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Life is pretty sweet right now. Yesterday i left my front door key in the front door… all day… and I live near Elephant and Castle.

Not live in Elephant and Castle. I said near.

Nothing was stolen. How lucky is that? So lucky. We’re also lucky because so far, it seems we’ve landed ourselves in a one horse race for one of the best strikers on the planet. I’m not exactly sure what Madrid are looking like cash wise… but whatever their stance, £40m for Suarez doesn’t float their boat. £70m for Illiammdjdjakajuro and Isco is a pretty serious outlay if you’re chasing down Bale for silly money.

News on our movements for a striker are positive. Firstly, Higuain moved to Napoli for £32m. Why is that great news? Well, it means we’ve gambled the summer on Suarez. Which, probably means I was there or there abouts when I said earlier in the week we’ve agreed terms with him. Arsenal are many things, but totally f*cking stupid, well, you’d hope they’re not that… this year at least.

Now, this is the educated track on how it will probably pan out. Arsenal can speak to Suarez now, he’ll be put on £120-40k and he’ll agree that. Then he’ll tell Brendan Rodgers Liverpool offends him, as does his 5 year project. Then Bredan is screwed. Speak to anyone in the game and they’ll tell you there is no point in having a player not bothering their backside for you. It has a hugely negative effect on team spirit and it means you’re carrying a player on £100k a week when you could probably buy 4 players who were committed who’d greatly improve your squad.

Liverpool fans, Arsenal have been here… Cesc, Robin, Song, Nasri and Hleb.

Rodgers won’t fight this. So now the whole debacle becomes about posturing. Who comes out of this with more credibility. Last summer, Arsenal failed miserably at this part, signing away the title to United. Liverpool will do ok. Arsenal are very unlikely to go above £40m cash. Liverpool want closer to £50m. The two clubs will meet in the middle with ‘add ons’… unrealistic ones.

>£3m if Arsenal win back to back World Cups
>£2m if Suarez goes a season without a yellow card
>£4m if Suarez scores 8 goals in a game

Hey, share your own, Dick Law reads the blog.

Once those terms are ironed out, which could take weeks, he should be ours. So basically exciting times. People need to stop saying ‘we’re bidding to give the impression we’re spending big’ because it’s simply not true. We’ve not only matched his value, we’ve gone to the upper end in my opinion. Nothing has completed yet, but if it happens, of which there’s a very good chance, it’ll mark the announcement of Arsenal as a European super club.

10 years of hell, put to bed. Something to finally get excited about. We’re nearly there people, nearly there.

In other chat I’ve had, I wouldn’t get your hopes up for a ‘Fellaini’ type midfielder. Arsenal are acutely aware this Cesc story hasn’t run its course. United aren’t pestering Barca because they’re into bullying. They know Cesc isn’t 100% happy. Arsenal know if they sign a centre midfielder now, they’ll have blown a sizeable chunk of budget and probably over crowded the midfield. Wenger wants Cesc and Arsenal won’t let him go to United. If they could wait until next season, that would be ideal, with Cesc taking over from Arteta bang in the middle.

That’s not to say we won’t move for someone, it just means it might not be a mega signing. You never know though.

When you look at our options in the middle, i still think we lack a box to box terrier. We’ll have a rejuvenated Ramsey there, Wilshere and Rosicky from the start along with Arteta and Santi. It just feels light weight to me…you know, one injury away from a unpalatable solution… we need to recruit. Surely there’s a journeyman we can nab?

It’s also worth noting that Gedion is getting more hype within the club than out, he won’t be ready this season (Carling Cup aside), but the noise from within the club is that he’s absolutely top class already. It was funny to see Jack competing with him for weighted passes the other night. The boy has been training with the first team since he joined (at 14 I believe). His running stats are supposed to be out of this world. If there’s a new Cesc in the rankings, it’s him. I feel for him, pressure like this on 16 year olds is horrible and I’m a total hypocrite for fueling it, but that’s the game I guess. You can’t protect fragile egos these days.

