Stoke doing it right | Suarez deal slow | Williams deal back on?

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Benteke signed a 4 year deal with Villa yesterday, that’ll disappoint Spurs. Which pleases me. Definitely the best move for his career and development. If he bangs in 20 goals again next year, he’ll be a £30m player…

Arsenal news is at a premium sadly. Madrid are apparently offering Higuain for Suarez. Good luck with that one. Top players don’t accept being degraded in swap deals. Higuain doesn’t move to clubs outside the champions league. Sorry Florentino, that deal is a no go. I wonder if Madrid are starting to worry about Arsenal and their new focus on Suarez?

Word has it that the Uruguayan is about to tell Liverpool that Arsenal is his preferred destination. Arsenal have already agreed provisional terms with his people. So it’s just a case of Liverpool deciding whether they accept the bid. £35m is a nice cash lump that only Arsenal could wire over via PayPal. An additional £5m in bonuses sweetens it perfectly.

My major worry as I keep repeating is how long we wait on this. It’s not like we’re trying to drive a lower asking price. Liverpool are just being stubborn. However, Arsenal don’t need to get him in early… because he’s banned for 6 games. That said, he could play the Champions League qualifiers… which would be a massive lift for our chances.

A player I’ve suspected we’d sign all summer, Ashley Williams has ramped up the flirting with Arsenal by going public on his interest.

“I don’t really read the papers and that type of thing. You don’t really know, as that’s the future, and I can’t really say. Different circumstances determine different things.”

A bit of a mash up of words. Arsenal are interested as he’d be a very nice addition to our severely depleted defence. We can’t be slipping Aneke in the back four in the Premiership. Williams is a £10m player, he’s Premiership ready and he’s a leader. Just snap him up and be done with it. If there’s someone younger and better, great… we just need to start stocking up on players. I know we’re working hard on deals and I was told to that all the moves will probably drop in one splurge… but I’m getting nervous. I get signing a £40m striker is hard work… But picking up squad players shouldn’t be.

It’ll be interesting to see where we go on the midfield front. Lars Bender is a no go. So who else fits the bill to replace Arteta?

You can tell the web is dry of Arsenal stories when low grade websites report we’re about to sign Bernard for £21m… based on a tweet. Seriously poor form.

No one likes to praise Stoke, but I read they’re paying for away fan bus fares this year as well as offering under 17s £5 away tickets for the Liverpool game. Clever marketing. Filling up the fan funnel with the future. Seems it’s not just Arsenal who are aware of an ageing audience.

It’s also nice to see at least one club that took TV revenue and gave a little back. After all, fans in the ground is one of the factors that makes the league appealing on a global level.

Ok, I’m tapping out. More tomorrow.

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  1. peanuts&monkeys

    What the fuck is there to discuss about in this forum. There are no games Arsenal is playing that we dissect team’s performance. Had Wenger the Wolf made some buys, we could have dissected its correctness. Neither is ther any deal in the horizon. Its all the same. Stan must be laughing back home with those 70 Million Pounds. Wenger will go to Stan to ask a 10% commission on saving his 70 million.

  2. Dannyboy

    gotch, sports people are well known to be highly superstitious… so I imagine the chance to wear their ‘favourite’ number would be alot more appealing than what you’d generally think.

  3. londongunner

    would I like suarez yes

    but I fear if we buy suarez we won’t strengthen other areas,

    what I liked aboutthe higuain buy was we could potentially buy him then buy some other high quality players…

    are squad with suarez is much much better but title winners???? no.

  4. londongunner

    predictions for EMIRATES CUP???

    I believe we will lose/draw every game

    2-1 galatasry arsenal
    1-1 arsenal porto
    2-1 napoli arsenal

    arsenal man city 1-3 or 1-4

  5. londongunner

    if wenger was a good manager he would target bayern munich’s fringe players
    there is no way on hell they can keep there entire squad as is with all there no additions, the wage bill must be epic and players will know they might not get a look in with pep in town

    we should have at both kroos and shaqiri we should of gone for gomez as well

    kroos cam, santi on left, and shaqiri on right

  6. sam


    are you going to shutup?

    so what if man city beat us, we are still not buying suarez so fuck off

  7. londongunner

    why is fabregras bid so low? are they broke or something?

    when you have jovetic for 28 mill, and illramendi (cant spell name) for 32 million,
    isco for what 25 mill

    why is the bid for fabregras so very low?

