Cesc now has a £25m release clause | Would you take Flamini back? | Suarez for £37m… hmmm

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It’s like a transfer hand grenade has gone off in the press and now we’re linked to everyone.

Hey, if no one reads my post today, at least I know the CIA will pick up on it!

So what have we on the plate of excitement this morning? Well, we have Flamini who is a free agent after a fruitless time in Milan. He’s 29 years old and currently parading himself around Europe’s top clubs in an ill fitting crop top desperately trying to attract some attention. I know people have this auto-hate function when someone leaves us, but I’d have him back. On a free, that’d work perfectly. I mean come on, given the choice over Gareth Barry, surely you’d take the player 3 years the junior? Remember, we’re looking at building a squad, we know he can play in the league and we know he can play Arsene football.

Hi Arsene, the names Matty, Matty Flamini... sign me

Arguably, he was part of the best midfield post Highbury. Rosicky, Cesc, Flamini and Hleb… boy did those guys know the short passing game… you only appreciate great midfield quartets once they’re gone.

Give me a minute…








It’s not a tear, I’ve just got something in my eye…






… back in the game.

Talking of Cesc, the Mail have dropped the bomb shell that Cesc has a £25m buyout clause if it’s Arsenal doing the buying. Now, I don’t know whether this is fresh news or the Mail trying to maintain their position as the most clicked website in the universe. Either way, I’m talking about it because I still think there’s an outside chance he could land himself a move to Arsenal this summer. I know with Thiago potentially agreeing a move to PSG, that seems unlikely, but I’m going to keep banging the drum of hope until someone listens. I think if Cesc tells Barca he wants out, they’ll let him go. I don’t think they rate him as highly as Arsenal do… clearly. Still, let’s watch the summer pan out… my hope of us getting things done early seem to ebbing away more and more each day. Which is obviously a huge worry… but as long as we maintain the same vigour we’ve shown so far, I’m sure we’ll end the summer on a high note.

The Suarez deal has kicked up a level, obviously Goal.com are straight in saying we’ve gone to €40m… amazing how the talks have been going on for a month, now it’s dropped they’re straight on it like they handed the exclusive. I have my doubts over us going mega high. We’re not going to push that deal through quickly unless it’s closer to €30m. Especially as we’re buying a product we can’t touch until October. Still, very exciting we’re in for a player I’d said we should be pushing for earlier in the season. I know he’s a nutter, but Paddy V wasn’t exactly Theo Walcott. I think we forget that Liverpool are a terribly average side these days… players have stopped caring about what they once were… you need Champions League football to matter these days.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with The Hig… if we go for two expensive strikers, that would rule us out of a Fellaini.

The Nik B saga is over as he moves over to Germany, not Spain. I know I labour this point, but I’m sure Malaga offered him more cash… but what’s more important, 1 year of salary, then uncertain… Or 4 years guaranteed? I did read La Liga are moving to collective TV rights next time around to save the league. Sadly, the damage is done in the short term. It’ll take a while for those smaller clubs to return to profit… only the can the league start to compete.

Good times for the Premier League… we were irresponsible, we were unsustained and we spent like there was no tomorrow… but importantly, we shared the glory in the grotesque circus were put on.

That’s a sweet story right there… brings a money drenched tear to my eye.

Final snippet of the day is around the ‘Arsene dithering’ story. The slow deals don’t have anything to do with dithering, more to do with the fact we’re going after players their clubs don’t want to sell. The bigger question for me is why we’re not tying up deals for squad players. I’m guessing the club are prioritising a striker… I hope Arsene knows one player isn’t the difference between 4th and 1st.

Anyway, more from Geoff tomorrow. Keep it real people, and don’t shed any tears… those players just aren’t worth it.

P.S. I’ll get the mailing list sorted later. I lost my wallet the other day. All my cards. Massive ball ache. It’s cancelled all my stuff.

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  1. Jeff


    Usmanov will wait a long time before it gets bad enough for them to sell to the highest bidder. Even if we drop out of CL, there will be just enough money spent the following season to take us back into it again. The waiting game is simply not going to work. Usmanov may be a good business man but it isn’t what’s required at the moment.

    We need someone with a burning desire and passion for the club in order to commit a small percentage of his wealth to sorting this problem out. Answer me this: If you as a fan were to suddenly come into say £10bn, wouldn’t you invest £2bn of it knowing that probably half of it would simply be a premium for getting rid of this lot? That’s the sort of man that is required. This club needs rescuing and freeing from a malignant cancer; sitting and talking to the media every now and again isn’t going to do it.

  2. Bergkamp63


    I don’t even think we need to spend a fortune that we haven’t got to put things right at Arsenal.

