Stoke doing it right | Suarez deal slow | Williams deal back on?

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Benteke signed a 4 year deal with Villa yesterday, that’ll disappoint Spurs. Which pleases me. Definitely the best move for his career and development. If he bangs in 20 goals again next year, he’ll be a £30m player…

Arsenal news is at a premium sadly. Madrid are apparently offering Higuain for Suarez. Good luck with that one. Top players don’t accept being degraded in swap deals. Higuain doesn’t move to clubs outside the champions league. Sorry Florentino, that deal is a no go. I wonder if Madrid are starting to worry about Arsenal and their new focus on Suarez?

Word has it that the Uruguayan is about to tell Liverpool that Arsenal is his preferred destination. Arsenal have already agreed provisional terms with his people. So it’s just a case of Liverpool deciding whether they accept the bid. £35m is a nice cash lump that only Arsenal could wire over via PayPal. An additional £5m in bonuses sweetens it perfectly.

My major worry as I keep repeating is how long we wait on this. It’s not like we’re trying to drive a lower asking price. Liverpool are just being stubborn. However, Arsenal don’t need to get him in early… because he’s banned for 6 games. That said, he could play the Champions League qualifiers… which would be a massive lift for our chances.

A player I’ve suspected we’d sign all summer, Ashley Williams has ramped up the flirting with Arsenal by going public on his interest.

“I don’t really read the papers and that type of thing. You don’t really know, as that’s the future, and I can’t really say. Different circumstances determine different things.”

A bit of a mash up of words. Arsenal are interested as he’d be a very nice addition to our severely depleted defence. We can’t be slipping Aneke in the back four in the Premiership. Williams is a £10m player, he’s Premiership ready and he’s a leader. Just snap him up and be done with it. If there’s someone younger and better, great… we just need to start stocking up on players. I know we’re working hard on deals and I was told to that all the moves will probably drop in one splurge… but I’m getting nervous. I get signing a £40m striker is hard work… But picking up squad players shouldn’t be.

It’ll be interesting to see where we go on the midfield front. Lars Bender is a no go. So who else fits the bill to replace Arteta?

You can tell the web is dry of Arsenal stories when low grade websites report we’re about to sign Bernard for £21m… based on a tweet. Seriously poor form.

No one likes to praise Stoke, but I read they’re paying for away fan bus fares this year as well as offering under 17s £5 away tickets for the Liverpool game. Clever marketing. Filling up the fan funnel with the future. Seems it’s not just Arsenal who are aware of an ageing audience.

It’s also nice to see at least one club that took TV revenue and gave a little back. After all, fans in the ground is one of the factors that makes the league appealing on a global level.

Ok, I’m tapping out. More tomorrow.

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  1. samsenal

    Maybe we could go a whole day without someone wishing that Arsene Wenger would get cancer? Some people that post here are truly disgusting individuals. It’s a shame because there are some top guys and gals too.


  2. Kiblib

    Well I doubt Wenger would want to announce a signing while he’s away, he’s far too controlling for that.

    Bernard is a Brazilian international playing at athletico meneiro (don’t know if that’s spelt right). Ronaldinho and Gilberto SIlva play there.

  3. bishans

    Since Real madrid are going to entice Liverpool with a player plus cash offer, why dont we do the same. We should offer the Scousers £30m + chamack, if they disagree throw in Park and Nicki B in to the mix. And Dick law should point it out to them that he is a cristiano Ronaldo look alike, first of his kind and he is better than Andy carroll.

  4. samsenal

    The longer the summer goes on the less convinced I am that we will invest heavily in a DM…even more so now it is apparent that our striker will cost a minimum of £30m.

  5. the mighty karim

    seems that luis Gustavo might be our new priority in midfield , talking about a 8 M bid, surely Marouane’s haircut is worth 3 times more, but then I’d still go for Fellaini , such a good player

  6. samsenal

    Gregg, sorry to hear that. Really tragic news. There’s a point where anger and frustration boil over into vindictive nastiness and a few fools cross the line and make tasteless posts. They look really really stupid, not big and clever.

