Arsenal dithering is opening up horrible possibities….

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The twists and turns of the transfer window continue as we move into the final week of July without a player to boast of. I mean, I understand we’re working towards Higuain or Suarez, but surely, on the whole planet, there are more than those two who could have been bought to bolster our lacklustre squad?

The Higuain story is starting to get scary. If Madrid can shift him off to Napoli, that gives them the fire power to go out and snap up Suarez. You’d have to say, from a strategic perspective… that idea makes a lot of sense for Madrid. It’s a real worry for Arsenal. If we’re stung out of two player purchases we’re pretty much dead in the water as far as moves go this summer.

That would be shambolic…

Suarez is the lead target now. Liverpool are certain to want to deal with Madrid over us. Things are getting very uncertain. Hopefully the player would prefer to stay in England after all. I have no idea on preference though. The only reason he might fancy staying is economics and the potential tax hikes that might hit a bankrupt Spain when the debt chickens come home to roost.

It’s quite interesting to read some of the players who have come out to talk up the summer of signing proper players. Chezzer is in the papers this morning talking about competition.

‘Even if the boss was to make a big signing in goal, I would do my very best to compete for the number one spot. I’d do my best whatever my position.’

We’ve had a whole bunch of the rest of the squad talking about the need to bolster. I wonder if it’s because they either 1) Have decided as a squad to put pressure on the manager 2) Been briefed by Ivan to talk it up 3) Know something we don’t.

Which ever number, you’d hope the club are listening and you’d hope Arsene’s summer has a little bit more to it than one striker. Because if that’s the case, I really can’t see us making a dent in the league this year. For me, this is the most important week. If nothing has happened by the end of it, I’m going to get a little bit panicked we’re messing up the summer. The main worry would be that if it does go wrong, it’s probably more down to the negotiating team rather than Arsene Wenger. He’s laid his cards on the table. Suarez, Higuain, Lewandowski or Rooney… Lars Bender, Cesc Fabregas and Ashley Williams. So far, a strike rate of zero. The Danny Welbeck of negotiation. Still, United are having exactly the same issues as are plenty of other clubs around Europe.

Don’t read into articles that state we missed out on Cesar or Jovetic though… they’re put their to up your anger.

Keep em’ crossed we do sort something sharpish.

I thought this was funny.

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Have a good day. Don’t kill yourself.

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  1. GoonerDave

    Its going to hurt if Cesc moves to utd.
    But why would they bid for him with no encouragement? They must believe they have a chance of signing him.
    That would be the final kick in the teeth for us. Watching our two greatest players of the recent past playing for united.
    Worrying that they believe they can sign him.

  2. Keyser

    bergkamp63 – Lol, good for you, what’s that got to do with your post ? If fabregas moves to Untied after years of declaring his love for Barcelona, and only Barcelona, then that’s a smack in the face for all of us.

    If all he wanted was trophies and better money we could’ve sold him to the highest bidder.

  3. bergkamp63

    Wenger tips youngster Ryo to go far as Japanese star nets in friendly

    Why, are we selling him to Grampus 8 !

  4. bergkamp63

    KeyserJuly 22, 2013 17:32:02
    bergkamp63 – Lol, good for you, what’s that got to do with your post ? If fabregas moves to Untied after years of declaring his love for Barcelona, and only Barcelona, then that’s a smack in the face for all of us

    Not really, some maybe who can’t get over it.

    I’d rather Wenger publicly exposed for what he is, only then will it lead to his demise and Arsenal’s rise.

  5. HerveDeNerve

    Keyser July 22, 2013 17:32:02

    Pahahahaha! “If fabregas moves to Untied” “years of declaring his love” “smack in the face” “sold him to the highest bidder”

    What’s up, you thinking about your next client that’s about to turn up?

  6. bergkamp63

    Even if we have signed anyone, it won’t be announced until the group get back next week and probably just before the emirates cup (our only chance of silverware this year !)

  7. HerveDeNerve

    Here you go, here’s another “new” signing. You can see what’s coming.

    “Ryo was not completely fit to play but it was a special occasion that I did not want him to miss. He just needs to come back to full fitness and then the rest will come along,” Wenger told the club’s official website.

    “I like his pace, his mobility and his movement off the ball. I like players who can move when others have the ball. There is also his attitude, commitment and desire. That is why I decided to keep him.”

