Arsenal, please offer the going rate, no more no less, then apply the same rule to wages.

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More on that later but the squad was announced for the tour of Asia. All our top players are going however…

…Santos, Gervinho, Chamakh, Cazorla, Monreal, Sanogo, Bendtner and Vermaelen are all omitted.

Vermaelen is injured so that’s understandable, Sanogo is with the French under 7’s, Cazorla and Monreal are given extra time off because of the Confederations Cup. Again all understandable.

To say that Gervinho is ill is just insulting the fans. The fact that Chamakh, Santos and Bendtner are still with our squad is unbelievable and where are Wellington, Galindo and Campbell who apparently all got work permits this summer?

The latest on Campbell is Betis don’t want him as we demanded a fee for the loan, so he’s 21 and not good enough for us, but Sanogo is, and is in our squad. So why have we got Campbell then? It’s like we collect young players so no one else can.

When we signed Wellington he was touted as the next Ronaldo, (the first one) He is an example of our youth policy, we sign them on a wave of euphoria, loan them out to a Spanish club and never see them again.

The latest rumour outside of the Cesc and Suarez ones are that we are in for Geoffrey Kondogbia from Seville. He is 6’ 31/2” so a big item and French, he can play across the back so is flexible and I like the fact we share a name. Kondogbia.

He isn’t a crock so that makes me believe it’s another rumour but he is a bit of a hard nut, which is what we need in the DM role.

Of course I would prefer Fellaini but he cost more than 7 shillings and sixpence and he isn’t French so there’s no way we’ll be signing him. In fact I’m sure the only reason we got Vermaelen was because he sounded like he was French and Belgium is close enough for Wenger.

I absolutely don’t believe that we have bid for Suarez, I think because we supposedly offered £10mil short off their asking price people naturally assume we did, you know, make a stupid offer that will never be accepted and then we can say we tried, we did it with Cahill, Ronaldo (the slim one) and Higuain.

I expect that Wenger would be happier spending none of the money on new and world class players and spend it on pay rises for himself and the team instead.

I sure hope I’m wrong though, I think that if he tries to go another summer without buying then even the diehard AKB’S will turn against him and like RVP he will end up being abused for evermore.

So if he decides to invest, then we should buy big, Higuain is the one for me, Suarez although a great player, is a DivingknobendedLlamafacedbucktoothflesheatingedtosser and I think he would be targeted by refs and fans alike.

We need a battering ram that knows where the goal is. We should offer Madrid Bendtner and £30mil for Gonzalo.

Or are we saying we only want a striker that was the same value as the one we sold to Manchester City 3 years ago?

It’s time that whomsoever really is Wenger’s boss told him it doesn’t matter what he thinks the player is worth, it’s what the market thinks the player is worth. We call that market forces. He should have learnt that when he took his economics degree.

What I find amusing is the people out there that think he is so smart because he won’t pay what the other managers do, but he pays 3 times the salaries to the average players in his squad that no one else in the world thinks they are worth it.

Cake and eat it that is. If Wenger paid the going rate for wages, then how comes we can never move players on? It’s always the same argument from other teams showing an interest in our players, ‘we can’t afford his wages’

And it’s well documented we even subsidise our loanees! Then when they fall from grace we are stuck with them for the remainder of their massive contracts.

So to re-cap, Wenger offered £22mil for a player Real Madrid want £35mil for, but we’ll pay an 18 year old £60k when ManU would only pay the same player £20k – Go figure, please don’t tell me our manager wants value for money

Anyway enough on that, we still have time to make a statement, if we don’t then expect the same this season. We play this Sunday at 2.45 against an Indonesian Dream team, I have to confess I’ve never seen or heard of an Indonesian player so seeing their dream team will be interesting!

I’ll be watching it with a bunch of Gooners including Pedro, at least football is coming back so the long boring non-footballing summer is almost at an end.

Have fun today Grovers, you never know what may happen!

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  1. WengerEagle

    Thanks kwik! Looks very promising from the video, pace, skill and flair-three things we are in dire need of.

