Wenger says contracts talks are underway for the Worlds cushiest job. Now for the team.

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Okay we all knew talks were going well Arsene, why would you want to leave the cushy little number you have? The best paid manager in the EPL who has won less than Swansea and Wigan in the last 8 years, we know you are staying, so if Arsenal are offering you even more money for winning nothing, then bite their hands off.

In his conference yesterday he gave the strongest indication he was signing big, he is trying to make us believe it will be the real arm biter Suarez. However, I think that is him playing with Perez.

I still want Higuain, Fellaini, Richards and Cesc Fabregas. I think it will be Higuain, Kondogbia and some obscure midfield option like a Flamini.

It looks like we will be selling Gervinho to Roma and if we do it’s vital that money goes on a replacement and not split between Gazidis and Wenger.

When I say a replacement, I don’t mean buying someone who falls over his feet and can’t hit a barn door with a cows bottom, I mean a proper winger that will add firepower to this team from the off. Though I have a horrible feeling he intends to use of combination of Monreal and Gibbs down the left to supplement Podolski, who in my opinion is a left sided forward and not a winger.

It’s all getting closer to the big game against the Indonesian Dream Team, I guess this is the modern day equivalent of playing Barnet, but who cares, it’s Arsenal and we have been starved of seeing our team for way too long now.

Let’s think about our targets. Suarez can bang them in for sure, but he has baggage and a long ban to get over so I really can’t see him coming,  also he could have been bought from Ajax for a lot less and that will affect Wenger’s ego, so I discount him.

Higuain has a goalscoring record second only to Messi, he’s young and powerful, no trouble and just what we need, it makes you wonder why Madrid would let him go, if they did we should have him.

Fellaini over Kondogbia all day long, he’s EPL proven, so ready. Just what we need for the fans, the team and Vermaelen, I’d have Kondogbia as a second choice but Fellaini for me.

Interesting that all the M’Via talk went away, regardless of where he went. Bender I don’t believe and Gareth Barry is just silly speculation and won’t happen, if we were going that route then I’d have Flamini back.

At the back I’d have Richards as a centre half, he’s a Gooner and three years ago an £18mil player, we could pick him up cheap and that would appeal to Wenger.

Fabregas is a no brainer and if we want him then our players should start doing to him what Barca players did to us 3 years ago. I would love to do that thing called revenge and after 36 months, that really would be a dish served cold, the best way I’m told.

Nikki B should be used for ever as an example to why Wenger should not be allowed to get involved in player contracts, he can join the long list of people that we can’t give away because of the stupid deals they were given, Almunia, Squillaci, Chamakh, Arshavin, Denilson, Djourou and Park. And the worst thing about that, was all these deals were given after we knew that weren’t figuring in our plans, maybe with the exception of Squillaci.

Add the cost of that lot up!

Still the latest on the world’s best striker is he’s going to lowly Hull to re-unite with his old fat friend. Ha, ha how funny is that!

Anyway, no more speculation as I’m guessing nothing will now happen until they return from their Asian trip.

It will be hot in England today Grover’s, so if you are in this country right now, don’t forget to slap on the factor 30, getting burned is not big and it’s not clever.

Have a great day, tomorrow we play football and hopefully in the new kit!

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  1. TOLI83

    Pogba is class. He’s probably well out of our range now..,

    This kandogbia might be alright I don’t know much about him. However we need players that are ready now. Not have a season to get used to prem then gradually get better after that.

  2. Adam

    @ dial square 13.49

    I am not sure how you can use that Vieira quote to support your position – as you state, that Wenger is a ‘tight’ and ‘crap coach’.

    In June 2001 Vieira says we didn’t have the money to compete and would not win trophies in the next few years…

    How Arsenal do then in “the next few years” after that statement … FFS???!!!

    Whatever you may think of Wenger’s abilities in management, that quote?!?!?!

  3. Jeff


    Unfortunately we are on the verge of renewing his license to carry on. More Februaries of doom and awkward press conferences on their way.


    Enough is enough why all the lies how can they give that c**t a new contract.
    I waiting for someone to wake me up I’m having a bad dream.
    Lol all this talk about Rooney higuain Fellini it’s becoming nonsense anybody that supports arsene sorry arsenal now that c**t ain’t signing no one in that class I don’t even think they wanna join us we can’t get big names no more.
    I’ve supported arsenal for years since the George graham days & I’ve never felt so sick before the way the club is going what a c–t

  5. Paulinho

    Ha ha that Wenger press conference never gets old.

