Suarez failed clause is a total irrelevance | Liverpool still massively on back foot…

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‘What? It’s not there? But you said it was f*cking there Dick.’

‘I don’t give an Eboue’s backside whether his agent only speaks Spanish. You put on your CV you speak ‘the Rosetta stone’ you fu*king smart arse!’

… that’s what I overheard on the bus in. Gazidis is furious with Dick Law.

Just in case you’re unaware, the £40,000,001 clause doesn’t entitle us to buy Suarez.

Right, ok, so am I the only one who knew this last week? You know, when every paper carried the exact story?

Oh, also, Liverpool want £50m…

What? Oh yeah, exactly the same story as last week.

So where are we? In exactly the same position as last week. No Suarez. £50m fee yet to be agreed.

Now, a few things to consider.

  • Cesc
  • Song
  • Hleb
  • Robin
  • Adebayor

What have they all in common?

That’s right. Two things.

1) No buyout clause
2) They all wanted to leave
3) They all left

… god damn, that’s three!

Now, Liverpool can trump this non-important clause all they like, it doesn’t change a thing. Simple fact of the matter is they still have a player on their books who wants to leave, they still have a £40m bid on the table… and just to make things extra spicy, they have an owner looking to flog the club. From a due diligence perspective, as I understand it, a solid balance sheet tends to look good.

… you might want to check in with a financial expert on that.

So, as you were. Liverpool haven’t strengthened their position, because everything the papers are talking about this morning is old news with new quotes. If anything, their stance will likely work against them as the player will start to pressure for a move. At the heart of it, this comes down to someone wanting to work for someone else. I mean, imagine it, someone offers you a better career elsewhere and your employer demands you stay with them for another year.

I appreciate football is different… but put in perspective… it’s a bit of an old school way of behaving. But for me, it’s posturing of the highest order. Unhappy players don’t play for you. The process of keeping people against their will is totally counter productive. Have you ever worked with someone on a 4 month notice period? Holiday’s O’clock as soon as the notice goes in. Look at Wayne Rooney last season. Look at Modric in his last year… Henry, Nasri’s last 6 months… the list goes on.

Basically, the jist of this post is not to worry about Liverpool telling the world something everyone already knew. The only worry I have about the whole issue is that it was a bit of a wind up tactic to offer the pound. If any other club come in for Suarez now, and Liverpool will probably be hoping this happens, I’d imagine they’ll show preference to them.

Keep em’ crossed that Bale to Madrid is real eh?

Talking of Madrid, they have Khedira, Di Maria and Ozil on the market. Another two two top quality players that are available that we’ll likely turn our noses up to… sorry, three top quality players!

Amy Lawrence reckons there’s friction between Ivan and Wenger over his reluctance to spend. This isn’t new. He’s a known ditherer… one minute he’s buying the world, the next he’s spent ten minutes with Aaron Ramsey nibbling on his ear and he’s changed his mind. If he’s not supplying the names outside Suarez, you’d have to say he’s taking a massive risk. If he finishes the summer with no one, he’ll be on a very bad footing with the fans because we all know what the spending power is.

… worse though, he’ll be on a bad footing with the players. He was supposed to strengthen and so far, his return has been embarrassing. We’ve chased two players so far this summer. Neither have happened. That’s not very proactive. There are plenty of targets out there. If the first move doesn’t happen… you give another name. We have a giant scouting network. We have Giles Grimantube watching all the French second division games… where are our signings? Where are the recommendations Giles?

Still, in my view… if the summer is a failiure, it’ll likely be his last season in charge. There’s no way another 4 years of this will be tolerated. Players will leave. Fans will make for a nasty atmosphere. The squad won’t compete.

Contain rage. Summer isn’t over yet. Patience. Patience.

… tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Rage. O’Clock. Hopefully. Isn’t. Coming.

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592 Responses to “Suarez failed clause is a total irrelevance | Liverpool still massively on back foot…”

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  1. charybdis1966

    4th – a trophy.

    or “5th – only Europa”

    and various other early poster cliches.

    including “546,875,435,235,890,123,451st – I win in the battle between me and geography.”

  2. Ramsey's backpass

    We are not getting Suarez..not now,not ever

    best thing that can happen now is for gazidis to refuse giving arsene a new contract.

  3. Matt

    Not much of a consolation that if Wenger fucks it up, this will be his last season.

    a) It probably wouldnt be regardless of how much he fucks it up!
    b) Imagine the state of the club/squad that he would leave!

  4. Tansamui

    A work colleague friend got free tickets to the Melbourne friendly and told me that Suarez was sulking and the impression he got was that he just didn’t want to be at Liverpool. He had to be forced to salute the fans and his team mates were ignoring him.

  5. andy1886

    The obvious point you missed Pedro is that all the above moved because the buyer met their valuation, something we don’t seem to have grasped.

  6. andy1886

    Next signing will be Arsene Wenger, you know it’s true, there are still far too many AKB’s around and even a relegation battle wouldn’t do for him. If he had any honour he’d go, but he hasn’t, so basically we’re well and truly f*cked.

  7. Arsenalone

    Just wish we could sort our transfers out.
    David Dein would not of let this shit go on,and your correct IMO ,the manager will have he’s last season if he gets this transfers wrong,it will be interesting Saturday and Sunday if we still ain’t signed no one of any substance and we go a goal down.

    The AKBs will turn the booing will start early

  8. samsenal

    So…Pedro…you agree with the RvP sale the right?

    Ozil and Suarez. It will have to do. I don’t like Suarez. However, I can’t think of a better striker that we could get. Pay the £50m, go for £25m for Ozil.

    Please. Just get it done.

  9. Tansamui

    If there was a falling out could it be more to do with Gazidis putting a bid in for Suarez without Wongas permission

    .You have to admit with Wongas appetite for giving black players chances going back to his days at Monaco how would he ever sanction a move for Suarez.

    I think stan will have to make a decision of who to let go Wongas or Gazidis. My money is on Gazidis getting the chop.

