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Life is pretty sweet right now. Yesterday i left my front door key in the front door… all day… and I live near Elephant and Castle.

Not live in Elephant and Castle. I said near.

Nothing was stolen. How lucky is that? So lucky. We’re also lucky because so far, it seems we’ve landed ourselves in a one horse race for one of the best strikers on the planet. I’m not exactly sure what Madrid are looking like cash wise… but whatever their stance, £40m for Suarez doesn’t float their boat. £70m for Illiammdjdjakajuro and Isco is a pretty serious outlay if you’re chasing down Bale for silly money.

News on our movements for a striker are positive. Firstly, Higuain moved to Napoli for £32m. Why is that great news? Well, it means we’ve gambled the summer on Suarez. Which, probably means I was there or there abouts when I said earlier in the week we’ve agreed terms with him. Arsenal are many things, but totally f*cking stupid, well, you’d hope they’re not that… this year at least.

Now, this is the educated track on how it will probably pan out. Arsenal can speak to Suarez now, he’ll be put on £120-40k and he’ll agree that. Then he’ll tell Brendan Rodgers Liverpool offends him, as does his 5 year project. Then Bredan is screwed. Speak to anyone in the game and they’ll tell you there is no point in having a player not bothering their backside for you. It has a hugely negative effect on team spirit and it means you’re carrying a player on £100k a week when you could probably buy 4 players who were committed who’d greatly improve your squad.

Liverpool fans, Arsenal have been here… Cesc, Robin, Song, Nasri and Hleb.

Rodgers won’t fight this. So now the whole debacle becomes about posturing. Who comes out of this with more credibility. Last summer, Arsenal failed miserably at this part, signing away the title to United. Liverpool will do ok. Arsenal are very unlikely to go above £40m cash. Liverpool want closer to £50m. The two clubs will meet in the middle with ‘add ons’… unrealistic ones.

>£3m if Arsenal win back to back World Cups
>£2m if Suarez goes a season without a yellow card
>£4m if Suarez scores 8 goals in a game

Hey, share your own, Dick Law reads the blog.

Once those terms are ironed out, which could take weeks, he should be ours. So basically exciting times. People need to stop saying ‘we’re bidding to give the impression we’re spending big’ because it’s simply not true. We’ve not only matched his value, we’ve gone to the upper end in my opinion. Nothing has completed yet, but if it happens, of which there’s a very good chance, it’ll mark the announcement of Arsenal as a European super club.

10 years of hell, put to bed. Something to finally get excited about. We’re nearly there people, nearly there.

In other chat I’ve had, I wouldn’t get your hopes up for a ‘Fellaini’ type midfielder. Arsenal are acutely aware this Cesc story hasn’t run its course. United aren’t pestering Barca because they’re into bullying. They know Cesc isn’t 100% happy. Arsenal know if they sign a centre midfielder now, they’ll have blown a sizeable chunk of budget and probably over crowded the midfield. Wenger wants Cesc and Arsenal won’t let him go to United. If they could wait until next season, that would be ideal, with Cesc taking over from Arteta bang in the middle.

That’s not to say we won’t move for someone, it just means it might not be a mega signing. You never know though.

When you look at our options in the middle, i still think we lack a box to box terrier. We’ll have a rejuvenated Ramsey there, Wilshere and Rosicky from the start along with Arteta and Santi. It just feels light weight to me…you know, one injury away from a unpalatable solution… we need to recruit. Surely there’s a journeyman we can nab?

It’s also worth noting that Gedion is getting more hype within the club than out, he won’t be ready this season (Carling Cup aside), but the noise from within the club is that he’s absolutely top class already. It was funny to see Jack competing with him for weighted passes the other night. The boy has been training with the first team since he joined (at 14 I believe). His running stats are supposed to be out of this world. If there’s a new Cesc in the rankings, it’s him. I feel for him, pressure like this on 16 year olds is horrible and I’m a total hypocrite for fueling it, but that’s the game I guess. You can’t protect fragile egos these days.

Just don’t harass him on Twitter… it’s perverse.

I couldn’t find out much about Bernard outside what the press have. Wenger denied the specific report, but not the link. So interest in the Athletico Minerio wide man is likely to be true, just maybe not the details. Gilberto won the Copa Liberatores last night. I bet he’s been giving Wenger the low down on Bernard.

I think the main area the club absolutely has to build out is the defence. I personally still believe we need a new keeper. A huge gap we’ve struggled to fill for years. We also need a first team defender. Maybe Williams, maybe someone better. With Monreal out until November, we probably need a left back to cover the fragile Kieran Gibbs.

