Brendan Rodgers explains why Suarez must leave | Madrid pull out of the race

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We had a good run of posts. Me, you, Myles Palmer. We all had a laugh right? Today it’s over. I’ve run out of things to say. Nothing has progressed in a day.

Well, actually, that’s a bit of a lie. The Cesc to United story is still rumbling away in the background. Word has it he has told his loose lipped friends he’s not received the assurances around his future he’d hoped for… and he could still leave. This whole story is a bit messed up if you ask me and I think it’s all geared around cash. Barca need some. Cesc is expendable. The issue is that neither wants to be the one who forces the move. Cesc doesn’t want to leave his home town again. Barca don’t want to lose face by selling a home grown talent again. We’re at an impasse. Which is French for loggerheads I think.

I still think this move has a major chance of happening. If I were a Barca director, I’d push the new manager to make a statement on behalf of the club and bin Cesc. That’s because I’m tainted with Gooner preference. However, it’s a good tactic, both parties absolved of blame… with the new manager an on-going hate figure. Perfect solution.

All of this… ‘friends have said Cesc would relish a move to United’… just doesn’t stack up for me. I know they’re a massive club, I know they won the league last  year. But surely everyone knows what happens to United next season? Surely no world class play in their right mind goes to play for a boot camp sergeant who has never won a major honour for a club? Just my opinion of course…

The Suarez deal is in the same place as it was yesterday. Not because I know that for a fact. Just because I haven’t seen any movements on the story. I’m guessing negotiations are on going. Madrid are armed with £32m of Higuain money, though it remains to be seen if they’re interested in ploughing that back into Suarez.

A Madrid insider leaked this to Marca…

“We believe in Jese and Morata and they deserve this chance. They are also very good. We are not going to sign a new forward.”

Simple as that people. Simple as that. We’re odds on favourites to land Suarez at Ladbrokes,heartening.

It’s also heart warming to read that Liverpool are already putting the feelers out about a new striker. Soldado, the Valencia hitman is on the wanted list… which would be double hilarious because Spurs want him. Spurs losing out on players is the summer equivalent of them losing out on top four. Someone get me a picture of a Spurs fan celebrating the signing of Soldado immediately.


Talking of bad fans, look at this little Scouser tribute to a player who hasn’t even moved yet. Who said Liverpool fans lack class? Who?

Classy bastards (via @DLDN22)

Who said Brendan Rodgers lacked humour?

‘I know what we are trying to build, so why would you swap Liverpool to go to Arsenal? I am not sure that it adds up to be honest. Arsenal have a wonderful history in their own right but Liverpool are one of the biggest clubs in the world.

Hmmm… now… let me think… sorry Brendan, you were saying?

‘We are not in the Champions League and haven’t been for a while and we have to step up to the challenge now.’

Ahhh, I see you’ve answered your own question there. Anyone can have a project. Anyone can have  rich history steeped in fabulous glory. Not everyone can have Champions League. Just 4 clubs in the Premier League. This is the issue Brendan. That, and your fans burning shirts. It’s simply not a good cocktail.

Giroud is bang into the Suarez move, kind of…

“I think we need maybe two or three more players. Yes, that’s what we need. To show ambition.”

“The club has to show the fans that we want it. Me and my team mates, we need it as well. It’s all about the team. It will be a really positive thing if we have a new striker.”

Kind of like a turkey talking up a holiday to the States during Thanks Giving. Suarez is bad news for Giroud. But not that bad. He’ll be needed and he’ll get games. He’ll also get the kick up the backside he needs off the back of it. I like working with talented people, even if they’re more talented than me. Well, that’s a lie, I don’t like that, but it forces you to become better at what you do. Then it leads you into unfair smear campaigns. Then it leads to violence. Someone always leaves. It’s never me.

Anyway, have a fearsomely grand day. I’m off to ask myself how I managed to foot a £40 bill in a kebab shop last night. Nothing says pay day excitement quite like a pointless tasty outlay like that.

So much expense...

