Suarez failed clause is a total irrelevance | Liverpool still massively on back foot…

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‘What? It’s not there? But you said it was f*cking there Dick.’

‘I don’t give an Eboue’s backside whether his agent only speaks Spanish. You put on your CV you speak ‘the Rosetta stone’ you fu*king smart arse!’

… that’s what I overheard on the bus in. Gazidis is furious with Dick Law.

Just in case you’re unaware, the £40,000,001 clause doesn’t entitle us to buy Suarez.

Right, ok, so am I the only one who knew this last week? You know, when every paper carried the exact story?

Oh, also, Liverpool want £50m…

What? Oh yeah, exactly the same story as last week.

So where are we? In exactly the same position as last week. No Suarez. £50m fee yet to be agreed.

Now, a few things to consider.

  • Cesc
  • Song
  • Hleb
  • Robin
  • Adebayor

What have they all in common?

That’s right. Two things.

1) No buyout clause
2) They all wanted to leave
3) They all left

… god damn, that’s three!

Now, Liverpool can trump this non-important clause all they like, it doesn’t change a thing. Simple fact of the matter is they still have a player on their books who wants to leave, they still have a £40m bid on the table… and just to make things extra spicy, they have an owner looking to flog the club. From a due diligence perspective, as I understand it, a solid balance sheet tends to look good.

… you might want to check in with a financial expert on that.

So, as you were. Liverpool haven’t strengthened their position, because everything the papers are talking about this morning is old news with new quotes. If anything, their stance will likely work against them as the player will start to pressure for a move. At the heart of it, this comes down to someone wanting to work for someone else. I mean, imagine it, someone offers you a better career elsewhere and your employer demands you stay with them for another year.

I appreciate football is different… but put in perspective… it’s a bit of an old school way of behaving. But for me, it’s posturing of the highest order. Unhappy players don’t play for you. The process of keeping people against their will is totally counter productive. Have you ever worked with someone on a 4 month notice period? Holiday’s O’clock as soon as the notice goes in. Look at Wayne Rooney last season. Look at Modric in his last year… Henry, Nasri’s last 6 months… the list goes on.

Basically, the jist of this post is not to worry about Liverpool telling the world something everyone already knew. The only worry I have about the whole issue is that it was a bit of a wind up tactic to offer the pound. If any other club come in for Suarez now, and Liverpool will probably be hoping this happens, I’d imagine they’ll show preference to them.

Keep em’ crossed that Bale to Madrid is real eh?

Talking of Madrid, they have Khedira, Di Maria and Ozil on the market. Another two two top quality players that are available that we’ll likely turn our noses up to… sorry, three top quality players!

Amy Lawrence reckons there’s friction between Ivan and Wenger over his reluctance to spend. This isn’t new. He’s a known ditherer… one minute he’s buying the world, the next he’s spent ten minutes with Aaron Ramsey nibbling on his ear and he’s changed his mind. If he’s not supplying the names outside Suarez, you’d have to say he’s taking a massive risk. If he finishes the summer with no one, he’ll be on a very bad footing with the fans because we all know what the spending power is.

… worse though, he’ll be on a bad footing with the players. He was supposed to strengthen and so far, his return has been embarrassing. We’ve chased two players so far this summer. Neither have happened. That’s not very proactive. There are plenty of targets out there. If the first move doesn’t happen… you give another name. We have a giant scouting network. We have Giles Grimantube watching all the French second division games… where are our signings? Where are the recommendations Giles?

Still, in my view… if the summer is a failiure, it’ll likely be his last season in charge. There’s no way another 4 years of this will be tolerated. Players will leave. Fans will make for a nasty atmosphere. The squad won’t compete.

Contain rage. Summer isn’t over yet. Patience. Patience.

… tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Rage. O’Clock. Hopefully. Isn’t. Coming.

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592 Responses to “Suarez failed clause is a total irrelevance | Liverpool still massively on back foot…”

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  1. zeus

    Pedro’s optimism is annoying now.

