Arsenal shower goals on Indonesia in season opener | Suarez bid upped 16%

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Nothing like a pre season friendly in Indonesia to get the heart racing. Not from a fan perspective, unless you’re one of those totally mental Asian fans that lose the plot and vomit at the sight of an Arsenal player. Then it’s 175BPM all game. Do you ever wonder if they dust themselves down after the Arsenal game and repeat the same antics for the Liverpool team who visit a week later?

Just joking. I’m just messing around. Indonesian Gooner’s are very passionate. If I tweet something they like, it gets translated and retweeted for about 4 days straight.

Back to the game. We turned out in the new shirt, which has gone down a dream with pretty much everyone. Take note Puma, we like yellow. The team Wenger turned out in the first half started with Fabianski. Did I read much into that? Not until he subbed him for Martinez. If we don’t bring in a new keeper, could Fabianski be our new signing? Maybe.

The guy sitting next to me on the bus smells like a chip fat pan.

Arsenal got off to a slow start. The astro turf pitch wasn’t really working for the players. A combination of a light bounce and a rusty touch slowed down play. We did create some openings. Chuba Akpom looked lively, making some telling runs. He’s a big lad with a lot of potential. His touch was a bit heavy at times and his shooting was off, but if there were a bag of raw striker ingredients you could buy, he’d have most of them available.

However, like someone said on Twitter… ‘we know how it ends Pedro’. So I shan’t be putting his poster on my bedroom wall yet.

Theo opened the scoring when he turned in a low Chamberlain cut back. The 1st half was a bit painful to watch. We lacked penetration and composure. The players were all dripping wet as well. Struggling to adapt to the climate was no shame though, it’s very humid there. That said, it’s pretty roasting here at the moment!

The second half proved more fruitful. Wenger brought on Kos, Olsson, Zelalem and Eisfeld.

The first goal rolled in pretty quickly, Akpom turned in a low front post cross inside the post. A swift move that started with a tasty Zelalem flick.

Things got majorly serious when Arsene brought on Giroud, Podolski (who picked up the biggest cheer) and Rosicky.

Almost straight away Giroud deftly turned in another low cross, this time from Sagna. He was wearing some very smart black boots rocking a new and improved haircut. Much in the same way Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant kicked him into the next level form wise, Giroud and his new look landed him a second 3 minutes later. He had to do more work this time, picking up another Sagna  cross, pivoting and smashing his shot in off the bar. A tasty goal from a man 34% sexier than last year.

The introduction of 1st team players really did make a difference. More purpose and power was immediately on show. It also raised the game of the kids. Podolski looked fit and strong, he powered his way to his first goal rifling off a beast of a shot that the keeper couldn’t get near.

Olsson had his chance on 84 minutes turning in a chipped Rosicky shot at the back post. I have to admit, I had no clue who he was. A nice goal and a nice performance from the youngster.

The last goal came from Eisfeld, bursting into the area smashing the ball in off the bar. A great finish and a positive result.


We don’t need Suarez.

We don’t need squad players.

Giroud is king.

Does that about sum it up?

Of course not. It was a solid opening against a team of part timers. We can’t read too much into it. It’s great to see goals flying in from all over the park, because that only builds confidence. We can’t start drawing dim conclusions like… ‘Hey, why spend £30m on a striker when Giroud could make the jump to world class this year?’… you know what, Giroud might make the jump this year. So if he can, we’ll have some stiff competition for a striking spot. Arsenal are going back in for Suarez armed with £35m, we have Higuain on  the back burner because Madrid want £37.5m… so keep them crossed, but we could have ourselves a very interesting striking quartet this year.

Players around the rest of the park that impressed were Zelalem. He’s clever on the ball, has great awareness… but he’s incredibly young and light weight. One to watch though. Gnabry looked solid. He could easily start in the Carling Cup. He reminds me a little of Theo in the early years. Maybe a little more advanced skill wise. He has German confidence and looks like he really enjoys getting amongst it. Perfect build for the league.

