Suarez failed clause is a total irrelevance | Liverpool still massively on back foot…

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‘What? It’s not there? But you said it was f*cking there Dick.’

‘I don’t give an Eboue’s backside whether his agent only speaks Spanish. You put on your CV you speak ‘the Rosetta stone’ you fu*king smart arse!’

… that’s what I overheard on the bus in. Gazidis is furious with Dick Law.

Just in case you’re unaware, the £40,000,001 clause doesn’t entitle us to buy Suarez.

Right, ok, so am I the only one who knew this last week? You know, when every paper carried the exact story?

Oh, also, Liverpool want £50m…

What? Oh yeah, exactly the same story as last week.

So where are we? In exactly the same position as last week. No Suarez. £50m fee yet to be agreed.

Now, a few things to consider.

  • Cesc
  • Song
  • Hleb
  • Robin
  • Adebayor

What have they all in common?

That’s right. Two things.

1) No buyout clause
2) They all wanted to leave
3) They all left

… god damn, that’s three!

Now, Liverpool can trump this non-important clause all they like, it doesn’t change a thing. Simple fact of the matter is they still have a player on their books who wants to leave, they still have a £40m bid on the table… and just to make things extra spicy, they have an owner looking to flog the club. From a due diligence perspective, as I understand it, a solid balance sheet tends to look good.

… you might want to check in with a financial expert on that.

So, as you were. Liverpool haven’t strengthened their position, because everything the papers are talking about this morning is old news with new quotes. If anything, their stance will likely work against them as the player will start to pressure for a move. At the heart of it, this comes down to someone wanting to work for someone else. I mean, imagine it, someone offers you a better career elsewhere and your employer demands you stay with them for another year.

I appreciate football is different… but put in perspective… it’s a bit of an old school way of behaving. But for me, it’s posturing of the highest order. Unhappy players don’t play for you. The process of keeping people against their will is totally counter productive. Have you ever worked with someone on a 4 month notice period? Holiday’s O’clock as soon as the notice goes in. Look at Wayne Rooney last season. Look at Modric in his last year… Henry, Nasri’s last 6 months… the list goes on.

Basically, the jist of this post is not to worry about Liverpool telling the world something everyone already knew. The only worry I have about the whole issue is that it was a bit of a wind up tactic to offer the pound. If any other club come in for Suarez now, and Liverpool will probably be hoping this happens, I’d imagine they’ll show preference to them.

Keep em’ crossed that Bale to Madrid is real eh?

Talking of Madrid, they have Khedira, Di Maria and Ozil on the market. Another two two top quality players that are available that we’ll likely turn our noses up to… sorry, three top quality players!

Amy Lawrence reckons there’s friction between Ivan and Wenger over his reluctance to spend. This isn’t new. He’s a known ditherer… one minute he’s buying the world, the next he’s spent ten minutes with Aaron Ramsey nibbling on his ear and he’s changed his mind. If he’s not supplying the names outside Suarez, you’d have to say he’s taking a massive risk. If he finishes the summer with no one, he’ll be on a very bad footing with the fans because we all know what the spending power is.

… worse though, he’ll be on a bad footing with the players. He was supposed to strengthen and so far, his return has been embarrassing. We’ve chased two players so far this summer. Neither have happened. That’s not very proactive. There are plenty of targets out there. If the first move doesn’t happen… you give another name. We have a giant scouting network. We have Giles Grimantube watching all the French second division games… where are our signings? Where are the recommendations Giles?

Still, in my view… if the summer is a failiure, it’ll likely be his last season in charge. There’s no way another 4 years of this will be tolerated. Players will leave. Fans will make for a nasty atmosphere. The squad won’t compete.

Contain rage. Summer isn’t over yet. Patience. Patience.

… tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Rage. O’Clock. Hopefully. Isn’t. Coming.

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592 Responses to “Suarez failed clause is a total irrelevance | Liverpool still massively on back foot…”

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  1. Reiss

    We have had more then two months to make a signing and all we is we’re working hard and there isn’t enough quality in Europe at the moment, I am sorry but that isn’t good enough.

  2. Tansamui

    Apparently the emirates cup is sold out. Seems that the AKB’s still outnumber the pessimists. No wonder Wonga sees no need to sign anyone.

