Brendan Rodgers explains why Suarez must leave | Madrid pull out of the race

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We had a good run of posts. Me, you, Myles Palmer. We all had a laugh right? Today it’s over. I’ve run out of things to say. Nothing has progressed in a day.

Well, actually, that’s a bit of a lie. The Cesc to United story is still rumbling away in the background. Word has it he has told his loose lipped friends he’s not received the assurances around his future he’d hoped for… and he could still leave. This whole story is a bit messed up if you ask me and I think it’s all geared around cash. Barca need some. Cesc is expendable. The issue is that neither wants to be the one who forces the move. Cesc doesn’t want to leave his home town again. Barca don’t want to lose face by selling a home grown talent again. We’re at an impasse. Which is French for loggerheads I think.

I still think this move has a major chance of happening. If I were a Barca director, I’d push the new manager to make a statement on behalf of the club and bin Cesc. That’s because I’m tainted with Gooner preference. However, it’s a good tactic, both parties absolved of blame… with the new manager an on-going hate figure. Perfect solution.

All of this… ‘friends have said Cesc would relish a move to United’… just doesn’t stack up for me. I know they’re a massive club, I know they won the league last  year. But surely everyone knows what happens to United next season? Surely no world class play in their right mind goes to play for a boot camp sergeant who has never won a major honour for a club? Just my opinion of course…

The Suarez deal is in the same place as it was yesterday. Not because I know that for a fact. Just because I haven’t seen any movements on the story. I’m guessing negotiations are on going. Madrid are armed with £32m of Higuain money, though it remains to be seen if they’re interested in ploughing that back into Suarez.

A Madrid insider leaked this to Marca…

“We believe in Jese and Morata and they deserve this chance. They are also very good. We are not going to sign a new forward.”

Simple as that people. Simple as that. We’re odds on favourites to land Suarez at Ladbrokes,heartening.

It’s also heart warming to read that Liverpool are already putting the feelers out about a new striker. Soldado, the Valencia hitman is on the wanted list… which would be double hilarious because Spurs want him. Spurs losing out on players is the summer equivalent of them losing out on top four. Someone get me a picture of a Spurs fan celebrating the signing of Soldado immediately.


Talking of bad fans, look at this little Scouser tribute to a player who hasn’t even moved yet. Who said Liverpool fans lack class? Who?

Classy bastards (via @DLDN22)

Who said Brendan Rodgers lacked humour?

‘I know what we are trying to build, so why would you swap Liverpool to go to Arsenal? I am not sure that it adds up to be honest. Arsenal have a wonderful history in their own right but Liverpool are one of the biggest clubs in the world.

Hmmm… now… let me think… sorry Brendan, you were saying?

‘We are not in the Champions League and haven’t been for a while and we have to step up to the challenge now.’

Ahhh, I see you’ve answered your own question there. Anyone can have a project. Anyone can have  rich history steeped in fabulous glory. Not everyone can have Champions League. Just 4 clubs in the Premier League. This is the issue Brendan. That, and your fans burning shirts. It’s simply not a good cocktail.

Giroud is bang into the Suarez move, kind of…

“I think we need maybe two or three more players. Yes, that’s what we need. To show ambition.”

“The club has to show the fans that we want it. Me and my team mates, we need it as well. It’s all about the team. It will be a really positive thing if we have a new striker.”

Kind of like a turkey talking up a holiday to the States during Thanks Giving. Suarez is bad news for Giroud. But not that bad. He’ll be needed and he’ll get games. He’ll also get the kick up the backside he needs off the back of it. I like working with talented people, even if they’re more talented than me. Well, that’s a lie, I don’t like that, but it forces you to become better at what you do. Then it leads you into unfair smear campaigns. Then it leads to violence. Someone always leaves. It’s never me.

Anyway, have a fearsomely grand day. I’m off to ask myself how I managed to foot a £40 bill in a kebab shop last night. Nothing says pay day excitement quite like a pointless tasty outlay like that.

So much expense...

P.S. People were asking what I meant about Arteta in this ANR article… I didn’t mean he was being used as a make weight, I meant he’d been in contact with Luis, if you get what I mean.



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  1. londongunner


    I agree we should sign some one, but the problem is in our rush to sign lets not sign potential duds, the quality of the brazilian league is like league 1 its fun to watch because its so chaotic but bernard is not suited to the league in my opinion.