    The headline alone makes me want to skip reading this post just as I did with the guest posts.

  2. Romford Pele


    While I don’t agree with a lot of What Wenger does, the apprenticeship on the wing is definitely a good idea. It’s to improve touch and speed of thought. Also, nothing wrong with being adaptable. If you’re good enough, you’ll make it work.

  3. Cesc Appeal

    How many shares does Usmanov need to get to 30%?

    Some stuff going round that 16 shares have been bought for at £15 000 each today.

    Anyone in the know on the shares side of things?

  4. TitsMcgee

    Signing two squad players to a team saturated with squad players in our first team won’t help us one bit.

  5. Harry Redknapp

    i think akpom is a simular level to afobe, i watched the youths for years. afobe had a lot more in his game and jay emanuel thomas was much better than both.

  6. Romford Pele

    Lol i’ve seen Afobe play a lot – believe me, he’s nothing to write home about. No need to cry because Akpom is better.

  7. Romford Pele

    “jay emanuel thomas was much better than both.”

    He is the perfect example of someone who was better than others because he was bigger than them. And he had an ego the size of Jupiter. Has achieved nothing since we flogged him. Must admit to being a fan of his at one point though.

  8. Harry Redknapp

    lol youve seen afobe play a lot. but your description of his hold up play and lack of skill when at the same age of akpom is far off the mark. clearly.

  9. Dan T

    If Zalalem does some serious bulking up then he could have a role at some point this season. Carling Cup (or whatever it is these days) at least.

  10. Harry Redknapp

    lol and akpom is not bigger than the other youths no? so it was just jet bigger than the kids around him lol.

  11. Craigy

    We are the only so called big club that don’t fucking buy, it’s sickening how w***er haven’t signed Anyone of note, I’m sick to fucking death with this cunt, it’s the same every year, what’s so difficult, class players move for big money, how can’t he see that, he pays what he thinks the players worth, not what their valuation is and what the rest of Europe concede they have to pay, the guy is going nowhere, if he don’t sign at least two world class players, then please fuck off, but the sickening thing is, he’ll most probably be given a new contract, our board really is a joke

  12. Romford Pele

    Redknapp – Akpom is bigger – but as I said, he also has the necessary skillset. And more than anything, his application is a level above the other two. That’s not to say he’ll make it of course, but he has a wide range of skills which is rare for someone of his age and size.

  13. Guninurback

    Fa Kin No Wan
    July 31, 2013 14:47:12

    Guys… Here’s a challange:

    Write down 10 things you love about Arsenal…

    1. Tony Adams – You lead from the back boys –

    2. Martin Keown – The good old days 😉

    3. Sol Campbell –

    4. Thierry Henry –

    5. Robert Pires –

    6. Patrick Vierira –

    7. Nwanko Kanu –

    8. Ian Wright – Could never bee wrong with that one, man… -

    9. Dennis –

    10 – Robin –

    And fuck you I’m slapping an 11 out there.


  14. Harry Redknapp

    the skillset, pace strength? but you just said that jet was only good because he was bigger, yet he had a better skillset. the kid akpom at what 6’4? now your backtrackin romford. all im sayin is akpom is a good prospect but so was afobe.

  15. Romford Pele

    Skillset takes into account a lot of things – vision, touch, speed of thought, link-up play, technique. JET had a decent skillset, not as good as Akpom IMO but still good. What let him down was a lack of application. He already thought he was a superstar. Akpom runs his heart out every game, irrespective of whether he’s playing well or not. We’ll obviously have to agree to disagree though because I don’t think Afobe was as good as Akpom when he was 17.

  16. Harry Redknapp

    i dunno akpom scores a lot of sitters, afobe had a better goal record and scored better goals. had more pace more strength. akpom is suited to play the new arsenal way with 3 forwards but only as the centre forward. afobe was pushed to the right by wenger with his apprenticeship on the wing chatter. i dont think that was good management but yet akpom may have to go on loan to get a good run of games as another season in the reserves or on the bench wont be any good for his growth.

