Suarez, Higuain, Rooney? Or no one? Hmmmm

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Morning all, I wanted to offer a different slant to all the noise out there today and to discuss the possibilities of a what if? scenario.

We know when Wenger isn’t interested in a player as he sometimes comes out and says No, like he recently did with the Brazilian dwarf Bernard.

He sometimes comes out 3 weeks after a worrying Cesc story and tells us all not to worry as we have a first option clause and providing the player wants to come to us, we can activate it.

It would have been nice if he had told us that when the stories began, but hey ho! At least he told us.

Now we have the nonsense that is are we after Higuain, Suarez or Rooney? Surely we can land one of them???

So here’s a different slant. Yes we made an offer of £30mil but surprise, surprise Liverpool said no, why would they sell us their best player for a lot less than he’s worth and still under contract, they would be nuts.

Please don’t anyone mention Cesc, Barca, £35mil and the three years left on his contract.

Now we are all pretty sure that we made a bid for Higuain, we are also sure we made a derisory offer for Suarez, I think we enquired about Rooney and the rumour now doing the rounds is we have upped the Suarez offer.

So what if all this is either untrue or backfires?

What if Higuain goes to Napoli, Rooney goes to Chelsea and Suarez goes to Madrid?

Well I am slightly nervous that Giroud has scored 6 goals in pre-season, not because he’s done well against teams like the mighty Indonesian Dream team , Vietnam or Grampuswhatevertheyarecallednow, but because Wenger has a ready made excuse as to why we don’t need a new striker, that’s what makes me nervous.

Yes I did get a chubby over Chuba yesterday (no offence son, I meant that in the nicest possible way) and Zelalem also looks the part but I can’t understand why we are taking two 16 year olds on tour, they are babies. Massive, massive potential, but not now.

It does however all point to us making no big summer signings, yesterday Pedro mentioned Ivan putting pressure on Wenger.

Sorry, I can’t believe he has that power, Wenger is head cook and bottle washer and no one puts pressure on him.

I hope like hell we sign one of the above plus Fellaini and Williams and quick, because if we do I really fancy us for the title next season, if we don’t we’ll be just like we were last season.

It’s in his hands and he has the money, let’s just hope he’s playing a game he can win. I remember saying this last year as well though so let’s all hope for the best!

Have a great day grovers, I’ll see you all in the comments.

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  1. andy1886

    OG and Sanogo can fire us to the title!!

    Just writing AW’s next sound bite for him.

    We will sign no-one of note, I’d put money on it.

  2. gats

    Fuckwenger. I have been saying for months, we are not going to sign anyone, except fucking free transfers shites.

  3. Matt

    I just cant see Suarez coiming to Arsenal. If Madrid are also interested then that just seems like a complete no brainer to me!!

  4. samsenal

    i wonder who is going to be the first person today to declare that Wenger only won things with George Graham’s defence ?

    That is my current favourite comment…

    As for transfers, I say wait until end of July before panic stations kick in. Not long now….

    got a funny feeling that HIguain/Suarez will get done quickly. If Hig signs for Napoli there is no way in Hell that we are getting Suarez. If Higuain hasn’t moved to Napoli in the next few days you’d have to say it looks rubbish.

    Napoli’s idiotic president has announced a big surprise will be unveiled at the end of the month….same day as their new kit launch. Let’s hope there’s is as eventful as ours…

  5. Doublegooner

    Wenger’s finished if we don’t improve this year.

    He’ll definitely be finished if he fails to sign the top players, fans & players are calling for.

    With all the managerial changes this year & his supposed football tactics there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be challenging for the title.

  6. andy1886

    What really bugs me is when we’re linked to some relative unknown and the AKB’s come on and say how he’s really good and Wenger had found another gem, how they’d followed him since he was a sperm and seen all his YouTube montages etc etc (Grenier for example). Then it turns out to be a load of garbage so they either go really quiet or say he was rubbish anyway.

    The other thing that gets my goat is that stupid ‘I have a cunning plan that’s too clever to explain to you’ grin that Wenger gives when he’s being coy. No, you don’t have a feckin clue let alone a plan. You and Ivan make Baldrick look like Sir Isaac Bloody Newton.