Despite all the excitement of the last week, I hope the manager is fully aware that we were not a Luis Suarez away from winning the league last year. The work must continue after this deal. It absolutely must.

It’d be a great starting point though…

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  1. Ash79

    samsenal – yep Hagi was immense, scored a cracker in that tournament too against COlombia, 40 yard lob. They were useful too. Dumitrescu scoring twice v Argentina. Him and Popescu down at the Lane, when Ardiles played 5 up front.

  2. N5

    Sal is he smalled then Arshavin? because since he’s left us he’s been playing Tyrion Lannister in game of thrones.

  3. OhtobeaGooner


    Giroud on par with Dzeko? Are you having a laugh mate? I like Giroud but c’mon..

    Bulgarian team in 94 were beasts! I still say they were good enough to win it..

  4. Dan


    Not really. What makes Dzeko so much better than Giroud? A bigger price tag?
    Dzeko not exactly blessed with pace either.
    Both good in the air.
    Both got similar 1 goal in 2 games record.
    Both strong and physical
    Dzeko best season at city he got 19 goals in all comps (his second season by the way)

    Giroud more than matches up to Dzeko. Im not saying he’s better but in no way is he inferior.

  5. sam


    no, 4th striker position will either go to Sanogo or Chuba akpom
    If campbell stays he will jump ahead of them

    This is truth grovers don’t like to hear, we are not signing any new striker this summer. unless we are selling either walcott, Giroud and Podolski.

  6. Dan

    Defo chelsea and Utd. Would at city before Navas and maybe even still would.
    Navas = 0 goals
    Walcott = 21 goals

  7. PhilF

    3 weeks before the start of the season…. and I don’t think we’ll even sign Saurez, but we still need a CB, DM and a GK. WTF is going on?

  8. Dan Ahern

    Bernard’s tiny but he usually creates from the wings so it’s not really a noticeable handicap.
    Honestly, who cares that much? Cazorla could qualify as a midget and he was our best player last year. Messi probably gets mistaken for other footballers’ children when they go out together.

  9. OhtobeaGooner

    Dan, Giroud starts way more games than Dzeko… Aguero is king at city, Dzeko is his back up. If he was a starter he would have way better stats. Dzeko holds up the ball better, is quicker, better finisher. How many times have u watched Dzeko? To say Giroud is better than Defoe is ridiculous as well.. again, I like Giroud but c’mon..

    Of course the stats argument comes out as always with Theo. He pads his stats against crap teams and everyone gets a boner. Theo’s stats last year are probably better than the stats Freddie had in his best season for us.. doesn’t mean Theo is half the player he is.. No way Theo starts at United, Chelsea or City. Please list the wingers or strikers he would start over at those clubs?

  10. salparadisenyc

    Dan AhernJuly 25, 2013 17:36:06

    In Bernards case it seems his height may help his play, low center of gravity and all that.

    Whats your take on this Suarez situation?

  11. OhtobeaGooner

    Far better than Navas? I’m convinced you’re on a wind up.

    You mean the directness they don’t get from Mata, Hazard and Moses. Sure. You’re definitely on a wind up

  12. Rohan

    Yeah Jesus ‘Goal Machine’ Navas, the guy who’s 28 and scored 0 goals off 82 shots in La Liga last season.

    There’s a reason they bought Moses, and Schurrle. They want better balance in that attacking midfield. Theo better than both the aforementioned.

    I don’t know what people want from Theo. He’s a 20-goal 15-assist man and has improved every season. He’s a very solid member of our team. Who do you propose we replace him with?

  13. KGold1

    OK guys,

    Let’s just talk things Un-Arsenal for a while.

    The new season kicks off in a couple of weeks across Europe.
    Just wanna kno everyone’s favorites for their respective titles.

    I go first;


    I think this is a straight battle between Anderlecht and Standard Liege. But from my limited knowledge of this league, I think Anderlecht are favorites and should win.


    I think PSG should make it two in a row here. They are the strongest in this league and should win it, tbh. Only doubt I have about them is their coach. But I think that will tell more in Europe than in the local league. So, PSG, Marseille, Monaco, Lyon in that order for me.


    Napoli have greatly impressed in this transfer window and I think they will reap the rewards this season. But they wont overturn Juventus, I reckon.

    So for me, it is Juve, Napoli, AC, Inter (I think Mazzari should bring more stability) in that order.


    Dont think this is up for discussion.

    In as much as I love Dortmund, I just cant see past Bayern for the title.


    As always, will be between Benfica and Porto.

    For me, Benfica will take this. Jorge Jesus got a somewhat undeserved vote of confidence last season and he has alot to prove.

