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Benteke signed a 4 year deal with Villa yesterday, that’ll disappoint Spurs. Which pleases me. Definitely the best move for his career and development. If he bangs in 20 goals again next year, he’ll be a £30m player…

Arsenal news is at a premium sadly. Madrid are apparently offering Higuain for Suarez. Good luck with that one. Top players don’t accept being degraded in swap deals. Higuain doesn’t move to clubs outside the champions league. Sorry Florentino, that deal is a no go. I wonder if Madrid are starting to worry about Arsenal and their new focus on Suarez?

Word has it that the Uruguayan is about to tell Liverpool that Arsenal is his preferred destination. Arsenal have already agreed provisional terms with his people. So it’s just a case of Liverpool deciding whether they accept the bid. £35m is a nice cash lump that only Arsenal could wire over via PayPal. An additional £5m in bonuses sweetens it perfectly.

My major worry as I keep repeating is how long we wait on this. It’s not like we’re trying to drive a lower asking price. Liverpool are just being stubborn. However, Arsenal don’t need to get him in early… because he’s banned for 6 games. That said, he could play the Champions League qualifiers… which would be a massive lift for our chances.

A player I’ve suspected we’d sign all summer, Ashley Williams has ramped up the flirting with Arsenal by going public on his interest.

“I don’t really read the papers and that type of thing. You don’t really know, as that’s the future, and I can’t really say. Different circumstances determine different things.”

A bit of a mash up of words. Arsenal are interested as he’d be a very nice addition to our severely depleted defence. We can’t be slipping Aneke in the back four in the Premiership. Williams is a £10m player, he’s Premiership ready and he’s a leader. Just snap him up and be done with it. If there’s someone younger and better, great… we just need to start stocking up on players. I know we’re working hard on deals and I was told to that all the moves will probably drop in one splurge… but I’m getting nervous. I get signing a £40m striker is hard work… But picking up squad players shouldn’t be.

It’ll be interesting to see where we go on the midfield front. Lars Bender is a no go. So who else fits the bill to replace Arteta?

You can tell the web is dry of Arsenal stories when low grade websites report we’re about to sign Bernard for £21m… based on a tweet. Seriously poor form.

No one likes to praise Stoke, but I read they’re paying for away fan bus fares this year as well as offering under 17s £5 away tickets for the Liverpool game. Clever marketing. Filling up the fan funnel with the future. Seems it’s not just Arsenal who are aware of an ageing audience.

It’s also nice to see at least one club that took TV revenue and gave a little back. After all, fans in the ground is one of the factors that makes the league appealing on a global level.

Ok, I’m tapping out. More tomorrow.

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  1. londongunner


    mate i’m not you have me wrong, I am saying that you place less emphasis and importance on winning and more on general participation, which is fair enough.

    as for me maybe i am greedy maybe i am less of a fan but i think we should be all about winning trophies, not saying we will always succeed but a trophy every 3 years would be good! then see if we can build on from there. I don’t expect back to back trophies and I would hate a league like that (la liga)

  2. unhappy gunner

    Yes there is margin of error if you want to be a mid table team. But if you aim to be the best, in any sport, unfortunately there is very little margin of error. Take kleberson or bebe, how long did it take red nose to realise they were shit and to fuck them off. How many first team games did they play for united? Only under wenger do shite players get given chance after chance with great wages and contract extensions. Take case of diaby….the mans virtually missed the last 3 seasons through injury. He’s made of glass. Yet season previous he was given a 5 year contract extension. Fucking madness. I wouldnt mind if he was actually any good but the fact is he is decidedly average

  3. londongunner

    I orginally supported arsenal purely based on the fact I was raised in higbury during my childhood, though alot of people around me were supporting manchester united and even italian teams (aka glory hunters) what I loved about arsenal was we were up there but we were still underdogs who put over teams to shame with out beautiful football, I didn’t care if Man u had more trophies I cared that arsenal were exciting to watch had brilliant football players and performed magic on the pitch of course I was happy we were winning trophies but if we didn’t win that year I would be disappointed but not disappointed with the team just disappointed how things turned out, because I knew our brilliant players were giving it their all and also I would have hope that next season we would be challenging again

    the problem now is I don’t think we are challenging and I don’t feel the manager is doing enough trying hard enough to bring us back to the top

  4. Paddy got up

    They should go the whole hog next season, in recognition of how they constantly take the piss out of the fans. How about the team come out to ‘ the laughing policeman’ song!!!
    All together now
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Ho Ho Ho Ho go Ho Ho Ho Ho ho

  5. TitsMcgee

    You can tell the level of disconnect Wenger has based on those quotes.