  8. Nasri's Mouth


    Bayern can afford their wage bill though, and they’re offering their players (even the fringe ones) probably the best chance of any club of a league title next season, and possibly the best chance of a CL win too. Even if you’re a fringe player you may well like hanging around for that.

  9. S Asoa


    You could well be right about Wenger monkeying around with the well published 70million pounds spending money and finally getting Peanuts . Commission is only 10% hein ?
    We have serious deficiencies in Keeper and defence . So why Le Imbecile doddering in filling up these ? Waiting for the dregs ? Looks like % on the balance of 70 million.

  10. londongunner


    you call me a loser your the pedddo who gets raging boners over the arsenal youth team.

    and i did not say we were going to lose we may well win, as they have a new manager who may not of adjusted to his new club

  11. Dannyboy

    Is David Moyes thick as fuck or is he just a cunt???

    ‘Barca’s boss steps down cos he has cancer… better get in there and try and nick a player off them!!!’ horrible scottish prick.

  12. Nasri's Mouth


    Is that Ancelotti quote from The Metro? If so I think they’ve added the 2nd line themselves.

  13. londongunner


    fair point! I think your right allot of players will hang around just to share a piece of glory whilst be paying big big wages, but i think pep is quite ruthless by January he will be shifting those players he doesn’t see as part of his vision… He got rid of ibra I think other big names will be shipped off…

  14. londongunner

    Moyes guys are in Spain, your chief executive doesn’t jet home and fly to Spain from Australia just because they want a player, there has to be interest there in the first place… as in from the player (or cesc is a massive cock tease)

  15. sam

    Arsenal are preparing for battles,
    everyone is building up like gladiators,
    chamberlain and wilshere are benchpressing 150kg
    walcott is also getting there, even miyaichi is building up for battle.

    Wenger babes they call them

  16. SpanishDave

    All the top teams have had a change in manager, they have all added players. We still have our manager whose failed for 8 years, he hasnt spent any money ans he wants a nice big up grade and a new contract. Our owner and the club are right off the rails, only failure will enable changes to be made to our rotten management. How else will change happen ?.

  17. HerveDeNerve


    Yeh it is from the Metro, was trying to see if i could find it somewhere else too but i cant so its probably more BS anyway.

    Arsenal’s transfer activity is like watching 2 snails trying to put together an IKEA flat pack at the moment

  18. Marko

    Agree Dannyboy Villanova is gone a day and they’re in there. I still think United are barking up the wrong tree with Cesc they’re better off trying Modric

  19. Cesc Appeal


    The backlash against Wenger would be incredible…it would be managerial suicide for him to let Cesc go anywhere in the country other than us.

  20. londongunner

    love it liverpool are playing shit against indonesia and they are blaming the pitch…

    we played the same pitch still managed 7

    as for CESC i believe his man united bound gonna put £25 on it

    ps reading barcelona’s comments its obvious they don’t want him anymore, they have never once come and out and said cesc is not for sale or we hundred percent want cesc, or we will reject all bids, they always either stay silent of say its up to cesc if he wants to leave or we haven’t received any offers yet

  21. sam

    yes you are a loser,

    you are convincing yourself that if man city beat us we will panick and buy suarez.
    unlike you gloryhunters, i appreciate everyone wearing arsenal shirt and wish them to succeed. if they fail i wish them good luck elsewhere.

  22. sam

    I don’t fantasise and I will never fuck a man
    no pussy no tits no butt, how would i even get pleasure you idiot.

    still we are not buying any new striker this summer
    keep your gay jibe for your dad, I am a real man

  23. Samir

    I can see Cesc going to United aswell…

    If Wenger allows it…I don’t know what I’ll do….But it won’t be pleasant 😉

  24. Nasri's Mouth

    For people concerned about Fabregas joining ManU, you have to realise that if he WANTS to play for them over us, there’s really bugger all Wenger can do about it.

