We’re alive… | Suarez deal goes to £40m? | Cesc Arsenal deal a no go…

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Morning people… sorry, I mean late afternoon everyone.

Today’s post isn’t late because of Peroni. It’s late because I’ve had to work and couldn’t take the time out to amend one of Geoff’s posts.

So, here is the quickest news round up since that day way back when when there was no news.

Right, Santi Cazorla to Athletico Madrid.

Do. Me. A. Favour.

Santi moved from Malaga because they were bankrupt. He’s hardly going to move back to Spain and join another bankrupt club. Especially not for £17m. Give it up Spanish media and your Daily Mail best friend. He’s staying with us.

Story number two.

Cesc stays at Barca. He was obviously using United to work out his position at Barca. Apparently they don’t want to sell him. The quotes from Villanova were pretty ‘meh’.

‘Err Cesc, yeah, he wants to stay. We can’t really sell him unless he asks to because the fans will worry we’re skint. So I guess we’ll keep him. Oh, he’s a champion’

So that’s a shame. I still think if the right offer came their way they’d take it. £26m doesn’t feel like the right offer though, does it?

Story number three.

Suarez rumours are still hotter than a cup of cold coffee you’ve left in the microwave for three minutes in the hope of saving it.

The Liverpool Chief Exec came out and admitted we’ve bid for him.

Win for Arsenal fans. It’s not PR. We actually bid. As I said last week.

The bad news is he thinks he can keep him. Really don’t think he’s serious about that. The player wants out and he’ll push for it. Whether it’s us or Madrid is a different story.

The Telegraph reckons we’ll go to £40m.

Pass me a tissue, because I think Wenger just picked up a nose bleed and messed himself at the same time.

Imagine that? Transfer record spanked round the face with a killer whale. He’d still work out cheaper than Rooney by £6m over 5 years if that was the case. I’d prefer him as well. People say Rooney is a better marketing asset. I’m not sure how you quantify that. He’s hardly a CR7. Regardless, I’m about the best player… not the best marketing asset… and let’s not kid ourselves, racist or not, Suarez will shift shirts.

It’d be a bold statement to wear one. Kind of like wearing a Stone Island Jacket if you’re a Chelsea fan.

I still think we’ll land someone major. Geoff doesn’t, what can you do?

Have a great rest of the afternoon. I’m off to make someone’s business 14% more fun…

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  1. tom


    City, United and Chelsea are all in Asia ” taking group hug pictures “.

    City and CFC have got some business done early but United still wait for a big name.
    I want AFC to get on with it, and assume they are (in their own quiet way) but I’m not panicking yet.

    It’s a very tight market and we have to act accordingly.

    Truth is the clubs mentioned do currently have “more pull” and less interest in being responsible with the money at their disposal.

    AFC might find themselves with less options than we hoped for but I don’t think it’s down to AFC being miserly or slow as much as it is to do with players and agents holding out and keeping their options open.

    I’m still confident we will make significant signings this summer.


  2. HerveDeNerve

    tom July 17, 2013 18:59:21
    “Who was the last unrepentant arsehole to play for AFC? Stevie Williams?”

    Sammy Nelson for me, took his shorts down and did a full on moonie to the Everton away end at Highbury

  3. Mers10

    Don’t just give list of all the so called top players ( and I mean all the ones most of you haven’t ever watched a game of) and tell me who AW should buy to improve our position. By adding Saurez etc would improve the squad but im not sure it would gain any improvements in PL or CL. Things changed with them C##ts Chelsea 10 years ago. We all need to live with this or stop going. AW has done a brilliant job at Arsenal in these last 10 years. (I’m not kidding).


    So Tom your happy with the way the clubs being run first I think they need to sack wenger his signings over the last few years was dreadful gervinho Silvistri shall I go on and the diaby situation is criminal two games then injured what’s going then his offered new contract youth players out on loan never gonna see the first team it’s madness I could go on and on

  5. tom

    Sammie Nelson was more clown than bastard, like Wrighty.
    Hot headed but not mean.
    Steve Williams was mean and nasty.
    Loved him though.

  6. tom


    I love my club and think it’s being run quite well, thank you.

    You mention Gerv, Silvestre and Diaby.
    You don’t mention Cazorla, Koscelny and RVP.

    But please don’t feel the need to “go on and on” on my account.
    I have heard all that bollocks before and just don’t buy it.

  7. Dan

    agree with you100% about been aggressive and dicisive in the market and it wouldn’t of piled the pressure on to deliver what the fans want, especially after the big bold ‘we’re gona splash the cash’ statement.