  3. GoonerDave

    We must spend or we risk being left behind. We will end up another sleeping giant of football.
    Now that we actually have money, not the use of money, actual disposable cash, we must invest that as any successful business would.
    I respect your opinion, but feel we risk being left in the year 2000 if we fail to spend and spend wisely.

  4. Gregg

    Emirates cup is a family day where you can afford to take the kids. I wouldn’t read much into it being sold out as a gage of optimism for the season ahead.

  5. Jeff

    Another psychological barrier for world class stars when they are considering coming to us is that they don’t see any peers at the club of the same stature. They say money goes to money and it’s the same with talent. A child prodigy will soon tire of sitting in a class of dunces which includes even the teacher. That’s just the way things are.

    To remedy this we have to fill the class room with other child prodigies. We have to have a special class for them, special payment, special terms, special treatment – because they are special. It’s not just the money. Look at Barcelona. They practically “stole” Fabregas off us because he’d been trying for years – almost begging – to get into their ranks and in the end he took a pay cut to do it.

    Take Van Persie. He risked the wrath and repudiation of Arsenal fans to leave the class of dunces and join a school he thought could give him more. It’s the most natural human behaviour. We want to be where there are others like us. A rampant beer drinker with an IQ of 60 does not want to join a bunch of Oxford Dons who sit around quoting Shakespeare and Milton all day.

    At Arsenal we have a social wage policy and an egalitarian madman with all the power he can handle – which means we will be attracting only mediocrity while anyone with any sort of talent will want to leave. This lose-lose situation has been going on for so long that it completely baffles and bewilders the hell out of me how and why this lunatic is still at the helm and is being allowed to carry on.

  6. Sam

    Good moaning doomers!

    Can we just chill out today? No more moan
    Anyway, I see alot coming from our Theodore this season. He reminds me of our long lost son Andrew Cole that spuddy George sold to Bristol city for fucking peanuts

  7. Cesc Appeal

    If I hear the word patience one more time…

    Has everyone seemingly forgot we’ve been patient, and indulged Wenger for 8 years??!!

    We’ve tried it his bizarre, youth way, now he has to drag himself into the new modern era of football and spend some money.

    But he won’t.

    And it won’t be his last year in charge because Pedro, you seem to be under some sort of illusion that the club wants to spend money and compete…I don’t buy it.

    They want to keep the club at the level it’s at and rake in massive profits.

    I saw today Levy has sacked his commercial team for failing to meet their targets…a CEO with balls.

    When did Arsenal last sack anyone, and there are some great candidates for the boot…

  8. Romford Pele

    “Lol ok guys clearly I have stumbled across a meeting place for morons. I will leave.”

    Don’t forget your coat.

    But on a serious note, our points are valid. Unless you can argue against it with evidence then bye.

  9. Jimmythegun

    Morning everyone,

    I haven’t read the comments for the last few days so forgive me if you have covered this.

    Assuming that the Suarez deal won’t happen, who are the alternatives.?

    At the start of the summer there where a long list of CL quality strikers who might have been prepared to join us, particularly if you believe that we are prepared to spend some money (Falcao, Cavani, Villa, Rooney, Suarez, Higuian, Jovetic etc) as well as those in the game who are good enough but won’t be sold/wouldn’t join us (Zlatan, Aguero…Messi!)but serious, who else is there?

    The only name I could come up with was Yilmaz…f*cking Yilmaz!!!!!!!

    At this rate, Sanogo will be starting games by October…

  10. AFC

    Those saying this is a good post need to get their head checked. For the AFC examples of unhappy players we couldn’t hold on to are just as many examples of players that were forced to sat (see the entire Tottenham roster, Ronaldo, Hienze, Rooney at Man U). Should we maybe be askng why all our players that want to leave, leave…while other teams are able to play hard-ball? Liverpool don’t need to sell and certainly won’t to us or Tottenham. The fact that Suarez isn’t agitating for a move also shows that we aren’t in the same class as Real Madrid or even Man City. Furthermore, a little digging shows that LFC aren’t in fact for sale ( just another rubbish speculation from the Sun)…something you’ve taken as wrote in your article. Poor, lazy blogging.