  10. TheBayingMob

    Pedro, not long ago Myles Palmer posted on his site that Suarez was a done deal. He’d also posted previously that Cesc coming back was a done deal. Neither of these seem remotely probably today. In that Suarez post, he cut and paste convos he’d had with you … seeing as you seem to know can you confirm he is the most misinformed c0ck in the blogshere? What a tool …

  11. pistolpete

    Big fights with the board and wenger. Because we knoe dick law is atcually arsene wenger. The worst ever manager in regards to how he treats and sees the fans. Please, please leave us. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Ash79

    TheBayingMob – lol like it

    Posted this on yesterdays post;
    I said last week we are the cunts of the transfer market. Make shit offers all the time. Penny pinching etc. That extra 1 quid was an insult and destroyed any chance of getting Suarez. Yep Barca real etc use underhanded tactics but to make an official bid and adding a fuckin pound. We bang on about being proper and having class and yet we do stuff like that. Is it any surprise that clubs hate us.
    I said yesterday how funny it would be if spurs use bale money for Suarez. We can see shit before it happens. Maybe the journo saw my post, don’t be surprised.
    Btw we still have a qualifier for ecl. If we lose that we have no more appeal than spurs or liverpool.


  13. Gareth

    Yeah we’re massively on the Blackfoot with him under a three year contract and all, stick the disloyal fuck in the reserves I say and make a nonsense of all this “contracts mean nothing” talk.
    Why do you gooners even want him, you gave him as much stick last year as anyone but now it seems your desperate for him to wear your shirt despite adding disloyalty to his other alleged crimes of constantly cheating and racism?

  14. Emiratesstroller

    I agree entirely with what you have posted.

    Talking yesterday with local sports journalist we have reached the point that we have negotiators who cannot conclude deals and a manager who not only dithers in his decisions over whom he wants to buy, but also appears to provide unrealistic valuations if you want to compete with big boys.

    There are also serious questions after 8 unsuccessful seasons whether Arsenal under Wenger is a major attraction for the top players.

    The management need to see through the Suarez deal even if they land up
    spending silly money on a player we should not have targeted in first place.
    Not to proceed now highlights the problem. Arsenal can afford £50 Million
    for this player and still have money in kitty to deal with players in other

    If they want to be taken seriously they need now to proceed in the correct fashion and demonstrate commitment to this project and not just walk away
    as they have had a habit of doing in recent years.

    Incidentally the £40 million + £1 was not a wind up and it achieved the object
    of exercise which was to flush out the status of Suarez contract with Liverpool.
    It has achieved that objective.

  15. Ken

    I’ve heard a story that the buy out clause only becomes valid if a team that bids over £40m are in the champions league and Liverpool are not. Liverpool argue that arsenal are not in the champions league proper so only have to inform Suarez of the bid. The qualifying rounds are the 20th and 27th of August. So Arsene may be happy to wait on this one.

    Shouldn’t stop us getting a few others in tho!

  16. john

    Its the same thing every season,wenger has lost his competitive edge,he has to realize that we are in a period that you have to spend to win trophies.And best believe that if arsenal doesn’t bring in quality signings,we will get nowhere.We are no more competing for titles,all we struggle to do is finish 4th and we seem to be contended with that..wenger has to leave before he drags Arsenal down..its Arsenal’s money not his..

  17. Andrew

    I can point to more than one example of players wanting to leave and being refused. Ronaldo (stayed longer than he wanted to, yet continued to produce the goods to remain in the shop window and then left with the clubs blessing when it suited THEM not the other way around) ditto Modric, Mashcerano, Alonso etc.. My point? If the club don’t want to sell Suarez. They won’t. The owner wants to sell the club eh? Any sources? Or are you just regurgitating last weeks ‘news’? And IF the owner IS trying to sell the club, I think you’ll find selling it’s best player to a direct rival will lessen the clubs appeal to potential buyers. Silly bum-bum poo-poo head.

  18. bazza

    I’m not enjoying the summer. First too hot, now too much rain.

    What would finish it off nicely is Bale to RM for £90m and then Spuds sign Suarez for £50m.

    I have a feeling Spurs will end up with Contrao and Soldado with Di Maria and Suarez as possibilities.

    If we continue to sit on our hands, then at least on paper, Spurs will have a much better team – annoying but true.

  19. Ash79

    Emiratestroller – Incidentally the £40 million + £1 was not a wind up and it achieved the object of exercise which was to flush out the status of Suarez contract with Liverpool. It has achieved that objective.

    Hello sir. It may have been intended to flush out the status but is that really what WE, Arsenal (after all we supposedly stand for) should be doing? When you’re offering big sums, why not offer an extra million or 1/2 million at least. Objective achieved without pissing off the seller and making ourselves look like idiots.

  20. Me as a gunner

    It happens for 8 years ya? Why do you still believe Wenger anyway? Why you went to Wenger’s car and said, “We luv u Wenga, we luv you Wenga, we do luv u Wenga! Sign Higuaiiiiiiin, sign Higuaiiiiiiiin..” – stupid.

    Just said, “Mr. Wenger, do you seriously manage a football club and not mistaken for a bank? We are talking about something that has a fan base. REALLY HUGE FAN BASE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, Mr. Wenger!! This is not just random people who invest the money. These are people who have a lot of faith seeing something that you currently manage. If you cannot handle the fans… just please listen what the fans are crying. You are not the same ‘Wenger’ as 15 years ago. We almost hate you now.”

    Oh s**t.

  21. MrT

    I guess it has a lot to do with the arsenal fan base . We don’t throw rotten tomatoes at silly managers. We are gentlemen and ladies. If we have Wenger the treatment he deserves we won’t be here today. We will be a Newcastle or Liverpool befor that guy leaves.

  22. jules

    Andy1886 9.29

    And the truth be told!

    Its like going to car dealer; how much is that car?


    well I value it at 8k and will offer you 8.1k

    Well fuck off then!!

  23. Ash79

    Romford Pele July 31, 2013 09:50:24
    Spuds can’t sign Suarez. The main reason he wants to leave is for CL.

    Morning Rommy. Who says we can offer it either?

  24. Bade

    Goof read Pedro

    That said, it won’t ease up the responsibility you took on your self

    A Suarez alone won’t do

    If we end up without 2-3 major signings, I guess the coming season will be all about constant booing & fans fighting on the stands. I’m not sure Arsene will end the season as our manager

    If there are no signings, cue the revolt …..

  25. Xile

    Cesc, Song, Hleb, Robin, Adebayor were unhappy and left, that is correct. What you failed to omit is they all went to bigger clubs (With the possible exception of Man City) to win trophies, which (I think they all did). Suarez going to Arsenal is a step sideways at best, with no guarantees of winning trophies, that is the difference.

