Suarez, Higuain, Rooney? Or no one? Hmmmm

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Morning all, I wanted to offer a different slant to all the noise out there today and to discuss the possibilities of a what if? scenario.

We know when Wenger isn’t interested in a player as he sometimes comes out and says No, like he recently did with the Brazilian dwarf Bernard.

He sometimes comes out 3 weeks after a worrying Cesc story and tells us all not to worry as we have a first option clause and providing the player wants to come to us, we can activate it.

It would have been nice if he had told us that when the stories began, but hey ho! At least he told us.

Now we have the nonsense that is are we after Higuain, Suarez or Rooney? Surely we can land one of them???

So here’s a different slant. Yes we made an offer of £30mil but surprise, surprise Liverpool said no, why would they sell us their best player for a lot less than he’s worth and still under contract, they would be nuts.

Please don’t anyone mention Cesc, Barca, £35mil and the three years left on his contract.

Now we are all pretty sure that we made a bid for Higuain, we are also sure we made a derisory offer for Suarez, I think we enquired about Rooney and the rumour now doing the rounds is we have upped the Suarez offer.

So what if all this is either untrue or backfires?

What if Higuain goes to Napoli, Rooney goes to Chelsea and Suarez goes to Madrid?

Well I am slightly nervous that Giroud has scored 6 goals in pre-season, not because he’s done well against teams like the mighty Indonesian Dream team , Vietnam or Grampuswhatevertheyarecallednow, but because Wenger has a ready made excuse as to why we don’t need a new striker, that’s what makes me nervous.

Yes I did get a chubby over Chuba yesterday (no offence son, I meant that in the nicest possible way) and Zelalem also looks the part but I can’t understand why we are taking two 16 year olds on tour, they are babies. Massive, massive potential, but not now.

It does however all point to us making no big summer signings, yesterday Pedro mentioned Ivan putting pressure on Wenger.

Sorry, I can’t believe he has that power, Wenger is head cook and bottle washer and no one puts pressure on him.

I hope like hell we sign one of the above plus Fellaini and Williams and quick, because if we do I really fancy us for the title next season, if we don’t we’ll be just like we were last season.

It’s in his hands and he has the money, let’s just hope he’s playing a game he can win. I remember saying this last year as well though so let’s all hope for the best!

Have a great day grovers, I’ll see you all in the comments.

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  1. Ash79

    marc – it might be a good idea to talk about Arsenals pre-season prep, potential lineups/formations with the CURRENT squad (likely going to remain the same into the new season)

    dont be so foolish marc

  2. tomb

    We have no experience in winning trophies, we have no experience in signing big name players , the last 8 years has been a lost generation in arsenal support. We have lost all the invincible experience and the invaluable boardroom experience of DD. Young supporters have gone off to support the likes of man city and Chelsea as they see them winning trophies.
    And the road crash still seems to go on.

  3. GoonerDave

    Wenger prioritises the French team?
    Sounds ridiculous to me.
    I have many criticisms of Arsene and the board too, but that’s a stretch I think. Were people saying the same when we had loads of French players and were winning stuff?
    There are literally dozens of French players we could/would have bought recently if that were the case.
    Lots of managers buy players of their own nationality.
    Accusing Arsene of buying mediocre players would seem more accurate!

  4. salparadisenyc

    So AVB insists Bale is staying but “unfortunately against Sunderland [on Wednesday] he won’t be fit to play, he’s recovering from a knock he had in training so we expect him hopefully to have some involvement in the second game.”

    Wages of £10M a year with transfer fee in the range of £70M.
    Thats ridiculous money if true, it is Marca which prints whatever Madrid want them to.

    Stirring this shit those Madridistas, smoke, fire etc.?

  5. Ash79

    Anyone actually read teh Bale thing on Marca? its fairly detailed for what it is..

    Real Madrid has already put in a lot of ground work. Firstly, finding out from the player’s agent, Jonathan Barnett, what the player’s wishes were. The key meeting took place in Madrid on 25th June between Barnett, Florentino and José Angel Sánchez. It was there that they laid out their strategy. However, they are fully aware at the Bernabeu that negotiations could be “long and tedious”.

