Brendan Rodgers explains why Suarez must leave | Madrid pull out of the race

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We had a good run of posts. Me, you, Myles Palmer. We all had a laugh right? Today it’s over. I’ve run out of things to say. Nothing has progressed in a day.

Well, actually, that’s a bit of a lie. The Cesc to United story is still rumbling away in the background. Word has it he has told his loose lipped friends he’s not received the assurances around his future he’d hoped for… and he could still leave. This whole story is a bit messed up if you ask me and I think it’s all geared around cash. Barca need some. Cesc is expendable. The issue is that neither wants to be the one who forces the move. Cesc doesn’t want to leave his home town again. Barca don’t want to lose face by selling a home grown talent again. We’re at an impasse. Which is French for loggerheads I think.

I still think this move has a major chance of happening. If I were a Barca director, I’d push the new manager to make a statement on behalf of the club and bin Cesc. That’s because I’m tainted with Gooner preference. However, it’s a good tactic, both parties absolved of blame… with the new manager an on-going hate figure. Perfect solution.

All of this… ‘friends have said Cesc would relish a move to United’… just doesn’t stack up for me. I know they’re a massive club, I know they won the league last  year. But surely everyone knows what happens to United next season? Surely no world class play in their right mind goes to play for a boot camp sergeant who has never won a major honour for a club? Just my opinion of course…

The Suarez deal is in the same place as it was yesterday. Not because I know that for a fact. Just because I haven’t seen any movements on the story. I’m guessing negotiations are on going. Madrid are armed with £32m of Higuain money, though it remains to be seen if they’re interested in ploughing that back into Suarez.

A Madrid insider leaked this to Marca…

“We believe in Jese and Morata and they deserve this chance. They are also very good. We are not going to sign a new forward.”

Simple as that people. Simple as that. We’re odds on favourites to land Suarez at Ladbrokes,heartening.

It’s also heart warming to read that Liverpool are already putting the feelers out about a new striker. Soldado, the Valencia hitman is on the wanted list… which would be double hilarious because Spurs want him. Spurs losing out on players is the summer equivalent of them losing out on top four. Someone get me a picture of a Spurs fan celebrating the signing of Soldado immediately.


Talking of bad fans, look at this little Scouser tribute to a player who hasn’t even moved yet. Who said Liverpool fans lack class? Who?

Classy bastards (via @DLDN22)

Who said Brendan Rodgers lacked humour?

‘I know what we are trying to build, so why would you swap Liverpool to go to Arsenal? I am not sure that it adds up to be honest. Arsenal have a wonderful history in their own right but Liverpool are one of the biggest clubs in the world.

Hmmm… now… let me think… sorry Brendan, you were saying?

‘We are not in the Champions League and haven’t been for a while and we have to step up to the challenge now.’

Ahhh, I see you’ve answered your own question there. Anyone can have a project. Anyone can have  rich history steeped in fabulous glory. Not everyone can have Champions League. Just 4 clubs in the Premier League. This is the issue Brendan. That, and your fans burning shirts. It’s simply not a good cocktail.

Giroud is bang into the Suarez move, kind of…

“I think we need maybe two or three more players. Yes, that’s what we need. To show ambition.”

“The club has to show the fans that we want it. Me and my team mates, we need it as well. It’s all about the team. It will be a really positive thing if we have a new striker.”

Kind of like a turkey talking up a holiday to the States during Thanks Giving. Suarez is bad news for Giroud. But not that bad. He’ll be needed and he’ll get games. He’ll also get the kick up the backside he needs off the back of it. I like working with talented people, even if they’re more talented than me. Well, that’s a lie, I don’t like that, but it forces you to become better at what you do. Then it leads you into unfair smear campaigns. Then it leads to violence. Someone always leaves. It’s never me.

Anyway, have a fearsomely grand day. I’m off to ask myself how I managed to foot a £40 bill in a kebab shop last night. Nothing says pay day excitement quite like a pointless tasty outlay like that.

So much expense...

P.S. People were asking what I meant about Arteta in this ANR article… I didn’t mean he was being used as a make weight, I meant he’d been in contact with Luis, if you get what I mean.



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  1. sam

    Even Wilshere is becoming expert in play acting.
    well wenger wants them to play like barca, there you go then!

  2. Samir

    Could anyone explain Wengers quote to me? That we’ll compete for the title next year with or without buying anyone?