Carl Jenkinson looks ready to challenge Sagna in his transition year. He looked fit as ever. Hopefully he can take lessons from Bacary… but more importantly, I really would like to see Sagna get back to his previous level of right backery. He lost form last year and it was painful to watch at times.

Aaron Ramsey  picked up where he left off with an assured performance. At 22, it’s time for him to shine. He covers plenty of ground and he’s stopped make the hospital passes. I have a feeling he’ll add goals to his game this year. He’s always had an eye for a shot, just not one for the target. I’d love to see him up his game and contribute to a successful season this year.

Arsenal still need to bolster all over the pitch. I think we lack power in the middle of the park and we do need a specialist defensive midfielder. I’d like to see a back up centre back brought in to give us a bit more edge when we’re down a Per or a Laurent. I also really worry about our keeping options. Both are mentally fragile and both lack a proven edge about them. We could really do with having a solid base to build from this year. Fabianski has looked good since his come back, but he’s suspect when the heat is on and he seems to be very injury prone.

Overall, a solid start to the Asian Tour and a great showcase fro ‘Brand Arsenal’.

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  1. Keyser

    Exactly, how likely is that Barcelona are going to sell Fabregas for 25m, people think 35m isn’t serious for Suarez and I’d rather have Fabregas back than him.

  2. Cesc Appeal


    By this ‘bollocks’ do you mean players wanting to win things and be paid the market rate for their talent?

  3. Keyser

    CA – Wait a minute, what do you think they’re at fault for ?

    ..and no, all this media chicanery that you seem to fall for time and again.

  4. Rohan

    Fernandinho, Jesus Navas, Negredo (tbc) and Jovetic (tbc)

    For 90million . Is it just me who thinks they probably could’ve done better.

  5. Rohan

    salparadisenycJuly 15, 2013 22:52:39
    Whats plan B if this scenario plays out,
    Higuain + Cash for Suarez to Madrid.We tried?

    ===eh, there is absolutely no way. No fucking chance, Higuain’s going to go to fucking Liverpool. They’re a whole first 11 away from the Champions League. Bar Suarez, every single one of our players could probably displace their counterpart..

  6. Kushagra

    This year Monaco, Psg really inflated the market . Negredo for 28m ?It’s ridiculous . No wonder RM looking to get in excess of 30m for Hig. In the next decade football will really suffer in Europe IMO & will shift base..

  7. Keyser

    Not sure who made those buys, but Pellegrini’s smart if he asked for them he’ll have something specific in mind.

    Nasri – Silva – Navas gives them a pretty balanced creative side, Fernandinho injects an athletic edge, not sure why they’d want Negredo though and then in Jovetic you’re still trying to get too many players to fit in unless Dzeko moves on.

  8. Rohan

    Navas will struggle I think in the premiership imo. Bit cliched but still.

    Heh, Nasri? His career has long been finished. He’ll be farmed out to PSG next year. Last chance saloon. Silva imo hasn’t really kicked on from a very impressive first half of a season the season before last.

    Negredo’s a bit of a clogger. Not sure why they got him. Doubt he’s much better if at all than Giroud. Jovetic isn’t ready yet, but I think he’ll come good.

    Don’t know much about Fernandinho but he might be a smart buy. City have a history of some dodgy Brazilians tho with Robinho Jo and Elano.

  9. Rohan

    City’s main strength is their rock solid defence. With that, they’re guaranteed to atleast challenge. It’ll be interesting to see how the defence performs under Pellegrini though.

  10. Keyser

    Sturridge might excel at Liverpool, hit 20-25 goals in a season maybe, just don’t think he’ll do it consistently and not against any top team, or for them. he makes the selfish decision at times, holds onto the ball for too long, tries 2 stepovers when 1 should suffice whatever that means.

    Theo’s improved his stats as the team around him has deteriorated if we sort out our midfield this year he should improve them again this year.

