Arsenal for Suarez screws Madrid | Cesc to United is excellent news… for Arsenal

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Blue steel baby...

So many things are starting to move now. The silly season has now moved into political posturing season. This post will give you an educated (you know what I mean) overview of what’s happening and why certain moves are important…

Firstly, the big news yesterday was that United have weighed in with a £26m bid for Cesc Fabregas. Why is this important? Well, for a number of reasons. Remember at the start of the summer I told you the club have told Cesc if he wants to leave, he’ll have to tell Barca, so we can activate that clause and not get drawn into a bidding war. Well, he didn’t do that. Why? Because politically it would be a dumb move. His family are over there… a second transfer out of Catalunya blacklists his family from every bar and public park in town.

That’s why a United bid is exactly what Cesc needed. Firstly, it’ll show him whether he’s valued by Barca… his first choice of football home. Then, if he’s not, it gives him the power of choice. He can move to Arsenal, which, so I’m informed, is his first choice should he move. Something tells me his team have encouraged this move to test Barca’s loyalty.

Why would he move to Arsenal? Well, would you want to work under Moyes after Wenger who breast fed you for 8 years? Would the drill sergent nature appeal after Guardiola, one of the greatest coaches in Barca’s history? Not likely. About as appealing sharing a sharing a hotel room with Frank Lampard and Rio Ferdinand in Ayia Napa. Manchester isn’t an appealing place either. Well, compared to London and Barcelona anyway. I know it’s nice for a night out, but there’s a reason so many BBC execs are on the meds after the big move to north.

… and for flip sake people. He has a young child in London! That is such an important factor. Football preference kind of goes out the window when family is involved.

This whole bidding process works for us… but only if Barca accept. Why would they accept? They’re skint. They’ve blown a huge chunk of cash on Neymar, they’ve had to sell Thiago for peanuts… Leo is on a £20m a year (7 Diaby’s)… and they’re desperate for defenders… as well as a lighter wage bill. I’m not saying this will definitely happen… but don’t rule it out. If Barca want to sell him, we’ll be straight in there with a bid. Remember, he’s been talking to Arsenal this summer, there’s no rift, the father / son bond with Wenger is still there… the fans would idolise him… and if we bought him, we’d never have to suffer ‘Cesc is going home’ rumours again. In fact he’d probably receive a chunky pay rise on his current salary.

Blue steel... errr... Luis... oh don't bother

Onto the Suarez story, he’s the number one target. He’s the best striker in the league and he’s a far better player than Higuain. I think he’s better than Robin, he doesn’t need world class service to bang in goals. He makes things happen by himself. He’ll push for a move when he’s back at training, then Liverpool have a problem. Why would they keep him? What use is £100k a week sitting on the bench?

£35m is a huge sum of money for a player who has a 6 match ban and a terrible reputation which went a long way to damaging the global view of Liverpool.

Factor in that they’re a club who have no money, they have no Champions League and they have a weak squad that needs an injection of money if they have any hope of competing this year. The talk of Madrid going in for Suarez might be off the mark as well… they’ve just spanked £35m on a DM, they don’t have the cash to bid for Bale and Cristiano is looking for £400k a week… not to mention possible tax hikes on the way (as well as impending FFP rules) and I’m not sure they have the finances to fund Suarez. Otherwise, let’s be honest, they’d have moved by now… right?

The rumour is that Arsenal are forcing Madrid’s hand by bidding for Suarez. In fact, the reason Madrid put the price of Higuain up to €40m from €30m is because that’s what the believe they need to replace him. Arsenal bidding for Suarez actually stifles Madrid and their capabilities. Well, reading between the lines anyway. They’ll also be mindful Spurs are selling Bale next year. Bleeding the coffers this year might not be smart if they have any hope of landing him for a gazillion pounds.

So in short, Arsenal are in a great position. Europe is skint. We’re cash rich, FFP compliant and stable. There is a rain cloud over Europe and it’s pouring. Time for us to take advantage of the all the saving we’ve been doing and make some hay whilst the sun is blistering over Arsenal.

The only negative is that we don’t have to move for Suarez until the end of the summer. If we get into a game of chicken with Liverpool we could end the summer looking pretty silly… well if they have any resolve. The Americans aren’t stupid up north. They’ve not been afraid to take a fee and they’ll know the days of £50m fees are probably over… at least for a player with extreme baggage.

Let it fester, or take the cash and let Rodgers rebuild? Or make a disruptive point for the sake of it?

So, keep positive, I’m calm things are going to drop and it could be special.

I’m also positive on other areas as well. We have to buy a centre back as Vermaelen is out for possibly 4 months with a stress fracture to his back. Not even Arsene would be mad enough to go into a season with two recognised centre backs. He also needs a terrier in midfield. We bid for Lars Bender, I’d be surprised if that’s the last player we move for in that area. I’ve heard nowt on Fellaini… all summer. I think they’ll look at someone with more pace personally. Not that I don’t pine for the Belgian…

I also don’t think there’s much action going on keeper wise. That’s not to say I know everything that’s going on, I just haven’t heard anything at all. I’m pretty certain there was never anything in the Cesar rumours. There were unflattering stories emanating from QPR about his time there and I’d guess Arsenal probably heard them as well as took time out to watch his performances. He might be the Brazil number one, but so was Dida… and Taffarel (remember him? What a joker). They’ve never really boasted world class keepers and Cesar just isn’t a Premiership fit. He’s for Italy or Spain. Not London.