  3. Rohan

    Every single time, Arsene says something everyone goes into a meltdown. He’s gaming the media. He knows what he’s doing.

    This is the guy who said he doesn’t know who Santi Cazorla is 3 days before buying him.

  4. sam

    Hmmm arsenal players are timid family men
    she might get bored and get back with the cunt
    I can’t imagine Theo or mert partying with wags, lol!!!

  5. TitsMcgee

    Whenever he makes statements like that it’s usually a bad foreboding.

    He’s laying the groundwork.

  6. Rohan

    Only Arsenal fans would have confidence at an all time low just after we table a 40 million bid for one of the worlds best strikers. If you can’t get excited over that, you’re dead inside.

  7. rollen

    lol do u guys watch any football outside PL

    Podolski > Lewandowski

    it my look oposite atm but trust me carrier stats poldi own him ez

    poldi as left ST would be great

    are we getting anyone decent ??

  8. Cesc Appeal

    “We still have a strong squad but we are there on the market to try to strengthen our team. With or without additions we can be title challengers next season.”

    This makes me nervous

  9. sam

    The market is not difficult, Capoue is available for only 8M.
    this is the guy who refused to turn up for training early last year when he heard that arsene wenger wants to speak to him.

  10. Marko

    He’s kind of gotta say what he said doesn’t wanna seem desperate in the eyes of Liverpool or whoever. No way he’ll go into the season as is it’d be suicidal

  11. Cesc Appeal


    Like turning up to Old Trafford with a ridiculously weak squad capable of conceding 8…like never doing that

  12. Mental Strength

    Given that this is the same man who would have went into a season without his panic buys in 2011 had we had only lost 2-0 to Man U.

    Fans have a right to be a little bit upset by those comments.

  13. Paulinho

    Again Wenger comes up with the “it’s hard to contact people’ excuse when it comes to transfers.

    Does he think we send bids by carrier pigeon?

  14. Paulinho

    John Cross is possibly the biggest bellend of a journo I’ve ever come across.

    “Wenger doesn’t want to blow”

    Blow what you silly twat. Makes no difference whether you’re coy or not when it comes to transfers.

  15. GunnerDNA

    “Arsene Knows Best” – This is the problem at afc. Everyone should stay away from the emirates cup until this dude get his act together. Same shit different season. Judge me in may???

  16. Jeff

    So another day goes by and we’re stuck on “Liverpool dismisses Suarez bid”. So what is Wenger going to do about it? What he always intended to do about it; talk his way out of another fake sob story of so near, yet so far. Will we ever learn?

  17. sam

    When he said there is a big competition in midfield it means he’s still counting on Diaby and possibly fruitpong to get fit.
    He doesn’t see it as a small squad the way we see it.
    we will wait for vermaelen to get fit, for Wenger there is no need to buy a new CB.

    4th is still a trophy guys!

  18. Wengerites be damned !

    “We still have a strong squad but we are there on the market to try to strengthen our team. With or without additions we can be title challengers next season.”

    I know Wenger would not come out and say ‘my squad is only good for 4th place trophy with or without additions’ but c’mon even with his delusion he knows he has to strengthen or spuds or even Liverpool may overtake us.

  19. Gunner2301

    Then people wonder why some of us detest the man. Do you see any such drama at any other club? A slow crucifixion of the fans day by day? The mans a sadist he’s living holding all that power. His life after Arsenal will be so empty it’s what he deserves.

  20. kc

    Experienced Arsenal fans know where this all going. Today’s comments typically signal the beginning of the excuses for not spending. We’ve heard it all before. Wenger Out Now!

  21. Soccer balls

    Listen everyone, Wenger will not sign anyone. The rejected bids for Suarez, Bender, Higuian are all a smokescreen. When the fans start to riot, he will come back and say, ” well we tried”, or ” you can’t say we didn’t try.”

    He is still blowing smoke up all of the fans asses. His games are getting too predictable.

    If we was serious he would have 2 new signings for the tour and the Emirates cup to bleed them in.

    Trust me. We will sign no one.

  22. Jeff

    “With or without additions we can be title challengers next season”.

    I don’t see how this statement is anything other than a straight forward lie unless Wenger’s definition of “title challenger” is different from everyone else’s. If last season (with this same squad) we were some 20 points off the top, does that mean we were title challengers? We were at best “fourth place” challengers. This season, without additions, we will be exactly the same or worse unless those above us are lobotomized.