  11. Rohan

    If Cesc comes back, our new and improved Theo will be an absolutely deadly weapon. He’ll go upwards of 25 goals and 20 assists.

    That’s what I’m most excited about with Cesc. It’s not just that he’ll add 15 goals and assists himself, he’ll just lift our entire attacking play to a completely new level. Add Cazorla and a top class striker to that, and we’d have the most exciting quartet in Europe.

  12. Kushagra

    I believe we are forgetting the importance of a quality DM without whom the likes of Cesc will be nullified which was the case during the days of TheoVaNasreGas

  13. sam


    Nice to hear you can predict the future but Theo will be better striker for sure.
    haters forget that Theo is model athlete and a disciplined footballer.
    Sturridge is at a shit club whatever he does there I don’t care.

  14. Keyser

    Yeah, Fabregas might be good, but then we haven’t seen the best of Cazorla, or Wilshere yet, by far our biggest problem is a weak midfield defensively, sort that and we’re balanced again.

    All the players we’ve been linked with bar maybe Lars Bender won’t achieve this, and we’ll be stuck with a pretty scattergun approach again for next year.

  15. Rohan

    I think an Arteta Ramsey Cesc midfield is pretty balanced.

    Can throw in Jack in place of Arteta as well. We definitely need someone mobile, but I think Ramsey can do the job. I don’t completely agree we need a pure DM.

  16. Keyser

    Citeh had a decent defence, but Mancini relied on it far too heavily, early on he even played 3 defensive midfielders, he had no real idea going forward, the players they have Pelligrini shouldn’t really have much trouble opening them up a bit, not sure how long it’ll take but I’d be worried.

    I’d expect Mourinho to buy aswell, can’t see him wanting such an open attacking team again.

  17. Keyser

    Thiago is pretty over-rated, not saying he isn’t good, but there’s been a lot of hype.

    Kushagra – Not just a DM, just raw athleticism in midfield, Ramsey’s probably the most athletic there, and he can’t really cope/

    Sturrdige is more skillful, I think people under-rate Theo, it’s a bit weird like Insaghi, I have no idea how he popped up with those goals, and people thought he was pretty average, but he just managed to get it done.

    I think Theo could still surprise.

  18. Kushagra

    In Spain can agree that pure DM isn’t required but not in BPL also Barce came unstuck because of that so many times in Europe although I am big Busquets fan but they could have done with a Martinez instead of Song

  19. Rohan

    I was a fan of our midfield 3 defending as a team in the second half of the season. I like the idea of a double pivot where one is someone more athletic and can cover ground (like Ramsey for example), and someone like Arteta who have the intelligence to block passing lanes and make interceptions.

  20. Kushagra

    I believe Manure’s midfield isn’t the level we should aspire to . Last league season as a whole was well below par without enforcements they’ll struggle big time..

  21. Rohan

    Bender played more as a CM last year. Bit like Ramsey.

    He’s didn’t just patrol the area in front of the defence.
    Now if we’re talking about someone like Javi Martinez then it’s a different story, but there are very few like him.
    I don’t think we should just stick a DM in there just because he can run around and get stuck in. Look at Sven Bender for example or Morgan Schneiderlin, they’re more intelligent players who are positionally aware and like Arteta are more interested in being in the right position at the right time.

  22. Keyser

    Arteta was shocking at times last year, we tried to stick to some sort of offensive plan at the start of the year, but when the game opened up Arteta couldn’t cope, he’s basically there because he’s pretty smart and experienced, he can play the ball about, but once that doesn’t work, there’s literally nothing left.

    Song-Wilshere- Fabregas wasn’t enough, and we had Nasri helping out aswell.

    If we had a stronger more mobile version of Song, a real athlete with his ability, however limitd you feel it was, then you could push Arteta foward, let Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla learn to play with a bit more freedom, you buy two of those midfielders, even Grenier looked pretty mobile, and Podolski doesn’t have to worry about tracking back as much either.