Just don’t harass him on Twitter… it’s perverse.

I couldn’t find out much about Bernard outside what the press have. Wenger denied the specific report, but not the link. So interest in the Athletico Minerio wide man is likely to be true, just maybe not the details. Gilberto won the Copa Liberatores last night. I bet he’s been giving Wenger the low down on Bernard.

I think the main area the club absolutely has to build out is the defence. I personally still believe we need a new keeper. A huge gap we’ve struggled to fill for years. We also need a first team defender. Maybe Williams, maybe someone better. With Monreal out until November, we probably need a left back to cover the fragile Kieran Gibbs.

Despite all the excitement of the last week, I hope the manager is fully aware that we were not a Luis Suarez away from winning the league last year. The work must continue after this deal. It absolutely must.

It’d be a great starting point though…

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  1. Dan Ahern


    Don’t be so sure they wouldn’t let Hummels go for around that. Lewandowski may go for free next year and they could probably use some money.

  2. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    dialsquareJuly 25, 2013 21:04:44
    Most on here think Gervinho is crap which tells me he must be good.


    That’s like saying Audley Harrison is a great fighter.

  3. Rohan

    I fought the Law and the Law won!
    I fought the Law and the Law won!
    I fought the Law and the Law won!
    I fought the Law and the Law won!
    I fought the Law and the Law won!
    I fought the Law and the Law won!

  4. luke

    Radio Raheem July 25, 2013 21:34:22

    Maybe Dick Law is smoking something.
    Arsenal have made an official £16m bid for Borussia Dortmund center back Mats Hummels (Sky Sports).


  5. salparadisenyc

    Come Dicky..

    OVER deliver for once… exceed our expectations and become the terminator of a negotiator you can be. Become Arnold.

    On that note, when I was working as photographers assistant in a Los Angeles studio circa 2003, I entered a bathroom stall thinking it was vacant, it wasn’t.
    A women was seated on top the toilet, legs splayed wide, a man was on his knees, face buried. Grinning, Swartzenegger pulled his face out of the women’s crotch and looked at me.

    “Eating is not cheating” he said and resumed his business.


  6. luke


    chezza, verm, nacho, arteta, ox, giroud, poldi

  7. Nasri's Mouth

    Gunner786: i don’t condone racism, or if Suarez abused Evra or not,but sometimes wind up merchants like Evra deserve a bit of racism to put them in their place.

    You don’t condone racism unless it’s directed at someone you dislike? Jesus Christ, did you think before you posted this?

  8. Marko

    Hummels? No fucking way also you:ave to pay 25+ for him easy. Also what the fuck Suarez? Bernard? Hummels? Has Usmanov bought us and we don’t know it

  9. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Gunner786: i don’t condone racism, or if Suarez abused Evra or not,but sometimes wind up merchants like Evra deserve a bit of racism to put them in their place.

    most ignorant comment of the day.

  10. Kiyoshi Ito

    RohanJuly 25, 2013 18:42:07

    And I think it’s fair to say Theo is probably better than Podolski. He’s a good player but nothing more than an impact sub. Very one-dimensional

    “but there are not many out there you’d realistically swap for Theo. ”

    RohanJuly 25, 2013 21:13:07

    “Whatever you say about Giroud, he set up an awful lot of goals”

    RohanJuly 25, 2013 21:25:30

    I feel his linkup play is one of his strong points and I’m confident in saying it’s better than Higuain’s. Higuain doesn’t really play with his back to goal. He’s a very good striker, but a tad oldfashioned at that.


    Some of the stuff you post on here is absolutely mind-boggling..

    If it’s a one-off..I can understand..But at least everyday,or other day,you come up with some serious horse manure..

    I don’t mean to be disrespectful..

    But it’s quite clear,you must be young & relatively new to football..
    Or both…

    I bet you’ve been watching football b/w 5-7 years max.!.

    To even compare Giroud’s link up play to Higuain’s..left me utterly speechless..