    In short, Wenger is talking nonsense again.

  23. goona

    We were 20 pts behind last year, everyone else in in the league has strengthened, we ain’t we are therefore further behind now!….oh and our squad is even smaller!… One or two injuries away from….well we all know don’t we!

  24. Alfygun

    I think Mr Wengers comments are a disgrace, not the content but the way it is
    Put across, almost like he is enjoying killing the fans hopes of a few big players coming IN instead of OUT for a change.
    We should all stand together and let It be known that the fans do have some power, although we do realise he is the great and powerful one but without our support he is nothing.

  25. reggie 57

    A leopard never changes his spots!

    There’s only one Arsene Wenger!! and sadly we are stuck with him!!

  26. andy1886

    Regardless of if you believe that AW will buy anyone half decent this time round those words were totally unnecessary. If he doesn’t know that this will wind up the supporters he must be completely thick. He didn’t have to say that, he could have just said “we’re working on it” and left it at that. Instead he puts on that stupid grin and trots out the same b*llsh*t that ha has for the last nine years.

    If you’re a season ticket holder you might start feeling a bit let down right now, let’s hope that changes before the first game kicks off.

  27. Jeff

    If he says nothing can happen till the Emirates cup, we are looking at no movement until after Sunday 4th August. Why may I ask can nothing happen till then? What has the Emirates cup got to do with anything? Is this not just more delaying tactics to appease the fans while time passes and 31st August approaches?

    Come 17th August we’ll play our first competitive game at home against Aston Villa and based on that (perhaps even wait till we play Fulham away on 24th August) we might (or we might not) bring in one more addition.

    Does that sound to you like we want to compete?

  28. Jeff

    “There is nothing to say [on the Suarez deal]. I have been away now for two or three weeks and it’s hard to see how things are advanced because everyone is on tour at the moment and it’s very difficult to get in touch with people.”

    “It looks very unlikely that we will have anyone before the Emirates Cup next week, but we still have a strong squad.”

    In other words, he’s too busy with the tour to worry about “signings”.

  29. Gregg

    Really ? comments like that from Wenger are insulting. It isn’t hard to get in contact with anyone in this day and age, it’s easier than it’s ever been. No-one ever had any problem getting in contact with us in previous seasons did they. Mind you, I guess he can’t use the “it’s difficult dealing with clubs that do not have a manager”, line anymore

  30. MarsBar

    Where’s all the people telling the usually on le grove they are exaggerating and should have patience and stop slagging Wenger off….

    What they going to do if and which is likely do not sign anyone sharpish.

    Wenger out!

  31. MarsBar

    He communicates to the fans like we are idiots.

    The messi transfer comment, the how many substitutions he’s made and he knows better.

    Stinks of total arrogance and he’s egotistical ways. Had it far too easy at Arsenal, needs to be told he isn’t Arsene FC like most people do.

  32. andy1886

    F*CK ME. Don’t they have telephones or email out there Arsene?

    And there was me thinking that Japan was quite an advanced country. Next thing we’ll see is Wenger dropping his pants and showing a great big “F*ck You” tatooed across his spotty Arse.

  33. Jeff

    So initially the top clubs had no managers therefore making it difficult to do transfers. Then came the tour which wasted another 3 weeks. Now it’s the Emirates Cup we must wait for to waste another week. Then it will be “preparing for the PL” so still no time. I think we can fit in a couple of days between August 24th and August 31st to be dedicates solely for considering new players but even then it will be tough because of all the other duties.

    It’s tough at the top but someone’s got to do it. Phew!

  34. N5

    Not sure if this has been mentioned but apparently Tottenham rejected an £81 million pound bid for Bale, but the players has said he would like to leave. Not sure how much truth is in that.

  35. Matt

    Here we go again. This is why I gave my season ticket up for a year. I won’t be spending anything on arsenal while wengers still here he has no respect for the fans . Wenger out

  36. Alfygun

    Nothing will change because we we’ve all renewed out tickets and come the 17th August we will all be there spending our money.
    I was stupid enough to believe it might be different this year.
    Even if he does buy players those comments are directed at us and that is not on, I feel like a little boy
    Who was promised a bike for his birthday and then got some socks.
    Something must be done or at least said out loud by a large enough group of fans.
    We are not idiots, or are we?