    Have we signed anyone yet?

  7. andy1886

    Samsenal. Napoli’s idiotic president just got £54m for Cavani. That’s nearly twice what we got for Cesc. Who are the idiots?

  8. Kevin


    I love your blogs! But you are the one that was confident about us bringing in big players and now you are almost doubting this policy. What has happend? I fear the worst…

  9. Jake

    Liars & Thieves.. the whole bloody lot #KroenkeOut #WengerOut #GazidisOut

    need to make signs/banners…

    If Wenger doesn’t sign, or REsign. We Riot!!!

  10. N4

    Sack him, he is not bigger than the club but believes he is we will never win another trophy with him in charge. Fuck the sentiment he has had his time as manager now its time for new blood, ideas and direction. Anyone who believes he will sign big name players and win us the title is living in cuckoo land

  11. Goonzer

    And here I was thinking this summer will be different. But then again I’ve been thinking that for the past 3 summers.
    I really wish Wenger proves us all wrong but as July’s comming to an end it seems more and more unlikely.

  12. samsenal

    andy1886, different player, different position, different purchasing club, different circumstances. Not really worth comparing the two.

    Was Cesc worth more than we got for him? yes. Was there the potential for a bidding war? No.

  13. Crusaderrabbit

    Think it’s quite telling we’ve supposedly gone for big name players who’ve been public about their desire to leave their existing clubs.

    What Wenger’s done is assume it’ll be as easy to pry them away as it has been for other clubs who’ve taken our players who wanted out in the past (RVP, Fabregas etc). Of course other clubs don’t bend over so easily – so we’ve failed spectacularly

  14. andy1886

    Northern, the difference is that Bill Murray eventually learned the error of his ways and got the girl. All we get is a load of b*llsh*t.

  15. Jake

    If this is another season of mediocrity then the season ticker holder should not renew.. as soon as the sponsors see the empty stadium and realise they’re not getting bang for their buck the pressure will be on then.. probably the only real way anything will ever happen.. hit em where it hurts.. the bank account
    – @ozzygoon

  16. andy1886

    Samsenal, hardly a bidding war. Napoli said pay what we want or f*ck off. They got what they wanted.

    We could have said the same to Barca but AW wanted to let Cesc follow his dream. Dick.

  17. Mask of Zorro

    Oh Theo Theo!
    July 23, 2013 09:17:18
    4th place trophy as well
    – hurrah!” congratulations! bring out the champagne.

  18. Jake

    samsenal.. if we’d entertained the possibility of selling Cesc to Citeh, Madrid, Chelsea than we would have gotten a hell of a lot closer to her real valuation.. but wenger and his loyalty to the players is well above his loyalty to the fans…

  19. arsenal tom

    Don’t agree that 30m for a persistent trouble maker, who wants to leave his club and is also banned for the first six league games is derisory personally, its a good starting point

    Also the kids are on tour because its a great experience and we’re so light numbers wise.

    Hopefully Madrid will put all their focus onto Bale now leaving Suarez free if Hig does go to Napoli

  20. azed

    I’ve given up hope of a decent signing. Of nothing has happened at the end of the transfer window, then I’m going to take it up with Pedro and his “we need to finish 4th statement”.

  21. Jim Lahey

    @Doublegooner – How many years have we all been saying that for? The simple matter of fact is that if we don’t succeed this year nothing will happen, Wenger will once again sit there and lie to us, stories will leak that big players are on the way in so people buy up the ST and produce nothing.

    What will change? He’ll sign a new contract and there is nothing that can be done i’m afraid.

  22. Doublegooner


    If we’ve failed to sign anyone of note & not driving forward then I seriously believe this time the majority will turn against Wenger, Gazidas & Kroenke.

  23. Romford Pele

    “If we’ve failed to sign anyone of note & not driving forward then I seriously believe this time the majority will turn against Wenger, Gazidas & Kroenke.”

    True true

  24. andy1886

    Vote for Geoff! He wouldn’t have been taken in by Ivan’s spin. Will Pedro owe you a crate of Double Diamond if we fail again this window?

    Good to have a bit of vitriol back on Le Grove.

  25. Rohan

    What do you mean, why take them on tour?