    I don’t think you’ve sat down & properly watched Higuain over the years,even at the WC?

    Only Arsenal fans can make a top quality WC Striker in Higuain look decidedly cheap & average..

    For you to rationalise that they are not many players out there,that are better than Theo…& that Theo is better than Podolski,beggars belief…

    Again,left me momentarily speechless..

    Have a good day mate..
    Still shaking one’s head…

  11. luke

    Maybe all grovers should chip in to hire a PI to follow Dick around. Maybe one on Suarez too. Get those devices that lets you hear what they’re saying through walls. If those exist…

  12. tom

    Gervinho in 26 games last season got 7 goals and 5 Assists
    wilshere in 28 games last season got 1goal and 4 assists
    wenger should sale wilshere and keep gervinho you can see for clear whos the better player

  13. rph105

    Hope you’re right Tom, reading that makes me sick to my stomach.

    The Suarez deal will be overshadowed with that shit if the Mancs pull that move off. That would be a terrifying team, even under an unproved Moyes.

  14. sam

    Pathetic grovers will always call someone with different opinion a troll.
    Don’t forget you are also a troll if you are feeding false informations to internet users.

    we are not paying 40M for suarez , if you keep bringing this up then you are trolling.
    wasting our time with stupid fantasies.

  15. Dan Ahern

    Hahaha, SDE had me laughing. Sorry Rohan, but he’s sort of right. Some ill-formed opinions today! 😉

  16. sam

    Dialsquare are you a troll ?

    you know more than gervinho himself
    he knows he failed at arsenal thats why he’s leaving

  17. Malcolm

    I’m in America at the moment news here kroenke and Henry Liverpool are friends by making a bid for Suarez arsenal look ambitious by turning it down Liverpool look ambitious win win nothing was ever intended to happen you are falling for the hype pedro

  18. GoonerDave

    How do Liverpool win Malcolm? Unless Suarez knows all about it and is being bribed?
    Do you wear a foil hat?

  19. dialsquare

    sam at least Gervinho had the good sense to know, when is the penny going to drop for Arteta, Ramsey, Jenkinson, the Ox, Gibbs, Walcott, Szczesny, Sagna.

  20. GoonerDave

    Gervinho has loads of talent.
    Didn’t work out for him here, same mentality as Almunia – talented but falls to pieces under any pressure.
    He worked hard and never let the club down. Best of luck to him.

  21. sam

    Jenkinson is still a gooner

    At least we are selling someone this summer

    Thanks to the gerve, i wish him well

  22. RayGooner

    Reports in Spain says that Cesc will be telling Barcelona tomorrow that he wants to go back…..

    The question is, does he mean back to Arsenal, or back to England (Man United)….Reports in Spain says it’s Man United…..

    But if Arsenal wrap up Suárez quickly then maybe Cesc will think Arsenal mean business and he makes a u-turn and signs for Arsenal instead of United….

    Or maybe it was Arsenal all along….

  23. samsenal

    Yeah, no need for Gerv hate…he tried but just couldn’t cut it. All the best to him, and the Planes that land on his forehead.

  24. samsenal

    Ray, got a link that isn’t in Spanish from a vaguely plausible source?

    I refuse to get my hopes up!

  25. GUNNER786

    Hello again folks

    If Wenger bags Suarez, Cesc and Cesar,oh and also a top defender then he deserves a new contract.

    I will also become a militant AKB.

