Stoke doing it right | Suarez deal slow | Williams deal back on?

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Benteke signed a 4 year deal with Villa yesterday, that’ll disappoint Spurs. Which pleases me. Definitely the best move for his career and development. If he bangs in 20 goals again next year, he’ll be a £30m player…

Arsenal news is at a premium sadly. Madrid are apparently offering Higuain for Suarez. Good luck with that one. Top players don’t accept being degraded in swap deals. Higuain doesn’t move to clubs outside the champions league. Sorry Florentino, that deal is a no go. I wonder if Madrid are starting to worry about Arsenal and their new focus on Suarez?

Word has it that the Uruguayan is about to tell Liverpool that Arsenal is his preferred destination. Arsenal have already agreed provisional terms with his people. So it’s just a case of Liverpool deciding whether they accept the bid. £35m is a nice cash lump that only Arsenal could wire over via PayPal. An additional £5m in bonuses sweetens it perfectly.

My major worry as I keep repeating is how long we wait on this. It’s not like we’re trying to drive a lower asking price. Liverpool are just being stubborn. However, Arsenal don’t need to get him in early… because he’s banned for 6 games. That said, he could play the Champions League qualifiers… which would be a massive lift for our chances.

A player I’ve suspected we’d sign all summer, Ashley Williams has ramped up the flirting with Arsenal by going public on his interest.

“I don’t really read the papers and that type of thing. You don’t really know, as that’s the future, and I can’t really say. Different circumstances determine different things.”

A bit of a mash up of words. Arsenal are interested as he’d be a very nice addition to our severely depleted defence. We can’t be slipping Aneke in the back four in the Premiership. Williams is a £10m player, he’s Premiership ready and he’s a leader. Just snap him up and be done with it. If there’s someone younger and better, great… we just need to start stocking up on players. I know we’re working hard on deals and I was told to that all the moves will probably drop in one splurge… but I’m getting nervous. I get signing a £40m striker is hard work… But picking up squad players shouldn’t be.

It’ll be interesting to see where we go on the midfield front. Lars Bender is a no go. So who else fits the bill to replace Arteta?

You can tell the web is dry of Arsenal stories when low grade websites report we’re about to sign Bernard for £21m… based on a tweet. Seriously poor form.

No one likes to praise Stoke, but I read they’re paying for away fan bus fares this year as well as offering under 17s £5 away tickets for the Liverpool game. Clever marketing. Filling up the fan funnel with the future. Seems it’s not just Arsenal who are aware of an ageing audience.

It’s also nice to see at least one club that took TV revenue and gave a little back. After all, fans in the ground is one of the factors that makes the league appealing on a global level.

Ok, I’m tapping out. More tomorrow.

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  1. HerveDeNerve


    Can we do this tomorrow too? It’s so much fun don’t you think? I’m so glad you’ve chosen to engage me. Most people would tell me to fuck off and grow up or indeed would just blatantly ignore me at which point I would usually just get bored and stop.

    But you are just so bloody great. Will you be going to the Le Grove meet up?

  2. Jeff


    You actually managed to have the last word against Keyser. That took some doing. I’ve never seen it before and take my hat off to you. He doesn’t usually give up till around 5am. I switched off around 10pm last night and went to bed.

    Anyway, I’d like to try and explain why Keyser nearly always tries to rubbish my posts. It is because I tend to stick to the biggest problem in hand – i.e. the thing that’s stopping us going forward which is Wenger and he doesn’t like me doing that. He prefers people to talk about “why” Wenger does what he does whether they like the manager or not and then of course he picks up on that and tries to vindicate some or all his policies by bringing in arguments about “value for money”, “oil rich clubs” etc.

    All of that boils down to one simple implication – namely that Wenger has done really well given the “constraints” and therefore deserves to be praised.

    As for me I can’t talk about “other things” when there is this huge elephant in the room called Wenger. We can’t move forward with him in charge. He won’t buy world class players, he won’t change formation, he won’t change transfer fee policy, he won’t change the wage structure, he doesn’t do tactics, he won’t listen to anyone, he keeps making lame excuses, he keeps lying, he sells our best players, he buys cheap inferior replacements, he thinks 4th is a trophy – need I go on?