    It’s the only time in the season, they can play with some of the more experienced players. Everyone does it. What do you expect? Our core 20 players to play 90 minutes?

  26. Nasri's Mouth


    I was wondering about it. On the surface it seems mad, and Wenger has said it’s not happening, but, we had Arshavin, who’s gone, and Gervinho who looks like he’s going, so there is space for someone there. Podolski is a different type of player.

    Bernard is playing tomorrow night, so there would be some sense in keeping it quiet until after the game. I guess we’ll know by the end of the week.

    I’m not too worried about a keeper or a defender, neither would be marquee signings like a striker, so we ought to be able to pick them up quite quickly.

    IMO it’s going to be a busy 5-10 days now. Let’s hope we’re successful.

  27. Matt

    Do we really need anothert Winger?? I would say that in the scheme of things that is the last area that we need to strengthen. Which knowing Wenger means it’s almost a certainity we will sign Bernard!

  28. samsenal

    andy1886 – As i said, it was PSG who bought him, not Barca. PSG are run by the kind of guys that relish being seen to spend the big bucks. They also wanted to get the hottest available property in Europe before other clubs got their @sses into gear.

    You simply can’t compare that scenario to the Cesc transfer that had been rumbling on for seasons. When you are the only club in the running and the player is desperate for the move you don’t give in and chuck an extra £10m to Arsenal do you? You let it rumble on, let your players talk about your target in the media, get the British press all over the story…eventually get the player to make public announcements, pick up mysterious injuries etc.

    That is the way the game works andy.

  29. vicky

    Wenger has given up on Rooney after interest from Chelsea.

    I have this feeling that now it is either Suarez or a third class back up to Giroud.

  30. Havewesignedanybody

    So everyday that goes by, things get worse and worse …

    Targets dwindle … hopes fade… other sides strengthen … we lose out, again and agai n and again!!!!!

    Wtf is going on?!!? What are people doing at AFC?!?! Why arent we taking action?!?

    What is Ivan doing?? Where is Dick Law??? Who the fuck is he anyway???


  31. Nasri's Mouth

    jake: if we’d entertained the possibility of selling Cesc to Citeh, Madrid, Chelsea than we would have gotten a hell of a lot closer to her real valuation..

    When you have a player who publicly makes it extremely obvious that he only wants to go to one club, how many other clubs are going to offer tens of millions for a player that wont want to play for them?

  32. andy1886

    NM – The point is they got what they asked for. Clubs often accept more than one offer if it meets their valuation. So to call Napoli’s president an ‘idiot’ would be pretty stupid wouldn’t it?

  33. DUIFG

    Any truth to Bernard rumours or is it all shite to keep us off the scent of the bigger picture being a giroud child aneke front options?

  34. KGold1

    Morning Geoff, Morning All.

    Personally, I think it is a little premature to consider the possibility of us missing out on all our ‘targets’.

    I mean, the noises coming out of the media cant just be Smoke from Ice, eh??? I think there is a fire burning somewhere.

    Come August 17 and we go into the 1st game with no ‘target’ anywhere near the bench, then maybe we were right all along.

    On the plus side, if we get just 2 or 3 of these ‘targets’, expect some helluva ride next season.

  35. Jimbo

    Anyone else worried by how our rivals have been strengthening so far?

    The issue isn’t just how slow we have been, it’s how fast the others have been too

    Citeh – 4 good signings
    Chelsea – 3/4 signigs
    Spuds- almost 3 signings with soldado
    Utd – 0, but they aren’t starting as far back as we are…


  36. Romford Pele

    “I’m not too worried about a keeper or a defender, neither would be marquee signings like a striker, so we ought to be able to pick them up quite quickly. IMO it’s going to be a busy 5-10 days now. Let’s hope we’re successful.”

    I hope you’re right there NM. I think you are though. We managed to pick up Arteta and Mertesacker pretty quickly so these deals can be done.

    Matt – Another playmaker is definitely a necessity. We struggled in that aspect last season.

  37. DUIFG

    If wenger didn’t take kids you would be beating the drum of why is he ignoring local talent for foreign ponces like gervimo. Guaranteed.

  38. KGold1

    Anyone see what I did there??? Smoke From Ice.