  7. Nasri's Mouth

    bishans: We should offer the Scousers £30m + chamack, if they disagree throw in Park

    I think if they’re not happy with £30m + Chamakh, we should increase the offer by agreeing to keep Chamakh

  8. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Suarez deal slow’ funny i remember hearing ‘Higuain deal dragging.’

    All our deals seem to drag, never seen a speedy Arsenal deal in the recent past.

    And the common theme in all these deals and supposed ‘negotiations’ is…Arsenal.

    We’re clearly shit at this. Or the will to actually pay money isn’t there.

  9. Rhys Jaggar

    To be fair to Peter Coates, the reason he’s doing what he’s doing is that Stoke has been hit far harder by the recession than London and crowds are just beginning to dip. His club is getting a massive great EPL foreign TV money bonanza and he’d like to spend £2 – 3m of it on the fans who are struggling financially. Good for him.

    Heartily agree with you with what you say about Higuain to Liverpool – never read such dross in my life. Must be the Sun doing it for Moyesy after me saying that Rooney could buy out his contract on here yesterday. Lazy bunch of tossers at News Corporation and blatantly pro Man Utd. Wonder what they’ll print tomorrow after this, eh?! Fabregas to Utd at a loss to Barcelona?! Good luck with that one……..

    Carl Jenkinson fancies a holiday to Brazil next summer on a school trip. Obviously thinks that Glen Johnson is crap as I can’t see him deposing Kyle Walker without a big swing both ways: him getting better and Walker getting worse. Still don’t know what Micah Richards did to be blackballed by England: did he call a blazer something silly?! Still, if someone gets injured and Jenkinson does the business this season: why not??

    Interesting article in the Press about half of Spanish clubs about to go bust. Salamanca have gone bust and Iniesta saved his nursery school with a few hundred thousand Euros. They owe the Government shedloads and have masses of unsustainable debt. No wonder they want a collective TV deal. Apparently they are thinking about playing El Clasico at mid=day to increase Asian and US TV revenues. Good luck with that if it’s 40C in Madrid – presumably they’ll schedule it far enough into winter to make it bearable.

    If they want Ashley Williams: write the frigging cheque after getting a frigging medical done. Vermaelen’s out at the start of the season, not at Christmas, so get a new boy in to play with his new colleagues sharpish. How many fucking points do you drop by bringing someone new in on August 31st and taking 10 games to get them integrated?? If it’s two places in the league you lose £1m in EPL prize money and no doubt more in TV appearance money. Stop arguing about whether to put 10p in the charity tin when the tramp’s about to steal £20 from your wallet………if you can’t get a hard-on for a high class hooker in 30 seconds of examining the merchandise, why are you in the fucking market in the first place??

  10. Jim Lahey

    How much are Madrid offering Liverpool in cash for this swap deal? I’ve heard Higuain + 20m. If thats the case, why not accept 25m from us for Higuain and offer Liverpool 45m for Suarez?
    Once again everyone is a winner. We get Higuain who we want, Higuian gets CL like he wants, Liverpool get 45m like they want and Madrid get Saurez, just like they want!

  11. samsenal

    The mighty Karin…I would be wellnhappybwith Fellaini, just don’t see it happening.

    An 8m DM leaves plenty of room for 2 big purchases though…

  12. KGold1

    OK, it is pretty obvious most of us want Arsene Wenger out of the job. But i was reading through the comments yestaday and one maggot-faced-sonofabitchy-cancerinfested-sonofabitchy-faggot went as far as wishing cancer on him. Now, that shows how mentally demented some fans are. Some are class, some are totally classless. I think HP should be banned from posting anywhere near here, you just dont need people like this spurting vitriol around – it could be contagious.
    PS: Anims Tito. As someone rightly put it, not the best of tacticians but a very good person.
    Also, I thought the brazilian transfer window closed yesterday. How come the Bernard rumors persist?

  13. TH

    Ashley Williams would be such a depressing signing. £10m or more for an average clogger, when we clearly now start with Kos and Per, and didn’t seem to be interested in selling Vermaelen pre injury.

    If he wants to spend on a 4th CB, go out and get a top young talent who can scrap for a place now AND be a future starter. Someone like Zouma who was superb for St Etienne last season and France in the U-20 World Cup.

