is important,is not to get caught up in the craziness of the transfer market”

    “I will not sacrifice the financial health of the club,just to satisfy a few disgruntled fans”

    “What is important is to remain true to your beliefs & too give the fans what they pay to see..”

    In short take your pick from the above potential statements from Mr Wankstein today..

    The ever so ,predictable senile twat..

    Meanwhile AKB’s will hang on to his every word& praise the Messiah!!

    Shocking…Absolutely shocking..

  67. Kiyoshi Ito

    Oh,I forgot this potential one from Mr Wankstein today on the scheduled Google Hangout..

    “We need to remain patient& calm”

  68. ikon

    even i am getting a little worries. It is clear Gazidis wants Wenger to spend and add some class players. Wenger still wants to create class. I am sorry, but 8 years is enough time to create class and win with them.

    There was no need for selling RVP for 24 million in the first place if you know you will find it hard to get players in the market of that quality at that price.

  69. Jeff


    I wonder if there is some sort of friction going on between Gazidis (or the board) and Wenger? This Google thing reminds me of politicians having an internal crisis within their own party and in order to regain authority they “go to the country”. In other words gauging what the fans think. Certainly a lot of fans (those with brains anyhow) will be very disappointed in this summer and Wenger might be trying to stamp his authority using his popularity.

    If fan after fan starts to rally around him, we’re dead in the water. It’s a bit like the AST meeting. All the stuff people were talking about away from the meeting and all of a sudden when faced with Wenger in real life they go all shy and start asking “soft” questions. I don’t doubt there’ll be some of those planted for the Google thing but I can’t help thinking “why do it, and why now”.

  70. Kiyoshi Ito

    JeffAugust 1, 2013 06:53:44

    It’s quite sickening really..

    It’s all political machinations going on..

    I really don’t think,there is an internal warfare as such..I think the mixed messages from the camp,is probably part of their strategy..

    If there is,maybe the Google Hangout,is maybe just damage limitation..

    Gauge the fans views& try to appease the gullible mugs..

    Either way,we’ve been having mixed messages from the club since Fizman..

    Fizman came out & said in the past,prior to his passing away,that there is money for Mr Wankstein to spend..

    Mr Wankstein,comes out & says,if he was given £100 million,he will give it back..

    So this is nothing new..

    I don’t understand the need for Mr Wankstein,to go on a Google Hangout..

    What for?


    Just do the business,& buy the WC players..

    Let’s be honest,when the club,lobbied the Premier League last year,to block any potential foreign hostile investors that accrued 30% in shares from accessing the club’s books..

    You knew,this was some clandestine operation by the club,of keeping things in house,so too speak..

    The blocking of Usmanov,the replacement of PHW,with Mr Chips..
    Let’s keep it all in-house..

    I’m really out of words…

    The mockery by the club,of the fans,shows no sign of abating..

    It continues in earnest..Rank it up a notch every year,with new & varied twists too the plot..

    & the gullible fans suck it up& fall for it every time..

    This latest PR chicanery,really makes me think,are fans that stupid?
    & does the club,have no real moral backbone..

    It pains,me too write this..
    But Arsenal & Arsene have actually turned me off football..

    I’ve been lucky enough to have been sporty in other disciplines..

    Football,used to be my number 1 love..

    Not anymore…
    Not for the past 4-5years,simply because of Arsene& Arsenal.

    I’ve found during my travels & competing in various sports,as a past time..

    That football fans,generally are a deluded & slow bunch.

    So,I won’t be surprised,by the support for Mr Wankstein,after his Google Hangout today..

    & I used to think L’pool fans were backward..

  71. Jeff


    The frustration often spills into anger, then resentment and finally indifference. If there is to be any hope for this club to get back on its feet again, we have to sour the milk Wenger’s been drinking all these years. There is a slight chance that his conceit will get the better of him once that “loving support” and “blind trust” turns into anger and the majority call for his dismissal.

    It’s certainly heading in that direction but there are an awful lot of fans that need to be won over. Once the “In Arsene We Trust” banners disappear and the stadium gets emptier and emptier, the message may get through but it’s a long shot I know.

    The thing that baffles me the most is why, after having won those titles all those years ago, has Wenger turned his back on winning?

  72. Kiyoshi Ito

    JeffAugust 1, 2013 06:53:44
    If fan after fan starts to rally around him, we’re dead in the water. It’s a bit like the AST meeting.

    Wenger might be trying to stamp his authority using his popularity
    As you said Mr Wankstein,using his popularity to rally fans around him..

    You can bet your bottom dollar/pound,this is his underlying motive..

    To be fair,Silent Stan,is just as culpable..

    Maybe invective,should be directed towards him..

    Ivan Gazidis,just seems to be a man,without real power..

    Gazidis,will only assume some sort of power,with Mr Wankstein gone completely..

    Maybe Gazidis,shoring up the social media blogs,with his 1-2-1 chats some months ago,was designed to undermine Mr Wankstein..

    Has it failed..?Probably..

    Wenger has him by the balls..
    He did sanction his position after all..
    The Manager bossing the Chief Exec..

    Unheard of in,normal industry..

    I’m assuming Gazidis, got above his station,with the “Escalation of financial power” statement..

    Wenger with the consent of Silent Stan,is bringing Gazidis down a peg,or two..

    Hence the Google Hangout Chat..

    Either that,or just the usual strategy of mixed messages from the club..

    Designed to divide & conquer the fans..

    As for the AST,a bunch of jokers..

    The samaritans,have more bite!!

  73. Dannyboy

    Isn’t it hilarious how papers go with the headline ‘Gerrard tells Suarez ‘Moving to Arsenal doesn’t make sense!!!’ ‘ when what he actually said is ‘from the clubs perspective, it doesn’t make sense to sell to Arsenal’

    Those cunts just love to try and have a dig at us!