    By the way, where is Ice. I really miss the man (or girl).

  39. jules

    Here’s a thought for you; Napoli get Hig as we will raise by 1.3 pence. Suarez to Madrid, probably. Rooney to Chelsea, probably. This scenario I have said will probably pan out along. BUT

    Consider this; If the Scumbags down the road get Soldado, keep Bale and already have Paulihno ( you know the one they made a bid for, signed in a day or so just like we DON’T)

    Do you really think we be stronger than them !???? Scary thought.

  40. Arsene nose best

    After being ko’d in the qualifying round of the cl, we then lose to spurs, after having not secured a marquee signing, RIOTS

  41. Rohan

    Chelsea haven’t really “strengthened” imo. They’ve bought a couple players who’ll be on the fringes and an impact sub who’s below Podolski in Germany national team’s reckoning.

    City are strange. I’m not too impressed with what they’ve got given the money the’ve spent, but Pellegrini is a smart man. He’ll have a plan.

    Either way, the summer is over. We can still have a successful one. If we do, the leauge is there for the taking. We aren’t that far off.

  42. arsenal tom

    Will be interesting to see the reaction of people like Pedro and Tim Payton who have clearly been given some off the record info from the club about our business hence the ‘be patient’ line both keep peddling especially Payton.

    The club must be very confident of doing good things or the backlash from having two people with 60k following em on twitter spouting this wont be great. Add in Gazidis’ comments and theres gonna be very very little trust left for the club.

  43. gilo

    can someone remind me what the point of us finishing 4th was last season – we may as well have finished 5th there would be no difference…

  44. Mask of Zorro

    @samsenal it’s ALWAYS different, I mean complicated with Arsenal! it’s like we box ourselves in to a cul de sac always! don’t you think?

  45. Nasri's Mouth


    I doubt he’s an idiot too, but not because he managed to sell Cavani for a huge sum of money.

    The Cavani deal was a seller’s market. The player didn’t aggressively push for a move. He didn’t talk about moving to a particular club.

    The Fabregas deal was a buyers market. The player DID aggressively push for a move and he DID talk about Barca, a lot.

    So De Laurentiis isn’t idiotic, but neither is he necessarily any brighter than Gazidis

  46. Anfield89

    I do not expect Wenger to change policy and give us the marquee signing we all want. Suarez is banned for 6 more games and the transfer window runs until the end of August so maybe Wenger is being clever by not paying wages to a player who is suspended.

  47. Black Hei

    PSG vs Monaco. When Monaco spends 60M on a striker, PSG has to go out and get another at 64M. Silly pissing contest honestly.
    Hope all that arab cash trickles down to the economy. France can do with all the help it can get.

  48. arsenal tom

    Jules… no. they were only really missing a top striker. if they get one added to Paulinho and Chadli (who is more for depth) then as it stands they’re far stronger than us.

    we’ve stripped out squad out which is a good thing providing we’re planning on replacing them with quality additions not internally (baring maybe the ox for Gervinho). Otherwise people like JD and Coq would have definitely been worth keeping.

  49. unhappy gunner

    When we win the bank balance trophy 2013-2014 you will all see wenger was right. As for united, the scum might have 21 league titles to their name but how many 4th place trophies have they won??? Exactly. You just had to see RVP’S face last year when we paraded the cup….he was gutted

  50. samsenal

    NM and andy…guys seriously, don’t get too caught up in my use of the word “idiotic”…I guess i should have said “c~nt” instead….be more in keeping with Le Grive comments section is suppose.

    To be clear, i was trying to insult the man because i think he is a Bell. It has nothing to do with the Cavani transfer per se.

  51. Arsene nose best

    If you thought this summer was going to be any different, with this cretin incharge, then more fool you.

  52. KGold1


    Fully agree.

    Out of all of Chelsea’s new signings, I’d take only De Bruyne and he isnt exactly a new signing.

    City have spent what, 100m??? I wold have gotten 3 better players for that amount, honestly.

    But like you said, Pellegrini is a smart person. He surely has a plan, no???

  53. arsenal tom

    gilo… because if you have any kind of competitive nature you want to finish as high up the table as possible regardless or how shit you think the club behave.