    He is annoyed because he wants to get credit for finding free players and cheap players.

    Jeff is basically spot on with his posts.

    Nothing else needs to be said regarding Wenger really.

  6. Keyser

    lg – You ever play 5-a-side football ? You pick your teams and you play, if one team’s too dominant you change it around, it’s about having a good game of football, if anything I’d rather be on the weaker team because you have to work harder to win so it means’ that bit more.

    How do you apply that to something you watch ? I didn’t start supporting Arsenal because they were successful or because they were winning titles, I liked the cannon, it was just the first team I paid attention to.

    I think your posts reasonable, I think that’s what the club can be blamed for, that when they were close in the past 8 or so years they didn’t do that extra bit to make sure they got over the finishing line, but at the same time I can appreciate what football’s become.

  7. unhappy gunner

    @Paddy Got Up
    Thats another thing that winds me up about him. He rips the AKB’S a new arsehole every pre season with lies and bullshits yet the cunts lap it up. They are like a female victim of domestic violence who after recieving the 800th beating, still stays with them because ” it will never happen again, I promise”..

  8. Keyser

    ug – I’ve had similar conversations on here before, mate, it’s not about Kleberson or Bebe, think about Berbatov stuck on the bench, or for Diaby, think of Hargreaves, Hargreaves played 4,5 games in 3 complete seasons, do you honestly think United play without a margin of error ? Ferdinand missed 7-8 months because he didn’t turn up for a drugs test, they didn’t move him on they gave him a new contract.

    You’re right our margin of error has to be minimal not because that’s what other teams have done, but because that’s what it’s going take to win, what’s up for discussion is how fair our criticism is.

    Citeh have an absolute massive margin for error with the money they’ve spent, they’re definetly underachieving. As are Chelsea and even United are only comparable against them.

  9. unhappy gunner

    I agree about city, your right. And I also didnt rate mancini. But im sorry mate I really dont rate wenger. Tbe guys a fraud. He used to be a lucky manager like sven, but now that lucks run out in my opinion he is decidely average. Far far far to many really poor signings over last 8 years for my liking. Tactically he is shocking, constantly plays players out of position as though he is trying to prove he is a genius. To one dimensional, outdated and the mans a loser.

  10. Just Curious

    Just curious

    Does any of you quoting £60 000 per week for Santos have proof for your allegation or is it a made up figure?

    Honest question.

  11. unhappy gunner

    @Dial Square
    I know you and Keyser have previous mate but he hasn’t insulted me or you in other way so that reply was a bit out of order geez. I know its not their money but I kind of agree that with the money at their disposal they have kind of underachieved and wssted money on some very average players a la wenger

  12. Keyser

    I don’t have previous with him, lol, he’s a troll, pretty inconseqential.

    There used to be poster called DialSquare ages ago, was a pretty decent poster, think he set up his own blog, I’d be really surprised if it was him.

  13. Keyser

    ug – Honestly mate, It’s just I’ve read soo many people talk about tactics, no-one really bothers to explain them.

  14. Mask of Zorro

    Your Communhappy gunner
    July 20, 2013 21:38:43
    @Dial Square
    I know you and Keyser
    have previous mate but
    he hasn’t insulted me or
    you in other way so that
    reply was a bit out of
    order geez. I know its
    not their money but I
    kind of agree that with
    the money at their
    disposal they have kind
    of underachieved and
    wssted money on some
    very average players a la
    but at least they did something about it, I.e they sacked Mancini, while Wenger is getting a new contract!