  26. Gregg

    Sorry mate but bidding £1 above the so called trigger price is exactly what we’re about. We pulled the same stunt nearly 30 years ago when we signed Charlie Nicholas. For some reason back then it was seen as a classy move. Us, Utd & Liverpool all agrred a fee with Celtic. In the meeting with us, Ken Friar got a pound out of his pocket and said “Gentlemen, I think you’ll find that bid is the biggest” the deal was then concluded. Interestingly Ken is still at the club and it’s clear to me that what we done with Suarez was influenced by him, only this time it was tricker, insulting and certainly had no class.

  27. Red Courtinho

    One point you may have overlooked!


    All had under 24 months left on their contracts! Suarez signed a new contract last summer! He has three years left on that contract. 12 months down the line and it’s a different scenario.

    Now, Liverpool’s clause is important and you’re right it doesn’t change a thing! for Liverpool!!! Liverpool don’t want to sell to another English club simple as! And as with Citeh and Tevez, who was a player on their books who wanted to leave (even after putting in a transfer request) was made to stay!

    1. Suarez can’t go on strike! He misses the first 6 games anyway so if he went on strike he’d return playing after the window had shut anyway.

    2. It’s a world cup year and he needs to be playing regular football for the good of his country so again a Tevez I’m unhappy type strike is not an option.

    3. if Tevez was unhappy with Citeh he didn’t show it over the last 2 years when asked to play!

    4. if you know Suarez (which you don’t) he wont sulk for long and will give 100% when on the pitch. That’s the good thing about the man with sooo many ugly traits.

    Think your unhappy player theory goes out of the window!

    Also Arsenal are not going to pay £55m-60m any time soon.

    Unless Real Madrid or another foreign CL club comes in with over £50m (It’ll be cheaper for overseas clubs) Suarez will be a Liverpool player this season.

  28. Wallace

    there’s also the prospect of Sp*rs wandering around with £85m stuffed in their back pocket pretty soon. although knowing Levy he’ll drive such a hard bargain there won’t be any time left to spend it.

  29. adam

    I should know better but …

    The fourth and most important thing that list of players has is common is that they all played for Arsenal. Just because Arsenal let players leave when they ask, that certainly doesn’t mean other clubs are going to do the same. I can understand Arsenal fans thinking it’s normal, I can even understand Arsenal fans going out of their way to justify why it’s a good idea to let players leave in such a fashion. The alternative is looking like a bunch of mugs. I’ve heard my fair share of Arsenal fans continue to argue that letting Van Persie go was absolutely the right thing to do, even though the result was that he had his best season ever, United cruised to another title, and Arsenal came within a whisker of missing a CL spot.

    It’s a good story to imagine that Suarez will be a miserable sod if he stays in Liverpool, perhaps he will. He often has that miserable sod look about him so it’s sometimes hard to tell. But the thing about him, the reason why he’s so wanted, why Wenger is willing to spend so much on him, is that once he pulls on a shirt and crosses the side line he simply wants nothing more than to win the game. Everything else becomes kind of irrelevant, including common sense and a basic standard of human decency. He loves football, he lives for it, and he’s just not going to turn into some kind of incredible sulk and mope around the field like a sad puppy. Liverpool know that and it’s part of the reason why they feel under no pressure to sell him. Rodgers is all about attitude and commitment, and at the first sense of a lack of commitment from Suarez he’d have him out the door, no questions asked, thanks for shopping at the LFC store we hope your enjoy your expensive new football player.

  30. N21 Tone

    Its clear we have no idea HOW to do a big transfer and we have no idea how to spend big money. Small minded – on a shoestring mentality doesn’t just disappear when you have millions to spend. I am fucking fed up with this now!

  31. Romford Pele

    “Morning Rommy. Who says we can offer it either?”

    Morning Ash,

    Despite my reservations about Wenger, he always gets the bare minimum done. We will qualify for the CL. If he doesn’t though….

  32. Ash79

    Gregg – my point exactly. Picturing Arsene pulling out a £1 from his pocket and slapping it on the table. Coin connected by a chain leading into his pocket.

  33. Simon

    We need to wrap this up by putting more money on the table now. We have no fallback – there are no other world class strikers out there. Liverpool need a striker too and they have some interest in getting that done before the price rockets. I think this will happen though. We’ll get him for £45m if Madrid do not bid, if they do we won’t.

  34. arsenal-steve

    OK two things. Firstly the state of Arsenal’s setup is being critisised by some insiders. From what I hear the transfer team and club setup make it almost impossible to deal with more than one thing at a time….no multutasking. Laws etc are poor at attracting the players (oh for the charismatic David Dein). I hear at the moment they could not attract a moth to a light bulb. Sad really, we are seen as a such boring club. Not the team, but the dull management, board etc.
    Secondly ,Wenger himself is playing with fire. How many times have we seen those people who are uber famous and Godlike fall from grace. Thatcher, Blair. It only takes a moment. Examining Arsenals first team squad on show some disturbing facts. Chamaklh, Bendtner, Park, Joel Campbell and Gervinho are all still listed in the first team squad to elevate numbers. Frimpong and Diaby hardly play a game and cannot both be given a spot because they are so fragile and ‘never’ play. Myiachi another who is always injured and doesn’t produce much anyway. Yaya Sanogo who may be a genius freebie or may be the weight that sinks Wenger. We are left with 19 first team squad players including Sanogo. With 60 games a season and internationals too that means every player would have to play over 40 games. Thats without injuries and suspensions. Relative to the squad size that is impossible. It is asking way too much. On that basis the season could start well but would fade. We would be finished by Christmas. Promoting players is fine, but a bulk promotion of players would dilute us from the middle of the season. The only answer is to add 3-4 qualty players to the squad. Surely Wenger knows that his frugalty, and the booting out of poor players, has left us desperately undermanned. So back to the first point. If Arsenal’s season goes AWOL after half the season, Wenger will fall and will leave in disgrace. All the talk in China cannot stop that. Ask Thatcher and Blair. Things change Kundun, Things change.

  35. samsenal

    We will be under the microscope no matter what we do this summer.

    The controversial signing of Suarez will guarantee the press will be swarming all over us, praying it either goes spectacularly well or spectacularly badly. Adding in a good midfielder will ensure the narrative is “Arsenal finally spend…they still fail/finally succeed”

    Alternatively, if we don’t sign these players the narrative will be “Wenger paints target on his chest” and The press will again hope that they can either shoot him down or that he somehow pulls it off and performs a miracle.

    the press don’t want a decent performance from Arsenal next season. they don’t want 3rd. They want 1st/2nd or 5th. 4th is boring.

    As fans we must ensure we are not led by the press and their agendas. We need to assess the club’s actions amongst ourselves and respond accordingly.