    Gervinho comparison was a tad harsh though 😀

  2. Jeff


    Wenger only has one secret and he keeps it very well. The secret is that he’s got zero intention of buying anybody like Suarez, Higuain, Fellaini or Rooney. But he want us to believe he can.

  3. Kushagra

    Lurchlerouge introduced me to it. His advice was one episode a day but couldn’t resist & went to 3 episodes a day .Whoa! Got overwhelmed .Stunning ending though.
    This round to Mr Lecter next will be Graham as he has got nothing to lose or in the creator’s words hit rock bottom. Can’t wait..

  4. Kiyoshi Ito

    follow the moneyJuly 12, 2013 22:27:59
    Kiyoshi, wouldn’t it be beautiful irony if Wenger got kidnapped and the kidnappers demanded 50 million Euros as his release clause and Stan refused to pay “market value” haha
    LOL..The irony..& in the meantime..

    Gazidis & Mr Wankstein,resort to drinking each other’s urine to stay alive..

    Whilst Silent Stan,plays a game of poker with the abductors..Calling there bluff,folding & never really having any intention of paying the market rate..

    Silent Stan,probably thinking I can get the Dortmund Coach,for £5 million..

  5. Kiyoshi Ito

    JeffJuly 12, 2013 22:33:35
    Kiyo,Wenger only has one secret and he keeps it very well. The secret is that he’s got zero intention of buying anybody like Suarez, Higuain, Fellaini or Rooney. But he want us to believe he can.

    The man is devoid of any principles..

    The man has no moral compass…

    Incessant lying,being economical with the truth..Money grabbing mercenary..
    All springs to mind..How fans can continue to support,or even back such a twisted man beats me..

    I would say Mr Wankstein & Harry Redknapp have a lot of things in common!!

  6. Paddy got up

    Just seen there is a programme on E4 in a minute called ” secrets of the pickpockets” just wondering is Gazides and Wenger in it?

  7. WengerEagle

    Dortmund lose Gotze and buy Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan and Sokratis and are still looking for another attacker. Now that’s ambition

    I’m actually backing Dortmund to win the Bundesliga next season as I think Bayern will struggle to adapt to Guardiola’s formation this year. Boggles the mind really why he wants to radically change such a powerful team that dominated europe this season

  8. Kiyoshi Ito

    Paddy got upJuly 12, 2013 22:52:13
    Just seen there is a programme on E4 in a minute called ” secrets of the pickpockets” just wondering is Gazides and Wenger in it?

  9. Keyser

    Radio Raheem – Forgot about him, didn’t know he cost soo much either, read somewhere he was looking to leave the Ukraine as he didn’t feel safe anymore, to be honest not sure how good he is, but willing to say 24m for a Shakhtar player no-one has really spoken about on here.

    Considering they had Geotze last year and were crushed by the team they sold him to anyway.

  10. Jeff


    We’ll go blue in the face pointing out Wenger’s failures but he will be invited to sign a new contract that will probably give him more money and ever greater powers. If I’m honest, nothing short of a worldwide disaster can bring this regime to an end.

  11. Keyser

    Ramsey’s backpassage – How would you describe him ? As in player we would have been realistically linked with, haven’t really heard much about him.

  12. Jay20h

    When all this Higuain stuff came out, my Chelsea/spurs mates were getting worried and were well jealous!

    I said to them that it won’t happen, nothing of the sort will. It’s all about the bank balance and Wenger saying “oh we tried”

    Same bollocks every year.

  13. Reiss

    WengerEagle your right Dortmund lose Gotze and instead of sitting there and sulking they reinvest in there squad by signing two attackers and a defender now that is something we can learn from.

  14. Kiyoshi Ito

    JeffJuly 12, 2013 22:53:54

    They are basically a mafia..
    Extortion is their specialism..
    Just without the violence(ish)..
    They are not going anywhere, anytime soon as you mentioned..

    Even if the fans launched an uprising..
    They will still be there..

  15. HelpME

    I’m actually getting a bit concerned now boys, the last 5seasons
    I’ve believed we would buy properly in the summer, an this summer more than ever I Believed we would..