    Im notsaying the tour is a bad idea but if its used as an excuse to whywe haven’t signed anyone it won’t be on

  8. sam

    suarez is not racist. he was just winding up that senegalese drama queen to get him sent off or something.
    the reason i doubt we will sign him because he’s already a marked man, Suarez in an arsenal shirt will be very costly. he even has to watch which direction he breaks wind. the FA will charge him with misconduct.

  9. mystic

    Disagree with you. There is a vast difference between someone from Uruguay using what we consider an objectionable word and someone from Italy being malicious in their actions.

    Frankly I am more concerned about Suarez’s cannibal tendency, than his inability to piece together intelligent words. Guess I am of an age where I still go with the motto:
    ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me’

  10. tom

    Saurez is like Balotelli – gifted and effective but hugely flawed as a pro footballer.

    Just too much aggro to be bothered with.

    AW would have to work some serious magic to change my mind on that.

  11. Moanalisa

    I’ve seen clubs spend money, but I do not think I’ve seen anything comparable to monaco yet.

    Ranieri just keeps wasting money on average players, how that guy keeps getting employed is really beyond me. One of the worst managers I’ve ever seen, but he keeps getting job after job- just like sven goran ericksen .

  12. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah just because we’re ‘interested’ Suarez people please don’t try to excuse racism.

    In his culture it’s the same as calling someone a Scouser or a Geordie or a Yid…but we aren’t in his inherently racist culture.

    Fantastic player, unbelievable talent and I’d love to see him in an Arsenal shirt next year…but I gotta say I do cringe at the thought of what he might do in said shirt that could potentially embarrass the club.

    That’s one of the other nails in the Suarez story coffin for me:

    A) Wenger doesn’t want to spend.

    B) The board and Kroenke would be quite happy if he didn’t.

    C) If Wenger does want to spend then the selling club sure as hell better agree to sell at his valuation.

    D) Wenger will want to play someone like Akpom instead of shelling out £30-40 Million on a top class striker who’d actually be useful.

    E) There’s no pat on the back for Wenger if we had a team with a Suarez, a Cazorla, a Fellaini/Fabregas and we win something.

    F) Something would be expected of Wenger.

    then somewhere around T) Suarez might embarrass us as a club.

  13. Brum Gooner

    People can slate Giroud as much as they like but he is a good international striker. He was on Bayerns and Chelseas Radar before last summer.

    We need to adapt to his strengths

    Negredo has just gone for 24m. Lets see who shows the most value this season.

    I’m certain Giroud will have a 1 in 2 strike rate this season

  14. Kempster


    Look at how he says it and tell me you still believe he wasn’t saying it maliciously. Come on fella.

    If it wasn’t said with any kind if malice, why would he use it when they were being pulled apart?

    We don’t need to make excuses for him.

  15. tom

    E) There’s no pat on the back for Wenger if we had a team with a Suarez, a Cazorla, a Fellaini/Fabregas and we win something.

    What nonsense.

  16. Kempster

    CA – good post. Agree with most of that. I’d like him at the club, but I’d be watching from behind the sofa a little bit

  17. HerveDeNerve

    40 is not enough anyway, it’s going to take 45-48million, that’s 3 times more than what he’s ever spent, he just can’t and won’t do it, end of.

  18. unhappy gunner

    Where as the rest of us look at Zelalem as a boy with huge potential and talent, wenger just sees pound signs when Zelalem plays. The mans an idiot. And we all know we are buying no ‘top top top qaulidee players’, so put money on this being JW’S last season in the red of Arsenal. Then watch how Arsenal will then play the victims when he is sold and make him out to be a cunt. You can read our lot like a well thumbed book.

  19. HerveDeNerve


    This is his master plan, spend pre season knocking the crap out of the Indo-Viet Cong All Stars, convincing himself and conning the rest of us that his teams have got a togetherness which shouldn’t be broken by signing proven world class players.

    The word he keeps using is “spirit”

    “It was a game played with good pace and a good spirit. For us of course it was a good preparation for the season,”

    You can see whats coming

  20. MadeToLoveMagic

    Cesc fabregas

    “Apart from Arsenal and Barcelona, I don’t see myself playing anywhere else. I will definitely be going back (to Arsenal) whenever I have time to watch games and to see the guys… and if there is one place to go back to (to play), it is Arsenal for sure.”