  15. Sam


    Arsenal did not play brilliant football before arsene wenger, George graham got results from boring tactics bruce rioch was worse

  16. unhappy gunner

    Fair point. I can barely tie my shoelaces so who am I to talk. But I do know I want wenger out mate before he takes us down any further. But thats were you and me differ. Everyones entitled to their opinions. And when you post so decently without being overly abusive your actually an ok guy……p.s yes I know I can be abusive at times to for which I apologise to all. So when I am nasty just know its more than likely my missus has pissed me off and im taking out on some of yous.

  17. londongunner


    you pathetic pedddo
    I am not saying we played brilliant attractive football with graham, where did I say that?

    I was actually saying to wengers credit he got us playing great attacking style football, but just because someone was great once doesn’t mean they will keep that level of consistency at the top, wenger had some really great ideas in the hey day but his past his sell by date, i liken him to muhammad ali he was great but he carried on to long and did him self permanent damage, i would love wenger to quit now because I think he is damaging his once glorious legacy and is damaging the club

    its the same with football players they can’t continue after a certain point there bodies can’t keep up with wenger I feel like his lost his fight his winning desire, his a shell of what he once was

  18. andy1886

    @ Sam ‘George graham got results from boring tactics bruce rioch was worse’.

    You obviously know sweet FA about AFC before Wenger. Utter, utter bollocks. From 86-91 Graham’s teams player some fantastic football. There were great players like Rocky, Merse, Limpar who were as good or better than the vast majority of today’s squad. At times they scored for fun.

    You were obviously in your pram at the time, or locked up somewhere. Yeah things turned sour before the end, but funnily enough even when the team was poor GG still managed to win things, including a European trophy which is more than Wenger has managed.

    Your ignorence should embarass you. Get a few DVD’s of those years and learn something about the history of the club you support, it existed long before Wenger and will long after him too.

  19. londongunner


    you seem obsessed with young teen men especially ones with muscular bodies

    i know your not all their in the head but im telling you now No means NO!!! heed this lesson or I can see you doing a prison bid

    ya pedafile

  20. londongunner

    george graham to begin with played attacking attractive football, problem is it wasn’t the most successful that’s when he switched to defensive football and we became cup specialists, we won so many cups in knock out competitions because at the time geroge graham was a brilliant tactician

    its like with mournho he gets slated for his style of football I quite like especially with the drogba chelsea team, its all down to personal preference anyways

    some people love barclona chikken tikka football I find it immensely boring

  21. sam


    I am just trying to tell you that it was not all rosy before arsene wenger.

    we did have some shit players as well

  22. andy1886

    Hmmm, last post blocked, could it be to do with my thoughts on Sam’s knowledge of the club? Probably. I wouldn’t have thought r e t a r d would be a problem though especially as it describes him so well…

    Arsenal, league winners 1990/91, goal difference + 54. Really, really boring eh?

    How about: Cygan, Sendaros, Santos, Chamakh, Squillaci, Luhzny, Gervinho, Almunia, (I could go on and on but then I’d be a t o s s e r like Sam) all utter shite (add Diaby to the list too).

    I expect the reason you dislike Graham so much is because he regularly turned over your beloved Spurs.

  23. Bob N7

    George Graham gave us some brilliant times but unfortunately after 1991 we didn’t push on. We didn’t invest in the team and became also rans although we had cup successes. Wenger undoubtedly took us to another level. The last few years for reasons most of us don’t accept we’ve under invested and been ‘also rans’ with regards challenging for the title. We’re competing with some seriously rich clubs BUT we’re not far behind. With some proper investment(net spend 30 mill plus over the next 3/4 years) our squad will be strengthened and I’m confident we’ll be in the mix. I don’t think that we’re in a bad place. The moans and groans are looking back not looking forward- let’s see the big picture.
    The powers that be are publicly stating we’re going to invest- I believe that we will. Who we invest in, I’m not sure but I really believe we have a half decent squad and that an exciting future is just round the corner. Am I kidding myself, I hope not. I’ll be looking forward to the first home game of the season and I’ll be singing my heart out- that much I do know!

  24. Nasri's Mouth

    6th-is-a-new-trophy Ian wright, BERGKAMP, Adams, bould, known, Dixon, winterburn, merse, Stefan Schwartz, Ian selley

    Not under GG we didn’t.