    We just waste so much and have a stupidly large number of players at the club that are never good enough for the first team.

    Someone like him would not allow this to happen IMO.

  3. Ash79

    why wouldnt Chelsea or City make a bid for Suarez? He was linked with CIty heavily in the last window.

    We could end up with no new striker….oh wait…. Sanogo.

  4. Goona4life

    What has Flamini done since he left Arsenal? No Pedro, we dont want him back, we might need him back but nah F**k him. I think AAAARSSSene is living in the past. Flamini, now 29 and out of favour in Italy is like Hmmm I have an idea! all these clowns at Arsenal getting paid big bucks I want in! Naw F**k Flamini. And while am at it, F**K Fabregas too!! There are more creative midfielders in the world to be begging this dude to come back. Arsenal stand tall!! We are better than that F**k Fabregas!

  5. Dannyboy

    What do people make of all this bollocks about Cesc?

    I can’t get my head around it all. Make no mistake though, if we signed him and Higuain, I’d book the first flight back to England so I could come and comb Wengers French garlic balls for him.

  6. Jeff


    A large portion of the money would be spent on buying out Kroenke. The rest of it will be spent of overhauling the team. Of course I agree that very large numbers don’t have to be spent immediately since we have an “OK” team to begin with but there is something even more seriously wrong at the club than just mediocre players.

    The man at the helm has a philosophy which is stifling the life out of AFC. The board and owner couldn’t care less because the just look at the bottom line. The only people who truly care are the fans and if Usmanov was half as avid a fan as some of the people on this blog he would do something now and not wait till we fall even further.

    The point I’m making therefore is that Usmanov (as you rightly point out) is a businessman first and foremost. He’s not going to waste money on buying Kroenke out at 2k+ per share; so we’re stuck.

  7. TitsMcgee

    Pretty clear that nothing is going to transpire until the touring is over.

    Since nobody other than Wenger handles transfers.

    SHaping up to be exactly the way everyone who isn’t an AKB predicted.

  8. Jim Lahey

    Just saw the team they are sending to Asia… I’m afraid there isn’t one name there that I would be willing to pay to see play.. Maybe Wilshere, but the rest …

    Names like Fellaini, Higuain and Cesc (and add Santi), I would gladly pay to see those players any day of the week!

    Is Gervinho feeling sickly? Poor fella.. Any chance Chamakh, Park, Bendtner and Santos have caught the same bug??

  9. GoonerDave

    Isnt it a bit late to wish for Usmanov now? We have endured the selling of our best players, the lack of investment etc. for the new stadium.
    Now with the new sponsorship deals, our debt is very manageable.
    Usmanovs money would have come in handy some years ago, but now we don’t need him at all.
    The money is there this time – Wenger/Gazidis/Law etc. must now prove to the fans that their words were not empty rhetoric, otherwise there will be hell to pay.

    Flamini? Id have him back no problem – if anything, we messed him about a bit!

  10. londongunner

    bendtner is such a spoilt cunt who has no self respect, his like an ex girlfriend youve broken up with, youve told her shes not wanted yet she wont leave and she expects to live of your income! fuck of bendtner ya shite cunt eater!

  11. Ryan

    I still have a small bit of hope BUT.. I can see/hear it now. “We have enough strikers Walcott Gervinho Plodoski and Giroud”…

  12. londongunner

    we are offloading deadwood on one hand, on the other hand we aren’t buying players? i am no fan of wenger but i must admitt he must have something planned even for that crazed ego maniac it doesnt make sense clearing out your squad/reserves and youth team to not replace them

    the only thing I worry about is, will he go cheap? or will he go quality I have my doubts I can see the next generation of deadwood being lined up

  13. londongunner

    insider info mates with some rich dude from madrid, his fathers like pretty much owns the city

    real madrid stalling on transfers,as normally they just get business done,perez wants suarez because of his talent, but ancelotti doesnt want him as he fears having a nightmare/liability/insubordinate player on his hands and sees higuain as the safer option, perez wants galatico ancelloti doesnt give a shit about that just wants team players and has a good relationship with higuain….apparently ancelloti is winning so far… so unless perez puts his foot down higuain will stay

  14. Rohan

    Thiago to Bayern isn’t confirmed. jeez

    Honestly can’t see it happen. He would mess up the balance Bayern have in their central midfield.

  15. TitsMcgee

    There is time left but I can very easily see us half way through August saying the exact same things we are now.

    “There are two whole weeks before the window closes”

    “We never wanted Higuain anyway. He wasn’t EPL tested”….

    “We have Sanogo”

  16. TitsMcgee

    I don’t see the logic of Thiago going to Bayern. It’ll be just as hard to break into their setup in the MF.