  23. Rohan

    I think we’d do well to add some physicality in there, which is why I like the idea of Fellaini. Fellaini is an amazing tool to have in the premiership.

  24. Rohan

    You’d want a deep-lying playmaker to sit alongside someone like Bender who I think is more similar to Ramsey for example, not Arteta. Arteta has a decent passing range, and I think his leadership makes it worth persisting with in the near future.

    Someone like Alonso is what Arteta should aspire to.

  25. Same Story

    It’s nice that Walcott scores but when you are a right winger that plays for the mighty Arsenal and you cant beat amateur defenders, what is that saying?

  26. Kushagra

    QueenofSuburbia @QueenofSuburbia
    Fabregas to United is being fed to press by United, who of course are keen to establish the perception that their new manager attracts stars


  27. Rohan

    Yep, exactly. Arteta plays a Schweinsteiger-esque role in terms of positional play . Ramsey has the same engine as Martinez but lacks the physical edge/height which is why I feel Arsene has persisted with Diaby for so long. I don’t think we are genuinely interested in Fellaini, but I would welcome him with open arms.

  28. Kushagra

    Cesc ,Cazorla Suarez 😉 can take care of the creativity I guess . Madrid system is totally different, apples & oranges.. Bender can pick a pass so can Ramsey..

  29. Rohan

    Walcott is a 20 goal and 15 assists per season player now. Not many better than him. Who exactly do you want instead?

    He could easily become as good as someone like Pedro if not better if he continues improving.

  30. Rohan

    Ramsey nor Bender don’t have the requisite passing range imo to be able to conduct from deep. Arteta to be fair is better than most.

    Jack arguably can play the role. If Ramsey can develop a physical edge to his game, he could very well carve a niche in the first 11.

  31. Rohan

    I didn’t say Schweinsteiger is as good as Arteta. I’m saying that their roles in their respective midfields are not dissimilar imo.

  32. sam

    This theo bashing is fuelled by this false rumour about suarez.
    Arsenal Fc is not a retirement home for castoffs.
    I said it before and I will say it again.
    Fagregas, Higuain, suarez and rooney none of them will wear arsenal shirt next season.
    Suarez for 35 millions, ha ha ha ha joke of the day, even Abramovic is not interested. he will start the season in liverpool shirt for sure.

  33. Keyser

    Arteta did little from deep last season, he tried the year before, but couldn’t really argue with what Song was doing so didn’t have to be relied upon.

    Bender doesn’t really have to have a quality passing range, he just needs to be more athletic than what we have right now and keep things ticking over.

    Koscielny can complement Mertesackers weaknesses, Giroud linkes up well with Theo and Podolski, we have nothing in midfield, no understanding, no consistency, no real depth.

  34. sam

    Same story,

    I am sure most of Higuain goals came from that tin spanish cup
    whats your point?

    but you don’t mind us spending 23 millions for him

  35. Keyser

    Yeah but then you’re stuck with Arteta who might need a mobility scooter next year.

    Surely Bender is quite good defensively ?

  36. Rohan

    Perhaps Keyser, don’t think it’s ideal though. Either way,think Leverkusen are loath to lose him. It’s a moot point really.

  37. Paulinho

    Our problem is right back Sagna (just a joke going forward) and midfield along with attack.

    Walcott, Giroud, Podolski is horrific unless you’re playing route one in a carling cup match.

  38. Samir

    I know far more about Arsenal than you.
    I don’t know if you’re joking or you actually have some sort of mental problem…So I won’t be too horrible.

  39. N1Goon

    Dial can we at least go through a month or maybe even a fortnight without constant derisory comments about Arsenal, Wenger or the squad?

    Just save it for September 1st, then we will all have a good moan fest i’m sure and we can get everything off our chest, but for now, let’s see what happens and cross our fingers.

