We’re alive… | Suarez deal goes to £40m? | Cesc Arsenal deal a no go…

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Morning people… sorry, I mean late afternoon everyone.

Today’s post isn’t late because of Peroni. It’s late because I’ve had to work and couldn’t take the time out to amend one of Geoff’s posts.

So, here is the quickest news round up since that day way back when when there was no news.

Right, Santi Cazorla to Athletico Madrid.

Do. Me. A. Favour.

Santi moved from Malaga because they were bankrupt. He’s hardly going to move back to Spain and join another bankrupt club. Especially not for £17m. Give it up Spanish media and your Daily Mail best friend. He’s staying with us.

Story number two.

Cesc stays at Barca. He was obviously using United to work out his position at Barca. Apparently they don’t want to sell him. The quotes from Villanova were pretty ‘meh’.

‘Err Cesc, yeah, he wants to stay. We can’t really sell him unless he asks to because the fans will worry we’re skint. So I guess we’ll keep him. Oh, he’s a champion’

So that’s a shame. I still think if the right offer came their way they’d take it. £26m doesn’t feel like the right offer though, does it?

Story number three.

Suarez rumours are still hotter than a cup of cold coffee you’ve left in the microwave for three minutes in the hope of saving it.

The Liverpool Chief Exec came out and admitted we’ve bid for him.

Win for Arsenal fans. It’s not PR. We actually bid. As I said last week.

The bad news is he thinks he can keep him. Really don’t think he’s serious about that. The player wants out and he’ll push for it. Whether it’s us or Madrid is a different story.

The Telegraph reckons we’ll go to £40m.

Pass me a tissue, because I think Wenger just picked up a nose bleed and messed himself at the same time.

Imagine that? Transfer record spanked round the face with a killer whale. He’d still work out cheaper than Rooney by £6m over 5 years if that was the case. I’d prefer him as well. People say Rooney is a better marketing asset. I’m not sure how you quantify that. He’s hardly a CR7. Regardless, I’m about the best player… not the best marketing asset… and let’s not kid ourselves, racist or not, Suarez will shift shirts.

It’d be a bold statement to wear one. Kind of like wearing a Stone Island Jacket if you’re a Chelsea fan.

I still think we’ll land someone major. Geoff doesn’t, what can you do?

Have a great rest of the afternoon. I’m off to make someone’s business 14% more fun…

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    If Kroenke can make money off of him on your side of the pond he will,he just knows he would never try that shit in the USA.

  2. sam

    I am surprised you guys are not happy with our current team
    this so called kids are full time professonials.

    nope chuba akpom is not bendtner and gnabry is not gervinho whats your excuse now?
    the window is still opened, we will definately sign some players but no suarez or Cesc. I will be happy with someone like axel witsel and a top defender.
    I don’t think we will sign a 25 millions player like you want unless we are lucky with cazorla type of deal.

  3. sam

    for me a top defender is a priority

    what happened to sakho?

    a top defender not ashley william
    a top DM not kondogbia

  4. Rohan

    Liking what Arsene has come out with. Hasn’t ruled out Cesc which makes me think there’s something in it, but at the same time making it clear that if he’s leaving Barca, it’ll be for us.

    Wenger on Rooney: “It happened to us (losing a great player in van Persie), and it can happen to them.”

  5. sam

    Go take your medication mr dialsquare
    I have watched gnabry play football, he can play that role wenger gave gervinho last year with ease. ( false 9) and he has powerful shots.
    he might be just 18 but he’s stronger than gervinho

  6. kwik fit

    “It happened to us. It can happen to them.” – Wenger on buying Rooney & avenging sale of RvP.

    Now your fucking talking Arsene, Now your talking!

  7. kwik fit

    Arsene Wenger On Cesc:”I believe he will stay at campNou for another year.We have the clause in contract so we wud be on alert”

    So Moylesy not that easy is it? Losing Rooney and not getting Cesc, Fandabidozy

  8. sam

    Same story,

    Wenger needs to learn how to rotate defenders.
    if a player doesn’t play for 5 games he will become frustrated
    maybe thats why he wants someone who’ll settle on the bench.
    we really need 4 top defenders

  9. sam

    Well I guarantee you Gervinho won’t get a game next season.
    Hopefully he’s negotiating to take a pay cut back to france.
    Even little wellington will jump ahead of him if he refuses to fuck off

  10. BillikenGooner

    Gazidis might be so smooth that he set up the whole transfer season with his ‘Oh yeah.. we got tons of money’ statement to make sure every club would price us out of any move and Wenger could use his ‘I couldn’t find value for price in this inflated market” again.

    They tag-teamed us.

  11. kc

    So Napoli have confirmed their in talks with Higuain. They will definitely be willing to spend more for the player than us, and then RM will come after Suarez. It’s All Happening. Another summer of shite.

