Shhhhhh… Arsenal testing fan patience | Emirates Cup could be early venting opportunity

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Freddie wearing a specially adapted 2013-14 away kit for the stage...

So quiet. Oh so quiet. You know, like that famous Queen song from way back in the eighties. But then it gets a few minutes in and Freddie Mercury busts out the singing, blowing trumpets left right and centre, making noise in his sweet Icelandic accent . What a song, what a song.

I reference it because I’m hoping that’s the Arsenal plan for the summer. It’s been quiet. So quiet, at the moment, it looks like another example of gross negligence from Dick Law and co. One notable bid… sorry two. Nothing else. Just sitting on our hands. Good players, moving to good clubs… Arsenal’s ignorance so prominent, it’s almost embarrassing. Now, I know I’ve called for patience all summer… and really, deep down, I still am. However, from the outside looking in, I can’t see a plan? Not that I’d be given access to the plans…

My concern is that all we have is intent. As you’ll all know, that’s a step in the direction of progress, but its worth nothing if we end up playerless by the end of the window. That’s still a relative long shot… but if Liverpool dig in… outside that, it appears we’re not doing anything to shift the needle from top four mediocrity.

That said, I don’t know everything. I know, from reading my scribblings a everyday, that might come as a huge shock… But simple fact is, we don’t know where the management are looking. All I know is this… nowadays, generally, it makes little sense for a selling club to keep their leaks plugged. Unless, of course, they’re getting a premium for doing so… and let’s face it, you don’t ever get a premium from Arsenal unless we’re up-weighting a bid for a talented Botswanian granite miner.

I was quite disappointed to see Reina move to Napoli on loan. If Arsene is insistent that Fabianski or the painfully average Szeseny are capable contenders for number one, shouldn’t he at least mitigate that risk with a keeper who is capable of being world class? Reina on loan all year would have been lovely. Now it’s looking like the new, more ruthless Wenger is yet to relinqish his love for the arrogant and the mentally frail.

We’ll see on Fabianski though… I was told he went through a lot mentally after the injuries and the whole being sh*t canned thing. Apparently he’s quite spectacular in training and he’s one of the few who will take time out to go through videos of himself and he’s worked hard on the mental weaknesses in his game. Ingredients wise, he had a lot. Height, build… an insistence on catching everything.

It’s just a risk. We take far too many. Every season.

Arsenal are interested in Bernard… who has about as much ambition as Johann Djourrou after a night in with Jay and Silent Bob. His agent said…

‘“He would prefer to join a middling  but good club in Europe rather than risk joining an elite club like Arsenal and not getting much of a chance to play.’

For f*cks sake… if Arsenal pay more than £15m for a player, it’s quite clear that in exchange, that player will get at least 300 games back to back to prove themselves. I mean, jeez, doesn’t he have Denilson’s number? Give him a shout…

‘Yes boss, I was terrible for Arsenal, Wenger couldn’t stop playing me. He played Almunia so much, he had a mental breakdown. You’ll get games even when you’re broken. The boss is a slave driver.’

Right… I’ve really pushed the boat out on this post… I had nothing to go on this morning. Running on blog fumes as it were.

Have a great day and remember this… it’s only the 30th of July once a year. Treasure it, like good cross from Sagna.

P.S. One more chance to take a look at the post from Tim Payton yesterday… I say one last chance, because I’m deleting it at 10. For no reason at all. Read it here.


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  1. Midlandgunner

    Wengers time will eventually come he’s rode his luck for so long one day it will catch him up,hope its soon this cunt is starting to wind me up,normally buzzing for the new season but this cunt has put a stop to that,hope this is your final year you senile old cunt and stick your fucking emirates cup up your arse along with your bullshit excuses about transfers….wanker

  2. Midlandgunner

    What mug would turn up for the emirates cup anyway must have more money than sense I won’t even watch it on sky I can’t bear to see that old bastards grin

  3. Cesc Appeal


    So let me get this straight, if you’re not happy with the team then you should support Tottenham…that about right?

  4. dialsquare

    Wenger is going to put a wig on Arteta and pass him off as Fellaini and put some joke teeth in Ramsey and pass him as Suarez and the divs following Arsenal will believe it.

  5. salparadisenyc

    We started with the Hig, had a taste of Suarez and dark side in the middle, cue up the battle for the Wig.

    Surely well bottle Rooney as well.

    On the bright side it looks like Remy is headed to Newcastle, we can almost check him off the list.

  6. slade

    Sam I will respond with the wisdom of Keyser to your post at 05:21:
    “But you still haven’t answered the question, have you?”

    Meaningless of course but so was your post.

  7. Gunner2301

    Morning Guys

    As I didn’t post yesterday I’ll give credit now to the Tim Payton piece, well written and touching on aspects we tend to look over but none the less important. Now…

    Have we bought anyone yet?


  8. Gunner2301


    I think the “Not Happy stage” was about 4-5 seasons ago. I’m surprised it’s just hateful now. If we were a kettle how long do you think it would take to make a cup of tea?