  17. Harry Redknapp

    i personally feel that if we have giroud and theo plus one of suarez or another top striker we could keep both akpom and give afobe a go, i dont see either being worse than gervinho or theo was 2 3 years back.

  18. Romford Pele

    “akpom may have to go on loan to get a good run of games as another season in the reserves or on the bench wont be any good for his growth.”

    Agreed but he’s only 17 so there’s still time. And the NextGen is a good competition for young players.

  19. Harry Redknapp

    agree the next gen has changed things . its more proffesional ,a competition like that would probably have helped the others like afobe jet stokes or murphy progress without having to go on loans which never work out.

  20. Cesc Appeal

    Ramsey’s Backpass

    It is great as long as it is Usmanov.

    It would be the perfect time, supporter discontent having been appeased with Ivan’s waffle at the AST is now alive and kicking again, the richest man in Britain and one of the wealthiest most powerful men in the world trying to bid for your club will suddenly seem very attractive, even to the AKB’s.

    I’d be delirious if he swept in before deadline day and managed to pull of some transfer coups.

    But I’m not holding my breath, just him getting to 30% will be good enough for me, can start sticking his spoon in the gumbo and cause some trouble for the Three Profiteers.

  21. goona

    ……ah, but was that 11 players with supa qualiteeee? you bet the fuck it was!…..god our team is SHITE now!….. if the current team could play that lot it would be a cricket score

  22. Simon

    Great post Pedro
    Kudos on your efforts churning out daily blogs, great effort
    I like the angle you employed. Well lets just hope something reasonable comes out of this transfer market. Wengers last chance

  23. samsenal

    I wonder if AKBs (and i mean actual AKBs not Arsenal fans that don’t want to attack their own club) are now outnumbered by UKBs?

    ‘Fess up. Who here is a proud UKB? Does anyone have the guts to come out and admit it?

    Anyone have a view on the relative numbers? I stress again, AKB is a very specific label, it doesn’t cover people who don’t HATE Wenger.

  24. Bergkamp63


    Don’t get excited, he has only needed 1 share for around 3 months now which he already has tucked away.

    He won’t bid IMO until Arsenal fuck up and drop out of the CL places and then the club will be worth a bit less. Also he would be obliged to offer the top price he paid for any shares for the remaining ones during the 12 months leading up to his 30% holding.

    I doubt he will bid unti the end of the season

  25. TheBayingMob

    Pedro definitely feeling a bit cheap in the post above, after being schmoozed by Gazidis with a bit of cheap wine, secrets whispered in his ear and a bit of I’ll show you mine if you show me yours, he knows he’s been had up against the wall like drunk slag in Newcastle. Nevermind. At least he got to see Ivan’s pubes.

  26. Guninurback

    July 31, 2013 15:40:34

    Fucking eye!

    And seeing Wright do his thing again is just a thing of beauty, there’s a hell of a lot of players that can bend it like Beckham these days, but no one can chip it like Ian.

    And I mean… David fuck! See thats a keeper a defense can trust.

  27. TitsMcgee

    30% guarantees him a seat at the algonquin round-table?

    I thought that was a myth that was disproved?

  28. Cesc Appeal

    Ash, Ramsey’s Backpass

    We can but hope here that this is our moment, or at least AU is getting stuck in, that’ll apply serious pressure to Le Wig.

    Says on that share site that they were traded a few hours ago, so hopefully the papers will be picking it up in the next few hours and we’ll get a clearer idea.

    All my fingers and toes crossed right now though.

    It’s the child in you but you can’t help but dream. Wake up in the morning:

    ‘Usmanov takes control of Arsenal and meets Liverpool’s asking price…as well as hijacks Madrid’s deal for Bale.’

