Suarez, Higuain, Rooney? Or no one? Hmmmm

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Morning all, I wanted to offer a different slant to all the noise out there today and to discuss the possibilities of a what if? scenario.

We know when Wenger isn’t interested in a player as he sometimes comes out and says No, like he recently did with the Brazilian dwarf Bernard.

He sometimes comes out 3 weeks after a worrying Cesc story and tells us all not to worry as we have a first option clause and providing the player wants to come to us, we can activate it.

It would have been nice if he had told us that when the stories began, but hey ho! At least he told us.

Now we have the nonsense that is are we after Higuain, Suarez or Rooney? Surely we can land one of them???

So here’s a different slant. Yes we made an offer of £30mil but surprise, surprise Liverpool said no, why would they sell us their best player for a lot less than he’s worth and still under contract, they would be nuts.

Please don’t anyone mention Cesc, Barca, £35mil and the three years left on his contract.

Now we are all pretty sure that we made a bid for Higuain, we are also sure we made a derisory offer for Suarez, I think we enquired about Rooney and the rumour now doing the rounds is we have upped the Suarez offer.

So what if all this is either untrue or backfires?

What if Higuain goes to Napoli, Rooney goes to Chelsea and Suarez goes to Madrid?

Well I am slightly nervous that Giroud has scored 6 goals in pre-season, not because he’s done well against teams like the mighty Indonesian Dream team , Vietnam or Grampuswhatevertheyarecallednow, but because Wenger has a ready made excuse as to why we don’t need a new striker, that’s what makes me nervous.

Yes I did get a chubby over Chuba yesterday (no offence son, I meant that in the nicest possible way) and Zelalem also looks the part but I can’t understand why we are taking two 16 year olds on tour, they are babies. Massive, massive potential, but not now.

It does however all point to us making no big summer signings, yesterday Pedro mentioned Ivan putting pressure on Wenger.

Sorry, I can’t believe he has that power, Wenger is head cook and bottle washer and no one puts pressure on him.

I hope like hell we sign one of the above plus Fellaini and Williams and quick, because if we do I really fancy us for the title next season, if we don’t we’ll be just like we were last season.

It’s in his hands and he has the money, let’s just hope he’s playing a game he can win. I remember saying this last year as well though so let’s all hope for the best!

Have a great day grovers, I’ll see you all in the comments.

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  1. Paulinho

    That £40 million thing has to be a release clause otherwise what is the point?

    Surely if it is just a price which allows the striker to talk to clubs or Liverpool having to ‘entertain it’, it;s got be one of the most stupid clauses ever and Suarez and his agents had the piss ripped out of them when they agreed to it.

  2. Radio Raheem

    David Ornstein ‏@bbcsport_david 1m
    Spoke to Suarez camp on Mon – wants & expects to be at a CL club next season. #Afc interest him but other options, in no rush to decide #lfc

  3. Nasri's Mouth


    Guardian article for tomorrow

    Tony Barrett is now admitting we’ve done it too, after denying it earlier.

    Let’s see what Suarez does now

  4. Dan Ahern

    “Toli83 July 23, 2013 21:21:14
    Dan ahern,Stuart Downing would be an upgrade on Gervinho – so lets wait and see on this fella.”

    Funny, but no, no he wouldn’t.
    Bernard is lightyears ahead of Gervinho. Stuart Downing is objectively worse. Gervinho can at least advance the ball up the field and create an attack, even if his Wenger-esque dithering usually ruins it.

  5. Samir


    Is this team too weak and short?
    Or would Mert and Fellaini make up for it? Hmmmm

  6. WengerEagle

    Suarez is leaving Liverpool this window there’s no doubt about it, he’s 26 and fuck knows when Liverpool will play Champions League football again. Soldado to Liverpool story confirms it. It seems to be us and Madrid scrapping it out for him which sadly means he will end up at Madrid. When have we ever outbid another top club for a signing? And no kids don’t count( Ramsey, the Ox)

  7. Cesc Appeal

    At least the papers are giving us a bit of variety, Salvio…great name for a winger, Eduardo Salvio.

    No chance of it happening, but nice to admire a name.

    The Salvio Salvo headline writes itself

  8. Radio Raheem

    Tony Barrett ‏@TonyBarretTimes 5m
    Right. It’s 10.30 so here goes: Arsenal have had an improved offer of £40,000,001 for Luis Suarez rejected by Liverpool.

  9. Cesc Appeal

    If…IF…we were to get Suarez, that would you be your lot I feel.