    If at the close of the window we have done little to improve the squad then SOME combination of IG/AW/SK has decided not to spend and must be judged firmly on results.

    Beware the press. They want us to explode in rage or bow down in thanks. Sober reflection and reaction does not suit them.

  36. Adam A Carbarundum

    Just another day in Wenger’s dithering paradise.

    Who cares any longer, we are so out of it. Next stop, quick exit from the Champions League.

  37. N5

    One key point you missed Pedro in what all those players had in common was they were Arsenal players. Look at Tottenham with Modric and Liverpool with Gerrard and on and on, other clubs don’t let players who want out out just because they sulk.

  38. Gunner Sore Arse

    Boycot the Emirates Cup, it’s just a money making exercise. I’m a season ticket holder and will not be going based on the fact that the club already has enough of my money in their account and we have no new signings despite the great fanfare of how much we have to spend and that we’ll be spending it on marque players. It’s just a crock of shit.
    I’m really disappointed and frustrated with how this summer is turning out. It’s just another false dawn. I get that we’ll be linked with every player that’s available but how did we not get Higuain? Why are we so focussed on getting the Racist or Shrek? We clearly have other areas on the park which would benefit from being strengthened, why didn’t we grab Pepe Reina who clearly did not want to move to Italy. A 20 yo French kid is not a marque signing. Spend some f***** money Arsene, you’re the only person who doesn’t wish to.

  39. Ash79

    Romford – we should win our qualifiers. But if we dont and we’ve signed no players, Arsene must resign. Yes yes yes i know he wont but then he will go down as the most hated man in history.

  40. Romford Pele

    “We need to assess the club’s actions amongst ourselves and respond accordingly.”

    Pretty sure that’s already taking place.

  41. Romford Pele

    “he will go down as the most hated man in history.”

    Steady mate, he hasn’t killed somebody lol. But there is no doubt his unwillingness to embrace change and strengthen the squad is definitely tarnishing his reputation. At the end of the day, if we don’t sign and we’re not successful, the blame will be laid solely at his feet. He has nothing to hide behind anymore.

  42. Adam A Carbarundum

    How it unfolds? Early injuries and Wenger is forced into another August Back To School Sale – Buy knockoff players at killer prices. Infuriaate supporters, impress your friends!

    Can’t ya just see it? It’s Deja Vu all over again. Geez but it sucks to be a Gooner these days!

  43. Emiratesstroller

    Ash 79

    Don’t believe all that rhetoric about pissing off Liverpool. Yes we may upset their fans, but the people who own the club are business people and rather like Kroenke not particularly interested in football.

    I have no problem with testing a clause, because if it had existed then we would have been able to buy Suarez for that price.

    However, the real test of Arsenal’s commitment to project now begins. We
    need to demonstrate that we can not only offer large transfer fees, but can
    also complete deals.

    As Pedro says clubs do not hold onto unhappy players. We should know, because we have lost a lot of players in this fashion in recent years.

    Yes I am concerned about ethics in football generally and Arsenal in particular, but the idea that we have done anything different from all the major clubs is plum ridiculous. Agents are selling their clients wares in every transfer window and I am sure that there are disclosures made which should be confidential but nevertheless provided. Do you believe that Chelsea do not know terms
    of Rooney’s contract?

  44. Simon

    Does anyone actually know what the team looks like at Arsenal working on transfers? Which lawyers we use and the size of that team? It will be plenty of bodies. Deals go slow when there are dependencies: like when you buy a house and the seller needs to firm up their own buy first. The players have been allowed by their media handlers to talk openly about new arrivals. Wenger has spoken about buying a striker, Gazadis has said we have £70m in ‘high-margin revenue’ and we are clearing out lot’s of players… Have some patience.

  45. samsenal

    Romford….firstly we don’t know the outcome so proper reflection cannot have taken place…and secondly you are one of a handful of people capable of sober reflection.

    Many people on here are lurching vomit-stained winos. Sober? You’re havin’ a laugh!

  46. MarsBar

    should make fake money with wengers face on it and throw it at him.

    or a banner.

    “we pay high prices to, but were do a wip round for you”

  47. Vish

    Our Manager treats us with total disrespect.

    Pellegrini has strengthened and come out and has their still looking to buy!

    Maurinho says that he’s still looking to buy!

    Moyes has said that they’ll definitely try to add some players!

    Vilas- Boas has said that their still looking for players!

    ……but Wenger feels the need to keep playing games with the fans. Now we’re not sure whether we’ll get even get one player. His attitude towards the fans stinks. Why do we let him treat us this way? no other manager goes around mind fucking the fans like this, just this prick, it ain’t right.

    Wenger won’t be sacked anytime soon regardless of how the season finishes. He’s made Kroenke over £200mill on his shares since acquisition. Why on earth would he sack him?

  48. Ash79

    Emiratestroller – nice respone and i do take your point but the amount of business deals/transactions etc i have seen collapse the slightest thing, (namely showing some respect and courtesy). Just cos everyone other team is being a cock we dont have to do the same. Being arsey with the likes of Barca is one thing but when you’re buying a player from a rival club, their best player at that, why take the chances of scuppering any deal? its silly and pointless. You can still be ruthless and drive a hard bargain without looking like a prat.

  49. Hunter

    Only 27 % of the premiership is made up of British players according to a poll done for ‘talk sport’ this morning.On that basis I would love AFC to recruit ONLY British players.Admittedly we wont win fuck all but at least we would have some meaningfull relationship with our countrymen.I am afraid their are far too many overseas players in our league and no wonder the National team suffers so much.I know we would pay a premium for british players but the way its going our football roots are dissapearing fast.Capello reckons we will never win a world cup again and to be honest you cant really argue with that statement.Its up to our 6-9 year olds to give us any chance in the future as we are generations behind the rest of the world in breeding future world stars.At arenal we do have a core of about six or seven youngsters currently either in or on the periphery of our first team squad which is probably more than most clubs in the premiership.Trouble is none of them are ‘world beaters’……..yet!So bottom line is ,I dont really care if we dont get suarez,let all our overseas players go and start hunting around for British talent bearing in mind we wont win anything for years i know.So we are looking for british centre backs,GK,and centre Forwards any suggestions?

  50. Bergkamp63


    I was looking at the squad yesterday also and came to the same conclusion, the 18 players we do have that would be considered regulars can only be described as average at best.

    One poor result against an inferior team or an opening draw against Villa and the pressure will be piled on this bunch of no hopers.