    During that meeting, they agreed the terms of his contract, a six-year deal worth between €6 and €7m per year, as well as his shirt number, 11. They even looked at what a shirt would look like with his name and number on it this season.

    They also agreed that Bale would inform Tottenham, in private, that he wanted to leave, which he has already done. “Have no doubts: Gareth has wanted to play for Madrid since he was a kid,” Barnett said. He then took out a photo of Bale aged 10 wearing a Real Madrid shirt and told them that as a boy he grew up in awe of Madrid’s ‘Galacticos’. That pleased Florentino a great deal

  6. Mayank

    Interesting point (perhaps inadvertently) raised on twitter. It’s generally accepted that one should separate art from the artist. Like, you’re not promoting anti-Semitism if you like Wagner etc. Plenty of great art made by horrible people.

    How does that translate to football? Do we separate the play from the playmaker? The strike form the striker?

    Something tells me it’s not appropriate for sports but I haven’t come up with a logical argument against it?

  7. Goongoonergone

    Headline news in tomorrow’s papers:

  8. marc

    @Ash79 – dont be so foolish marc

    Not to hate bro, but we have been the fools for the last 4/5 seasons:
    1- Selling our BEST players to direct Rivals
    2- We believe Wenger when he says: “I will only add “quality” players if I can find any that can improve our team. We can afford all but 4 or 5 players in the world” – surely there are at least 25 to 40 players around Europe that can make our team significantly better. If we can afford them, then why aren’t we purchasing them
    3- Settling for 4th as if it is an accomplishment, with the so called quality on our team.
    4- Banking on injury prone players
    5- Massive wages for relatively unproven players (1 or maybe 2 seasons of “quality” in none Prem league play is not considered PROVEN by any means)

    The list goes on. Everyday one of these posts mentions one of the above points somewhere in their writings.

    Sad to so say, but we the fans are all foolish to believe we will get what we need. We will only get what Wenger feels is value. Its football and it takes the best team on the pitch, not the back office to WIN.

    If it is a business we are after, then for sure Wenger is the man, but if trophies is what we want, business and on pitch play must be separate, hence we need Arsene to pick one or the other.

    Coaches ask for money and players to improve on the pitch. Wenger running the books and the pitch is a massive clash in progressing as a team. It might make him work harder as a coach to improve quality of play and formations, but if you are stuck with your valuations then you won’t buy better players. Coach and financial management are 2 separate roles that need to be filled separately. Wenger can not manage both the be effective in one way or another.

  9. Radio Raheem

    Ash79July 23, 2013 17:18:31

    Miguel de Cervantes was Spanish. Every Spanish writer since probably feels the need to remind us of this fact. Imagine Barrett walking around with a picture of a 10 year old Bale in his wallet or jacket or trousers…the police might be interested.

  10. slade

    “He could be the fucking messiah for all I care, but he’s not, he’s a two faced lying little wanker. I simply don’t want to hear his views. You can’t argue with his views, brilliant, don’t. Just don’t bring his name up on here please”..(Quote from NM).
    ..for a minute there, NM, thought you were attacking someone-Piers Morgan- without doing the proper know, the way you attack everyone who fails to do proper research before they attack someone-er, Arsene Wenger.

  11. Radio Raheem

    “Have no doubts: Gareth has wanted to play for Madrid since he was a kid,” Barnett said. He then took out a photo of Bale aged 10 wearing a Real Madrid shirt and told them that as a boy he grew up in awe of Madrid’s ‘Galacticos’. That pleased Florentino a great deal

    Haha Cervantes would have been proud.

  12. Wengerites be damned!

    I really don’t know if this Bernard mini saga is true.
    While part of me would like to see him wearing an Arsenal shirt the other part cleary is uneasy. He is a talented player and there’s the possibility that Wenger’s methods ruin him.