    Say what!!!!! Hahaha…no but seriously, if that happened I’d chop my own nuts off as sex would be irrelevant after that…

  29. Ash79

    CA – Say what!!!!! Hahaha…no but seriously, if that happened I’d chop my own nuts off as sex would be irrelevant after that…

    haha some funny lines this avo…

  30. kc

    ManUre preparing 40 million bid for Cesc. Suspicious no? Mascherano coming out yesterday with comments on why Cesc should stay at Barca and now this?

  31. TheBayingMob

    Where’s all the AKB’s bigging up Cuntface Neville’s comments about what a master genius Wenger is? “they need to go now. I think he knows, Arsene Wenger, that moment is now” (Neville), what a b3nd3r, and his dad is a s3x case …

  32. kc

    If Cesc is looking to come back to England, there’s no way it’s back to Arsenal unless we add at least one top drawer Striker. If he winds up at Old Trafford Wenger’s head has to roll.

  33. Ash79


    all this Cesc stuff just comes down him. All he has to say is he wants to join arsenal and United oculd make it £140m for what its worth. Cesc has been dead quiet on it all.

    He did however post a picture on his twitter of him wearing the new AFC away kit…hmm

  34. samsenal

    Ash, if he wanted us he wouldn’t come out and say it…and he wouldn’t come out and rebuff United because he needs them to give Barca an offer they can’t refuse to it is clear that it is BARCA who have pushed for him to leave, not Cesc.

    that is the fantasy anyway.

    Reality is that he’s going nowhere.

  35. Sam

    Afobe should have left arsenal when barca identified him as new Eto’o together with aneke. They stayed because they are gooners thru n thru only to be ruined by arsene wenger with stupid loans.
    Between 18-20 is the make or break age for young player that’s when the dinosaur send them to play low level football for 2 years to make sure they lose everything including confidence waste their career with injuries.
    To send a someone to play low level football in order To progress is the dumbest thing I have ever in football. Barca only have 4 players on loan because you cannot trust anyone with your young players those on loan like affelay becoz of fitness the rest probably won’t come back

  36. Ash79

    seeing as Barca do raid us for players its in their interest to do the Cesc deal with us, regardless of the money United offer. Im sure they will be after Zalelelelem in a few years so keep it sweet Sandro, let Cesc come home.

  37. salparadisenyc

    “Talking of Madrid, they have Khedira, Di Maria and Ozil on the market. ”

    Where has it ever said Ozil is on the market?
    Standout for Madrid, second on team sheet behind Ronaldo.

  38. Ash79

    Championship side Doncaster Rovers sign South Africa captain Bongani Khumalo, 26, on a season-long loan deal from Tottenham Hotspur.

    I had no idea the SA captain was at spurs.

  39. Harry Redknapp

    agreed sam. this is the reason brady is off because he cant take wengers bad management of youth no more.

  40. TitsMcgee

    Barcelona is one of two or three clubs in the world that can say they are just as big if not bigger than Man U and that a move there would be a lateral move at worst.

    I will be shocked if he chose to leave or if Barca pushed him out.

  41. Sam

    Crewe want aneke for another year with an offer wenger cannot refuse. He loans players out for money and doesn’t care.

  42. salparadisenyc

    Just clicked.
    If Madrid get Bale then Ozil could be seen as surplus to requirements; i’d call that a 1st world problem.

    Sell Gervinho get Ozil, thats some upgrade.

  43. Sam

    Btw, zelalem through balls hype just wenger closing our eyes that we don’t need new players we just discovered new Cesc even twits on twitter want him in the first team now. Lol!! Aneke’s been doing it since he was younger than 16 actually. Where the fuck is he? Now playing him in defense to piss him off . Arsenal is fucking circus full of false
    promises. Zelalem in the first team haha ha ha !

  44. Cesc Appeal


    Ginter is probably the most likely transfer out of any I’ve heard.

    Young, not really well known, £5 Million….perfect Wenger buy.

    I wouldn’t expect Tasci, if he’s got one year left on his deal and Wenger is interested he’ll just wait and get him for free and sacrifice the team again.