  54. Havewesignedanybody

    gilo – exactly

    why finish 4th and be in the Champs Lg? MONEY

    Will we win it? NO

    Can we attract the players? NO


  55. Jim Lahey

    This tour has suited Wenger, he and the team aren’t back for another week, so I wouldn’t expect anything to do done until he is back in England. He has had close to 3 weeks of not having to account for any new signings as he was busy with the tour, and those 3 weeks have given our competitors ample time to snap up our supposed transfer targets. Which is a win/win situation for Wenger, a great excuse that he was in Asia so he can’t be blamed and with many of our main targets no longer available he can now do what he wanted to do in the beginning, not spend and continue on with the mediocre bunch he has now.

    Why buy Fellaini when he has Ramsey? Or Higuain when he has Giroud.. or Cesar when he has Fabianski … or Williams when Sagna can play CB .. or….

    Money saved

  56. gambon

    Check out the piece of shit article on Untold today.

    Buying players is pointless, the best way to improve is to keep faith with failing players…….endorsing Arsenes mad blue print of the last 7 years.

  57. Bisi

    Arsenal board and Wenger are disgrace but they don’t know there laughin at us bcos they both know they wul never buy any players onless is free agent. But i don’t blame them i only blame we fans for we can not demostrate our hunger

  58. Mugabe Thomas

    I swear, if only I knew Wengers’ crib, I wud first terminate him 4rm dis world to give room to productive coaches who can compete for triumph other than the forth place he feels confortable in. de whole Arsenal cabinet shd be brushed aside………..

  59. gazzap

    Bernhard, £22m, Gustavo £15m, Williams £10m = £47m.
    Still £23m left to spend out of £70m but not enough to get Suarez or The Hig.

    Should we assume we in fact have more than £70m to spend?! We’d need £87m to do these deals.

    I still favour the Hig personally.

  60. jules


    Lol. I used have a sense of pride when I would see such a picture or when the great man spoke . Now sadly , I just think……………………siiigghhhhhhhhhhhh! What a fool!

    I really hope I get that old glow back but somehow doubt it!

    Come on Arsene! Just fucking get on it and make us feel a glowing pride like we used to!! Do it!!! I not , then go.

  61. samsenal

    Mask of Zorro….we certainly do not possess the most dynamic of Transfer negotiating teams….that may well be a reflection of the owner’s way of handling his sports teams though…

    “Expenditure? Really? *sigh* Okay, here’s 50 Bucks, go buy yourself a player”

  62. andy1886

    Napoli stood firm and got what they wanted. Arsenal rolled over and let Barca tickle their tummy. Funnily enough we could have said no, meet our valuation or clear off. Are you suggesting that €30m was good value for Cesc?

  63. Gregg

    Previous summers’ propaganda has been bad enough; who can forget the ” Im here with my chequebook” referring to his presence at the Euro’s, when actually he was there because he being paid a fortune by Castrol. Then we had the “we are going to sign players of exceotional quality, fans should be reassured by what they se” – We signed Aaron Ramsey ! – Everytime it amounts to nothing but the soundbytes this time round ? jesus they are going to be the biggest laughing stock in football. As fans I think we long stopped believing the bullshit but players and the rest of the football community will now accept the same. No experienced, ambitious player will believe a word he says, he cannot sell the club to them, that’s why the focus will remain on young kids, preferably French, as the target market, using us as their stepping stone in their career. #grimandijobforlife

  64. vicky

    Jovetic and Navas are good technical players.

    I think Navas is very underrated winger. He has got pace and skills. He is a good crosser as well. He is a player who changes the tempo of the game. Especially for the Spanish national team,he has been instrumental on so many big occasions. When the passing game of Xavi and Iniesta does not work, he is brought on to inject pace and suddenly you see plenty of goal scoring opportunities created. For me he is better than all the wingers that we have.

    Jovetic will also suit the Pelliagrini’s style of play. There is a reason why he has been bought even when there were bigger names in the market.

    Negredo is an average player. No doubt about that.

    Ferdinanho ??? Do not know much about him but 30m does seem to be a huge amount of money for someone who is not a big name in Europe.

    But there is no doubt that Citeh were more threatening on the paper with Tevez and Balotelli in the side.