  11. Romford Pele

    “Jesus Gamez, any views on this guy whose been linked ?”

    Can’t see it personally.

    Looking at it from AW’s point of view. You have Sagna and then Jenkinson and Bellerin. It’d be a pointless exercise.

    I assume it’s part of the deal to get Bendtner to leave but Bendtner won’t accept a drop in wages. That in effect is Arsene’s fault.

  12. Relieable sauce


    Good one Rupe!

    & they didn’t want to offend you because they respected your opinion. lol

    Your obviously a spud troll (or maybe scouser?)…or even worse a wengerite.

  13. Oh Theo Theo!

    Rupe – don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Proper AKB, if challenged flounce off in a big hissy fitted huff.

  14. Reiss

    Even the staunchest Wenger cannot defend Wenger, going to the Asian Tour without any type of signing was unthinkable but if he is going to go the whole transfer window without making a single signing that is unforgivable.

  15. Relieable sauce

    Not surprising LG is getting fall out from various trolls with their grievances.

    If you act like a sucker don’t expect not to be treated like one & all gooners have been guilty of that just ask Wonga.
    Expect more ridicule if nothing changes.

  16. Brum Gooner

    If Madrid ibd 85m for Bale…….55m for Saurez is reasonable !

    I wonder what we could of got for RvP if we sold in this summer of madness instead of last 30m surely!

    Also if Wenger looks at the quality and not the price, why are Wenger and Ivan bickering about the spending when It’s the bard who employ Wenger? IF he wants a player just buy him!

    We’ve wasted enough on players, to secure the signature it’s basically 40m + Gervinho + Mannone

    That still leaves us with 60m and if we can’t buy a GK, CB, DCM, AMLR for that. My initial thoughts were Cesar, Williams, Felliani and Nani =50m and got shouted down on here but that 4 plus Saurez would give premier league proven quality and a realistic title shot.

    With those 5 we’ll still spend less than city!

  17. Sam

    I had a dream that project youth starting to pay off and Theo banging goals like there is tomorrow. Thierry Henri suing arsenal fc because le mad professeur produced his clone With his permission. Theo will even develop French accent

  18. Cesc Appeal


    Unfortunately this rotten club won’t get the message as long as the stadium is filled up week after week.

    You could see they shat themselves last season with the half filled stadiums.

    You could see Wenger was visibly uncomfortable with the ‘you don’t know what you’re doing’ chants and away fans like Swansea did when they won 2-0 at the Emirates singing ‘sacked in the morning’ to him.

    Need to keep that pressure up this year.

    I see we’ve gone from Jovetic, to Rooney, to Higuain, to Suarez and now Sanchez…what a load of rubbish.

    Wenger is probably watching some 16 year old South American, or some kid who plays for Lorient U18’s or something.

    If Wenger buys stars, then he can’t take all the credit if Arsenal win anything (LOL!!!)…but with a team of Giroud’s, Walcott’s, Ramsey’s etc he’d look like a genius…that’s what he wants, to say I told you so and be hailed as some kind of footballing, economist messiah.

    But, it isn’t going to happen.

    There isn’t a team that comes to the Emirates fearful anymore. Actually most of the minnows (Norwich etc) probably think, ‘hey, we might be in for a decent result here’…and why not. Frequently they rattle us or come close, a fair few even do it.

    Wenger should’ve gone the year Eduardo broke his leg and we threw the league away.

    That year proved his total inability to put tactics into play or to man manage. The collapse was unbelievable that year. When AKB’s defend him by blaming the leg snap or Gallas’ strop that’s so incredibly weak that far from propping Wenger up they’re actually insulting him.

  19. Romford Pele

    “I wonder what we could of got for RvP if we sold in this summer of madness instead of last 30m surely!”

    We would’ve got nothing because his contract would’ve run out.

  20. Sam

    I swear I am not making this up.
    I wanted to type Stan kroenke the autocorrect on my fone added a after s automatically

    It reads. Satan lol! Scary!