  8. gilo


    are you out of your mind? – what evidence is there to suggest that we’re a serious contender for the Emirates cup?

  9. Keyser

    “What’s up, you thinking about your next client that’s about to turn up?”

    You’ve said something like that or similar several times now, I mean I get you want my attention, can’t you be a bit more adventurous instead of such an insipid bore ?

    Come on ffs, you googled something, found some obscure reference.

    I googled something, at least mine fucking rhymed. You’re a bit shit at this aren’t you ? I’m actually trying to help you now, I feel that sorry for you.

    Like the Hoola thing, there’s be no Hoola, it’s more Holla at the fatman who’s stuck in a hoop, or sponsored by Hula Hoops.

  10. Keyser

    “only then will it lead to his demise and Arsenal’s rise.”

    Ah, fuck, didn’t know you were one of those.

    Enjoy your dinner mate.

  11. sam

    Greedy arsenal!

    Ryo is not even fully fit.
    I am sure people like van persie and diaby blame us for fucking their career and playing them when not fully recovered

  12. sam

    Already injured:
    monreal. vermaelen and koscielny
    we risk starting the season without CB if anything happens to mertesacker

  13. Keyser

    HerveDePerve – Lol really ? So did I, haha.. Oh shit.

    fucking hell seriously did you even watch the video, it had you down to a tee.

  14. GUNNER786

    Hello Grovers

    Next month I’m planning to go to the Emirates with a “Wenger Out” banner and an Usmanov face mask.

  15. Keyser

    Yeah, do Tottenham fans carry some sort of dicktionary,lol I added a ‘K’, fucking hell, it’s soo much fun..

  16. HerveDeNerve


    Next time someone asks you for a job recommendation, maybe you should refrain from recommending that they go to a bar you know in Brisbane, Australia to get a job as a gimp.

    Your first hand experiences, although obviously enjoyed by you, are not necessarily enjoyed by the masses.

    By the way, I bet you don’t through as many light bulbs at this time of year do you?

  17. sam

    Shhhh don’t tell this to grovers!

    Fabregas doesn’t love arsenal
    the traitor won’t feel any guilt he will join man utd.

    he hates us

  18. GUNNER786

    Wenger & Co probably sit around the table a month before the season closes or the transfer window opens and plan how to save money and what BS to feed us.

    They aren’t really after Higuain, Rooney or Suarez. They’re just running the transfer clock down by making derisory offers for world class players.

  19. Keyser

    HerveDePerve – What, because it’s too ‘irresistible’ for you ? Haha you complete mong.

    You’re not even listening now, I don’t really care what you say, at least be funny about it that’s all, come on, try..

  20. RIPAFC


    That’s the idea it’s like ground hog day
    We won’t sign anyone after them cunts telling the fans they have big funds and are prepared to spend big money then we will lose first few games panic buy shit players then this time next season we have big funds to spend we have money to compet with the big boys
    Groundhog Day all over again…


  21. Hunter

    Makes me want to throw up,all the anti-wengerites on here do have very strong opinions about Wenger,Gazidis,kronke etc etc,BUT IF no significant signings are made who is going to stand up and protest at the first home game?,betcha not one of you,cos look what happened last season when a brave guy tried to protest with a banner,he got the living crap kicked and punched out of him and a volley of verbal abuse too,I was there but too concerned about my own well being to act,\yes \i am gulity of hiding but I applaud anyone who does,I have supported AFC for over 25 years and am now of an age where I cant really do too much anymore,but believe me if I was in my twenties or thirties I would at least try!Thats the problem we talk a good anti wenger campaign but dont walk the walk and thats what gives all these wankers who are AKB the most pleasure,seeing the anti-wengers suffer when they know the Lord Wenger is protected.It would need a large group of protesters to demonstrate and I am afraid just a few hundred aren’t gonna make it happen.Wenger and Gazidis know this and thats why they aren’t bothered one little bit,you watch before any signings are made Gazidis will announce WENGERS and that will be our major signing so ‘ground hog day’ begins again,we all need to grow some balls at the ‘EMIRATES’!!