  9. HerveDeNerve

    Cesc Appeal July 31, 2013 00:12:46

    Thats how people roll on here, full of AKB’s, El Tel will be on in a mo.

  10. sam


    we will sign 4 players before the window closes then go on to challenge for the tittle.

    I hope so!

  11. Cesc Appeal


    Holy shit I was only saying today to my Spud brother wouldn’t it be funny if you bought Suarez!! How pissed us Arsenal fans would be!


  12. Gunner2301


    Really? We may have signed 4 in total but if they aren’t better than what we have it;s pretty pointless just filling out the squad with players and bulk up the wage bill. I’d rather he didn’t spend anything and leave the money for the next manager.

  13. sam

    some players went back to the reserve team which is a good sign that we will buy new players.

    again, I hope so

  14. Gunner2301


    That maybe the case but where else is he going to go in this window if Madrid don’t want him, we don’t want to pay for him and Pool can’t really keep him? Spuds with Suarez would be in the top 4 they finished above Liverpool last 4 season so for him it’s still a step up.

  15. GUNNER786

    We need a manager like Klopp. He is clever,ambitious,passionate and loved by the fans. He strengthens the team when he has to (without the fans begging him) He sells rubbish players. He doesn’t reward failure. He doesn’t pay extortionate amount to mediocre players.

  16. Gunner2301

    2nd that Gunner786

    I’ve been talking about Klopp for years. Wenger must be envious of what he has achieved with a young team. Klopp has the successful blueprint Wenger has the failure one.

  17. dialsquare

    Glad Higuain deal didn’t materialise he would have been the wrong signing at this moment in time, he would have been good in the Bergkamp era but what’s required first is major reconstruction with playmakers and creative players before players who finish off moves.

  18. GUNNER786


    I just cannot see Suarez moving to Spurs. If Arsenal or Madrid don’t buy him then he will simply stay at LFC.

    It wouldn’t be worth the hassle for Suarez to join Spurs.

  19. HerveDeNerve


    “Liverpool themselves could request the Premier League to ask Arsenal on what basis they bid £40,000,001. It is contrary to League regulations for a rival club to be given access to confidential contract details of an opposing player. There are no Liverpool plans at this stage to pursue a complaint against the Londoners, although at the highest level of the Merseyside club there is a feeling bidding an additional pound was “rubbing Liverpool’s noses in it”.

    It has ensured no further approaches by Arsenal are welcome at Anfield.

  20. GUNNER786

    Wenger is falling out with a lot of clubs because of his derisory offers. When and if a new manager comes in then it will be very hard for him to negotiate with these clubs.

    Wenger has done a lot of damage for a new manager.

  21. GUNNER786

    Goodnight Grovers

    Please pray that Wenger receives an offer to manage another club and he goes. And we get somebody like Klopp.


  22. Relieable sauce

    Has anyone got any good Higuain songs then, seeing as he was voted the player Arsenal fans most want to see. LOL
    I was thinking about the Dylan classic “It’s a hard rain’s gonna fall” . Also got the Bryan Ferry version as an alternative.

    Gon-Zaa-Lo Higuain is gonna score.

  23. Emiratesstroller

    I think that the Management at Arsenal will be in for a very rough ride on Saturday.

    Going into a new season starting in two weeks time plus European Qualifiers
    shortly afterwards without buying a single worthwhile player to fill gaps in the
    squad is madness.

    It is not just me who thinks this but a local sports journalist who follows what
    goes on at Arsenal said exactly the same to me today.

    How do you justify offloading this summer 4 experienced squad players and bring in just one 20 year old who has not even played in French Ligue Division 1 football?

    The next point made was that whilst Suarez is a gifted footballer he is not the
    type of player that Arsenal would have recruited in the past with the baggage
    he carries. We may have had problematic players such as Pennant, but they
    came through our youth programme and did not cost £40-50 million plus
    massive wages. The management have now dug themselves a hole. If they
    fail to bring in Suarez it will be the third time this summer that they have
    failed to deliver a significant signing. The other two being Higuain and Bernard.

    The other point made by the journalist was to question why Arsenal are offering Wenger a new contract now after 8 years of achieving nothing. Both of
    us agreed that there is no urgency and the club should have waited until we
    see how the team performs this season before making such a commitment.

    There is a growing view amongst some quite substantial supporters that I speak to that the club is rudderless and completely mismanaged.

    What is also becoming increasingly obvious is that Wenger’s pulling power in
    transfer market is becoming a zero and perhaps his presence is becoming
    a liability to club’s progress and potential.

  24. Cesc Appeal


    Klopp will never leave Dortmund…as much as I’d love him, he’s in love with that club. You can see it etched all over him, screams at his players when they get things wrong, hugs them when they come on as subs and after the games. Celebrates like a fan and mourns losses like a fan.

    Money doesn’t enter his vocab, he talks about players, trophies, the club…not sustainable business models, unrealistic markets and FFP.

    The position Wenger, Gazidis and Kroenke are leaving us in means we’re going to be fucked for the foreseeable future.