P.S. People were asking what I meant about Arteta in this ANR article… I didn’t mean he was being used as a make weight, I meant he’d been in contact with Luis, if you get what I mean.



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  1. HerveDeNerve

    N5 July 26, 2013 13:52:58

    His mum forgot to cut 2 holes in his pillow case so he wouldn’t be able to find the church in the first place

  2. samsenal

    Pedro – Quick and easy step to improve the vibes around these parts:

    Ban Gats and tom (the brainless one, not the extremely positive one)

    Even if you ignore the racism and wishing death upon a Grover….it’s the crass stupidity that brings the tone down.

  3. Moanalisa

    Why can’t wenger include gervinho in the suarez deal? Rogers would snatch wenger’s hand for £40mil and gervinho.

    Say what you like about gervinho, but he gets past players – it’ll be a fantastic deal for arsenal, gervinho and liverpool.

  4. Dan T

    Anyway…… Enough bitching everyone.

    I think today showed our same old problems – Not clinical enough in front of goal. We get in the right positions we just can’t finish it off.

  5. Romford Pele

    Dan T,

    What about the other games? You can’t use one game to justify an argument. We were clinical in the others.

  6. Kiblib

    Tom. Would you say Viera was shit? 29 goals in 279 PL appearances. How about Gilberto? 17 goals in 170 PL appearances. Goals don’t mean everything for a midfielder.

  7. mystic

    Buying Cesar might hold back chesney, but if that happens so? Surely the idea is to have the best in goal and if the Brazilian was the better then in a few years (when chesny’s contract is up) Arsenal might need to look for a back up for him.

    For me Arsenal urgently need to look for another striker, one who will cause immense confusion in defences – quite happy to let Giroud be the beneficiary of that. Also Arsenal need another CB, ok with Mertes, Kos. Verm, but after that – really don’t want to see Sagna playing there no matter how solid he has looked during the tour as it then leaves a weakness at RB.

    Looking at the squad on ideally to be a much stronger Arsenal need to buy 8 players:
    1 Additional Keeper
    1 Additional CB
    2 Midfielders – replace Diaby & Ramsey
    4 Strikers – replace Gervinho, Chamakh, Bendtner, Park
    Might end up with 4 – Wenger won’t sell his love children Diaby and Ramsey, no mater how hard the club tries can’t sell Bendtner and god alone knows who would want Park.

    One in is Sanogo and the other three probably haven’t been identified yet as Wenger has weeks until his last second panic buying.

  8. Kiblib

    Urawa were .third I the J-league last season, they were only 5 points behind the winners. We’re playing city In Helsinki soon so save judgment for then.

  9. Dan T


    At present I honestly don’t see a problem with Diaby being in the squad. Our squad depth is so poor right now anyway so what difference does it make if we have a total crock taking up a place? Just wish he was on a pay-as-you-play contract!

  10. LeMassiveCoq


    Get in:

    Cesar: 3m
    Williams 8m
    Cesc: 25m
    Bernard: 20m
    Suarez: 45m


    = Title challenging 1st team and a solid second string capable of winning cups.

    Easy this management shit.


  11. Dan T

    As for Ramsey. I really do think he has improved a lot in the last year which is impressive considering he rarely plays in his favoured position. I think he should be kept as a squad player.

  12. MarsBar

    I suppose I will have to wait till tomorrow to hear any decent news being nearly midnight here in melbourne.

    Fucking Ozzie sports channels. Afl and rugby do one….

    I look to le grove to give me some decent news not every one telling each other off and slapping each other like girls.

  13. BiteyN-Word

    Bermy- just trying to reflect our new strikers biggest contributions to English football.

    Go Uruguay!

  14. Zoran

    Jake July 26, 2013 13:31:39

    “Is that why Guardiola wants him at Bayern and why Barcelona apparently put him on their shortlist to replace Thiago?”

    Are you sure Guardiola wants him or Daily Mail?
    Be sure that if Guardiola wanted him he would get him also.
    If he had any class, PSG, Monaco, Chelsea or mancs would be after him.

    mach iii

    What I said for Wilshere at 13:28 you can also understand for Walcott as well.

