We’re alive… | Suarez deal goes to £40m? | Cesc Arsenal deal a no go…

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Morning people… sorry, I mean late afternoon everyone.

Today’s post isn’t late because of Peroni. It’s late because I’ve had to work and couldn’t take the time out to amend one of Geoff’s posts.

So, here is the quickest news round up since that day way back when when there was no news.

Right, Santi Cazorla to Athletico Madrid.

Do. Me. A. Favour.

Santi moved from Malaga because they were bankrupt. He’s hardly going to move back to Spain and join another bankrupt club. Especially not for £17m. Give it up Spanish media and your Daily Mail best friend. He’s staying with us.

Story number two.

Cesc stays at Barca. He was obviously using United to work out his position at Barca. Apparently they don’t want to sell him. The quotes from Villanova were pretty ‘meh’.

‘Err Cesc, yeah, he wants to stay. We can’t really sell him unless he asks to because the fans will worry we’re skint. So I guess we’ll keep him. Oh, he’s a champion’

So that’s a shame. I still think if the right offer came their way they’d take it. £26m doesn’t feel like the right offer though, does it?

Story number three.

Suarez rumours are still hotter than a cup of cold coffee you’ve left in the microwave for three minutes in the hope of saving it.

The Liverpool Chief Exec came out and admitted we’ve bid for him.

Win for Arsenal fans. It’s not PR. We actually bid. As I said last week.

The bad news is he thinks he can keep him. Really don’t think he’s serious about that. The player wants out and he’ll push for it. Whether it’s us or Madrid is a different story.

The Telegraph reckons we’ll go to £40m.

Pass me a tissue, because I think Wenger just picked up a nose bleed and messed himself at the same time.

Imagine that? Transfer record spanked round the face with a killer whale. He’d still work out cheaper than Rooney by £6m over 5 years if that was the case. I’d prefer him as well. People say Rooney is a better marketing asset. I’m not sure how you quantify that. He’s hardly a CR7. Regardless, I’m about the best player… not the best marketing asset… and let’s not kid ourselves, racist or not, Suarez will shift shirts.

It’d be a bold statement to wear one. Kind of like wearing a Stone Island Jacket if you’re a Chelsea fan.

I still think we’ll land someone major. Geoff doesn’t, what can you do?

Have a great rest of the afternoon. I’m off to make someone’s business 14% more fun…

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  1. B

    Just watching this training game against Vietnam now, they’d probably lose 7-1 to a Championship team as well, so please don’t take this as any kind of benchmark, we need some serious quality added to the squad!!!

  2. bennydevito

    Glad you made it Pedro, I was freaking out a bit… which is possibly worrying but le-grove has me institutionalised now!

    Has Geoff chucked it in already?

  3. brapppppp

    With Giroud in free scoring form during these preseason games I just don’t see Wenger buying anyone. Especially not for £40m.

    Giroud to start, Akpom and Sanogo in reserve. A terrifying prospect , for sure.

  4. DUIFG

    Sack Geoff off, if he wants to bang on about player contracts and how good frank McClintock was let him start his own blog.

  5. Andy

    Come on. We have to be looking at Higuain here. Would fit better than Suarez and would ‘shift more shirts’. Can’t get behind the Suarez bid at all, as helm no doubt be absent for much of the season. 40 Million s well! Higuain surely economically better even at 30.

  6. Doc

    My optimism is quickly fading.

    While Napoli now declaring themselves in for Higuain and Chelsea confirmed making a bid for Rooney, we’re still chasing Suarez who has already publicly flirted with Real, a club I suspect LFC would prefer to sell to as well. So watch us negotiate this successfully until Real swoop in at the last minute (after getting a fresh amount of cash from selling Higuain to Napoli) with a bid that neither club nor player will want to refuse.

    Which leaves us with…?

    Or maybe it’s just the hot weather that’s making me grumpy…

  7. Gooner Ted

    So me missed out on Rooney off to Chelsea Higuain is off to Napoli and Suarez will go to Real.Its been a good day for Arsenal.But the weather is great

  8. andy1886

    I’m with Geoff (wherever he is). We’ll get no-one (worth bothering about) followed by ‘we tried’ etc and then hear about Diaby as a new signing…yawn.

    Wenger Out!!