    Turns out the slimy fucker was on the verge of signing a new contract. The leakage of it and the cup results were the reason it was put in cold storage for a bit.

    Wenger knows the average dopey AKB is far more docile and receptive to his rhetoric in the summer months, He probably pisses himself laughing at how fickle and easy to fool they are.

  6. Jake

    Same Story + Toli83
    I wouldn’t pass on him. He’s quality and there’s a reason the top clubs are after him. Then again, maybe you know more than the scouts that are paid huge money to find out the quality of players.

  7. sam

    such a clueless football they are so under20 and immature
    unfortunately they will all make arsenal first team

  8. Rohan

    Pogba’s has an absolutely massive ceiling. Easily could become as good as Vieira if he works hard and keeps at it.

    A midfield 3 Pogba Jack Cesc would be absolutely orgasmic. Absolutely everything you’d want in that midfield. Cmon Arsene, push the boat out, what with the racial abuse in Italy!

  9. Jake

    He’s been pretty average but he was in all the games he’s played but then pops up with a goal. Not a bad quality for a striker.

  10. Bade

    “It’s all getting closer to the big game against the Indonesian Dream Team, I guess this is the modern day equivalent of playing Barnet, but who cares, it’s Arsenal and we have been starved of seeing our team for way too long now”

    Well, this is exactly why I love the way Geoff writes. Just brilliant stuff. All from the heart. Bang on!

  11. sam

    well I did say it here yesterday, coquelin is better.
    getting rid of him for kondogbia is not a step forward its the opposite.
    perhaps this one we can play him in defence because he’s tall but still not premiership ready.

  12. Jake

    He hasn’t had the ball enough to make comparisons really. He seems quite powerful and he can certainly finish but he also seems a bit lazy and his positioning is sometimes waaaaaaaaaay off.

  13. Radio Raheem

    I don’t know about lazy. With the little service he is getting he is looking more like Antoine Fortune than Didier Drogba

  14. Bade

    Where are all those apologists that wanted us to dish Sagna out for flirting with other clubs, when we made him that lame, stupid, insulting offer?

    Where are you now?

    What would you consider those Arsene comments about his “heart” being set with Arsenal & that had he wanted to go to PSG he would have been there already by now

    All the blinded people hailed his “commitment” to Arsenal, whereas the bare truth is, he was flirting & threatening that he’s welcomed elsewhere, had he not been given the deal he wants, with the power he wants

    What a spinning maestro tosser

  15. sam

    Sanogo is rubbish, maybe wenger missed adebayor so he picked up his lookalike for free.
    benik afobe and campbell are miles ahead

  16. Arsene's Nurse

    If Wenger gets a new contract I will hope and pray that we finish outside the top four and preferably 7th next year. It will be an unmitigated disaster if he is allowed to continue.

  17. Jake

    Are you even watching the same game? He’s barely had the ball and most of the time he’s done something with it. No, he doesn’t look like a world beater but he’s scored 4 in 6. Has played as a lone striker for France and they’re in the final so he can’t be as bad as you say he is. You probably just hate him because he’s French and young and in your mind that determines how good he is.

  18. Jake

    Arsene’s Nurse
    If Wenger gets a new contract then I hope we win the league. If he doesn’t get a new contract then I hope we win the league.
    What is wrong with you…

  19. RIPAFC

    Pogba is to young for us
    We have about 6 midfielders with the same raw talent all under 20 we need seasoned veterans players that’s played more then 4 seasons real quality pogba and all the rest of these teens were linked with

  20. Johnty79

    At this rate I think norwich will finish above us…fey would get in our team and o Wolfe …why did no one mention him as a holding midfielder.

    Wenger has mugged you all off…

  21. rewenger

    Why o why would anyone supporting hope for Arsenal to fail?
    I hate Mark Huges, but if he became manager of Arsenal I would not hope we ended at seventh!

  22. Jeff

    It’s too early to judge but from what I’ve seen of Sanogo in today’s game, but he doesn’t look like the kind of player that’s going to set the PL on fire. Perhaps he’s not meant to. Whatever else he is, he’s not what we need to win things – unfortunately.

  23. Rohan

    If Adebayor could become a premier league “star”.( He isn’t anymore I guess, but he could’ve if he had a brain) I’m sure Sanogo can. No one’s saying he’s ready for next season, but I’m sure Arsenal see something in him.