  21. Reiss

    As Jimmythegun said earlier it would be okay if we missed out two possible striking options but we haven’t we have missed out on at least ten and if they had a feeling that Suarez would have cost this much then surely we should have just signed Jovetic or Higuain. Come September 3rd we’ll here all about how he didn’t want to kill the progress of Akpom but Akpom won’t even get a game not even in the Carling Cup just ask Afobe and before anyone comes at me yes Akpom is better then Afobe but you get my point.

  22. Keyser

    “Wenger should’ve gone the year Eduardo broke his leg and we threw the league away.”

    Lol Cesc Appeal’s back into Spurs troll mode.

  23. Keyser

    Let’s go back to the Restaurant analogy, how does that work, you walk in pay 55m for a Suarez burger and you get your food a couple of months later ? Or is Suarez the waiter ? How does that work ?!

    Does he serve you Black Pudding and start laughing ?

  24. Cesc Appeal

    Real Madrid Offer £80 Million for Bale – Levy says more like £90 Million AND a player

    Munich offer £30 Million for Luiz – Chelsea say his price is £60 Million

    We allegedly ‘offer’ £40 Million for Suarez – Liverpool say his value is £55 Million

    This is how it’s done, not accepting derisory offers like we did for Fabregas, not making financial decisions, like we did with Van persie over footballing ones. Look at Dortmund, they may well lose Lewandowski on a free next year, but he’s worth more to them than the £25 Million Munich offered…so they’ll keep him, perhaps he’ll sign on…perhaps he won’t.

    Selling RVP was pointless because we don’t use the money anyway. We may as well have kept him this year because that transfer paid for half of Le Wig’s new ranch.

  25. Vish

    Forget suarez, Fellani, Rooney,

    The best thing for the club going forward to come out from this window would be for Usmanov to gain a seat on the board. Everything else will start falling into place.

  26. PhilF

    What manager in any normal business would not invest in it if funds were available? This is completely absurd, surely any sane person would invest in their business…. Arsene Wenger’s believes he is bigger than the club, he is merely an employee who should have been sacked years ago for underachievement. Unfortunately the board are only looking at the balance sheet, this situation won’t end well for anyone…

  27. GoonerDave

    Football transfers cannot be compared to buying anything else – unless its a one of a kind purchase.
    Players often have price tags, some are guesses by the media, some are release fee clauses….but lots of players move for less and more than the mooted “price”.
    Its more like buying an antique or piece of fine art – all the more reason to pay a little extra if you really want it.
    Time to move on from buying Tesco re-prints and get a Picasso.

  28. Arsenal2174

    What losers we have running this club. Such a shame Wenger has just about destroyed he’s once fabulous reputation shame ,shame ,shame.

  29. Reiss

    These are all players we could do with Cesar,Begovic,Sakho,Ginter,Gustavo,Capoue,Ayew, and Ljajic. None of these players would cost more £20 million and so if Fellani and Suarez really aren’t available we could easily buy these players.

  30. Cesc Appeal


    Do you disagree?

    Wenger should’ve gone that year. The collapse of that team was brutal. And it should fall on the manager’s shoulders.

    In what year do you think Wenger should’ve walked then? Or been sacked. Because you cannot possibly think he’s the right man for the job.

  31. PhilF

    Actually it will… for Mr Wenger, he’ll either get paid off and walk into another job, PSG probably or stay for another 4 years at 7.5 million a year. Our best players will leave citing no ambition and we will be unable to attract World class players as we inevitably slide further down the table…. all this with 100m in the bank.. it’s utter madness.

  32. gazzap

    Filling a stadium with 60,000 stupid fans means nothing. Newcastle could do that, and it doesn’t make them a successful club. Wenger sees the attendance as some kind of confirmation that he is doing something right when it means nothing of the sort.
    there will be no empty seats at the Emirates cup but if there were I’d buy a ticket just so I could go down there and boo the stupid twat.

  33. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal – Of course I fucking disagree, were you fishing again ? Was that one you knew I couldn’t resist ? Or are you on full on troll mode ?

  34. andy1886

    Lol Keyser. At the AKB restuarant:

    AKB: Waiter, Keysers balls are in my soup.

    Waiter: No sir, those are lentils.

  35. Keyser

    gazzap – You’re beggining to sound like SDE, why are people stupid if they go along to the Emirates Cup ?

