Cesc now has a £25m release clause | Would you take Flamini back? | Suarez for £37m… hmmm

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It’s like a transfer hand grenade has gone off in the press and now we’re linked to everyone.

Hey, if no one reads my post today, at least I know the CIA will pick up on it!

So what have we on the plate of excitement this morning? Well, we have Flamini who is a free agent after a fruitless time in Milan. He’s 29 years old and currently parading himself around Europe’s top clubs in an ill fitting crop top desperately trying to attract some attention. I know people have this auto-hate function when someone leaves us, but I’d have him back. On a free, that’d work perfectly. I mean come on, given the choice over Gareth Barry, surely you’d take the player 3 years the junior? Remember, we’re looking at building a squad, we know he can play in the league and we know he can play Arsene football.

Hi Arsene, the names Matty, Matty Flamini... sign me

Arguably, he was part of the best midfield post Highbury. Rosicky, Cesc, Flamini and Hleb… boy did those guys know the short passing game… you only appreciate great midfield quartets once they’re gone.

Give me a minute…








It’s not a tear, I’ve just got something in my eye…






… back in the game.

Talking of Cesc, the Mail have dropped the bomb shell that Cesc has a £25m buyout clause if it’s Arsenal doing the buying. Now, I don’t know whether this is fresh news or the Mail trying to maintain their position as the most clicked website in the universe. Either way, I’m talking about it because I still think there’s an outside chance he could land himself a move to Arsenal this summer. I know with Thiago potentially agreeing a move to PSG, that seems unlikely, but I’m going to keep banging the drum of hope until someone listens. I think if Cesc tells Barca he wants out, they’ll let him go. I don’t think they rate him as highly as Arsenal do… clearly. Still, let’s watch the summer pan out… my hope of us getting things done early seem to ebbing away more and more each day. Which is obviously a huge worry… but as long as we maintain the same vigour we’ve shown so far, I’m sure we’ll end the summer on a high note.

The Suarez deal has kicked up a level, obviously Goal.com are straight in saying we’ve gone to €40m… amazing how the talks have been going on for a month, now it’s dropped they’re straight on it like they handed the exclusive. I have my doubts over us going mega high. We’re not going to push that deal through quickly unless it’s closer to €30m. Especially as we’re buying a product we can’t touch until October. Still, very exciting we’re in for a player I’d said we should be pushing for earlier in the season. I know he’s a nutter, but Paddy V wasn’t exactly Theo Walcott. I think we forget that Liverpool are a terribly average side these days… players have stopped caring about what they once were… you need Champions League football to matter these days.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with The Hig… if we go for two expensive strikers, that would rule us out of a Fellaini.

The Nik B saga is over as he moves over to Germany, not Spain. I know I labour this point, but I’m sure Malaga offered him more cash… but what’s more important, 1 year of salary, then uncertain… Or 4 years guaranteed? I did read La Liga are moving to collective TV rights next time around to save the league. Sadly, the damage is done in the short term. It’ll take a while for those smaller clubs to return to profit… only the can the league start to compete.

Good times for the Premier League… we were irresponsible, we were unsustained and we spent like there was no tomorrow… but importantly, we shared the glory in the grotesque circus were put on.

That’s a sweet story right there… brings a money drenched tear to my eye.

Final snippet of the day is around the ‘Arsene dithering’ story. The slow deals don’t have anything to do with dithering, more to do with the fact we’re going after players their clubs don’t want to sell. The bigger question for me is why we’re not tying up deals for squad players. I’m guessing the club are prioritising a striker… I hope Arsene knows one player isn’t the difference between 4th and 1st.

Anyway, more from Geoff tomorrow. Keep it real people, and don’t shed any tears… those players just aren’t worth it.

P.S. I’ll get the mailing list sorted later. I lost my wallet the other day. All my cards. Massive ball ache. It’s cancelled all my stuff.

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  1. GoonerDave

    Wasn’t saying Gerv was a crucial member of the squad or anything. I just feel that he has loads of talent but his end product lets him down.
    In my opinion, he is of more use to our squad than others that are still on our books.
    Id rather see Chamakh on the way out than Gerv.

  2. Reiss

    Yeah I wonder were and what Gazidis and Law are up to now they would know Wenger’s targets so surely that should be what there focus is on.

  3. Rohan

    Why would Gazidis go on the Asian tour. No way he’s gone. In this day and age, it’s hardly a big deal Arsene isn’t in Europe.

  4. Dan Ahern

    Rohan – Kondogbia is pretty intriguing. I haven’t watched him but it seems like a couple big guns are interested.