    But to find out this higuain deal looks dead? Wenger bidding penuts on players so come September he can say “we tried” you didn’t try wenger.. Pay the money and GET
    Fellini 23mill releas clause
    Fabregas 25mill buy back
    Why aren’t we snapping these guys up!?

    The bottom line is, we haven’t tied up a deal before our Indonesia tour, that to me shows ZERO urgency.. It’s a travesty
    Expect similar results regarding players brought in an goings out an similar results come champions league knock out stages

  16. Keyser

    Jeff – You ever been angry about something ? It’s a fleeting emtion, you lose interest after a while, or you tire yourself out, I can understand frustration, but what’s the point in that longterm, surely everytime you post you don’t just do it for a release ?

    Ian Wright’s carved himself a career in the media over a name he made playing for us, point was unless he can either identify ways we can adapt or bidge the gap, his utterances don’t mean much.

    There is a difference, it’s all about value because we can’t spend for the sake of it and we need to compete with teams who can.

    Cazorla cost 16 million, walked into the side and has been relatively consistent, we missed out on him the year before supposedly because Malaga were willing to outbid us and he wanted Villereal to be well compensated, but at 16m he’s been an excellant buy.

    Higurween is a step up in price, but could represent the same value, someone who has experience and is of a decent age who could justify his price. But this time we’d be negotiating at 20-25 million or more.

  17. Keyser

    “Dortmund lose Gotze and buy Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan and Sokratis and are still looking for another attacker. Now that’s ambition”

    I remember Aubameyang being mentioned on here, lol I think I can remember a few posts on Mikhtaryan, but Sokratis ?

  18. Keyser

    Kushagra – I don’t know how long Darcy will take to get himself out, but it’s a very good way to end the first series, was almost wary of watching thinking it’d follow the style of the films maybe, I haven’t read the books, but it opens up a lot o new avenues for them to explore.


  19. WengerEagle

    ‘I remember Aubameyang being mentioned on here, lol I think I can remember a few posts on Mikhtaryan, but Sokratis ?’

    Sokratis is a replacement for Santana and is a far better defender


    AW never verbally said he was going for any player we have been linked with because he never ever had any intentions of buying anyone you fools.

  21. Reiss

    I can’t believe Wenger his doing his usual “its about quality not numbers” routine what a joke I bet he signs max three players.

  22. Keyser

    ..and you think if those were our 3 buys people would be happy ? Not just that but enough for us to compete with the teams above us ?

  23. Keyser

    WengerEagle – They wouldn’t be talking about ambition.

    I honestly didn’t know they’d spent soo much on Mikhtaryan but he’s hardly been mentioned on here anyway so don’t have much of an idea of how good he is.

  24. Mental Strength


    ‘For years we were out of the race for the top-level transfers but we are coming back now because we are in a better financial situation and also because of Financial Fair Play. That will give everybody a bit more even ground.
    ‘We must also rely on the quality of our work, on the style of our play and the fact we develop our own players. We will only use financial resources to bring in one or two players who will give us something more.
    ‘We will see what we can do until the end of the transfer period and certainly before the new season starts. That’s what we are working on at the moment.
    ‘The fans, the players, everybody is reassured by big names. But what is important is that we don’t need numbers, we need quality. We are working very hard and I’m confident we will be able to do it.’

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  25. WengerEagle

    ‘..and you think if those were our 3 buys people would be happy ? Not just that but enough for us to compete with the teams above us ? ‘

    Mkhitaryan(Gotze replacement)- looks an excellent signing, can play anywhere along the front line or in CAM. Fast, exceptional dribbler, eye for a pass and an outrageous goal-scoring record for a midfielder.

    Sokratis(Santana replacement)-Far superior defender to Santana. Would have been a great signing for us to compete with Koscielny and Mert for a starting spot.

    Aubameyang-Added to the squad rather than replacing a departing team member.

    All in all Dortmund have done great business. That’s all I said. We quite obviously need a Striker whereas they have Lewandowski for another year. Not saying that we should have bought Aubameyang or Mkhitaryan, just saying they are good signings for Dortmund.

  26. Keyser

    At least now you’ve got something genuine to slaughter them for, think that says more than any of the media bollocks.

    If we are in for Hiarghwean then that’s a good sign.