    Would love some of those names you have mentioned by the way… all over bernard and gnarby

  2. gunnergetyou

    Meanwhile Higuain seems to be stalling his napoli transfer. I think he really wants to join us, if money is not an issue we should just pay whatever we need to get the deal done instead of dicking around with Liverpool over Suarez.

  3. Dan


    Mate, its hot in the office, its friday and I need a beer!
    If Iv taken it wrong then fair play.

    I watch the brazilian league on espn not a massive amount but enough to satisfy my urges.

    In terms of physicality then yes Gnabry is better suited to the rough and tumble cos Bernard is a bit lightweight and spends a fair amount of time on the deck. In terms of ability, being effective and what they can offer now I think Bernard will be a success in england cos the players get far too much protection now and the defending in the prem isnt the greatest is it? This is not to say Gnabry wont be a success in the future but right now I think Bernard will be a massive upgrade on Gervinho, and a gust of wind used to knock the heed over

  4. Romford Pele

    This is the second Higuain press conference in a row that has been cancelled. Sounds fishy to me.

  5. londongunner


    fair enough mate all is forgiven and I understand your pain just visualize that peroni after work! as for bernard yes he would be a massive upgrade on gervinho but I just think we could do better there’s plenty of amazing young talent in europe when it comes to the wings but bernard would not be the worst choice by a long shot, heard someone calling for sinclair the otherday wtf!

  6. gunnergetyou


    Fair enough, but I actually meant we shouldn’t laugh at spurs for missing out on Saldado when we’re clearly struggling to get deals done ourself. We’ve been told money aint an issue so then what’s the problem.

    What the hell are they smoking down at the Emirates.

  7. HerveDeNerve

    Sam Rhodes ‏@SamuelRhodes_ 49m
    Arsenal have apparently launched a £50m third offer for Liverpool striker Suarez as asked by Rodgers. #AFC #LFC

    Sam Rhodes ‏@SamuelRhodes_ 34m
    With regard to Suarez, according to my colleague Ben Bloom. Arsenal are hoping to sign Suarez ASAP thus ready to pay the £50 mill asking tag

  8. N5

    Lol I know gunnergetyou, I was just being silly! you have got a very good point, but regardless of what Tottenham do I would always try to find a way to poke fun at them.

  9. sam

    Its because Bernard just won conf cup and cupa libertadore.
    we also know what Gnabry can do but hasn’t done it in the first team.
    I would prefer Gnabry, already an arsenal player and deserves his big break

  10. BillikenGooner

    Any truth to the new rumor that the Suarez 40m ‘release’ clause is about going to CL team and Liverpool are balking because we are just in a CL qualifier and not in it proper, yet?

    It seems odd to have a clause like that in there just for talks.

  11. Dan Ahern

    Higuain’s gotta be going to his 2nd choice here. Apologies to Napoli. I bet it’s fantastic to play and live there. But as a top-drawer footballer he’d want to be at a big English team. (barring the obvious other big European teams of course)

    We should suck it up and buy him AND Suarez. Pull a Park Ju Young on this transfer, Arsene!

  12. Dan Ahern

    Billiken — Hm, very interesting. I could see something like that. I’ve been saying the whole time this clause doesn’t add up. Everything about it is suspicious.

  13. Romford Pele

    This Higuain deal is interesting. Apparently there are still parts of the deal that aren’t sorted?! Why the hell have a medical then?!

  14. sam

    Exactly, why are arsenal fighting over bernard,
    if you want a tricky brazilian Douglas costa is better

    or is it just propaganda tactics to stay in the news everyday talking about players they know are not going to sign for arsenal.

  15. Dan Ahern

    MAYBE, just maybe, we’ve told Higuain he’s on standby if we can’t get this sorted.

    Okay, by maybe, I meant no chance. But it’s fun to wildly speculate.

  16. salparadisenyc

    £50 m for Suarez?
    Thats is £15m more than we spent on Cazorla, Giroud and Podolski.

    Surely that would be a done deal, isn’t that what Chelsea bought Torres for?
    Getting surreal if true.

  17. Romford Pele

    “I love the way people go on about being to light weight for the premiership when Silva Mata Hazard Cazorla destroy the premiership weekly.”


    As i’ve said before – this supposed “hard nature” of the EPL is a myth. The league has evolved massively in the last 10 years.

  18. ikon

    although it seems a little over the top, but really in today’s market he would be at least 35 million.

    Higuain at 35 million would be a bad deal… at 25 or so it would have been just about right.