  22. RIPAFC


    He wants to win things m8
    At least he just doesn’t want to pick up his wages every week with no pressure knowing that 4th is accepted in this part of town like some other CUNTS at the club

  23. Cesc Appeal

    “We played with good focus and high pace” the Frenchman told Arsenal’s official website. “We played with a good attitude and at this moment of the season we look quite sharp.”

    Arsene Wenger.

    We look sharp…against part time opposition.

    Jesus H…we’re not getting anyone are we? We’re going to get the tried and tested ‘we tried but there was nothing going on’ line come our first humiliation.

    Anyone else got a really horrid feeling United will sign Fabregas? Was confident they wouldn’t but…don’t know. If they get Hiddink in I’d feel reasonably confident he won’t move…

  24. RIPAFC


    Spot on its a joke
    I use to be a red member but all that has changed they phoned me up the other day for renewal I almost told the woman to f:/k of lol

  25. HerveDeNerve


    “You don’t really care what I say” but you keep engaging me. Like I told you the other night, most people would just tell me to go away and ignore me but you keep coming back for more.

    Excuse the pun, but i’ve obviously hit a nerve

  26. RIPAFC

    They have won the champions league & fa cup Carling cup

    Liverpool sold Torres for £50!million & bought Suarez
    Would fabregas get the same treatment at arsenal m8


    What’s fabregas won with us

  27. HerveDeNerve

    Moanalisa July 22, 2013 18:31:11

    Blame Wenger’s inactivity in the transfer market.

    Oh, and the fact that Keyser doesn’t start work until it gets really really dark

  28. Keyser

    HerveDePerve – “but that web paged was cached by Google on July 4th 2013 at 5.55am.”

    You actually checked ?

    I don’t care, honestly knock yourself out, just be funny with it, can’t you see how dull it is ? Come on let loose, ‘Pillows’, ‘tops’ whatever the fuck they are, is this honestly as good as you’ve got ?

  29. sam

    Tony Adam is the last arsenal loyal captain
    marriage is for life, till death do us part.
    this I love you but I have to dump you for someone else is the shittest crap ever sold to sentimental gunners.

    you are leaving? OK then bye bye, don’t ever come back.
    2 years on you still hero worshipping the little cunt, oh my God!
    just move the fuck on

  30. kc

    Exactly right. We all know what’s going on. We all know Wenger isn’t going to spend big on transfers. We all know he’s making derisory offers for star players just to appease fans that question our 4th is a trophy philosophy. Arsenal fans need to protest or stop going to games. Wenger Out Now!

  31. Wengerites be damned!

    ‘El Tottenham, en Valencia para fichar a Soldado’ according to Marca. Hmmm…If this is true and Wenger continues dithering, then he won’t be parading his 4th place trophy this season.

  32. sam


    Everytime the fuckers pack their bags they take away our chance of winning.
    imagine if we still have Cesc, nasri, van persie on top of this squad?
    van persie and podolski up front we have cesc and cazorla behind them.
    walcott as a super sub.

  33. RIPAFC

    That’s true but who’s fault is it ??
    The players or the cunts that are running the club
    Carzola will be gone in the next 2years & so will tv5

  34. Radio Raheem

    I check the blog, I think something major has happened, because of high volume of comments, WTF.

    After Pedro built up expectations not signing players is as major as signing players, even more major. It’ll be genius if it was his plan all along.

  35. Cesc Appeal

    I really hope someone asks Arsene Wenger/Gazidis what exactly is happening to that £70 Million then…just sitting there? Generating interest?

  36. sam


    i said our last loyal captain was tony adams.
    surely wilshere or chamberlain should be the next captain.

    I respect corporal jenko more , he’s not world class but he gets the job done.
    we have 2 more like that in the team, the midgets of cuntalunya wouldn’t bully us on the pitch.

  37. kwik fit

    Don’t you just love wind-up merchants like Arsene Earnest Wenger. Today he denies were signing ‘Barney’ on Friday . Yeah right Arsene. Next you’ll be telling us you’ve never had oral sex with Diaby!

  38. RIPAFC

    If they would say they don’t have money to compete with the big boys I would be more understanding but they have been saying for years they have money to buy top top quality players & complete with big boys. Why all the lies we went to Lille & picked UP GERVINHO LOL ! What happen to hazard

  39. Cesc Appeal


    So everyone will think Arsenal are trying to do something?

    That there’s no shame in losing out to Real Madrid?