  13. scott

    Wenger during the transfer window is like a virgin in Amsterdam red light district ,clueless which way to go and opps for the cheapest ugly brass there.

  14. SpanishDave

    Wenger said he would buy qualatttteee when he finds it. Eight years later the blindman cannot see. When will this dick go? Never he is Arsenal now the board are so far up his arse they cannot see the light.
    We used to be so excited watching our team, now I find it difficult to watch Wenger and our overpaid second rate players, few of then deserve to pull a shirt
    Our clueless owner is a parasite.

  15. Bacaryisgod

    I know that in 30 years my future self would go back in time and tell my current self to stop wasting so much time on transfer gossip and do something more productive with that time before the new season begins. Higuain now 1/7 to join Napoli on that joke of a Sky betting site when they had refused all bets recently because it was a certainty he was coming to Arsenal. As Lou Reed said, ‘Don’t believe half of what you see and none of what you hear’.

  16. scott

    So Santos and now the African Messi. Is wenger finally admitting his buys are shit and can no longer spot an unearthed talent !

  17. Cowleygooner

    Apparently we’ve put in a bid of £35m + £7m add ons for Suarez.

    I’m getting that desperate I’m going to believe it.

  18. lamia

    Barca considering offer of 35m for Cesc despite stating that they want him to stay. Mixed messages or what. I can see Cesc ending up at MU as whatever wenger does regarding this first option clause, Cesc does NOT want to rejoin us despite previous statements. Why would he, he has ambitions. And cesc is, without doubt, better than anyone in our current squad.
    How humiliating will this be for wenger, to see RVP and CESC turning out for manure. Surely, even the AKBs will start to question whats happening. If this scenario leads to the exit of wenger that will be the only silver lining.

  19. Cowleygooner

    Like someone else on here said IF he doesn’t show up for their friendly match tmmrw we can assume there’s something in the story??

  20. sam

    I think Casemiro is another one we should look at
    real madrid bought lallaramandi, isco and keeping ozil… casemiro could become surplus.
    Typical Wenger signing, someone from backdoor you will hope he will shine. maybe not.

    solid player though,

  21. sam

    With the world cup coming no one wants to sit on the bench.
    i think if we try hard we might get someone like casemiro

    oh yeah Higuain and Casemiro for 35 M
    Thats big money for 2 benchwarmers Perez. take the money and run

  22. WengerEagle

    Are the Gervinho to Roma reports true? If they are Roma must be fucking mental, not that I’m complaining! If he goes that still leaves us with the following dross: Chamakh, Bendtner, Park, Frimpong, Fabianski. Not too bad considering last season we still had Arshavin, Squillaci, Denilson, Santos, Mannone,etc on the books.

    P.S When are we ever going to cancel Diabys fucking contract?!

  23. scott

    Marca paper is renowned to spill rumours of shit. Plus there’s no way Madrid can afford both monkey boy and chewbacca.

  24. Rohan

    I think one more 38-39million bid + bonuses rising to 45mill will break the camel’s back.

    I think we’re shooting for him before Emirates Cup.

  25. sam

    hmmmmm, liverpool know we won’t pay that kind of money.
    they are just hoping Abramovic could give them a call

  26. Moanalisa

    And except class is permanent as they say- the cesc that left arsenal may not be the same cesc returning.

    Cesc left as midfielder, but would be coming back as a striker.

    Of course it could also mean a more lethal player returning or maybe lesser one.

  27. Paulinho

    Something tells me Gervinho will struggle to agree terms with Roma.

    In other words, he’s going nowhere,

  28. salparadisenyc

    If this thing plays out how its shaping up with Bale to Madrid, Higuain to Napoli.

    Suarez looks possible, as Rohan said I bet will take a tad bit more.
    At a certain point Mr. Henry is going to take the money an run, with the relief of knowing Luis Suarez is in the rear view.