    I think most Arsenal fans would be so grateful they wouldn’t wait for anything else.

    There’s loads of ‘Arsenal to land £61 Million pair by end of week’ going around, with reference to Suarez £40 Million and Bernard £21 Million.

  10. Marko

    Ornstein’s the worse kind of fluffer. All gums and smelly breath just ruining the chub you have for a big signing.

  11. Marko

    Samir that team is superb it’s got super balance and pace.

    Also if those pikeys don’t accept 40million for someone who’s wants out cause they’re shit these and who’s more trouble than he’s worth I say fuck off and go back for Higuain if it’s not too late or move for Soldado or Luis Muriel (up and coming and gonna be a huge striker).

  12. Arsenalone

    Hard to believe we would bid 40 million for a player,but ha Ho if its true we would be like a dog with 2 dicks,a gram of gear and a viagra on a Friday night.

    Please please let it be true

  13. Rohan

    Now that we can talk to Luis, it’s all up to Wenger now. Can he convince him to push the deal through sharpish.

    Wenger commands a lot of respect, I think we just might be able to pull it off.

  14. Rohan

    Tancredi Palmeri ‏@tancredipalmeri 1m
    Arsenal have today met Roma to ask about Osvaldo, according to Sky Italy

    hahaha good old Tancredi. Atleast he has timing.

  15. WengerEagle

    A Fantasist’s summer transfer list reads as following:
    GK: Handanovic/Adler/Cesar/Begovic
    CB: Williams
    CM: Cesc
    CM: Gustavo/Capoue/Bender/Fellaini
    ST: Suarez/Rooney/Higuain

    A Pessimist’s reads:
    GK: Given/Some other shit/old keeper
    CB: No-one
    CM: Barry/Mbia
    ST: Remy/Gomis

    I’m trying to stay grounded but optimistic so personally and wouldn’t fall into either category.

    I honestly think we will get:

    GK: Cesar/Adler
    CB: Williams
    CM: Gustavo
    ST: Some unknown or Remy

    Not enough to challenge for the title.


  16. Marko

    *these days.
    Also Madrid will not move for Suarez if there’s a chance of Bale. United and Chelsea won’t move for him, Barca won’t, Bayern won’t cause Lewandowski is moving next year. No italian team can afford him. PSG won’t, Monaco won’t both have already both big strikers. So it leaves us or Madrid

  17. Rohan

    Everyone’s jumped on this story. The Mirror, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Times. Let’s see , but it stinks of Liverpool leaking to perhaps encourage a bid from Real Madrid.

  18. Marko

    Also Suarez should realise we’re his only real option cause not only with Real looking to sign Bale, they also bought Casemiro, spent heavily on Isco and Illarramendi and are looking to sign Ronaldo to a new bumper deal. They’ll not look to spend much on Luis

  19. Samir

    Liverpool are joking. Apparently they have rejected the bid.
    Surely it’s up to Suarez to push the deal through now?


  20. Radio Raheem

    You know what will be great? For Liverpool to accept this said offer. I think I’ll piss on myself a little if we Arsenal paid £40m for a player.


    Having to wait on the spuds is another hassle we can do without.

  21. WengerEagle

    Same Story

    That article’s a load of bullshit. If we really did bid over 40 million for Suarez it would activate his release clause and there would be fuck all Liverpool could do to prevent him from leaving ala the Gotze-Dortmund situation. It’s bollocks mate

  22. Dr Evil

    Just watch Hig to Napoli confirmed by Fri and 45-50mil bid from RM to follow shortly behind leaving Arsenal and especially Arsene looking foolish with no-one arriving. Sad but we all know its true.

  23. HerveDeNerve

    What part of the word “Drastic” does Wenger not understand when Rogers said it a few days ago.

    What does the idiot do? Bid £1 over £40Million

    What a joker

    Drastic means £50M

  24. WengerEagle

    Madly enough I wouldn’t even mind if we signed Remy as long as we also signed Suarez/Higuain. He would be a very decent back-up striker and would be a massive upgrade on Bendtner/Chamakh.


    Would be very decent ST options. Suarez for his all-round game and outstanding technical ability, Giroud for his heading, hold up play and Remy for his pace and strength

  25. Gunnershabz

    I was thinking about this Suarez thing, I actually think £30m was a decoy bid to see if any other teams are going to enquire about saurez like Real Madrid and as real have not bothered this then shown arsenal only team in the running

    Liverpool did make it public we bid just to see if any other teams interested which I don’t think they are

    Now can we now close the deal lets see what happens

    If rumours are correct and we agreed £21m for bernand I would of prefer us spending on fellani for £23m

  26. salparadisenyc

    HerveDeNerveJuly 23, 2013 23:05:46

    As Wenger Eagle said, does Suarez not have a clause in contract, written by Peps lil brother that frees him up to choose at £40m. If thats the case very little Rodgers can do except collect the fee and move on to whatever pup he goes deep in.

