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What was Ivan smoking last night?

Ok, ok, so all the patience that we’ve been preaching finally took some reward last night when Arsenal, after two months, started to take market price seriously. Literally, for the first time since 1999. The clubs pursuit of Luis Suarez knocked up into 4th gear. Ivan Gazidis offered £40,000,001 for the Uruguay international last night which meant Liverpool had to formally tell the striker this had happened…

… Like he wasn’t fully aware already right?

Now, this of course means bugger all outside us being serious for once. Liverpool still rejected the offer, somehow believing a club out there is ready to jump in with a £55m offer. No chance at all in my opinion. He’s no Cavani and Liverpool are no Napoli. £40m is an amazing sum of money for a player with more baggage than John Leslie.

Real Madrid would still seem the favourites if they fancy him. My hope is the Bale stories of a transfer request are true and he occupies their thoughts. Most people in the game believed Bale had agreed to one more year, but I guess David Moyes and his embarrassing summer have put paid to that so far. If he has asked for a transfer request out of Spurs, that’d be very interesting, mainly because Spurs have been spending money this summer, what £85m would do to their plans makes me judder… mainly because that’s two seasons of Champions League money. Think about that.

Arsene thinks Luis Suarez is the best striker in the league and he believes with him on board, we could win the league. It’s hard to disagree we’d be a different beast with him in the side. The player has given encouragement to the club, they know he wants in. That comes from the Arsenal players who have relationships with him… my main concern is that we’re behaving like a big club now, but we’re  not quite super elite like Madrid or Bayern. If a team like that matches our offer… well, it’s goodbye Suarez and by the time that happens, it’ll likely be goodbye Higuain.

I found it amusing that John Henry asked what Ivan was smoking when he bid £40m for Suarez. Errr, John, what were you injecting, drinking and smoking when you signed off deals for Andy Carroll and Stuart Downing? I mean seriously, that must have been a crazy 7 day bender in Vietnam…


The player is dividing opinion amongst the fanbase. You have the drama queens claiming they’ll relinquish their season tickets if he joins. I mean, seriously, have a quiet word with anyone protesting to that level. Then you have the ‘If he scored, I won’t celebrate’… eerrrr, yes you will. Again, some people think the world is their stage and they’ll play up to anything. Simple facts of football are these…

1. Footballers don’t have morals. Too much money and debauchery at an age where you really don’t need either.

2. Footballers aren’t educated.

3. Footballers don’t care.

If you want to take a moral standpoint on what Luis Suarez did, fine, but bear in mind a few things. Firstly, he comes from a culture where those things he said were acceptable. He grew up with 18+ years of that acceptability ingrained into him. He wasn’t given the tools, like we are in Western society, to free himself from said bad views (education, community, broadband internet).

Also other things to bear in mind. This has happened once. An isolated incident. In sport, you do dim things in the heat of the moment. If you’ve played Sunday League football, you’ll know what I mean (I’m not talking racist things, but don’t tell me you’ve never told an opposition player what his mum was doing round your house the night prior to the game). An isolated incident on the national stage is still outrageous for a grown man, but it doesn’t mean he’s subscribing to extremist EDL material in his spare time.

You can take offence to his actions, but you are essentially taking offence at somebody you should probably sympathise with. He’s just a dim footballer.

If you waste your life trying to hold people like these up as role models, you really are going to spend your whole life quitting your season ticket.

None of the above means I condone racism. It just means that there are two sides two every grubby story.

As for the biting thing. Please. I can’t even be bothered to get myself too deep into this one. If that’s your gripe, your really do need to get a grip. Ivanovic is apparently such an unsavoury character, even the Chelsea players hate him. The bite was so tepid, you didn’t even get a back page shot of the bruise it left. Not to mention the fact we’ve had players gob, punch and slap opponents. It’s all handbags.

Onto something else less controversial. Bernard rumours are hotting up like a gas fire… on gas mark 6.5. I’ve done some pretty extensive research on him. By that, I mean I’ve consumed two videos. He looks pretty good. He’s playing for Athletico Miniero. They’re in the Copa Liberatores semi final. The South American Champions League. He’s managed 15 goals and 12 assists in a season that boasts 46 games. Not bad for someone who is 20 years old. He’s fast, 5ft4… which is so small it’s almost a benefit. He can play with either foot, he’s mobile, very skilful and he could well be the top quality replacement we’re looking for with Gervinho heading out the other way… can you believe we’re getting a fee from Roma? Amazing.

Right, that’s me done for the day.

See you in the comments. Can’t wait to see how many people ask me if I condone racism… Twitter, you predicatable beast.

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  1. MarsBar

    Well it’s nearly time. I said before the Orient game and the emirates cup if we haven’t signed anybody by then well that’s it.

    The clock is ticking down.

    Unless the club have a masterstroke to unveil all these so called players just before the emirates cup as a big lift then play em then geez fair play on a marketing sense, but talk about letting people get frustrated and pissed off.