    I’d expect Ginter…and then some weird buy from Ligue 1.

  45. Cesc Appeal

    The most important transfer of recent years could be those 16 shares…just as long as a certain Uzbek billionaire has bought them.

  46. Sam


    Bêtis wanted campbell for another season but wanted to pay less , nope! Crystal palace is a premiership club it will help him settle, nope. Olympiakos was the highest bidder, au revoir Joel! This man cares about money more than football

  47. Guninurback

    The only probable signing I see is maybe “Thauvin” and some completely unheard of African. Although I seemed to read something about the “some unheard of African” being offended Wenger told him to “audition”.

    So I guess we can’t even attract the African Zlatan on a free these days.

  48. Relieable sauce

    I didn’t realise things were so complicated with our ownership.

    SS owns 67 or whatever % of Arsenal holdings, which owns Arsenal football club plc (i think), which is what i think most people consider “Arsenal” to be. Arsenal holdings is itself owned by its parent company KSE uk, which has all sorts of subsidiary companies linked to the club & property. I’m guessing KSE is owned by SS, anyone know much about it???

  49. Guninurback

    Yeah no one really cares about that, show me the leader of the AKB’s on the other hand and I’ll fuck him up 😉

  50. TitsMcgee

    “The most important transfer of recent years could be those 16 shares…just as long as a certain Uzbek billionaire has bought them.”

    Do we know that him having 30% of the shares equates to anything though?

    Does it guarantee a place on the board?

  51. TT

    Dont understand why everyone is getting so exited over AU possibly buying enough shears to go over 30%. It will not give him any more access to the books than he has now as the PL changed its rules few months back Nor will it give him any right to join the board as the person or group that owns 50% + 1 share is completely in control of who sits on the board.

    It is not a prerequisite for a takeover bid either as you can do that anytime you want, regardless if you have shares or not. It will however force AU to pay same for the remaining shares as he paid highest for his own in a given time period before reaching 30%.

    As for signings, I am very excited about the remaining days of the window as the cvnt will either have a breakdown, splash the cash on star players or fuckit up so badly that his days will be numbered. There is a reason why IG called Pedro in and told him about the summer of huge spending, namely that the season tickets where stalling. It must be, as I even got offered one and I was way down the list only 2 years ago!

  52. Harry Redknapp

    sam we all know that jack would be gone as well if cesc and ramsey were never injured and denilson didnt demand a move, plus we all heard arsene crying and begging clichy to stay despite being shyt which would have left gibbs where, so which player has wenger really ever given a chance to without sales and injurys ever? none.

  53. Stiks

    I love Arsenal Football club and i put this at the forefront of everything that has to do with this great club.Which is why i dont get fans that say they love the club saying they want Arsene Wenger to stay.Ask any fan the problem with the club and they will likely say:
    (i)The club doesn’t want to spend money on quality players,
    (ii)It allows its star players to leave,
    (iii)It pays high wages to average players and thus makes it hard to shift them on,
    (iv)It doesn’t pay enough to attract or keep its star players.
    The one responsible for all this is Arsene Wenger.He fixes player wages,he’d rather spend money on a young unknown that pay extra millions for a quality player.Time and again,us fans have called him out on his lack of tactical prowress and no plan b.So with all these faults,why would any sane fan still want him at the club?He has demonstrated that he will not change and spews the same garbage every season so everyone that truly loves Arsenal has to see that the root of the problem has to go.That is Arsene Wenger!

  54. Harry Redknapp

    at 30% he has to mount a takeover, or make an offer, question is will stan turn down 3-400 mill profit? ivan and arsene are shitting bricks, suraez is sitting tight.

  55. Ash79

    Tits – taken from another afc blog..