I just hope if the manager is opting to keep things the same, he goes with Fabianski. I’ve not been a huge fan of his, but word on the street is that he’s worked on the mental side of his game… dealing with disappointment and injuries has made him a different beast… and as a reactionary keeper, he’s far better than the arrogant Chesney. I still think we should be making a bold move though. We can’t go into a season with a risk cloud over such and important position.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for you today. Hopefully that’ll keep you going until lunch…

Geoff is back with you tomorrow!

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  1. N1Goon

    This Spanish journalist called Kike Marin says we are in negotions with Liverpool over a fee. He says that Suarez and his agent want a move to Arsenal.

    He has a bit of credibility in my eyes as when everyone was wanking themselves off over Higuain, when the papers were saying deal agreed and medical time, he posted an article saying there had been no offer and that Higuain was third choice in a list of three strikers for Arsenal.

  2. N1Goon

    Man U’s chief exec Ed Woodward on his way back to UK to carry out urgent transfer business. Very interesting.

    I wish Ivan would do the same to be honest

  3. sam


    nice to hear they all want to play for arsenal,.
    what about his agent, we should sign him as well. he sounds like a true gooner.

  4. wenker-wanger

    oh dear errr nasris mouth has the last word .i stand corrected in his perception. Now NM, politely fu+k off

  5. TheBayingMob

    It’s been reported that Madrid need to sell Higuain for around 35mills to fund a bid for Bale. Seeing as The Scum arr our nearest rivals, and that they are also the definitive One Man Team, wouldn’t it be worth the extra 10m to have them unsettled? Add Higuain, we are stronger. They lose Bale. They are weaker. 4th placed trophy gaurenteed. is all about the bargain prices though.

  6. Dev_Gooner

    @ Dan;

    Ok I didnt know that, then again what do you expect, I had never heard of him until we had confirmed his signing!

    those type of signings should be deadline day signings not opening day ones!

  7. Goona4life

    Dear Arsene Wenger,

    I know you think you are some kinda genius but youre not only if you think top four is heaven. Pep is genius the legend alex ferguson is genius not you buddy! This was taken from the dail mail, interesting stats.

    For a club of Arsenal’s size they should be winning trophies. Since the club last won the FA Cup in 2005, Real Madrid have won three league titles and the Copa del Rey; Barcelona have won five La Liga titles, the Copa del Rey twice and the Champions League three times.

    United have won five Premier League titles and the Champions League; Bayern Munich have won the Bundesliga four times and the Champions League; Chelsea have won two Premier League titles and the Champions League.

    At some point Arsenal have to land some silverware and the only way to compete with the top teams is to spend big. After years of talk, it’s time for Arsenal to make a statement of intent.

    Read more:
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  8. SpanishDave

    When Rooney is sold it will throw up a lot of cash so manu will need someone like cesc, and they can pay for any get out clause. Obce one move gives everyone will make a move, Wenger will piss around as usual he does it every year, hes in love with his youth team, tweets Diaby every day.

  9. Goona4life

    Fabregas made all the average front guys look special… I see why they feel special-Adebayor Arshavin Bendtner. They the ones suffered most when he left! But what does that say about our team and Wenger? The long ball on a dime by Fabregas, and precise passing is lacking in the midfield. All our summer targets Fellaini Gourcuff Kondogbia I doubt would soothe that sore spot neither would the signings of super talented forwards. Love it or hate it,our style of play is possession with lethal dagger passes to open defenses. This stresses the need for creative top class attacking midfielders and deadly finishers. Arsenal are lacking in both. I love Theo’s speed but he is not worldclass, Wilshire is our best playes but is he Fabregas QUALIDEE? The squad needs a complete overhaul. Wenger is relying on tactics over player skill to win games. What has that brought us lately? I cant imagine Arsenal without Wenger but no significant signings this year, and I may well have to think Brian Laudrup or that guy from Holland- Hiddink. We need signings now! Napoli is armed with cash and they basicall have the same needs we do. We have to get a deal done this week or else.

  10. Alan

    Why don t we forget about these overpriced, over hyped strikers like Rooney, Suarez and higuain, and tell their agents to get stuffed. . Put sanogo and Chuba akpom up front, with theo and ox on the flanks, make wilshere captain, (at least before we sell him) and just get on with it. We re letting all the unscrupulous agents and bloggers run circles around us. Those of us who have jobs, get on with it, those that don’t, go look for one! This policy will allow kroenke to afford some better wigs, and surely that s all that matters!

  11. Alan

    And stuff wenger too! Make sol Campbell our manager, ray parlour our number 2 , Stewart Robson our chief scout, limited to uk , Germany and holland only (no more frenchies and South Americans) . And bring in Ian wright to work on the kids and make sure they re proud to wear the shirt. . It may not work , and we may go down a division or two, but we,ll have a laugh along the way, and we’ll be a real club.

  12. lee meade

    Saying we can’t go in to the season with a question over the important position of keeper, ignores the fact that we’ve done just that for 4 years on the trot.
    This has always seemed the most mismanaged area of Wenger’s tenure, post David Seaman. We’ve had a series of flawed, if talented, folks manning the Arsenal nets. Would love an upgrade, along with some stability, please.