  9. Joppa Road

    Arsenal fans………..worried about how marketable a player is rather than how fkin good he is. Either Rooney or Suarez would be a huge statement of intent and personally I couldn’t give two fcks about either’s history as long as they knock in the goals and wind the fck out of the opposition.

    Giroud isn’t good enough by a long long way and we can admit this now or at the end of the season if he remains first choice. Either way I am right.

    I still like Benteke and think he would be perfect for us and would still fit into Wenger not having to spend £40M.

    I would certainly without a shadow of a doubt buy Begovic – Chezzer is not good or hungry enough and should be put in his place. Too much easy money going on at Arsenal.

    Like I’ve said for a long long time OX is the future of Arsenal and will go on to great things – he’s a natural. I also said I don’t think we will see much of JW – something isn’t right there injury wise.

    Still a long long way short squad wise. Time is running down.

  10. Joppa Road

    I was very very sceptical of Pedro’s

    ‘business done early’

    ‘going big this summer’

    ‘Wenger will have to earn a new contract’.

    Utterly laughable everyone.

  11. shad

    Highly doubt we’ll bid 40m for Suarez. Not AW’s type of player attitude-wise and is like a mule without a bit. This is all a smoke screen for Wenger to keep money in the coffers knowing that Suarez is world class but divides opinion, and we all know he’d rather play safe.

    Wenger OUT!

  12. shockandawe

    As mentioned eralier I wont get excited by two friendly results against two teams who would struggle against my local pub team but I must say Girouds finishing has made me purrr a bit. I think a lot of the issues I had with him last season were how rash he was in front of goal sometimes. If he can take the coolness and composure in to August and beyond then it may be a great second season for him.
    On Suarez – no chance. Wenger wouldnt spend that money on Messi let alone someone who is likely to miss half the season every year

  13. Mask of Zorro

    I find it hard to believe Wenger would bid 40m for any player, but it’s nigh impossible for me to think he would for a player like Suarez!

  14. azed

    Pedro you miseed the cash plus Gourcuff for Forehead rumour.

    Also glad that the rumour that Legrove has been sold to Barca is false

  15. jules

    No one big. Its all bollocks. Napoli in for Hig . Rooney to Chelsea and Suarez to Madrid as they will have the money from Hig. But ‘tried hard’. Pathetic Arsenal get your hopes up again and fuck it up . So two faced. Moan about inflated prices, penny pinch but gladly accept 40 mill for Ade and Kolo and 24 for a player with a year left on his contract. If you want Higuain, pay the fucking money and get it done!!!! It makes me sick, Its a big load of BS. Get ready for Remy for 5 mill.

  16. nigel tufnel

    What can you do Pedro? Wait and see who is correct by the end of the window. I hope you are right one. But im afraid we blew it haggling over Higuain. With Napoli Cavani money, we are out of it. The others are huge long shots, always have been. That why i wanted the Hig, because we had him if we wanted him.

  17. Ian Hawthorne

    What a load of bollocks. We uder bid for Higuain and lose him. We watch Chelsea get Rooney then BID SLLLLLOOOOOOWWWWWLLLLLYYYYY for Suarez so Madrid can sell Higuain to Napoli and gazump us at the last minute.
    AW will say “we tried to sign players”
    Heard it all before and it stinks like a pair of sweaty bollocks

  18. Ian Hawthorne

    What a load of bollocks. We under bid for Higuain and lose him. We watch Chelsea get Rooney then BID SLLLLLOOOOOOWWWWWLLLLLYYYYY for Suarez so Madrid can sell Higuain to Napoli and gazump us at the last minute.
    AW will say “we tried to sign players”
    Heard it all before and it stinks like a pair of sweaty bollocks

  19. Matt

    I would love it if arsenal bid 35m for Suarez and Liverpool accepted the fee. I bet wenger would to everything he could to make the deal collapse. The high bids are all a smokescreen

  20. MadeToLoveMagic

    quote from cesc
    “Apart from Arsenal and Barcelona, I don’t see myself playing anywhere else. I will definitely be going back (to Arsenal) whenever I have time to watch games and to see the guys… and if there is one place to go back to (to play), it is Arsenal for sure.”

    I think he is a man of his word, that should be enough

  21. DUIFG

    He’s the Eduardo saverin of the blogging world, nice idea but bypassed. he has a good following of Liam Brady era fans, spin him off keep everyone happy.