    Porto have a new, basically unproven coach and I think this will tell.

    So, BENFICA for me.


    Also between Barca and Real.

    Personally, I believe Real will win this.

    Tata is something of an unknown quantity over here and I think that could tell both positively and negatively.

    I personally expect Barca to go trophyless next season.


    The big one but I’ll be brief.

    Heart says Arsenal; head says only if we buy right.

    But seriously, I think Chelsea should win this.

    Chelsea, ManCity, Arsenal, Utd in that order for me.

    So, summary is;

    Belgium – Anderlecht
    Portugal – Benfica
    Spain – Real
    Italy – Juve
    Germany – Bayern
    France – PSG
    England – Chelsea.

    Drop yours.

  14. raisonar

    Theo is very very dangerous on his day, but he is not consistent enough to be considered great.
    Its always very loathsome to lose players like these.

  15. Dan Ahern

    Sal — The Suarez situation is crazy. I don’t hold moral objections to him. I think it will almost definitely happen now. Brendan Rodgers is already talking about how they have to get good value for him. If they wouldn’t sell he’d say things like, “He’s not for sale at any price” instead.

    I’m pretty much with Pedro on how this plays out. They’re going to have to sell, but it’s saving face time. Lots of posturing and haggling to come. We’ll probably get up to £50m, with at least £5m in clauses/performance thresholds.

    I don’t know how long it will take though. Could be a week so they can go back into the market, could be five weeks because he’s not playing the first month-plus of the season anyway.

    If I had to guess I’d say it’s done sooner rather than later. It’s obvious he’s going to go, it’s apparent RM won’t match the huge number we’re already at, and it’s only going to hurt Liverpool team chemistry the longer he hangs around.

  16. Dan Ahern

    Navas isn’t a goal scorer but so what. As a pure winger he’s a great player. Very crafty and quick. Theo is a basically a striker that starts wide to get running. And he’s painfully hot and cold.

  17. WengerEagle


    Spain- Real Madrid
    Italy- Napoli/Fiorentina
    France- PSG
    Portugal- Benfica
    Germany- Dortmund
    Belgium- Anderlecht
    Russia- CSKA
    Turkey- Galatasaray
    Holland- Ajax
    England- Heart says Arsenal if we get Suarez and a few others, Head says Chelsea

  18. OhtobeaGooner

    I’m sorry to say Rohan but your argument is a simpletons argument. Navas is not expected to score but create. One of the main problems with people who analyse football these days is ‘if he doesnt score he’s shit’. I guess Xavi isn’t that good as well.. seeing as he scores like 5 a season.

    If we had a striker like Suarez and LM like a ribery I would have no issues with Theo cause his role would be clear. Unfortunately we do not and he has to pull his weight.. he’s useless unless a through ball is on.. I don’t mind Theo as a squad player by the way.. he is definitely useful.

    As far as Theo being better than Schurrle? I am absolutely convinced you haven’t seen him play.

  19. KGold1

    Wenger Eagle,

    Dortmund over Bayern???

    Napoli??? I think I am a little not convinced there. Should be between Juve and Napoli. But Juve should get this.

  20. Rohan

    Schurrle is behind Podolski in the reckoning for the German squad. And I think it’s fair to say Theo is probably better than Podolski. He’s a good player but nothing more than an impact sub. Very one-dimensional . In fact, I don’t even think Schurrle will make it to the world cup.

    Navas’ assist stats are nothing to shout about either. He’s a good solid winger, but I don’t think it’s unfair to say Theo is more proven.

  21. OhtobeaGooner

    To answer your question, Theo is easily replaceable. There is no need providing a list of better options.. the top teams from the elite leagues all have RW/forwards better than Theo. Theo would be found at a team like Everton.. he will NEVER be world class.. a shame really cause I had high hopes for him when he joined..

  22. Moanalisa

    Quick mention for gilberto silva

    World cup winner
    Copa america winner

    Now copa libertadores winner.

    In the copa game vs denilson’s team, he was faster than denilson, fitter than denilson and basically better than denilson. And he’s probably old enough to be denilson’s pop.

  23. Marko

    I think City have a better shot than Chelsea. Fernandinho, Yaya, Navas, Silva and Jovetic have a really good balance to their midfield and if Aguero stays fit they bang them in. Whereas Chelsea signing Van Ginkel and Schurrle and having DeBruyne I don’t think changes them much. You’re basically substituting Ramires for Van Ginkel, and Mata, Oscar or Hazard for Schurrle or DeBruyne. Basically much of a muchness. If they got Cavani I’d of said they’d be favourites

  24. OhtobeaGooner

    Nah… he was behind Podolski.. not anymore. Fair enough on Theo and Podolski.. they’re both average..

