Brendan Rodgers explains why Suarez must leave | Madrid pull out of the race

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We had a good run of posts. Me, you, Myles Palmer. We all had a laugh right? Today it’s over. I’ve run out of things to say. Nothing has progressed in a day.

Well, actually, that’s a bit of a lie. The Cesc to United story is still rumbling away in the background. Word has it he has told his loose lipped friends he’s not received the assurances around his future he’d hoped for… and he could still leave. This whole story is a bit messed up if you ask me and I think it’s all geared around cash. Barca need some. Cesc is expendable. The issue is that neither wants to be the one who forces the move. Cesc doesn’t want to leave his home town again. Barca don’t want to lose face by selling a home grown talent again. We’re at an impasse. Which is French for loggerheads I think.

I still think this move has a major chance of happening. If I were a Barca director, I’d push the new manager to make a statement on behalf of the club and bin Cesc. That’s because I’m tainted with Gooner preference. However, it’s a good tactic, both parties absolved of blame… with the new manager an on-going hate figure. Perfect solution.

All of this… ‘friends have said Cesc would relish a move to United’… just doesn’t stack up for me. I know they’re a massive club, I know they won the league last  year. But surely everyone knows what happens to United next season? Surely no world class play in their right mind goes to play for a boot camp sergeant who has never won a major honour for a club? Just my opinion of course…

The Suarez deal is in the same place as it was yesterday. Not because I know that for a fact. Just because I haven’t seen any movements on the story. I’m guessing negotiations are on going. Madrid are armed with £32m of Higuain money, though it remains to be seen if they’re interested in ploughing that back into Suarez.

A Madrid insider leaked this to Marca…

“We believe in Jese and Morata and they deserve this chance. They are also very good. We are not going to sign a new forward.”

Simple as that people. Simple as that. We’re odds on favourites to land Suarez at Ladbrokes,heartening.

It’s also heart warming to read that Liverpool are already putting the feelers out about a new striker. Soldado, the Valencia hitman is on the wanted list… which would be double hilarious because Spurs want him. Spurs losing out on players is the summer equivalent of them losing out on top four. Someone get me a picture of a Spurs fan celebrating the signing of Soldado immediately.


Talking of bad fans, look at this little Scouser tribute to a player who hasn’t even moved yet. Who said Liverpool fans lack class? Who?

Classy bastards (via @DLDN22)

Who said Brendan Rodgers lacked humour?

‘I know what we are trying to build, so why would you swap Liverpool to go to Arsenal? I am not sure that it adds up to be honest. Arsenal have a wonderful history in their own right but Liverpool are one of the biggest clubs in the world.

Hmmm… now… let me think… sorry Brendan, you were saying?

‘We are not in the Champions League and haven’t been for a while and we have to step up to the challenge now.’

Ahhh, I see you’ve answered your own question there. Anyone can have a project. Anyone can have  rich history steeped in fabulous glory. Not everyone can have Champions League. Just 4 clubs in the Premier League. This is the issue Brendan. That, and your fans burning shirts. It’s simply not a good cocktail.

Giroud is bang into the Suarez move, kind of…

“I think we need maybe two or three more players. Yes, that’s what we need. To show ambition.”

“The club has to show the fans that we want it. Me and my team mates, we need it as well. It’s all about the team. It will be a really positive thing if we have a new striker.”

Kind of like a turkey talking up a holiday to the States during Thanks Giving. Suarez is bad news for Giroud. But not that bad. He’ll be needed and he’ll get games. He’ll also get the kick up the backside he needs off the back of it. I like working with talented people, even if they’re more talented than me. Well, that’s a lie, I don’t like that, but it forces you to become better at what you do. Then it leads you into unfair smear campaigns. Then it leads to violence. Someone always leaves. It’s never me.

Anyway, have a fearsomely grand day. I’m off to ask myself how I managed to foot a £40 bill in a kebab shop last night. Nothing says pay day excitement quite like a pointless tasty outlay like that.

So much expense...

P.S. People were asking what I meant about Arteta in this ANR article… I didn’t mean he was being used as a make weight, I meant he’d been in contact with Luis, if you get what I mean.



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  1. N5

    Radio, I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head with all of that, I would love you to be spokesman for us “fans” because my anger at this type of thing prevents rational thinking, the fact you can articulate your annoyance in mature and respectful way at a time of such frustration makes you a saint on here my friend.

  2. HerveDeNerve

    This is what he said on 25th September 2010, nothing will change, he needs to be sacked, totally sick of him.