  22. Gunner2301


    “It’s late because I’ve had to work and couldn’t take the time out to amend one of Geoff’s posts.”

    You mean there’s a review process? And what were getting isn’t unadulterated Geoff? I’m dumb struck . Lol

    Suarez? We won’t pay the money. We know from experience that Arsenal are good at publicising big money bids 35 mill for Goetze knowing he would never move, but depositing the money is another matter – Mata, Alvarez and who knows who else.


  23. the_real_andy

    I don´t want to be too optimistic about higuain but be realistic – you really think he wants to join napoli? and italian team? corrupt? manipulating games? although I don´t think we are anywhere near a top top club in england you´ve to admit choosing napoli over us would only show stupidness. and if that´s the case I´m happy we won´t have him.

    would be the same decision like falcao to monaco. for sporting reasons. of course

  24. Highberry

    Everybody knows OGL is worried that even after we spend 70-80m we might still end up in 4th. Dear AW, spending may or may not win us the league but not spending most certainly will lose us the league.

  25. Henry Roor

    I will have you know Indonesia and Vietnam are two of the biggest countries population wise in the world. Imagine the doing we’d be able to give to Sark or the Isle of Man

  26. Scott

    We will make one “world class” signing and that’s it. The other possible one or two signings will be Wengers usual tight asshole two bob players !
    All that get our business done early and we will sign top players is utter bollocks.

  27. Doc


    Napoli have a history of putting Argentinian players on a pedestal, so that might be the draw. All started with some bloke called Maradona.

  28. OhtobeaGooner

    ‘I still think we’ll land someone major’ – Pedro

    I thought we were getting at least 3 major signings? Same old same old. The sooner we accept our faith the better for our health.

  29. N1GOON

    Sky Sports News : Jose Mourinho reveals Wayne Rooney is Chelsea’s only transfer target

    Running out of strikers

  30. Kiblib

    With any luck, Giroud will have a confidence boost going into this season… He’ll be good competition for our world class striker 😉

  31. jules

    If the smoke screen scenario for the Hig by apparently fake bidding for suarez is true, it shows how poor AFC are . Do they really think Perez is stupid and doesn’t know what AFC are doing!! Nice going AFC , that back fired some what! Its like the running man video with Sczezny telling us at the end that if we really try hard , we can all achieve our dreams! lol . Does this club really think everyone else is a child or a thick twat!?

  32. Uncle Ben

    Fudging Gourcuff – do one, Wengers been gazing at him for 8 years like a giddy school girl but fudge knows why the guy hasnt played well for years, certainly aint super quality is old and has had injury issues. He always loved Honda too and he was available on a free, hope to god this is a non starter.

    Whys everyone down on G-rude? Impressive first season in a new league, a brace followed by a hatrick against a shite team today but if he’d shot a blank it’d be he cant even score against these.. poor bastard can’t win..

    Anyone think Jezza Menez from PSG would be a good signing, im sick of rooney hig and suarez there’s alot of other top players we could go for.

  33. Dan

    Ian Hawthorpe

    ‘What a load of bollocks. We uder bid for Higuain and lose him. We watch Chelsea get Rooney then BID SLLLLLOOOOOOWWWWWLLLLLYYYYY for Suarez so Madrid can sell Higuain to Napoli and gazump us at the last minute.
    AW will say “we tried to sign players”
    Heard it all before and it stinks like a pair of sweaty bollocks’

    So how have we lost Higuain? Do you know something we don’t? I dont think so.
    Have chelsea got Rooney already? Again I dont think so.
    Bid slowly for Suarez? Bid slowly? What the fuck? We’re bidding thats a start.

    Man utd haven’t signed anyone yet do you think their cuntish fans are going on like this?

    I dont think so.

    If we dont sign anyone fair enough but FFS in the mean time we haven’t got a crystal ball so chill out boys you’ll give yourself a hernia.

  34. jules

    Can just hear it coming Giroud has scored 5 goals so maybe we don’t need to sign a striker. Did you see that keeper and defence!!! My sons under 15 side would have done better. Please!!!!!!!!

  35. Breezy

    @ doc, and history is about to repeat itself, apparently Maradona was offered to Arsenal as a 19 year old, and ended up at Napoli and now it looks like we’ll lose Higuain to them as well. Sigh!!