  14. Nasri's Mouth

    @Jim Lahey

    I doubt Madrid are offering Liverpool anything. The whole story is more than likely fabricated. Higuain says he wants to leave because he doesn’t feel valued. Offering him to a club that doesn’t have CL football is going to really piss him off.

  15. Cesc Appeal


    Remember RM saying ‘we’ve received no official bid from anyone.’

    So obviously they aren’t sure there’s actual interest are they? Words are easy, like a drunk mate in a club saying, ‘Yeah! Lets go for a 10 mile run tomorrow, sounds great, weather’s meant to be amazing tomorrow morning as well!.’

    But would you bank on it? Nope. And the same goes for Arsenal ‘wanting to sign a player.’

    Ask yourself:

    A) Is he young?

    B) He is a bargain?

    If he’s neither of these two…Arsenal won’t be in for him.

  16. Pedro

    Banned and blocked people.

    Stop talking about it now, you’ll encourage the attention seekers with similar comments.

  17. ughelligooner

    Welldone Pedro. Tits, Rip, Nerve, Gbone, Lg, dave, G2301 etc you guys really did well earlier by gangbanging Jake (a true gun). This is my question to you AWBs gang; will Arsene win the desired trophys we all crave if he spends the amount of money the likes of morhino, Fergie (i respect), Ancheloti, Manchini, etc spent? Dont tell me klopp cos he built a team for about 2 yrs before he reaped the benefit, and i remember we beat his team last 2yrs in the champions league. Ps. Dimateo, Benitez won with the players. Even Avram Grant got chealsea to the finals.

  18. Luke

    If Fellaini is too expensive for Wenger, he should just get in Capoue. He’d do a great job for us.
    I cant see us paying 40 mil for Suarez. I’d love to see it, but it wont happen.

  19. Nasri's Mouth

    KGold1: I think HP should be banned from posting anywhere near here, you just dont need people like this spurting vitriol around

    Agreed. Absolutely no need for it. There are plenty of really awful diseases out there, cancer being one of them, and wishing it on someone is pathetic really.

    I have every sympathy with anyone who has lost someone to it, or to anyone currently fighting it. And to Gregg, it’s an awful thing to happen.

  20. Danny

    Fellaini! Fellaini!

    All this talk only about a striker, yes Giroud isn’t good enough but we scored 72 league goals last year – 3rd highest.
    We need a player who’s gonna make a difference. Sadly Jack ain’t it. If we don’t get Fellaini and he does leave Everton, then fuck it.

  21. m@

    With PSG buying that kid from Roma (marquinhos or something like that) we need to go for Sakho!! Should be fairly cheap and should definitely want to leave by now after being replace by a 19 year old lol and most importantly he’s better than what we have. Him plus Gustavo would really sure up the defence even more and would be fairly cheap.

  22. jules

    Pedro .

    Can you please ban people who wish such a disease on others. Scum like that should not be allowed on this site of which you do should a good job of doing . Don’t let James Hunts like that spoil it.

  23. Nasri's Mouth

    Anyone know what our revenue income was when we signed Wiltord ?

    It’d be interesting to see whether Suarez at £40m is much more of a bigger investment percentage wise than he was.

  24. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    BUT…then what is the point of Arsenal FC?

    If you’ve got £100 Million to spend and you’re still scrabbling around looking for bargains and not wanting to spend more than a total of £20 Million this summer on all your targets or something…what’s the point?

    We’re not Wenger’s little project.

    We’re not a crotch stuffer for Wenger for everyone to be impressed.

    We’re a bank for Stan Kroenke.

    We’re not a training club for the inept and ball-less Ivan Gazidis.

    What we ARE, is a football club, a football club that derives much of its money from matchdays and thus the fans…fans who have certain expectations of their team…fans who are being used, abused, lied to and ignored.

    It’s time the fans started excising their considerable power over these accountants.

    We started to see it last year and it made Wenger very uncomfortable (why do you look at me?!) and Ivan, which is why he gave it the billy big bollocks at the AST meet.

    This season is going to be interesting.

    No big signings after a summer of lies…soon as we hit a rough patch, you watch the fuse (about a millimeter long now) lit.

