Do Barca really want Cesc? Moyes thinks not… I think not

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The situation in the market at the moment is about as clear as an Adebayor press conference. Posturing, denials and a real lack of movement. It’s hard work out there, so little talent, so little willingness to compromise… but it’s starting to get to the action end of the summer now.

Things you need to avoid from a summer…

1. Keeping players who want out. Even if you’re Madrid.
2. Waiting till the last minute to recruit

Now, Liverpool have come out and flagged that Cavani moved for £55m and that’s a fee they’d look for with Suarez. For me, there’s quite a difference between the two. Firstly, Cavani was plying his trade for a team that plays in the Champions League. Secondly, the player wasn’t agitating for a move. Thirdly, he didn’t leave Napoli with a 6 game ban and some seriously heavy weight baggage.

For me, £35-40m represents fantastic value to Liverpool. They can bleat on all they like about their project… but it’s not going to rub with a 26year old who has been out of the champions league lime light for far too long. I’m guessing he’ll be pushing for a move when he gets back to training… then we’ll see Liverpool’s hand weakened. Then we’re rolling.

David Moyes indicated the Cesc story isn’t dead yesterday, just as I called. If Barca get the right offer, I think they’ll sell. Then if Cesc feels aggrieved enough, he’ll be able to push for Arsenal. Hopefully at least. I’m not sure Arsene could tolerate he’s favourite player of all time under a David Moyes development program. He’s alluded to as much in recent weeks. We have the buy back clause and we have the money to match United.

… keep an eye on that story, it still has plenty to run.

Jose Mourinho came out yesterday and denied rumours he was interested in clearing out Luiz and Mata. No mention of Hazard. I’m not sure any manager worth his salt would flog on the Belgian star before they’d seen what season two could bring his way. No mention of Higuain, though the papers did catch up on what I told you the other day… Madrid upped the asking price to €40m for their lead striker. Whether we’re loaded or not… that’s a horrendous price tag for a striker who really isn’t in that sort mega star bracket.

Jovetic moved to Manchester City yesterday. A very good player, but one I maintain we’ve never lodged a formal interest in. That was paper talk fueled by agent desperation. I’m not sure he’s what we were looking for. He’s a punt to a certain degree. On that we couldn’t afford to take. I’m sure he’ll be great, but was he going to pull in 30 goals next year? It would have been a stretch target…

There are rumours that the Managing Director of Flamengo lost an online game of Poker against Ivan Gazidis and has had to suffer the indignation of signing Santos on a years loan as a way of payment. He’ll supposedly move there… with the likelihood of us picking up most of the tab for his salary. Whatever, at least he’s not clogging up the squad and at least we don’t have to get to that awkward February period where we lose all our left backs to injury… and suddenly, it’s a toss up between him and a 14 year old Angolan boy from the youth ranks.

One player who is still firmly on the books is Bacary Sagna. He had a shocker of a season last time out, many believing he’d checked out mentally in preparation for his move to a club that could offer him silverware. Well, he’s still here and he’s determined to banish the ghost of last season. In fairness to him, he did come back from a leg break.

“I enjoy playing for Arsenal”

“I love my team, and I always give my best. I’m still here. Many people were talking about me going back to France but I’m still here and I’m looking forward to a big season with Arsenal.”

“Last season was difficult. I only had one year left and people were looking at that and maybe thinking I would leave. But I tried to stay as calm as I could. Now I will work hard in pre-season and have a good season for Arsenal.”

I’m sure he can be a key cog in the Arsenal machine this year, he looked fit the other night, he looked focused and he looked prepared to fight this year. I’m just really pleased we haven’t binned him… because experience wins you titles. Experience teaches the kids how it’s done.

Right, take that and share it out to the world. Even people who don’t like football. Le Grove transcends interests, everyone will be appreciative of a link today.

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  1. Ash79

    Hmm so Barca keep saying Cesc not for sale but Moyes is pushing it through. How does that fuckin work? I reckon sandro rossell and Barca wana stick it to us again. Declare no sale in public but negotiate with united. That clause won’t mean shit cos by then Cesc would have been convinced to join utd. Would be at too an advanced stage to turn back. Pressure would be too much. Reckon Cesc weak like that.

  2. unhappy gunner

    So we get rid of santos on a free. 7 fucking million pound in fees wasted and god knows how much in wages in that time. Absolutely fucking shocking. Yet you still have idiots like jake coming on here and backing wenger to the hilt. Frugal my arse. How can people still stick up for the man…it amazes me. The evidence of waste etc is plain for all to see yet the fuckers still swear blind by him. This man will get us relegated before to long.

  3. Jim Lahey

    If Bernard does arrive, where does that leave Podolski?
    And as I have said before, why would he spend 21m on a 5’5″ Brazilian winger, and refuse to pay 23m for Fellaini.. maybe Bernard has more sell on value.

    Ash, that does sound a tad paranoid.. but I wouldn’t put it past Barca either! That is one of the main reasons I would like to see Usmanov come onto the board with his billions, to strip Barca of every bit of talent they produce for the next 10 years, take anything form that club that isn’t bolted down.

    It would be beyond forgivable for Cesc to go to United for 26m without trying to bring him back to Arsenal.

  4. Gregg

    We said Cesc wasn’t for sale, we said Nasri wasn’t for sale & we said RVP wasn’t for sale. The clubs interested didn’t take any notice and still persued the deal. I guess in the cases mentioned the players must have made it known they were eager to leave.

  5. Ash79

    Jim I accept it does sound far fetched but look at the two other parties. Neither have any respect for us, they’be both taken our best players in recent years why would they not conspire to shaft us again. I have a horrible feeling about this all. Cesc could easily say “i will not sign for united” doesn’t affect his statement about staying at Barca but he’s saying nada. I honestly feel Wenger will convince himself that signing Cesc isn’t necessary.

    Also if Barca are insistent that Cesc is not for sale how is Moyes able to talk relatively candidly about working in the Cesc deal?

    Whole thing stinks

  6. Aussie Gooner Dave

    Jim Leahy,
    has Randy put a shirt on yet?

    Gazidis and Wenger really are taking a massive risk not getting the business done quickly. If it all turns to shit and we end up with 2nd grade talent coz if we can’t snag a bit name, the fury the supporters will direct towards Wenger & Gazidis will be bigger than it’s ever been.

  7. Jim Lahey

    @Gregg – You’re probably right about never been interested in Fellaini which is a real shame, he is exactly what our midfield needs.

    @Ash – Yeah neither club has respect for us, all we’ve done for years is rolled over and had our belly scratched by “bigger” clubs, selling players on the cheap just to keep a steady inflow of cash coming in. Am I right in saying that Barca still owe us fees on previous transfers? I know we can’t, but it would be nice to demand they now pay it up front.
    I really dislike that club, but it is our own doing. Thats, as I said, why I want Usmanov in, would put a halt to all of that, and then go to Barca and take everything, and when there is nothing left, we go into the Nou Camp and pull the copper wiring out of the walls!

  8. Paddy got up

    Santos another failure of project Wenger
    How can this parasite still have a job?

    Someone said above he will get us relegated, I doubt if anyone at the club really cares!

  9. Gregg

    Ash & Jim
    Spot on guys. Those clubs & others have zero respect for us at all. No means yes and every big club knows that with us.

  10. unhappy gunner

    @Paddy got up
    I know mate it amazes me. Yet the akb wengerettes come out with the drivel about how frugal and careful he is, the man is anything but frugal. Fucking madness mate.