  27. HerveDeNerve

    BBC 23.08

    Liverpool have rejected Arsenal’s improved offer of just over £40m for Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez.

    The unusual bid, understood to be £40,000,001, was designed to trigger a clause in Suarez’s contract but Liverpool have rejected it outright.

    Suarez has a clause in his deal that means Liverpool are duty bound to consider any bid in excess of £40m and then inform the 26-year-old of it.

    But they do not have to sell and have now rejected two bids from Arsenal.

  28. HerveDeNerve

    salparadisenyc July 23, 2013 23:13:05

    Doesn’t work like that Sal, all they are obliged to do is inform Suarez, they are not obliged to accept it.

    This bid is designed to unsettle the player and make him request a transfer which again Liverpool can deny.

    I think £45M and deffo £50M and its done

  29. GoonerDave

    Release clauses are only one type of clause which can be triggered.
    And even though on ChampMan etc. theres nothing the selling club can do, in reality, they are not actually that watertight.
    They are by all accounts very complicated too.

    We have bid 40mill for a player. We must be serious. If we could pull this off it would be amazing.

  30. Gunnershabz

    Some of the value placed on players is crazy this summer

    Eduardo salvin

    Wenger might be right loads of money but players are not available unless you pay silly money

  31. Gunnershabz

    If we throwing this much money around we could of sign Goetze unless he really wanted to play for pep

  32. WengerEagle

    Amazed and delighted this Suarez bid seems legit as even BBC are reporting it. Shame we are dealing with the fuckwits that valued Andy Carroll at 35 million however, don’t even want to guess what they value Suarez at

  33. salparadisenyc

    HerveDeNerveJuly 23, 2013 23:18:12

    I got that.
    My point was this:
    Suarez wants a move and will agitate a shit storm until he gets it, if nobody else bid he’s ours. He’s openly stated he wants champions league, its on Wenger to convince him as Suarez apparently wants Madrid.

    Either way he’s off and nothing Rodgers can do.

  34. HerveDeNerve


    It sometimes works the other way I would imagine. A player can make a request that he wants to leave and the club then use the release clause to their advantage by saying unless it’s met they won’t sell.

    This bid of £1 over the clause level is a little bit silly from Arsenal because Suarez has not handed in a transfer request.

    It is coming up to 8.30am in Melbourne. Don’t go to sleep!

  35. GoonerDave

    “Clause to negotiate with player” from what I read? We can talk to him, but Pool can still reject our offer.
    Bizarre, unless its a ploy so Pool can match any wage offer from a CL club.
    In my opinion, we need Suarez to hand in a transfer request. If hes willing to, hes worth paying the money for.

  36. afturburn

    What kind of release clause only demands that the club notifies the player of a bid? What a joke that is.

    I’m just as delighted as the next Gooner at the news of a legit bid, but having sold two world class players in RVP and Cesc for £25-30m each, and paying £50m+ for one world class player Suarez…what an Arsenal type of net result.

  37. Arsenalone

    Hope it’s not us playing with Madrid (fuck em) if it is. Possibility we really want hig from them

    As said above this could swing either way.its exciting times for us if we are about to smash our transfer record,remember boys this lad knows the premiership we won’t have to wait for him to settle in.un like the other possibilities for strikers out there

    Any way it’s all to much,I’m off to bash one out on porn hub

    Good night

  38. HerveDeNerve

    salparadisenyc July 23, 2013 23:27:18

    Yes Sal, I totally agree and thats what this bid is designed to do, just unsettle the player.

    But they have rejected £40,000,001.

    What do you do now then? Bid £40,000,002?

    Next bid has to be £45M Do you see Wenger going that far?

  39. GoonerDave

    If we wanted to unsettle him, we would have bid 40M…we bid enough to talk to him.
    I bet there is no more offered – its all about convincing him to submit a request while we “talk” to him.
    I think hes waiting for Madrid but what a coup if we did it.

  40. HerveDeNerve

    GoonerDave July 23, 2013 23:38:36

    That bid or his release clause does not give us the right to talk to him. Liverpool must accept the bid first. He is under contract for another 3 years.