  25. the mighty karim

    What about Sakho ? PSG buying Marquinhos is very bad news for him…

    Top mentality, a true warrior and can’t be expensive, more experience than Zouma too

  26. Gregg

    Thanks fellas. Lets get the ball out now.

    Interesting call on Wiltord / Income, though didn’t we use the Overmars & Petit money on Wiltord, Lauren & Pires

  27. Mayank


    I think our revenue has doubled. But you also have to consider that we hardly had a tenth of the cash in the bank we have now.

    Also, if you preemptively factor in the Puma deal our revenue will be close to triple its 2002 value.

  28. Jim Lahey

    @Nasri’s Mouth – I hope it is a work of fabrication, it would be a slap in Higuain’s mouth after playing CL football with Madrid under some great coaches, to be shipped to Liverpool to play under Rodgers.

    @Cesc Appeal – I’m hoping just as I’m sure everyone else is that this window will be different than the others, that it won’t be full of buying turkeys to fatten for christmas or last minute panic buys. That established, well known and talented players come in.. but that is not looking likely.

    @samsenal – I’ll pop over to Madrid this afternoon with a couple drinks and sort everything out!

  29. unhappy gunner

    Truly sorry for your loss mate. Horrible horrible disease.
    Dont agree with anything else you’ve said on here mate but you were right that comment was disgusting. Also wish Tito the best in fighting it also.

  30. lordsnotty

    Some contributors to this blog have come on to wish Wenger gets cancer. That is disgusting and shame on them.
    Nonetheless, I really wish he (Wenger) would pick up a “diplomatic” illness and just f*** off away from this club – and enjoy a happy retirement somewhere in France. We need a manager who can do the job properly. There has to be someone out there.

  31. Relieable sauce

    Does anyone know how the clubs shares compare to gold, property & wine investments.
    These were considered the safest forms of investment for guaranteed returns not so long ago but i think AFC shares must be comparable.

  32. samsenal

    Nice one Jim.

    CA a lot of fans haven’t expected Arsenal to aggressively compete in the transfer market…until now. For me, this summer is the first one where new commercial deals are signed and others are on the way.

    So whilst you and many others have been waiting for years and have zero patience, there are lots of fans who are prepared to wait the length of this transfer window, to give the club a chance to put the new money to good use.

    If Arsenal penny pinch and end up with shit then there will be mutiny this season because we will not be close to competing. Again.

  33. Cesc Appeal


    No there won’t be a ‘mutiny’.

    I’ve heard this all before.

    It’ll be ‘Well we couldn’t get deals done but we tried, everyone stop moaning and get behind the team they need us!.’

    November ‘Alright, we’re not far off the top four, let’s get behind the lads.’

    December ‘Injuries haven’t helped, but Wenger knows he’s got to spend in January and I think you’ll see some deals that went dead in August come back to life here.’

    February ‘Alright, it’s hard to get deals done in January because of the inflated prices, people know we’re desperate as well. Let’s get behind the lads all the way to the finish.’

    May ‘YESSS! Top four! We made it! Now watch Arsenal go out with that money and the new commercial money and make some big splashes int he transfer market…the wait is almost over!.’

    Rinse and repeat, only changing the date as appropriate.

  34. Luke

    Cesc appeal….

    Couldnt agree more.

    My point is… we aint going to make any big signings… so let’s just move onto the second rate targets we’ll end up with anyway, and then we know where we stand for next year.

    We have the money to go all out…. never gonna happen with Stan, Gazidis and Wenger pulling the strings. More disappointment for the loyal fans.

  35. Nick the Gooner

    Just a mention of something not picked up on very much
    Arsenal play Nagoya today, not very significant except I would bet money that we are looking at both current Arsenal Manager and next Arsenal Manager (Dragan the Gooner)

  36. Nasri's Mouth


    I’d go with Higuain and spending the additional £15m on someone else rather than Suarez.