  36. Scott

    Never saw the game but its nothing more than a pr exercise and shirt selling trip. Take nothing from the games but I read Sagna played CB, can just imagine AW already ” we don’t need Williams , Sagna to play CB this season and Jenkinson to fill in at RB.


  37. sam

    things are getting tougher for moaners,
    last years we were shit, this summer we are playing like brazil.
    whats your excuse for not supporting the club?

  38. Goongoonergone

    Those of you who don’t want Geoff – just take you shitty asses over to “UNTOLD ARSENAL” and leave us real men to ‘screw’ Wenger and all his butt-lickers.

  39. Rocky87

    As I keep saying, I am really confused as to why Pedro is still insisting on discussing the Suarez saga as if its even got any legs!

    The problem (amongst many) with Wenger nowadays is that he and the board do not have the courage of their convictions to take any risks anymore. When we were successful we still went out looking for the best young talent around like Reyes, who even though did not truly make it at Arsenal was a top quality player. When the likes of Hazard, Mata, Gotze and Isco were available Wenger waited 1 year too long and gave the big boys first refusal!

    So I really do not expect him to be paying any player for £40m, when he could have had world class players for £15m and did not take the risk.

  40. Bergkamp63


    I think you overlook the obvious, we are not starting at the same point as Man Utd, in fact if you include Zaha we are actually starting from a worse position than we were at the end of last season when we were 17pts behind and they took their foot off the gas way before the finish line.

    If we had spent a 100m on 4 players at this point we would probably still be starting just behind them as of now !

    Oh I forgot, be patient !

  41. sam

    Spurs will sign a new striker, probably benteke.
    you all welcome to fuck off to white hart lane.

    we are buying anyone just for your stupid dream team

  42. Brum Gooner

    My problem with Arsenal is we’re 2 passive.

    Our board
    Our manager
    And players

    We’re to nice, all this gentle gentle approach, acting with caution is crippling.

    We have decided to go abroad to increase revenues… Money for what exactly??

    We moved stadium to compete with the top teams….liverpools right back would be our most expensive signing….says it all.

    As fans we are desperate for some sort of reaction from the club, so are players!

    We are the 5th Richest club in the world…..however 20+ Clubs have spent bigger transfer fees.

    Arsenal have so much money we could spend 150m this summer and be financial stable.

    Win or bust for Arsenal this summer

  43. sam

    vietnam coach is called van phuc
    is he related to a certain number 20 traitor van phucker?

    i thought he looked familiar

  44. Bergkamp63

    No doubt Wonga is still assessing his squad during the pre-season friendlies to see if he needs to spend any money on top top quality.

    Does this mean in fact doesn’t know his squad at all or where he needs to strengthen ?

  45. salman

    Need to make our move quickly if we dont get suarez, Napoli have just started negotiations for higuain and chelsea showing real interest in wayne

  46. SUGA3

    oh, the dwindling optimism 😆

    some of you lot, including our esteemed author have fallen for the same shit AGAIN, the only contract being discussed is Wenger’s three year extension, which will make him a very, very rich man, with the rise in the revenue the stingy twat is bound to get £9M p.a. easy-peasy!

    there is simply no logic here: would not meet Real’s valuation for Higuain at €25M, but we’re bidding £40M for Suarez? how fucking stupid do they think we are?

  47. Jagger

    Well, well, we forgot that our summer is not complete without our top players being link with other teams. AW is afraid of spending, if he wasn’t why would he chose to ran off on tour early with the small squad we have? The truth is he feels comfortable with the squad and it’s no good news.
    Dear wenger, don’t sit still on your ass and watch these transfer cycle occur (rooney to chelsea, higuain to napoli, suarez to Madrid) our dear spurs will never pass on the chance to sh*t on us!

  48. DUIFG

    Given the lack of strikers available we are going to have to by some silly playmakers so we are creati g so many chances we can still win even when giroud misses 5 sitters.

  49. mystic

    ‘Man utd haven’t signed anyone yet do you think their cuntish fans are going on like this?

    I dont think so.’
    Difference is that Utd fans know their team has a habit of spending, whilst Arsenal fans know there are misers running our club.

  50. Brum Gooner

    The issue with Spanish transfers is the tax.