  15. mystic

    Dan T
    If Arsenal are to challenge for silverware they need to get rid of the main weaknesses, to me both Diaby and Ramsey fall in to this category.

    Diaby is a skillful player when fit – so that sums him up immediately!

    Ramsey isn’t adding anything to the strength of the squad and was clearly shown today as no more than average when playing against better opposition – shame as I had high hopes for him, but at the very least I would loan him out.

  16. Romford Pele

    “Ramsey isn’t adding anything to the strength of the squad and was clearly shown today as no more than average when playing against better opposition – shame as I had high hopes for him, but at the very least I would loan him out.”

    You obviously haven’t been watching him since the turn of the year.

    And despite this not being his best game on tour, it was both his initial passes that led to the two goals we scored today. Anyway, glad the manager won’t be listening to you – he’ll be here next year and I expect him to push on.

  17. N5

    “His mum forgot to cut 2 holes in his pillow case so he wouldn’t be able to find the church in the first place”

    Pure gold, nice one Herve 😀

  18. HerveDeNerve

    N5 July 26, 2013 14:24:52

    My whole office were keeping an eye on the conversation. 2 of them spilt coffee all over their desks!

  19. The Hig

    I’m sure the team must be tired by now. Most players did well, and they not performing as they should. It’s friendlies.

  20. Zoran

    It is funny how some guns are disputing about Ramsey.

    Ramsey critics: you like it or not, but he was together with Santi our best player in the second half of the season.

  21. samsenal

    *thinks back to the last 10 games of last season, remembers Ramsey being one of Arsenal’s best performers*

    *reads the continued Ramsey hatred. Looks puzzled*

  22. MadeToLoveMagic


    I think this place has been lacking a bit on the cancer death wish dept recently.

    As much as we don’t like trolls, we all react to it. the comment section has become as boring and confusing recently. Atleast toms absurd attempts at trolling (I hope for his sake he is trolling) are a break from the same comments over and over and over about wenger , the club etc .

    Fact is nobody has said anything new on this site for a couple of years now. That’s because the club has done nothing new……….. Yet


    All Asswipe has to do is move his Asian followers into the stadium and his regime will be complete.

  24. Alex James

    Whilst I couldn’t give a tinkers about Rogers and Liverpool, what he said in defence of his club is not unreasonable. They outrank us in league titles and European cups. Crikey, even Spurs have won more Euro trophies than us. Liverpool are well behind us in class and third/ fourth place finishes but as we all know these count for nothing in bragging rights, despite what Wenger would have us believe. Having said all that, during my childhood Liverpool were a second rate outfit, who somehow emerged to dominate the English league. They were lucky in Europe, because the big Spanish and Italian clubs were foreign player restricted at the time. It is difficult to see how they can repeat their glory years, when for a relatively small outlay they achieved great things.

  25. Dan T


    I can’t disagree that in the ideal scenario Ramsey wouldn’t currently be good enough as a starter in our squad. But this isn’t an ideal squad right now and given his rapid improvement i see him playing an important role this year. Besides, his industry is impressive.
    I think often people are still blinded by the years of frustration we had with him when he was injured then playing shit (and out of position). But now I think he is looking pretty decent. Could do with getting a shot on target this season though!

    And it was tongue-in-cheek about Diaby. He needs to go – which is a real shame as I think he is such a skillful player.

  26. samsenal

    If you watched the 90 minutes of the Crunch games at the end of the season – be that from the stands, on Sky/ESPN or via an internet feed – and you think Ramsey is still sh;t and doesn’t add anything to a squad then you need your head examined.

  27. useroz

    I am watching the replay of the URF (japan) game; up to 55″ and notice a few things.

    * Walcott is really quite shit, despite an assist

    * if I didn’t recognise Wilshere, that particular player was quite rubbish; pre season or not, has shown nothing

    * defence is still poor, porous; loose…take your puck

    Well, Japan just equalised from a GK. No one and I mean not half a soul went for the 2nd ball at 10 yard out??!