    Apparently we had a turnover approx £100m in 2000, so Suarez at £40m is about the same as Wiltord

  37. Jim Lahey

    If it did come down to either Suarez or Higuain.
    Personally I would choose Higuain, putting my Wenger glasses on for one second, he is cheaper and younger (by a year..). He has plenty of CL experience and his goal record for RM speaks for itself, so to do his goals at international level. Even at £30m, I think he is well worth it.

    However I’m not saying I wouldn’t also take Suarez in a second! He is proven in the PL, there would be no settling in time, he is a world class goal scorer and has something that most Arsenal players don’t a will to win at any cost.
    But spending approx 40m+ on a player who will miss 8 games at the start of the season, and who will be under the refs magnifying glass all year, waiting to send him off or suspend him, we can’t afford that to happen..

  38. Relieable sauce


    Its ok mate we’ve just got to wait for the johnny come latelys to come to the party. The penny takes a while to drop with the formr AKB’s, only to be expected.
    Jeez these guys are something else with their “the money’s available now” BS & other excuses.

  39. N5

    “cancerinfested-sonofabitchy-faggot went as far as wishing cancer on him”

    Is that not a contradiction? you called them cancer infested and then moaned about them doing it, way to be progressive also saying faggot over and over. I’m ashamed that people like you are Gooners!

  40. shad


    You’re having a laugh mate. Invest in an unproven defender since “10m quid is a waste on Williams?” I don’t know what logic you are using but there’s a reason Williams is captain at Swansea. I’d be damned if we let sagna play CB and Miquel as RB or whatever other demented shuffle at the back you are thinking about in the name of saving 10m. Williams is premiership ready, a hard tackler and an organizer. Rotating him, Per, Koscielny and Verm (who is out for up to 3 months) would be ideal. Remember we dithered on getting Tim Cahill because of all bollocks and in his first season won the FA Cup and Champions League.

  41. samsenal

    CA you base these predictions upon the previous 8 years, my point is that this summer the financial.circumstances are different.

    So either you are right and that makes no difference because the 3 Stooges (SK, IG and AW) are entirely the problem…


    the club will spend it’s new money in an attempt to improve the side

    You cannot predict based upon the previous 8 years due to these different different financial circumstances…

    I disagree about Mutiny. Sure there will be some die-hards, but most people will see that despite massive new revenues either SK is still hanging on to the purse strings or Wenger is stubbornly refusing to be ripped off. Or worse, both.

    Either way, the lack of funds excuse is gone. Completely gone.

  42. Mattias

    I very much doubt we’ll sign someone in midfield. What would Ramsey think about that?

    Most likely there will be 2 signings, one that has already by made, Sanogo, and one more, I guess a defender.

    No fun at all.

  43. gambon

    Nasris Mouth

    Its fair to say £40m for Suarez is “cheaper” than £13m for Wiltord.

    Back then our rvenue was £60m, with a wage bill of £33m

    So Wiltord represented c21% 0f revenue, which now would be c£50m

  44. Marko

    Condolences Gregg. But onto football Bernard would be a top signing he’s the next big thing imo. On Suarez and Higuain I think one will happen I still think it’ll be Higuain but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Suarez cause it’s either us or Madrid for him and Madrid might still be looking at Bale and they spent heavily on Isco and Illarramendi (32million ffs) already so do they have money for Suarez without getting rid of Higuain first?

  45. Marko

    I think Kwik spends 99% of his time looking at pics of women on twitter and instagram. I’m not complaining though

  46. Jim Lahey

    Just saw a photo of the BFG training with number 2 on his kit.. I know it means absolutely zilch.. buuuuuuuut we can always hope that number 4 is being reserved!

  47. samsenal

    CA further to my post, it’s my firm belief that Arsenal haven’t tried to compete for the title in years; they have been waiting for the new commercial deals.

    I have tolerated this, going broke trying to keep up with Chelsea and City spending hasn’t been an option, however I expect to see them make moves from now on. Maybe a title is too far off now but I expect us to improve the quality of the squad from now on on until we win the thing.

  48. the mighty karim

    official : Strootman to AS Roma (16 M Euros)
    in the air : Bafé Gomis to the Geordies
    in the air too : Diego Armando Traoré to AS Roma

  49. Nasri's Mouth


    I was putting in a pretty big fudge factor based on the fact that our revenue is guaranteed to go up AND we have large cash reserves, however I didn’t realise our revenue was actually that low in 2000.