    Again with the stats… watch the games.. Xavi is heavily involved in every Barca attack but doesn’t necessarily get the assist even though his own pass may have been the most important one.. same with Xabi Alonso.. enough with the stats man.. watch the games and quit being a zombie

  25. WengerEagle


    While Napoli have lost Cavani they have a very adequate replacement in Higuain and have bought cleverly- Mertens is a really terrific winger I actually wanted us to sign him. As well as that they have got in Reina on a loan which is good business, they have got Abiol and Callejon who are very capable squad players and in Abiols case probably a starter.

    They have also put in a huge bid for Veratti and I sense they will add in another player or two before the window shuts.

    They only finished 9 points behind Juventus last season and have strengthened in my opinion. Also expect Insigne to play a key role for them this year, wonderful little player.

    Fiorentina have also bought extremely well and have a very ambitious coach in Montella

  26. KGold1


    Yes, City have the better team of both teams. However, Mourinho just tips it in Chelsea’s favor if you ask me.

    Not that I dont rate Pellegrini; I personally hope he does well. But the EPL is a whole entirely different terrain altogether. Pellegrini will learn this with his first year.

  27. OhtobeaGooner

    Nah.. Podolski used to be ahead of him.. that ended during the Euro knock our stages.. they’re both behind Reus and Gotze now anyway.

    Fair enough on the Podolski and Theo comparison. They’re both squad players at best.

    You need to watch the games and quit talking about stats. They’re important but they don’t tell the whole story. Xavi is heavily involved in every Barca attack but he doesn’t always get the assist even if his own pass may have been the most important… same with Xabi Alonso, Pirlo etc. Watch the games and quit being a zombie relying on stats

  28. Marko

    It’s a weird one Jesus Navas is probably better than Walcott definately as a footballer on his own but Walcott will probably score and assist more than him. Also Schurrle is better than both but there’s little between the 3 of them really. The only player really I’m envious of at Chelsea is Mata (he’ll always be the one who got away for me) and at City Yaya. But to be honest if we were to bring back Cesc it’d be a case of Mata who Yaya who.

  29. KGold1

    Wenger Eagle,

    Juve have also strenghthened; and wisely if you ask me.

    They have focused most on the areas of their squad that needed more bodies – the attack.

    Plus they have a good coach in Conte. Add to that the fact that they havent lost any player thus far and have almost the best defence, goalkeeper and attack in the league.

    Juve for me.

  30. Sam

    Now you are ignoring DEmba ba, why?
    He was top of the list only last Xmas what happened ?

    We will start the season with Giroud anyway, Suarez is banned

  31. Rohan

    Xavi is a CM ffs. Navas is an attacker, going by stats is a reasonably fair way to judge a winger.

    I like Navas just to clarify. Always has a spark when he comes on for Spain because of his directness, but there are not many out there you’d realistically swap for Theo. You’d have to go into the Reus/Pedro bracket.

  32. gambon

    “but there are not many out there you’d realistically swap for Theo. ”

    Lol, definitely dont agree with that.

  33. WengerEagle

    Dortmund are a hell of a team to underestimate. In Dortmund’s case I feel they have slipped under the radar slightly since Pep’s appointment and Gotze’s transfer. Add in Thiago and Bayern are the obvious favourites. Dortmund have reinvested the Gotze funds shrewdly though by getting Mkhitaryan, Aubameyang and Sokratis. Also think Klopp will be well able for Pep’s mind games. Don’t think Bayern will adapt to Pep’s formation quickly enough and I think by employing a false 9 they will not be as ruthless as last season.

  34. Marko

    KGoldi things will be different this time around for Chelsea and Mourinho. Sure he’s spent but not as much as when he arrived and he doesn’t have the superstar striker he had first time around or the kind of players that come around every couple generation like the way Terry (cunt) and Lampard (son of a twat) were. They’re shite now. No Makelele either

  35. KGold1

    Wenger Eagle,

    I really love the Dortmund side. I also love Klopp as a coach.

    If I were to follow my heart, I’d go with Dortmund. But somehow, the head tells me Bayern.

    Somehow, I think a lot of people underestimate Pep as a coach. Excuses like any coach would win with the Barca team were rife before Tito came on. After Tito, how many still find the Barca Job easy???


    Mourinho is a coach I rate, but dont respect. He his a very good coach and if Arsenal fuck this summer up, then it is there for the taking for Chelsea.