  41. Keyser

    “but having sold two world class players in RVP and Cesc for £25-30m each, and paying £50m+ for one world class player Suarez…”

    Lol and that’s it really, these bids don’t mean much unless they’re the highest bid involved and even then, that the player forces the move through.

    Suarez signed a new deal last season, Higuavin has 3 ? Years left on his contract, neither club are in much danger of the player running his contract down.

    In the case of the latter he’s supposedly agreed terms with 3 different clubs now, hasn’t handed in a transfer request and isn’t agigating for a move, there’s little else we can do.

    I’d be worried because I’m surprised we’ve gone this high, and much higher it leaves us struggling to fulfill other positions and/or being far too dependant on Suarez to fulfill his valuation.

    Seriously Podolski, Giroud, Walcott, and then spending 40-50m on Suarez ? Not sure that is that likely.

  42. GoonerDave

    It appears bizzarely that it does in fact allow us to negotiate with Suarez while not necessarily being enough to trigger the release of the player.

  43. BacaryisGod

    That is the story of the summer. Forget who the players are. Arsenal bid 40 million pounds!!! I cannot wrap my head around it. It’s like watching Gandhi eating a big mac.

  44. Rohan

    Fuck me, we’re really going for it re Suarez.

    I don’t think we’re stupid though. We must be confident of staving off Madrid.

    Dick has laid down the Law.

    I feel this song is ideal at this point

  45. RayGooner

    If the rumours are true about Bale & Real having agreed a deal, there is something i just don’t understand…..

    If Real is depended of the selling of Higuaín to buy Suárez, which everyone is saying, then how the hell can they afford Bale????

    Bale has an even bigger buy out clause than Suárez….

    I think for sure, the Bale story is bullocks, OR Real really isn’t that interested in Suárez….

    What ever the truth is, if Suárez 1st choice is Real, then he can’t be that happy about the Bale rumours, infact that could even trigger him to jump on the Arsenal wagon….

  46. AA23

    Suarez is real
    I still don’t think we will get him but we are being serious with our intent if these reports are true
    ( and its everywhere)
    My mate Eric has been an Ajax ST holder man and boy and he told me years ago that Suarez is the best forward he’s ever seen and that “he would score goals for any team in any league in the world”
    He’s been proved right because he scored fuck loads in that awful Liverpool side
    I don’t care if he’s racist, I don’t care if he bites people, I don’t care if he kicks his own mothers cunt in as long as he doesn’t hurt his foot.
    I would welcome him at Arsenal because we need something.
    If the 40 mill plus 1 pound is true
    Then I love that too
    that’s a proper piss take and shows we are not to be fucked with anymore.
    Arsenal bidding 40 fucking million notes for anyone is unreal
    bring it on you cunts
    The media is shitting itself because this one might be true and they don’t know what to do
    Even if we don’t get him, we bid 40 million pounds for a player
    Football will take note
    Arsenal might be back

  47. Rohan

    Bale is most definitely their first choice over Suarez. Besides, I don’t think Florentino really wants Suarez. He wanted Lewandowski, but that’s not happening. Florentino does really want Bale though. They’ve been clamouring for him for a while now.

    But doing a deal with Levy is ridiculously difficult. Especially if Bale is not going to push for a move, which I don’t think he will.

    Ibra is in the picture as well. It’s imperative that we move fast.

  48. RayGooner


    Suárez to Arsenal
    Higuaín to Arsenal
    Cesc to Arsenal
    Fellaini to Arsenal
    Bale to Real Madrid
    Rooney to Chelsea
    Baines to stay with Everton
    Mata to Barcelona
    Vidic to Barcelona
    Soldado to Liverpool

    Man United & Tottenham get what’s left….

    Not gonna happen, but it would be some funny shit….

  49. AA23

    I’ve just been texting a 25 year + Chelsea ST (bit of an ITK for them) and he’s telling me Rooney is still looking at Arsenal as a serious contender for his signature.
    If you knew Suarez, Fabregas, Cazorla, Felaini might be at a club next season wouldn’t you hang around and find out?
    I would.
    If Arsenal get this right it could all change.
    We will always be naturally pessimistic, we are used to being fucked over.
    But we bid 40 million pounds for one player.
    That’s a seismic shift

  50. mystic

    ‘A significant bid was forthcoming and the player made it clear he wanted to leave. We considered holding him to his contract, but believed this to be unreasonable and with reluctance accepted his request to be transferred.’

    ‘We made what we considered to be a very acceptable bid – more than double the existing club record – but no agreement could be reached, the selling club refused to release the player from his contract, it is unfortunate.’