    He doesn’t cost us much, but the potential gains are worth it imo. I wish people would stop implying that us buying players like Sanogo has any bearing whatsoever on our first team. I imagine he might get a run out in the Carling Cup if he’s lucky and we’ll take it from there.

  24. Rohan

    Pogba would be a proper first team signing. He’d cost upwards of 10million. Sanogo was on a free. I don’t mind the Sanogo signing. Afobe looks to have done himself with his injury, and he’ll give Akpom some competition. Let’s wait and see. Either way, he’s been one of the better strikers in the U20 World cup.

    I like Thauvin though. It’d be interesting to see how he develops.

  25. Dan Ahern

    Rohan — I’ve got no problem picking up Sanogo, really. One for the future. But I wish we spent our efforts signing someone for the present.
    Still plenty of time I suppose.

  26. TOLI83


    I don’t know more than the scouts . But I do know we need the finished article in midfield . If we have the money why not go for De Rossi or someone of that ilk for example . A complete world class talent.

    We have signed to many ‘with promise’ who don’t work out and can’t afford that. Get the players who can hit the ground running and add value to our team immediately .

  27. sam


    Afobe’s done himself with injuries so lets replace him with a french pony who happened to be injury prone himself.
    you genius!

  28. Dan Ahern

    I quite like Thauvin. I’m not sure he’s ready either, but he’s quick and clever.

    I think Pogba would actually cost much more than £10m at this point. He’s clearly a talented, first-team quality midfielder already and only 20 years old with a lot of contract remaining. Honestly probably closer to £20m than £10m.

  29. Rohan

    I do wonder if Eisfeld has the X factor to make it though. Big season coming up for him. Will need to make an impression this season if he is to make it.

    I am more excited about Zelalem. Really liked what I saw in his game against Liverpool U21. So calm and composed, and always seemed like he had time on the ball. Whisper it, but it reminded me of Cesc’s debut.

  30. sam

    dudes please!

    playing like that at the age of 20?
    only stoke can have you because of height.

    Sanogo is absolutely rubbish

  31. Jake

    Kondogbia could do that, he’s a player with promise but he’s already a very good player. Having the money doesn’t mean that we could just spend it all straight away for a season or two of instant success. It’s not guaranteed that spending 70m would win a trophy. No amount of money will. My personal preference is that we buy players who can help us for the next 5-10 years than 1-2 years. Only my opinion, though.

  32. Jake

    Injury prone implies a high frequency of injuries. Sanogo has been injured once. Your lack of knowledge keeps on surprising me.

  33. sam

    Bendtner scored in the euros and i am sure he’ll score in the world cup as well.
    you guys really want to justify this crap signing? Sanogo is shit.
    player like that should be playing for tottenham so i can have a good laugh


  34. Jake

    He can only score against the teams he’s playing. Shame on him for getting picked to play for the u-20s

  35. Dan Ahern

    RR — Also, we’re being more realistic about potential signings. Wenger doesn’t look at passports because he just recruits from France 😉

  36. sam

    I am not fan of afobe btw
    just trying to show how french farce is destroying arsenal.
    so the club is abandoning 20 years old afobe because of injuries how the fuck is diaby doing? he’s still here?. pardon monsieur.

  37. Jake

    So you don’t think he’s good because he’s young and french. Regardless of how good he is, your casual racism will always overrule.

  38. Arsene's Nurse

    Jake July 13, 2013 20:43:44

    Arsene’s Nurse
    If Wenger gets a new contract then I hope we win the league. If he doesn’t get a new contract then I hope we win the league.
    What is wrong with you…
    I live in the real world.

    It’s paramount that Wenger leaves Arsenal. Arsenal can’t win the PL with Wenger. Wenger is the entire problem, he’s the reason why we don’t sign players because he dithers terribly and never pays the market rate. He’s the reason why we are tactically inept and always substitutes on 70 minutes.

    The club will really go somewhere with a younger more dynamic manager who isn’t afraid. Wenger is a shell of a man, just look at him, he crumbles under pressure.

    I can’t wait for Mourinho to laugh at Wenger and call him a voyeur again.

  39. Geoff

    I always liked Pogba but I can see it now, he’ll get Pogba and Kondogbia to go with the Sanogo. 3 cheap young Frenchies and that will be our lot.

  40. Dan Ahern

    Okay, that spray stuff the refs used this tourney to mark a line 10 yds back on a free kick is ingenious. Apparently it is already used in Central and South America. It needs to be in every league and competition.