  36. Marko

    I still think City have the better squad and the reason they didn’t win the league last season was Mancini and his unbalanced team. Pelegrini has made it more balanced and should have them playing much better

  37. OhtobeaGooner

    Ok Rohan, you want an example with an attacker? Ribery absolutely tore everyone up last season but his stats are something like 13 goals and 14 assists.. those stats are a disservice to what he did last season. Bar Messi, he was arguably better than everyone else.

    You say we have to go into the Reus/Pedro bracket to get a replacement for Theo. Guess what? There are quite a few better than those two

  38. Dan Ahern

    Okay I’ll play.

    Belgium – No earthly idea.
    Portugal – Benfica I guess?
    Spain – Barcelona
    Italy – Juventus
    Germany – Bayern
    France – Olympique de Marseille
    England – Machester City

    Let’s see how the window changes things.

  39. WengerEagle


    It all depends what Pelligrini can get out of them. Last season for example they had Balotelli and Tevez. This season they have Jovetic and Negredo. Hardly an upgrade on paper, but the difference will be Pelligrini will get the best out of the likes of Silva, Aguero and Yaya which will make the difference. Mancini was an egomaniac who damaged morale at City and has to be one of the most overrated managers ever

  40. londongunner

    anyone actually seen bernard play other than a few youtube clips? well I Have.

    Watched the copa libertadories last night its the south america champions league,

    Bernard was playing, he is very very weak and this wasn’t even the premier league, he has little imagination his passing is average as is his movement,

    BY THE WAY YES I HAVE SEEN THE YOUTUBE CLIPS and he looked great, but in an actual match he goes missing for almost the entire game he is like walcott.

    He isolates him self and goes missing in the build up play he just isn’t an impact player I know his young but ox and walcott contribute far more, also like walcott his only strength is in the counter attack against defensive teams he would be neutered

    PS we should be in for LUIS muriel now there is a player worthy of our attention

  41. londongunner

    why do we need to replace theo? Yes I knw I know his not perfect but we have far more pressing concerns, lets get rid of our highest goal scorer that makes sense! DOH

    Right now our weakest player is jack wilshere (controversial but true)

  42. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    The thing about Utd is they know how to win titles

    so I’m interested KGOLD1 as to why you dont think they will be a force

    they have the best Striker in the premiership

  43. londongunner

    pastic bottke

    united are done for people say they always win titles that was with fergie!

    You have to understand what a huge impact he has had, Moyes is a disaster waiting to happen have you seen the preseason matches, moyes looks out of depth and the united team look very very suspect you can see the glaring weakness in the squad,

    fergie with such a weak squad managed to find their strengths and get them working as a well oiled machine, moyes simply wont. Any ageing RVP wont save them this time

  44. londongunner

    For a long long time I have thought Moyes Is overrated, he managed to get everton 5th with finite resources sooooo? whoop de doo

    Fact is Moyes isn’t imaginative he plays long ball defensive football in fact his far to defensive when all fails moyes results to defensive tactics and thats always has cost him, he simply does not win enough. Moyes is a solid decent manager but his certainly not brilliant or even very good

  45. vicky

    Those who say Theo is good enough to start for City and Chelsea need to get their head checked.

    This January he had 6 months left in his contract and yet no team showed any interest in him. I thought that was a fair indication of how others rate him.

    Yeah,I know he scored a few goals and bagged a few assists.

  46. KGold1


    I’ll drop three reasons;

    1. Moyes

    I like him but think he is massively overrated. Think he’ll be found out so easily at Utd. Also consider the fact they wont want to sack him that fast, they could be in there a while before coming back up.

    2. Rooney;

    Now, alot of people believe he isnt that good a player. I dont.

    I think this is someone that has lifted Utd a whole lot of times before.

    If he goes, Utd lose. If he stays, they also lose (although not as much as if he stays).

    3. The squad;

    Now, I dont know what will happen btw now and Aug 31, but that Utd squad is no where near good enough.

    They did well last season because of Fergie. Now he is gone, they’ll be found out.

  47. Moanalisa

    I really can’t pass much comment on bernard because everytime I watch his team, I don’t set out to pay any attention to him- if he was linked with arsenal earlier I probably would have done that.

    But if arsenal are looking for a young direct, technical and left winger, then christian tello would do just fine.

    He’ll do a better job than cazorla on the wing because of his directness.

  48. salparadisenyc

    Dan Ahern

    Suarez, never would of thought Wenger had the confidence to make a play for him with his track record, managerial speaking. Never would of thought ‘our boys’ were capable of that kind of bid, still in a bit of shock.
    That said having not pursued Higuian further ‘letting’ him make the move to Napoli i’d say there must be a high confidence of getting Suarez and pretty quickly. He’s a better match for our setup than Higuain IMO, if were able to harness the beast, exciting days ahead.