    Then again, the last French player we bought off Sevilla didn’t work out so well…

  5. unhappy gunner

    @Gooner Dave
    Agreed shitmakh is shit. But as Inter your gran said, gervinho is just not good enough for a team of our stature. Not even to be on the bench. Be truthful, whenever he was used as a sub and came on did it ever fill you with hope? You know what I mean. We are chasing a game and we put him on. In all honesty did you ever think he could make a difference because I for one didnt.

  6. GoonerDave

    You are an excellent troll.
    I wish Podolski had your workrate.
    Total dedication to your task. Well done.

  7. Jim Lahey

    One of the ITK’s on twitter has decided that we have triggered Cesc’s 25m release clause today (Funny that on the day I first hear of such a release clause that Arsenal would trigger it) , and that its now up to him wether he comes home or not….

    Can this window hurry up and be over!!

  8. unhappy gunner

    @Dial square
    Your gettibg a bit boring now mate so this will be my last reply to you. As much as we Arsenal fans hate cole, over the last 5 or so years he has proved to be one of the best left backs in the world. So good in fact that Ronaldo has never ever got the better of him and he’s not to shabby a player now is he.

  9. Phallusaurus

    @ Reiss

    Well if their not in Asia then they’re probably larking around Wengers office in some kind of Pink Panther tribute piss take….. “It iz a bouumb”.
    Not sure which would play Cato though, the pair of cunts!

  10. Bob N7

    Unhappy gunner – I feel your pain with regards subs. It seems to me an obvious judge of the quality of our team, the quality of our subs. Ideally we have a mixture of promising subs…next season, Miyachi(maybe), Gnabry(possibly) and a top quality attacking player or two. Giroud could be a good plan B. Clearly we need to sign 3/4 top quality players and we could be well set.

  11. GoonerDave

    I understand the point, and never said he was/would be a world beater.
    But he does get himself into shooting positions with remarkable ease, only to make a mess of the finish.
    We are paying players more who don’t even feature for us-at least Gerv has a function.
    But agree that he probably wont ever be good enough for us now.

  12. MadeToLoveMagic

    Wo was it who said weeks ago that the cesc deal had been done? John cross?.

    Well now the rumour is coming back,

    Pedro and Geoff both are acing like they are not telling us something.

    Think about it.

    Geoff hasn’t written a post in months, we have signed nobody. YET, his posts have been super positive. Hmmmmm, not like the Geoff we know

    Something is going down gooners,

  13. GoonerDave

    That’s right dial.
    You are of course right, and are not a troll, but also a troll at the same time.
    You now deserve further congratulations for being the first man to apply quantum physics to a human body, and have managed to be something and not be something, all at the same time.
    You have my vote for the Nobel prize mate.
    Well done.

  14. Phallusaurus

    Somethings going down alright MTLM, why else would Wenger go to the land where young boys are legal?

  15. MadeToLoveMagic

    You know the lg comment Section sometimes reminds me of a room full of people fucked on cocaine, everyone thinks they have a point to make , nobody listens to anyone else, and everyone acts like a bunch of see you next Tuesday’s

  16. Cesc Appeal

    I truly believe Wenger is going to wait and see with the Asia tour and the first couple of games of the season to see how the squad performs.

    Don’t expect anything big, aside from another few panic bargains if the team isn’t playing how he ‘knew’ it would.

    We want a CDM – he’ll say Ramsey will fill that job this year.

    We want a ST – he’ll Giroud will be in his second season now and Podolski is fully fit as well as Sanogo arriving.

    We want a CB – he’ll say we have Miquel and other youngsters to promote.

  17. Reiss

    This always happens for the last few seasons nothing goes so we think something is going on when in actual fact nothing goes on.

  18. Inter YourGran

    MTLM – I also wish some of the old school regulars returned but some have turned coming on here a chore, it’s got worse as we have on the pitch.

    Regardless, I’m still here because Pedro and Geoff (part timer) put a lot in and as they monitor the site less the comments section sometimes is a joke.

    Still, there are still a few who turn out now and again, they’re always a laugh with the bants and debate.

    It’ll get better once the seasons underway, unfortunately people come here just to vent, if you ignore the hypberol you’ll live, hard I admit.

  19. unhappy gunner

    @6th is a new trophy
    Their manager laudrup looks good. I know his record in spain didn’t set the world alight but I think he is a far better manager than martinez who the media love. So much so that I reckon everton will be in a relegation dog battle from the off next season.

  20. BacaryisGod

    Last year I was overweight so I put together a 2 part plan. First, lose the excess weight and start slowly getting in shape. Second, start to add some muscle and become a lean and mean machine. Unfortunately, although I did the first part and couldn’t find the will to go the extra mile in the gym to add the muscle. As a result I’m definitely lighter but no stronger.

    Arsenal have the same plan. We lost the excess weight (Squillaci, Denilson etc) and have very slowly started getting in shape (contract extensions for British core, Yaya long-term signing). Arsenal’s plan now is to add serious metaphorical muscle with players like Fellaini, Higuain, Suaraz etc.