  41. Geoff

    Arsene’s Nurse, between 67 and 74 minutes, every fucking time!

    Which proves it isn’t tactical, it’s his irritating compulsive personality disorder.

  42. salparadisenyc

    kwik fitJuly 13, 2013 21:40:07
    That was quite possibly the worst game I have ever seen!
    2 Hours 40 mins lost forever!

    Lets not forget the entirety of last season watching the Arsenal, lost forever.
    Our big calling card, beating Munich in Munich to get eliminated in the round of 16, Again.

    Whats the youtube = to that?

  43. londongunner

    “We are coming out of that period and I hope in the next two or three years the club will be competing for the Premier League.”


    so his saying in three years??? so add 3 more years onto the 8, wow 11 years without the title, also why the fuck is getting a contract for 3 years or longer, he shouldn’t get a contract but at the very least it should be a 1 year contract conditional renewal on winning silverware

  44. londongunner

    look the fact is if we don’t win anything in the next two seasons we will be a farce of a club, completely redundant in the world of football, we are no longer a top tier football club like man u barca real bayern ect, if we don’t win in the next two seasons we will be a third tier team, tottenham everton Valencia napoli ect

  45. Radio Raheem

    Wenger is getting a contract because Gazidis is trying to pile pressure on him. It’s to show the fans that the board or Kroenke are not happy with Wenger. They are giving Wenger a long 3 year rope to hang himself with. This all makes sense. In their eyes they can see Wenger is ruining the club now they want you all to see the same. What better way to do this than to give him an extended contract? They are all fed up with Wenger. In fact they loath him, a contract extension is the best punishment for him.

  46. Radio Raheem

    (The Arsenal team go out to dinner with Ivan at a restaurant in Indonesia called Dick’s)

    Ivan: I love Dicks, they’re so delicious. I think I need seconds.
    Theo (tongue in cheek): Hey Ivan, why do you like Dicks so much?
    Ivan: Oh well I’m not sure, they just make my mouth happy!

  47. londongunner

    why is so impressive that we have got chmpions league every year?

    fact is in terms of revenue player wages we are 4th, so there is man u man city and chelsea who have more cash then us, so whilst getting champions league football every year is good, its only breaking even its not exceptional especially if you look at everton and spurs finances we haven’t exceeded expectations we have broken even every year.

    so stop all this repetitive bullshit champions league for 16 years… man u has champions league for 16 years and they have also won a fuck load of silverware, and there wage budget is currently only 20 million more than ours

  48. goonerbone

    It’s Saturday night and I’m going to have myself a Singha to celebrate the Thai heroes making Moyes suffer his first defeat! Then ten more to escape the fact that we aren’t even aiming at fourth place during silly season…

  49. sam

    Cesc coming back brigade are dissing Thomas eisfeld, LOl!!!!
    Relax folks, Cesc is not the only player in the work and we have the iceman.

  50. Harry Redknapp

    wait wait, whats all this about sanogo being injured once? 3 years of the last 4 and a half injured is what i read? ,send him to bolton for a year and see if he does better than the other young boys .

  51. Harry Redknapp

    im no supporter of any of the youngsters as they have to earn their support, doing an apprenticeship on the wings when you been scoring for fun, then sent to bolton to defend from the front alongside the statue kevin davies was no way to treat afobe. he wouldnt do that to a frenchie im 99% sure. should have sent him to a team that was well equiped and experienced at championship level.

  52. wenker-wanger

    arsenes nurse is spot on……wenger will never leavce whil;st we finish in the qualifying champs league places. Its the bottom line for the wankers on the board and wenger makes them money so they are all happy.
    finishing 7th may change that but i would guess that he still wouldnt be sacked. It may be the pressure from fans that drives the charlatan out.
    wenger is now is a joke, a fuckwit that cannot undo his oversize jacket and a clown that embarrasses arsenal with his variety of touchline antics. i couldnt go to the emirates and listen to the pathetic chant ARSENE give us a wave….or theres only one arsene wenger…..such affection for the man that is destroying their club.

  53. GoonerDave

    Hard to believe after all the talk about money to spend, we don’t seem very close to signing anyone.
    For the first time in years, we are actually selling/releasing the players we want to – freeing up lots of space, not to mention wages. Makes you wonder why the club seem so relaxed.
    Im still optimistic though. Gazidis/Wenger are well aware of supporter unrest, so after the big “money to spend” q&a Im certain we will deliver.
    Would have been nice to have them on the tour though.