  27. sam

    Yes Bermy,

    you can talk here all summer no one will believe you.
    Arsene wenger is not buying any striker this summer unless another free Sanogo comes up.
    Lets hope Perez drop the fee for Higuain to 10 millions or something then you will see him smiling like a cat that just got a milk.
    when he says no unless someone special comes up, he means someone cheap.


    Please people stop forming these dream teams you’re only yanking your third leg it’s embarrassing.

  29. Radio Raheem


    I thought the same. £24m for a relative unknown sounds much. Just like £34m for Fernandinho. I think I read a piece by Jonathan Wilson or someone else in the Guardian describing how good the Armenian is. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. £24m must be a record for Dortmund.

  30. WengerEagle

    It’s frustrating how close we are to competing with Europes Elite.

    3 world-class signings that would go straight into the first team-Striker,Winger,Holding midfielder, an experienced goalkeeper to turn szczhesny from a boy into a man-Cesar and then 1-2 squad players-Centre-back and fullback would have us competing for the BPL at the very least.

    It wouldn’t put us on Bayern’s, Barca’s or Real’s level obviously, but it would have us challenging them at the very least.

    Wenger will never bridge the gap unfortunately. We have been 3 players away from winning the league for years

  31. dialsquare

    Wenger: “Higuain was all media speculation, we did not talk to Madrid.”
    Wenger continued, ” We have a strong squad with great spirit and potential, we will surprise many people this season.”


    Hahahahahahahahahahaha we will be going into the new season with the same team,i cant wait to see this.

  33. WengerEagle

    ‘Lol so 7 players and 3 of those World Class signings..’

    Maths clearly wasn’t your specialty in school…

    5 new signings minimum are needed and yes 3 of them would need to be world-class to have us competing for the league. Not sure why that’s an outrageous thing to say

  34. Keyser

    – 3 world-class signings that would go straight into the first team-Striker,Winger,Holding midfielder

    – an experienced goalkeeper to turn szczhesny from a boy into a man-Cesar

    – and then 1-2 squad players-Centre-back / and fullback ?

    Think we’re both pretty shit to be fair. I just can’t think of many teams that have done that, at least not in one window, maybe you mean’t over a prolonged period.

    Then you’ve also got to keep others happy, while obviously introducing new players or getting rid of old ones.

  35. rollen

    Let’s face it having Giroud, Ramsey and Podolski in your starting line-up won’t have you anywhere near competing


    Who in AFC atm know how to win ?

  36. Relieable sauce

    Goner Joe July 13, 2013 00:14:53

    Arsenal without Wenger no thanks

    What will you do when he dies?

    If its something dramatic like throwing yourself off the Eiffel tower let us know.

  37. rollen

    Arsenal without Wenger no thanks
    Arsenal without some one called Samir not sure it’s world news

    if i was in power ppl like u would be castrated

  38. WengerEagle

    ‘ I just can’t think of many teams that have done that, at least not in one window, maybe you mean’t over a prolonged period.’

    Valid point but how many other teams sell their star players every season? That is the reason we find ourselves in this situation. If Van Persie hadn’t been sold we wouldn’t need a striker, if Nasri hadn’t been sold we wouldn’t need a winger,etc. It’s Wenger’s fault and the boards fault that we need to sign 3 world-class players to be competitive.

    If we get rid of Santos, Bedntner, Chamakh, Park, Gervinho that would easily raise 10-15 million and we could get Higuain, Fellaini/Gonalons/Capoue/Bender and a top-class winger.

    Cesar to help szczhesney mature and become a better keeper as he clearly has talent and then a back-up CB in Williams or Skrtel. We could probably manage on our current full-back options tbh in Gibbs, Monreal, Sagna and Jenkinson that’s a pretty decent set.

    5 players wouldn’t dramatically change the squad and they are desperately needed as we shift on the deadwood.

    Currently we only have 3 CB’s and Vermaelen is unreliable. So Williams is needed,

    We don’t have a single natural holding midfielder in the squad so one is needed.

    Giroud isn’t good enough to start up front. So a striker is needed.

    We only have two goalkeepers in Szczesny and Fabianski. So Cesar is needed.