  25. unhappy gunner

    Cesc doesn’t want to come back to Arsenal. There is no way united would of put a bid in unless they got a wink and a smile from fabregas first. If anything I think Tito stepping down has worked against united….FOR NOW, anyway. Tito obviously never rated cesc as highly and their was issues between them. But now he’s gone I reckon he’ll wait to see who the new man coming in is and if he is in his plans. But as for Cesc coming back here, ha ha ha thats laughable. Why would he come back to 4th is a trophy man? Or do you think its because he dreams of teaming up with super kwalidee gervinho again:)

  26. Cesc Appeal


    Why would he WANT to play for them over us?

    The ability to win things?

    With £100 Million there’s plenty Wenger can do to address that…far from bugger all

  27. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    Who knows, maybe he’d love to team up again with RvP. I’m just making the point that if he chooses them over us, however unlikely we think that may be (and none of us really has a clue what he’s thinking) we can’t stop him, clause or no clause

  28. Dannyboy

    If Fergie was still at United, I could absolutely see Cesc going to those cunts just to work with him…

    But to leave the best club in the world, to go work under David Moyes??? Really?

    Hand on heart, does anyone really truely think that van Persie would have gone to United last summer if Moyes had been manager?

  29. Dannyboy

    I want Wenger out as much as anyone, but give me his 10 trophies and Champions League every season, over Moyes’s 0 trophies, 0 seasons in Champions League, and 0 wins away to top 44 sides in 10 years as Everton manager anyday…

    Funny sidebit, Michael Bridges (LOL) was on Aussie punditry earlier for the United vs A-League all stars game. And he genuinely said ‘Moyes has had a great track record at Everton, keeping them competing for the title every season on a shoestring budget’


    hahaha they make Alan Shearer and Alan Hansen look like the oracles of football…

  30. sam

    Axel Witsel?

    it looks like PSG or Monaco for this unless we fight hard to fend off big money people.

    unfortunately arsenal don’t fight hard for a player, as soon they hear the price they run miles and never come back.
    Axel witsel is a player to have at any cost

  31. HerveDeNerve

    unhappy gunner July 20, 2013 16:17:17

    Barca losing their manager is probably the worst thing that could have happened for United in their quest to sign Cesc. Think about it, how could you let a player of his calibre leave the club when you have a new manager coming in.

    If there was ever a slim chance of him leaving for Utd or indeed us, that chance has just evaporated into nothing.

  32. SpanishDave

    Cesc will come if we sign Suarez first, but Wonga cant make himself spend money so onwards and downwards we go. Our club is laughable now, just living in the past with head up the arsene

  33. HerveDeNerve

    And Groves told talkSPORT that the striker is an unusual target for Arsene Wenger.

    “The Suarez bid is very curious to me,” Groves told The Sports Bar.

    “Arsene Wenger doesn’t normally target players with big egos, or players who bring trouble or baggage to the club. He obviously thinks all the risks are worth it with Suarez. But I’d be amazed if Liverpool sold Suarez to one of their main competitors”

    “Brendan Rodgers is under pressure to break into the Champions League and Arsenal are their main competitors for that fourth place. So if he did leave the club, Liverpool fans would want him to go abroad so he doesn’t come back and hurt you.”

  34. Willie

    “londongunner July 20, 2013 16:30:48
    We should all get behind the manager/team,”

    Londongunner, Wenger has steadily worked away at my capacity to support him and his gervinhos. He’ll need to work his way to get me behind him. He could turn me back easily, but not with sanogo. At this rate, we’ll start the season with me at my most anti-wenger.

  35. Willie

    I’ll get behind the team alright, but not Wenger. Can’t help but love the likes of Cazorla and Wilshere. Wenger can fuck off back to Japan. I doubt he has the balls to build a new legacy (for which I’d gladly support him).

  36. Sam

    Unhappy gunner,

    Douglas costa is so underrated . Imagine we buy him and axel witsel then give rosicky and ramsey their p45 to find job elsewhere .
    This is what you call major upgrade

  37. telarse

    Dublin Gunner!!!July 20, 2013 16:47:26
    and see the special one is now calling himself the godfather. thats a real kick in the tea towel holder for wenger


    Have a cyber pint on me – took me a few seconds to work that one out but it’s a gem!