    The real question is does Arsene and Ivan have the willpower to go all the way on this fitness plan or like me will they lack the willpower to finish the job properly? I fear the latter….

  21. sam

    Dan ahern,

    Leave kondogbia alone,
    Just because he’s a tall french people will try to compare him with vieira.
    he’s not. pogba is mile ahead of him. obviously he’s still young and will get better.
    we have enough young players already

  22. sam

    after trimming this squad the new players we need are leaders on the pitch
    Thats why i am not too sure about Higuain. The fact that he settled for second best behind Benzema for too long i am not sure he’ll make a difference here.

  23. sam

    Usmanov should go to white hart lane with a bag of rubbles for Bale and Vertonghen.
    That will make a strong statement that we mean business

  24. sam

    Guys please
    Dialsquirrel is just a teaser, just go with the flow or simply ignore him.
    he knows what to say to wind people up

  25. Rohan

    Benzema’s a fat lazy cunt. If he applied himself, he’d have been the best striker in the world.

    Is Nasri going to be still at City next season warming the bench? What a sorry career he’s going to have. Progressing well at Arsenal, improving all the time, one of the best players in the league and now he’s barely a footnote. If he wasn’t such a massive cunt, I’d feel for him.

  26. Dan Ahern

    MadeToLoveMagic — Oh, don’t worry, I assure you that was the real Geoff. The lack of any periods in his paragraphs is the giveaway.

  27. sam

    the squad is full of timid players mixed with youngsters,
    fellaini ticks all the boxes, and gareth bale.

    I am only dreaming

  28. rewenger

    What we need most is a player who can make the transition from defense to attack fast. Arteta and Ramsey is too slow. Jack may do this but I dont think its wise pinning all our hopes at him. Fellaini would not help, also slow..

  29. sam


    Forget Nasri, wenger is fast tracking similar cunt for first team we could see him as soon as december in the first team. the brazilian pizza boy wellington.
    campbell is also around but might go back to spain, betis wants him back but want to pay 400k this time instead of 800k for the loan deal.

  30. sam

    In my opinion wellington should go to crystal palace to replace zaha. Betis looked after campbell well and wenger shouldn’t be greedy as things might not work out if he send him to another club.

  31. rewenger

    I was trying to use my imagination to say something about wllington and campbell.. Nope, not excited. If we have nothing else to discuss but them, well good night. Hopefully something to discuss tomorrow other than two mediocre youngsters.

  32. goonerbone

    Pedro, Ivan really took you for a ride in that meeting back in spring. Guess you got your new season ticket and your new away kit, but you will get your same loose managed club, even including or favorite, nic b! It’s pathetic

  33. Kiyoshi Ito

    You would think guys on here belong to a special school..

    I’m sorry but football fans,compared to rugby union fans,tennis fans,swimming fans,etc,etc..Are a bunch of

    & Tim Payton is the worst of them,along with NM&Keyser..

    The mind truly boggles…

    Idiots being taken for a rollercoaster ride..

    Shakes one’s head in complete disbelieve..

  34. Oms

    Sorry Pedro, I have to disagree…. Arsenal r dithering. What happened to QPR goalie? He is on the transfer list for Christ sake!!!!

  35. sam

    Sorry its my fault
    I supposed to go along with the fantasy , like we are paying barca 25 millions for Cesc and giving him back captaincy and number 4 shirt.
    another 23millions to madrid for their castoff to win us the league.
    they don’t wanna know whats really going on at the club, if you tell them they call you names they think you support wenger.

  36. gnarleygeorge9


    Brown rum & ginger beer squeeze of lime in glass full of ice. Necter 😛


    I thought you think cricket is a girls game. Your bowlers looked more like squirrels than lions yesterday 😆

  37. Rhys Jaggar

    ‘samJuly 11, 2013 22:30:58
    Usmanov should go to white hart lane with a bag of rubbles for Bale and Vertonghen.
    That will make a strong statement that we mean business’

    I think he needs to take a Kalashnikow, stick it up Alan Sugar’s arse and then tell his beloved gum that unless Sugar tells Levy to sell him Bale and Vertonghen pronto, then he’s fired………

  38. londongunner


    “I still believe that, even if we are in a stronger financial position, all our values still have to be the same.
    “We must rely on the quality of our work, on the style of our play and the fact we develop our own players. We will only use financial resources to bring in ONE or two players who will give us something more.
    “It’s very important that we keep to our strengths and what managed to get us through this period.”

    straight from wengers mouth! expect one signing this transfer window

  39. londongunner

    I hate spurs with a passion but I can honestly see them overtaking us next season, they have Bale, they have got paulino and before you go paulino shit, his not his a very decent player not world class no not at all but the fact is they were only 1 point behind us.