    He’s not going to united


    Hello 911 how may I help you.
    Yes I would like to report a crime,
    Your name sir.
    Asswipe, oh sorry ,I meant Arsene.
    What is the crime you’re reporting.
    Well …….I think I just murdered the hopes and dreams of Arsenal fans.
    Phone drops from blooded hand and the scene fades to black.
    Ok that’s a wrap people.

  22. tom

    I’m too old fashioned.
    I don’t subscribe to “win at all costs”.
    I think there is a right and wrong way to conduct yourself as a player and a club.
    Most often AFC seem to know the difference.
    Buying Saurez would test the theory.
    If he could be reformed without losing his edge, it would be the deal of the decade whatever the cost, if not, it could bring the club into disrepute and undo a lot of good work.
    It’s a ballsy move either way.

  23. HerveDeNerve

    sam July 17, 2013 19:55:51
    “Jenkinson reminds me of Cafu”

    Whys that Sam?

    Has Jenkinson got 142 international caps, 21 World Cup finals appearances, won two World Cups in 1994 and 2002, as well as being the only player to participate in three World Cup final matches?

  24. unhappy gunner

    So you think wengers petulance towards opposing managers is the ‘right way’ to do things do you? Or maybe his arrogance towards the fans is the ‘right way’?
    Wengers conduct over the last few years is an absolute disgrace and some of his antics have shamed this club.

  25. MadeToLoveMagic

    Gnabry, zalelem, eisfeld, Miguel, akpom, aneke bellerin,

    Zalelem today was playing out of this world

    This is the most talented youth set up I think we have ever had, when Wilshere ox, theo Rambo jenks are a
    L older and these kids come through we will have a serious essentially home grown team

    Compare a few years ago, jet , Meade,Sanchez watt, cruise, etc,

  26. Rohan

    he, looking like the “urgent” incoming transfer business for which the Utd. ceo flew back is Leighton Baines.

    Nowhere to be seen for Everton friendly.

  27. Rohan

    Doubt Miquel will make it in all honesty. Still not convinced about Gnabry.

    Think Eisfeld will make it, but I’m unsure as to whether it’ll be with us.. I’m a big fan of Bellerin, Akpom and especially Zelalem. Jack mentioned him in an interview today as well as one to watch out for.

  28. salparadisenyc

    Fellaini rumors emanating of his moving to United with Moyes.
    VERY big miss IMO if that happens.

    Genuine targets are now fading in our rear view as we speed down the highway of lost opportunity headed for the village of stupidity on Wenger’s Spirit horse.

  29. mystic

    My guess regarding the reason why he was still using as they were pulled apart was that he knew he was getting Evra wound up. I am not trying to defend him, simply trying to highlight that there might have been an alternative reason to him being overtly racist..

    To be fair to Suarez, he is ugly enough that it is hard to tell if his look is malicious or not!

  30. Brum Gooner

    People can say hat they like about Saurez’ attitude whatever. However the guy banged 30 goals last season. On his performances was he not the best player in the premier league?

    Apart from the bite what did he do wrong exactly to be judging him so much?.

    The bite was a disgrace but ffs he bite him on his arm. Hardly a leg breaker. Going in for a two footed lunge is disgraceful as well….

    ….but tell me all the anti Saurez clan…. if Roy Keane was 26 and available would you buy him?



    You remind me of a scene from that old Tom Cruise movie when the teacher said………blue shirt fifth row WAKE UP!!!!!!!!

  32. tom

    unhappy gunner,

    I accept Wenger can get testy on the touch line. Most coaches who care, do.

    As for arrogance towards the fans, I don’t see evidence of it.

  33. Rohan

    Akpom is probably the best striker our youth academy has produced in recent memory. Has everything in his locker. Next couple years important to see if he can take his game to the next level.

  34. MadeToLoveMagic


    How can you not be convinced by gnabry? His performances have been fantastic for his age, he is big skillfull, great passer, direct yet can link up well. He also has a great shot on him.

    Mig is harder to call I’ll admit, but is does say something that real sociadad want him on loan, he is obviously impressing people abroad.

    Is it just me, or does Miguel look tiny on tv, and when you actually see him in the flesh he is a giant!L! 6 foot five or something! He just needs more aggression in him game as a centre back

    Zalelem looks from what he has shown , that he has the potential to be one of the top top players in world football with 7 years. Some of his turn are simply iniesta clones for a 16 year old that is crazy.

    Plus he seems ,, and this is rare, to always have an eternity on the ball, however many oposition surround him.