    Looks very odd seeing these numbers and Arsenal:
    “Arsenal offer £42m package for Suarez as they ramp up bid to land Liverpool hit man”

  29. Jeff


    That is because Sky News, along with ur poor souls, also know the kind of games Wenger likes to play.
    Now you see me, now you don’t
    One minute I’m bidding, next minute I’m not
    Will it be Suarez, will be Cesc,
    Only Wenger knows best.

  30. Moanalisa

    I don’t know if gervinho is gone, I mostly follow comments on le grove to know whats happening.

    So I’m just assuming as per the comment.

  31. kwik fit


    I hear what your saying but something tells me that this time it could be different;
    All before the Emirates cup and only a DM and CB to go. Dare we poor Gooners dream.

  32. Moanalisa

    You sense wenger is like an extremist- he over-does things.

    IF somehow he is able to sign suarez, for a very large fee, then the flood gates of wenger big money moves would just bust open.

  33. raisonar

    Guys got a tough question for you!
    Lets say we sign Suarez for 45m, Bernard for 21m, Gustavo for 15m, a CB for 10 m in next 10 days. This totals around 90m in transfer fees….. (Not totally impossible!!)
    Now in middle of August Barca accepts an offer of 40m from ManUtd, given that we can buy him for 25m and he is willing to come back, would you sign him??

  34. Jeff


    Any statement that begins “This time…” is like those that start with “Apparently…”. We have become like the schoolboy fantasising being in bed with Cheryl Cole for deep down even he knows it’s never going to happen. Instead it’ll be another night under the covers with a torch, her picture and vaseline.

    As Wenger “teases” us with artificial ecstasy, others are humping away, while laughing at him and AFC.

  35. Jeff

    Sorry Kwik, I’m having keyboard trouble this evening. Your name is Kwik, not Kwit although I fear there is a subliminal, Freudian slip in there somewhere.

  36. WengersSweeties

    Metro reporting the Suarez bid.

    Hmmmmm….. seems to have caught some legs.

    Lets wait on…mm

  37. GoonerDave

    We really do want Suarez it seems? No way we would go back with another bid if we were just posturing…
    Could all be donkey poo of course, but of all the players we have been linked to, Suarez (maybe Bender?) appears to be the only bid 100% confirmed.
    I know he’s a dodgy character, but what a player he is.

  38. sam

    Don’t you hate the media every summer?
    how many video of bernard have you watched in the past 48 hours?
    is he signing for arsenal ? or just another tease

  39. sam

    i will confess now
    I watched this bernard at least 10 times.
    if we are really buying him he will better we use him in the middle
    we should give him cesc role

  40. Johnty79

    I prey we don’t sign Suarez. If he has a brilliant season we will probably only finish forth so he will want to leave anyway.. If he gets sent off hell get a ten match ban and his season will be over??? Very out of character for wenger and just total what we ont need.

    Sign begovic and Feilani for 40 m just not Suarez.

    Suarez will play left wing for us and do well to get better stts then poldolski this season.

  41. Johnty79

    Barnard another example of a player we don’t need.

    Suarez and barnard replace poldolski and Walcott in the team. What’s the point? I doubt they will better our current left and right attackers stats. 65m down the drain.

  42. HerveDeNerve

    David O’Grady ‏@dogrady89 1h
    @TonyBarretTimes Have Arsenal bid £42m for Suarez Tony?

    Tony Barrett ‏@TonyBarretTimes 38m
    @dogrady89 No. Arsenal have not offered 42m for Luis Suarez.

  43. HerveDeNerve

    dialsquare July 23, 2013 19:23:41

    5 points out of a possible 24 to be precise v ManU, ManC, Chelsea, Spurs

    Only played against 1 of the above (1-1) in that “fantastic” end of season undefeated run of 10 games.

  44. HerveDeNerve

    @DialSquare_1886 12m
    @TonyBarretTimes He is also an LFC fan and makes it clear it’s his personal views.

    Tony Barrett ‏@TonyBarretTimes 5m
    @DialSquare_1886 Personal views don’t come into it. I just do the job, as when I reported Arsenal’s opening bid.