  49. Same Story

    13 of United’s 20 titles won by SAF
    2 of their 3 European cups won by SAF.
    6 of their 11 FA cups won by SAF
    All their league cups won by SAF
    10 of 19 charity shields won by SAF.

  50. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Sorry but I dont agree Pre Season matches mean sweet FA.

    Same story I know what I meant. I dont believe Man Utd are finished quite yet.

  51. Rhys Jaggar

    Unrealistic add-ons:
    1. £100k every time Suarez comes off the bench to gain extra points for Arsenal – £100k a point. That’s unrealistic from Arsenal’s end!!
    2. 10% of profits from extra shirt sales made by Arsenal with Suarez’ name on for 12 months.
    3. £1m if Suarez scores > 6 goals in ECL and Arsenal reach the semi-finals.
    4. £2m if Suarez ever scores a championship-winning goal at Anfield for Arsenal a la 1989.
    5. £3m if Arsenal win the ECL within 3 years and Suarez scores more than 20 goals in the ECL in that time for Arsenal.
    6. £5m if Suarez gets banned for 6 months for biting Steven Gerrard’s arse in front of the Kop in the 2013 season. He will have had to have pulled his shorts and underpants down first for the payment to be triggered, however.
    6. £10m if Suarez is caught in bed with John W Henry’s wife. The definition of ‘being caught in bed’ must include formal copulation and not just getting a cuddle from mummy when thunder and lightning are crashing all around.
    7. £15m if Suarez is the first EPL gay to come out.
    8. £20m if Suarez is caught at a Berlusconi bunga bunga party screwing an ebony-coloured beauty.
    9. £25m if Sepp Blatter allows Arsenal to make £100m in insider-trading gambling deals at the World Cup next summer.
    10. £50m if Arsenal can turn £100m into £600m within 12 months through using the world’s greatest Forex traders.
    11. £100m if Gareth Bale is playing for Newport County by 2014 and Spurs go into administration after being relegated.

  52. Mayank


    I saw the match too. His short passing is mediocre and he goes in and out of games. his rate of success of beating players is right up there though. Also, runs all match.

  53. Rohan

    jeez Arseblog and his gang are really butthurt over Higuain aren’t they?

    Only considering footballing reasons, can someone put forward a good argument as to why Higuain is a better fit for us than Suarez?

  54. Mayank

    Rohan they’re not making football arguments are they? I respect his standpoint. Higuain is a quality striker who would come with zero baggage. Suarez is a huge risk both in the games he’ll potentially miss and the damage he could to to our image.

    Suarez is a better striker but Higuain would’ve been less risky and improved us considerably.

    Suarez’s racist comments to Evra is not something everyone would be comfortable associating themselves with. The comments were vile.

  55. Nasri's Mouth


    Suarez will probably cost 10-15m more than Suarez.

    Given that our budget is finite, that could make us a fair bit stronger in another area

    That’s one reason I can think of

  56. WengerEagle

    Harsh to judge Bernard on last nights performance alone. It was a pretty poor match tbh and no-one really stood out, even Ronaldinho looked average. I personally thought Bernard was one of the better players on display and he got a great assist to be fair

  57. Rohan

    I got the impression they are making footballing arguments. Why else go on and on about his stats.

    But yes, at the end of the day you have to take Suarez’s baggage into account. I firmly believe he’s worth the risk though.

  58. sam


    its not just youtube.
    I watched the game last night, he’s not arshavin. he’s actually better leftback than andre santos.
    I think if we sign him its because of his tireless display. Just sign the ting man the market is getting dried.

  59. Rohan

    Higuain went for 35 million didn’t he? We’ll get Suarez for less than 10 million more and on similar wages. I think the premium for a premiership experienced player shouldn’t be discounted that easily.

    Higuain in the right system would be amazing. Suarez’s flexibility makes him a “safer” bet imo.

  60. vicky

    Huguain can not win you a match single-handedly like Suarez .

    That should be enough for any manager to go for Luis instead of the Hig.

  61. sam


    Suarez is not racist, evra is a drama queen.
    but i Still don’t want him at arsenal, he’s a thug.
    Giroud will come good, I am sure of that. Van persie wasn’t even sure he’ll be score that many goals when wenger put him in the middle.

  62. Mayank

    That said Madrid raising the price last second made me lose all interest in Higuain. As much as I wanted him, we’d look like bitches if we matched their valuation the second time.

  63. Rohan

    Arsene must really really want Suarez though. He’s not the kind of man to succumb to pressure from fans/media/board to just buy a big name for the sake of it.

