I love Cesc, hate ManU and Barca but I wouldn’t want him under a cloud

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What does that mean? Well as much as I hate those two teams as they have bullied us relentlessly over the years, I would hate to get Cesc back because Tito Vilanova is sick again.

I’m sure that David Moyes will hope to make the most of any confusion that is happening at Barca given that they may have a new manager in the very near future, that guy may also realise quickly he has to sell, given the shitter Barca are in after their recent purchase, Messi’s wages and their desperate need to shore up at the back.

But I only want Cesc back if he wants to return, not because his manager is sick and the new one sees him as a luxury.

Anyway how stupid is Moyes? We have a £25mil buyback clause and Cesc hates ManU. Also Wenger said that he was monitoring the situation so I really don’t get the Mancs. Very odd.

Bruce Grobblesomething, Liverpool’s Rhodesian old keeper is suggesting they accept Wenger’s £40mil offer for Suarez and bring in Christian Eriksen and Toby ­Alderweireld from Ajax.

First of all I don’t believe for a minute Wenger would offer £40mil for Suarez whatever the Red tops say, but I would have Eriksen in a heartbeat.

In fact Brucey talks a lot of sense. I really like Suarez as a player make no mistake, but £40mil? I don’t think so and nor in my opinion does Wenger.

We could get Eriksen, Fellaini and Williams for that money, plus we’d have enough left over from the £80mil to get a Higuain or a Lewandowski. Ok maybe I’m dreaming about lewandowski, but to blow £40mil on Suarez to me is silly business, especially with his record, and that my friends goes back to his Ajax days.

They say once a biter, always a biter.

Tomorrow we play our first game in Japan and we’ll wheel out our Japanese winger Ryo, I’m not convinced about young Ryo so I hope he proves me wrong and has a great game.

Finally why is it we loan out our players to sides like Bolton (Ryo and Jack) then we try and buy their players (Cahill) and they politely tell us to swivel.

Then we sell our players to big teams, Robin to ManU, Cesc, Song, Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Sylvinho, Hleb and TH14 to Barca and Nik Anelka to Madrid and when we want one back, Rooney, Cesc or Higuain they tell us to sling our hooks.

Are we their bitches? I hope that our new transfer and loan policies are reworked to include those four scumbag teams and that we have very long memories.

Have a top day today Grovers, today ENGLISHMAN Lee Westwood is leading the Open and ENGLAND are stuffing the Aussies in The Ashes, add that to the other Englishman that is currently winning the Tour De France and today could be a good day.

The reason I mentioned that Lee Westwood was English is because when Andy Murray was winning Wimbledon last week he was Scottish and not British and yesterday the media said Westwood was British and Froome was from Kenya. You can’t win if you’re English!

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  1. Hunter

    The way I see it is that the Hig isn’t going anywhere,he will stay at RM,Ancelotti thinks highly of him,Munchkin suarez will stay at the scousers and Rooney will force a move to chelski,,we will stick with OG and Poldi with Sandogo or whatever his name is as a back-up,we have no vision,only dreams,this management team led by the biggest prick in the world have spoofed us all,most teams have made their moves,bought some players to strengthen and are almost ready!we on the other hand have lied,lied and lied again to the supporters,all this crap from Gazidis about doing our business early what a complete and utter liar he has been!Now we have defensive injuries plaguing us,how many times on this blog have we said we need another centre half and possibly another full back?Knowing wenger he will say that diaby could play there and we dont need anyone!This french twat is a complete joker,he has conned us for so many years,we all thought he would be the best thing since sliced bread but after 8 years of complete failure(no trophies) he is leading us into oblivion.The once great AFC is now a laughing stock and as many people on here have said previously we are other teams ‘bitches’,we do whatever they ask but get nothing in return.Please please can somebody take wenger out and gazidis with him,there Must be something we can do to remove them from the equation.I just cannot bear to watch wengers face anymore,that smug ‘I know it all’ face pisses me right off!!

  2. Incesc

    Wilshere vs Swansea

    Took the game by the scruff of the neck against a team we have struggled against without him. Scored the decisive goal.

    Honestly jack isnt the finished article but surely any football fan can see this lad has the lot. He’s played one full season where he was overplayed horrendously nder a crazy manager at 19.

    Watch him, the little things he does, his awareness, he can pass, tackle, read the game well. He can take a man on and he has a great shot. When did cesc start scoring regularly!? It wasn’t at 19 which is the only age we’ve seen jack.