    Get ready for some panick buying !

  51. Dan

    The Suarez deal looks dead now. If the club don’t want to raise the bid to over 50m then why are they not getting in other players? I had faith this summer but the transfer policy of the club is pathetic as ever. They owe the fans a lot more than that, I’m just glad I’m doing a ticket share this season, save some money. Just like Arsenal.

  52. samsenal

    There was a time when Wenger’s inevitable Statue outside the Emirates would have been as big as the Statue of Liberty.

    each year its potential size shrinks.

    At this rate it will be like Sadam Hussein’s statue…and will probably share the same fate.

  53. Romford Pele

    Ivan Gazidis: ‘We (Arsenal) can do some things which would excite you, (but) what excites Arsene isn’t necessarily what excites you.”


  54. Gregg

    Arsenal Steve
    Interesting points. The dithering is one thing but the main issue we have is that we are so far away from anyones asking price that we needlessly give ourselves a mountain to climb and invariably end up getting outbid. The cynics will say it’s smokescreen for plastic bids, I don’t really go with that, doesn’t make sense. I guess we will add numbers at some stage, more than likely from his trusty French homeland. The hopeful summer we were expecting hasn’t materialised and once again it looks like another underwhelming transfer window.

    I just want the press to start asking serious searching questions in the upcoming press conferences. Start challenging the empty promises we hear over and over again. At the time of another clichéd answer from Wenger, i’d like a journalist to say, Arsene, we’ve heard it all before, your fans have heard it all before, actions speak louder than words

  55. Dan T


    I got a bigger price reduction than that when I bought my last car. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. No point in rushing in with the asking price.

  56. Romford Pele

    “There was a time when Wenger’s inevitable Statue outside the Emirates would have been as big as the Statue of Liberty.each year its potential size shrinks.At this rate it will be like Sadam Hussein’s statue…and will probably share the same fate.”


  57. anti anti-arsenal

    I am a bigger voyeur like Le Nutty Prof in as much as I am a die hard Grover who has spent the last few years reading and watching here but posting little.

    That’s about to change as its time for action.

    If you spend some time reading you will see that the us non AKB’s or AKSA (Arsewipe Knows Sod All) have existed for a long long time, even pre-dating the loon Wengers reign by many years. Through history we are seem to be known as Anti Anti-Arsenal!

    Despite some serious AKB wank fest that site is an interesting read. Seems we have been a visionary club through history even in our revolutionary tendencies.

    My Gramps was watching at Highbury from the early 1920’s and its a nice thought if he was one of the original boo boys of the 1930s.

    It would seem our forefathers knew a thing or two about success and failure and how you treated failure. It seems anti anti-arsenal back them did not tolerate even winning unless every player had ripped the opposition a new one and won in the ‘Arsenal’ style. Oh to see what they would have done to this current bunch of space wasters and their senile manager.

    From part 3 of 100 of hating Arsenal –

    ‘At least that is how it seemed, but in the final season of Chapman’s reign at Arsenal things suddenly went wrong again in terms of the way Arsenal’s own fans saw the club, for when Arsenal, top of the league and looking to dominate football for a while, went and lost at Walsall, the mood changed.

    Press coverage focussed on the reserves that Chapman put out for that match , and from that point on, if Arsenal ever made a single mistake on the pitch then they were booed. Any game not won at a canter resulted in their own fans turning on them. As I have noted before, the players recognised it too, and it got to them.’

    So history says we can have an affect on the club and we can demand more of our Arsenal.

    I am off to the EC this weekend, not to fill the clubs coffers, but to support the club that’s part of my life and family, but at the same time to tell that loon we pay £7.5 million a year where he can go until I can shout no more.

    If we were ever to need to mount a serious opposition and campaign to get him out the most effective way to message the board would be to organise a mass walk out at a televised live BT/SKY game. Give it until 5 mins are gone and everyone walk out. No mass exodus when we are three nil down with ten mins to go but a mass walk out after 5 mins. That would make the world take notice and we might get some movement from the Board.

  58. Mukesh

    What are our alternatives should this Suarez saga ends in disappointment? I don’t have any source to speculate upon but do you think that Sergio Aguero could be a potential target. I think, he is a top player and with Pellegrini’s recent quote around him considering Dzeko as his main striker, he might just be available.

    So, Aguero anyone?

  59. samsenal

    Cheers Ash.

    Actually i was referring to our post window reactions. I suppose it was more of an insight into my own mentality towards this situation:

    I have to KNOW what is going on behind the scenes. I try to be positive….but it’s getting really really difficult. If I am to go ballistic i need to know that the situation really is as simple as IG and SK want AW to spend and he refuses.

    If that is the case then AW has to go. I will want his head.

    But what if it isn’t Ash? What if I am screeching like a lunatic and all the while SK is saying “Fellas, you’re summer plans….you’re kidding right?”

    What if IG is saying “Loadsa Money” in public and “Hmm,,,not so much Arsene” in private?

    We all appear to have accepted the narrative that poor old IG is pacing about his office muttering “Spend Wenger spend” While SK is grinning on his Horse saying “Whatever you boys want is alright with me”.

    Ash….i need to KNOW for sure. I don’t want to become…one of the…Crazies.


    If we can’t get Suarez why not hijack Soldado? £30m should do that and feliani can follow, this is not rocket science FFS

  61. Oh Theo Theo!

    Interesting point – who are we liable to get in the qualifiers? They were talking about reducing our coefficient as we’d won sweet FA for so long, which would leave us with a tougher team.

    Another Udinese would make life interesting at this point.

  62. Romford Pele

    “So, Aguero anyone?”

    Mate, put down the pipe. Aguero is City’s number one striker. He isn’t on the market.

  63. Leedsgunner

    As if losing Higuain, Reina and Jovetic, isn’t enough I see this morning that we seem to have lost the race for Bernard… 22m to Shaktar…

    This summer of deliberate dithering has convinced me that football is no longer the main concern of Arsene anymore. In my opinion, his bizarre moves in the transfer market has convinced me that he must be on a financial incentive not to spend. Wenger, is in for it for himself.

    Come our usual falling away from the title race/cup run ion January I fully expect to hear…

    “I tried to sign Suarez… Higuain, Jovetic, Benard”

    See that Napoli is facing us in the Emirates Cup this summer, I hope Higuain humiliates Wenger and shows all of us what an utter fool he has become… despite 30 years of being in football.

    Arrogant p****k.