  45. Pabs

    obviously Suarez would be a great signing. I cant believe anybody would contest that.

    having said that, hes still a discpical human being

  46. vicky

    WengerEagle July 23, 2013 20:02:46

    “Why exactly is Guus Hiddink so highly rated as a manager? It’s always baffled me as he’s won fuck all outside of Holland”

    He led South Korea to WC semi final and Russia to Euro Semi finals.

    Played a great role in the development of Aussie national football team.

    These are greater achievements than Mourinho winning La Liga with Real Madrid which is just a two horse race anyway.

    Winning trophy can not be the sole parameter to judge a footballer/manager.

  47. WengerEagle


    Was taking the piss haha 😛 Sorry it’s just these Suarez stories are killing me as I don’t believe a word of them but oh how I would love to believe them!

  48. HerveDeNerve

    Pabs July 23, 2013 20:20:50

    Because he’s Arsene Wenger, he only pays what he wants, not what YOU want.

  49. Samir


    One guy, Wenger.

    Neither the board or Ivan can FORCE him to spend…Ivan has done all he can by putting pressure on Wenger via always going on about how much money we have.

  50. HerveDeNerve

    Just one goal scored by the opposition in any one of 6 of those last 10 games and it would have been 5th.

    Thats Wenger for you, playing russian roulette with the football club.

    One day, there’s going to be a bullet in the barrel.

  51. HerveDeNerve

    WengerEagle July 23, 2013 20:26:17

    You won’t be able to accuse him or the club of it going “tits up”

    He will simply turn to you and say “Judge me in May”

  52. Pabs


    as much as it annoys me to see realistic quality targets dropping like flies I dont think its all done to wenger alone. He is the manager, its not his job to phone up madrid and put an offer to them. there is a whole team, gazidis, dick law, who seem to be incapable of making a decision and just pay a fee for a player.

    months ago they must have decided higuain was good enough to enhance the team, otherwise why would you even bother with a £23m bid? if the board have decided hes good enough then just pay his fee!!!!!

  53. Jim Lahey

    @WengerEagle – Wenger, its been obvious for a while now that the guy is his own boss and runs the club from top to bottom.

    Can we give up on this idea of signing players like Higuain and Suarez. None of that will ever happen under Wenger, for a multitude of reasons. He will never spend that sort of money, he doesn’t know how. And he can’t handle big players, hence why every star we have ever produced has been showed the door, there is only room for one ego at the club and that is Arsene Wenger’s. Hence why the squad is full of kids and underachievers, all are willing to bend the knee to Arsene without question.

    His ego is slowly suffocating the club.

    I believe it was Mr. Dent who once put it “You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”

    I think that quote sums up perfectly the situation at Arsenal.

  54. TOLI83

    The longer he doesn’t sign anyone the bigger the laughing stock he is becoming . The press know about the discontent with the fans – the sun picked it up today and they know its a story they can all run with.

  55. TitsMcgee

    Journalist G.Guimarães has just informed me that sources from Atlético-MG, close to president A.Kalil, have confirmed Bernard to #AFC deal.


  56. londongunner

    Wenger added: “You know when you sell Robin van Persie to United that will be the case. He is one of the best strikers in the world and you know he will score goals. He got 30 for us in the league last year.”


  57. Dan Ahern

    This Suarez business is getting serious. We must be pretty sure Liverpool will cave if we’re about to let Higuain go to Napoli.

  58. HerveDeNerve

    Don’t you see what he is like?

    Let me give you an example. Several other managers just in the last week have spoken about their potential targets:

    Mourinho on Rooney
    Moyes on Fabregas
    AVB on Soldado

    What does the oh so clever one say when asked about Bernard? “We are not interested in Bernard”

    So, he is prepared to smugly tell you who he is NOT interested in but is not prepared to confirm one target he IS interested in.

    You see, he likes to keep you guessing, looking for players none of us are even thinking about just to show how fucking clever he is.

    Then, when you do get an inkling of who it might be, you then go onto youtube looking at fuzzy blurred video footages of some unknown french/african. All the while trying to convince yourself that you see the same potential in the player as he does.