    Really glad I don’t have one of those now cos of that image!

  38. Dan Ahern

    I love what Stoke’s doing here. (Wait did I just applaud Stoke? Dammit!) This is really a bit of genius. It’s some small things, but the impact is showing your fans your care. Free coaches for away fixtures can’t be costing them more than a few grand. (Think of it this way: Wenger could probably provide that service by donating 2% of his salary.) But the effect is two-fold. One,it encourage more fans to go to games. And two, the real important part, it show fans the club supports them as they support it. Same thing for cheap youth tickets. Really smart moves for the club’s brand and long-term health here.

  39. Dannyboy

    dial, please answer this without being deliberately obstuse…

    Who do you think world class players would rather play for;

    Moyes or Mourinho?

  40. meh meh meh

    londongunner: “ps reading barcelona’s comments its obvious they don’t want him anymore, they have never once come and out and said cesc is not for sale or we hundred percent want cesc, or we will reject all bids, they always either stay silent of say its up to cesc if he wants to leave or we haven’t received any offers yet”

    you mean apart from yesterday when they said “cesc fabregas is not for sale, we will not entertain any offers for him” ……..

  41. dialsquare


    I don’t know why don’t you ask Casillas or Ramos or half the Real Madrid team from whom he managed to alienate and split the dressing room.

  42. Ash79

    U know whats fucked? We are obsessed with transfer business. We expect/hope ppl are working in stuff as we speak. The reality is theyre all chilling out with friends n family while we sweat out over any news snippets on Google. Cunts

  43. Dannyboy

    that’s a pretty dumb question dial mate, might aswell say if Messi is such a gifted player, why doesn’t he go to Stoke..

  44. Dannyboy

    the point being that the best players play for the best clubs, and the best managers manage the best clubs…
    Unless one of the best of all time has retired, and the club need a stooge to take over for a few years to settle things down a bit before they get a proper manager in to replace him.. that’s where Moyes comes in.

  45. Dannyboy

    Dial, of the players Monaco have signed, only one of them could be classed as ‘one of the best’…

    And he’s only there for the year, cos Atletico wouldn’t sell him direct to Real Madrid.

  46. Hunter

    Well fuck me,been at work all day,get in the car to come home,turn on ‘Talk Sport’ and the first thing I hear is Liverpool are probably gonna sign Erickson,that would make him their 5th signing,that joins City who have also now made 5 signings.Utd’s pursuit of Cesc is unrelenting,he must have given them a green light,utd wouldn’t go so public otherwise!He wont come to us as wenger has shown zippo in the transfer market and that means 4th place or below at best,so nothing changes in Cesc’s eyes and he would rather win a medal or two at Utd(just like RVP).As for Higuain well lets just forget that move there aint no way he’s coming to AFC,Suarez is a very long shot now as wenger will have to pay 40+ te get him and can’t see him doing that either.Rooney will be the same position as Cesc he wont want to come to a mediocre club like us,Chelski is far more appealing and ambitious.So that leaves us with ‘fuck all’,yet again,for christ sake we need an ‘arab spring’ situation at the emirates ,if we end up with no signings of any calibre i truly hope someone takes wengazidis out!!

  47. Jim Lahey

    It seems united have made a second bid of 30m for Cesc. Their pursuit of Cesc doesn’t seem to be slowing down, and they certainly don’t believe that they are fighting a lost cause.

  48. Jim Lahey

    @6th – I agree that must not expect Arsenal to fight them, it would be a huge defeat for United and their fans if they publicly pursue Fabregas only to have him end up at Arsenal, I don’t know if they would risk it knowing that they have no chance of signing him.

    What is worrying is that although we have first refusal, saying that Wenger wants him back and bids, if Cesc refuses then he is free to join whoever he wants.

    Cesc and RVP at united.. I doubt even the most diehard AKB could stomach that.

  49. Rohan

    Good old Darren Dein leading Moyes and Utd a merry dance.