    Last season was snippets, this season he’ll improve but I reckon the season after he’s gonna explode

  3. tom

    wilshere vs Bayern at home we lose 3-1 without wilshere we go away to Bayern and win 2-0 without jack dogshere

  4. LeMassiveCoq

    Im beginning to lose the last molocum of hopw i had about Arsenal.

    I think they actually care more about fans in the far east than those here.

    We aren’t going to sign anyone are we?


    The lot out.

  5. TitsMcgee

    35 m Euros for Higuain being reported. Basically 30 m pounds.

    We could have easily paid that and he’s worth 30 m pounds too.

  6. londongunner

    people stop moaning about wenger unless your going to do something about it!

    wenger this wenger that, well what the fuck are you gonna do about it buddy???

    firstly create a petition or try to contact AST do something ladies

  7. Jeff

    Just seen Ancelloti and Zidane (his assistant) sitting next to each other gesturing instructions. Amazing.

  8. Reiss

    Djourou out on loan Santos sold Koscielny injured Monreal injured Vermaelen injured Frimpong injured Coquelin out on loan and what do we do absolute fuck all. Joke!

  9. Jeff


    We are going to do something. We’re going to give the manager anoter 4 year contract. Says it all doesn’t it.

  10. Reiss

    Yeah Jeff that looks like it could happen and if it does we can hello to at least a decade of no trophies. Wenger and Gazidis are just incompetent its time for change.

  11. GoonerDave

    They are certainly taking their sweet time getting deals done, but its still too early to go mental.
    Lets just see how it unfolds first. We cannot even be certain who our actual targets are yet – we are all slaves to the media in that respect.
    Theres still lots of time to get the right people in – not ideal but better late than never.

  12. Jeff

    Good one Kwik. It could even be one of our targets. He comes with his own shirt so that should save a bit.

  13. Reiss

    Its quite obvious Wenger and Gazidis are bidding for players with the intention of not actually buying them so that afterwards they can say that they tried that is not good enough. Are you telling me now that we haven’t bought one player for all this time.

  14. Crusaderrabbit

    Regardless of who our transfer targets are/were you’d think after the season we’ve just endured they’d recognize the requirement to appease the fans and get at least one decent name on early with more to follow – but no, they clearly don’t give a damn.

    Agree with londongunner tho that people should spend less time moaning and more time making their voices heard/protesting the club. Forget the AST though – totally ineffectual, rather debate than act. Remind me of the People’s Front of Judea from Life of Brian

  15. GoonerDave

    If that were true, the players agents would be more than happy to leak that story to the press.
    We are bidding for players, and not bidding enough in my opinion.

  16. goonerbone

    Fuck you Wanker, fuck you Ivan, fuck you S(a)tan! You have made this club the joke of this summer and destroyed our brand. I have loved this club for 42 years, you have fucked it up in a decade. Go away!

  17. LeMassiveCoq

    The only way to resolve this shit, is to NOT GO to any home games.

    Go to away games and sing your hearts out.

  18. londongunner

    problem is when high profile/well known people come out in public to criticize the club such as Ian wright, people immediately class him as bitter and resentful its a complete Ad hominem.
    When ever an ex arsenal legend criticizes regime he must be bitter and jealous and whenever this happens all the akb’s come out in force.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Spurs make their second signing.

    AKB’s will say ‘well would you want him??!!’

    But that’s not the point, finished behind us, out of the UCL, have much less money than us, yet they’ve HELD onto Bale where we sold our best, and made two signings with a striker still likely as well.

    Fucking joke.

    We are an utter joke. Doing nothing, nothing close, nothing on the horizon, just shit.

    We’re out milking Asia for all it’s worth, all for Kroenke, Ivan and Wenger.

  20. GoonerDave

    I know everything we read must be taken with a pinch of salt, but if theres any truth in Madrid putting up the price of Higuain after terms were agreed, then I think we are right not to be held to ransom like that.

    I still think we are after a big player or two, but its very possible they are none of the ones mentioned in the press.
    Could do with getting a move on though!

  21. Cesc Appeal


    Problem is Napoli have now funded RM’s move for Suarez.

    Sometimes you have to pay the ransom, come November we’ll be wishing we had.

    But in all honest i expect nothing out of this window…i expect the same season as we’ve had last two running.

  22. londongunner

    Wenger had been given 23% of any player he sold out of Arsenal by the club owners. This year if he will not sign and save the €116 million and also secure 4th spot on EPL, he will be given 17 % of the club profit.

  23. GoonerDave

    Yes it could pan out that way. I do think nearly 40m is a lot for Higuain though. I suppose time will tell if we regret that.