  54. tom

    Wenger: Quality not quantity key for Arsenal? plz arsenal fans stand up for this team lets get this frog out now. hes makeing mugs out off us

  55. sam

    I believe this squad is better than last season but not good enough to win the league.
    Because Mourinho and pelegrini will build bigger squads to fight till the end.
    Injuries and tiredness will go unnoticed as they will have enough players.
    If wenger doesn’t add to his squad there will be the same boring excuse by xmas.
    Starting with wilshere, a smart manager will only use him as sub for the first part of the season then unleash him from january.
    the defence is flat, anything happen to kos or mert we are naked again. Arteta will be given the DM role again with no back up.

  56. incesc

    cesc wont happen rohan?

    the big thing is making them play for 38 games solid and having a top top striker

    and wishere

  57. goonerboy

    Because Wenger won’t / can’t bring himself to buy any quality experienced player at all, the AKBs are starting to adjust to the likelihood that this transfer window will end up like all others-a massive disappointment. But their blind and irrational faith in Wenger prevents them from recognising this.

    Instead of recognising the reasons and consequences of the manager squandering the financial advantage of the club, they will engage in their annual wild speculation about the potential of the kids and cheap unknowns that Wenger does buy.

    Arsenal fans need to face reality- Instead of just focussing on us we need to look at what the opposition are doing. Whilst Wenger prevaricates and sticks to his bizarre gallic principles of never paying market price for an experienced player- all our opposition have strengthened.

    This current squad was a mile off competing for anything at the top level-last season. The spine of the team is not top level.

    If we want to become competitive-there is only one answer and that is Arsene Wenger needs to leave this club-and we need a competent top level manager.
    Any top level manager would significantly strengthen this team with available finance.

    Yes it ain’t going to happen at least not yet.

    Of course this Board will never sack him or let him go-he’s made them all much richer men and they are by nature not attuned to the outside world of football and are terrified of any change at all.

    Arsenal FC need a takeover

  58. Arsene's Nurse

    Arsene won’t compete. The money is there, not only is £70m available this summer, but the simple fact of the matter is even if this entire £70m was spent today, next summer there will be £70m available again. If that £70m is spent then the summer after that in 2015 then £70m will be available to spend,

    It’s about time that Arsenal fans realised this fact. We now have enormous resources.

    We have turned a corner financially because the deals that we signed in order to get money upfront to build the stadium have now been renewed in the case of Emirates and the potential that Puma are now our kit supplier next year. Chuck the additional £30m per season TV money and the £12m over the next two years that property brings us and we are sitting pretty.

    Our revenue will jump £75m. That means an addition £75m EVERY year for the next 4 years. That is “free” money. It’s above what we generate now and run the club on so therefore it’s available to spend (on transfers and wages).

    We should have been looking to build last year. We only spent in order to obtain the 4th place trophy. We need to build now and make a sincere statement of intent. The problem is our track record – who wants to come to Arsenal? Why, if you are a top player, would you go to Arsenal rather than any other club?

    Man City have managed to build a team and a brand just as Chelsea have done. The reason they were able to do this was because they paid over the top wages and fees. This meant that players who wouldn’t normally go to these clubs have done so. In the case of Chelsea then the club has not only done this but become successful in doing so.

    Arsenal are in a slightly different position. We don’t have to start from scratch, we don’t have to pay silly signing on fees and wages to get players to come to us. However, what we do lack is the ability to be ruthless and say, “Fuck it, yes, the buyout clause is a bit more than we’d like and we have to pay £20k a week more in wages, but it’s worth it to generate momentum so here you go”.

    That’s what Arsenal have to do. We don’t have to do that for 10 players. We can do that for 2 or 3.

    Remember that a transfer fee is normally paid over the course of 2 or 3 years so we can afford to spend more than £70m now.

    Arsenal now have to gain momentum. Once one or two big signings are made then it’s easier for others to follow. That’s how you do it. Once momentum starts and the team begins to seriously compete for trophies then that impetus gets noticed and other players want to be part of the club.

    As a caveat I’d like to just say that I think the commercial team have done well to get the Emirates and Puma (if it’s true) deals through. Gazidis should be applauded for this however, we now need to build on this financially with additional partners. That cannot happen if the team on the pitch is not attractive.

    What is holding us back from using our new found financial might is Wenger. I’d love to be proven wrong but I doubt history suggests otherwise.