  19. Same Story

    “I love the way people go on about being to light weight for the premiership when Silva Mata Hazard Cazorla destroy the premiership weekly.”

    And Messi, Xavi, Ribery and iniesta destroy the rest of Europe.

  20. sam

    Axel witsel wants to leave Russia but they said only monaco and PSG can afford him.

    why hasn’t he signed for them? maybe he wants the premier league, maybe he will take a paycut to join arsenal if we try.

  21. Dan Ahern

    Yes, a deal can fall through even though a player completes a medical. They’re taking the medical so the buyer knows they’re getting a quality product. In other words, it happens *before* the dotted line, even if usually immediately before. We just take “medical” as a byword for signing these days because it’s generally the final step before everybody puts pen to paper.

    It’s gotta be ultra, ultra rare but it’s technically possible.

  22. HerveDeNerve

    Not sure about this Samuel Rhodes fellow. He tweeted that stuff over one hour ago and not one newswire has picked up on it yet.

    Pretty big news, if true don’t you think?

  23. cesc rule

    wow..still debating on ramsey? all i can remember from last season about his performance is his back pass. ffs

  24. Mayank

    “As i’ve said before – this supposed “hard nature” of the EPL is a myth. The league has evolved massively in the last 10 years.”

    It’s no myth. Players new to the PL always mention the pace and power in it. What is a myth is that you need to be built like a brickhouse to deal with said pace and power. Players with technique and speed of thought cope very well and thrive in the PL.

    The fast nature of the league means there are more transition periods in play than other league. During these periods is when top players prove their worth.

  25. N5

    Pepe Reina, I’ve hated that guy since he held a Barca shirt on Cesc after they won the world cup, why did he even get involved he plays in England ffs. Good keeper though.

  26. salparadisenyc

    Dan Ahern

    Napoli fans were singing unstoppably for Higuain all night long outside their hotel at preseason camp. If we gazumped them now, i’d hazard a guess their may be some mafia involvement pointed firmly at the Arsenal board.

  27. Mayank

    “Would you be comfortable with a 50 mill deal for Suarez if it included Pepe Reina?”

    Maybe if it included Pepe being a guaranteed starter for Liverpool. He’s a worse keeper than Mannone right now.

  28. lamia

    Barca have told manure to get stuffed and hopefully this might see the end of the Cesc speculation. From the postings on here you would assume that the Suarez transfer is a forgone conclusion. This is so far from the case . It is just as likely that he could remain at Liverpool for another year or end up at RM.

    As an aside, I wonder if those of us who are salivating at the prospect of Suarez joining us are the same ones who brand RVP and Cesc, traitors and cunts for leaving us for more successful clubs. Can’t see the difference myself. The only loyalty in football are the fans.

  29. Guninurback

    July 26, 2013 16:52:18

    He’s on 110 k a week at Anfield and they desperately need him of their books, but the only offers coming in are loan offers. And I still think he got three years on his contract or something.

  30. N5

    “mafia involvement pointed firmly at the Arsenal board.”

    The Gamorrarh are all pu$$ie$, my name is Samir Nasri by the way!

  31. Guninurback

    July 26, 2013 16:53:43

    You’re certain then that he would not be decent competition for Snez?

  32. N5

    Gun I think he’s a better option then WS, but I think there is better out there. I thought Vorm looked pretty good and was suprised we didn’t go in for him. Obviously my 1st choice would be Adler, but I still think Reina is better than WS.

  33. Johnty79

    As it stands we are looking at 5th position in the league this year. I think if Liverpool keep Suarez they will finish above us.

    My reasoning…Sturridge will get 25 plus goals and coutinho will be player of the season next year.

    Spurs will finish above us as they have Sandro,Kaboul will be fit for the whole season.

  34. Mayank

    “You’re certain then that he would not be decent competition for Snez?”

    He may be, he may not be. At his wages I wouldn’t want a gamble. We could get Begovic for lesser and he’d be much better competition for Szcz.

    Reina has been on a downward spiral the last few years.

    He’s not even the best GK at Liverpool before Mignolet joined

    Reina isn’t the right option for us. We’re not in such a dire need for that position that we would need to resort to buying him.

  35. vicky

    If Reina was an Arsenal player,people would have put him in the deadwood category and hoped he left as early as possible.

    Just because he plays for a different club than Arsenal,in people’s eye he becomes better than Sczesney.

    Fucking brilliant.