    I imagine signing a player is very difficult and complicated. But maybe since other clubs seem to fare better we should invest in a new negotiating team. Now we actually have money!

  24. reggie 57

    Cant see any major signings of intent coming in to be honest? after Giroud’s hat trick against the might of Vietnam did anyone notice Wenger with that smug look on his face as if to say” we don’t need any one Iv got the real deal already”
    Yeah Arsene you know what youre doing alright…..

  25. Cesc Appeal

    I just hope the press and the Journos give Wenger a really shitty time this year…

    always makes me sad to see a half filled stadium but thats the only way to hit them…and that’s what’s coming.

    Even opening game won’t have a full house if we don’t spend.

  26. sam

    our first 10 opening games this season are nice, hopefully we will be top of the league before we meet the mancs

  27. londongunner


    I am not saying we should have signed suarez or higuain by now but surely we should have bought a cb, dm or at the very least a squad player to deplete our ranks

    saying transfers is hard is not going to cut it when liverpool spurs city chelsea barca real madrid bayern have brought in players.

    We simple are not trying hard enough

  28. TitsMcgee

    Still time left but it’s pretty obvious tgat we won’t be signing any players we don’t usually sign.

    I.e more players like Sanogo

    If it comes to the light of day that we lost Higuain for 35m euros it will be the ultimate slap in the face.

    The prices of players have changed. You must change with the times.

  29. londongunner


    we will sign an average or a couple of average players, wenger and team will dress it up to look like a triumph.

    e.g. we buy williams and gk, wenger “we have bought vital important top top players to improve are already brilliant squad, I do not see why we cannot challenge next season”

  30. HerveDeNerve

    I don’t know why your all moaning at Wenger. I think he’s done really well so far in this transfer window. He started with £70 million, signed 1 player and now he’s got £72 million.

  31. TitsMcgee

    Our problem signing big players are two-fold.

    An unwillingness to pay market prices and being so poor that players don’t want to play for us.

    Wenger is responsible for both.

  32. Cesc Appeal


    Well really why would you want to play for Arsenal?

    No top players here, over 12 months we sold Fabregas, Nasri, Song and Van Persie

    Haven’t won anything in 8 years.

    Highest earner is on £100 000 a week…aside from the manager of course who earns £145 000 a week. But then that’s a bargain for someone with his God like knowledge.

    When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. There’s no plan in place at all Arsenal, yet again we’re winging it, let’s see what happens, is our mantra.

    ‘Why can we not challenge?’

    Because our squad is shit Arsene, and so are you.

  33. Cesc Appeal

    People read this blog everyday as well, a lot of people, but you just know we’ll get to the end of the window, signed no one any good and Pedro will make excuses…or deflect when you’d love to see him really rip into the hierarchy and Wenger.

  34. TitsMcgee

    Wenger has given up on winning. AFC have basically thrown in the towel.

    We can’t compete with the top 3 so why spend?

    FFP will save us from the big bad top 3.

    Time left the AKBs will say but there is almost nobody left that can make us competitive with the top 3.

    It would have been so easy.

    Get Higuain. Buy paying a lil extra.

    Get Fellaini by triggering his relatively low RC.

    Put them both on 150k a week.

  35. pistolpete

    Hope your having a nice time in Japan Wenger!! While everybody else get the transfer business done. Thing is , other teams have people who can sort transfers and dont have to ask the manager a thousand questions while negotiating, like we do. Wenger has the sweetest job in the whole of football. Don’t have to win anything, and will never get sack. How the hell did this happen!!!!!!!!!

  36. ikon

    Football transfer market is a classical contrarian market.

    The major mistake AFC did was to allow CEO Gazidis to speak his heart out on how our spending power had increased manifold. To come out in public with statement like, we can afford 40 million in transfer and 250,000 pw in wages was naive to say the least.

    Arsene Wenger is far far shrewd in such situations. And hence when he says we can pay 250k pw for Rooney, most likely he says it because we are not going to bid for him.

    High time we signed someone. If this summer goes like other summers, serious rejig needs to be done in our negotiations team.

  37. Jeff

    There’s no arguing about it. The club is officially a joke. We will march into the season half-cocked once again and get battered and bruised as we limp once again into fourth. If we are quibbling over several millions or even thousands, it means we’re not serious – simple as that.

    Everyone else is out of their traps hurtling towards the finishing line to complete their business and we’re still fluffing around kicking tyres.