    At least at Barca there are a few aging players.

    It’ll be a risky move for him.

    ALso if he does go say good bye to Cesc as Barca will certainly retain one of them.

  17. londongunner

    the thing is then higuain looks like he will stay, we could get suarez but it depends on A how desperate Liverpool are to keep him, if they wont lose him at any costs we would have to cough up 40 mills wenger will never do that

    I may be wrong but i wager no higuain or suarez.. im guessing then when we run out of options and are rebuffed we will 1 settle on a lesser known cheaper striker 2 well known average striker (by world class standards) or 3 will claim we have enough strikers with walcott pod bla bla

    as for midfield the reason we haven’t signed fellani or anyone else is because wenger has made up his mind on how much he wants to spend its the 19 mill-to 22 mill region he would loath to spend more on a dm, hence the bids for felliani and bender around the ranger, wenger would spend more on cesc e..g. 25 mill but his playing the waiting game on that trying to see if it can happen but at the risk of losing out on our other targets, Im calling this one now we wont get cesc and we will probably lose out on felliani so we will buy a cheaper less known 2nd tier player average player, gonalons capoue ect

  18. TitsMcgee

    Apparently Wenger has gone cold on the idea of signing Wayne Rooney because of wage demands;

    THere is going to be an excuse for every potential signing come deadline day.

    Ironic this is we could easily afford even Rooney if we didn’t have a manager who had so much power at one club.

  19. Rohan

    Still think Higuain is ours. Suarez is a smokescreen.

    Anyone here seen Kondogbia, and not on youtube? He looks like a proper talent. Don’t know if he’s too young to come into first 11 though. I’d probably take him though.

  20. Samir


    “I think I am a defensive midfielder,” Fellaini told the Daily Mirror.

    “I prefer defensive midfielder because I know my job when I play there. More things are in front of you”
    Marouane Fellaini

    “But the manager thinks I can play number 10, number eight, number six, so I play wherever he wants and I give my maximum.

    “I prefer defensive midfielder because I know my job when I play there. More things are in front of you. It is difficult to play with your back to goal. It is not my position but the manager likes me there and I am happy to do it.

    “I don’t have a goal target. Now I have more chances to score because I play in front but scoring is not my obsession.”

  21. Arsenal 1886-2006

    People are surprised that Bayern have allegedly signed Thiago, it is about assembling a world class squad and not just a first XI. They are the European champions and as such they are doing what it takes to maintain that position.
    That is what big clubs do.

  22. salparadisenyc

    Pep was always going to get Thiago if he wanted him.
    Think we missed a trick with him but Wenger and his beloved Arsenal are not Pep and the European Champions.

    Agree with Herve, well end up with Benteke, midfielder we know little about and Williams to cover Verm.

  23. Reiss

    I’m glad Wanyama signed for Southampton and not us but at least you can see the ambition from Southampton and Rooney flying back to the UK something smells fishy.

  24. GoonerDave

    London gunner
    Nobody knows the reasons why players haven’t moved yet. I doubt Wenger is in with the negotiating team giving coded hand signals while a deal is taking place!

    Its understandable that everyones patience is wearing thin, but if we actually have proper money to spend, then we must wait if necessary to get who we want, otherwise we end up with even more expensive deadwood.
    Fellaini, Rooney, Higuain, Williams etc. have not gone anywhere yet. In fact, apart from the oil clubs, not much has happened in the PL apart from a few middle of the road signings here and there.
    After waiting for so many years, surely a few more weeks is worth the wait?

  25. dialsquare

    The only reason Arsenal are sniffing around Fellaini is because he played in a more advanced role and made himself more noticeable by being a nuisance to opposing defenders. Only a simpleton would play Fellaini as a DM.

  26. GoonerDave

    Gerv to Roma?
    Pity it didn’t work out for him – loads of ability, bags of skill, but no confidence. I love how direct he is, but his finishing is quite poor really.
    Personally Id rather see Chamakh and Park flogged first, at least Gervinho can be useful to us at times.
    If he is sold, we must be planning another supermarket sweep of squad players, because with all these sales we are looking a bit thin really.

  27. sam


    I saw that in the standards on my way home and I thought the same thing.
    they are sending message out that there will be no new signing, chamberlain should shut up, wilshere is not fit.

  28. zeus

    Rooney sent home from Manchester United tour after hamstring “injury”

    The England international picked up a knock during a training session only hours after touching down in Bangkok and is expected to be sidelined for around a month

    Yea Right.

  29. sam

    why get rid of coquelin then bring in kondogbia? new vieira my backside, coquelin is better.
    when would wenger go through proper market and buy a proper player? it has to be someone not ready, will be ready in 2 years, cheap, contract expires next year, buy out clause. WTF?