    Negredo cost 24.5m probably 5m of that in VAT

    Illarramendi was 32m but had a buy out clause for around 26m

    Arsenal certainly don’t want to be paying the VAT for the Hig or anyone else

  51. SUGA3

    Giroud is a Bendtner Mk II, as in what could have been if Wenger did not choose to start playing him out of position and with no target man in the box and Bendy himself did not choose to be a bit of a dimwit, IMO…

  52. RayGooner

    Things are getting exciting now in the transfer window:

    Man City just bought Alvaro Negredo so now they have the strikers they need.
    With Jesús Navas and Fernandinho already there i think City has completed their
    top transfers for this summer, with possibly some more squad players additions.

    Mourinho will buy Rooney and then Chelsea will have what they want.

    Meanwhile Arsenal will buy Fellaini from under the nose of United.
    And land the Welsh defender Ashley Williams from Swansea.

    Arsenal will bid £40m for Suárez and then Real will wake up and offer Higuaín to Arsenal which they will accept
    and then Real will land Suárez for them selves.

    By this time, United will panic….

    They will try to get Cesc Fàbregas from Barcelona with a better bid then the £26m they started with.
    Barcelona will accept the new bid, but by doing so they first must ask Arsenal if they want Cesc (because Arsenal has
    first refusal on Cesc). Arsenal will, of course, want Cesc to come to them. So Arsenal then buys Cesc, yet again
    from under United’s noses.

    United will panic even more….

    They will try to bid for Gareth Bale, but Tottenham holds firm and Bale stays (until next season when Real
    comes in and take him).

    United will try to buy Mata, but now Mourinho will not sell him.

    United then ends up buying no one (except for maybe Leighton Baines from Everton).

    There you have it!

    Top 4 Next Season: Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City & Tottenham.

    Just after i wrote this, i woke up….

  53. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger won’t sign anyone before the first game, he’ll try to carry what happened in the Asia tour into the new season and hope that he doesn’t have to embarrass himself trying to negotiate.

    Trust me, first game against Villa, we’ll have the same squad as last year minus a few.

  54. HerveDeNerve

    Be patient everyone, after all ‘As you know the transfer period demands secrets and confidentiality”

  55. Gilo

    Giving Arsene Wenger a new contract would be a kick in the teeth for anyone that cares about this club. Even more so after the shambles of this summer.

  56. mystic

    Why is Giroud a Bendtner MKII? I must be missing something.

    Bendtner’s best return for Arsenal was 15 goals in 50 games – Giroud got 17 goals in 47 appearance in his first season.

    Arsenal need to strengthen and get a world class striker who plays alongside the Frenchman (who is good, but most certainly not yet world class), lets give defences two strikers to worry about.

    What pisses me off is that Wenger will keep his wallet tightly shut and Arsenal will go in to the new season with Giroud as the main striker and be no more ambitious than the past 8 years.

  57. Rohan

    To be fair to Giroud, the second and third finish were class.

    Zelalem though, what a player. Haven’t seen that eye-of-a-needle pass since a certain Cesc Fabregas was in the red and white. High hopes for him. He actually might be ready in 18 months or so if he improves physically.

  58. Dannyboy

    I see 2 scenarios with Cesc, and both of them make a move to United impossible.

    1) We have a 50% sell on clause, so if they sell him for £35 million, we get half of that, plus whatever they still owe us for him. So they’d basically be selling him for £10 million tops.


    2) We have £25m first refusal, 50% of profit sell on clause. They still would have to pay out on him, and Wenger couldn’t possibly say no to the buyback, as he wouldn’t be getting his 50% cut…

    or there’s always option 3…

    ‘So Arsene, how do you feel about Cesc going to United??’

    ‘I was surprised, as I didn’t know Barcelona wanted to sell him… but I am happy to see him back in England. Zis iz a good chance for eem to win zee Premiership.’

  59. TitsMcgee


    UTD just won the title and win a title every other year or so on avg.

    We’ve gone 8 years without winning foook all all the while being told to shut up and pay the highest ticket prices around.

    The “moaning” is warranted.

  60. N1Goon

    An anti-Wenger protest if no money is spent. Is it on the cards? Or is it just another transition year where we will all moan on forums?