  64. GoonerGaunty73

    I feel like I’ve pissed my summer away, checking twitter, the web etc for news that we have made a move in the market.
    I’m totally fed up with this BS every summer. We know money has been there in previous years but AW has chosen not to spend. Now the club have come out and said we are going to spend because we can and still nothing.
    Makes you wonder if the Amy Lawrence stories really have some substance to them.
    My issue is, a pre season is for bedding in new players as well as getting fitness levels back up. Look at City, all 4-5 new recruits getting to know their team mates. AFC, with an imortant CL qulaifier coming up F**K ALL!!
    PS AGAIN!!

  65. jules


    Yes, I fully understand how to deal on a car thank you. The point I make is re a clubs valuation of a player compared to our bids. Its so far apart at times its laughable. Change the figures then to 12 and 5. I think you won’t be the buyer of the car. The player won’t be coming. Based on this window and most , I would say Dick head Law and Ivan and Wenger are not doing too well > wouldn’t you!?

  66. Ash79

    samsenal – you’ve clearly been hit quite hard by all of this. The stress has got to you. I felt like this last week. Didnt do any work all day, sat on LG waiting for some rumours to come through. Stoppepd speaking to the wife. Checking the blogs and google at night in bed while wife screams at me to turn the phone off and go to sleep.

    Arsene/Ivan – if you’re reading, look at what you have done to samsenal. Have a fuckin heart lads. If anyone else has been affected by samsenal’s post please donate to #savesamsenal

  67. Dude

    Some sense spoken here. I’m. a Liverpool fan but agree totally with what Ash79 says. The quid was an insult. All it has succeeded in doing is adding another 5m on top. The whispers coming out of Anfield now are that Suarez feels that Arsenal is not a great move. Don’t get me wrong. Your a big club and at this moment in time in a better situation than us. But things change rapidly. We could be in the top 4 next season and Arsenal drop out. Liverpool I believe, have been trying to persuade him to stay another season. If we’re not in the top 4 fair enough. He can go. Nobody can blame him. But for him, it has to be Real, Barca or Bayern.

    The Spuds link is a total joke.

  68. THEO

    the suarez deal is far from dead. we now know that £40mill and a pound isn’t his buy out price. we now know what we have to do. buy suarez fellani and the rest will be glorious history. but this won’t happen. wenger does’t possess the nerve to spend serious money

  69. Emiratesstroller

    The bid for Suarez was not unrealistic if you factor in his history. Also until no the only higher transfer fee paid inter English Clubs was Torres who was at time a more prolific goalscorer.

    You need also to take a close look at some of the socalled mega deals. More often than not they are paid by instalments with add ons and so called performance related bonuses. In the case of Italian and Spanish Clubs they do not pay on time as well. We have had first hand experience of this with Barcelona.

    However, the issue here is no longer the size of fee, but our ability to complete this deal.

    One final point Liverpool need at end of day to consider merit of keeping unhappy and potentially disruptive player and bringing in new ones who may
    not be quite as good but will add value through commitment and desire to
    play for club.

  70. nickw

    I’m finding it harder and harder to contain my rage. I began the summer full of Gazidis inspired optimism for a new beginning at the emirates. Surely he couldn’t say all those positive things if he didn’t mean them, I mean how stupid and dishonest would he look if Arsenal failed to make any decent signings after announcing we were now able to compete with the big boys. His reputation would be trashed but now that’s what it’s looking like. Is he a bare faced liar trying to con the fans into buying season tickets or is he the fall guy for Wengers stubbornness and incompetence. Personally I think the latter as only a fool would deliberately stick his neck out like that if he knew it weren’t true and I don’t think Gazidis is a fool. So that leads us back to Wenger and his stubbornness who is rapidly becoming a mill stone around the neck of AFC. When he makes statements like his most recent “even if we don’t buy we can still challenge for the title” nonsense, it his hard to control the rage anymore. Its like having a Spurs fan in charge because they would say and do exactly the same thing and that should make us all angry.

  71. Arsenalone


    Aguero sounds brilliant,except city won’t sell to rivals (unlik us).
    Still ain’t city rivals any way.

    Our rivals are Liverpool,yids,Everton


    Bale £85m? Seriously? And Fabregas left for peanut? Lewandowski is worth £30 now and Dortmound prefer he run out his contract and leave for nothing next summer, compare that with RVP situation last summer. †нε club is being run by inefficient fools

  73. gazzap

    I think the problem is that Dick Law doesn’t understand football and Wenger doesn’t understand business. Between them they are making a total pig’s ear of another summer. It’s beyond ridiculous. so little action after months of opportunities and missed players.
    For fuck’s sake just go and buy Fellaini for whatever Everton say the god damn price is. Forget Suarez. move on and buy someone else.

  74. Guninurback

    So the spuds are getting Suarez?

    God knows if anyone else makes a bid, there’s no way in hell we’ll top it.

    We’re either getting Suarez for 40 mill or not at all. Considering the fact Wenger gambled and failed, I’d go as far as saying I’d cut of my own finger should we get Suarez at this point.

  75. Dan T


    It just irritates me when everyone seems to want us to just throw money around. We offered 70% of Liverpools inflated valuation of Suarez. Then upped that to 80% – I don’t think that’s an unreasonable way to negotiate. I’m all for spending big, but might as well try and get the best price too.

    My problem with Arsenal is that they don’t seem to have 2nd/3rd/4th options to turn to if they don’t get the price they are willing to pay. So Liverpool probably know now that they can hold out for their asking price now and Arsenal will pay it or face a revolt when we don’t sign anyone.

    And the car was a Skoda Superb

  76. The Hig

    QWenger shoulda just coughed up the 25M for Higuain, the 23M for Fellaini and I for one woulda been happy with the summer and wouldn’t have given a Dick Laws asss who came in after that. Now, it’s all done for. Maybe Fellaini can still happen?

  77. The Hig

    Thanks GIB, then fuck why is Rodgers so stubborn? He’d be making a profit and can strengthen again. He’s just being a cunt, cannot stand the fact that Pool have become midtable average after years of mismanagement and he gets to take the fall. 40M is more than enuf for Suarez.