    Genuinely think we’ll get Suarez. Maybe before the Emirates Cup even. If he starts throwing a strop, they’ll have no option but to let him go. 40 million plus perhaps some sweeteners sounds about right.

  50. RIPAFC

    Another one bites the dust…..
    I have to admit I’m surprised at all the players were shipping out my summer is a little better just need to sign some players now

  51. Marko

    I’d say he’ll kick up a little storm and 38 million will do it. The americans will sell him in a second with everything that’s gone on with him and that’s good money for him

  52. Rohan

    It’s bollocks, why on earth would Cesc go to work with Moyes.
    It makes absolutely no sense just weighing the pros and cons. Moyes represents a massive risk for someone like Cesc who is approaching his peak. Cesc never got along with Moyes either. It’s a complete non-starter. Cesc is not going to go play for Moyes at Utd. as long as Arsene is at Arsenal.

    In all this, why hasn’t anyone mentioned the simple fact, that why on earth would we bother putting that clause in, if we never intended on using it if the day came.

    I’m 99.9% sure this is posturing from Darren Dein either to get Barca to make a concrete decision about Cesc or alert Arsene on lining up a big money contract.

  53. RIPAFC

    Why would fabregas come back to arsenal ?

    He ain’t gonna win a thing with us sorry if I sound negative but it’s only the truth Rvp said when he left that he & the club just have different ideas for future.

    Fabregas is playing for a super club like Barcelona in his prime playing with the likes of Neymar messi pedro xavi coming back to same old arsenal diaby tw14 gervinho & all the rest of the muppets

  54. Rohan

    Suarez, Cesc and Luis Gustavo for me.

    Gustavo is a top player and if he really is available for 10 million, we should pounce pounce pounce. Absolute no-brainer. Classy player who covers a lot of ground.

  55. Rohan

    Cesc may not want to come back, but I’m sure as hell he wouldn’t want to go to Manchester either.

    Maybe in a year’s time, if Moyes has a successful season, it’d be a different story. There’s a reason Utd. have missed out on their main targets. I’m pretty sure it would be more likely that Thiago would have ended up at Utd. over Bayern if Fergie was there. Moyes is yet to command any respect from Europe’s elite.

  56. RIPAFC


    It’s not always about the manager Chelsea have showed that over the years same players all the trophys
    So utd might of lost ferguson but the players are still their a team that finished 16 or so points ahead of 4th place LOL

  57. sam


    Arsenal fc also don’t want fabragas back, except few sentimental grovers.
    the fact is the little cunt will never wear arsenal shirt again, even better if he goes to manchester. It shows what a traitor he is.
    2 arsenal ex badge kissing captains in manc dressing room? ewwwwwwwwwwww

  58. Jim Lahey

    @RIPAFC – That is just over 3m a year on that sack of crap.. Its unbelievable the money that has been wasted by the club..

    Arsenal could have taken the 6m we paid out to Santos over the last two years, and dropped it into a lawnmower turned upside down.. we would have gotten the same input into the club ..

  59. RIPAFC


    I’m one of those gooners that would take him back his quality

    It’s just ashame the club doesn’t have the same ambition as he does

    Why did he leave cause he wanted to win things

  60. RIPAFC


    Wenger is a criminal in the transfer market
    People only remember his good signings like Henry and the rest of them but who can Remember the likes of remi garde Christopher wreh diawara the signs was their all them years back

  61. Jeff

    If we cast our minds back to January when we were in deep trouble and even fourth place was in peril, what did we do? On the last day of the window (or thereabouts), quick as a flash, we went and got ourselves Monreal because Gibbs sustained yet another injury and fourth place looked a little too risky for Wenger’s liking. That bit of business was concluded very quickly wasn’t it? The point is, if Gibbs hadn’t sustained an injury I’m pretty sure we would have signed no one.

    On 31st August 2011, just after we got mauled 8:2 by Man U, we went and got ourselves an “array” of players like it was our last ever transfer window. One or two were average buys and the rest a complete waste of time – I’m thinking of Park and Santos in particular.