  26. AA23

    I actually feel a bit sorry for Rogers
    That poor cunt hasn’t got a clue at this level
    He’s a hypocrite for one as he left Swansea to move to Liverpool
    So he has no fucking loyalty himself
    He’s saying Liverpool are as big as Arsenal. Which he has to do but he’s embarrassing himself
    I actually quite liked him a couple of seasons ago but he’s making a proper prune of himself now
    Silly little fat cunt

  27. londongunner

    this site is a weird one you can’t simply disagree with someones point of view/opinion instead people have to result to name and calling and insults, if anyone acted like this in the real world you would be constantly brawling in streets.

    imagine going to buy a pint of fosters, barman “you should have the peroni my friend it tastest better”

    le grove commentator ” no you fucking prick fosters is the best its so much better can’t you see that? why can’t you see that you utter cunt”

    barman “ok now I kick your arse out”

  28. afturburn

    I don’t know why anyone would be upset at the articles about Cesc wanting to join United. If the rumours are accurate, Barca need to accept a bid for Cesc in order for Arsenal to take advantage of the situation. I dunno at all if the rumours are true, but if they are then anything that may entice United to keep increasing their bid is welcome in my books.

    But then again, of course Cesc wants to go to United, cause the media are never wrong and they never lie.

  29. sam

    Is atletico moving the goal posts on bernard?

    “Para o dirigente, Bernard só saiu do Atlético se tiver uma proposta de R$ 70 milhões, que é multa contratual do jogador.”

    It looks like they now want $70M I hope I am wrong my portuguese is not that good just guessing.

  30. matt

    Am currently in Melbourne airport and there are quite a few scousers with sad faces.

    But hey, what’s new!

  31. Wengerites be damned !

    It’s in Real, Sam, Brazilian currency. I converted and got those numbers:

    R$ 70 m = £ 20m

  32. Figoxor

    Taking into account the last 4 transfer windows, the cash we have now (and how it was publicly announced to leave Wenger with no excuses) and the information right now, I conclude we will end up signing Suarez, an AM of great skills, an average-to-good defender, and a keeper.

    It is also possible that for the midfield area we find ourselves with a big surprise, why not Fabregas. I’d love to see Man utd keep on trying to get him because it’s just perfect for us. Pique said united was wasting its time, I hope he is certain but in the way Fabregas comes to us, It’d be great just to see Pique’s face if Cesc happens, You gotta hate that guy.

  33. sam


    I love your optimism dude. we are getting gazumped by porto ffs
    what makes you think we will compete with man u for Cesc.
    If they table 200k a week we are out of the race, he will accept and join them

  34. Jeff

    Not too cut up about Bernard going to Porto if it’s true. He’s an average talent at best and nothing to crack open the champagne about. If we are going to challenge we need grade A not more grade C of which we have more than we need.

  35. Bankz

    Whenever I read Pedro’s posts, I cant help but smile and ask myself what type of shisha Gazidis offered him in that meeting’.
    I dont believe for a minute, Wenger would buy Luis Suare., I don’t believe Wenger would spend £40mill on a player who isnt Messi. I don’t believe Wenger would sign proven Qualidee (forget Hummels, forget Higuain, Suarez, Fellaini or even our own Cesc..he’s more likely to end up at Old Trafford).
    A leopard NEVER sheds his skin and over the years, I ‘ve come to the conclusion that Wenger wont pay above who he truely believes to be an insane valuation for a player just because that player looks averagely good.
    He is too stubborn and even Fans pressure or pressure from Gazidis wont make him act different.
    I think we will get 3 players before the window closes but NONE will be world class and NONE will be £20mill +.
    So pedro and y’all who have creamed yourselves all week In anticipation of Wenger freeing up £40mill for one player or for Luis Suarez rocking an Arsenal jersey next season, please get your heads out of your a!# and watch another Summer disaster unfold before your eyes.
    Despite all I’ve typed/said, I will gladly eat HUMBLE PIE if Wenger really does what we all want him to do or wish he does.
    The little boy in me just dont see that happening.

  36. sam


    I will add one more, Grenier.
    He can still leave for the right price, they only made him extend his contract to fend off Wenger. he will shamelessly blame them for making things complicated.

  37. sam

    Jeff listen to yourself,
    we wasted money sending scout to watch a mediocre player?
    Just admit its the arsenal way of doing things slow as usual.
    If porto sign him it means they already struck the deal before the cupa final.