    “As the Daily Telegraph are now reporting, the Premier League have tightened up their rules to make it clear that a shareholder with a 30% stake in a club is not entitled to any privileges, and conversely does not have any special responsibilities, provided there is already a majority owner.
    Primarily the rule changes strengthen Stan Kroenke’s position. As I’ve explained before (links above), there is no reason to expect a takeover bid if and when Usmanov reaches 30%, no reason to think he will be given a seat on the Board on hitting that milestone, and no reason to think it would cause Kroenke to sell. However, if it meant access to detailed financial information it would allow R&W to apply pressure – for change, for further investment from Kroenke, for a seat on the Board, or anything else they were looking for.”

  56. Scott

    Why is it that our best player and captain with 5 years left on his contract went for £29m and yet the spuds similar player goes for up to £90m.
    Simple their C.E.O knows what he’s doing and holds the buying club to ransom.
    We are a total joke of a club we get shafted when we sell our stars and even worse when we try to buy any stars.

  57. Sam

    I read an article last night that wenger just discovered new George Weah, gedion zelalem, huh?
    I just said it must be gazidis writing this coz he doesn’t know anything about football, stupid propaganda
    Wenger Brought Weah to Monaco he was already professional footballer in cameroon he just got there first before everyone if he didn’t buy him someone would have . That’s not discovery the way the media hype it . Now zelalem is the new Weah . I should find that article and post comment saying Ivan is that you ?

  58. Keyser

    Lol Usmanov now, he’s also a major AKB, he couldn’t tive a shit really.

    Imagine all those years of hurt, and the first thing he does is throw his hands up and say ‘My hands are tied, FFP means I can’t invest, I trust Wenger implicitly’

    That’d be funny,

  59. Ash79

    TT – well hold onto your hat mate, 31 days to go from tomorrow. This place will be a mess over the next month…serious fuckin meltdown. extreme emotions, anger, joy (short lived perhaps), obscenities, threats, insults, fights, spin, lies, propaganda, common sense and some not-so commone sense.

    all the reasons we visit this place every day

  60. Ash79

    Keyser – what would be funny is if Usmanov took over and then announced he actually works for Kronkunt and they are actually lovers and Gazidis is their child.

  61. PhilF

    What’s going to happen once we have cleared all the deadwood… We’ll probably end up getting replacement deadwood as a result of Wenger shopping in the bargain bin or trying to unearth ‘the next Messi’. Chances are we’ll scrap 4th again next year, Wenger will have a new contract etc, etc… for the forseeable future. Depressing.

  62. Keyser

    Have to admit, I like the Gedion, and Zelalem sounds like some sort of ancient name for a market town in a far off desert country.

    Gedion of Zelalem they call him, they say no creature on earth can get within 3 feet of him as he controls the Mitre Orb.

  63. Ash79

    Keyser July 31, 2013 17:01:18
    “common sense”
    Like how you wedged that in.

    i struggled if im honest

  64. Harry Redknapp

    lol usmanov wouldnt suffer the embarasment of an akb, imagine one of his billionaire swinger dinner partys with just the emirate cup on the mantle piece while he discusses billions with his associates

  65. Cesc Appeal

    Don’t need Usmanov for his money…just some direction…and David Dein doesn’t exactly hurt.

  66. Ash79

    Harry – you are right. Imagine it now, Alisher invites Roman over for dinner…

    RA – so alisher, i hear chuks aneke is going on loan..?
    AU – grumbles..hmm.. yes
    *pours another vodka*
    RA – i cant stay too long as we have to produce a DVD “CFC – a decade of silverware”
    AU – grumbles..hmmm.. yes yes
    RA – you have this qualifying match or something for the champions league. How wonderful, you can generate extra match fees.
    RA – hahaha i park my tank on your loan and fire £50 notes at your face Alisher!

  67. Harry Redknapp

    lol ash79 exactly. imagine arsene having a chat with stan and tellin him financial prudence is the only way to keep the club afloat.

  68. Keyser

    The embarrassment ?, he’s King AKB, you’d have to bow down to him anyway.