    That we made a substantial offer but were beaten?

    That’s what the line is going to be when Giroud and Sanogo are our strikers next year.

    If Spurs get a good striker this is going to be a horrible year.

    At least we have Usmanov waiting to pounce.

  40. HerveDeNerve

    Available Trophies to former AFC Managers

    1st George Allison 12 Won 3 Win% 25.0%

    2nd George Graham 31 Won 6 Win% 19.4%

    3rd Herbert Chapman 18 Won 3 Win% 16.7%

    4th Tom Whittaker 18 Won 3 Win% 16.7%

    5th Arsene Wenger 63 Won 7 Win% 11.1%

    6th Bertie Mee 39 Won 3 Win% 7.7%

    7th Terry Neill 27 Won 1 Win% 3.7%

    Wenger is just slightly better then Bertie Mee and miles away from George Graham.

    Its all a myth

  41. kwik fit

    Latin American journalist Martín Charquero says Liverpool striker Luis Suárez is very close to signing for Arsenal. This is the same guy that suarez told that he never wanted to ferry arcross the Mersey ever again.

  42. RIPAFC


    Chamberlain was signed from Southampton so tbh if we don’t change are ways & show more ambition he could go special if he continues to play well

    Jack I would rather give it to but again tap him up like they tapped up cole then who knows he could also go

  43. Cesc Appeal


    Seriously guy, just give up.

    We all want to hope, but it just ends up killing you.

    Remember all the sources saying Higuain was a pubic hair away from being an Arsenal player?

    Seriously, Arsene and Ivan could be in the brothel, tip of helmet against the lips and still manage to miss and end up with…well, you know, all over their face.

  44. kwik fit


    Today I believe that the ‘big’ signings will happen. Tomorrow I will disbelieve again. This viscous trend will probably continue until 3 September 2013 (‘arry Redknapp day)

  45. james wood

    I commented on here at the end of last season that come the first
    Transfer window of the forthcoming season we still won’t have
    bought anyone of note .That comment sadly looks like
    it will come to fruition.

  46. kwik fit

    ‘Barney’s’ medical is set for Friday. The logistics of the medial may not be possible however, as the medial room is full. The room now include’s Higuain , Ceasar, William’s , not to mention Diaby who hasn’t left it since 2007.

  47. Rohan

    Getting a bit excited by Suarez. Amazing signing. If he does end up coming, atleast Giroud’s in good nick to see us through those first 6 games.

    Getting a bit worried about our options at the back.

  48. TitsMcgee

    “Remember all the sources saying Higuain was a pubic hair away from being an Arsenal player?”

    This literally made me LOL

    One jorno from France Julian -something said that barring Higuain missing a knee during the medical he’d be an Arsenal player.

  49. TitsMcgee

    “I really hope someone asks Arsene Wenger/Gazidis what exactly is happening to that £70 Million then…just sitting there? Generating interest?”

    Far be it for me to make excuses for this group of clowns but Gazidis did leave himself an “out”.

    I believe he said “we have money to spend but some times what Wenger sees as quality and what the fans see as quality may differ” or thereabouts.

  50. jeff


    that win percentage is skewed majorly.

    did George graham have to compete against clubs owned by oil billiionaires?

    did George graham play against a team who has spent almost 10,000% net spending?

    because that is what wenger is doing right now.

    im not saying wenger is the best ever, but you are talking nonsense with your posts.

    if you want a fair wenger/ graham comparison. then you need to account for only the trophies available before roman abromovich came into town….

    that would be a fair comparison

  51. Bob N7

    Tits McG- isn’t quoting a “French journalist’ somewhat worthless. The quotes you could make up about Arsenal ‘transfer dealings’ would be as long as ‘À la recherche du temps perdu’ which is what I’m now thinking about having typed this post…….

  52. jeff


    who is world class for Chelsea? Man U? Man City?

    I can think of RVP….

    that’s it….

    Mata is Chelsea’s best but cant get a game with spain unless coming off the bench in the final 10 mins.

    man u has RVP but that’s all

    city doesn’t even have a world class player.

    Santi is better than all other than RVP….

    that’s a fact. the stats also back it up…as does his playing time for spain

  53. sam


    everyone at arsenal is world class just ask the japanese.

    unfortunately back here, rating is done by anti arsenal haters so they will say we have no world class.