    ‘I have great confidence in the players at the club, the quality exists for us to make a significant title bid, but be assured that if it is deemed necessary we have the money and could be very active in January’

    Just guessing what the lines will be come the end of the transfer window.

  51. NoDog

    A small contribution as someone who reads but doesn’t intend to comment on anything important:

    My 8 year old told me earlier today “I do not hope Arsenal buy Beaber”. (He’s on holiday with my wife and sent me a text on her phone, which is scary in a different way.) “Beaber” has been his nickname for Saurez since long before Saurez decided to use those teeth on Ivanovic. My son is still in a (better) world where it doesn’t make sense to root against someone with all of your heart and then turn around and want them on your team. He’s just starting to get a sense of all the different ways that sports can hurt.

    Given all the discussion on here of Arsenal’s future, I can also offer the small sample size observation that, despite the fact that Arsenal have not won anything since a couple months after he was born, a good percentage of his schoolmates and the boys he plays football with (clearly more than half) identify themselves as Arsenal fans. That’s followed fairly closely by Chelsea and a smattering of bandwagon kids who identify as ManU or ManCity fans. This is in West London.

    These are not kids who tend to come from families that support Arsenal. I suspect part of it is because Arsenal do still carry a certain mystique, which the boys pick up on (including from their coaches), and in part because Arsenal’s young players (first Fabregas and then Walcott, Wilshire, Oxlade-Chamberlin in particular) are easy for kids to identify with. I see that also from the fact that the Chelsea kids tend to be most interested in players like Hazard and Oscar.

  52. RayGooner

    How about This:

    Suárez goes to Arsenal
    Higuaín goes to Napoli
    Real gets money from Higuaín(and the Raul Albiol transfer) deal and buys Bale.
    Arsenal sign Fellaini. (by triggering the buy out clause).
    Cesc realises that Arsenal might be serious contenders and snubs United to come back to Arsenal.
    Liverpool buys Soldado as Suárez replacement for the money they got from us.
    Rooney goes to Chelsea, and Barcelona goes in for Mata as Cesc replacement.
    United goes after Cristiano Ronaldo, but he won’t join now when Rooney is gone and he doesn’t fancy Moyes as Manager.
    United goes after Baines, but Everton won’t sell.
    Now United and Tottenham has a lot of cash to spend, but there are limited quality players left to choose from, they end up buying cheap options from the french league or players like Cisse, Remy….

  53. RayGooner

    If i’m correct, not even United has ever bid £40m for a player, at least they haven’t bought one for that sum. I can’t remember if they’ve had a bid of £40m rejected for a player, but i don’t think so….

  54. salparadisenyc


    “But we bid 40 million pounds for one player.
    That’s a seismic shift”

    I could not agree more, we spend £35M, all in last summer. Never did I think we’d got that deep for a player in this market.

    Get the fuck in Suarez.

  55. Rohan

    Difference between a racist, and someone who brings race into the equation in trying to provoke or instigate someone/something.

    Suarez is just a complete nutter on the pitch. Proper mental but I think he’s worth it.

  56. GUNNER786

    Forty and fifty million pound bids could become the norm for us if Usmanov the richest man in UK took over the club.

  57. Jeff

    The £40m + 1 bid appears to be real. It’s even on the BBC. You have to ask yourself whether we were serious or we just wanted to show the world we can bid that high but really we have no intention of seeing it through – find other things to haggle over later in the process and scupper it that way.

    Anyway, the bid has been rejected whether we were serious or not. It we weren’t Arsene will be a relieved man.

  58. Geoff

    So what if we bid £40mil and one pound, Liverpool will just say no, he has 3 years left on his contract, not everyone drops their trousers you know.

    This is all very similar to us bidding large for Alonso…

  59. Jeff


    It smacks of the bid we made for Cahill when Owen Coyle called that derisory. We didn’t go back after that. Some reports are saying Liverpool were insulted by the bid and also that they still don’t have to sell even if the buyout figure is reached. Makes you wonder if Wenger didn’t already know that the bid would be rejected?

    If we were desperate to sign him we would have at least made £45m given that Rodgers has said he reckons Suarez is worth as much as Cavani. So I think the bid from us, although real, wasn’t serious. I fear the Suarez pursuit, wittingly or unwittingly, is now dead in the water.

  60. luke


    chezza, verm, nacho/jenx, giroud, arteta, ox, podolski

  61. andy1886

    Bloody annoying that the one player we do get serious about is a bit of a knob, and a shame we didn’t have the same degree of intent for Higuain.