    – Sir, we have brought demands for Wenger’s immediate sacking

    – Boonowa tweepi, ha, ha. Yanee dah poo noo. Wenger, Weengrrre, ma bukee. Bargon yanah coto da eetha.

  69. Harry Redknapp

    now imagine arsene having the same chat about financial prudence keepin the club afloat to usmanov while he chugs on a cigar and drinks out of his versace mug

  70. Ash79

    Harry – the story works in other ways too..

    RA – we have just finished signing Andre Schurrle, lots of paperwork.
    AU – grumble..hmm..ok
    RA – have you been busy too Alisher?
    AU – grumbles..hmm.. try this vodka Roman, it is imported
    RA – we can give you Yossi again if you like?
    AU – no thanks Roman, here try this vodka…
    RA – how about going after Lee Cattermole?
    RA – hahaha i park my tank on your loan and fire £50 notes at your face Alisher!

  71. Dannyboy

    think the new away kit has shot to the top of my favourite kits list!!!

    such a fucking shame that I can’t buy it, because Wenger is too smart to buy good players.

  72. Harry Redknapp

    nah i a kit is made famous by those that pull it on, they will never be fashionable its just you can become fond of certain ones. the yellow and blue adidas kit that the media insists is one of the worst kits of all time is my fave arsenal kit

  73. Doublegooner

    Written by a Wenger Disciple on another blog today….Sums it up.

    “Those Etonians and old businessmen on the board have given us a world class stadium which gives me more joy than players or trophies (that’s me!). They have kept us financially secure despite our huge project expenditure. Arsenal is now the 4th biggest club in the world – despite not winning a trophy in 8 years! How can that not make any true fan proud? I am very grateful for those men”

  74. Guninurback

    July 31, 2013 17:05:35

    Yeah you’re right it might come up, I mean I can see that happening, but I’m sure the setting would be more like this.

    “Gedion of Zelalem they call him, they say no creature on earth can get within 3 feet of him as he controls the Mitre Orb…. Oooh!!! Strike my last, Shawcross just came in with what I have to say was an absolutely brutal tackle. No but fair play ref! Honestly that was never a yellow card! Oh well looks like Shawcross will have to watch those tackles for the remainder of the game, hmmm look like the young Arsenal player is not going to get up from that… Well they certainly don’t build them like they used to, or do they Gary?
    – No they don’t Jon, no they don’t. ”


  75. cj1764

    I was speaking with some Fund manager today, who has been involved with football financial stuff for a number of years (has been heavily involved in Ron Noades/Simon Jordan) stuff on many occasions and he has heard a rumour ( I Know Rumours Rumours) but the whispers around are that Kronke has instructed Gazidis that he wants a star signing/s and Arsenal to Compete this season, as the Club has started to be flouted to the Qataris looking for a sale next summer. And the Qataris are looking for a Premier Club? Mayb Bolloxs but these arabs dont mess about when they want something>

  76. sam


    we all love gedion zelalem but the management is using him in a cynical way.
    he’s only 16 there’s no need for too much propaganda and pressure on him.
    we cannot count him as first teamer now to save money

  77. Marko

    City favourites for me this season. I think Negredo aside their signings are super. Only question mark is centre of defense Kompany I think has a tendency for an injury and Nastasic is injured and sure Javi Garcia can play there and Lescott is still there but that’s the only area they’re not almost perfect in

  78. Keyser

    Milan are pretty shit, El Sharaawy should at least have his haircut at half-mast until they get another couple of goals, has he no shame.

  79. sam

    Selling Eboue was a mistake, thats why park chu young flopped.
    Emmanuel Eboue was the only one at arsenal who understood korean.
    and the only one in history of football to take instruction from the opposition coach, Genius!

  80. Guninurback

    City 5 -0 up after 35 minutes, that puts our cricket scores the other day into some well earned perspective doesn’t it.

  81. Marko

    That would make sense cj1764 buy a couple marquee expensive players and you can add more to the price when you sell

  82. Doublegooner

    Cesc Appeal @ 17.12


    Not denying Dein’s past skills & influence & strong support to Wenger but it’s time to move on.