    It’ll be a proud day when we sell him to barca

  35. tom

    Chuba may not get his chance with AFC if he doesn’t have the patience to wait for it.
    Signing a big-name striker would certainly impact his progress.
    But he does have tremendous potential and given the size of squad we need to compete on multiple fronts, he’d be smart to stick around a year or two longer.

  36. HerveDeNerve

    MadeToLoveMagic July 17, 2013 20:05:07

    “Jenkinson WILL get 142 caps for England I’d bet on it”

    On Cesc “He’s not going to united”

    On Youth “This is the most talented youth set up I think we have ever had” “these kids come through we will have a serious essentially home grown team”

    Have you read the AKB Guide to which there is a link to at the top of this page?

    1. Inability to think for themselves. They can no longer sit down the pub with their footballing friends and enter into a reasoned conversation. His/Her friends will be bored of their debating tactics… ‘Arsene Knows’ grows tiresome after 3 years.


    mystic 20:07:29
    Yeah right,maybe Paula Dean should have used that whack assed excuse….
    Epic fail mate.

  38. RIPAFC

    Sorry to say this guys but we are falling into the wenger trap talking about the youth team these players have a long way to go.
    Are any of them gonna be in the first team next season ?
    Wenger is a c;:t. Feeding you youth players & young British talent his pilling the wool over your eyes

  39. RIPAFC

    I ain’t excited bout any of them as I once was a cunt who was looking forward to Fran Merida the next cesc davide grodin the best young right back out of France what a cunt
    Where’s gambon ?????

  40. sam

    Chuba akpom will be our third striker next year replacing chamakh. you fantasist need to put your 30 millions quid away. no need for suarez.

  41. Cesc Appeal

    Can you imagine if we were actually a ballsy club and seeing how Mata is being a bit disregarded by Jose (it seems anyway) and we put a £30 Million bid in to test the water. Being able to play Cazorla and Mata in the same middle behind Suarez would be incredible.

  42. sam

    there is a big vacuum left by chamakh, gervinho and arshavin.
    we brought in Ryo, gnabry and Akpom.

    not bad huh?

  43. Cesc Appeal

    Someone really should ask Wenger and Gazidis what the point of us is.

    Why have £100 Million transfer fund and not use it?

    Are we just around to make money and try to uncover gems we can sell on for yet more money?

    If so they should probably let the fans know that

  44. tom

    Ramsey is excellent.
    He was one of the main factors in our great run at the end of last season.
    He may not be the glamour boy you hunger for but he is the type of player a winning team needs.
    Graft and skill.
    Love him.

  45. N1Goon

    If Fabregas goes to United they should demolish the Emirates and just erect a 100 foot statue of Bergkamp, what will be the point any more.

  46. sam

    Arsenal never bid for suarez, liverpool are using us to market their player.
    real madrid did it with Higuain

    arsenal also used it to their advantage that they are after big signings.


    sticks and stones may break my bones but names may never hurt me.
    Ok mate,tell that story to all the adults in rehab because they were constantly called stupid and no good by their parents as children.

  48. MadeToLoveMagic


    I believe a few of this current crop will make it for sure, don’t be such a neg, the academy has some great players in it at the moment,

    Gnabry , eisfeld , bellerin, akpom , zalelem,, Toral. Aneke, Miguel, all have the potential to make first team with in 1 year. Some already have

    I think well see zalelem in the first tam next season for a few cameos as well as bellerin

  49. RIPAFC

    It’s sad they all look like good players but they ain’t ready for prem league yet come on guys your forgetting they was playing teams in Asia lol not playing away at Chelsea or the nou camp.

  50. dave


    If Cesc goes to the mancs, we might as well go the whole hog and turn the Em into a giant bank. We can all go there every other weekend, deposit our money, be thankful and fuck off until the next deposit day.

  51. raisonar

    Dont give up on Gnabry that soon. Guy just turned 18 this sunday and has plenty of time on his side.
    At 18 being around and training with first team squad is big thing. If given a run-in, youngsters could improve massively on match to match basis. He is being given a chance in pre-season, I think over this pre-season he could cross Gervinho in pecking order

  52. sam

    Wenger surely has fund available, even Usmanov was bragging that we can afford Rooney or anyone.

    Oh wait, this is the man who’s obsessed to win with kids……………… on the cheap.
    honestly Aneke looks ridiculous as a defender, spend some good money on subotic or some top defender.
    remember strong defence wins you the tittle.


    You mean when Arsene sits next to them at the back of the bus, puts his hand on their knee and ask them…….do you reeealy want to play for the first team next year.