    I can’t see us going much higher. No excuse now for not paying the £23m for Fellaini as we clearly are prepared to spend that sort of fee on proven premiership players.

  62. kc

    Gotta say it’s absolutely hilarious that Wenger sold RVP, to a rival mind you, for 25 million. And now can’t buy an equal replacement for 40. Oh yeah, Great Business man that Wenger. The man is past it.

  63. Maldives Gunner

    “I hope like hell we sign one of the above plus Fellaini and Williams and quick, because if we do I really fancy us for the title next season, if we don’t we’ll be just like we were last season.”

    Really? These three guys are the difference between fourth place no hope-ers and Champions? I dont think the Coolade has fully exited your system. We have been on-tilt for 7 years, due to our transfer and wage policy and these three wont change that. It will take a lot more money than that to make us contenders.

    If we sign Rooney or Suarez then yes, we have finally bought somebody who is in demand by a genuine big club. If we buy Higuain then again, we are avoiding competing with the big guns for signatures. It doesn’t matter what you me or the next guy thinks of a players. Looking for diamonds is one thing. But until we start going head to head with true big clubs and win signatures of the genuine top players, then we are still circling the drain my friends.

  64. Geoff

    Jeff I agree, thing is our management think that most fans are dim and can’t see what they are doing.

    We may as well have offered the same for Messi.

    What would someone who thinks they are intelligent think that Liverpool would do when they got a £30mil offer, it’s cringe worthy. Who does he think he is, twit.

    If he really now has £40mil to spend, then why wouldn’t he give £30mil to Real for another world class player instead?

    Because he has no intentions that’s why. Why not spend less and get Fellaini in?

    It’s all bollocks. Funny to me that so many are yet again suckered. Yet again!.

  65. KGold1


    I honestly dont know what point you are trying to drive at. Honestly.

    I mean, The Arsenal has bid 40million Pounds for a single player. If it were accepted, it would come 2nd only to Torres’ Chelseaa move. We bid 40m for a single player, not 40 players and still you complain we should have bid 45m.

    In as much as I want my club to spend the money, I am totally not in support of throwing it around without any wisdom.

    Now that 40m has been rejected, letz see if we’ll go in with a better bid. If we dont, then complain. If we do, humble pie for you.

    God!!! There is no satisfying some Arsenal fans on here.

  66. Geoff

    You are missing the point, this bid is about as serious as our bid of £6mil for Cahill and £12mil for Alonso, it’s just to say he tried.

  67. Cesc Appeal

    As much as I really, really…REALLY want to believe this…I just can’t see it.

    £40 Million??…Arsene Wenger??…Something doesn’t add up here.

    Unless it’s the tried and tested ‘we tried but Liverpool didn’t want to do business.’

    ‘But didn’t they sell to Madrid for £50 Million?’

    ‘Yes, but this is not a realistic price…why do you look at me?’

  68. dave

    All I know is , is that every time we get “close” to a signing, something derails it.

    I’m thinking Alonso, Mata, Cahill, Higuain and apparently now it comes to light about Navas.

  69. KGold1


    With all respect, I think you are the one missing the point here.

    According to the reports, Suarez’ release clause states that he’ll be allowed to discuss terms with any team that places a bid above 40m. And what have we done??? We have bid 40m + 1pound.

    If we were not serious about this, would we have bid up to 40m in the first place??? Just ask yourself that question.

    Now, I know we have been here before. But God, 40m for a single player, not 20players, is too good to be true, yet, we are getting confirmations right, left and centre we actually did make the bid.

    That is something, if you ask me.

    Now, if we dont improve the bid, you can rightly say ‘I told you so’. But if we do improve the bid, what will you say???

    Just asking.

  70. Jeff

    Absolutely Geoff; it is exactly the MO for Wenger. As though “trying” and purposely “failing” somehow absolves him from the duty of a manager’s real job which is to do everything in his power to win football matches. If you do that, everything else follows.

    Alas Wenger has redefined the manager’s job description and winning important matches and securing trophies is not a priority; it’s an aspiration that may or may not happen but if by some miracle it does, he wins by being heralded a genius. If it doesn’t he’s still regarded very highly for coming fourth. But even if that fails, there is still adulation to be had by falling back on how well he’s run the club for 17 years and the fraudulent belief that the best is yet to come. The faithful will live and breathe this religion for as long as Wenger is around.