  61. Jagger

    that is not the only difference, AW once said your position on the PL tables reflect your strength,so utd 17 points more in class is the main difference

  62. HerveDeNerve

    “There are some revenue streams before 2006 which will enable us to spend more on the transfer budget – receipt of land sales and some money from Granada Media.’ – managing director Keith Edelman, February 2004.

    ‘There are sufficient funds available to the manager.’ – Edelman, September 2005.

    ‘…the effect means we can spend more on transfers over the next 15 years.’ – Edelman, May 2006.

    ‘If Arsene came to us and said he wanted to spend £40m on a player we could do that.’ – Edelman, Sept 2007.

    ‘We remain firmly committed to substantial investment in the playing squad.’ – chairman Peter Hill-Wood, Sept 2008.

    ‘We’ve got a substantial amount of money to invest.’ – chief executive Ivan Gazidis, Sept 2009.

    ‘The club is secure – we have sufficient funds to invest.’ – Gazidis, May 2010.

    ‘In January and in the summer there will be significant funds available to bolster the team.’ – Gazidis, Sept 2011.

    ‘All the money we make is available to the manager.’ – Gazidis, May 2012.

    ‘It’s all about giving us the capability to go to the manager and say “here is the money for you to compete”.’ – Gazidis, June 2013.

  63. Willie

    From that money league article: “Arsenal remain the only club in the top 20 for whom matchday revenue is their largest revenue source. As identified in previous editions of the Money League, compared with other top ten Money League clubs, Arsenal’s commercial revenue has been relatively low. While new partnerships with Bharti Airtel and Malta Guinness helped increase total commercial revenue by £6.2m (13%) to £52.5m (€64.9m), the club is over £65m behind Manchester United in this area. “

  64. luke

    I hope everyone realizes Suarez isn’t a racist. The word ‘negrito’ has no negative connotations in many central and south american countries. It is akin to saying, ‘friend’, or ‘mate’, and it isn’t offensive at all. Suarez had poor judgement that’s all. England isn’t Uruguay.

  65. jules


    Im sure you too could finish like that with that defence and keeper in front of you.

    Sam , you talk crap

    Suga3 , bang on .

  66. N1Goon

    Proof of the new breed of foreign Arsenal fan who will not question Lord Wenger;


    I wonder how many matches …. I can’t even begin to type out his name going to? Long-term this is how they replacement the fans dissatisfied with Arsenal’s stinginess.

  67. Joppa Road

    Mystic…to be fair (I know Pedro is a huge Bendy fan) but Giroud has always been played in his natural position where as Bendtner was on on the wing which lets face it is fkin redic.

    Bendy is as good as Giroud IMO. Nothing in it. Neither are that great.

  68. tom

    Zelalem looked superb again today. Cesc comparisons may be justified. At 16 he has amazing composure, some killer passes and he’s not as weak as he looks.

  69. SUGA3


    IMO, had Bendtner been coached and disciplined appropriately, he would be a better player than Giroud by now, potential wise, he probably had higher ceiling than OG…

    Bendtner is one year younger, his goal haul at 21 is comparable to Giroud’s at 26 and he was not a first choice back then either, do you think Giroud will ever score more than 20? pfffffft!!!

  70. N1Goon

    Doesn’t look like a racist to me Rohan.

    People forget to mention that there is proof of Higuain and Messi calling black players ‘Negrito’, quotes from players.

  71. tom

    so a fully fit and ready to go jack wilshere what did he do today beside flapping hes tongue all over the pitch. box to box player my ass

  72. HerveDeNerve

    luke July 17, 2013 18:12:45
    I hope everyone realizes Suarez isn’t a racist. The word ‘negrito’ has no negative connotations in many central and south american countries.
    That would all be fine Luke if he did say the word “Negrito” But he didn’t did he, he said the word “Negro”

    Here is the transcript that was issued by the FA after their investigation and his subsequent ban.


    The trouble here is that the cretin has got people so desperate for signings that if Adolf Hitler knocked in 16 goals for the SS last season, most people would be happy to see him in an Arsenal shirt

  73. tom

    Sure Bendtner had huge potential, that’s why AW gave him loads of chances, but his attitude was all wrong and that might the the hardest quality to coach.
    Seems like he just doesn’t care enough to do what was required to realize his potential.