  65. jwl

    andy1886 – Wenger has a plan so cunning you can put a tail on it and call it a weasel!

    I am feeling strangely serene this summer. I am disillusioned with Wenger and his ideas for a few years now but this summer I am convinced Arsenal have to sign a few proper players to lift the team. Arsenal have been treading water for 3 or 4 years and it’s time to get moving again.

    How quiet it is – I don’t know whether to panic or not. Arsene has to sign some players, right? We only have 2 keepers at moment, one healthy centre back, Wenger can’t just be looking at superstar strikers. And I wonder how does the Cesc to Manu rumour affect our plans? If Wenger has to buy cesc back this summer unexpectedly that changes how much money he has to spend on others.

    And I am still not convinced Arsenal are actually bidding for suarez – Suarez seems like the kind of player Wenger always avoids, i was gobsmacked when I first heard rumours. I hope Arsenal are still in for Higuan and suarez bid is posturing.

  66. KGold1


    Navas to me isnt underrated. Too similar to Valencia and I am not Valencia’s biggest fan, tbh.

  67. jules

    Northern gooner 9.33

    The journo on talk sport didn’t say we have bid 40 mil , he said he thinks we are going to but unlikely to get Suarez.

  68. WengersSweeties


    I dont know why you bother with untold.

    If I didnt know better I’d say someone is on a massive wind up over there.

    Anyway. How much does anyone know about Bernard? I’d never heard of him until we were in for him.

  69. arsenal tom

    Navas will be good providing his homesickness doesn’t kick in.

    This guy can get clinically depressed when he’s away from home and has missed spain training camps because of it.

  70. Jim Lahey

    @Gambon – That blog(article) is a great example of why Wenger will never be accountable for his actions, a quick read through the comments and you see the multitudes of people agreeing with the authors stance of not spending being the best approach, AKB to the bitter end, and there are so many others who have yet to wake up and see the only direction this club is heading is down..

    But with the amount of AKB still out there, not much can be done in the form of protest, the stadium will always have at least 40,000+ and we have seen in the past that in stadium protests against Wenger are meet with violence by the AKBs.

    Whats to be done?

  71. Crusaderrabbit

    If it gets to August 1st and there’s been no major signings then I think Pedro, Geoff, Tim Payton and all the other Arsenal tweeters with more than 100 followers should be calling for protest at the Emirates cup. They genuinely have the influence to cause discomfort to the club and gather the fans together. Think some of them owe us given they’ve been the ones bigging up this summer and calling for patience. I doubt they’ll do it though – for some people I genuinely wonder when enough is enough

  72. Afc53

    Won’t get either GH or LS so why not go for a couple a right winger and have a front two of OG LP/TW

    Bring in fellaini to partner jack and cazorla on the left.

  73. HerveDeNerve

    (Posted this earlier but i know it won’t break out of his jail)

    Unbelievable what you write Attwood. Do you bother to read it back to yourself to ensure that it all makes sense.

    You go on to list the “benefits” of not signing anyone, then you say that you are not saying that he should not buy anyone.

    But before all that you write “However there is another way of looking at football at the start of each season, a way that is intellectually much more robust.”

    So at the end of it all, you really do not have a valid viewpoint or opinion on Arsenal’s transfer business at all. As long as Wenger is in charge and whatever he does, you just roll with it, wake up each morning and write articles such as this to support whatever he does.

    What did you write after he spent £48,300,000 for season 2012/13
    What did you write after he spent £54,150,000 for season 2011/12

    And your final comment? “Besides which, knowing my luck, having written this we’ll probably sign a megastar tomorrow”

    Brilliant, you’ve managed to cover all bases. You obviously wasn’t in the queue when God was giving out opinions.

    Shame there isn’t a shop where you can go and buy one.

  74. arsenal tom

    Wengersweeties… not much although i read he was Dortmund’s first choice to replace Goetze which is a pretty big endorsement.

    Dont think it will happen to be honest.