    Then the reality kicks in. You see them play in an Arsenal shirt.

  59. HerveDeNerve


    Do you think another pint sized munchkin, as talented as he may be, is what is required against the powerhouses of City and Chelsea?

    Maybe his target for this season is 3rd and not 4th then.

    Whoopy fuckin doo

  60. Toli83


    I started doing that ever since the days the Baptista, Djourou, Stepanos, to now Chamakh, Santos, Fabianski.

    Sonogo is an accident waiting to happen, I mean could you imagine the other big clubs signing someone that openly admits he was thinking of becoming a postman two years ago.

    Wake you Wenger you silly old fool.

  61. londongunner

    bale going to real Madrid would be so very sexy so so so so so sexy

    real Madrid having bale=no suarez

    arsenal suarez

    Tottenham no bale= no team

    I reckon real Madrid are set on bale his much of a galatico player than suarez
    im not saying suarez isn’t a better football player he is, but bale is a galatico type sprints down field paces past two players then shoots from distance kind of guy, real Madrid historically were a counter attacking team the ying to Barcelona’s yang

    also the fact zidane is in love with bale, I am pretty sure they have minds and hearts on bale

  62. paul mc daid

    Arsene Wenger does not have the balls to manage Arsenal,he never had,if he had of had balls he would of went with Dein,but he has none so he did not,and Arsenal and Wenger have not won an argument since,not only that but he now has an Arsenal squad that are Gutless,Lazy,overpaid and average at best,if the truth is told,not one member of our squad,not ONE is good enough to be in an Arsenal starting eleven,not ONE.I fondly remember Ray Parlour being our least brillant player,jesus,Ray was world class compared to this lot,a true Gooner.

  63. Dan Ahern

    Herve — Don’t throw the baby-sized forward out with the bath water. He’s an absolute, undeniable upgrade on Gervinho and could fill in centrally too I’m sure. He’s a creative, tricky player. I like him.

    There are certainly more pressing positions that need filling, but this would be a good start. I think it’d have a knock-on effect in encouraging our other targets as well.

    I’m frustrated as fuck about our lack of action, but regardless, this is an undeniable upgrade.

  64. Stalemayte

    Seems Suarez always bites anytime he’s set to leave a club. He did it Ajax, now Liverpool. What’s the assurance he won’t do the same at Arsenal ?

  65. John S

    I’ve been checking all websites & blogs for news on transfers every single blasted day & I’m not going to do it anymore. I’ve got a horrible feeling we’ll get nobody & we’ll start the new season with not a single marque signing. I’m fed up with the dithering, we had an opportunity to make a massive statement of intent this summer & whilst Madrid have caused us a problem on Higuain by demanding £10m more than had apparently been agreed, we haven’t signed anyone of note at all! This isn’t good enough with a champs leg qualifier just weeks away. I’m hoping it will change soon, even the Spuds are stronger than last season now & if they get Soldado, stronger still. Considering we finished 1 point ahead of them last season if things don’t change soon its going to be no different in this next season!

  66. RIPAFC

    @paul mc Daid

    I wouldn’t go that far m8 there is some world class players at arsenal it’s just that wenger has not moved on & is to stubborn to change the way he plays the game

  67. HerveDeNerve

    Toli 83July 23, 2013 21:12:15

    To be perfectly honest Toli, it’s all getting rather boring and tedious now isn’t it?

    Why can’t he already have done his business? Names on shirts, creating a buzz around the new season, kids wanting stickers for their Panini Albums, adding the new players to your FIFA game.

    These are the things that fans enjoy about the signing of new players and Arsenal fans have a divine right to expect it every season.

    Pass me a rope.

  68. HerveDeNerve

    I mentioned his name hours ago.