    Interesting to know.

  50. Cesc Appeal


    The way I look at it though is this, we sold the BEST striker in Europe last summer for £24 Million…we’re now going to go and buy a striker for £40 Million??

    Come on.

    Those commercials were in the pipeline for a good couple of years, Pedro use to talk about them…they didn’t suddenly happen.

    We knew they were coming, we could’ve held onto RVP, gave him the £220 000 a week he DESERVES.

    Still bought Cazorla, Podolski and Giroud to complement the squad not feebly try to replace him.

    Don’t see it, hope keeps me wishing, logic and experience says not a chance.

  51. Gregg


    I think there was a significant rise on the wage bill after Sol Campbell joined in 2001 with Van Bronkhurst and Jeffers & Richard Wright.

  52. gambon

    Revenue jumped for all clubs in 2002 due to new Sky deals plus commercials (new o2 deal)

    The season before and after we bought Wiltord our revenue was only £60m

  53. samsenal

    CA..I reckon Kroneke insists that AFC makes a profit each year. There is no hard proof of this just a gut feel based upon what I have seen, little comments made by AW etc. Transfer profit has been fundental to achieving this. We can pretty confident SK forced the sale of Nasri based upon the horrible player’s own words. Don’t see why the RvP situation would have been any different; he wanted to leave, was likely tapped up in January.

    So yes, the .money was in the pipeline and they would have had a decent idea of what Emirates would pay…but it wasn’t signed and sealed and to a man like SK, what is one more year of zero success on the pitch before we spend? Better to make another profit.

    He will want the same this year but luckily we can afford to spend more.

  54. HerveDeNerve

    “When you’re dealing with someone who only has a pair of underpants on, if you take his underpants off, he has nothing left – he’s naked. You’re better off trying to find him a pair of trousers to complement him rather than change him.”
    Wenger (2007)

  55. Cesc Appeal


    That may well be the case.

    Mr Kroenke will watch his fan base quickly dwindle though.

    As Pedro quite rightfully has pointed out we will lose the next generation of supporter.

    Arsenal rarely do anything exciting, we’re quite dull and mundane now actually, kids don’t want that.

    We should break even each year…what we make we should spend on the club a la Bayern.

    We have £120 Million of surplus cash…so we’re not exactly in danger of bankruptcy by spending what we make are we?

  56. Ramsey the Cannon

    I’m honoured to speak on behalf of one of my fellow gooners.
    I respect his words but unfortunately he’s not here today. So here I am repeating his words.

    “F**k Wenger, F**k Gazidis, F**k Keswick , F**k Henry Statue and F**k Kroenke and Dick law too”

  57. Emiratesstroller

    I think that it is increasingly clear what are Arsenal’s current requirements.

    Third string Goalkeeper. I believe Wenger will keep Szczesny and Fabianski as
    first and second strings and will promote Martinez as third string. I cannot see
    him spending money in this transfer window and destabilising his current
    players. If he brings in goalkeeper it will be an experienced goalie not costing
    money and probably pay as you play as we once did with Lukic [aged 40+] who
    is selected occasionally to sit on bench.

    Centre Back. We have to bring in a new player since both Squillaci and Djourou have been offloaded. Miquel is unlikely to be promoted. Vermaelen
    is now injured so we do need a replacement. The only issue is that I don’t think
    that Wenger will pay more than £8-10 million on this position.Can we buy Williams for that money or will he come without being guaranteed first team football?

    Defensive Midfield is a key position. I suspect Gustavo is now on agenda as he
    may be surplus to requirements at Bayern. Also he is by all accounts an adaptable player capable also of playing cb or rfb. Again I don’t think that Wenger
    will pay big money here.

    The bulk of money will be spent at the front on left wing/attacking midfield
    and striker positions. The million dollar question is can Wenger secure Suarez or Higuain. This appears to be holding up everything else. My worry
    is that we might not secure either if rumours about Real Madrid’s current strategy prove correct.

    All other acquisitions appear to be delayed until we know how much money
    is left.