  75. Bisi

    Did any1 tells you wenger ready to do any business. Forget 70m all is just a packeg lies if you don’t beliv me just wait and see

  76. Nasri's Mouth


    If he goes into the season without some proper additions to the squad, it’s going to be very hard for him.
    There’ll be a lot of unhappiness from the fans, and the first time there is a performance below par (which all teams go through) that unhappiness will turn into vocal dissent.
    Then when you hear pretty much the entire first team talking about new additions, the players morale will be seriously hit.
    I honestly don’t think he can afford to not sign players.

  77. nemesis

    Epl winning 11

    Sagna 0 gls
    Mertesacker 2 gls
    Koscielny 4 gls. 3 ogs
    Monreal 1 gl
    Arteta 6 gls
    Ramsey 3 gls
    Walcott 14 gls
    Cazorla. 11 gls
    Podolski 12 gls
    Giroud 13 gls

    Yay !

  78. home and away

    The funny thing is that I sense even the those of a Wenger out persuasion hope they are wrong about this feeling of crushing inevitability .

  79. TheBayingMob

    Fuck my old boots, Bernard is 5’4″ … jesus h christ. Really? 21m? Really? Can anyone also confirm that this player is actually part of a part ownership like Falcao was? If so, it’s just all bullshit.

  80. vicky

    Just read between the lines of Untold post. I think Tony Atwood carefully dissects the comment section of Le Grove and then tries to write something in complete contrast.

    If we say we need to sign,he would say we do not.

    In fact when he referred to “ANTI ARSENAL ARSENAL” claims that we can not win against Citeh,Man U and Chelski with kids,I knew he picked that up from the comment section of Le Grove.

  81. Adam A Carbarundum

    Idiotic aptly describes the fan base of Arsenal. Idiotic in as much that we keep falling for the same bullshit lines peddled out by Wenger and Gazidis, as they get richer and we get robbed and jobbed. How stupid are we? Apparently very.

  82. samsenal

    *join’s unhappygunner and spitroasts Romford’s statue…maintaining eye contact at all times*…

    God…what have i become?

  83. GoonerDave

    Untold Arsenal is too one sided I agree.
    But most blogs are – here, its simply the other side of the coin. Wenger can do nothing right on Le Grove, yet can do no wrong on Untold.
    Reading as many different opinions as we can allows us to make an informed decision based on personal choice.
    I don’t agree Wenger is to blame for everything, nor do I believe he can do no wrong.
    But balance is difficult where Arsenal are concerned – we have money but are not exactly pulling up trees in the transfer market either.
    If we were to actually sign nobody (unlikely I think) there would be a major revolt in the fanbase.
    Heres hoping…

  84. Gunnershabz

    How reliable is le’equipe they usually good with transfer news so I think bernand will sign

    Wenger likes to keep tight lip with transfers it’s like with rvp he said he could not talk at all about his transfer

    So I do think arsenal do keep it silent

  85. Gunnershabz

    Most South American players have a third party it’s like a business over there and most teams can’t afford wages and this third party contribute wages

    So 21m the brazilan team will recieve 10m

  86. Romford Pele

    *join’s unhappygunner and spitroasts Romford’s statue…maintaining eye contact at all times*…God…what have i become?

    Disgusting individual 😉

  87. Jake


    That’s the only reason I come here. I consider myself pro-Wenger but definitely not ‘AKB’. I read this to see the other side and then I get a balanced view of what’s really going on or at least as close to it as we’ll ever know. I like the blog but the comments section is the worst you’ll ever read.

  88. Arsenal2174

    If the dross pricks down the road keep Bale and Wenger misses he’s supposed targets sorry gunners but I think we will finish 5th or 6th

  89. Bennydevito

    Northern Gooner,

    Don’t you mean Groundhog decade?…….

    Morning Grovers. I’ve tried many a time to make them see the light on that untold lunatic asylum but they just don’t have it. I get abused, censored and given an oik award. Very frustrating!

  90. Havewesignedanybody

    Instead of signings we get stupid pointless updates on …

    Pictures of the players getting on trains, signing autographs, joking around … .whilst we sit here and vex non stop … which vexes us even more!!

  91. Jim Lahey

    In an odd way Bendtner is right, but not for the reasons he thinks.
    Arsenal have paid a very average player far too much and no club at his level could afford the pay him anywhere near to what he steals from our club every week!