  25. andy1886

    There he goes again, Mr Knows Nothing. Stefan Schwartz would walk into our midfield today. You must be confusing him with your old mate Steffen Freund.

  26. andy1886

    And you Sam, add yourself to the list, all spending time at Spurs.

    Would you like him back at the lane? Won a trophy there even though you were total crud.

  27. Roaaary

    What happens if we can’t get Suarez??? Does anyone know what the next plan is? Because all the decent strikers have been snapped up now

  28. Radio Raheem

    Folks who want Wenger out must be praying he doesn’t sign any one so he fails to make the top 4, thus, leading to his removal. Correct?

  29. andy1886

    That’s true 6th..

    We should have known that AW couldn’t handle players with character early on. Bombed out Merson and treated Wrighty shamefully in the 98 cup final. Kept giving Dennis an extra year rather than a longer contract. That’s why I can’t see us signing Suarez, AW needs compliant players, not flawed geniuses.

  30. Keyser

    Graham did tactics ? Lol Mourinho does Tactics ?

    Try and explain the tactics from his more adventurous teams rather than the ones who sat back in numbers, and were hard to break down.

  31. Keyser

    HerveDePerve – fucking hell, you’re really entering your element here, not only have you got a gimpman’s catalogue, you’re sending out links to your myspace site.

  32. HerveDeNerve


    How did you get a 2nd top listing on Google? I’ve had to pay thousands of pounds for Search Engine Optimisation but you’ve seemed to make it look so easy.

  33. TitsMcgee

    Sam is an obvious troll.

    The idea that its 55million for Suarez or bust should make any Gooner feel nervous.

  34. Keyser

    HerveDePerve – Two consecutive days you’ve tried to enlist me into your sordid fantasies, try SDE, he seems to have some repressed emotions, definetly some PVC in his closet, he seems to know a few things about the heath.

  35. andy1886

    Keyser, you’ve clearly forgotten that night in ’89 at Anfield if you don’t recall GG doing tactics. Shame on you. Have you never seen the DVD (video as it was then)? All the players explaining that the game went almost as GG planned it. That my friend was TACTICS.

    I would have thought that any true Gooner would remember that….

  36. HerveDeNerve

    Radio Raheem July 20, 2013 23:16:19

    Not really Radio, I think the general consensus is that he signs top quality players, which means spending money, which means we all unite and get behind him, which in turn means we’ll all want the same thing, a successful football team and not a successful business.

  37. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Keyser – lol. That’s tactics! Being hard to break down in certain games is what it’s about.

    You can’t play video game football all the time, jumpers for goalposts stuff like wenger does. Sometimes you’re out gunned and need to win 1-0.

  38. Keyser

    andy1886 – I said explain them, not get someone else to, was that the attacking portion of his reign or the defensive side ?

  39. andy1886

    Am I saying Graham could? If you mean handle big players I’d suggest yes, better than Arsene. He did pretty well with Wrighty, Merse, TA for example. Not easy people to handle by all accounts.

  40. Keyser

    6th – Mate come on, sometimes ? We finished 12th one year ffs, there’s a reason he could only play it in the Cup games, because unless you’ve got the players to play it, it mean’s little either way, because to win you have to score and that’s where it fell down, in Cup games you can wait all game hoping for a chance, but now when you have to pick up 3 points from one week to the next.

    You can’t tell me you think defensive football shows more tactical knowledge than attacking football.

  41. andy1886

    Keyser, in ’89 we were a very attacking side. We won the league simply because we scored more goals than ‘Pool. Nothing like the years after ’91.

    If you want a defensive example try Copenhagen ’94. A defensive masterclass. Wenger wouldn’t have won that game if he’d have put the entire squad on the field.

  42. HerveDeNerve


    How can you say that i am trying to enlist you into my “sordid fantasies” when it was you who posted this only last night?

    And, in the course of my subsequent investigations about you, why is that the key words “Keyser Gimp” come up 2nd in Google search listings.

    To be honest, i’m quite liberal about things like this in general,to each his own. I just think that you maybe you should be more open about it too.

    KeyserJuly 19, 2013 17:37:04

    Fannyboy – Dunno if you remember ‘Lurch LeRouge’ but he owns a brothel on the Gold Coast now, if that’s close to Brisbane get down there, if you don’t get a job as a gimp, just mention ‘Le Grove’ as the password and he’ll put you down for a half-price halfanhalf.