  58. HerveDeNerve

    Emiratesstroller July 20, 2013 12:37:25

    Szczesny is a nutcase, we should be going one for these

    Fernando Muslera (Galatasaray)
    Samir Handanovic (Inter Milan)
    Diego Lopez (Sevilla)
    René Adler (Hamburg)
    Sergio Romero (Sampdoria)
    Wilfredo Caballero (Malaga)

  59. Marko

    Did someone actually get their mate to post abuse for them? Jesus that’s kind of the saddest thing ever

  60. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Wow, some serious cray-z-ness on le grove today.

    Don’t like to see constant calls to ban people, all a bit Stalinist. If you don’t like a comment, just ignore them.

    Oh, and we’re not signing anyone. Don’t be fooled again people.

  61. Cambridge Gunner

    It sounds a bit negative but I think that wenger’s not gonna buy a DM because he wants Ramsey to play there and he’s wenger’s favourite kid. He’s gonna get better this season anyway. But we’re gonna buy a Striker in this window. I’ll be the happiest man if we buy a DM and I don’t think we need a RB because Sagna is staying put. We need a young CD who can be ready In a year or two and I don’t like Williams because that could kill TV5’s confidence.

  62. silentstan

    some incredibly naive comments about transfers;
    “just go and get capoue”
    “farm him out to Liverpool”
    how do you think these things work for christ sake

  63. kwik fit

    Benteke: I don’t wanna play for Villa anymore.
    Agent: Only sp*rs are interested.
    Benteke: I love Villa, get me a new contact.

    Lets all laugh at Tottenham 🙂

  64. Gregg

    was it when Vieira left ? I know it was ages ago. I’ve given up on the pursuit of Patrice Loko now though, that ones dead in the water.

  65. Luke


    Capoue is free to leave if Toulouse get a decent offer. The quotes are out there from the club.

    Thats how it works… so shut it.

  66. Arsene's Nurse

    So Santos has gone to Flamenco. Looks like the club have been reading the blogs and finally sought action to get rid of the deadwood. I bet it’s not Wenger that’s driving the exodus either. Is Park still a player or has he been let go?

    By my reckoning we have knocked around £350k per week or £18m per year off the wage bill. That’s two top players on £175k a week right there.

    Bendtner and Chamakh left. It will be hard to shift those two puddings due to wages, but that would be another £100k+ off per week.

    One thing is certain – we now have a very light squad, so unless they are going to massively promote youth and do things like move Sagna to CB then we simply have to buy players.

    Who those players will be is another matter. One thing is certain; we have enormous piles of cash to spend and more than enough leeway in the wage bill to buy big.

  67. Emiratesstroller

    Wenger is not going to spend big money on transfer of goalkeeper or his wages,
    which is why Cesar is not coming to us.

    If he spends the money being touted for his two major signings then he will have very little money left to spend elsewhere. Probably a maximum of £8-10
    million. That is why I think that he will not spend money on goalkeeper.

    Szczesny and Fabianski will be numbers 1 and 2 next season. The only question is whether Martinez will be number three or will he recruit from elsewhere.

  68. KGold1

    Personally, I think the introduction of FFP was a little too premature. Wating to make a bold statement is something. Blocking all loopholes before making the statement is another. UEFA sure didnt block all loopholes before letting FFP loose. And I even doubt all clubs REALLY understand the whole concept tbh. Read Monaco, PSG, Man City, Chelsea ( to some extent).

    It will take some time; if ever, for FFP to gain ground.

  69. TitsMcgee

    Higuain over Suarez for me. Younger and less problematic. Also cheaper.

    If we are willing to spend 40 on Suarez I don’t know why we shouldn’t spend 35 for Higuain.

    Gustavo in the MF would be great but makes too much sense. Never happen.

  70. Jim Lahey

    @Gregg – I would have been about 11 back then, so I’m catching up to you now!

    Bit of a side note:

    I’ve recently gone on the hunt for a new pair of football boots, i’ve had years of boots that aren’t comfortable or just down right rubbish, the last great pair of boots I owned were Adidas Accelerators back in 98, so I want on the hunt to see if anyone anywhere had a pair for sale.. So I found a handfull, everyone of them over £400! I wonder if Adidas would ever think about reissuing a boot.