  78. gooner87

    Suarez wont move to spurs. THAT would be a sideways move

    The only reason he is considering us at all is champions league football

    £40m is not unreasonable. We need him to hand in a transfer request, compensate him for missing the loyalty bonus by inflating his signing on fee and then meet liverpool in the middle, show willing

    In that scenario, £45m should do it. They dont pay a loyalty bonus and get another 5. Thats effectively £50m

  79. jules

    Dan T /guys

    Another angle; there are 385 Mondeo gervihnos on the market at between 8 and 10 mill and there are 3 Aston martin Higs between 25 and 30 mill. You go back to the Aston dealer and offer 25 and he says sorry mate , you need this car and there are only three in the country ,its now 32 mill. You say fuck off. The next year you cruise up and down park lane in your Mondeo Gervihno having pulled nothing and you look at the guy in his aston hig with a stunning bird pulling into Dorchester for a top meal and a great shag, you go back to the London colney drive thru mac donalds fealing like a cunt and think to your self.

    I wish I given that bloke the extra money for that aston hig .

    Or if you are wenger you go and buy another mondeo for the next trip to park lane , you then pay way 70k a week to keep it it out a few times and can’t sell the fucker.

  80. The Hig

    Now Chelseas also in for Suarez, and the Russian Pussssy will pay double the asking price and giveTorres back. It’s getting worse the longer Wenger waits. What the hell is wrong with this man? Being stingy with money that’s not even his. He acts like he’s paying for players outa his own pocket. ARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!! All we want is a title.

    Ima just wait for the bell to ring and see what happens, can’t stand this transfer window shyt no more.

  81. Dannyboy

    By the way would anyone be even the slightest bit surprised if the news breaks tomorrow that Arsenal have had a £22 million bid for Fellaini rejected??

    ‘We tried to sign zee player but ze clause in his contract expired… nobody could have predicted it.’

  82. Guninurback

    The Hig
    July 31, 2013 10:55:14

    Yeah well I think Rogers is aware of the fact that its a dangerous precedent, if you sell your best players year after year, eventually no one is going to take you serious.

    I mean already he’s pushed it way past RVP money looking for Bale money, If Wenger was the man over there then Suarez would have been ours a month ago. The only laughing stock here is Wenger; presuming other clubs would just bend over and take it like he does time and time again.

  83. Yiannis

    It all leads here. Either he signs players and make the team competitive or his end is near!

    I can’t decide what I want more. I want Arsenal back to glory but I am sceptical whether this can happen with Wenger.

  84. Guninurback

    Serious clubs don’t sell their best players, maybe Wenger should have thought of that when we still had a team. Because only a world class idiot would come into this team on the assurances of that guy these days. Wenger couldn’t guarantee a star today anything other than giving you a shot to impress Barca.

  85. The Hig

    This is madness. He doesn’t wanna pay for top quality but will overpay for average players once the window comes to a close, cos he will have to get players in and he knows it. Doesn’t he understand that bargains like Cazorla don’t come along every summer. Stupid Cunt.

  86. jules

    The Hig

    Excactly , they only got Carzola so cheap at the time because of the debt situation of the other club

  87. The Hig

    Inter I agree, we need a top quality striker to compliment Giroud and give him competition. I’d pay 35m, but Wenger won’t.

  88. Emiratesstroller

    The dangerous precedent is not if you don’t buy a particular player, but rather
    if a manager keeps on telling you that his present squad is good enough to
    win the title without buying players.

    Everyone knows that is untrue and there are other positions in team/squad which could have been improved in this transfer window.

    This is my problem with Arsenal. If Wenger had managed to buy a top defensive midfielder and good centre back to replace Squillaci the current situation with Suarez would have been fine. I would be happy to wait until end of
    transfer window and wait and see what materialises.

  89. Dony

    We’re not going to put in a bid for 50. We’re waiting for Suarez to agitate for a move. I have yet to see any statements from Suarez, where he is pusing for a move. This was not the case with RVP, Cesc, Hleb, etc…they pushed publicly for a move away…Suarez isn’t pushing publicly.

  90. Sensible old man

    I’ve bet my car with an AKB work mate of mine that we won’t win a trophy and it’ll be the same as every other season for the past 5 years etc. He still says ‘in arsene I trust’ lol and that we’ve not had ANY money till this summer ‘when things will change’

  91. Paddy got up

    Why don’t we just turn the pop arena into flats. Use the pitch as communal gardens( sound familiar?) and denounce football for ever.

  92. Aussie Gooner Dave

    Arsene has proven this summer that he has absolutely no respect for the fans. He treats us with total contempt. He alone should know the feeling coming from the fans, he’s not stupid. I’m not totally sure he won’t get booed on the weekend and that’s never happened at the Emirates. How arrogant must he be to be told he can spend 100 Mil to build a team capable of winning & for him to turn around and say I don’t need to spend, I’ll do it my way?

  93. Midlandgunner

    So felliani’s clause expires today,it’s a myth why Wenger doesn’t want to get involved but even stranger why nobody else has tried either

  94. Jeff

    Arsene is like the bloke who walks into an expensive restaurant and the head waiter just ignores him while tending to just about anyone else because they leave big tips. When it comes to Wenger, not only he wants top class service, the best table, the best wine all at half price but he only leaves a pound for the waiter. Who the hell would want to serve us? We’re better off going to McDonalds; which is where we like to dine these days. But what does he order? Happy Meal I shouldn’t wonder and has a haggle about that too.

    Attendant: sir, Happy Meals are only for children.
    Wenger: It doz not say on ze box? Why do you look at me?

  95. The Hig

    That AKb is a dumbass. In fairness, the club is well run and stable because of Wenger and he has managed to get CL football every season (which is a luxury) without spending big where teams like Pool have spent millions on players like Downing and Henderson. But the reality, we don’t care about stability anymore, we want a fucking title!!!!!!!!!!


    An army of sheep led by a lion will always defeat an army of lion led by a sheep. †нε lots out!!!!!

  97. Romford Pele

    “How arrogant must he be to be told he can spend 100 Mil to build a team capable of winning & for him to turn around and say I don’t need to spend, I’ll do it my way?”

    True true.

  98. The Hig

    Midland, it is strange why no one has bid for Fellaini. I was wondering about the same thing and still am. I hope it’s cos we already signed him.

  99. Romford Pele

    Not spending is just total negligence from AW and I can’t believe we’re facing the prospect of it actually happening.

  100. Gregg

    We’re desperate to sit at the table with the likes of Real, Barcelona, Juventus, Milan, Bayern. The trouble is we sit there not knowing what cutlery to use first

  101. GoonerDave

    There is another good reason for chasing Suarez (and Higuain) – wages of 150k per week are 5m less per annum than a Wayne Rooney. That’s 25M over 5 years.
    We are aiming at the correct player in Suarez. Should somebody wish to sign him from us down the line, it would be very, very expensive – massive fee to compensate us and Falcao level wages….a good safe investment for AFC.
    He is a prolific striker, a game changer and a great worker. I’d love us to sign him, hopefully for 45M or so.
    We may get away with a cheapish midfielder and defender if we signed him.

