Wenger on a wind up…

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Arsene Wenger was on wind up duties yesterday as he causally announced to the world that we weren’t close to signing anyone… and that regardless of what happens, we can compete for the title.

No Arsene, we can’t. 20 points doesn’t get made up on a 3 month summer break. Especially when your competitors have all splashed out on serious talent. Well, bar David Moyes, who has made some spectacular failed bids for Cesc.

I do wish someone in the Arsenal PR department would collar Wenger on his quotes.

‘Hey Arsene, I know you love winding the fans up, but you do make us all look like incompetent fools when you day things like, ‘it’s hard to get in contact with people”

Like everyone is out at full moon parties with their Blackberry’s switched off.

Anyway, I would bite your lip on those quotes. It’s clear we’re doing quite a lot of work on this Suarez deal. Negotiations have been going on for two months. Suarez had his meeting with Rodgers and Ayre and nothing has been revealed. I’m guessing that is positive for us. If it wasn’t, we’d have seen his commitment plastered all over the back pages by now.

It is incredible how tunnel vision we appear to be on this one signing. To be this far into a window and have nothing to show for it really is poor. All the players we’re targeting can’t be unattainable. To have not strengthened anywhere is really frustrating. But we still have time. The club will back in England next week for The Emirates cup. Hopefully we’ll see some action then.

Right, not a big post today. See you on the other side…

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  1. Kiyoshi Ito


    I’m actually enjoying the dastardly trio,i.e.SS,Mr Wankstein&Ivan”The Snake” Gazidis,tear you guys a new one for this season..

    It’s the most enjoyable thing about AFC these days..

    Seeing them,plunder the pockets of the AKB’s..!!


    What will be there M.O next season…?
    Put in a fake bid for Messi@£100 million..?

  2. Guninurback

    Same Story
    July 28, 2013 01:02:34

    No I think its just something about acknowledging their existence that irks him…

  3. Bay Area Gooner

    Spurs better sell Bale. If they dont they will easily bid 50 plus for Suarez. We get screwed out of our only target apparently.

    Dammit WEnger you ass!
    Get Fellaini and Suarez and another defender next week you TWIT!

  4. sam

    Same story,

    Kondogbia hasn’t signed for real madrid yet.
    but the report said sevilla want 15M euro.
    Wenger wouldn’t pay that anyway.

  5. sam

    with league starting in 2 weeks, I am trying to settle my mind by watching our new signings. are you sure monsieur arsene?

  6. kc

    Holy shit 100 million for Bale is ridiculous! Certainly the Spuds will use the 100 million to help fund a new stadium. If they use it to build the squad, we’re fucked.

  7. goonerboy

    Arsene Wenger is a confirmed cheapskate-he only has a track record for signing free transfers, bargains and and kids only and he is not especially good at that- judging by the turnover of our kids in the past 3 years-and cheap players who would strengthen us he passes over like Demba Ba?

    Arsene Wenger says he loves football and top players. But talk is cheap especially his talk.

    It is extremely hard to imagine that Wenger endorsed the bid for Suarez-or that if he did, he knew that Liverpool would never sell him to us.

    Wenger did well last year-because the market was depressed and he could get some quite good players cheaply. Wenger has shown by his actions that for him, price is everything. He values keeping money in the bank far far more than buying or keeping top players.

    He simply cannot function in the current football transfer market which will in his view over-value and over-pay every player. Its hardly surprising that he engages in fantasy speculation about his current mid table team challenging for the title.
    Its hogwash. Due to injuries and departures the squad is even weaker than last year.

    Judged by his actions, Arsene Wenger is more accountant than football manager and the sooner Arsenal employ a top football manager as the manager the better.

  8. tomstoned

    Kroenke the hollywood whore?

    cheap plastic surgerey..c’mon look at that sucker….that he lays down and spreads his legs for a fiver that we all knew right..
    spot on if u ask me..
    and the pimp and big time jewish liar gazidis doing all his business..bond made in heaven
    feck off lets have goebbels back..same style ..

  9. Adam Bucci

    i now realise i could go into a coma after the final whistle on the last day of the season and when i awake before kickoff of the next season nothing will have changed. a few under 20 french ‘wonderkids’ will have been signed, chamahk and bendtner will still be on the payroll, and wenger will be making excuses about new signings killing player x’s – diaby – career.

    and this blog will be celebrating its 90th successive entry reporting that nothing new is happening accompanied by roughly 40,500 comments demanding wenger quit.

    lets face it. the only way it seems 80% of the comment writers on the blog will be happy is if we start the new season with the same team we ended the last one with, and on nov 10 we’ll find ourselves facing van persie and fabregas.