    And one more thing. We haven’t seem to be able to win headers from the corners even playing poor Asia teams…in Indonesia, Vietnam and now Japan. So why are we taking corners for?? ,

    We really need some serious beefing up in all areas.

  28. Dannyboy

    MarsBar I hear you mate! The coverage over here is terrible… Michael Bridges does commentary for some games and he said the other day ‘Moyes did brilliant to keep Everton in the title race for 10 years on a shoestring budget!’

    Title race? loloolol

  29. Zoran

    As it stands now, I believe that Ramsey will be starting, and Jack on the bench.

    Like this he will have the best opportunity to watch how you should be playing for such a massive club as AFC.
    If Jack had at least half of the Rambo’s , working rate, he would probably, due to his technic be a sure starter. But, unfortunately technics is not all in modern football.

  30. londongunner

    the irony is jack wilshere is consistently our weakest player, yes yes I know all the aguments he will be world class he has to so much potential.

    but those attacking ramsey right now ramsey is doing far more than wilshere. If you told me last year this would be the case I would of thought you were mad but its true

  31. mystic

    Romford Pele – you are actually making my point. Since the turn of the year he has improved, so much so that in doing so help propel Arsenal to silverware!

    He isn’t the only weakness, but the whole point is in improving he still doesn’t add sufficient to be a worthwhile part of the squad – he remains one of the weaker players and Arsenal need to be brutal (as it appears they are) and replace some players with significantly better ones.

    Do you honestly think he would be considered good enough for the first team at Utd / Citeh / Chavs?.

  32. Romford Pele

    “Romford the question is upward curve or not is he good enough to start for a team with title aspirations?”

    I never said he had to start, though his form for the last 6 months indicates that should be the case.

  33. Wallace

    If we did buy a genuine DM i think it would be Arteta who would suffer most in terms of playing time. the more Ramsey plays the better he gets from here on in.


    D an T
    It’s to bad we do not have an ideal scenario or even something close to it.
    Eight years of missed memories and good times…… sad.

  35. Dannyboy

    Le Grove always makes me laugh in the way that people interpret news stories

    ‘Cesc is not for sale’ – HAHAHA gutted United, he’s going nowhere!!!

    ‘Suarez is not for sale’ – Give over Liverpool, here’s another quid, just accept the deal.

  36. samsenal

    Same Story _ NO that isn’t the Question. People say Ramsey is sh;t, doesn’t contribute, doesn’t add anything.

    No one is saying Ramsey would get into Bayern Munich’s midfield, what we’re saying is that he is much improved and is a good player to have in your squad. Of course we would like to see a proven World Class talent playing ahead of him.

  37. Zoran

    samsenal July 26, 2013 14:29:52

    “Zoran and RP > Ramsey Haters”

    Well mate, you could add your name to ours, no problem, I know you are also not a Rambo hater. Or?

  38. sam


    A good player to have in your squad if you have no ambition.
    Ramsey scored 2 goals last season, thats not a good player to have if you are ambitious.

  39. Same Story

    Everyone of the Bristish core needs to prove himself this season, if they don’t, its either the bench or off to a mid table PL team for them.

    Its time to get ruthless.

  40. Dan T

    Cazorla is utter crap and needs to go. I will pay for his plane ticket. Get him out of my Arsenal…etc…etc…

    …Sorry, I didn’t have an Arsenal player that I hate for unbeknown reasons so picked one at random.

  41. Romford Pele

    Mystic – we weren’t in the title race to start with so what’s your point? We showed title winning form since March and Ramsey was a key part of that. Without meaning to patronise, i’m at N5 every week, and I can pretty much tell you that since the turn of the year, no player has been as good for Arsenal as Ramsey has – unfortunately highlights or MOTD don’t always display that.

    Ramsey is far from the issue here, in fact he’s part of the solution.