  40. Pistol Pete

    Another day nad no new signings. Watch how all our targets get bought by other clubs who don’t dilly dally around. how ahard is it? 1. Make a bid 2. buy player. 3. bid not accepted. 4. Offer more.

  41. sam


    Unfortunately dialsquare is right. you guys are acting as if we just had a new manager in charge. no, its the same dude who hates spending.

  42. MarsBar

    Regardless if anyone likes Walcott overall play or what.

    He scores goals and gives assists, fuck if he was at another team causing problems but being on and off in certain games half of you on here with your dream teams would still be moaning why couldn’t we have someone like that.

    What more you want from a player average or not I couldn’t give a shit as long as over 90mins they have a chance at getting a goal. Isn’t that what makes a dangerous player? He isn’t the greatest but he still gives something to the team and our system. Granted its taken ages.

    Take away last seasons goals and then our attack looks even worse. Giroud yet again not great but 17 goals in his first year, at another club some of you would be sharing not a bad return.

    That is statistic they are facts.

    Some you lot need to get off your stupid dream team bollocks.

  43. N1Goon

    Walcott proved himself last season for me. He has a certain style… but it’s obviously effective as the stats are the best in the league for his position. He is probably the best right-winger in the league on stats alone.

  44. sam

    Good one dialsquirrel,

    how would you feel about us your hot boy suarez?
    brilliant stats no title with bag of trouble

  45. Globalgunner

    Ramsey is simply terrible. If he was playing for any other team, we would rightly be calling him a donkey. How far the mighty Arsenal have fallen. From Vieira-Petit to Ramsey-Arteta. From aviary to custard. I weep for this club. When will this torture ever end

  46. Evan

    When you sign for Arsenal you are signing because of who the manager is. He has a big reputation and they want to try his philosophy.

    (that comment by Arteta pisses me off, duly noted a manager can attract a player, but you should sign for Arsenal because of Arsenal)

    “Any player will improve under Arsene Wenger. (this is completely wrong, they will learn a thing called the handbrake, sideways passing and will be told not to shoot, oh and all crossing ability will disappear

    Read more:

  47. Kempster

    “Ian Wright had brilliant goal stats for Arsenal but Arsenal never won the league with Ian Wright”

    Are you sure?

  48. Kempster


    I don’t see the problem. By that logic players should still be flocking to Liverpool, because they’re Liverpool FC.

    I like Arteta’s recent quotes. He’s really hanging Gazidis & Wenger out there to be accountable. Nicely done.

  49. wenker-wanger

    suarez is a great striker…..ignore the biting and other mindless behaviour he does, the fact is he scores a lot of goals. Ive been cynical about wengers transfer activities (or rather the lack of them), but i think this one has a chance. Or at least it may have the effect of real madrid offloading higuain to us.
    liverpool have a potentially ready-made suarez type striker in sturridge. For me sturridge is another ian wright if he gets down to the hard work. So liverpool should capitalise on £35 million for suarez. We arsenal fans are used to disappointment, so maybe wenger will conveniently miss out on a big signing and instead waste 10 million on some french league tosser. Its hard to think beyond the mindset of the fuckwit at the end of all this speculation, namely wankger, thats the problem…….suarez would be the temporary painkiller, not the cure, to the illness that is wankger.

  50. Oh Theo Theo!

    Daily Star reporting we don’t intend to take up option on Cesc…. looks like the lure of money has won out…

  51. Evan

    Kempster: The players should sign for Arsenal not Arsene. When I was a kid I wanted to play for Arsenal ,not George Graham. The manager is a person, the club is bigger

  52. Oh Theo Theo!

    Evan, it’s gone beyond that. Wenger must be stopped. Now.

    Wengerites must be purged also, otherwise obscurity beckons.

    Now is the time brothers to rise up and otherthrow the dictator!

  53. goonerbone

    FFS, Dialsquare! Ian Wright was with the club 98!
    If Cesc goes to the mancs, it’s so awful I can’t find words…