    Podolski isn’t good enough to start for us. So a winger is needed.

  39. rollen

    Podolski isn’t good enough to start for us. So a winger is needed.

    Poldi can be deadly

    why any German manager can use him well and great AW cant?

  40. WengerEagle

    Podolski is not the player he was 3-4 years ago. His record for the National team has been abysmal in recent years with only 4 goals in his last 30 apps for Germany.

    Don’t get me wrong I really like Podolski and still think he’s a very good player to have in the squad, but to be frank he’s not good enough to start for a title challenging team.

    A big problem with Podolski is he dosen’t suit our formation at all. He is hugely ineffective as a lone striker and not creative enough to be a winger

  41. MarsBar

    The catch 22 was finishing as good as we did last season regardless how highly people rate it.

    He will go into this season as they proved there worth, we have great mental strength bullshit and the potential like he has in all his new article already.

    Blah blah blah. “Feel sorry for me and Arsenal we cannot compete with these clubs who have owners that spend money” cringeworthy.

    How many clubs are owned nowadays. Loads we just have one that chooses to have never wanted to dip in his fucking pocket.

  42. rollen

    left ST i 442 would be the best for him

    ofc he cant play lone ST in BPL

    i will judge him after second year

    ger national team >>>arsenal atm

  43. rollen

    Goner Joe

    lol there was no castration i CC

    i can respect any opinion but not lack of passion ambition and basic know how from ppl who run Arsenal and AW cultists like yourself

    random true gunner >AW for me

    meet many awesome btw

  44. Goner Joe

    What am I believe your first post or your second post on respecting opinions one mans ambition leads the likes of Leeds utd,Portsmouth and other such teams.
    Knowhow I look at how the club is run and I think their are things that could have been done but over all when we spend the money we where promised this summer things will improve.
    Also next year we will have even more money to spend maybe up to 100m with all the new deals.

  45. MarsBar

    Goner Joe July 13, 2013 00:14:53Arsenal without Wenger no thanks

    Hahahahahahaha. FFS. Are you serious?

  46. rollen

    GJ im standing by my statement about castration

    in 2076 we can have 4,7 B in cash and be top 4 and CL

    so FU

    Why AW like 4 so much?

    its $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ with shift

  47. Goner Joe

    For the you it might be just what the doctor ordered.
    But seek medical help first.
    Why so violent there are a lot of Arsenal fans who feel the same way as I do.

  48. TitsMcgee

    It’s pointless arguing with Keyser because he’s an apologist.

    He is more concerned that you have expectations rather than the problems.

    He wants people to quell their expectations so that the criticisms at the end of the summer are lessened.

    In other words if their are no expectations their will be no disappointments.

    In other words blame yourself for having expectations not the management for not improving the team.

  49. sam


    I just read it as well
    He said spending had hurt the game of football but he doesn’t mind a huge salary for himself.
    what a hypocrite?

  50. TitsMcgee

    He’s a hypocritical idealist.

    Maybe that’s why he tries to do everything himself?

    So he can justify his ridiculous salary.

    Football is about winning. Not trying to make millionaires out of french teenagers.

  51. OhtobeaGooner


    Hypocrite doesn’t do Wenger justice anymore… he’s just a monster now living in his own warped World.

    My favourite part is “Football has become a little bit about who buys the next star and not anymore about the QUALITY OF A GUY WHO DEVELOPS PEOPLE INSIDE THE CLUB, quality of play,…”

    Clearly referencing himself there. Football has not become about who buys the next star… its always been about who WINS! Buying stars help you win…

  52. Keyser

    “He wants people to quell their expectations so that the criticisms at the end of the summer are lessened. ”

    No, so you don’t self-harm, I’m worried about you.

    Ok, ok, even if you overlook the Tottenham stupidity, you spend all season saying they can’t be trusted, it’s just like the year before, the year before, the year before, then all of a sudden we’re linked with Higuaveen and you not only think it’s a done deal but are optimistic Rooney and Fellaini can be wangled aswell.

    I mean are those realistic expectations ? There’s only one real answer to that, and you don’t seem to be close to it.