  42. JBamford

    Interesting that RVP was sold for £24m and Suarez is valued at twice that just one year later. Twice the player? Hardly. Inflation? I guess so. On one level I think £40+m for Suarez is a bit insane — £50m certifiably insane — but we need a first-tier striker and he is that. So I guess it makes sense. My issue is that we need more than just a striker, a DM and CB, specifically. I like Luiz Gustavo and Adil Ramy. Gustavo is younger and more athletic than Arteta and just as skilled if not more. Adil Ramy is more athletic than Mert and better with the ball than Kos. Better than Williams as well, I think. Of course, there’s a chance we’ll sign no one but Sanogo for f. sake!

  43. samsenal

    Zoran, i have not always been his biggest fan but i have witnessed him improve and then end up being (probably) Arsenal’s most consistent performer over the high-pressure nervy final games of the season. He deserves credit and respect for that, especially when you consider that he will be aware of how unhappy Gooners were with him earlier in the season.

    He’s got guts. He’s still learning the game.

  44. sam

    apart from Cazorla all our midfielder scored like 10 goals between them.

    we starting the season with them again, some are even saying they are good players to have, huh?

    does it even matter if we sign messi with this shit midfield? nope

  45. goona

    By Monday we will of signed…

    Cesc, Suarez, a Dm and someonelse….

    …….oh and I have been in the pub all afternoon as well…..hic X

  46. londongunner

    people talk of ramsey as hardworking, a real engine with bucket loads of stamina he has more than that though he has very good technical ability more than people realize, his also got an inventive imaginative side to his game and can be aggressive at times.

    he contributes more than jack w at the moment so why bench him?

  47. Dan T


    RVP was about to go into the last year of his contract wasn’t he? And older, so no re-sale value. Add in the new tv deals and the inflation that comes with them and the price difference doesn’t look too rediculous anymore. + Arsenal have new huge deals on the horizon so know they are financially sorted now.

  48. Romford Pele

    “He’s got guts. He’s still learning the game.”

    And i’d much rather that than toothless players like Nasri, irrespective of how talented he is.

  49. Dannyboy

    JBamford, van Persie was 3 years older than Suarez and had less than a year left on his contract… Suarez has 3.

    Purely financially speaking, 24 million for him was a great deal.

    Suarez at 40-50 million would be worth every penny though IMO

  50. Romford Pele


    You’re right, his long ball accuracy is awesome. He (Ramsey) does that about 3/4 times a game. But as I said, most people only watch highlights so don’t get to see his full range of skills.

  51. samsenal

    Sam – with respect, that’s a daft stat to use. It’s been said a million times before but how many does Xavi get a season? A handful at best…playing in a side that tears teams apart.

    Look at a steady-Dddie like Carrick, barely a goal to his name but a vital part of United’s midfield.

    it’s not just about goals.

    I think too many people think Ramsey is trying to emulate Cesc. He isn’t. He should never have been put in the situation where he played in the number 10 role straight after Fabregas left. He wasn’t ready for that and as his game has developed it’s become clear that he is more effective further from goal.

    Check out his tackling stats for example.

  52. mystic

    ‘Ramsey ahead of Cleverley” Can’t really argue with that. Guess the only thing is that Cleverly features in a stronger team than Arsenal – we need to better the squad and you have to start somewhere (towards the bottom is a start).

    I didn’t say Ramsey was our WEAKEST player, but one of them. Sorry mate but I would much prefer Arteta in the team than Ramsey. I believe Arteta is a stronger, more sensible player, who might concede more fouls, but is less likely to give the ball away in open play.

  53. sam

    Did wenger say anything about bernard?

    “on whether Ryo will go on loan…
    I believe he is in a position where he needs to play to have a good chance of competing at the top level. At the moment he will stay in the squad. Should we buy more players I will have to reassess the situation. At the moment he will stay with us.”

  54. The Hig

    Ramsey didn’t need to score. He does other things. Why do guys always use goals and assists as a way of rating a player? Ridiculous.

  55. Zoran


    Agree with you.