    Then I wondered if players today had a particular pair of boots they preferred and if so would they wear them or wear what ever someone is willing to pay them to wear..

  71. Cesc Appeal


    Is that shop, or genuine do you know…if it’s shop that’s very dangerous to play with our Cesc Fabregas emotions like that!!!

  72. Dannyboy

    Cesc, it’s a fucking good shop if so!! The original picture was tweeted by someone claiming to be with the Arsenal Media team so I assume its real…

    Samir, Chuks is a reserve though so probably doesn’t even have a squad number… All the other first teamers wore their own squad numbers, so seems very odd that Mert should wear the number 2.

  73. Cesc Appeal


    Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God…sweating like a prepubescent girl at a One Direction concert here!

  74. samsenal

    Keeping the number 4 shirt vacant may well be part of an attempt to seduce Cesc..doesn’t mean we are making headway.


    F*ck Romford’s Statue.

  75. Jim Lahey

    @Rewenger – Diaby is no longer no. 2 he has taken the more apt squad number of no. 24. So unless BFG couldn’t find his top and decided this Diaby sized shirt was close enough or maybe it something else, who knows!

    The only thing I will say is that I did see a photo of Arteta training a week or so ago wearing 12, so I wouldn’t get too excited! But it would be fierce coincidence if BFG just happened to take that number!

  76. Harry Redknapp

    strip tv5 of his shirt number his dignity and his captaincy all at once, give bfg the 5 and make thierry the number 4 in january.

  77. Cesc Appeal


    I can’t see Mert giving up his squad number for anything other than someone high profile…

    Unless we’re reading way too much into this and he just had a different shirt on because his German sweat had eroded the last of the number 4 ones

  78. Harry Redknapp

    maybe merte has chosen the number 2, the number of his idol diaby as he wishes to become the box to box midfield general of the future?

  79. g0tch34ted

    True, I did think that. Then I thought it’s just so ridiculous if everyone is switching.

    Plus you can order shirts with their current numbers. Not everyone will do a Bendtner surely?

  80. Dannyboy

    gotch, 12 is traditionally a reserve keepers number so 11 is more appropriate.

    Think they also have a disclaimer when you order shirts saying numbers are subject to change.

  81. WengerEagle

    Park, Chamakh, Frimpong, Bendtner, Gervinho, Fabianski are all still at the club and we have signed no-one! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Jim haha I completely forgot Diaby changed his squad no. and thought for a split second Wenger had developed a ruthless streak! Oh how I dream…

  82. Northbanker

    Anyone seen the Mirror post? Sources in Spain (?) reckon personal terms agreed for Atletico Madrid to sign Santi Cazorla! I sincerely hope this is all nonsense but if it is true then a huge fee will be required and that could be the additional funding to sign Cesc along with Suarez. Not sure though it takes us much further forward. To win trophies we need Santi and Cesc as well as a top striker.

  83. WengerEagle

    Shame Wenger has excuses not to spend big now as clubs like Real have inflated the market with ridiculous transfer fees like 55 million for Cavani and 35 million for Illaramendi.

    Fact remains in todays world it is virtually impossible to sign a world-class player for under 20 million pounds unless a club is broke and desperate(Malaga-Cazorla) or if a player is in the final year of his contract

  84. ughelligooner

    My God liverpool are starting their main 11 vs the indonesian side, is it becos of our spanking of their side and breden rogers wants to emulate us? It doesnt even look like preseason it looks like a premier league game.

  85. HerveDeNerve

    Carlo Ancelotti

    ‘Higuain is a great player and I’m very happy to have him here,’ he added.

    ‘We had a good conversation about the future. I won’t reveal details, but it was good.”

    It looks like its Suarez or bust then!

  86. Cartoon Gooner

    Pedro STFU about us agreeing terms with Suarez’s camp. That’s bullshit and I’m tired of hearing that crap! Who cares if we agreed personal terms with him? Is that the issue? What’s it worth agreeing personal terms if we don’t pay what the club want? Stop feeding us all these shit. That was how you promised us major signings via your “source”. You dissapoint me these days.