  54. N1Goon

    If I was Puma I would be telling Gazidis to make sure Wenger fucking spends that money because we don’t want our new kit to be on Thursdays night ITV4.

    Puma should have put a clause in that we would have had to spend £50+.

  55. Brum Gooner

    Everyone slagging off our youth set up. Players develop at different stages. Where was Isco at 17? Beckham at 18? Welbeck at 19? Bale at 20?

    How many players have United, Chelsea, Real Madrid , Man City or even Spurs brought from their youth set up into the first team in the last 15 years?


  56. Rocky87

    We are now no longer favourites to sign anyone of note on sky bet anymore.

    Napoli favourites for Higuan.
    Real favourites for Suarez.
    Fellaini and Fabregas favourites to go to Man U

    Transfers being done everyday for quality players and we sit on the sofa fondling ourselves!

  57. Pistol Pete

    It’s great fun sitting back and watching all the players get sold to other clubs. Arsenal are a joke who treat their fanS with absolute no respect. I hate wenger for making us a top 10 team. Shame on you all arsenal executives. IT SUCKS BEING AN ARSENAL FAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. RIPAFC

    @brum gooner no one ain’t slagging of youth policy
    What I’m saying is we need to strengthen or squad with experience & real proven talent Barcelona bayern Munich also bring a lot of youth players through but look at what they’ve done this summer & their signings.

  59. LeMassiveCoq


    Have you noticed that nobody replies to your idiotic comments?

    I think you have re-invented yourself as an AKB troll.

    Look at how City have strengthened their squad with seasoned pro’s with CL experience, and you think this batch of youngsters is going to be able to compete?

    Compete with the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Man Utd, Bayern, Dortmund, City, Tottenham, Blackburn, Bradford??

    Seriously mate, what is wrong with you? Do you work for the Arsene Wonga propaganda machine?

    And you also seem to be under the illusion that Arsene is some kind of modern day Carl Marx. This man is getting SEVEN MILLION POUNDS a year.

    For what exactly?

    Bringing in lots of players on (relatively speaking) cheap transfer fees and bringing through these supposedly ‘next big thing’ youth players.

    Ask yourself (as another poster already made a point today), how many of these in the last 8 years have been a total success?

    None. Because none of them have won ANYTHING.

    So, please, pretty please, with a fucking cherry on top, tell me why you are so full of praise for Arsene Wenger.

  60. TitsMcgee

    “Fellaini rumors emanating of his moving to United with Moyes.
    VERY big miss IMO if that happens.”



    Just trying to do what others do and try and make myself feel better lol

  61. N1Goon

    Would be so hilarious if we go through the whole summer debating Suarez’s controversies only to sign hard man and gang-rapist Remy on the deadline day.

  62. Cesc Appeal

    I must say i was sucked into all this at the start of the summer.

    But then they appointed Chips as Chairman.

    That’s when all hope died for me.

    Had someone from outside, a real football man been appointed, or even a seat given to Red and White I’d have really started believing.

    The first challenge they had this summer and they promoted from within…just like Arsene Wenger will.

    I wouldn’t hold your breath for big signings.

    I sincerely hope though that if Fabregas ends up at United all free thinking Arsenal fans give up on this lot,


    I’m cool. I hope you know you have till the end of silly season which then the sad truth is revealed.

  64. N1Goon

    Just found a great post lets take a trip down memory lane… quite shocking to read;

    ‘There are sufficient funds available to the manager.’ – Edelman, September 2005.

    ‘…the effect means we can spend more on transfers over the next 15 years.’ – Edelman, May 2006.

    ‘If Arsène came to us and said he wanted to spend £40m on a player we could do that.’ – Edelman, Sept 2007.

    We remain firmly committed to substantial investment in the playing squad.’ – chairman Peter Hill-Wood, Sept 2008.

    ‘We’ve got a substantial amount of money to invest.’ – chief executive Ivan Gazidis, Sept 2009.

    ‘The club is secure – we have sufficient funds to invest.’ – Gazidis, May 2010.

    ‘In January and in the summer there will be significant funds available to bolster the team.’ – Gazidis, Sept 2011.

    ‘All the money we make is available to the manager.’ – Gazidis, May 2012.

    ‘It’s all about giving us the capability to go to the manager and say “here is the money for you to compete”.’ – Gazidis, June 2013.

    This is like watching The Usual Suspects it all makes sense at the end when you have all the information at hand.

  65. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    CA – cesc at Utd means the end until wonga goes. No games, no shirts, no merchandise and I will not watch them on TV.