    And that fact in itself makes me very very excited.

  64. sam

    I know most of these guys wanted us to sell van persie the year we bought chamakh.
    because he’s injury prone

  65. sam

    Get bernard in and we will need another top midfielder like pogba or capoue.

    lets upgrade the midfield first.
    ignore moaners, when Giroud start scoring they will find something else to moan about.

    we don’t need suarez

  66. sam

    I think I have already upset alot of people.
    we are not signing Suarez dudes.

    no worth typing his name unless you have time on your fingers

  67. salparadisenyc

    ” I firmly believe he’s worth the risk though.”

    Absolutely agree.
    Higuain and Giroud do not match up, Higuain puts Giroud on the bench. Suarez versatility is worth the extra money, match winner as Vicky said.

  68. GUNNER786

    Suarez’s experience in the prem is worth £5 million alone!!

    i don’t condone racism, or if Suarez abused Evra or not,but sometimes wind up merchants like Evra deserve a bit of racism to put them in their place.

    Remember Evra’s pee taking off ‘Boys versus men’ etc?

  69. vicky

    RVP was accused of rape and he was the Captain of AFC 12 months ago.

    Ethics has no place in football.

    So discussing about Suarez’s morality is waste of time and energy.

  70. sam

    I wouldn’t haggle about Gervinho
    we should accept before he ends up like bendtner
    he hates us but still our player and we don’t wanna play him
    weird situation though

  71. follow the money

    the Suarez move–if it goes thru–is growing on me. Higuain had a better goal conversion rate but it’s against Spanish teams–and he goes missing in the big games. Suarez’ conversion rate is not as good but that’s against EPL defences and he does have a knack of scoring big goals in big games, like he did when Pool took down Man U a few times. If he works out it might go some way to solving a major problem for AFC since 2006–the inability to win big games against the Man U’s and Chelseas

  72. GUNNER786

    A few thugs are needed at AFC to protect the players, otherwise people like Shawcross(Ramsey) and Taylor(Eduardo) walk all over you.

  73. GUNNER786

    Arsenal alone in Suarez chase after Real Madrid pull out
    Spanish newspaper Marca claims Real Madrid are happy with strikers

    According to Spanish newspaper Marca Real Madrid are not interested in signing Liverpool striker Luis Suarez this summer.

    The news means that Premier League side Arsenal have a clear run in their attempts to sign the Uruguayan.

    Suarez’s future has been widely-speculated on since he revealed at the end of last season his intentions of quitting Anfield and leaving England altogether.

    However, since those comments, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has admitted he is interested in the Liverpool striker and those comments seem to have changed Suarez’s mind about the country.

    He originally stated that his reputation had been damaged beyond repair because of the media and match officials, but now it appears he is open to a move to the Emirates Stadium.

    The Gunners have had two formal bids rejected by Liverpool, the latest one coming in at £40,000,001, just so that it activates a clause in his contract.

    The only hitch in the Suarez to Arsenal deal looked like being if Spanish side Real Madrid were keen on signing the striker after they sold Arsenal target Gonzalo Higuain to Italian side Napoli.

    However, reports in Marca claim that Madrid and Carlo Ancelotti are not interested in signing a direct replacement for the Argentine as they want to keep faith in their youngsters who are currently at the club.

    Both Alvaro Morata and Jese Rodriguez, who has just signed a new long-term contract, are fighting for a first-team place at the Bernabeu and it now seems that Ancelotti is ready to give them a chance to step up into the team, rather than sign someone from outside of the club.

  74. Rocky87

    Still think its all posturing by Arsenal with a real belief that the bids will not be accepted by Liverpool and they can tell us fans we tried!

    We should have strengthened the spine of this team by now rather than giving the media a field day this summer with nothing to show for it.

  75. sam

    The agency that owns bernard prefers he goes to porto so they can increase his buyout clause.
    If an english club signs him they will have to pay full 20M fee to buy him out as third party ownership of player is illegal in the epl.

    Are we paying the full fee or we gonna try to bargain?

  76. Cesc Appeal

    Valencia want £9 Million for Rami…snap him up! Use the Gervinho money!

    If we got in Suarez, Bernard, Pogba/Capoue/Bender, Cesar and Rami we’d be laughing next season!

    £40 Million, £18 Million, £10-15 Million, £1.2 Million and £9 Million.

    That announces you as a European power club.

  77. sam

    Same story,

    Porto can’t afford Bernard thats why they want him so they can sell him next season.
    don’t be so sure until he signs for us, we aren’t that great with negotiation

  78. dialsquare

    What’s with all this Gervinho bashing he had a more productive season than Chamberlain, i don’t give me this potential baloney. Everyone’s just bandwagon jumping.