  12. Matt

    Steve bounds tactics got arsenal in the cl at the end of last season. He is Turning arsenal in to an average team. Wenger out

  13. sam

    we had ramsey last season as winger
    I am sure I will be happy with gnabry progressing in that position and being tortured by some twat who can’t even cross the ball

  14. GoonerDave

    Watching the friendly today really hammered home that we are sorely lacking a superstar or two.
    We seem to have a nice squad of players, with loads of young players brimming with potential. We have technically excellent pros in the first team squad, and a decent depth of them.
    But we need to add the frills now. We know we have the money and the squad is crying out for top quality additions.
    Heres hoping the right players are brought in.

  15. Arsene's Nurse

    New reports are coming through tonight that Wayne Rooney is even more angry and confused. Apparently he’s having trouble with his maths homework:

    If Coleen has 5 apples and David has two apples, how many apples does Coleen have if she gives David 2 apples?

  16. Rohan

    Real Madrid are bank-rolled. It’s a joke. They paid 32 million for Illaramendi. They expect everyone to be that wasteful.
    To be fair, when you see people like PSG and City inflating the market with 50million for Cavani and 20 million for fucking Negredo, we might just have to shell out that much.

  17. Marko

    20 million for Negredo is a joke the guy’s shit and it just shows you how poor most of the teams in Spain are. Cavani you can understand cause their owner’s a nutcase and the player wouldn’t push through a transfer. But yeah Madrid are cunts for rasing the price on Higuain and after he wanted to come to us. Tsk tsk tsk

  18. dialsquare

    It’s official according to the Daily Mail-April 4 2012: Arsenal have the worst percentage of crosses to find a team mate in the whole of the Premier League.

    The worst crosser of the ball by a player is Adam Johnson and at No 5 is Oxlade Chamberlain, No 6 is Carl Jenkinson and making the top 10 at No 10 is Theo Walcott.

    That’s 3 Arsenal players in the top 10 of worst crossers of a ball in the Premier League and Gervinho nowhere to be seen on that list.

  19. HerveDeNerve

    Pahahah! MUFC in total meltdown! Now linked with Modric, Fabregas and Bale, they are after all 3!

  20. GoonerDave

    appreciate your point re crosses but we don’t really play the crossing game. Passing means less focus on crossing.
    Passing means passing. Crossing is too unpredictable for a team that likes to pass the ball. I read on a stat site that only 1-2% of crosses lead to goals.
    Crossing is really a last resort.

  21. dialsquare

    The problem is Arsenal have attempted more crosses than any other Team in the Premier League bar 3 other Teams which suggests they haven’t a clue.

  22. Brum Gooner

    Dial square

    You can read stats anyway you want.

    Arsenal do not fill the box with players, unless its the last 10 mins therefore 1 striker against 2 centre halfs is always difficult.

    As. Winger you are coached to hit the space, not the man. It’s the forwards movement of the striker that creates the goal.

    When we had RVP nd Walcott in terms of Goals and assists, they were the most explosive duo in the premier league 3 out of there last 4 seasons.

    So what’s your point? Are players can’t cross?

    My counter argument is we don’t get enough men in the box.

  23. sam

    Keep moaning
    Everyone knew that Gnabry and eisfeld will be in the first team this season

    and hmmmmmm, chuba akpom

    get used to it

  24. GoonerDave

    Taking your stats from a mail article is surely not your style?
    I thought stats meant nothing to you?
    Also – you exaggerated slightly, or misread.

    What percentage of our passes into the box are crosses? Not many I bet.
    Whats the point in trying to be good at something with lousy odds like 2%?
    I’d prefer to see us improve our shooting from distance and work more on our defending from set pieces.

  25. sam

    the best reserves players get promoted to first team at the end of the season
    It doesn’t matter if they are 12 or 30 years old

  26. Brum Gooner

    I agree about Sanga

    ……but Walcott has improved dramatically.

    Next few games have a look and see how many players are in the Box when we are attacking with width, maybe 2 or 3. Man Utd probably have 5 . On average. If their wingers hit the key areas they are more likely to hit a target.

    Next Arsenal game watch what happens .

  27. HerveDeNerve

    MUFC are in panic mode, Rooney is definitely off, CEO rushing back from far east to put out fires, now using the Wenger tactic of making stupid bids to appease fans over star players leaving…..

  28. sam


    do you watch football or you wait to read daily mail to get your stupid statistics.
    Jenkinson and chamberlain are good crossers.
    maybe Gervinho wasn’t there because he doesn’t cross at all

  29. Gunner2301

    Hang on I think I know what’s happening. Bid 40mill for Suarez Pool accept, we offer Suarez half what he’s on now in wages, we cant agree terms, deal collapses. Money is spent on improved contracts for Diaby and the other dross.