  36. Guninurback

    July 26, 2013 16:59:07

    Yeah its just that, I don’t see us going for the “top of the line guys in that department”, but there’s not too much a difference between Reina and Cesear, except that Reina has more experience. And if we can use him to gain any sort of leeway with regards to Suarez, then hell yeah please do. Happy faces all around I think.

  37. Nasri's Mouth

    Samuel Rhodes is not genuine, he’s fake. Though I can’t work out whether he’s a parody acc. or someone trying to be an ITK.

    Used to be called a different name with a different picture, claimed to be a journo for


  38. Arsene's Nurse

    Ash79 July 26, 2013 16:38:16

    if this is all true then Arsene well and truly is off his meds and doesnt care anymore…
    No he’s not off his meds, I’ve simply changed them to something else 😉

  39. Guninurback

    July 26, 2013 17:07:13

    Yeah but thats just it Wenger doesn’t want anyone that is going to replace his young pole, but Reina could both put pressure on him and be more than decent back up for a few years to come. And as for his wages, no matter how you cut it it is going to be a hell of a lot more expensive to sign a player of his quality after we’ve forked out fifty for Suarez. But if we fork out 45 for Suarez and just take Reina of their books then as far as they’re concerned we’ve just payed them 55 mill or something anyway, and we still got money to spare. So I’m saying both budget and playing wise this is a good move all around.

  40. Guninurback

    Same Story
    July 26, 2013 17:17:13

    Reina is a good shot stopper, but nothing else.

    Well he’s also a CL winner, but thats beside the point; All I am asking is; would you have him as backup for a few seasons if it meant we’d secure Suarez?

  41. Guninurback

    Same Story
    July 26, 2013 17:17:13

    Well he’s also a CL winner, but thats beside the point; All I am asking is; would you have him as backup for a few seasons if it meant we’d secure Suarez?

  42. Radio Raheem

    I thought Fabianski played well today on the few occasions he was needed. Looks like he has finally got his shit together!

    As for a mid 3 of Rosicky, Ramsey and Wshere, you and I might not like it but IMO it is the best of an average bunch we have at the moment. Obviously, this implies Cazorla playing wide

  43. Guninurback

    Same Story
    July 26, 2013 17:25:45

    Would Reina want to be backup?

    If he halves his wage demands then yes i’d take him if it meant we got Suarez.

  44. Guninurback

    Same Story
    July 26, 2013 17:25:45

    Sorry browser issues here… I doubt he’d take half but if we can afford a luxury like Diaby then we should be able to afford a decent back up keeper.

    And in any case I think given a new challenge Reina would make Snez run for his money a bit still.

  45. Samir

    Marca are reporting that Gareth Bale informed Daniel Levy to negotiate with Real Madrid, as he wants Champions League football

  46. Radio Raheem

    I’m not confident about us signing a DM and if we do I don’t expect him to start in the first few matches.

    Capoue’s fans must be disappointed Cardiff seem to be the only club showing serious interest.

  47. Keyser

    “I love the way people go on about being to light weight for the premiership when Silva Mata Hazard Cazorla destroy the premiership weekly.”

    I think this highlights our midfield problems quite well, people go from this to saying Fellaini is ideal, the gap between the two poles of opinion is massive.

    – Mate/Hazard have Mikel, Luis and Remeires.

    – Silva has Toure, Garcia, Barry, and now Fernandinho.

    – Cazorla has ? Well, Ramsey ? Arteta ? Diaby ?

    I mean how many players could we buy that fit in between those extremes ? and even then it comes down to how well we can fit the others in together, Ramsey is probably the only midfielder that could actually hold a role in midfield and be athletic enough to be adequate, bar Rosicky, who’s getting on and Diaby who needs to be resurrected.

    That’s why Giroud becomes important, he might not score like Hiarghween, be as talented as Suarez, but he’s the closest we get to any sort of physical presence further forward than our defence.

  48. GoonerDave

    Legal expert on radio admits he hasn’t seen Suarez’s contract, but feels that Pool can dig in over the fee alright. Reckons we do have permission to talk to him though.
    If Suarez wants to come, he will have to hand in a transfer request.
    If he doesn’t do that in the coming days, he is waiting for Madrid I think.
    I hope he is typing up his transfer request as we speak!

  49. Keyser

    Do Sy torture their reporters, the transfer expert they have on speaks like every other word he gets out physically hurts him.