  38. unhappy gunner

    I hope next season the majority of fans make wengers and the akb’s lives hell. I hope they vent their anger at every game and chase the cheese eating french surrender monkey out of emirates. And any akb who sticks up for him I hope is punched in the head as many times as possible till they come to their senses. The man and the board are an utter disgrace to this famous club. Fuck wenger, fuck stan, fuck gazides and fuck romfords statue. ..

  39. sam

    Good moaning happy gunner,
    you are advocating so much violence.

    yes true, I believe Higuain deal could have been done quietly at the reasonable price if they didn’t brag about their windfall.
    now with so much money exchanging hands there is no time for silly bargaining.
    they are pretending to be busy with pre-saisons, he can still make calls to secure deals. he’s ignoring everything because he’s now targeting last minutes bargains.

  40. unhappy gunner

    Violence is the only language the yanks understand, and with the french, the first hint of violence the white flag comes up and they surrender. So its win win both ways. Anything to get le senile and the other thieving crooks out of our club.

  41. peanuts&monkeys

    I will repeat what i have been saying: It will be the same stale story this summer.

    This shd permanently break the myth, ‘ we can attract bug names if we have CL qualification, the COVETED 4th spot’

    Even buying a WC striker will only show results after september because of the bedding time he would need to gel with the MFs. So, Wenger will wisely decide to buy a goalie and a CB. Period.

    Arsenal is a mid-table, having some bit of luck to get to 3rd or 4th for a few years now. Look at the points tables,. We are closer to the mid-table teams than from the top. Says it all.

  42. Al

    Pistol Pete
    Thats so true. I don’t doubt that wenger may have success but if he was changed the club would grow ridiculously.
    The club are wasting the biggest opportunity right in front to dominate English football. We have the stadium, fan base, lure of being located in London, , history, and finance to compete even with FFP with only united matching us in regards to most those strengths but the club has and is wasting the opportunity.
    We should have gone all out when united are at their weakest but we haven’t because we have a manager that is not willing to change and buy what is needed rather then hoping for the best and just making do with the limited players he has.

    So pete your right.. the day we get a new manager the club will grow so much but I feel we have wasted are opportunity

  43. Adam Bucci

    i dont really care who we do or dont sign. i just want to see our team competing for first, coming close or wining champions and at the least winning the fa cup.

  44. londongunner

    I don’t care what people say wenger was a great manager

    key point was as in past tense!

    even the greatest have to retire or move on you can’t stay at the top for ever, hence Ferguson quitting at the top, Wenger is the equivalent of a former world champion heavy weight boxer now frazzled and punch drunk from one to many punches

    Wenger RIP his time has come unfortunately he doesn’t know it yet, the old guard is out now its down to the klopps mourinho and avb the young managers.

    Wenger brought new ideas but now they are old he hasn’t adapted yet he expects football to conform to his values

  45. TheBayingMob

    Al July 22, 2013 09:33:32
    >>The club are wasting the biggest opportunity right in front to dominate English football. We have the stadium, fan base, lure of being located in London, , history, and finance to compete even with FFP with only united matching us in regards to most those strengths but the club has and is wasting the opportunity.
    We should have gone all out when united are at their weakest but we haven’t because we have a manager that is not willing to <<

    Arsenal have never been ambitious enough to try and dominate when we could have. Take GG’s early spell 86 to 91, we had a young team full of great footballers, right on the cusp of the PL. In 91 we won the title losing only once away at Chelsea (stood on the Shed that day, interesting to say the least!) conceding only 17 goals but the club just never pushed on. We faffed around, did well in the cups then Graham started taking back handers; United had a young squad, a group of talented players, added Cantona and the rest is history. Whenever we’ve had the opportunity to dominate the ambition has just never been there. 86-91. 98-02. 02-04. Each period we just let it go.

  46. TheBayingMob

    I don’t get all this nonsense about Cesc. If they accept the bid they have to inform us as we have a first refusal clause, Cesc waiting to see if they accept, then he’ll know he’s not wanted so he can rejoin Arsenal as he’s told all his mates that’s what he’d do … What?? Really!!? Are United that dense that they’d bid on a player that has said he would only go to Arsenal? Bollocks they would. Fab will go to United or nowhere.

  47. Brum Gooner

    Cesc is leaving Barca

    Barca statement ” we will not make a decision on the future of Cesc until a new manager comes in. “

  48. Silver Price

    We could get Eriksen, Fellaini and Williams for that money, plus we’d have enough left over from the £80mil to get a Higuain or a Lewandowski. Ok maybe I’m dreaming about lewandowski, but to blow £40mil on Suarez to me is silly business, especially with his record, and that my friends goes back to his Ajax days.