  74. Kiyoshi Ito

    JeffAugust 1, 2013 07:32:45
    The thing that baffles me the most is why, after having won those titles all those years ago, has Wenger turned his back on winning?
    Quite simply money…

    That’s why Mr Wankstein,has turned his back on winning..

    I can’t believe for the life of me ,why some football fans on here,question whether Mr Wankstein,gets a bonus or not..

    Name a top level executive,that does not get paid a bonus,on top of his basic pay?

    Name a top level player football player that does not get paid a bonus..?

    Mr Wankstein does the job of almost 4 people,by convenient choice(the megalomaniac)

    In short,he gets paid a basic & a bonus..

    With our owner & the hierarchy,the focus is on the bottom line..

    Therefore the less he spends in the transfer kitty..
    The more he gets,by way of plundering that transfer fund kitty,in the form of his bonus..

    There is clearly a conflict of interest..
    But is a convenient win-win situation for him & his boss..

  75. Kiyoshi Ito

    July 31st, 2013 by Pedro
    Just in case you’re unaware, the £40,000,001 clause doesn’t entitle us to buy Suarez.

    Right, ok, so am I the only one who knew this last week? You know, when every paper carried the exact story?
    When does the bullshit end??

  76. Hitman49


    Very sad.

    I played at highbury in a charity game 2004 and kenny was captain,my son came along he was only 7 and Jenny’s boys were there he took my son with his a treated him brilliantly.
    He took them all out onto the pitch before the game and had a kick around with them,just brilliant then he took them to the old museum in the north bank and got them to take out some of the trophys for the boys, I have some great pics and memories..

    He’s a true gooner !

  77. Dannyboy

    You’d think the club could do something to help him… Or surely Tony Adams has been in touch to get him into his clinic?

  78. Kiyoshi Ito

    An excerpt…

    May 2nd, 2013 by Pedro
    Moving things forward: Will the manager match the club’s ambitions this summer?
    This summer though… and I know what you’re thinking… is going to be different. Firstly, we don’t have any players leaving.

    Everyone is tied down to a contract, no one is unhappy… so bar the deadwood, the squad stays the same. Now, think whatever you like about us as an elite team… as a team in the league… we have a solid base to build from. The feeling I took from the meeting without drilling down into specifics… and also tugging on insight I’ve had from someone else close to the action is that this summer will see positive improvements… and if thing go really well, the movements could be super positive. The club can’t have empty blobs around the stadium.
    The sponsors won’t tolerate it. The club need to maximise revenue in the shops. They need to g ive all these new sponsors something their clients can be proud of.

    That starts with a team.

    The infrastructure has been laid. We’re a Michelin star restaurant that’s been getting away with Tesco’s own brand ingredients. This summer, we have to go out and bring in the Kobe beef. Arsenal have to make a huge impact and I really wouldn’t be surprised if we did. I’m not talking signing Benteke either… think bigger. The feelers are out as of now.

    Anyway, I could be totally wrong on this. I could have misread the situation. I could have been taken down the garden path on this one.
    But ask yourself this… what would be the point?

    Bring in one of the most disruptive bloggers on Arsenal and make a fool of him. What would be the pay off?
    Tell us Pedders..!!

  79. Gregg

    What is the point of this pathetic shit on Sky, visiting every football club today. Whats the point of pitching up to gram a two minute conversation with Diddy David Hamilton at Fulham.

  80. Kiyoshi Ito

    The HigAugust 1, 2013 09:11:23
    Anyone signed yet?
    Yeah Mr Wankstein on Google Hangout..14.30 GMT..

  81. Clive Myers

    we’ve chased 2 players this summer? Now that is not true. We’ve bid for at least 5 players and enquired for several more. Or are the facts rather inconvenient for the objectives of this article?

  82. Windy City Arse

    We ain’t signing anybody until after our qualifier for the champions league group stages.
    If we win, we should see a couple of tippity top quality signings, if we don’t then we have Squid v2 & Chamakh v2 to look forward to with Wilshere & Diabolical being unveiled as LANS.
    Maybe some math whizz out there can help answer- how much monthly interest does £70million accrue monthly?

  83. WengerPleaseResignAndGo

    Imagine if Wenger had joined AFC in 2005, would we have tolerated 8 years of non-achievement? No. So, the only thing keeping him there are past glories. He is yesterday’s man. He is a dinosaur. The sooner he leaves, the sooner the task of rebuilding the club can start.

    We have become the laughing stock of Europe. The only respect AW gets are from a gradually diminishing band of sycophantic Arsenal fans who stupidly still use phrases such as ‘In Arsene we trust’. These are the same people who still claim the earth is flat.

    I almost blew an artery when I read about Wenger lavishing praise on our only purchase so far, Sanogo. Sorry, I can’t say purchase. He was free. There is a reason, he plays in the second division in France, is constantly injured and useless. This will be in keeping with most of Wenger’s recent purchases. But the diosaur has the gall to say what a wonderful talent this new guy is. I wonder if he will be as wonderful as Santos, Sqillacci, Chamakh etc.

    One can expect another panic-fuelled supermarket dash in the January transfer window after we are beaten 8-2 by somebody else. Although Arswipe may go into that match saying that he is happy with the team and not looking to sign anyone else as he did in the week before the 8-2 mauling by ManUre. I remember watching that car-crash of a match pulling out my hair and my teeth thinking wish I could do that to AW.

    It is now very clear that AW has no intention of buying anyone decent. He is either a first-class liar or has lost it and edging towards senility. The longer this dinosaur stays, the longer it is going to take someone competent to turn the club around.