    “What is unbelievable is that I am in a position where people reproach me for making a profit. The people who lose money – nobody says a word. Reproach the people who lose money. I do business by managing in a safe way in a healthy way and on top of that you reproach me for making money. It looks like we are in a business where the quality is to lose money.”

  3. S Asoa

    Response of the AKB and Le Imbecile that Wenger could do nothing against the stonewalling by Liverpool is unacceptable. Le Imbecile is paid close to 8 million to do what it takes . Otherwise just accept that he is an imbecile – and just walk away . Under those circumstances he is purloining the salary .
    OUT Thug
    Shame Brendan Rogers earning less than half is out-smarting our Caterpillar Insect .

  4. useroz

    …and I’d ask: even if we signed suarez and cesc are we much different from few years ago when we had Rvp and cesc, with the rest more/less equal out?

  5. Radio Raheem


    Lol. I’ll be at the Emirates Cup shows what a sucker I am too. But right now I am seriously considering getting a Crystal Palace season ticket – cheaper, lower expectations, less aggro and Ian Holloway is a bit of a clown.

    What is going on at Arsenal shows the excesses of having a laissez-faire approach to football. Our owner is clearly following a business model that is geared towards increasing value, and like it says in theory, the adverse effect is that it will come at the expense of some stakeholders i.e. supporters. There needs to be some fans representation at board level with power to influence decisions taken. This may be achieved by reserving significant shares for fans. Now we know this cannot happen by itself it will require government intervention. Will it?

  6. Ben

    Massive 2 fingers from Wenger to the fan base yesterday. Deliberately winding people up.
    He really doesn’t give a a shit about what anyone else thinks abut Arsenal – he thinks he is the club.

    Fuck you Wenger you miserly prick.

  7. Reiss

    Arsenal football club behave strictly like a business which is good at times but t has to remember its a football club first and foremost. Its time to start acting like one.

  8. goona

    For some reason Wenger can’t get into his thick head that to increase revenue/ profit you have to invest. People want to see the best players- which in turn pay for themselves. Yes they are expensive but you get what you bloody well pay for. Get the best players – you then get the best sponsors, better branding etc…. it really ain’t that hard is it????

  9. Keyser

    Lol no-one finds this kind of funny ? Nah ? Not at all ? I mean you whinge all season and then come summer it’s like Will Smith turns up with that memory wipe and all is forgotten, an outdated reference for something that never gets old.

    A whole month of us being linked to Higarwin and Perez says ‘Nah, Nope, no-one’s turned up here with a bid’, Still nothing.

  10. Al

    useroz July 27, 2013 12:10:04

    …and I’d ask: even if we signed suarez and cesc are we much different from few years ago when we had Rvp and cesc, with the rest more/less equal out?

    i would say yes because we look like a much better defensive unit.
    What has been our downfall these past years has been Wenger ignoring the defensive part of the team and last year we seemed to concentrate on it

  11. useroz

    Wot to say… Top firms show class; however Ivan and Wenger BS our financial performance and being a well run business, we lack class at our level. Supposedly we are one of the top 4 or 5 richest clubs. But ask yourselves, wot are we doing to reflect that other than checking the weekly bank account statements?

    No top class management and staff. Dick not able to swing his dick to get deals closed. Marketing appears to move the needle after 3 barren years…Ivan an useless mouthpiece…where is our corporate governance since we appear to go for that sort of a trophy rather than things on the pitch. Personally I blame Wenger. You see this sort of rotten power/ego issues in top corporations all the time and the inevitable outcome is performance degradation. We are screwed – fans and trophies – till this senile leaves one way or other.

  12. Hunter

    I dont want us to buy anybody,win the league come 4th or anything that is remotely successful..why?…because any of that will mean that wenger stays until he retires from football!I dont think I have ever detested a human being as much as I do wenger…he’s a lying conman,french,arrogant and his face says two fingers to all of us.I would rather us fail dissmally than to give him any more satisfaction.The trouble is even if we did fail the twats on the board and kronke would still love him.We so need Usmanov to send in the russian mafia to take all those pricks out!take over AFC and start afresh,new manager,new owner,new board and yes finaly new players.There is no way in a million years that as a top player I would sign for wenger,someone with no ambition,no chance of winning fuck all and living and playing under a total dictator.Someone please take him out!!where are all our ex players and managers who could stir shite up through the media,surely they all cant be AKB’s,come on guys get speaking or I am going to invade the dug out at the next match!!

  13. rollen

    orr I am going to invade the dug out at the next match!!


    some hardcore fan will stab him sooner or later

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