    So what does all that say? It says we can sign players quickly if we want to and we only do it if fourth place is in danger? There doesn’t have to be this long, drawn out cat and mouse affair that we’ve been seeing in this window. When that happens, it usually means Mr Wenger doesn’t really think we need any more first team players but if something cheap and with potential turns up – like Sanogo – why not?

    Experience should have taught everyone to never listen to what the club or manager SAYS but what the manager actually DOES. All these links, dropping hints, giving winks and smiling wryly at the cameral is Wenger’s way of prick teasing everyone who’s willing to let him.

    He has once again appeared on our screens speaking in the Far East. Does he look to you like he’s under pressure? Does he look like he’s desperate? Does he give even the slightest impression that he’s perturbed by the lack of talent in he team and therefore the fact that we won’t be competing for anything major this season yet again? Of course he doesn’t. Why then do we labour under the misapprehension that we are going to sign a world class player? The only incoming world class players we will ever see are the ones running around in our hearts – not on the pitch.

    The bottom line is this. We have enough for fourth, therefore no need to buy big. Nothing has changed.

  62. kev

    cant see us buying any players of the world class variety but that’s just me.

    I think well make two signings but they wont be household names. functional rather than spectacular.

    hope im wrong but to be honest these stories just seem to be going round and round in circles. the same regurgitated nonsense

  63. HerveDeNerve

    Wenger 25th Sept 2010

    “Reproach the people who lose money. I do business by managing in a safe way in a healthy way and on top of that you reproach me for making money. It looks like we are in a business where the quality is to lose money.

    “You criticise me for not buying players but [then] Jack Wilshere [developed at Arsenal’s academy] doesn’t count [as a signing] so, you know, you cannot have everything. I’ve been long enough in the job. I believe in having a development policy, to educate the players and, the most difficult, to play them and to stand up for it.

    “I will give you one day the list [of players] who have made careers with me, and you will be absolutely astonished. [Johan] Djourou, [Philippe] Senderos, [Gaël] Clichy, [Kieran] Gibbs, [Cesc] Fabregas, [Alex] Song. [Abou] Diaby, basically, had never played before, at the top level, before he came here. Jack Wilshere, Ashley Cole. It is unbelievable the number of people who started at this club.

    “Do you know, I have the wrong reputation? I am not scared to spend money. But I think the job of a manager is not to spend as much money. To get Chamakh for free, instead of getting credit for that you get accused of getting him for free. Basically the attitude is ‘Why did you not spend £20m on him?’

    “When I go back to Monaco [Lilian] Thuram and [Emannuel] Petit, they started with me. Of course people always say to buy. But you cannot make careers and lives for people and on top of that buy every time you have an injured player.”

    Arsenal made a profit of £44m from their football-related business alone which compares very favourably to Chelsea’s recent £44m loss. Arsenal’s annual wage bill grew to £110.7m, still a respectable 49 per cent of turnover, with chief executive Ivan Gazidis warning that it is likely to go up again next season as they secure players to long-term contracts.

    Gazidis said that Arsenal would not compete with “the Manchester Citys of this world” in the transfer market because that level of spending was “not sustainable for any football business”.

    He added: “But it still means, I believe, that we can compete with them on the pitch. We do have a policy of building and not buying, and that’s a difficult path to tread sometimes, but as a result of that policy we’re seeing a tremendous number of good young players progressing and developing into the finished article and I think our performance against Spurs [in the Carling Cup] on Tuesday night illustrated this.”

  64. Keyser

    “So what does all that say?”

    It tells you how quickly you can spend money on pretty average players, that’s it really, from that you can extrapolate the amount of value you get for the money you spend.

    No-one seems to give a shit about building teams that exceed the sum of their parts or with any sort of efficiency, look at all the ‘ooh’s and ah’s when Swansea resembled anything close to efficient.

    We’re stuck in between getting the value we need to compete with the teams above and wasting our money on players who’ll only allow us to compete for 4th.

    Just as you’d like to blame Wenger and the club for self-serving rhetoric, remember that that is how modern football works Not just our club. Then you won’t get soo upset over the tinniest little thing.