  83. Keyser

    See now the physio/ manager/ team hair-stylist should be on with the hair-spray and winch El Sharaawy’s hair back up again.

  84. Ash79

    Same Story July 31, 2013 18:02:28
    I’d bid £30m for El Shaarawy right now, Milan would probably accept it as they’re broke.

    some say we did, got rejected

  85. WengersSweeties

    FFS! Currently we are dragging our heels with the Suarez deal, we know what Liverpool want and thats £55m. But bidding £40m + £1 so we are able to speak to him regardless of what they say is only pissing them off! We are doing ourselves no favors at all if we really want him.

    We miss out on so much quality because of the way Wenger dictates his business it’s unreal. We lost out on Mata because we refused to pay an extra £5.5m for him. We lost out on Cahill because we wouldn’t pay an extra £2m for him, we lost out on schwarzer because we wouldnt pay an extra £2m on him, we lost out on Higuain because we refused to pay the asking price, then we step away and other clubs come in and get these players and Wenger blames it on us not being able to compete.

    I wouldn’t mind but then AKB’s claim it’s because we can’t compete with Chelsea and City Oil money etc.. when that’s not the case at all. When we had the opportunity to bring in Higuain we should’ve taken it, gambling on Suarez now looks like it’s going to blow up in our faces yet again as many others have done before him.

    We have dragged the Suarez deal so long now that it’s more than likely Liverpool will stick to the £55-£60m price tag (Quite rightly) and we will lose out again with all that money to spend.

    Now imagine ‘if’ Chelsea decide to step in after that with a £60m bid, AKB’s will be the first one claiming it wasn’t Wenger’s fault (like HE does), it’s Chelsea’s Oil Money while holding up the white flag.

    This club has been held back enough by the manager, if I was the board I would put in a £60m bid for Suarez over Joan of Arc’s wishes with an apology letter.

  86. nyand

    Big name signings will not help City. Pellegrini, who is very technically astute, is the key to the team’s performance in the coming season.

  87. sam

    Are we really in for mesut ozil or you guys just making it up?

    i am doubting we gonna buy someone better than ramsey in the midfield
    ramsey and diaby out of the first team will break wenger’s heart

    all i know is we will buy someone shitter than ramsey, someone who’ll start life away from the first team without complaining.

    someone cheap!

  88. Keyser

    “we lost out on Higuain because we refused to pay the asking price”

    Lol which was ?

    Seriously how much should we pay for Suarez, none of these club’s set prices, they’re out to get as much as they possibly can, that’s all, either Suarez forces his way out, or there’s little point really.

  89. WengersSweeties


    July 31, 2013 18:11:26

    “we lost out on Higuain because we refused to pay the asking price”Lol which was ?


  90. Ash79

    when you think andy carroll 35m you just think…dammmmnnn motherfcuker…suarez is easily 55m…

    look man, just pay lfc the 55 and get on with it.

    why should we as fans care so much about how much we spend. We’ve become like this. its the managements problem to find money, not us. Just give us quality players.

  91. Keyser

    And what did we supposedly offer ?

    His dad said everything was agreed, Perez said there were no bids in person.

    You had people on here saying pay the extra few million, which went from 22, 24, 27, 29, 32 and finally Napoli paying 34.5 million.

    There was no asking price, it’s as much as they could get, Higwin didn’t force his way to us, he had 3 years on his contract and Real were in no hurry.

  92. Keyser

    Ash79 – I swear we had this conversation, it’s not about us caring, it’s people continually posting the same thing, slowly it goes like Chinese whispers to the point where they just start writing complete bullshit.

    How much common sense do you see on hear ? Can’t people just get themselves a diary, and write ‘Wenger’s a cunt’ over and over again to release their frustrations.

    Were you serious about ‘When you think Andy Carroll, 35m’ ? Lol who the fuck thought that ?

  93. RIPAFC