  59. Moray

    Arsene’s Nurse. Nice summary. Worth adding the effect another year of inaction in the transfer market will have on our current and future sponsorship deals, never mind our global fanbase (which itself will impact our attractiveness to sponsors and so on).

    It seems Wenger is out of his depth and needs some urgent support.

  60. zeus

    FFS. Will you idiots stop saying Cesc. I can’t wait for the F&*^ing window to close so I don’t have to hear or read this asinine rumor anymore.

  61. Rich

    Can’t believe how much panick and hatred toward everything on this board.
    Arsene has said he won’t use his longetivety at the club to his advantage if the club aren’t competing, don’t see anything about that on this board??
    Quality over quantity, I agree with that, We have a solid base, what we need in my opinion is a world class striker, A Cesc type player to take the burden away from Cazorla, A top class defensive mid who’s ready now.
    And I have a sneaky feeling we will buy Bernard from Atletico Minaro, the second leg of the final of copa libertadores isn’t until the 25/7 , looks a real talent.

  62. Jeff


    The rumours don’t go away when the window closes. They carry on in anticipation of the next window. Waiting for Wenger to buy a world class player is exactly like waiting to win the lottery. People talk about how many bedrooms their new house is going to have, which area they will move to and what top of the range car they will drive. It’s wishful thinking and it makes people feel good even just talking about it.

    In the world of reality, we know (as do the people playing the lottery) that the chance of Wenger buying an expensive world class player is miniscule if not zero. But it won’t stop the rumours or the gossip. That side of it is purely for entertainment and fun only.

    I see people on here making up fantasy teams with Rooney, Higuain, Fellaini and Fabregas in it. It’s all pie in the sky. If you’re a staunch pragmatist like me you can learn to just ignore it as harmless bit of fun – people indulging in wild speculation and opinion. Otherwise it can really drive you up the wall.

    Or, you can of course adopt the attitude that the pacifist Wengerites possess. You can just assume everything will be fine whoever we buy or don’t buy. Just let the great manager do his job and if it means finishing fourth again, it’s all fine because there is a higher reason for everything he does and it’s too deep for us to fathom – we have to trust him no matter what. Such is the world of these religious zealots where everything is beautiful, the world is wonderful, the flowers are blooming, the roses swaying and a great big bowl of juicy cherries is waiting for them on the kitchen table.

    In the meantime, we get battered and humiliated on the pitch and dumped out of every competition. Still, never mind, there’s always the next season where we can repeat the same thing all over again.

  63. Kiyoshi Ito

    July 14, 2013 08:44:46

    Just let the great manager do his job and if it means finishing fourth again, it’s all fine because there is a higher reason for everything he does and it’s too deep for us to fathom – we have to trust him no matter what.
    Such is the world of these religious zealots where everything is beautiful, the world is wonderful, the flowers are blooming, the roses swaying and a great big bowl of juicy cherries is waiting for them on the kitchen table.

    Seems like you’ve just summed up the likes of Heil Keyser & Nasri’s Mouth there beautifully..

    Utter planks,those pair..I wonder how they operate in the real world..?!!

  64. Geoff

    Morning all, today we play football again, a special good morning to all our Indonesian chums too, new post!

  65. Jeff


    There’s nothing like a dose of reality every now again. The relationship between Wenger and his supporters is reminiscent of the first few paragraphs of “A free Man’s Worship” by Bertram Russell. Have read if you have time and you’ll understand how it relates to this situation.


  66. wenker-wanger

    @jeff…..perfectly analysed as usual. It should make sense to even the most vacant gullible AKBs, but it won’t. These people have a strange way of viewing the world…i know my cousin is one of them. He said wenger is a better manager than fergie, reasoning the emirates construction and the van persie effect to win the prem. (RVP in his eyes is a product made by wenger). So you see the unshakeable faith in wenger by people that believe blind support to be a moral and justifiable attribute. A kind of belief in the strength of faith over doubt and even common sense.
    When you analyse the future and consider the damaging effect of these AKBs, you get depressed. However nothing lasts forever, not even the seemingly rooted wenger.
    I personally will always be a gooner, although during this “wenger-shit” phase i will be following a nationwide team…maybe watford or leicester city. Its what can get you through the misery i suppose.

  67. Jeff


    Yes, we all have to cope with this prolonged disaster in our own way. I see nothing wrong with following a nationwide team. Best of luck.