  37. Johnty79

    All bow before me….finishing 4th was the worse thing to happen to us…turn up for the emirates cup and you r fools. Wenger has deceived us yet again.. Spurs deserve forth and champs league. Wenger has destroyed this club. Good riddance.

  38. N5

    Johnty even if it meant another 10 years of Wenger I would never cheer on the Spuds against us! you doing that made any further comment you make a joke!

  39. N5

    Alfygun I was there every home game last year and I can tell you from around January onwards the atmosphere got worse and worse and worse, there is no way the fans will put up with it this year, I imagine if nothing happens between now and Villa there will be hell at The Emirates.

  40. Alfygun


    I agree 100%
    I had tried to change to positive attitude last season and this close season but once again we’re being duped. Only love for a football team could get your fingers burnt this many times.
    Mr Wenger seems to enjoy watching us squirm.

  41. N5

    Alfygun sorry you agree with Johnty that the Spuds deserved 4th, you would cheer them on against us like he did would you?

  42. Hitman49

    We had him on the ropes in jan/feb.

    And failed to knock him out…

    The who are you lookin at was the peak..

    And he got away again !

    How long now till next time…

    W O !

  43. N5

    I agree it’s time for change but I would lose my arm before I lost my pride and cheered on Tottenham, Johnty is and always will be scum for that!

  44. kwik fit

    John Cross ‏@johncrossmirror 9h
    Surely it would be naïve for any manager to admit they need lots of new players. It would kill existing players and force prices up.

    =================================================We think that every transfer window when Mr Earnest Wenger says that Mr John Cross

  45. Gregg

    As I said last week, if we fail to add real quality after bragging about doing precisely that, then we will be a laughing stock around the football world. A Joke of a club with a board/manager incapable of operating on the big stage. No-one will take us serious again. Top agents will steer clear of wasting their time with us when it comes to transfers in. Transfers out will never be a problem obviously, we’ll always roll over on that front.

  46. Hitman49

    We have never invested the cl money into the team !

    Mr big head knew better !

    Well he thinks he still does !

    Maybe a big surprise is coming !

  47. N5

    Ha ha, AKB when I just said I want Wenger gone, Gatz you are seriously the most stupid person that has ever posted on Le Grove, your a loud mouth gobby keyboard warrior.

  48. Figoxor


    And that’s coming from the one and only quality player he’s had the luck to sign with those peanut-size balls in like 5 years… I love your pics, they always make my day. Keep them up! xD

  49. Alfygun

    No I didn’t reply to that properly
    I could not and would not !ever cheer the scum on or want them to do better than us.

  50. N5

    I know you wouldn’t Alfy I was just never think Johnty is right, he comes on every now and again just to post his hatred about Arsenal and yet he calls himself a gooner.

  51. ikon

    I dont know about Suarez, but I think this statement of Wenger is to calm down the markets which has been bugged by “Arsenal are going to spend big” virus.

    Gazidis did the mistake of over announcing that we can spend now, and that is affecting all negotiations. Suarez ppl want excess of 50 million, Higuain 37 million, Bernard 25 million.

    I still think we will add at least two players.

    Lets see. These quotes should not be taken literally.

  52. Jeff


    Wenger wants “cheap quailty”. He’s whole demeanour is one of moronic ineptitude littering our recent history. It just goes to show you that if the right people are at the top at the right time, even the most unthinkable things can happen.

    Arsenal are the only club who openly profess to not being interested in trophies and not only that, over half its supporters are OK with it. It is an absolute nightmare.

  53. Jeff

    Just think about it. Is it an accident that:

    1. Silent Stan says nothing, does nothing and couldn’t care less.
    2. Gazidis is an invertebrate.
    3. The board consists of constipated senile old granddaddies.
    4. Wenger is a megalomaniac running riot.

  54. gilo

    I hope that people are beginning to accept what some of us have been saying since day one – we aren’t going to buy the players we desperately need and the cash pile in the bank will keep on growing

    the sooner people come to terms with that the less painful it will be for them

  55. N5

    Gilo, do you think he is not going to buy anyone this window? or do you think that fact Liverpool want £50, Madrid wanted £37 for men not worth that cash is a reason Wenger is trying to play it down?

    Serious question just interested to know?