  53. MarsBar


    I read any transcript or here him talk and it makes me shudder. People actually listen to the spiel that comes out of his mouth.

    And all this talk “next year we will have even more money with the deals coming”

    Who cares how much money we will or could have. What good is it if it just sits there gaining interest to do fuck all with it.

    The guy is a loon and has lost it, he always talks about the same boring economical crap in all his interviews. If times are so hard Wenger take a fucking pay cut you hypocrite.

  54. sam

    TitsMcGee said : Football is about winning. Not trying to make millionaires out of french teenagers.

    Spot on!

    why would Kondogbia want to snub real madrid to join us
    We pay top dollars to teenagers

  55. MarsBar

    Spot on Tits.

    The guy is a loon. I knew as soon as he would have a press conference he would irritate me with the shit he says, he always try’s being so philosophical… Bore off.

  56. Keyser

    Lol there’s an example, well don’t listen then.

    If there’s anything interesting it’ll say it in the title on newsnow.

    Whereas Professor Tit there would say irritate yourself silly and self harm.

  57. MarsBar

    Keyser it’s the same for you when you talk.

    Always have something to say against what anyone else says.

    You’ve got more excuses than Wenger himself. Give it a rest.

  58. Keyser

    It’s kind of the point of the comments section you plum, or do you just want people to agree.

    Marsbar – Wenger’s a cunt.

    TitsmcGee – Yeah, spot on, high five, up top.. Love you.

  59. sam


    Why even watch Wenger talking, you know he’s gonna slag off other clubs for spending and send indirect message about his intention to refuse to spend. he will blame the transfer market and play safe with cheap signings.

    same old boring talk

  60. Moray

    I hope Wenger is like a new signing!

    If he re-signs his contract before we sign at least one first-team player this site will erupt, and rightly so.

    It’s not looking good for these marquee signings, but then who really believed that after all these summers of disappointment? He’s unlikely to break his transfer record once, never mind twice or thrice. Another year of underperformance with an incomplete squad awaits… only this time we will have to accept we are stuck with Wenger for another 2 years at least!

  61. sam

    We already signed Sanogo now trying to figure out who’s cheaper between kondogbia and cheikhou kouyate. then we will have ze big squad enough to reach champions league group stage.

  62. Jeff

    We should not be surprised by Wenger’s latest comments. He resents anybody buying expensive players because it goes against his philosophy. I have not heard any other manager talk in the same way. After all these years of billionaires and sugar daddies, he still cannot accept the reality that they are here to stay and the PL will have more of them and not less; FFP or no FFP.

    Being “linked” with high-end players flatters Wenger but refusing to buy them brings an even greater satisfaction still. He is leading a one man crusade against the world and we are going to have to learn to take more battering under him because other clubs and managers will simply brush us aside as we become less and less relevant.

  63. Evan

    How can he honestly look in the mirror and actually think that he is doing a good job worth 7.5 million and likely get another 1-2 million thrown on top?
    He obviously compares current resources and says why would u spend 20m plus on fellaini when I signed Santi for mucb less and he better and soon one of my kids will be just as good

  64. sam

    Who’s hurting football more than arsene wenger?
    He made at least a dozen of players unemployable because of astronomical salaries and lack of playing time destroyed their international careers. Gervinho’s next if he refuses to take paycut to move back to france.
    Well he knows how to pick them greedy lazy b*tards, someone who loves football will move on, they won’t accept sitting on their a$$es doing nothing and they will want to play the game they love.

  65. goona


    totally agree, we would all love the chance to play football for a living, let alone that sort of money. Wenger clearly HAS LOST THE PLOT. He damaged the clubs reputation, he talks total shit. How can he say we are going to compete when we have no new players, we could’nt compete last year and now all other teams have got stronger.

  66. Moray

    Good point, Sam. Wenger’s doing nothing for the careers of these guys.

    Park was cast into the wilderness by Wenger pretty much from the moment he was signed, Arshavin’s career lasted one year under Wenger… Denilson and Santos were never good enough despite being overplayed in the case of the former and have been ostracised, and Gervinho will be next.