  102. Rupe

    I don’t understand why any true Arsenal fan would be _demanding_ that we spend huge amounts of money. We ended last season very well. So long as we don’t lose any key players this summer we’ll be starting next season stronger than last. That’s good enough for me. Never mind Suarez and Higuain… a bit more cover in defence has to be the main priority if we do sign anyone.

    We have too many lightweight, fairweather fans. Hopefully by not making any marquee signings we can get rid of them in the summer along with Squillacci et al.

  103. Cavalry


    A lot of understandable frustration here but then we have been over this time and again for the last seven years. The only reason that things do not change is because the club is happy that we will come along and pay our exorbitant ticket fees season and after season.
    Now you are all committed gooners like myself and I believe the time has come for action. I will not be going to the Emirates Cup as a protest and if things do not change then I will also absent myself from the league also. Now how many of you are willing to follow suit because if not you will be back on this time next year with t he same frustrated posts again.
    So who is going to vote with their feet because its the only thing that our board understands £s and pence.

  104. nepGunner

    I keep reading a hell lot of “OUTs” in Le-Grove. For a change:

    Suarez IN
    Fellaini IN
    Piszczek IN
    A CB IN
    Bale IN (next year)
    Klopp IN (next year)

  105. chukwudi

    The summer is winding down yet nothing maybe because of Ivan earlier quote that we can buy and pay for any player that we want and now clubs are holding it against us.Am tired of this summer transfer market!!

  106. THEO

    right mr wenger. time for drastic action. just been watching the adverts inbetween ss news and 1 of them got me thinking. CLAIMS 4 U. have you had an accident lately? err no. have you been unfairly treated at work, err no. is your football club lying to you for financial gain? yes yes thats me. what is your complaint?. where to start!!! lied that we can compete in the transfer market now we have our new stadium, lied every year since about signing top top players, lied that our best players will not be sold, consistantley wasted my £980 season ticket money on french liga 1 players wages, sold the players i loved, henry, vieria, fabregas, flamini, van persie, (cunt) nasri (super cunt). spent my money on arshavin, squilachi, gerviniho, etc. do i have a good case for a refund?

  107. Jeff


    I’m not sure we make it as far as the table. Don’t forget this isn’t exactly our debut in the transfer market. We’ve been annoying and irritating other clubs for years with our derisory bidding, procrastinating and time wasting. They should think about adding “no time wasters” to buyout clauses just to see if it deters Wenger.

  108. the mighty karim

    I’d love to take a look at our training sessions, just to see how the players feel about that messy summer…

  109. Victor

    I am depressed honestly, Arsenal have money and must strengthen, why are they reluctant, i am stressed Higuain is gone as he could not wait for petty excuses and a club with no ambition other than to beat Spurs, in fact Spurs are not cahffed they will revenge, thank Bale got injured , they are strenghthening, so is everyone else, 21 points behinf Manur is a serious joke and Arsenr and co are happy with the status quo of battling to deal with relegation candidates all the year.
    Like everyone i will be happy if he change his mind and sign exceptional players who can perform at the highest level.

    I am buffled at management that makes a mockery and fool their supporters, the league is about to start and owe Wenger promised to be proactive by fooling all of us, he doesn’t want to spend, another tactic to keep our false hopes with Suarez ( 1 in a million chance it can happen ) , but Arsenw doesn,t pay anything more than 10 million or freebies let alone 50 million forget it, i think he’s got a stake, owe Kroenk is an entrepreneur he’s here to make money i can’t blame him, but all mangers insist on strengthening and they get the money, surely Wenger can, i blame him for now until he prove me wrong but after a few years i don’t trust him anymore, at some stage we need change in order to move forward i dont care who says what, we need change right now, he wont buy Suarez if he failed to pay for Higuain/the machine,The current squad is not good enough i am sorry. I am not sure why Wger risk his reputation and backlash its silly. I still hope he will do something this week, but we need not only a killer striker, but a few reinforcements from goalkkeeper, CD, DM and Fabregas like defence splitting to assist Carzola. Pay Liverpool 50 million and get the player, stop being stingy, its their player they have the right to price, they did not put him up for sale for that matter.

  110. Romford Pele

    “I don’t understand why any true Arsenal fan would be _demanding_ that we spend huge amounts of money.”

    Errr, we finished nearly 20 points off top.

    And you talk about fairweather fans – we live in a struggling economy where Arsenal fans are charged an arm and a leg to watch lemonade football while the board and Wenger line their pockets. Will we moan? Of course we will.

  111. The Hig

    Rupe. Thats being naive. I wont resort to calling u a cunt cos everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    Lemme give u a scenario. We finished 4th. Spurs almost beat us to it, If we had RVP last season we probably coulda won it so I see why u say the team is good enuf…
    City strengthened, Spurs strengthened, United will probably strengthen as they are willing to spend, Chelsea we all know strengthens, so, if we don’t strengthen where will we end up?
    Wait for it
    Wait for it.
    Wait for it

  112. nepGunner

    “And you talk about fairweather fans – we live in a struggling economy where Arsenal fans are charged an arm and a leg to watch lemonade football while the board and Wenger line their pockets. Will we moan? Of course we will.”

    hahahaha…Spot on though!

  113. Oh Theo Theo!

    Rupe: ”

    I don’t understand why any true Arsenal fan would be _demanding_ that we spend huge amounts of money. We ended last season very well. So long as we don’t lose any key players this summer we’ll be starting next season stronger than last. That’s good enough for me. Never mind Suarez and Higuain… a bit more cover in defence has to be the main priority if we do sign anyone.

    We have too many lightweight, fairweather fans. Hopefully by not making any marquee signings we can get rid of them in the summer along with Squillacci et al.”

    The mating call of the blind AKB in full force. BAM! Head firmly into sand.

    Dude we took like 1pt from the top 4 clubs last year. They have added players. we haven’t.

    We were 1pt ahead of spuds. They have added players, we haven’t.

  114. samsenal

    Ash – I won’t forget your generosity here. Not I.

    I suppose the 1st step on the road tor recovery is to admit you have a problem.

    I have a problem. I know it.

    I just don’t want to end up like Johnty79, Kiyoshi/Vix or Gats.