  56. gilo

    N5 i honestly believe that he thinks that this squad is competitive enough not to need to go the extra mile – £37m for higuain is probably too much and over market rate but I really think if we want to move to the next level (3rd place trophy?) that we need to overpay for the first couple of players – he will never do this.

    on the upside, when he finally goes, his replacement should (might) have a lot of money to rebuild with

  57. N5

    Thanks for your reply Gilo, I only asked because it seemed to be what Arseblog was suggesting is it was another Wenger tactic to get the prices down, but I see it the same as you really. If you want to get players to a club that hasn’t one anything in years and has had no aspirations other than to fill the bank then I agree you need to overpay to get a couple over.

  58. N5

    With Wenger reluctant to spend again, I think the talk of him and another contract extension is the most frightening prospect.

    God help us if he gets another contract without spending this year.

  59. Kane

    No Arsenal fan wants to doubt Wenger… but if someone says the same thing over and over and never actually does it, you soon come to think of him as a liar. So while I will stay hopeful for a signing of real intent…. It would be naive of me to put my complete faith in a man who has repeated lied to me.

  60. samsenal

    Yeah overpaying is an unfortunate necessity for Arsenal this summer. Speculate to accumulate an’ all that.

    Kroenke doesn’t do that with his sports franchises.

  61. Gregg

    Absolutely agree with few comments above. Because we’ve fallen so far back, if we want to fast-track our way back into seriously contending and becoming an attractive prospect again, then we will have to overpay. The trouble here is Wenger still sees us the draw and the pulling power that made Pires choose us over Madrid. He cannot see how far down that list of elite clubs we’ve fallen.

  62. N5

    Agree with all these comments, god its nice to have a civilised conversation on here!

    Can someone wake Pedro and tell him we are ready for today’s blog. 😀

  63. Ash79

    “Bacary Sagna settles in well at centre-back with Thomas Vermaelen out.”

    Said it all week, playing sagna at cb was s sign of things. Lots of conditioning again to the fans. This guy is unbelievable. I’m lost for words today. Hell even arseblog ispissed off with these cocomments. Arsene you will never ever listen will you? You will just continue to treat us like shit won’t u? I try to not get angry anymore but this almost sick pleasure he gets from annoying the fans is unbearable at times. The man is sick. I’m out.

  64. northern gooner

    Pedro has probably had to scrap his original post for today to take on board the utter shite wenger came out with yesterday.

  65. N5

    Ash79 I agree fully mate, he can’t have any regard or respect for the people that essentially pay his wages! week in and week out we are treated like mugs and enough is enough.

  66. Reiss

    I won’t lie those comments about having a lot in midfield and Sagna being able to play centre back scare me and make me nervous. I can see Wenger using excuses for the next month.

  67. Gregg

    Part of me thinks they’re more interested in the overseas fan base than the home one. I guess they feel, in time, like many other clubs that essentially more revenue will come from overseas and actual stadium revenue is negligible by contrast.

  68. Radio Raheem

    Nah it’s no joke it should tell you the board/Kroenke don’t see things how you do. If you take that further, all the talk of Gazidis putting pressure on Wenger becomes complete claptrap.

    ‘We’ are not the board/Kroenke and the board/Kroenke is not one of ‘us’.

  69. Cesc Appeal

    I love how everyone uses ‘surely’ a lot with reference to Wenger.

    ‘Surely’ he knows he needs signings.

    ‘Surely’ he can’t think that this team is good enough.

    ‘Surely’ he knows what his words do to supporters.

    Haha. Makes me laugh.

    Basically using ‘surely’ means ‘I have no factual sources about what Arsene Wenger is doing but he common sense would say he’s going to buy someone.’

    Haha. Well ‘surely’ you must know Arsene Wenger and Arsenal PLC by now.

  70. Radio Raheem

    With Cazorla only starting training on Monday. I expect us to line-up thus against Villa

    Sagna Koscielny Mert Gibbs

    Arteta Ramsey/Rosicky Wilshere

    Theo Giroud Podolski

    Yeah looks familiar doesn’t it? 🙂

  71. Toli83


    Agreed. I think the biggest quote this week comes from the other chuckle brother Gazidis.

    ‘Oir bids have shown we can financially compete in the market’.

    They think the fans are drawn in and satisfied that we have made some intent in the market even if we don’t gt anyone.

  72. Jim Lahey

    I’m honestly at a loss to Wenger’s comments today, it just shows the disregard he has for the fans.

