Arsenal dithering is opening up horrible possibities….

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The twists and turns of the transfer window continue as we move into the final week of July without a player to boast of. I mean, I understand we’re working towards Higuain or Suarez, but surely, on the whole planet, there are more than those two who could have been bought to bolster our lacklustre squad?

The Higuain story is starting to get scary. If Madrid can shift him off to Napoli, that gives them the fire power to go out and snap up Suarez. You’d have to say, from a strategic perspective… that idea makes a lot of sense for Madrid. It’s a real worry for Arsenal. If we’re stung out of two player purchases we’re pretty much dead in the water as far as moves go this summer.

That would be shambolic…

Suarez is the lead target now. Liverpool are certain to want to deal with Madrid over us. Things are getting very uncertain. Hopefully the player would prefer to stay in England after all. I have no idea on preference though. The only reason he might fancy staying is economics and the potential tax hikes that might hit a bankrupt Spain when the debt chickens come home to roost.

It’s quite interesting to read some of the players who have come out to talk up the summer of signing proper players. Chezzer is in the papers this morning talking about competition.

‘Even if the boss was to make a big signing in goal, I would do my very best to compete for the number one spot. I’d do my best whatever my position.’

We’ve had a whole bunch of the rest of the squad talking about the need to bolster. I wonder if it’s because they either 1) Have decided as a squad to put pressure on the manager 2) Been briefed by Ivan to talk it up 3) Know something we don’t.

Which ever number, you’d hope the club are listening and you’d hope Arsene’s summer has a little bit more to it than one striker. Because if that’s the case, I really can’t see us making a dent in the league this year. For me, this is the most important week. If nothing has happened by the end of it, I’m going to get a little bit panicked we’re messing up the summer. The main worry would be that if it does go wrong, it’s probably more down to the negotiating team rather than Arsene Wenger. He’s laid his cards on the table. Suarez, Higuain, Lewandowski or Rooney… Lars Bender, Cesc Fabregas and Ashley Williams. So far, a strike rate of zero. The Danny Welbeck of negotiation. Still, United are having exactly the same issues as are plenty of other clubs around Europe.

Don’t read into articles that state we missed out on Cesar or Jovetic though… they’re put their to up your anger.

Keep em’ crossed we do sort something sharpish.

I thought this was funny.

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Have a good day. Don’t kill yourself.

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  1. Lusekelo

    @ Jake you must be a typical AKB. Just because I have gone against Arsene’s lies and idiocy does not mean I was not an Arsenal in the first place. I will only resume my support for the club once sanity settles in and all lies stop. Most probably this only happen once your emperor Wenger goes.