  10. tomstoned

    moray..honesty hurts doesnt it ??…nazidis who hasnt done much more than blatantly lied since he arrived…do you want examples ?? and to think that kroenke the plastic shithead wants anything else out of The Arsenal than money..well mate your living i lie..believing otherwise..
    lets sell gervinho..then with all departures we once more have saved a few bucks…right..
    to NOT see that we’re being ripped off well that takes some serious sickness…

    goebbels..was a blatant liar but people believed him for some time..nazidis many believes him..hopefully for a shorter time..

    the hollywood whore kroenke..please answer me what have he done for The Arsenal =?==??…

    we’re the new mcdonalds…The Arsenal is long gone…there’s nothing left…we’re just a brand mate forget the footy…thats not important anymore…making money is..

  11. davidnz

    Arsene is saying we are interested in everyone and no one. Typical transfer window speak. Very normal procedure. Arsenal has money to spend and everyone including Arsene knows we need to strengthen so signings are on the way no doubt. Apart from the ECL qualifier Arsenal has a soft first month this season so there is no particular reason to rush the process. It will all get done and all the moaning and groaning will be replaced with ” I had total faith in Arsene. never in doubt” 🙂

  12. MarsBar

    I’ve been saing for weeks we won’t have anyone by the emirates cup and I said I’d wait till then…

    Where’s all the posters telling the usuals le grove they are over the top and moaning all the time?

    Where they gone. Why haven’t they come on here with that patience crap. They had enough to,hahahaha.

    We all saw and knew the usual..

  13. TitsMcgee

    The idea that it’s Suarez @50 million or bust should make us all nervous.

    The idea that Wenger looks like he could well go into the next season with the exact same team he had last year blows my mind.

  14. Jeff

    Our biggest problem is that the manager does not like bidding wars. That is why when we buy players we are usually the only ones interested at the time. He is acutely offended by rejection. All this public washing of dirty laundry is abhorrent to him and he lashes out by walking away and telling the fans to make do with what they’ve got which inflames the situation all the more.

    Wenger has erected a barrier he cannot cross. It is a neurosis which is being masked by excuses like “financial prudence”, “FFP” and “the stadium”. I think we all know by now that actually it has nothing to do with any of those things. If the man is genuinely not well, how comes none of his so called friends and admirers at the club are rallying round him to try and get him to seek help. It would of course mean they would have to let him go. Perhaps they too close to him and cannot see him in quite the same way as we do from the outside?

    I actually went back all the way to 2008 and found statements he made which are carbon copies of what he’s saying today – e.g. “we can challenge for the title” even though he’s done nothing tangible to support such a statement. I think it has gone beyond even the accusation of lying. If a schizophrenic tells you he’s hearing voices, do you call him a liar? Maybe he really does have a mental problem. How else can we explain all the odd behaviour, the illogical statements, the nonsensical attitude and the unfounded confidence he seems to exude with nothing to back it up.

    The problem is that those around him aren’t doctors. They are executives who have a very limited view of the world (after all it is just football and Wenger is not heading an organisation where lives are at stake) and simply cannot see what the problem is.

    We might be doing Wenger a disservice with all the insults and vitriol (I know it’s just extreme frustration by the fans) because he genuinely might not be a well man. If that is the case, we’re not going to feel very good if after having insulted him it turns out he is actually suffering from some sort of manic depression. Other than that, I really don’t know how else to explain what we’re seeing.

  15. kay

    f@#k wonga..

    with the squad he has and even if we add suarez to it, wonga for sure doesn’t give a crap on winning champions league.. its going to be participation onli..
    Its going to be onli the domestic league and maureen for sure is not going to make it easy..

    chelsea – league
    city – fa cup
    tots – mickey mouse

    Arse – suckers…

    f@#k u wonga!!!

  16. Bay Area Gooner


    I tend to agree with you that he is mentally not right. As a manager he has to say he can compete, we are mentally strong and all the other crap because if he did not then it would force him to acknowledge his teams weakness. HE is living in denial and when you are in denial things are not bad because you do not see a problem being a problem, as someone seeing this from the outside (us Fans)

    It would be interesting to know how he was raised… what makes him a cheapskate… his frugal ways and stubborn insistence on doing things in his idealistic way. He has not changed with the times and is not a practical pragmatic person.