  36. Jeff


    Well observed. The Emirates stadium would be sold out even if Mickey Mouse was managing the club. It’s not a reflection on Arsene (although he will be desperate to see it as a vote of confidence in him) but on Arsenal.

  37. Keyser

    Yeah exactly Jeff, for once I agree, I now fucking mental eh, people want to watch Arsenal, if you’re a kid you might not get to go again all year, or you might save up for the Carling Cup or something.

    Basically what it comes down to is if you’re upset with what you’re being offered, what are you going to do about it ?

  38. TitsMcgee

    “Another psychological barrier for world class stars when they are considering coming to us is that they don’t see any peers at the club of the same stature. ”

    Wenger thinks he is doing us a favour by being financially prudent but all he is doing is tarnishing our reputation globally.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. His dithering aside he’s fighting another battle to sign players that quite frankly don’t see us as a top destination anymore because they know we celebrate 4th position like we just won the World Cup.

  39. Vish

    For the millionth time Wenger ain’t going anywhere. He’s Kroenke’s golden boy and cash generating unit. He’s single handedly increased the owner’s return on investment to impressive levels. The decision to hire and fire in this respect rests with Kroenke and he is not going to allow Glazadias to sack him.

    You people need to stop taking out your frustration on the wrong people. Everyone seems to mention the board and Wenger, but very few Kroenke ,who evades all accountability. Why do you think he always resorts to a default position of silence?
    …..your playing right into his hands.

    The only way to ignite true change is to direct pressure your at the owner . This will inevitably filter down to the actors that play his script.

  40. Vintage Gun

    Ash79 10:03:54

    “Gregg – my point exactly. Picturing Arsene pulling out a £1 from his pocket and slapping it on the table. Coin connected by a chain leading into his pocket.”

    LOOOL!!! Is it Friday already? Your killing me!!

  41. The Hig

    Wenger is Arsenals SAF, without the constant dominance of the PL. He will be there until he moves to the boardroom, where he will still be pulling the strings.

  42. TitsMcgee

    “Assuming that the Suarez deal won’t happen, who are the alternatives.?”

    Higuain? Ooops

    Soldado? Ooops

    Benteke? OOpps

    Giroud? Probably

  43. Chris

    I have to say that I find a few things quite scary.
    1. There are more and more evidence supporting my fear that the people in charge of this football club are borderline clueless.
    2. How on earth we, as Arsenal fans, can even think of entertaining the idea of welcoming Suarez to our club. Are we really that desperate for success that all moral goes out of the window?

  44. TitsMcgee

    I have my doubts that Wenger is going to pony-up the 50 million for Suarez that Liverpool is asking.

    I think he was counting on the release clause 40,000,001 would have triggered and if there is no clause you can forget about him spending any more than that for Suarez.

    It is going to be the most idiotic thing ever if they passed on Higuain for 32 because they “thought” they would get Suarez for 40 and end up getting nobody in the end at a severe position of need.

  45. Jeff


    Wenger is the compulsive gambler’s dream come true. He is betting with nothing to lose. He is going to take a punt this season that the team will make it into fourth again without any notable additions. If it proves to be true, he will see that as having done extremely well once again. If it is looking like fourth is in danger, there is always January.

    His philosophy is like the old couple pulling and pushing sliders in the Wonga banner adverts. What’s the minimum I need to spend in order to come fourth? It is precisely this idea that achieving a CL place is all we need to do to be successful that most people on this forum take exception to.

    Obviously the best way to ensure you can compete for something closer to first is to invest in the team and for that you need to think about spending serious money. The trouble with Wenger is that he has nothing to lose if the gamble for fourth does not work out. He will not lose his job. He will probably spend a bit more next time just to ensure he doesn’t drop out of the CL places for a second year but that’s about it.

    If the last decade has shown us anything, it is that we have no desire to spend big on transfers in order to compete but unfortunately these days spending big seems to be the only way.

  46. TitsMcgee

    “Apparently the emirates cup is sold out. Seems that the AKB’s still outnumber the pessimists. No wonder Wonga sees no need to sign anyone.”

    People are football starved.

  47. Romford Pele

    “People are football starved.”