    Just hope all these players we’ve been supposedly linked with are not smokescreens.

    Wenger sort it out you floppy cock. I think most people regardless which side the fence they stand on will settle for a few signings be it anybody now!!

  2. Kethees

    Suarez scandals:

    Feb 2007 Sent off on his Uruguay debut against Colombia after receiving a second booking.

    Nov 2007 Suspended following dressing-room altercation with team-mate while at Ajax.

    July 2010 Dismissed for handball against Ghana in World Cup quarter-final (right) before celebrating Asamoah Gyan’s subsequent miss from penalty spot.

    Nov 2010 Handed seven-game ban after biting PSV’s Otman Bakkal on the shoulder.

    Oct 2011 Racially abuses Manchester United’s Patrice Evra during league match at Anfield. Fined £40,000 and banned for eight games in December by the Football Association.

    Dec 2011 Makes offensive gesture towards Fulham supporters, resulting in a one-match ban.

    Feb 2012 Refuses to shake Evra’s hand in return match at Old Trafford.

    Oct 2012 Celebrates goal at Everton with diving motion in front of home dugout. Admits exaggerating dive in match with Stoke.

    Jan 2013 Handles ball in act of scoring during Cup tie at Mansfield.

    Mar 2013 Strikes Chile defender Gonzalo Jara in World Cup qualifier.

    Apr 2013 Suspended for 10 matches by the Football Association after biting Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic at Anfield.

  3. Obsessed with 3


    6 out of those 11 are bullshit. I fully welcome Suarez as he is one of the best footballers in the world. The last thing I want is a team full of choir boys. Think 2010/2011.

  4. dennisdamenace

    Saurez, Fellaini, Williams & Begovic for me…..

    We have the funds, do we have the ambition?

    Aaaaaaand, do we have a football manager again, rather than a one-dimensional characature of the one we used to have?

  5. Figoxor

    Talking about racism… ‘He wasn’t given the tools, like we are in Western society, to free himself from said bad views (education, community, broadband internet).’ It’s not a matter of acceptability, it’s just a cultural difference that you cannot clearly see due your superego having you in such state of superiority. America, especially South America is a land of cultural mixing. Racism in its purest way is not possible because we happen to be a mixture of races. We, in fact, do not mean any disrespect as regard race difference. Your comments on Suarez just reflect whose moral conduct and real morality is inappropriate. You are not the world, you are within the world and saying those things about South America shows how mediocre some english man happen to be in all the glory of its wonderful land. So, who is the racist, amigo?

    Disclosure: I am solely responsible for what I said and not for what shall you understand. Apologies for my bad English, as I am from a place where education, broadband internet, and community are not common. Yet, we do not lack respect. I was not sure if you, enjoying all those sociological and technological advantages mentioned above, would understand if I wrote in Spanish. Warm regards.

  6. Nasri's Mouth

    From Marca:

    Higuaín is off to Naples and Real Madrid is not going to sign a number ’9′, even if Ibrahimovic and Luis Suárez were begging for a place. The ‘Los Blancos’ club is set on opting for home-grown talents, Morata and Jesé, as replacements for ‘El Pipa’ with the convincing argument:

    “We believe in them and they deserve this opportunity. They are also very good. If Higuaín leaves, we are not going to sign a new forward”.


  7. Gregg


    Thanks for that. We do love to take the moral highground from time to time and do like to think of ourselves as experts on all matters. Sometimes it’s refreshing for us to be put firmly in our place. Please keep posting my friend.

  8. Bergkamp63

    GreggJuly 25, 2013 08:46:45

    It does tie in with them stating in May that they were only going for Homegrown players this year

    I didn’t know Gareth Bale was Spanish !

  9. angeausarsenal

    Myles says:

    Big name transfers? What do I think?

    If Cesc Fabregas signs for David Moyes’s Man United, Wenger is finished.

    That would be a far more damaging comment on Arsene FC than anything that could be said by a fan or a journalist.

    On Monday morning I got a phone call at 10 a.m. saying the Suarez deal was 100%, according to sources at the club.

    Good source but I was in no rush to blog this information.

    A week is a long time in football and anything can happen.

    Instead, I emailed Le Grove : Just been told LS is 100%. Don’t tweet this. Let’s sit on it for 48 hours.

    Pedro replied: Fingers crossed Myles! I was told Arteta has been smoothing the way… and terms have been agreed with the player. Would be the best signing of the summer.

    A shocking U-turn by Wenger!

  10. Louis

    Admin, so you too are siding with the dark side of the force… Suarez is a racist and making excuses for him doesnt chance the facts.

    @figoxor, racism is not an attitude excusable by the culture. Racism is a crime punished by the law.

    If he was Arsenal player today with the scandals he is having now and behaving like he is behaving now, the club would just sell him at the highest price asap. As an Arsenal fan, I dont want this guy because he is not a savior. He is a stupid thug.