  43. Keyser

    andy1886 – They weren’t easy to handle ? How did Graham try to handle the drinking, gambling, or drugs ? That’s before you even bother to talk about the bungs. It’s not exactly a good example when you’re Captain’s 4 times the legal limit for drink driving and gets imprisoned for 4 months.

  44. Keyser

    HerveDePerve – Are you serious, did you think ‘fannyboy’ mean’t it was addressed to you ?

    Or did it hit a nerve ? Which has now escalated into you sharing your personal portfolio and myspace site with the blogosphere ? Fucking hell mate.

  45. andy1886

    Quote: You can’t tell me you think defensive football shows more tactical knowledge than attacking football.

    Gee, I guess those Italian geezers like AC Milan knew bugger all about tactics with all their lucky defensive European Cup victories. Just think what they might have done if they actually did ‘real’ tactics.

  46. Keyser

    6th – Handling big ego’s, what’s the Tuesday Club about ? I remember Parlour saying he’d turn upto training roll out of a limo pissed from the night before.

    How about you and Andy1886 explain, how we had this awesome team, a team that almost went unbeaten, then Graham just let it all fall apart ?

    Lol if that’s off the field ? Then what’s left ?

  47. sam


    why is anyone with different opinion is branded a troll

    are you being a bigot?

    Ok I will get on the fantasy boat so I wouldn’t called a troll anymore

  48. andy1886

    Keyser. Graham got people like Merse and Adams to perform on the pitch DESPITE their issues. That should tell you enough. Winning without a great team (some might say with a poor one) is a true test. Graham did that in ’93 and ’94, Wenger has never done it.

  49. Keyser

    andy1886 – You mean the 4-0 victory against Barcelona in the European Cup was defensive ? Or Van Basten, Rijkaard and Ghullit weren’t awesome attacking players.

    Think about it, I’ve got nothing against Graham, just don’t try to re-write history.

    How did he go from all out attacking brilliance to a defensive bore that was struggling in the league.

  50. HerveDeNerve


    Nope, there was no mistaking it, it was definitely clear that you were addressing another poster called “DannyBoy”. I’ll give you some credit though, the letter “F” is right next to the letter “D” on your keyboard so it’s an understandable mistake to make.

    Dannyboy July 19, 2013 17:23:35

    Keyser, you know all about jobs, you know of any around the Brisbane area?

  51. sam

    you hurt my feelings Tits,

    now i have to believe we are stupid enough to pay liverpool 55M for suarez
    I have to ignore what wenger said yesterday that Giroud will play a big part next season and Chuba will be in the first team.
    that was a direct statement that we are not signing any striker but I would do anything to stay on the fantasy boat.

  52. Keyser

    HerveDePerve – So I wasn’t addressing you, was talking to someone else entirely, but you thought you’d chime in with your thoughts on fetishism, gotye.

  53. dialsquare

    The one and only time Wenger dabbled in anything remotely tactical was in the 2005 Cup Final. This was so atypical it made the team confused and left Bergkamp upfront on his own isolated.
    The irony is we still won the game despite Wenger’s meddling.

  54. andy1886

    Keyser, I thought the answer to that question was common knowledge?

    We went into the European Cup in ’91/92, played really well in the first round beating Austria Wein 6-1 at Highbury (great game). In the next round we struggled against a much better Benfica team, were all over them in the second leg at home (after a 1-1 draw away) but got caught on the counter twice to lose 1-3 at home in extra time.

    After that Graham decided we had to be more defensive to beat the best in Europe (a mistake it turned out), he changed the way we played and it all went downhill from there. I’d also point out that GG was just as handicapped financially as Wenger has been in recent years and couldn’t keep relying on youth coming through (Selley, Hillier etc weren’t as good as earlier graduates).

    Still managed to win with a poorer team though as I already pointed out.

  55. Radio Raheem

    Come of it lads you know you won’t enjoy this place half as much without Keyser! He might do your head in but he also keeps you replying/reading.


    Haha I’ve got to say you’ve got a funny collection of pics. If I didn’t see them on here I’d never have believed such things existed.