    Don’t know how racist Suarez is. Do know he is has problems. Does AW view that as a challenge that he can overcome or just a liability?

    My gut says he isn’t an Arsenal player. I guess we have to wait and see.

  74. Scott

    @sam you serious we payed a put together team of waiters and tuk tuk drivers. Playing like brazil do me a fucking favour you moron.
    Get your head out of Wengers asshole and see some light.

  75. Bero

    We’ll know on the final day who we’re getting if anyone. Doubt it will be before that. Maybe one or two signings but won’t be world class/world changing.

    Same old same old.


    ps. I do still have hope for this summer but it’s very slim hope now…it’s panning out far too familiar a pattern…and AW’s ‘we’ll be challenging in two or three years’ was the dead give away nothing is going to be happening except his nice new big contract.

  76. Rohan

    Suarez isn’t a racist. He’s just a massive nutter on the field, very dirty, uses underhanded tricks, who’s always winding up the opposition, and often crosses the line. He’s just mental really.

    He’s a winner, and he’ll go a long way to making us more competitive and feared, but we’ll need to tame him a bit. Dragged Liverpool’s name through the mud.

  77. Jim Lahey

    Here is one to ponder …

    In the last 8 years 13 players that have left Arsenal have gone on to win 63 major honours between them, and we have won.. well everyone knows that number.

  78. SUGA3


    seriously mate, if you have a player with talent coupled questionable attitude, the last thing you want is putting him in a position where he is ineffective and frustrated, just to show him that there is something he cannot do as well as who the boss is is the last thing you want to do, especially when dude has money and is in his early 20s, another brilliant piece of man management brought to you by Arsene Wenger…

    not too smart, given that everyone and his uncle sees that you do this obviously just to prove a point, despite this course of action damaging the team’s chances to win the game, which makes you look like a bit of a lunatic and damages your reputation…

  79. Scott

    “My best ever squad”
    ” if we sell Nasri and Fabregas it shows we aren’t a big club competing “

  80. S Asoa

    Flush and with rosy cheeks fresh from a 7-1 win over Vietnam , Wenger will con everybody on celebrating the 2nd last place in EPL .
    Wenger Out . dittered when the irons were hot , now will offer excuses with shit in his pants . Inbecile Cochon

  81. allan

    the past few days developments once again shown that wenger is stalling for time once again.. he may by a striker.. but thats all

    all the main clubs have bought their main players and there is noboby else of distinction left the way arsenal under wenger do bussiness is questionable

    we wont get ant player of note ..it is back to enger tactics of trying tobuy top players when all these top players have already been purchased by all the main clubs

    so where to from year.. back to 2006 .. no great players

    orry ..are team will win some games ..but not the main games as usual
    we have not beaten any top five clubs for 2012/2013

    look at wenger record.. arsenal can have 300 mil pounds.. he cant do something great about…


    “Negrito” or “Negro”, it all means the same, just in different tongues..

    Am just finding it hard to believe people will hide under the assumption that he is from south America, he is not being racist..

    Am sure if I was in evra’s shoes, would have felt more angry!..though I don’t like that c**t either.

    Late post today Pedro!..

  83. Willie

    Bentdner and OG are both piss average. Good management might get them to 16-20 goals a season. Miles off the best.

  84. tom


    You think playing NickB on the wing was an attempt to cut him down to size?
    I don’t see it.
    Surely it was more to do with broadening his talent (Wenger want’s a fluid and interchangeable attack) and the fact he could cut in and score.
    Bendtner did reasonably well but was not ready to oust RVP either technically or mentally. He couldn’t accept that and got troublesome.
    Can’t really think what AW should have done differently. I suppose he could have not played him at all….

  85. mystic

    @SUGA3 18:20:39
    ‘Bendtner is one year younger, his goal haul at 21 is comparable to Giraud…………..’
    I appreciate that France is a far easier league, but do you honestly say that Bendtner’s 66 goals in 242 appearances is comparable to Giroud’s 110 in 263?

    Will Giroud ever be a 20 goal a season man? Bearing in mind that Walcott scored 21 last season, then I would definitely say YES.


    Even though I have to admit, Suarez will make us more competitive up front..

    Giroud scores 5 against below average teams, he is suddenly a world class player?

    Give me a break pls!