  92. GoonerDave

    I’m not sure any fan is an AKB member. I fail to understand how any person can think any man is infallible.
    Just as difficult is believing he has done/does nothing good for the club.

    The AKB and AAA (as coined by UA) are complete myths, which do nothing but deny us the right to discuss properly the reasons for our recent downturn in form/trophies etc.
    Some want Wenger out, some think he has had his hands tied financially. That’s the real difference between us fans. I hope we resolve it some day, because we will find it very hard to win again with a divided fanbase.

  93. Geoff

    Benny why do you go on there, I have never been on there, it’s written by someone who clearly isn’t an Arsenal fan.

    All a bit spooky the way he idolises Wenger, it’s very, very odd.

    Odd in a Glenn Close kind of way!

    Stay away!

  94. Moanalisa

    If arsenal does not get any of those three.

    An early £30mil bid for lewadoski would give dortmund something to think about. They face the possibility of losing him for free or getting £30mil – I think they would think hard about this.

    But the problem is, wenger would not offer that kind of money for a player in his last year – he tends to see the money, more than the player.

    Test barca’s resolve with a £25-30mil bid for pedro.

    If that doesn’t work, then their’s burak yilmaz.

    If that doesn’t work out- kevin gamiero.

    If that doesn’t work out – adrian lopez.

    If that doesn’t work out- chuba apkom.

  95. nuudles

    I know he will not be able to feature for us in the next 2+ years but man Zelalem looks very very good. That level of vision cannot be teached. Loved the laugh of disbelief Poldi had after the goal at the phenomenal pass. Also loved Jack’s comments about him saying how ridiculous he is in training “even in training he is a nightmare to play against” and how he surprises “you think, what’s he doing? and suddenly comeone is in”.

    Geoff, have to agree, if the merry-go-round starts and we miss out on our of those three then I cannot see us signing any CF of note. Maybe, just maybe, Dzeko could be gettable but I think Pellegrini would like to keep him as a different option to Aguero, Negredo & Jovetic. Also Dzeko is very similar to a Giroud (when Giroud has his finishing boots on), which is not the end of the world as then the team would not have to change their style to suit the other CF. That and I think Giroud’s work-rate is a bit higher.

  96. Emiratesstroller

    Wenger has to buy players in this transfer window, because everyone including the Major Shareholder and Board must know by now that our squad is ‘light’ and short of the ‘quality’ to win trophies.

    The club does have some real ‘talent’ at U21 and youth level e.g. Bellerin,Zelalem, Gnabry and Akpom, but they are not ready to play this season in EPL. Zelalem for example makes some fantastic passes, but if you watched the game in Japan he was easily bounced off the ball as well and at Premier league
    level that will be an even greater issue.

    I am equally concerned that for all his talent the same will apply to Bernard. It
    is not his height, but weight which could be a problem.

    Another story making the rounds is that Bendtner blames Arsenal for his
    current predicament. Whilst I am concerned that so many players have left
    without the club receiving a transfer fee this is one player that I want to see
    off the club’s books. He is a ‘money grabbing’ disgrace to the game.

    My view is that he will vanish from the game and the sooner the better. We
    don’t want to see this type of player associated with club.

  97. Romford Pele

    Dzeko is actually very similar to Negredo too. Would’ve just kept the former. Negredo is a tad overrated. Spuds will be getting the better deal with Soldado.

  98. Havewesignedanybody

    Bit harsh Pele …. hes a blogger, sure he has his worth.

    Pedro i’d rate you at 30m easily 😉 Geoff .. maybe 28m … Gambon … 500k


  99. scott

    Cant see why we have to wait for a striker to be signed before we get anyone else. No other club is in for Williams so go get him.
    Pathetic shambolic club we are now.

  100. Dan

    Time is really ticking now and we got a week until the start of August. We realistically can’t let Higuain go to Napoli as soon as he does bosh RM strraight in for Suarez and that leaves us up shit creek.

    Im getting really nervous but am holding on to the hope that this week SOMETHING has to happen.

    We need 5 players most certainly. Im sure there are other negotiations going on for other players but we really need that marquee striker signed ASAP or we’re going to end looking like a joke. This statement of intent is looking more like a whimpered query.