  65. Jeff

    Not winning anything in 8 years is not a “tiny” thing for Arsenal. By that token we can rest easy at the prospect of not winning anything for another 8 years and it would matter to you just as little as it does now.

  66. Keyser

    Well then whatever you say is pretty much bollockss then, how do you take individual points of reference from one game or another, when all you really want to say is it’s the cumulative effect of 8 years without a trophy.

    It doesn’t really matter where we’ve finished or what we’ve done during this period, just that we haven’t had a trophy to placate your needs and wants.

    Then you look at the overall motives of the club, during that period, maybe you’d be better off starting there.

  67. Moray

    Andre Santos: 6.8m pounds, 33 appearances, one shirt swapped at half time with RVP, God knows how much in wages.

    Who the fuck countenanced this sale? He didn’t look good even before we bought him.

  68. Jeff


    I think in the mad rush to pick up just about anybody during that famous day in August 2011, we cast the net far and wide and basically we kept everything we caught. That’s what happens when you leave everything to the last minute.

    Wenger was trying to strengthen the side on the last day of the transfer window because he could only see it how weak the team was after we got beat 8:2. Why could he not see it during the entire season previous to it and the whole transfer window which (a bit like this one) just passed without much ado? The same reason he can’t see how weak the team it is now? He cannot bring himself to spend what is necessary to bring in players we all know we desperately need. That makes him an ineffective manager.

  69. Moray

    Surprised if we even have enough players to make a squad now.

    Wonder if Diaby, Bendtner and Gervinho will follow Santos out of the door?

    This must be Gazidis’ doing: Wenger would never sell of his shit players. Wonder why, then Ivan can’t get him to buy replacements?

  70. dialsquare

    In my eyes Wenger has been on borrowed time since 1999 and yet the Johnny come latelies would lead us to believe it’s just been in the last 5 or 6 years

  71. Jeff


    I don’t know that Wenger was on borrowed time in 1999 or any time since. The simple fact is that the board and owner think the sun shines out of his every orifice. They are making figures of eight around him as we speak trying to get him to sign a new contract.

  72. Bacaryisgod

    I just can’t see the upside for Cesc in joining Man U over Arsenal.

    Man U: More likely to win trophies, RVP link-up, New challenge, No desire to go back, automatic champions league

    Arsenal: Hate figure if he joins Man U, Spanish connection (Santi, Nacho, Mikel), family in London, More meaningful if he leads Arsenal again, Wenger relationship, Arsenal with more resources now, Settled confident squad

    To me it would be a no-brainer.
    I think worst-case if Cesc goes to Man U, we get Fellaini.

  73. Jeff

    I know joke Friday was yesterday but here’s something that will make you laught. Wegner talking about Bendtner in January 2011.

    “Sometimes people are very harsh with him because he is not as active as Walcott who is mobile, The size goes a bit against him but if you look at his efficiency, assists or goalscoring – it is top class.”

  74. sam

    moray said :

    Andre Santos: 6.8m pounds, 33 appearances, one shirt swapped at half time with RVP, God knows how much in wages.

    Who the fuck countenanced this sale? He didn’t look good even before we bought him.

    Not entirely through, one thing arsenal fans don’t realise is arsenal fc do ruin players. we buy average players with hope they become great and the result is always the opposite.
    santos wasn’t entirely shit when we bought him. we knew he wasn’t ashley cole at defending. he had his own funny style we loved it when it worked.
    last season the whole defence was crap and he had to be the fall guy.

  75. sam

    Arsene wenger can only win with players who don’t need special instructions to perform.
    he was lucky with the vieira era because they were special players.
    now he has arshavin, santos, chamakh and djourou he turned them into complete shit

  76. dialsquare

    I don’t see any mileage in rehashing Wenger’s quotes, he was saying mentally and spirit back in 1998 and they were as vacuous then as they are today

  77. Moray

    @ Jeff, yes Wenger learns nothing. I think the changes he occasionally makes to his normal patterns of behaviour (like practising defence occasionally and selling off the dross) are forced on him. It is extremely worrying.