    I’ve never ever felt this way about our club, it’s soul destroying.

  66. Mask of Zorro

    July 17, 2013 20:56:59
    I’m doing ok, bermy.
    Looking forward with
    optimism as usual.
    How about you? this is not optimism, but delusion. blind faith.

  67. tom

    Massive cock,

    You’ve over-reached.
    I have never said we can rely on youth alone.
    Like most people, I think we need to invest in quality if we are to improve.
    I do see potential in our youngsters and will be thrilled if one or two make it ( surely you feel the same).
    As for Wenger as Marx, you are tripping.
    What have we done in 8 years?
    Built the Grove.
    Got to finals.

    Remained one of the best respected teams in England.
    I’m happy.

  68. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Tom only ever comes out when le grove is at its most virulent and negative.

    Would imagine its when the social media monitoring hits the lowest point an the pr team come out to play…

    How is the clubs morale Tom?

  69. tom

    I’ll be gutted if Cesc goes to Mancs.
    I’ll get over it though, just like I got over Brady going to Hammers.
    Cesc loves Arsenal but who knows how much?

  70. gats

    @N1GOON do yourself a favour mate dont ever, ever, ever go to Untold unless you want to go proper mental. They are a bunchof nutters over there. If you atleast want some sort normal craziness then stay well away from there. That Walter bollox over there is a pure nutter, and thinks the refsthe premier league, sky, the media everyone have colluded agasint Arsenal, his a total fruitcake.

  71. TitsMcgee

    Fellaini- no bid
    Higuain – no bid(according to Madrid)
    Suarez- we’ve bid according to LFC ;probably not enough
    Cesc-says he’s not leaving; why would he?
    Rooney-no bid, in fairness would never come here anyway.
    Jovetic- no bid
    Bender- no official bid, we inquired IIRC.
    Grenier- extended with Lyon, don’t think we officially bid.
    Gonalons- *crickets*

    So we’ve either not even put in a bid for any of the players we’ve been linked with save 1.

    Yes there is time left in the TW but you don’t have to be a “moaner” or a “pessimist” to see how this is shaping up.

    Factor in that the one player we have bid for(Suarez) is wanted by Madrid as well(who can probably double whatever our highest bid is) and you can see us stuck on deadline day signing more Santos’ in desperation.

    “Judge me in May”

  72. mystic

    Bermy if you are trying to equate the situations of verbally abused kids, with the feelings of a fully grown footballer please don’t.

  73. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Tits – SS Arsenal has hit the iceberg. Glub. Glub. Glub.

    May take another year to sink completely. Happened at Monaco when they sacked him in the end…

    Won’t end well this time round.

  74. tom

    It’s easier and more pleasurable to be positive.
    The stress of hating is something I have no time for.
    Arsenal are great. Always have been, always will be.

    Grovers lose their shit over every little rumour. It’s dumb and I don’t see the point.


    their is no alternative reason to being overtly racist brother it is what it is, just ask Paula Dean if she would talk that same shit ever again.

  76. Willie

    “N1Goon July 17, 2013 20:31:55

    If Fabregas goes to United they should demolish the Emirates and just erect a 100 foot statue of Bergkamp, what will be the point any more.”

    Comment of the day.

  77. tom

    Cesc to United is similar to Brady to West Ham in as much as they are both iconic players who we were sad to lose and hoped.might return.
    That’s all.

  78. mystic

    Bermy, child abuse and racism are extremely different and should be treated so – I believe your attempt to mix the two was wrong.

    Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t know who Paula Dean is.

  79. Willie

    I find Tom deluded but welcome. Tries to argue in a sober and logical manner. I think he’s just taking longer to really see we are doing things half wrong, which makes us average.

  80. Matt

    I think wenger is going to have one more go with this team . He said last season this is the best bunch of players he has ever had. He’s not worried what us fan want it all about he’s ego. In arsene we rust


    DAMN I know their different….I saw that I had your attention for a moment and wanted to dialogue you on the suarze statement.

    Oh and Paula Dean is a Cracker from the USA who got caught using the ”N” Word and lost her cooking shows and book deals.Even Wal Mart pulled her shit off their shelves.

  82. 66 Gooner

    Christ that untold site is sickening. How can people worship this tight-fisted French clown? Another summer of not spending the ‘war chest’. Maybe it’s locked and adebayor ran off with the key?

  83. mystic

    Bermy based on your point regarding Paula Dean it probably underlines that Suarez isn’t coming to Arsenal – I believe that Kroenke’s wife is a Walmart heiress.