    Back to Arsenal. I share your sentiments with regards to the way the club is run. I’ve been saying on here for ages that the emphasis is far too weighted on the business side to the detriment of fans expectations. I don’t think any other top club is run along those principles.

  56. andy1886

    Yup 4-0 against Barca but then the next year there was the 1-0 against Benfica. It’s easy to pick games to suit your argument, and sure they had some great forwards, but are you telling me that Serie A teams weren’t known for being the meanest defending teams in the world then? That really would be rewriting history.

  57. andy1886

    Oh, and to reiterate Sam called Graham’s teams ‘boring’ which started the whole argument. Which we all know if we knew anything about pre 90’s Arsenal is a complete and utter load of b*llocks, ignorant and lazy.

  58. Keyser

    andy1886 – That was common knowledge ? Lol so he completely fucked up his own team, he went from attacking brilliance as you say, to scoring the fewest goals in the league and finishing 10th.

    Mate I was a kid in the early 90’s I only really started paying attention around the 92-93, and we were on tv in the Cup Winners Cup, I didn’t really care how we played and I still enjoyed, but don’t tell me Graham didn’t have his weaknesses, or how well he handled players and how awesome eveything was, because it obviously wasn’t.

    The League’s moved on, football has to, I remember when we bought Jensen, McGoldrick, Helder, or Limpar and Rocastle moved on.

  59. Keyser

    HerveDePerve – Mate, I don’t really care, but it was pretty creepy how much effort you wanted to put in, Lol ‘investigating’, yeah flicking through your Ipod.

  60. andy1886

    Keyser, yes football moves on. GG still did well with Leeds and the vermin down the road afterwards though. No it wasn’t perfect, and the same applies to Wenger. Football has moved on and left him behind too. Sad but true IMO.

  61. N5

    “Arsenal problems began with the signing of Ian Wright who unbalanced the Team and caused the players to be overly reliant on his goals”

    Dial have you nothing better to do, day in day out just writing stupid comment after stupid comment, get a life fella, it’s really sad.

  62. dialsquare

    It’s no coincidence Arsenal and Alan Smith were the top scorers in the league prior to Ian Wright signing.
    Following Ian Wright’s inclusion in the Team, Arsenal couldn’t buy a goal and neither could Alan Smith

  63. N5

    Dial so was I, Ian Wright was never a problem, we had other scorers when he played.

    Was Henry a problem? was Suarez a problem? was Van Persie a problem? was most strikers in most teams a problem?

    I was ‘THERE’ also mate, and I’m gobsmacked you were I sort of assumed you were a kid.

  64. dialsquare

    Ian Wright joined Arsenal as Champions not a struggling Team yet his presense turned Arsenal from top of the goal scoring charts to mid table also rans.

  65. HerveDeNerve

    Is the letter “A” on your keyboard a little bit sticky? I notice that it’s right next door to the letter “D” too

    What happened, did you miss your mouth?

  66. Goner Joe

    I see the Wenger haters are rewriting history GG teams were not boring come on I loved when we won things. But no one in there right mind would say Arsenal did not play a defensive brand of football.

  67. Keyser

    Now you’re down to spelling and still managed to work some sort of innuendo in, frustrated aswell as kinky, not good, not good at all.

  68. HerveDeNerve

    Oh dear oh dear Keyser, is that the best you could come up with?

    You do know that you can write to Google don’t you and request that they remove that listing for you: “The Gimp is Keyser”

    Never mind eh?

  69. Dannyboy

    Well I know this is the blog of love… but all this gimp stuff is stretching it to the extreme isn’t it?

    We signed Cesc yet?

  70. Radio Raheem

    Yeah we’ve signed Cesc. He is the gimp with the boot on his head

    gimp, stretching, latex, extreme….Cesc

  71. HerveDeNerve

    I’m just playing with him Danny, he’s so much fun.

    Have you heard his song? Released it in Sept 2010 but he didn’t tell any of us. I don’t know why, I haven’t got a problem with it.

  72. Keyser

    Lol HerbeDePerve, fucking hell, you went through your private stash pretending you were busy ‘investigating’ google, and you’re a Family Guy star.