    @ Sam, it was panic stations because we have no plan B in the transfer market, and because Wenger often backs out at the last minute. Therefore we bought someone who was never going to be good enough…

  78. londongunner

    we should all get behind wenger or publicly protest or revolt

    we know he will fail, we know he wont buy the players we need, we know he thinks are squad are good enough but facts is facts his not going anywhere, in 4 years time his time will be up

    ,till then all this complaining and moaning will get us know where. so either do something about it or get behind the team

    otherwise its pointless

  79. dialsquare

    Abramovich killed Wenger off. Pre-Abramovich Wenger could get away with selling his best players but he was exposed badly as a weak coach once the Roubles came pouring in.

  80. unhappy gunner

    Its nothing to do with justifying our needs and wants. As a few of us on here have said before, if at the start of the season we have a manager that genuinely challenges for trophies but falls short, of course we would be upset but aknowledged we’d actually tried. Its the fact wenger plans for 4th before a ball is kicked and to him thats a trophy. That kind of attitude filters down to the players, you only have to listen to them coming out with shit and they sound exactly like wenger. Plus whats the motivation to perform to get better when you know as far as your managers concerend 4th is ok. Im sick of fucking excuses. You keep going on about not being able to compete with oil money, yet knowing that surely you’d spend what little money you have a bit more wisely. I’m not a football scout but could of told you santos, squillaci, chamakh and 20 fucking others were and are not good enough. Add their signing on fees their wages and you will see we could of bought 4-5 world class players who would of made a difference to our hunt for honours. Plus with merchandise sales these world class players will generate it would go someway to paying back some of their fees. Wenger is shit, always had been but we all bought into the hype he was a genius. Difference is over last 4-5 years some of us have woken up. Shame you and the other AKB’S havent eh.

  81. Cesc Appeal

    Does anyone else think it’s disgusting that Aaron Ramsey gets booed on Fifa 13 at Stoke…commentator says ‘there’s the reaction we expected for this player.’

    What they don’t add is..

    ‘who almost had his leg cleaved in two by Stoke’s Captain.’

    I mean…I know the Neanderthal supporters actual boo hi in real life…but come on, someone at EA should have thought….ermmm, nahh we won’t do that because unlike Men of Stoke I actually have two brain cells to rub together.

  82. londongunner

    cesc appeal

    fifa is only trying to be realistic , stoke fans are cavemen dressed up as football fans, hence booing a player whose carrer was almost wrecked through no fault of his own

  83. londongunner

    keyser doesn’t care about trophies, you can’t appeal to him, because he doesn’t give a shit. keyser supports wenger because he doesn’t need desire or want trophies. Im not having a go at the guy but winning to him is not important just the participation that counts

  84. Keyser

    UG – It’s everything to do with it.

    Jeff makes the same post again and again, stating 8 years without a trophy and then picks specific moments in time thinking he’s got a point, he hasn’t.

    You’ve done similar :

    “I’m not a football scout but could of told you santos, squillaci, chamakh and 20 fucking others were and are not good enough. Add their signing on fees their wages and you will see we could of bought 4-5 world class players who would of made a difference to our hunt for honours.”

    We bought Chamakh as a back-up to Van Persie, a striker who cost us 4 million about 5 years before that, Chamakh played reasonably well when Van Persie was injured, then didn’t get a look in as Van Persie pretty much remained ever present, his confidence dropped, he wasn’t getting regular game-time and he struggled to get back in to the team and play well enough to stay there.

    That’s one individual, how are the club not only supposed to get the best out of key players but also supposed to have requisite quality back-ups sitting on the bench and interchangeble without much effort.

    You’re basically saying there should be no margin for error.

  85. Cesc Appeal


    I know, but I just never heard it before!

    Shawcross get’s booed at the Emirates…you can understand really…but the guy on the receiving end of that horror tackle.

    Because he said he wouldn’t except Shawcross’ apology or that it was an ‘innocent’ tackle…well neither would I!

  86. Cesc Appeal

    Does anyone else understand how the Fabregas buy back option works?

    Some agent was rambling on Sky that United have made a £30 Million bid…do we have to match any excepted bid or do we have a fixed buy back price?

  87. Keyser

    lg – Of course you’re having a go, So the only reason you start supporting a team is because they win trophies ?