    What I want to say is that this guy is an excellent example how you should wear with pride red & white shirt. He is about the same age like Jack, but miles away with his working rate.
    of course, he is not yet completed player, I am not saying it, but it is a pleasure for me to see how this lad is fighting for Arsenal. He is a warrior on the pitch, like once upon a time Tony was.

  56. Same Story

    Gundogan,Kroos,Thiago and the Bender twins are all the same age as Ramsey.

    Neymar,Hazard,Gotze,Isco,Oscar and El Shaarawy are all the same age as Wilshere.

    Reus,Di Maria,Ozil,Lewandowski,Muller,Bale,Pedro are all the same age as Walcott.

    When will our youngsters step up?

  57. londongunner

    does any one know that whoever wins the premier league next year will make 100 million from tv payments

    last year it was 60.8 million, that’s why we should spend 100 million on the players we need to compete, the fact remains as a football team we should not be debt but we should not be in profit, we should break even every year and recycle all the money we make into the team..

    IF we won the league 100 million and we would make everything back yeah its not easy and its not guranteed but thats football you either go all in or you settle for 4th.

  58. Radio Raheem

    Come off it man Ramsey is only awesome
    with his energy levels. Granted he has improved in the last few months still not worth the kind of hype you are guys trying to foster.

  59. sam

    Wenger on Gnabry:

    “on Gnabry’s display…
    He was very good as well. He is 17 years old and he has a presence, power, good technique and can play on both sides. He is a very interesting, promising talent.”

  60. JBamford

    Ramsey’s play has improved a ton since early last season and he now is arguably our most solid CM, so I’m not sure why people keep hammering him as if it were two years ago. Would he start at Bayern? No. But neither would most of our players. Jack has been nothing special since return, so Ramsey is key at moment. He’s not quick at all, but if he develops ability to make decisive pass and shoot from 20+ yards out, he can be part of an improving Arsenal.

  61. Zoran

    “I believe Arteta is a stronger, more sensible player, who might concede more fouls, but is less likely to give the ball away in open play.”

    Might be he is more stronger more sensible player, but the difference between Rambo and Arteta is that, when Rambo loose the ball in open play, be sure that he will run the whole pitch to get it back.
    By Arteta, I am not so sure, there he should be 5-6 years younger.
    But Arteta has definitely other graet features, that erambo, due to his age still miss.

  62. sam

    My point is, if wenger said he’s keeping Gnabry and miyaichi in the first team simply means we were not after bernard, unless we had different position for him.

  63. andy1886

    The Online Gooner are running a ‘do we want Suarez poll, looks like we’re split right down the middle:

    Thanks for voting!

    Current results:

    Yes 50.83%

    No 49.17%

  64. Dan T

    The Hig

    Ramsey does do a lot other than score and assist. However, he does find himself in good positions in front of goal quite often and really needs to work on his composure when shooting.

  65. londongunner

    same story

    “Gundogan,Kroos,Thiago and the Bender twins are all the same age as Ramsey.

    Neymar,Hazard,Gotze,Isco,Oscar and El Shaarawy are all the same age as Wilshere
    .Reus,Di Maria,Ozil,Lewandowski,Muller,Bale,Pedro are all the same age as Walcott.”

    I am with you our british core gets overhyped and overated to much,

    I repeat I am not trolling but I would replace jack w in a heat beat with gotze

  66. Ash79

    I hate it when we roll out Rosicky…its like rolling out DIaby..whats the point…will never last a season. TR – over-rated.

  67. sam


    ramsey is a shit player

    a new manager would get rid of him straightaway
    It looks like you and wenger are the only ones who think he’s quality.
    lets sell him for 25M then, no?

  68. londongunner

    Yh i commented about bernard yesterday saying he goes missing in big games and disappears allot gnarby is better

    bernard would just be another ryo getting loaned out and injured for other teams

  69. Dan

    Ramsey is easily good enough for a place in the squad. Not necessarily a starter but the squad. Any new midfielder will be brought into compliment Arteta not take his place.