  50. sam

    Bernard is a midfielder that can play as a winger like OX and Cazorla, he can play number 10 in absence of ronaldinho.

    i doubt we were ging to use him as winger regularly
    I am not sure why he’s being compared to Christian Tello or Serge gnabry

  51. sam

    ” Podolski is not bothered by the arrival of Higuain and Suarez”

    because he knows they are not coming

  52. Wengerites be damned!

    I don’t know if anyone has already posted this here but Marca. com reports that Bale said to Levy:

    “No me interesa el Manchester United ni ningún otro equipo. Sólo quiero jugar en el Madrid”,

    ‘I am not interest in ManU or any other team. I only want to play for Madrid’.

    This is getting interesting if it’s true. I know Marca is not exactly the most credible source…

  53. londongunner


    your chatting shit mate sorry but I have to call you out on it.

    so we are buying bernard to play in midfield? when we have ramsey arteta jack wilshere rosiscky even ox and cazorla, if you think us buying bernard for CAM you must be high!

    dont you think maybe if are we buying him its because arshavin has been sold on WHO WAS PLAYED ON THE WING and gervino who was played on the wing, also bernard is nearly always used on the wing for athletico hence why I compared him to other wingers….. kind of makes sense now?

    sam you have zero football knowledge mate! aside from youtube, Bernard for CAM? what are you on about? no hard feelings but next your going to say felliani for Centre back.

  54. londongunner

    el sharaaway at least we have seen him play for a big club in a big league and his been pretty lethal 16 goals from the wing in a league far superior to the Brazilian league.

    , but no bernard the 5 4 dwarf who will be out muscled in every game makes plenty of sense,

    wing play does depend on speed and pace and yes bernard has that but he can also be brushed aside it happens to walcott and his got a foot on him. Bernard is quality don’t get me wrong he would suit la liga very well

  55. sam

    Johnty79 July 26, 2013 17:04:14

    As it stands we are looking at 5th position in the league this year. I think if Liverpool keep Suarez they will finish above us.

    My reasoning…Sturridge will get 25 plus goals and coutinho will be player of the season next year.

    Spurs will finish above us as they have Sandro,Kaboul will be fit for the whole season.

    If liverpool keep Suarez he will get more ban and they will be in doodoo. they will have no choice but to sell him on the cheap.
    Actually this current arsenal squad is stronger than both liverpool and tottenham, even bad news if we sign 3 players we need.
    Honestly Johnty, Go fuck yourself. Go support liverpool because we are not signing that nutter, not for 40M anyway.

  56. sam


    I don’t count Ramsey and rosicky as tittle winning midfielders. arteta will need to rotate next season or he will break down, Jack is already broken down but will pretend and play him till he breaks. forget diaby and the kids.
    now you are only left with Cazorla and he’s not superhuman.
    If you think we have a great midfield that can even win us carling cup then you the one with zero knowledge of football.
    arsenal midfield is totally shit.

  57. Ryan

    Wenger is a manipulative man/bitch and it wouldn’t surprise me if this was all in aid of geeing up his players, mainly Giroud and the rest of the strikers!

  58. sam

    If Porto gazump us please feel embarrass like human. Don’t walk arrogantly like wenger making lame excuses. failure always cause arsene wenger talk shit

    Bernard is short thats correct,

    have we ever heard of Wilshere, david silva, santi cazorla, shawn right philips, aaron lemon they are all premiership footballers..

    oh leroy lita

    you want more?

  59. N5

    “If Porto gazump us feel embarrass like human. Don’t walk arrogantly like wenger making lame excuses. failure always cause arsene wenger talk shit”

    Do I have to read this paragraph in the voice of Yoda? as otherwise I can’t work out what it means.

  60. Jake

    londongunner + so many other

    Why do people keep on saying that Bernard will get outmuscled. It’s not tug of war is it, you don’t have some guy who is always pressed up against you trying to get the ball, do you? As a winger, strength is probably the least important attribute of your game.

  61. sam


    do you have to understand everything?
    i am posting from iphone just get the message.
    if you dont understand, google

    or ignore

    Jeez some people are so thick

  62. N5

    Ha ha, Sam take a joke pal and I’m thick with this comment “If Porto gazump us please feel embarrass like human. Don’t walk arrogantly like wenger making lame excuses. failure always cause arsene wenger talk shit ” hmmmm I beg to differ my silly little friend.

  63. Rohan

    have we ever heard of Wilshere, david silva, santi cazorla, shawn right philips, aaron lemon they are all premiership footballers..