    This is the main problem with protesting. People are attached and will still go to games regardless, even if they’re not happy with the regime.

  48. The Hig

    His philosophy is like the old couple pulling and pushing sliders in the Wonga banner adverts.


  49. The Hig

    Oh Theo Theo!July 31, 2013 13:06:25
    Hig – SAF won things consistently.

    I did mention that didn’t I?

  50. Goonerbone

    I am not going to the Emirates Cup, because I am overseas. I hope you who can go sing something really nasty! Give us anti-Wanker/Gaz/S(a)tan songs now!

  51. Keyser

    Lol the main problem with protesting is people would rather moan and abuse people on blogs.

    Quick moan on Le Grove, off to xhamster to relieve tension. Not angry anymore. Order Domino’s.

  52. Romford Pele

    “Quick moan on Le Grove, off to xhamster to relieve tension. Not angry anymore. Order Domino’s.”

    Loooooooooooooool, this is actually very true as well.

  53. gary

    Tansamui.. some fans mate just wanna see Arsenal play, whether its a friendly or if they were in a relegation battle

  54. TheBayingMob

    Emiratesstroller July 31, 2013 10:35:31
    One final point Liverpool need at end of day to consider merit of keeping unhappy and potentially disruptive player and bringing in new ones who may
    not be quite as good but will add value through commitment and desire to
    play for club.
    This is an utter misnomer and is only trotted out to defend AW’s inability to keep hold of his star players! No doubt, you will cite Van Persie. AFC’s and AW’s (fabled man management skills) had failed to convince RVP that the club had any sort of ambition, therefore he decided to leave and took to some cunting website to agitate for a move; bus seriously, these are professionals at the end of the day. Do you seriously think that any player is just going to strop it and refuse to play if he doesn’t get his move?

    Bollocks, of course they’re not. RVP never once indicated he wouldn’t be the consumate professional; Tottenham kept Modric for an extra year, they might yet keep Bale. If AFC had any sort of negotiating prowess they would have been able to ask VP to give it another year, sign an extension, stay, but if we don’t compete then we agree to sell you wherever. They couldn’t do that. Liverpool might well do it.

    I can see no evidence anywhere whatsoever that a club, just because a player has said he would like a move, cannot keep a player with good negotiation and compromise. It’s only Arsenal who can’t.

  55. TitsMcgee

    Top 4 on the last day of the year(the margin was one goal essentially)for the second year in a row having struggled to score against quality teams all year and having bombed out of every tournament and what is Wenger’s solution?

    “We are not close to signing anyone”.

    The only addition made so far is a player we picked up on a free that is surprise surprise French and surprise surprise another youth player(U21) from Ligue 2.

    “No quality on the market” excuse will not fly this year.

    “No funds” excuse will not fly this year.

    We want Higuain. We say 23. They say 32. We say foook you. No bid. Didn’t even try.

    We want Suarez but only because we we think we can get him by triggering a “clause”. Liverpool says no clause.

    So despite having improved financial clout we are still trying to get deals. While the rest of the football world and time passes us by.

    No other “bids” to speak of on July 31 2013.

  56. LeMassiveCoq

    I have just had an epiphany…

    The reason why Wanker doesn’t feel it is necessary to spend is because the only club he thinks we should aim to finish above in ManU. He clearly thinks that Chelski and City are ‘cheating’ because they have sugar daddy owners. He’s not worried about ManU because they will be shit under Moyes.

    Spurs will finish above us this year if we don’t sign. I’m willing to put a tidy sum on that. Anyone know the odds for this?

  57. andy1886

    TBM – Wenger sold RvP because someone offered him £24m for a 28/29 year old, AW wouldn’t have given him more than a 3 year extension anyway, and probably no pay rise. Wenger would only offer Dennis one year extensions past thirty, we all know his philosophy on older players. Bottom line is AW thought selling was a good deal.

  58. Dan T

    Haha. I’m so innocent. I hadn’t heard of xhamster so just brought it up on my work computer. That got me some disapproving looks!