  38. Jeff

    I’m fully with you Bankz with regard to Suarez. I do not for one second believe we are serious about him even with the £40m bid. Anyone can make a bid without the intention of following through just to make it look like we’re not scared to spend while knowing that the bid would be rejected.

    Anytime someone goes to great lengths to demonstrate the opposite of what people think, in all likelihood, means those people were right all along.

  39. Jeff

    Sam, there is a sequence problem though isn’t there. Until the scout has finalised reports on the player they won’t know if he’s mediocre or not. You would agree we have bought many mediocre players recently all presumably scouted.

    My point isn’t about our slowness (I agree we’re not the fastest in class when it comes to transfers) but from what I’ve seen of Bernard, he doesn’t appear to have the X-factor; which is what we need this late into the window. Based on that, I’m not too bothered either way really.

    Perhaps you think he is an exceptional player; if so, that is where we have to agree to disagree.

  40. RayGooner

    The bottom line is we don’t know anything about what Cesc wants, it’s only media speculation….Cesc hasn’t come out and talked to the press.
    Media is only speculating cause’ United seems so sure on getting him.
    I think Wenger knows excactly what Cesc wants and i don’t think Wenger would just stand by and watch Cesc go to United….
    We know Wenger and Cesc has been in contact on a regular basis.

    The new rumours about Cesc, says he has “told some english friends” (back in May) he wants to go to United and he’d love to play under Moyes….

    “Some english friends”??? sounds reliable, right?
    And apparenlty, he said this as early as “back in May”…..ridiculous!

    I still think he will stay at Barca, but IF he wants to leave, Wenger would be in there faster than the speed of light, and Wenger said as late as last week Cesc has said he wanted to stay at Barca.

    Of course the new rumours could be true, but i highly doubt it.

    And if United are offering him £200k a week then we could match that, Wenger already told we could match Rooney’s wages, so why couldn’t we match Cesc’s which is lower than Rooney’s….

    I still think if we secure the signing of Suárez quickly enough, then Cesc would see we mean business and would prefer a move to us rather than United….if he wants to leave Barcelona in the first place….

  41. Jeff

    The situation with Arsenal and Liverpool over Suarez is that it has reached an impasse; something of a habit with Wenger. He likes it when this happens because he considers the ball to be on the opposition’s court when of course it is in his. He has to raise the £40m to perhaps £45m or more if he’s serious. I don’t think he is and Liverpool will be vindicated in not selling because it’s their player and their rules.

    Having said that, when the deal falls through, I’m sure someone other club (they are probably waiting in the wings now, watching to see what happens) will come along and meet Liverpool’s asking price. If it’s a club outside UK, Suarez won’t have to serve the remaining 6 match ban either.

    The next thing you have to ask yourself is whether or not Suarez is worth more than £40m. I don’t think he’s worth £50m but I think £45m would be the absolute maximum. As for his quality, tenacity and goal-scoring ability, world class status; none of those things are in doubt.

  42. Nasri's Mouth

    I said the other day the Fabregas thing is weird. The longer it goes on, the more I think there might be something happening. ManU seem pretty confident.

    I suppose one upside of him going there is that from a PR angle the club would need to appease with more signings!

  43. sam

    ray ray ray!

    you really know how to spin it @Raygooner
    wenger should have done it last year with Van persie he prefered to cash in
    he will do it again with Cesc if he’s going to united. arsenal will get paid if barca sell cesc. Wenger won’t him 200k for sure.

    who do you think we are my man?

    stoopeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes I spelled it right

  44. sam

    Maybe thats what he’s waiting for,
    Cesc transfer to united can finance our deadline day shopping.
    kondongbia and 2 more cheapos we are done, massive squad!

  45. RayGooner

    If Barca sell Cesc to United, we won’t get much cash for that….

    We only get 50% of anything over £30m….(which will be at highest £5m)

    Of course they still owe us for previous buys of both Cesc & Song, but that is already agreed for in regular payments to us in the fourthcoming years….

