Suarez, Higuain, Rooney? Or no one? Hmmmm

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Morning all, I wanted to offer a different slant to all the noise out there today and to discuss the possibilities of a what if? scenario.

We know when Wenger isn’t interested in a player as he sometimes comes out and says No, like he recently did with the Brazilian dwarf Bernard.

He sometimes comes out 3 weeks after a worrying Cesc story and tells us all not to worry as we have a first option clause and providing the player wants to come to us, we can activate it.

It would have been nice if he had told us that when the stories began, but hey ho! At least he told us.

Now we have the nonsense that is are we after Higuain, Suarez or Rooney? Surely we can land one of them???

So here’s a different slant. Yes we made an offer of £30mil but surprise, surprise Liverpool said no, why would they sell us their best player for a lot less than he’s worth and still under contract, they would be nuts.

Please don’t anyone mention Cesc, Barca, £35mil and the three years left on his contract.

Now we are all pretty sure that we made a bid for Higuain, we are also sure we made a derisory offer for Suarez, I think we enquired about Rooney and the rumour now doing the rounds is we have upped the Suarez offer.

So what if all this is either untrue or backfires?

What if Higuain goes to Napoli, Rooney goes to Chelsea and Suarez goes to Madrid?

Well I am slightly nervous that Giroud has scored 6 goals in pre-season, not because he’s done well against teams like the mighty Indonesian Dream team , Vietnam or Grampuswhatevertheyarecallednow, but because Wenger has a ready made excuse as to why we don’t need a new striker, that’s what makes me nervous.

Yes I did get a chubby over Chuba yesterday (no offence son, I meant that in the nicest possible way) and Zelalem also looks the part but I can’t understand why we are taking two 16 year olds on tour, they are babies. Massive, massive potential, but not now.

It does however all point to us making no big summer signings, yesterday Pedro mentioned Ivan putting pressure on Wenger.

Sorry, I can’t believe he has that power, Wenger is head cook and bottle washer and no one puts pressure on him.

I hope like hell we sign one of the above plus Fellaini and Williams and quick, because if we do I really fancy us for the title next season, if we don’t we’ll be just like we were last season.

It’s in his hands and he has the money, let’s just hope he’s playing a game he can win. I remember saying this last year as well though so let’s all hope for the best!

Have a great day grovers, I’ll see you all in the comments.

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  1. TheBayingMob

    dennisdamenace July 24, 2013 08:51:43
    “Sorry guys, but it’s all about the Bank Balance and the Bonuses….. Keep the baying mob quiet by paying lip-service to transfers”

    Sorry mate, you’ll never keep TheBayingMob quiet! 😉

  2. Gregg

    If they turn down £45 then they are foolish. Cavani wasn’t the benchmark, more importantly he’s not always pushing the self destruct button. They will never get anyone bidding more than we are now. Take the money, carry on with your rebuilding process. look what he’s done since he’s been happy there ?, force him to stay and god knows what he’d be capable of doing.

  3. Radio Raheem


    Precisely. And we are no Arabs and I can’t see
    any bidding for Suarez. Only 2 or 3 clubs could have paid £55m for Cavani. They’re being demented if they’re expecting that.

  4. peanuts&monkeys

    oh! so, today the AKBs and many Arsenal fans too, are rejoicing the ’40 million bid’. Not its outcome, but that event (the bid).

    The manager has turned all of us int0 stingy, money-oriented football-lovers. Coool!

  5. peanuts&monkeys

    Bergkamp63July 24, 2013 09:29:51
    I wouldn’t pay more than £40m for him anyway.

    Why? If Arsenal Pays 45 Mill and if he scores for us against ManU and Spurs, will you not love that? Will you still turn back and say, “C’mon, That was not a 45 Million goal!”?

    Do you brag more about Arsenal on its Current Account balance than when Arsenal wins matches?

    Do you scream more and like it better, if Arsenal’s FREE players (aka Chamakh,) score than when Santi scores?

  6. Al

    The thing is we have seen this all before. I mean you only have to look back to 2 weeks ago to see the situation with Higuain and how that turned out. It doesn’t matter that Real upped the fee because the point is that something always happens that stops Arsenal from making these blockbuster signings and at the end it just start to sound like excuses.

    I can already see how this will turn out…either fails because Madrid takes him or an on going dispute /issues about this £40 million clause (if its release clause or not)

    Hopefully it happens but personally I dont think it will. I just thing its the case of Wenger failing and being to scared to pull the trigger when it finally comes down to it

  7. Begroved

    With Fabregas reportedly considering his Barça future, I was wondering if anyone knew how much they still owe for Cesc and Song.