  59. lord snotty

    The Mickey Mouse Cup may be sold out, but isn’t this a good opportunity to start a protest? It has to be loud and continuous, nothing obscene but a constant chorus of “Wenger Wenger Wenger Out Out OUT”, “You don’t know what you’re doing” etc. You know the kind of thing. Bring in banners. We could turn our backs for the first 8 minutes of each game.
    And let’s boycott all the retail outlets. We can do without their over-priced drinks, lousy food and tacky merchantise.

    We need to send them a message FFS!

  60. Emiratesstroller

    There is one central theme coming out of this site and that is there are now an awful lot of supporters who are deeply unhappy with the way that the Club is

    What the major shareholder and Board need to decide is whether their sole interest is the business and profitability of club or whether the club’s fans matter.

    If they persist with current policies and Wenger they may discover one day
    that the club have a diminishing number of applicants for season tickets and
    even fewer supporters turning up to watch games.

    The problem at the moment is that we have a Manager ‘who knows best’ but
    clearly does not listen to anyone else. The Board and CEO should be considering very carefully whether they should be offering Wenger a new contract.

    Most businesses and professions in the 21st century look at performance and
    delivery. Wenger’s performance over last 8 years stood still or even went backwards. Does the Board and CEO believe that keeping Wenger is likely to change?

  61. Relieable sauce

    Dan T July 31, 2013 13:41:21

    Haha. I’m so innocent. I hadn’t heard of xhamster so just brought it up on my work computer. That got me some disapproving looks!
    Yeah i hadn’t heard of it either, assumed its h’core p0rn.

    I’m expecting far fewer comments on LG tomorrow 🙂

  62. Keyser

    Dan T-Sorry mate, you should’ve googled it first.

    Thought the ‘relieve tansion’ bit was a giveaway, though I suppose watching a hamster run around on his wheel might reduce stress to.

  63. Kwik fit

    Funny that all the talk about Arsene’s new deal is gone quiet.
    Perhaps this is inversely proportional to his lack of success in the transfer market. Wishful thinking on my part.

    Fans at the Emirates should sing loud and clear;

    What do we want?
    Wenger out!
    When do we want it?

  64. sylvain

    lord snotty : this is the main problem for several years now.

    Wenger remains totally deaf to the opinions of the fans.

    The man think he is God, and trust me, the fact of singing “wenger out” wouldn’t change a thing.

    Anyway those attending the EC are only here to see us lift this pathetic trophy, because there is a 99% chance that this is the only one we can win this season.

  65. Reiss

    Imagine the reaction if Wenger said to us all we have no need for Higuain and Suarez when we have Bendtner,Chamakh and Chu Young.

  66. DanC

    Brum Goon

    If he still had 1 left this summer then he would have had 2 years left on his contract last summer soooooooo he wouldn’t of been sold!!

  67. Keyser

    I remember ages ago someone posting a link to this blog about Walnut’s.

    Nothing to do with nut’s at all.

  68. TitsMcgee

    “I may be wrong but I feel like Gnabry will get a lot of game time this year.”

    I have a feeling that Wenger is going to promote more than a few youth squad players and call it a day.

  69. Guninurback

    July 31, 2013 11:28:18

    What so the AKB would prefer to see this team in the lower league if only it would mean you could have Wenger to yourself?

    Is it just me that thinks this Wenger love in is slightly on the sickly side?

  70. sam

    Imagine the reaction if Wenger said to us all we have no need for Higuain and Suarez when we have Bendtner,Chamakh and Chu Young.

    in case you haven’t noticed, arsenal has been a perfect place if you feel like ruining your football career. there is a perfect combination of clueless dinasaur management and miserable supporters.
    I can see Suarez being slagged off by the same supporters this time next year and demanding to replace him with another player.
    you really think van persie doesn’t know you hated him and wanted him sold because he was injury prone.

    miserable cunts!!!

  71. Harry Redknapp

    the only thing thats gonna remove arsene is his health. i heard he sleeps in an oxygen chamber

  72. salparadisenyc

    Ivan’s raison d’être of being financially able at season end must feel like a major backfire. We’ve done nothing to justify it, shown ineptitude and backed down from every bid placed. I take financially competitive to mean sealing the deal and procuring the target at hand, not crawling into a hole once refused. Where’s the ambition in that, how does financially competitive fit into that policy?