  30. sam


    Liverpool are lying, they are using arsenal to sell their player
    the fee alone will tell you its bollocks.

  31. Rich

    We will buy Bernard from Atletico Minero as Gervinho/Arshavin replacement
    We will do our best to get one of Suarez/Rooney/Higuain I hope it’s Suarez
    And I think Arsene’s going cold publicly on Cesc to make it look like he’s not the one ruining his big dream, but if Utd get a bid accepted, we will pounce and meet his valuation surely?

  32. Sam

    Even big spenders will have to employ risk analysts before they spend on a player. Suarez is not worth that much they will be lucky to get 10 millions from him just like tevez. Troublemakers do damage to the reputation of a club.

  33. Al

    How about going for Soldado who is a better finisher then Rooney and Suarez ….and is at a cash strapped Valencia team. He is a player that would easily get 25 goals for us

  34. Andy

    Rumour is that Carzola is sick of Wenger staring at all the players cocks in the shower.. He wants out & back to Spain !

  35. ikon

    Saw Zelalem for the first time yesterday. Looked superb I have to say. The player closest to Cesc ability wise. Eisefeld has that Pires kind of ghostly presence about him. Pops up in the right areas always. Chicarito has similar ability which is a great thing to have really.

    Have high hopes for Gnabry. He definitely looks like putting a lot of pressure on himself to perform. Needs to relax. He is a tormentor of a wingman I can assure you of that.

    Also Miquel also seems to be growing into a dependable CB. Should be able to make a career at AFC this guy.

    These four guys will do us a great favour and themselves also if they develop that temperament and keep growing.

    Still Suarez, a back up CB, a decent DM and a winger if Gervinho leaves are absolutely necessary before the season starts.

  36. Jeff

    Wenger: “Rooney is under contract and has two years to go so it’s United who make the decision. But we would not have a problem with the wages of Rooney.”

    My God, Wenger has reached new depths in lying. Does anyone believe this is anything other than trying to show the world that we are able but not willing? We would not have a problem with the wages of Rooney … because we’re not buying him.

    I do wish people would not fall for Wenger’s word-play antics. He tries to steer you in one direction while he scarpers in another. It is so, so transparent.

  37. TheBayingMob

    So, July 18th …

    No Higuain, Rooney was never going to happen, ever! Saurez isn’t going to happen. No Fellaini. No Lars Bender (have to put his first name in there), but there was some mad guy in Vietnam who ran alongside the bus for a few miles. Oh happy clappy smile like a mong…. fuck my old boots …

  38. Alan

    Put sanogo and akpom up front with theo and ox on flanks, and gnabry in reserve when either of them slack. Make wilshere captain (before we sell him ). Oh and a couple of minor changes. For the £7m we pay wenger, we can make sol Campbell manager, ray parlour his number 2, Ian wright in charge of making sure all our kids are proud to wear the shirt, Stewart Robson chief scout, (limit to uk and Germany (no more frenchies) . Even if we go down a league or two, we’ll have a good laugh along the way and be a real club.. All excess profits to pay for better wigs for kroenke . Now piss off all of you and go look for a job.

  39. The Hig

    I keep saying this, only when Spurs whip us 8-2 on the 1st September will Wenger realise he needed to buy top quality.

  40. Ryan

    Confused as to why everyone wants Gervinho to be sold?!? We need squad players and can’t really think of many better (squad players).

  41. samsenal

    Ryan – because we would prefer to have someone good enough to be in the first 11 in the squad in Gervinho’s place.

    I agree that as squad players go he’s decent but we need to be moving away from “decent” mid-twenties players; Gnabry and Zelalalalalalelelelem can fulfill the “decent” squad places instead.

  42. Nasri's Mouth


    Gervinho is an ok player. He’s actually really bad in front of goal, but he partly makes up for that by being able to go past players and create chances. However he’s never going to be a starter, and we need to bring in starters to improve the first 11.

  43. Samir


    To cut a long story short..

    Gervinho is complete shit. He’s 26 and will never improve that much. I’d rather watch a youngster given a chance to be honest…It’s clear we’ll never win anything with Gervinho in the team!

  44. Gregg

    Two years on and Gervhino is as un-polished as when he arrived. there are some positives to his game but to play in the positin he does, goals and end product are a necessity. He fails which is why, in last years run-in, even with injuries and suspensions to forward players, he was overlooked. Wenger has lost all faith and trust in him. Time to move on

  45. N5

    100% agree Samir, Gerv is absolute garbage! we have a team of squad players and he is gash compared to most of them! so no thanks, get a winger that can dribble, cross and shoot, not do the hard work and then miss a sitter! I would get rid of him in a heartbeat and to question your question about who wouldn’t want him, I have to ask, who would? (apart from the French).