    He will be a relic soon. I hope soon.

  17. Maciek

    So Spurs have almost signed Soldado, which meands that they have signed 4 quality players this summer and 6 days before the Emirates Cr*p he haven’t signed anyone.

    Nice move Arsene. Keep it up.

    And since Bernard is going to Porto we will see him and Higuain at the Emirates soon. Great job Arsene and Ivan.

    Even if we do sign Suarez, Hummels, Bernard, Adler and Luis Gustavo (which we won’t) we won’t win any single trophy with Wenger in charge.

    The man is past his best, he is a poor manager and we do need someone like Klopp.

    And since he will soon got 3 yer extension it will be another 4 years of misery. God help us.

    I will even go that far and say that we won’t sign any more players aised from Sanogo.

    Another great summer and season ahead of us.

  18. Jeff

    Would you believe it? Suarez has been talking to Cavani and he doesn’t think Arsenal will make CL next season and is therefore having doubts about coming to us. The reason: because we haven’t strengthened.


    So our best players leave us because we don’t have a strong squad and they also refuse to come to us for the same reason. We Arsenal fans must have done something really, really bad in a previous life to deserve Wenger.

  19. Tansamui

    Wonga the pathological liar and Gazidis the slime ball have lied to us again. Why do they do it and why do we keep believing them. Wonga must not be offered a new deal. We must make this clear next season.

  20. MarsBar

    It’s cringeworthy.

    Everyone on this site and elsewhere wants to be proved wrong but we all know and fear that we wont be.

    With every day that goes by, even the media bollock gossip rumours are dwindling down due to our inactivity and i think most people its realisation.

    This is it for Arsenal now. How Wenger is in charge is beyond me. Any one back home needs to kick up a fuss with this club this cannot be allowed. I know plenty at home that by the time the season kicks off will be hardly stepping foot in that stadium.. Cut your nose to spite your face. Maybe, but go in or spend time in the pub. Think most people have had enough!

  21. goona

    I have carefully analysed the comments on this site over the last few days, and i can safely say I think 99.9 % of us will agree……..


  22. Gregg

    This club is stuck in a time wharp. No-one has any idea of market value and clearly no-one at the club is suitable to conclude a deal at the top level

  23. goona


    Agree there, surely the whole idea of the Emirates Cup is to show case the new signing (if we had them) and get the club buzzing ahead of the new season??!? I can see the Spuds easily finishing above us in the league next season, even if they loose Bale. They have far more “qualiteeee” and depth than us.

    If anything we are weaker than last season! We have shipped many players, but none are coming in. As usual we are one or two injuries or knocks away from disaster.

  24. PV4

    A disgrace, a sham and the usual pack of lies. Summer 2013 was meant to herald the new era – the time when we would compete with the rest. All lies. The club has disrespected the fans for so long now it is laughable. Every year we sit and wait, knowing full well what the outcome will be. Another kick in the teeth. WTF is going on? We need four quality players and even then that might not suffice. We are a laughing stock. If Suarez has any brains he’ll run a mile the other way, swiftly followed by Kos, Caz and Jack. What must they make of it? AW MUST GO NOW.

  25. PV4

    @Goona 9:41 – agree totally. The EC should be when we pull in more fans excited at our new signings. Instead, we will probably get two or three injuries and then be up shit creek. Haven’t we already shipped out 8 first team squad bodies? This club needs a serious overhaul.

  26. Hunter

    Another day of the world laughing at AFC,this is no joke,now we read that even if Suarez is bid 50 mil he wont accept a transfer to AFC,he’s been having a nice chit chat to his best mate Cavani who reckons we wont make Europe next year as the squad hasn’t been strenghtened in the summer and it would be just like joining no-hopers liverpool all over again!Well lets face it you would’t blame him would you?cos clearly we aint gonna sign dick-all,so if Spuds insist in keeping Bale regardless for another year then RM might turn their attentions to Suarez and that leaves us well and truly naffed!!!Thank god I am on holiday for two weeks and dont have to face all the spuds at work.Looking forward to th Emirates Cup though,where we can see the mighty HIG smashing a few goals into our net!Not that I would wish the team to lose but the more pain we can throw wenger’s way the better!!

  27. reggie 57

    The whole club is a shamble’s from top to bottom with the chief culprit the hugely embarrassing buffoon of a manager

    Afc rip!!