    He wants us all to swallow that bullshit of the team is capable of winning the title without new additions? Really? This team? The one that finished 21 points behind United last year. Unbelievable… How there is any fan left out there who is willing to put up with this dunderhead’s nonsense is beyond me..

    And if I even needed it confirmed “There is nothing to say. I have been away now for two or three weeks and it’s hard to see how things are advanced because everyone is on tour at the moment and it’s very difficult to get in touch with people.”

    There it is, we have missed out on players because those money hungry asshats were out peddling their wares out in Asia to sell a couple replica shirts.. The club made itself unavailable for business for 3 weeks…

    Oh and lets not get greedy and expect a few signings before the Emirates Cup! So hey come on down spend your money!! You’ll get to see that striker you all wanted … playing for another team! Oh the JOY!!

  73. Radio Raheem

    I hope Zelalem makes the bench at least as he is unique in what he brings to the side.

    Oh and I expect Fabianski to be our no1 goalie until he fucks up.

  74. N5

    To be honest CA I think anyone who does say surely he should buy isn’t claiming to know any facts! if they did they would say he will 100% buy you can quote me on it!

  75. Cesc Appeal


    Yes, like we’re all going to sit here and say, wow Arsenal have really changed making a £40 Million bid for Suarez…does Suarez now play for us? No. Argo, Arsenal have not changed.

    Because he’s valued at £50 Million.

    We could make a £80 Million bid for Messi, that’s a HUGE sum of money, but if he’s valued at £100 Million it’s totally worthless, might as well be wading in with a bid of 10 pence.

    Arsenal needed to land one marquee signing BEFORE the Asia tour, and then one BEFORE the Emirates Cup…along with another couple of decent buys i.e guys like Rami/Bender/Cesar/Capoue/Williams/Gonalons etc

    We’ve done NOTHING!

    Think about Pedro’s talk after Newcastle, think about Ivan Gazidis utter shite he spouted at the AST…and then think about what we’ve DONE.

    We’ve made a profit thus far!! £100 Million to spend, and we’re in the green! In terms of fees recouped and the fact that our revenues are up about £10 Million a year, perhaps more in saved wages already!!

    What do we have to show? A crocked 20 year old Ligue 2. When we’ve got Chuba Akpom anyway who occupies the same slot, young, potential striker!

    The mind really does boggle at the sheer incompetence and gross negligence at Arsenal for everything ‘footballistic’ at the club.

  76. useroz

    Wenger is a disgrace who only cares about his contract and trappings it comes with. No other clubs will give him this sort of power…ever. And he knew it. Wenger is trying to buy to save his job basically.

    Sick of the rubbish that comes out of his mouth in past years…framing reasonable fans expectations to buying Messi?? Wtf?

    And tours my arse…all the top clubs are still buying so how do others do it? Our squad is till rubbish at Arsenal, not Arsene, level given the resources at out disposal. Unfortunately the concentration of power means the resources are at Wenger’s discretion and the club as well as fans would suffer and pay the price of ONE man, a senile one.

    There is only ONE WENGER. Now get out.

  77. useroz

    Sorry to say but Pedro probably is scratching his balls to come up with reasons to cover for Wenger/Ivan… Nothing wrong with positive frame of mind. Just that old habits die hard and with Wenger no one (except AKBs of course) should believe till we see it with our eyes. Wenger made us suffer for too long. And people should examine his decisions; many have been poor, very poor. And some idiots reckon we couldn’t find a replacement!!!!!

  78. Radio Raheem


    Cheers. I think some people would prefer all the attention to be on Wenger whilst they giggle at the charts showing an increase in value. They employ Wenger yet have no power over him. We give them our money and what do they do? They extend Wenger’s contract. But no they have no power over Wenger is this Anunaki with supernatural powers.

    The biggest lie was saying Wenger is answerable to the fans. What a load of baloney! What fans may ask? The ones on LG or ACLF or the other sites? What fans exactly? Is there a body that represents these fans at board level? Are votes cast by fans on key decisions? So what fans? The dim witted fell for it though. Wenger answers to the board/Kroenke who pay his wages. And he can do no wrong by them.

  79. Toli83

    A bit like me not getting laid for a year but bragging about trying to add Cheryl Cole on Facebook and wondering why nothing happened even though the intent was there.