    Ramsey is most definitely on an upward spiral and can fill the role in team that Parlour used to do when filling in for the first teamers. As versatile as Parlour but not as effective out wide.

  70. Samir

    ESPN are reporting that Marco Verratti handed in a transfer request at PSG with Manchester United, Fiorentina, and Napoli interested

  71. samsenal

    Sam – sorry, but it’s not just me and WEnger who disagree with your statement that he is sh;t.

    In fact, i’d wager that most people who have actually been watching 2013 Arsenal matches (all 90 minutes) would disagree with you.

    Sorry, you are wrong.

    It’s one thing to say “We need better in the starting 11 if we want to challenge for the title”…i don’t disagree….it’s another thing to say he is sh;t.

    That is so 2012 sweetie.

  72. N5

    “My whole office were keeping an eye on the conversation. 2 of them spilt coffee all over their desks!”

    Sorry Herve I was in a meeting, glad to see I’m not the only one who spends more time on LG than working! It made me laugh out loud and almost get caught by my boss so that may have been your payback for calling you a spud before! 😀


    The only way Arsenal will remain at the top of the standings this season with our present squad will be if no games are played.
    Another epic fail for Asswipe.

  74. londongunner

    same story

    yes i agree he is a higher level.. but have you actually watched a whole match rather than youtube clips, guy goes missing 95% of a match his isolated and hopless against teams that defend deep

  75. mystic

    JBamford July 26, 2013 15:06:59
    ‘Ramsey’s play has improved….. Would he start at Bayern? No. But neither would most of our players…….
    Arsenal should be aspiring to having players that would start in ANY major team, and replacing players, as I have said, needs to start somewhere.

    It is nothing against the player, simply that we should not accept that someone deserves his place (team or squad) just because he has greatly improved, unless that improvement is taking him towards being top quality – unfortunately we have all been conditioned to accept that we must put up with less than top quality.

  76. sam


    fellaini is the only one genuine guy we are linked with this summer.
    the rest have too much baggage with them, even Cesc could dump us again for bayern after just a season.
    rooney: expensive and poor form
    Higuain: the world’s most expensive benchwarmer
    Suarez: a nutter that could cost us the league if he bites referee in the a$$
    Yet Liverpool wants 55M what have they been smoking?
    Cesc: stabbed us in the back before, we love him but he hates us
    Bernard: third party owned, not allowed in uk so porto leading the race right now.

    so fellaini is the only guy we have a chance of signing without major risks.

  77. Romford Pele

    The thing about comparing Ramsey to people of his age is silly. Not everyone matures at the same age. Pedro didn’t get into the Barca first team until he was 22. Drogba didn’t show his true potential until he was like 27/28. Also, these guys have more well drilled and organised midfields. Anyone would look a shambles in a midfield that has no cohesion.

  78. N5

    I have to agree with RP, on MotD Ramsey’s performance isn’t captured quite like being there, he has an amazing work rate, I am by no means a big fan of his, but he can’t be faulted on his work rate, whether or not he’s good enough is a differernt question, I personally think not! Sorry AARRARARRRORON.

  79. Vintage Gun

    Dialsquare Tom Gats & Sam are spuds plain and simple.

    I bet on European weeks the will be nowhere to be seen on a Thursday night (Or early afternoon) Or on a sunday afternoon either for that matter (Jet lagged KO times)

  80. GoonerDave

    Ramsey is not the best midfielder in the world, but he has improved fairly dramatically since around Xmas last year.
    Whats the point in knocking players on the up? Especially after that terrible injury.
    He is certainly good enough for our squad, and might improve further and become a valuable member of the team.

    Any truth in this Bale signing a new contract story? RM would surely put an offer in for Suarez in that case?

  81. londongunner

    I watch the Brazilian league mate! plus have a lot of Brazilian friends who are mad about football, out of everyone here on grove I probably know the most about this guy

  82. MadeToLoveMagic

    Just had a great idea for a movie,

    It’s about people who blog anonymously every day on a football club blog and become more engrossed in this world than their own.