    So up front we won’t get more than £5m, at most!

    Don’t think Wenger would be bothered with that sum…..

  46. RayGooner

    OK, let’s all be realistic….

    Cesc will go to United.

    Arsenal will not sign any more players.

    We will get knocked out in the CL qualifyer.

    Wenger will sign an extention to his contract for another 6 years!

    Everyone will be so happy!

  47. Geoff

    Morning all, I can’t for the life of me work out why we sold Cesc who still had three years left on his contract, sold him for a lot less than he was worth, then let them pay it back over the next 300 years???

    Then went and did the same thing with Song.

    Surely if we end up selling our best player we can at least dictate the payment terms? Especially with someone so good at business deals as Ivan? Oh and Dick Law.

    Otherwise why don’t we just tell Liverpool, £40mil and a pound and we’ll pay it when we feel like it? Give us him.

  48. MadeToLoveMagic

    Of course we on,y get 50 percent of profits from the cesc sale, not the whole fee.

    The media seem to have forgotten that wenger would have to personally santi on the move for cesc to united.

    The fans know this, if cesc goes to united wenger is finished IMO, he won’t let it happen

  49. Doublegooner


    I know it’s only reports from the Mail re; Cesc, but any truth would just leave 000’s shaking heads in disbelief.

    Probably like you & many on here, our mates who’ve stuck with Wenger a lot longer than us are now on the brink of saying they won’t back Wenger again if Cesc goes to the Mancs.

    The Suarez deal is ‘so un Arsenal like.

  50. RayGooner

    The sad thing is that Wenger can’t do jack shit to prevent Cesc going to United, if that is what Cesc wants….

    I still have my doubts that is what Cesc wants though….

  51. Gregg

    Agree with Ray,
    Cesc will be gutted if Barcelona ‘don’t want him ‘ for a second time. If he does leave however, he will go to Man U

  52. andy1886

    If Utd do get Cesc that suddenly puts them right back up there in the title race, probably ahead of Citeh and fighting it out with Chelski. We’re still odds on for that fourth place trophy of course…

  53. Geoff

    Well I said on Le-Grove two days ago if Suarez goes to Arsenal for £50mil and we sign Bernard I’ll wear a frock for the day and go clubbing in Compton Street that night. Certain people in the know were so sure.

    ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, well if Bernard has gone to Porto, I’m already safe. Ha, ha, I told you so!

    As far as the fans turning on Wenger if this, that or the other happens, how many times have we said that. He’s still here isn’t he!

  54. Geoff

    Gregg £10 to charity is a deal, you name the charity, but Meningitis or Cancer research is good by me.

    No Gay disease ones though. They can cure themselves.

  55. gats

    Fabregas is going man utd. I bet RVP has spoken to him as well, telling him how great it is there. Why the fuk would fabregas come to Arsenal? We are even shitter than before. At least we had RVP before, who the fuck do we have now?. He wants to play with winners, not bloody losers and kids.

  56. Ash79

    Geoff July 26, 2013 09:10:37
    No Gay disease ones though. They can cure themselves.

    we havent even got going today but that takes line of the day for me!

  57. Ash79

    that bet appears to be based on the premise that Cesc chooses one or the other in this window. If he stays at Barca, you both donate a tenner. Everyones happy but Moyes!

  58. ikon

    I am not saying Bernard isnt good, but probably at 5 feet 4 he is just too small and will not be able to handle the game in premier league stamina wise. For me Gnabry is more than ready to take up the vacant wing role, even more ready than the midfield wonder kid, forgot his name.

  59. vicky

    Moyes is constantly bullshitting about Cesc to delude Maure fans in to believing that they have got a manager who holds some weight in the world of football.

    It’s mere posturing.

  60. ikon

    u want a wing player who can actually sub skill and pace and class for build? Halilovic… Anyone in contact with Arsene or any of his scouts? msg him to please sign Halilovic

    That is the 16 year old we should be having in our team. Massive massive talent.

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