  25. Gunner2301


    Agree with that.

    Perhaps Wengers wants to use the Emirates cup to gauge the mood of the fans in tems of not
    Spending. If they don’t kick off he won’t spend if they do he will. It will be like another 8-2 moment.

  26. Jeff

    Certainly I think that this year will be a very difficult year for Wenger. We will go into the season without any reinforcements and without any kind of depth or plan B. We are but an injury or two away from carnage. If Cazorla is injured for any length of time we will suffer badly. We were lucky last year that he didn’t sustain any injuries but this season, Wenger will play him in every PL and CL game because we have no alternative. Same goes for the any of the other first eleven.

  27. Matt

    Looks like no Suarez then there’s not a clause in his contract. Well we all know arsenal knew this all the time. It was all a fucking smoke screen. Wengers not going to bid 50 m + for him. What next bent.remy.michu. Fucking wenger out

  28. pistolpete

    No matter what happens with transfers, for me I will never trust wenger again. Not that I have not for years now anyway. The damage he is doing to the fans emotions are irreversible, regardless of who he buys now. The games are way to much wenger. The trophies we won in the past are along time ago wenger. Time to move on. Even the board are at him now.

  29. St freak

    This is all going to end really badly. Arsene isn’t planning to buy any players because he thinks he has just the right team to work with.

    It is easy to understand his “logic”.

    This is perhaps the only season in a few years we haven’t had an exodus of star players. They have had a season to gel and the team spirit is almost visible.

    But we want star quality and a even five year old can see we are three injuries away from a complete disaster.

    There is going to be a lot of anger. To qoute a certain blogger, “The internet will explode in rage”. A complete meltdown. There are going to be a lot of emotional or stupid things said and done.

    Most fans are going to be torn between two ends.
    1. boycotting matches to make a point to the old cow that runs the club
    2. Because we love arsenal and have an irrational soft spot for it,we shall stupidly fail to stay away from matches and go through another season getting painful beatings like the one we did at the hands of bayern.

    Whichever way you look at it, if you are a real arsenal fan who lives breathes and eats arsenal, this is just going to be painful.
    Ofcourse this can all be avoided with some very good signings, but as it becomes increasingly clear that liverpool would rather eat the grass at anfield than sell suarez to us, how many world class players do you see around?

  30. Ash79

    I said last week we are the cunts of the transfer market. Make shit offers all the time. Penny pinching etc. That extra 1 quid was an insult and destroyed any chance of getting Suarez. Yep Barca real etc use underhanded tactics but to make an official bid and adding a fuckin pound. We bang on about being proper and having class and yet we do stuff like that. Is it any surprise that clubs hate us.

    I said yesterday how funny it would be if spurs use bale money for Suarez. We can see shit before it happens. Maybe the journo saw my post, don’t be surprised.

    Btw we still have a qualifier for ecl. If we lose that we have no more appeal than spurs or liverpool.


  31. TheBayingMob

    Ash79 July 31, 2013 08:30:28
    We can see shit before it happens. Maybe the journo saw my post, don’t be surprised.
    All of it is so obvious though, check out the article below, I said ALL this right when the first Suarez rumours came up, it’s hardly fucking rocket science!

    Liverpool can only let him go within the prem to a massive bid (and to be honest I understand that), they’ll not roll over and sell to a direct rival like we do. If AW and IG have a) got to know the detail of LS’ contract and b) have got it wrong in their interpretation of it they are going to look like the biggest dimwitted fucktards in football. As Ash says, cunts … either way we’re not going to find out until the end of August.

  32. ikon

    Even now the board can save their faces by getting Cesc, Fellaini and Sakho. It will release a lot of pressure from Santi and he can get into dangerous goal scoring positions there by almost eliminating the need to buy an outright striker.

  33. TheBayingMob

    Same Story July 31, 2013 00:24:08
    Where’s Kjafc?
    He’s camped outside Arsene Wenger’s house with a bunch of flowers, ready to tell him again how much he loves him and how he’d be such a good wife to him … 😉

  34. phung

    We need another 8 goals whopping from the top teams to kick start our transfer spending.

    Aw is choking the team with his outdated footballing philosophy. Even Barcelona has to spend big to buy top class players e.g. Neymar. And how many exceptional players are we seeing in Arsenal. I only rate santi. Jw needs to be injury free first.
    The problem is now the under 21 team is too weak to push up, the first team has too few to hold on. See how many of our first team members asking for new signings. Never happened in any other clubs before.

    Aw is failing the team n fans big time. No player is above the club, neither should the manager.

    If we failed to make afew significant signings this summer, Aw has to go.

  35. Sean Spillane, Cork, Ireland

    FFS to those mug enough to attend this weekend’s micky mouse tournament vent yr anger at Wenger and the board. The lack of signings so far again highlights a serious lack of ambition, gross mismanagement at the club and a MASSIVE MESSAGE TO US GOONERS OF GIVE US YOUR MONEY MUG NOW F@#K OFF. TICK TOCK…TICK TOCK…BTW Great site and a