  71. dave


    Apparently he turned us down a while back because, at that time, he wanted to stay with Seville. But hey ho, show him a bit of money and he turns up at City

  72. KGold1

    And as for the AKB comment, I’ll just take that on the chin (or cheek or whatever they call it).

    Fact is, I am just as disillusioned as a whole lot of people on here. And fact is, I also want OGL out.

    But I want Arsene out, not Arsenal.

  73. Geoff

    KGold1 as I said, we could pick up Higuain £10mil cheaper and Fellaini £17mil cheaper but we won’t because he has no intentions of spending that sort of money.

    He’s doing it so he can say he tried, I can’t see how you can’t see that! Do you think that Liverpool would sell him to us, how can we now offer £10mil more than we offered 2 weeks ago?

    Dave thanks.

  74. KGold1


    I get your point concerning Higz and Fellaini, and it also surprises me tbh.

    We could get Higz for 10m less than we are bidding for Suarez right now and he would bring a whole less baggage than Suarez would.

    Concerning Fellaini, honestly, I would prefer Gustavo and he would be a whole lot cheaper.

    Still, that doesnt deflect from the fact we bid ‘over’ 40m for ONE player. That, in itself is what surprises me.

    That shows something if you ask me.

  75. Jeff


    You have to look at the evidence and ask yourself: Have we actually signed anyone of note? No. How far into the transfer window are we? We’re deep into it, 24th July. If there was absolute desire and intent, why haven’t we got these players already on our books so they can gel with the rest of the team, go on tour, have some insight into how things work at the new club etc. The £40m trigger didn’t just appear out of the blue, it was there from the beginning. So how come we bid £30m to begin with? Do you not see how silly that is? And now £40m + 1 which is even sillier.

    You speak as if we haven’t been there a million times before where Wenger bids on players he has no intention of buying. Ask yourself: if we can bid £40m on Suarez, why couldn’t we bid £30m for Higuain? Why didn’t we bid £23m for Fellaini?

    Always look at what the manager actually does, and not what he says he does.

    I’m with Geoff on this one. Your point is that we actually bid £40m which is a bit of a milestone buy I can easily go into Sotheby’s and bid £30m for a Rembrandt knowing full well that the eventual sale price will be something like £50m. If Wenger raises the bid and actually buys Suarez, I will apologies unreservedly to you and everyone on here; but I know he won’t.

  76. Nasri's Mouth

    It’s going to be interesting to see how this pans out. The Spanish media are starting to up their ‘Bale’ campaign. If that’s the start of an effort by Real Madrid to get him then LFC will have little choice but to sell Suarez to us.

    Just need Suarez to perform a little bit of drastic

  77. big jeff

    I don’t want to be confused with little jeff who just complains about anything and everything the club do.

    but obviously bidding the extra 1 is significant.

    suarez got out of his ajax deal from what I understand in a similar manner.

    I believe this may go to court of arbitration to see if the clause in the contract means it is in fact a buyout clause.

    I also love how harve is breaking down the contract for everyone like he has any clue what it says… lol

    its never enough. we have had CONFIRMED bids for Bender and Suarez, both would significantly break our transfer record….. but some think this is all to say “we tried”. you think arsenal are willing to take a 40 mil gamble but in the same breath say they are so cheap they wont bid an extra 2 mil to get someone? use logic people, they don’t care if they please the fans otherwise they would have signed someone years ago and wouldn’t have sold RVP, Cesc, etc… think about it.

    get the tin foil out, time to start making hats people…

  78. big jeff


    who did we fake bid on just to say we made a bid?

    they aren’t making fake bids. they are making bids they think the players are worth. its as simple as that. they bid 6 for cahill because that’s how much he is worth to arsenal. theres a reason we had a better defense than Chelsea, and its because we didn’t buy Cahill. so im not sure why missing out on him and choosing a proven german international is such a bad thing??

    we matched hazards clause, cant compete with Chelsea’s wages.

    not rocket science

  79. TheBayingMob

    From what I’m reading the £40+£1 isn’t a release close, Liverpool just have to infirm the player of the bid, assume its then up to Sustez to force the move, but the Scousers can still reject any bid of they want. Still less than likely IMHO. Fingers crossed though eh?

  80. Nasri's Mouth

    I love the way the papers report the clause as allowing us to negotiate with him, then go on to say we’ve already agreed terms of £150k/wk with him.

    This is funny though

    John W. Henry ‏@John_W_Henry 23m
    What do you think they’re smoking over there at Emirates?