    Start YouTubing Eduardo Salvio Benfica & Argentina

    He’s next up to bat

  69. Catford

    Might we be waiting to see whether we get through the CL qualifier before we actually buy someone? He wouldn’t be that stupid, would he????,

  70. Radio Raheem

    Might we be waiting to see whether we get through the CL qualifier before we actually buy someone? He wouldn’t be that stupid, would he????,

    Lol I was counting the minutes before this reason came up. I thought we were still in the ‘we are still in July’ one

  71. HerveDeNerve

    What difference does that make if you already have the funds and you are genuinely attempting to win the title?

  72. Toli83


    I think now Gazidis and co have made it clear he has the money, the clearer it will be that this is all about Wengers ego, and doing things ‘his way’.

    Your right its all a bit sad, papers slag us off other teams don’t fear us and we struggle to attract the big name. Biggest joke of it all is we still have Bendtner and co who are on to higher salaries to shift on.

    Another thing is that Wenger has a lack of prudence in the GK area I can see him giving Fabianski and extension out of desperation. Yet we have all been waiting for his contract to expire for years as all he does is fuck up repeatedly. Mr calamity himself.

  73. Jeff


    Of course you’re quite right. Gazidis or the board cannot force Wenger to spend. In fact, I think that Gazidis boasting about how much money we’ve got made Wenger dig in his heels even more. He’s basically saying to Gazidis: I’m the boss, not you. I won’t spend a penny just to show you who the organ grinder is around here.

    Wenger will not share power with anyone. He’s a bit like Nero. He would burn down Rome to placate his ego. He must be deposed.

  74. PhilF

    We should have done some business by now? All the hype, the players getting excited over new signings, the fans expectations being raised…. So far fuck all.. The longer this goes on the more it looks like we are going to miss out. What a fucking joke this club has become!

  75. HerveDeNerve


    Picture this, you return from a tour of the Far East, you arrive at London Colney………………and there is Bendtner, smiling at you doing keepy uppies.

    Then he turns around with his back to you and you see the number 52.

    Couldn’t make it up

  76. Marko

    Bernard seems likely but I highly doubt Salvio he plays on the right wing or right midfield and we’re cover in that area.

  77. Jeff

    The easy wins over soft teams in the Fareast will undoubtedly have lulled Wenger once again into a false sense of security. He thinks the likes of Man U and Chelsea are going to let us play our game like Vietnam and Grampus did. It’s absolute madness.

  78. Catford

    “What difference does that make if you already have the funds and you are genuinely attempting to win the title?”

    I reckon it’s been a good few years since he genuinely attempted to win the title.

  79. Jeff

    When Wenger says things like: “We cannot compete with Chelsea and Man City” what he really means is that he’s not going to bother trying to compete with them. He’s going to hold out for fourth until the rich owners get bored and sell up or FFP comes to the rescue. Neither of those things is ever going to happen. Whether he knows it or not, we’re heading for a fall and this time all the kings men won’t be able to put humpty dumpty together again – at least not while Wenger is sniffing Kroenke’s arse and everyone else sniffs his.

  80. HerveDeNerve

    dialsquare July 23, 2013 21:51:42

    I’ve seen it and it was impressive. Do you believe he is after him after already denying it?

  81. Rohan

    hahaahhahahhahaahahah I haven’t laughed this hard in ages.

    We’ve activated the clause by putting in a bid of 40,000,001 pounds. And no, that’s not a typo.

    Absolutely classic. Dick Law take a bow.

  82. Paolo

    Can’t believe after ‘agreeing deal to join Arsenal’ back in June… there’s every chance Higuain will score for Napoli against us at the Emirates on Aug 3rd!!

    Transfer windows are just pure torture for Gooners…. Why can’t AFC just get the deals done! If Higuain is worth 23-25m then hes worth 31m!!

    So very frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Rohan

    If anything, it’s classic Arsenal.

    Need to bid over 40 million to talk to Suarez. Bid 40 million and 1 pound.

    Liverpool, you’re playing under Dick’s Law now.

  84. Toli83

    Dick Law, Arsenal’s very own Wall Street Michael Douglas – no you couldn’t make this shit up.

    You know we will find a way to fuck the deal up and then unveil Loric Remy to the crowd before the Emirates cup.