  87. allan

    we are going nowhere slowly.. no great goalkeeper
    not enough midfielders for jan to may..ours run out of steam.. then we have injuries and scrappy wins and try to catch on golas and points and qualification

    the same pattern for the last 8 years

    i am surprised we are still in the top six.. but going nowhere .. no silverware ..nothing to brag about

    yet we have the greatest fan base world wide.. look at vietnam today..malaysia..
    facebook..just the tip..of the iceberg

    arsene can you not see this.. ????????? what are you doing…too old maybe???

  88. SpanishDave

    If Wenger spends over 30 mil he will have to ly down in a dark room somewhere
    He wont do it, he has not got the balls.
    He might get Cesc back and think that is a major coup.
    One or two wc players is not enough these days to win anything you need at lease 4 as we had 10 years ago.
    Suarez and Wenger , it aint gonna happen.

  89. Dan

    Im not saying we can’t moan, especially after the shit we’ve been fed before, but ppl are writing off our targets even before they’ve gone anywhere! We all want the signings.


    You know Im pushing the patience vibe but to be honest i thought we’d have at least had one marquee signing by now just to wet the whistle! We need to get higuain in the bag and stop fucking around

  90. tom

    Whether “Negrito” is an insult in SA or not. Suarez was clearly using it as a wind-up.
    In that context it is racist.

    Surely we can all agree that one way or another Saurez is a nasty little shit.
    Great player though.

    He seems the opposite of what AFC try to foster in the way of Club rep.

    Signing him just seems really out of character.

    Who was the last unrepentant arsehole to play for AFC? Stevie Williams?

  91. Mattias


    Been reading this blog a couple of years now, never commented though. I really enjoy reading it, you are straight forward and have a lot of good thoughts. I haven’t seen any better blog anywhere, so keep up the good work!

    I’m a big Arsenal-fan from Sweden (grew up in the same neighbourhood as Fredrik Ljungberg), living in Norway.

    Anyway, regarding new signings, I was also optimistic in the beginning, but it has started to fade now. Perhaps we’ll sign a centre-back or a keeper, but probably not.

    I have the same feeling as someone in the comments above, that we’ll get a “We really tried, but don’t worry, we have a strong enough squad to compete”-speech.

    I hope I’m wrong though!

  92. RIPAFC

    The sad truth is Arsenal are being run by business men who’s only interest is to make money for themselves man city Chelsea are also run by wealthy business men but they are also fans of football and wants to see their team win stuff and compete with the very best the arsenal board and manager are not fans of the club or football only seeing an ways to make loads of money and have no passion for arsenal.
    Sad times ahead for gooners

  93. tom

    Cazorla won’t be sold.

    The only way I could see that happening is if it’s to make space for Cesc’s return.

    Seriously doubt it, though.

  94. RIPAFC

    Stop going to games I wanna see that stadium empty so them blood suckers will as they would not be making no money for themselves c!£ts

  95. Ash79

    All about balls mate. Every major European club lays out their stall. Aggressive decisive and action. We don’t do that. We mistake silence for class and being ‘proper’. We look weak, clubs fuck with us cos we r cunts. Look at city, minimum noise, bang, fernandino, Navas negredo. 1 big signing of intent in June would have got ball rolling and turned heads of players. Instead same old. Credibility shot to pieces. Europe’s elite transacting major name business. While we busy in Vietnam taking group hug pictures n filming running men. We are a laughing stock.

  96. mystic

    If I have taken the quote out of context sorry, but all the same I think that Giroud is clearly a better immediate prospect than Bendtner (have nothing against the Dane as I think Wenger fucked his career up), but I would imagine defences would be more worried about the danger posed by Giroud than by Bendtner (fuck knows what they ever made of Gerv, fell about laughing in the changing room!!)

  97. Kempster

    Watch the Suarez/Evra footage. If its just a normal word with no negative connotations, why is he saying it with such aggression and spite, during a moment of high tension?

    It’s not that the word has no negative connotations in Uragyay, it’s more that unfortunately it is still acceptable (to some) to refer to black people by a version of the word negro. Completely different things. It’s akin to a fan of Italian descent defending his constant booing of black players by saying “its perfectly ok, it’s what they do back home. ”

    Just because there’s an outside chance if him becoming a gunner, lets not make shabby excuses for that incident.