  54. Harry Redknapp

    plus george never had funding like wenger has had. wenger has spent hundreds of mills on tripe. it might not be net spend but still wasted.

  55. RIPAFC


    Do you think wenger could sign better players then he has been doing

    Can u blame money for the comical defending & tactics over the years

  56. Harry Redknapp

    bob im balancing it out. and wenger has spent obscene money on diaby rosicky squalachi bendtner, and many more, george was ruthless. wengers loyalty to players has held us back.

  57. sam

    higuain is world class and podolski is not
    cesc is world class, wilshere is hertforshire class.
    debouchy is world class and sagna is crap class
    as long as you don’t play for arsenal you are world class.
    if you do you are shit class

  58. bayo

    Arsenal will have signed Fellaini by now if the club was interested in signing big names……We have been deceived once again

  59. Matt

    Who ever is planning to go to the emirates cup don’t go the money will just go straight in to the bank. .this transfer window will be like 2011 will get all the cast offs at the end. Wenger and gazides out piss taking scum

  60. Bob N7

    Dial Square- under Graham we only competed in the league a couple of times. 1991 we were the best team and, praise to St Micky and the rest, we would never have one the league in 1989 but for Hillsborough.
    We were an obdurate, organised cup team. For too many years we were so far off the pace in the league but we could squeeze out cup triumphs. Imagine the shit Graham would have got on Le Grove for finishing 11th and picking David Hillier, Martin Hayes, Gus Caesar and a few others.

  61. jeff


    geroge had a 2 point deduction….that’s nothing.

    HAHA higuain is world class and podolski is not? podolski is the youngest german to have 100 caps and had a 33% strike rate last season. they are the same class. so if higgy is world class, then so is podolski. unfortunately neither are world class

    and we had the 2nd best defense last year, so that rumor needs to stop as well. we can defend just fine.

  62. Bob N7

    Harry- Graham was almost more tight fisted than Wenger. People accuse Wenger of treating the club’s money as his own- Graham went a step further and got sacked !
    Let’s face it, times are different- personally I’ve preferred the way we’ve played under Wenger but I enjoy it every time Arsenal win silverware- I’ve been to every final since 1987 (except CWC).
    The cult of the manger is over-done- the club and the team is what matters.

  63. Harry Redknapp

    graham has done nothing that arsene has not done financially. lets be honest graham took it in a brown bag and wenger has took it in his pay packet.

  64. jeff


    you were only talking about arsenal and world class…

    but we are competing against city, united and Chelsea….. so theyre relevant to the conversation.

    who is world class there?

  65. Bob N7

    Dial Square- don’t you remember the fixture congestion Liverpool had after Hillsborough as well as the trauma the club was experiencing. They didn’t play for 2-3 weeks which meant they had to play relentlessly in the final 3 weeks. We beat them on goal difference. Are you saying that that fixture pile up had no effect on their results, not even by one point?

  66. Rohan

    Harry- Graham was almost more tight fisted than Wenger. People accuse Wenger of treating the club’s money as his own- Graham went a step further and got sacked !



  67. Harry Redknapp

    poor george never had a 4th place trophy to fight for, he had to get his bonuses the sneaky way

  68. Rob

    Honestly Sam every time you post you sound like a 12 year old boy who hasn’t been asked to come out & play during the whole summer holidays,really irritating.Le groves comments section is going down hill big time

  69. Evan

    Jeff I often agree with ur posts but our defence is far from fine. Stats yes much improved, but Mert will continue to be a liabilty and TV and Kos are inconsistent, we lack Sol Campbell, Desaily commanding type of defender

  70. sam

    I heard messi is trying to dictate who’s going to be the next manager at barca.

    who does he think he is

  71. RIPAFC

    At least gg teams could win big games they was ugly they use to hate plying against us we was so ugly & mean now we are push overs that’s wengers way ever since we won double & went unbeaten he hasn’t changed his style.. And never will

  72. Bob N7

    Harry R- ironic that you’re in the know about bungs. The year we had 2 pts deducted was the year we creamed the league, only losing to Chelsea away on a very soggy Saturday ( Iremember the uncovered stand very well that day- we got soaked). That year having two points deducted had no effect at all.