  79. rph105

    Hate how Gervinho’s been made a scapegoat. Agree with one of the comments above, AOC isn’t much better, very overrated. Ever since he appeared on the FIFA box his levels have dropped.

  80. Dan Ahern

    Higuain would’ve fit our team perfectly well. Go back and look at Giroud. He wasted too many chances. Sorry but it’s kind of sad that Arsenal’s main striker barely cracked double-digit scoring. I’m by no means a Giroud hater but he didn’t convert as much as we’d all have liked, and that’s where Higuain would be a huge step up.

    However, the key is this:
    salparadisenyc: “Higuain and Giroud do not match up, Higuain puts Giroud on the bench. Suarez versatility is worth the extra money, match winner as Vicky said.”
    Suarez can play instead of Giroud, or alongside him. Putting the baggage aside, his all-around game makes him an even better option.

    BTW, Sal, I’m with you–I think they must be pretty damn certain of landing Suarez to let Higuain slide.

    I don’t have arseblog, et al’s moral issues, but you can’t say it’s inconsequential. Higuain could’ve come in and done a job from day 1, and there’s barely any risk involved with him. Suarez already misses games this season. We hope he won’t run into more problems, but his record almost guarantees something will happen.

  81. Rohan

    Higuain would’ve scored a lot of goals, but at the expense of goals from others and overall play. Whatever you say about Giroud, he set up an awful lot of goals and his play dropping deep as well as holding up the ball was fantastic and was a huge factor in Theo, Poldi and Santi getting those goals. Watch Higuain play for Madrid, he’s always on the last man making runs in behind, but in this day and age and in our formation we need more. It’s why Mario Gomez who also can guarantee you 30 goals is now at Fiorentina. Higuain is of a similar mould alebit not as one-dimensional.

    Suarez provides that dynamism and unpredictability that RvP had. Most of all though, I just fear Higuain doesn’t have that X factor, his record in big games is shocking however you want to twist it. He is more of a flat track bully.

    As I said, Higuain would be amazing in the right system, but I don’t think his ability merits changing our system to accomodate him.

    Nicklas Bendtner has more goals in the CL having played 14 fewer games.

  82. gambon

    “Whatever you say about Giroud, he set up an awful lot of goals”

    Lol, 3 assists in 34 league games.

    An “awful lot”?

    Higuains link up play is better than Giroud.

  83. Rohan

    He had 5 in the league and 12 in all competitions. Either way, I respectfully disagree. I feel his linkup play is one of his strong points and I’m confident in saying it’s better than Higuain’s. Higuain doesn’t really play with his back to goal. He’s a very good striker, but a tad oldfashioned at that.

  84. Rohan

    Maybe Dick Law is smoking something.

    Arsenal have made an official £16m bid for Borussia Dortmund center back Mats Hummels (Sky Sports).

  85. Radio Raheem

    BREAKING NEWS: Cardiff City have had an £8.6million bid accepted for Toulouse midfielder Etienne Capoue. Stay with us for more.

  86. Rohan

    We’d need to bid 30 for them to even consider it. Bollocks imo.

    Having said that, a back line of Hummels and Koscielny would be orgasmic.

  87. Jake


    Higuain is basically a slightly quicker but shorter version of Giroud. The main criticisms or Giroud last year were that he doesn’t take people on, he missed a few sitters and went missing in the big games. All of those things are absolutely true of Higuain. If we’re buying a new striker, we shouldn’t be buying a slight upgrade on what we have, especially when it would be his first season compared to Giroud’s second and he’d be new to the team so no guarantees of immediate success.

  88. Radio Raheem

    Maybe Dick Law is smoking something.
    Arsenal have made an official £16m bid for Borussia Dortmund center back Mats Hummels (Sky Sports).

    What’s with the ridiculous bids? Even the dead know Dortmund will not sell him (not for that amount anyway)!

  89. Dan Ahern

    Rohan — While I agree Giroud has good hold-up play, I think you underrate Higuain here. He’s simply a better CF. He gets cleanup goals because his instincts are right. He knows where to go. His off-the-ball movement is great. He helps teammates by manipulating the defence with or without the ball. And his finishing is just class. I’ll take that over a hold-up play striker.

    Don’t get me wrong though, I do appreciate Giroud’s ability to get other players involved. He’s good at flicking long balls on to teammates. But I think Higuain’s just as good at combining and is streets ahead in movement and scoring.

    Hopefully this season Giroud’s confidence stays high and he converts more shots. A year to gel and an easy preseason have been good to him so far.