    Now faced with this, what else is there to talk about if we can’t go forward? I know it gets boring after a while but what is the point of talking about our history, the famous games, the players we’ve had, past victories, and so on if in the last 8 years and counting we’ve had nothing but mediocrity and capitulation because our club controllers haven chosen to “pout” and “self-harm” in the name of “prudence” just because other clubs happen to have rich owners who want to spend?

    If a patient is gravely ill, do we reminisce about how healthy and vibrant they once were or concentrate on getting them better so we can experience the joy of seeing them up and running again? At present, our club is sick and the root cause of that sickness is Wenger. Most on this blog agree with that but Keyser always likes to play the contrarian more I think for the purpose of starting a dialogue and satisfying his own personal needs and wants than to prove anything of value. I’m sure if we were all singing Wenger’s praises he’d be pushing the opposite just to provoke a reaction and start a long abrasive conversation with an opponent.

    I tend to stay out of his way these days because a conversation with Keyser is like a dog chasing his own tail – which for some reason he likes doing.

  3. RayGooner

    Reports says that Cesc has hinted that he might fancy a move to Man United, at least that would explain why United seems so certain that they could get him…

    Though, there might be another explanation to the whole story….

    What if Cesc’s only fooling United to think that they can get him and drags it on until late August and then makes a u-turn and signs for Arsenal, just so United will have it more difficult to find another option for that midfield spot.

    It all might be a “Masterplan” inspired by Wenger & Cesc to pay back for old times….

  4. Crusaderrabbit

    Simple truth of the matter is this the appeal of sport is the appeal of identifying yourself with the competitor, be it a person or a team and celebrating in their victories or defeat. Most of the time we choose who we support by some sort of tribal connection – be it local or national – or sometimes simply because that team or competitor appeals to us on some level. The other key thing is that, whilst we understand if there are to be victories, there must also be defeats, a support is based on an understanding that person or team will try their utmost to succeed.

    Sport, unlike life, is not about compromise, it’s about striving to be the best you possibly can be. Can anyone on here genuinely say that’s what Arsenal are doing? And I mean trying their best to compete on the basis of sporting competition, not within their own criteria or philosophy? I challenge anyone on here to say they are.

    I keep going back to the performances of the Olympic athletes, their sheer determination to succeed for the simple glory of winning to me highlights the shameful behaviour of Wenger & Co. It’s as clear cut as that – they are not worthy of our support

  5. Dannyboy

    Raygooner, I think you’ve been watching too much TV with conspiracy theories like that… Love it if it was true though pal!

  6. MarsBar

    Well I said until the end of July and the beginning of the emirates bollocks cup at ours to see if we have signed anyone.

    Of we do, grat nasterstroke market them with games at ours, which is a good pull of in regards to marketing an when to unveil someone.

    But if we don’t I cannot see any reaction in buying people if it isn’t done by the end of 10th December….

    Unless we lost to them cunts up the road by the end lf the window. Then we would see another batch of signings that are on the borderlines of irrational behaviour to appease the fans.

  7. lordsnotty

    July 21st. Still no signings.

    I can’t stand any more of this! Thank God for the cricket.


  8. Pistol Pete

    In the end everything is about wenger .
    He controls the Clubs Finances
    He controls transfers: how much to pay for the player and how much he will get paid
    He controls the tour. The tour is all about wenger and visiting his old mates. he decide the tour was going to be in Japan etc.
    He controls the Coaching. He is in charge of all coaching. No one else can make a decision without wenger
    He controls the board decisions and tell them what to do.
    He decides how much he gets paid.
    Basically , why do we need all these other employees like Gazdis and co, when Wenger is making every decision for the club. Would save heaps of money.
    Just leave us alone wenger. time to piss off
    Any normal human would know it was time to leave especially if you have not succeeded in 8 years