  73. Harry Redknapp

    same year tony got sentenced to drink driving. see arsene never had a bunch of pissheads on his staff.

  74. sam

    rob you are boring,
    stop moaning and get on with it.
    you don’t like me, ignore me

    moan moan moan, get a life!

  75. Harry Redknapp

    imagine if arsenes captain would have got sentenced, we probably wouldnt have fluffed so many points this season with his mistakes

  76. sam


    everytime you moan you sound like a little girl

    and yet you think you can manage a football club
    you can’t even manage your own brain complaining about little things you read online.


  77. HerveDeNerve


    Graham was mustard, a tactical genius, Anfield 89 played out exactly how he planned.

    You see that’s the difference between Graham and the cretin, he knew how to win things, which if you haven’t forgotten, is what a football club is designed to do.

    Graham as Arsenal Manager in the current era? Oh, we can only but dream….

  78. jeff


    that’s wild speculation. geroge graham played in a style similar to how Stoke play now. to suggest he could do it in this modern age of football means very little.


    whats your point asking about who is world class at arsenal then if our competitors don’t have world class players? im lost at your point

    santi is the best AM in the league. fact

    Walcott is the best winger in the league. fact

    the stats will back that up whether you agree or not.

    per & kos are the best CB pairing in the league.

    we are not that far off. we wobbled in the beginning because we added 4 new attackers to our starting lineup and they also came from a different league.

    I think if we sign a CB and a great attacker (suarez, higgy, etc), we are competing on all fronts again.

    we don’t need a 1st rate CB either. we need a good 3rd choice CB. kos & per are good, Verms needs to compete with another 3rd choice CB. then you have sagna, Miguel who are very good as 4th choice. I cant think of a better 4th choice in the league

  79. HerveDeNerve

    dialsquare July 22, 2013 19:55:46
    And we would have won the Double in 91 if it wasn’t for Seaman’s blunders

    Wasn’t just him that made blunders that day. The clubs arranged to wear tracksuits, not suits as it was only a semi final, spurs spotted champagne being taken off the coach along with the kit bags, they came out like they had been on the charley all morning, the rest is history.

  80. jeff


    if graham is so much better, then why didn’t he go undefeated?

    im lost at your logic here…

    heres something George graham has over wenger… he finished below totenham before…

    what has graham won that wenger hasn’t? the uefa cup?

  81. RIPAFC


    When Chelsea won all those trophys was they playing attractive football?

    To compare us to stoke is a joke lol did they have merson wright limpar Davies rocastle
    M8 u can’t compare us to stoke

  82. Rob

    I’d rather be boring than an attention seeker who feels the need to constantly post things in the hope that someone will reply with a ‘lol’. I rarely post on here anyway so you can’t have an opinion of me,I prefer to read Pedro/geoffs blog & read comments regarding Arsenal not your tripe.Im sure you’re one of those kids whos mums always telling to get off the computer but you can’t pull yourself away from the screen,the obsession to click refresh page in the hope someone’s commented on one of your ‘jokes’.

  83. jeff


    considering the fact im only 30…. I am an arsenal fan. but I was only 10 when George graham was in his peak. so that’s not exactly a fair analysis.

    I love wenger. has he made mistakes? certainly. many in fact.

    but he is also one of our greatest managers. and the fact that a lot of arsenal fans go on about trophies is hilarious to me.

    then you compare George graham to a Ferrari?

    if anything, wegner is a Ferrari and George graham is a mac truck.

    is it wengers fault the we lost the champions league as well? did he ask henry to miss a few breakaways in that game?

    he has done extremely well in the limited environment he works in, he has built a stadium that will keep the club sustainable and healthy for the next 50 years and he has done it without dropping out of the top 4. that is a major accomplishment

  84. salparadisenyc

    Interesting how top clubs are run so differently.
    Take this Ancelloti quote regarding Higuain for instance; post match at Bournmouth.

    “A fantastic striker who took one minute to score tonight. I spoke to him this week. He is a Real Madrid player and until we have news we have to consider him as a Real Madrid player and I would like him to stay with us. He is very important to us and nothing else – IT IS NOT MY BUSINESS TO JUDGE THE PRICE of a player.

    How did the powers that be get Arsenal in a situation in which Arsene is in charge of player valuations for buying, selling and the terms of each players contracts.