    Probably the same stuff that the LFC were on when they spent £35m on Carrol

  81. big jeff

    no matter what you think about the clause…. being allowed to talk to the player and negotiate a contract beforehand is huge. its 1000 times better than bidding, being turned down and the player not being able to at least hear your sales pitch. nothing ventured, nothing gained

  82. KGold1


    As I said before, I get you and Geoff’s point about this being some sort of the repeating theme of our summer windows and I am with you guys on this one.

    I didnt expect this window to be different regardless of the noises that were coming out of the club.

    But, ask yourself these questions;

    1. Have we ever bid 40m for a player???

    2. If we were not serious about this, why risk Liverpool accepting an offer in the first place. I mean, it is clearly stated in his contract and Liverpool have been pushed into a corner of some sort here. That offer could have been accepted and it would have been good business honestly.

    Like I said, let us see where we take it from here.

    I would love the signing. Many a gunner would also. I am not getting my hopes too high. But then, I am not leaving them at zero point either.

  83. Oh Theo Theo!

    40m + 1m for Suarez… It’s certainly a high risk strategy.

    Nice to see the club finally relocating their testicles in the market.

    Would have preferred Higuain + Fellaini, but if we end up with Suarez and Bernard should make life interesting at the emirates again!

  84. Radio Raheem

    I think if Madrid don’t match or surpass our bid then he’ll move to us. Then again Chelsea could make a late bid. That £40m ‘clause’, by my reading, gives Suarez some leverage in forcing a move. Having a clause for just informing a player of a bid sounds silly and against the spirit for which clauses are made.

  85. Gregg

    I cant knock us for making the bid & I don’t know why Liverpool would reject it. Take it or leave it £45m will finish it. Liverpool need to give themselves time for replacing him.

  86. Gregg


    Yep for sure. It’s a nonsense to think there is a clause to just inform him. Jesus this is 2013, 24 hour sports channels making him more than aware of all the bids that’s come in for him.

  87. Paddy got up

    Surely you don’t believe this shit?
    Suarez to Arsenal, Wenger to manage someone like that with his problems.
    The bloke found Henry challenging for god sake…
    More hype and lies. Have you all bought your new away shirt with Sanogo on the back??

  88. gnarleygeorge9


    Its Groundhog Day………………………again! For Scrooge Wenger & us in that game you say played by girls.

  89. dennisdamenace

    Sorry guys, but it’s all about the Bank Balance and the Bonuses…..

    Keep the baying mob quiet by paying lip-service to transfers, without any real intent to see them through.

    Come the start of the season with the bank balance intact they can all pat each other on the back on a job well done.

  90. Radio Raheem

    It is almost inevitable that Bale will move to Real. The question now is whether he’ll
    do so this summer or next. It does feel like spuds are spending some of that Bale money before they have received it. They’re spending with the intention of making a big push for the CL with Bale one last time. After which they’ll recover the money spent this summer by selling Bale to Madrid next.

    On the flip side, Perez’ vision of Madrid as this consternation of stars illuminating the dark world of football translates to the yearly acquisition of the ‘who is who’ in football. (They needn’t be the most skillful ask Beckham) It helps generate excitement for the Madrid name and maybe brand. Now Bale is the next big name not in Madrid. Although they have signed Isco and a few others they have not signed the big name player. Suarez is a big name, a top player better than the departing Higuain, but not quite the top name Bale is. Pairing Ronaldo with his heir, Bale, is the kind of music that will mame Perez do the dubstep. The question now is whether Perez is willing to wait for Bale to arrive next summer, in which case they’ll buy Suarez as a stop gap, or they’ll go all out for Bale now!

    We’ll see

  91. Doublegooner

    More than likely unreliable. reporting Napoli have agreed a deal £31 / €35.8 with Madrid & agreed personal terms around £140/150pw with Higuain.

    Obviously Wenger didnt rate him in that bracket.

    Putting all our rotten eggs on Suarez is going to end in fuck all reading John Henry’s tweet this morning.

    Could end up with the club having to change their name to Arsescratching FC.

  92. Bergkamp63

    Why not bid £40m for Lewandowski ? only has 1 year left on his contract & dortmund don’t want him to go for free to BM next year ?

  93. Radio Raheem

    I’ll also add that we can see spurs are getting close, too close and adding a few players to Bale could seriously endanger our treasured 4th spot. Adding a top striker isn’t a choice it’s a necessity. We’ll go higher than £40m don’t you worry.

  94. Paulinho

    Can’t see us going higher. We’re not going to go higher than the £50-55 million it will take to for Liverpool and now that it’s been confirmed there is no clause, we’ll scuttle away into the night.