    It was ok until there. And then you mentioned Leroy Lita

  64. Cesc Appeal

    The daily mail really is just recycling Cesc stories.

    Barca say no.

    Cesc wants United.

    United confident they’ll get him.

    Arsenal have clause and are confident he’ll choose them.

    They’ve just kept this on loop for weeks now.

    He’ll stay at Barca.

  65. sam


    I am not really sure we tried to sign Bernard in the first place
    check, they posted wenger’s comments about Gnabry and miyaichi.
    maybe its a direct message that he doesn’t need a new winger
    or we had a different role for him

  66. Cesc Appeal

    Joel Campbell

    Another pointless buy, getting shipped out again with an option to buy clause…I remember the extreme effort Dick Law went to, the fact that Campbell ‘stood him up’ and we went back again…what a waste of time and money.

  67. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    just saw the villa goals i know it was shit team they played but Bentekeis looking sharp

  68. londongunner

    liverpool look very desperate right now “The situation with Luis Suarez remains the same,” said Ayre. “It’s never been our intention to sell Luis.

    “We have received two separate offers from Arsenal and have rejected both.

    “Luis remains a Liverpool player and is here with us in Thailand as part of our squad.”

  69. londongunner


    mate that’s your opinion fair enough.

    I disagree, yes football isn’t rugby but you don’t understand how physical it is trying to run past a heavy 6 ft 2 midfielder/defender. on match of the day on tv it looks like a brush but in reality alot and I mean alot of force goes in to tackling and challenges. Especially when there running at full pace hence why walcott goes sprawling, trust me running as fast as those guys do and a heavy knock from a defender is like impacting against a wall. Players like oscar who are very petite are different his more of a playmaker he doesn’t necessarily always try to pass his man he instead looks for the pass, players like bernard his whole game is beating his man I can just see him getting flat lined.

    his only 57 kg he weighs like a child!

  70. Rohan

    londongunner has some fair points I have to say. 57kg is a bit on the light side, he’d have to bulk up a bit. But I don’t think that should be the sole reason as to us rejecting him.

  71. londongunner

    Why does everyone take a different opinion so personally on this website?
    chill dudes Im sure your opinion and views all have some bases in fact and I love the fact you have different opinion to me if we all had the same opinion what would be the point of even commentating.

    1 OK to clarify BERNARD IS A GOOD player!! Im not saying his shit I never have!

    2 Yes there are small players in the premier league some of them are short in height but stocky or at least not feather weights (tevez was one, as is aguero)
    Cazorla is small but he uses it as an advantage in the centre of the park his directly in front of the box so players are more reluctant to foul him, his also a one touch kind of guy its harder to foul someone if they pass so damn fast, the guy is insanely fluid and quick he has the ball one second his delivered a perfect pass the next.

    3 there are other small players lennon wilshere and walcott
    don’t quote me on this but lennon is 5’7 wilshere 5’8 (listed as) walcott 5’9
    Not big guys but not 5,4 thats midget!!!

    4 Now if bernard does sign for arsenal and is amazing I take my hat off to you guys who are right! and im happy BECAUSE IT BENEFITS THE TEAM!

  72. londongunner



    fair enough guys this topic has been done to death I was drawn in replying to people, lol i dont have vendetta against B man sure his a great guy!!

    Anyways hopefully we get Suarez!

  73. londongunner


    the irony is I agree with allot of what your saying, you just presume I think a certain way!
    What I was saying about the midfield is wenger thinks there good enough (I do not)!

    I Certainly DON’T THINK they are, I think our midfield is laughably weak, and your right we are nowhere near a title winning team, I completely agree rosiscky arteta and wilshere are not enough but the problem Is i think wenger thinks they are for whatever his aims and ambitions be

  74. londongunner

    Suarez we actually need this guy would of preferred Higuain but beggars cant be choosers. If tottenham keep bale and add Soldado without Suarez there better than us IMO.

    The thing Is Liverpool if they do sell Suarez it would be to their advantage to sell him Earlier rather than later they will need a replacement pronto.

  75. sam

    Rohan July 26, 2013 22:48:10

    Cazorla is stocky. It’s not that easy to knock him off the ball. His fantastic balance and two-footedness helps.
    I hope he stays on his feet next time he meets adebayor
    ha ha ha

  76. Samir


    “We still have a strong squad but we are there on the market to try to strengthen our team. With or without additions we can be title challengers next season.”