    One day , a regular poster that everyone loves stops posting , and doesn’t return, after a while everyone becomes so worried that they meet in real life to trtack him down, what they discover is a world beyond what they could have imagined (

  83. rph105

    SamuelRhodes_: With regard to Suarez, according to my colleague Ben Bloom. Arsenal are hoping to sign Suarez ASAP thus ready to pay the £50 mill asking tag

    Hope this is true ^, can’t risk dilly-dallying and losing out to the likes of Real Madrid or another club. Get this deal done ASAP Arsene!

  84. N5

    Lol made, I think that movie has Guy Ritchies name all over it! Pedro can be played by Bricktop, me by Brad Pitt, Romford by Will Smith and Gatz by Peter Dinklage.

  85. Dan


    Gnarby is better than Bernard?
    That is the worst observation and conclusion I’ve heard in a long time. Ridiculous in fact.

    Bernard – won the SA Champions league and scored 15 with 12 assists
    Gnabry – 1 first team start

    Nice one

  86. N5

    Yeah gats, that’s what I was thinking, he’s like you in the fact he’s a bad ass, but I was thinking more from his role in Station Agent.

    @Magic, Richard griffiths HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, he’s gonna love that.

  87. N5

    “Why a violent Guy Ritchie film? can’t it be a Rom Com?”

    Lol, who would be the love interest? I think it would be Gats and Romford statue.

  88. gunnergetyou

    Dont think we should be laughing at spurs, atleast they are showing ambition. We aint signed anyone either, and im still not convinced we’ll get Suarez. Remember guys talk is cheap.

  89. N5

    MadeToLoveMagic, thanks an f-ing bunch how do I convince my boss that my massive laugh was “about something that happened earlier” and then when asked what? I just looked at them blinking!!!! 🙁

  90. Dan Ahern

    “Romford Pele July 26, 2013 15:38:12
    £50m is a big big sum of money – Suarez better be scoring weekly!!”

    Last season 44 appearance all competitions, 30 goals.
    He’s not far off!

    Once you apply some mathematics to adjust for Liverpool being shit, a goal a game isn’t infeasible. 😉

  91. londongunner


    chill man your so worked up because someone has a different opinion?

    you have miss quoted everything I have said, What i mean is Bernard is a very good player in a league which has the worst defenders in the world, well not the worst but theirc omplete donkeys, gnraby is more suited to premier league he is strong and a powerhouse, bernard in spain I can see but not in the premier league yes bernard is a more skillful player but I believe gnraby is more suited and thus would have a more promising future with arsenal

    do you actually watch the brazilian league…. because I do. Those stats sound impressive but their meaningless, andy carrol had brilliant stats in the championship.
    either mate calm it!

  92. N5

    “Dont think we should be laughing at spurs, atleast they are showing ambition. We aint signed anyone either, and im still not convinced we’ll get Suarez. Remember guys talk is cheap.”

    Forever in our shadow, Mind the gap, black and white since winning the league.

    There’s lots of reasons to continue laughing at that bunch of no hopers! the one team that are universally hated for their attitude.

  93. samsenal

    N5 i think it would be Kiyoshi and Nasr’s Mouth. They would hate each other online but the shared experience of trying to find Keyser would bring them together.

    NM would be won over by Kiyoshi’s boundless energy.

    In addition to the main storyline, you’d have tom desperately trying to find Jack Wilshere…climbing up his garden wall, getting caught in the barbed wire….awesome.

  94. sam

    NOpe Gnabry is not better than Bernard, no way.

    Londongooner loves to hype things up.
    its just that Gnabry has to be in the first team this season. losing out on bernard will benefit gnabry.
    but we still need to sign someone, axel witsel, douglas costa , clement grenier or whatever just fakin sign players.

  95. londongunner


    you watch a few youtub clips and bernard is all the rage, honestly Im not hyping up grnarby I would much rather see reuss or whomever but bernard for me would be an expensive flop