    God knows what he’s promising these players when he brings them in, only to realise they ain’t good enough and then cast away. And overpaying them not only means we are stuck with them but it also gives them no incentive to seek games or even to train to be better. Awful man management!

  67. Moray

    If Wenger is offered a new contract, it should be based on a rising scale incentivised by success.

    4th place should be the bare minimum, where he receives 2m per year. 10m is fair is he wins the Prem or the CL. And NO player sale payments, just in case that had been a factor previously.

    I very much doubt, however, our BoD would have the balls to propose something like this

  68. Moray

    Higuain expressed his desire to leave the capital at the end of last season feeling undervalued under then-manager Jose Mourinho.
    But it now seems that he could be in new boss Carlo Ancelotti’s plans, especially as no bid has come in for the player from Arsenal or anyone else.
    ‘We don’t want him to go. Furthermore, no one from Arsenal has been here to make any type of offer, not for €27million, or anything,’ Perez told the Spanish media.

    Looks like Higuan is off the radar, if indeed he was ever on it.

  69. El Tel

    Moan moan fucking moan. Bitch bitch bitch.

    What is this fucking site coming too? There used to be great comments from intelligent posters on here. There was fantastic debate and although difference of opinion ere was respect.

    Over the past couple of years it has become a playground for schoolboy bullies.

    Get behind the fucking team Guys.

    Wenger might not be the best but He sure isn’t as bad as most of you are saying.

    I wanted Him gone around 2009 as I thought He lost his way and I still feel the same way today, however there are not many Managers any better than Wenger and with some stability we might surprise people this year.

    Now Lord fucking piss head has retired I can imagine Wenger getting a better deal from the media.

    So the marquee players have not been signed yet. They have not been signed by anybody so there is still hope and for me the longer it goes on the more chance that it is Arsenal who will sign them.

    Be patient dear children.

  70. Evan

    Someone should ask Higs father for an update, im sure if Arsenal have jacked him around that guy woild talk to the press like Szczesny dad, who has just been arrested for suspected rape

  71. Moray

    El Tel,

    It’s the summer. Nothing really solid to talk about except transfer rumour and conjecture.

    “They have not been signed by anybody so there is still hope and for me the longer it goes on the more chance that it is Arsenal who will sign them.”

    This I do not agree with: it has not proved the case in the past that we we buy our better players laster in the window, rather that they go to other , more “successful” clubs.

  72. Jeff


    Success is relative. According to the board, Wenger has been a runaway success and they would like nothing better than to have him sign another contract. For fans like you and me, success has a totally different meaning – measured in titles and trophies. Therein lies the difference. So long as that loser mentality remains at the club, we will suffer.

    Can anyone imagine how finishing third or fourth for so long would go down at other clubs that are used to winning things – your Barcelonas, Madrids, Man Us, Bayerns and Chelseas? Why even one year of winning nothing is deemed to be a complete disaster let alone eight.

    We were once used to winning things so it’s not like we’ve never won anything before and so we should not expect it. But we’ve gone from that to this. How anyone can justify it is quite frankly beyond me. There is no justification other than the collective wanton dereliction of duty and total capitulation. The board and management have all but conceded defeat in the game of football and have instead decided to just stay afloat and make a business out of it. That’s the reality. Football has been sucked out of AFC. All these excuses of FFP, new stadium etc. are just sound bites designed to cover the obvious failure to win anything for so long.

    Here we are in yet another window and the pattern is exactly the same. You can see how we are going round and round in a circle and yet the majority will not lift their heads up and see what is going on and not only that they will even fight you and call you a heretic for questioning or criticising Wenger. How many more years of this will it take for people to realise that this management structure and its lunatic policies are killing the club?

  73. Geoff

    Ha, ha El Tel, moan, moan, moan about Grover’s having a bitch, same old same old!

    Everyone who works for Wenger is as happy as you. Perhaps their wage packets reflect it!

  74. useroz


    Still can’t wait to say wenger is utterly shameless talking the shit in Indonesia.

    Sack him and El Tel, we’d have many options of great managers paying 7, 8 m a year!!

  75. pistolpete

    Well so far with all the paper talk about player we are buying. Remember we are middle of july and wenger has not made an actual bid for anyone. God help us.