    Pedro’s optimism on Suarez is admirable, for me all signs point firmly towards a deal that holds no weight as were not willing to take a leap of faith and further the money needed to seal it. I’d say all involved need Arsene to dive head first into the deep water and see where that leads.

  73. Guninurback

    July 31, 2013 14:21:16

    Yeah I had a “mark my words” comment about that a few days ago.

    No doubt, his great visage for the season seems to be promoting five or so youth team players, planning to run them into the ground. And the AKB will lap it up, who needs Williams when we got Miquel? Who needs Suarez when we have Sanogo? Who needs Ceasar when we have Martinez? Who needs Fellaini when we got Gnabry or god knows who. etc. etc.

    And all of these players discounting their weaknesses know our “system” which is the most important thing in Wengers mind anyway, and to be frank I’ll grant him that depending somewhat on our established players form, they may very well put up a challenge until Febuary, when we’ll sell the players demanding ambition that Wenger’s fed up with . And there will be a minimum of backlash because Arsene the great manipulator will most likely have pissed them off to no end, by keeping them on the sidelines and only playing them out of position. So they’ve already made the noises the AKB can all rally around to “hate” aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand the cycle continues.

  74. Romford Pele

    Reiss – I’d say maybe Akpom too. Physically he’s well ahead of his age for a 17 year-old. And he’s also a very good footballer too, something which Afobe has never been.

  75. Harry Redknapp

    i was a regular at the reserves and i dispute saying afobe was never a good footballer. he was a much better player than akpom.

  76. Harry Redknapp

    what does akpom have that afobe does not? apart from being badly managed with non stop loans and bad luck with injurys why do people think afobe is washed up yet aneke and eisfield have years left to find a place?

  77. Harry Redknapp

    akpom has a good future no doubt but to say at the same age he has more than afobe had is incorrect.

  78. Reiss

    If we sign Ginter as a 4th choice centre back then fair enough but we still need a top class striker,defensive midfielder, and attacking mid and or another winger. Just Ginter and Sanogo will not appease the fans.

  79. TheBayingMob

    Tansamui July 31, 2013 11:38:54

    Apparently the emirates cup is sold out. Seems that the AKB’s still outnumber the pessimists. No wonder Wonga sees no need to sign anyone.

    Only half right, the Galatassaray match is sold out, I would imagine this has much to do with the massive Turkish population in and around North London more than the draw of watching Arsene Wenger hilariously fuck about with the zip on his sleeping bag … the Napoli match on the other hand, is still on general sale …

  80. Wallace

    anything beyond £45m for Suarez and i’d rather we gave Villa £25m for Benteke.

    would also like to see Gnabry take his chance.

  81. Jimbo

    Yo Pedrooooooo!

    I may be 1 small, insignificant fan, but can you please let your arsenal contacts know the following:

    1. I have never missed an emirates cup event, however this year I refuse to go and put more money into coffers that never get used

    2. I have been a red member for the past 5 seasons, however this year I will not be renewing my membership as my money will not get used by the club I love, yet again

    I may be one small, insignificant little fan, but I still think they should know how they have made me feel about the club I have loved and supported since I sat on my dads shoulders in the north bank at the age of 4 (29 years ago!!!)


  82. Romford Pele

    How is Akpom better than Afobe?

    Afobe’s first touch is essentially a pass to the opposition. His game intelligence is nowhere near the level of Akpom, despite being three years olders. Akpom also has a lot of skill too – never seen Afobe display that. Plus, as you said, Afobe is a crock. Nothing to see there.

  83. Cesc Appeal


    As per your replies lack substance.

    ‘Of course I fucking disagree.’

    With what?

    That Wenger should’ve gone in 2008.

    That Wenger isn’t the right man for the job.

    No one ever seems to know what you’re about Keyser, you just disagree a lot. So what are you actually disagreeing with?

  84. TitsMcgee

    “We could be signing Ginter or Tasci but don’t get your hopes up this Arsenal we are talking about.”

    Neither one improves us dramatically at any of their positions. Ginter might start due to injuries to our 1st team defenders but that’s about it.

    Would be another cheap, reactionary, secure-4th-position move.