  30. unhappy gunner

    @Gooner Dave
    ” loads of ability, bags of skill”,
    Are we talking about the same gervinho who plays for us? If so I’m sorry mate but I’ve seen no evidence of either. In fact he makes Chris Kiwomya look like Ronaldo.

  31. Relieable sauce

    Personally I can’t see us selling NB, santoss, park & most probably chamahk, does anyone know when their contracts end?

  32. Cesc Appeal

    The transfer fee is redundant though…we’re not Liverpool or something, relying on sales to raise funds.

    Alright you shouldn’t get mugged off, but if we could get £5 Million I’d take it, get his £70 000 a week off the books.

    Recoup a year and a half of wages worth for him basically and forget he ever donned an Arsenal jersey.

    If they want him though I’d give them Gervinho and £15 Million for Lamella…they’d probably laugh in our faces but

  33. Inter YourGran

    Evening all,

    Manc fans are going loony at the moment. Moyes appeared on talksport, big managers don’t do that and now Rooneys come home and is injured for a month but looked his fittest for five years.

    Still, they aren’t going as nuts as some of our fans over our lack of activity thus far.

    Love the fact all the players we’re looking to move on haven’t travelled. Squad looks leans but having a look at a couple more young players for cc duty and developmental purposes is what we do every pre-season.

    Patience has become virtue lost on me, but slowly the club is doing the right things. I just pray they deliver the right signings to appease the majority.

  34. GoonerDave

    unhappy gunner-
    You never saw him score a goal? grab an assist? Or weave around 4/5 players only to fluff the shot?
    He is a very frustrating player, but to say he has no ability or skill seems churlish.

  35. Inter YourGran


    Sagna Mertsacker Koscielny Gibbs

    Arteta Wilshere

    Walcott Fabregas* Cazorla


    Squad; fabianski, martinez, vermaelen, miquel, monreal, jenkinson, ginter*, ramsey, frimpong, rosicky, oxlade-chamberlain, eisfeld, olsson, podolski, gnarby, ryo, giroud, sonogo, akpom

  36. unhappy gunner

    If by weaving round 4 or 5 players means his legs have a mind of their own and even he hasn’t got a bloody clue what he is doing or going to do next, then yeah I’ve seen that. It’s only MY OPINION, but sorry mate he is shit. Absolutely shocking player. Honest to god I would rather have stephen hawking on the wing as opposed to the forehead.

  37. TitsMcgee

    Dialsquare is an obvious troll and yet his act seems to work every day.

    If you don’t feed the troll by responding he’ll go away.

  38. dialsquare

    I clicked on a headline saying: “Arsenal close in on South American ace,” thinking Arsenal are tracking some little brazilian midfield maestro and it turns out to be lard-arse Julio Cesar.

  39. Gervinho'sForehead

    Wenger must be the most lucky employee on the planet.
    7m per year
    Not accountable to annual performance appraisal
    You are powerful than your boss…infact, you interview him before he’s hired.

  40. londongunner


    get what your saying mate its a logical reasoned point you have made, but I just think we should get at least one major signing done now to steady the ship, I think it would be quite simple to reach felliani buy out clause have him now shipped into the squad, I think this waiting game is very dangerous as very often the worst players are left at the end of the season, do you want to be left with the rejects?

    in business you have to man up up sometimes, its cliche but actions do speak louder than words. I think the longer we wait the more chance of signing deadwood

  41. Gunner2301

    Unhappy G

    “We’ll build the team around him, amplify his talents, and he’ll be North London’s prince.”


    I agree he’s shit. However why Wenger paid 10mill for him is beyond me. Joker!

  42. Reiss

    That comment about Gervinho being Africa’s best player by Wenger was totally disrespectful to everyone in Africa. You can name at least 30 players in Africa better then him so that comment was totally wrong.

  43. londongunner

    Would not be surprised if Rooney and moyes fell out on tour.Rooney the premadona he is has upsticked and fucked of back to his mansion. The question is will he have the balls to leave united? Either way Wenger would never cough up those kind of wages.

  44. GervinhosForehead

    Wenger must be the most lucky employee on the planet.
    7m+ per year
    Not accountable to annual performance appraisal
    You are powerful than your boss…infact, you interview him before he’s hired.

  45. unhappy gunner

    You can name 30 african female footballers better than him.
    Agreed I think he is awful. 10 million for him, no wonder lille wet their pants when wenger came calling. They must of thought it was april fools.

  46. londongunner

    Would of loved us to sign honda on the free, and yes he would of fitted in, his a brilliant one touch footballer as well as a very decent dribbler, great at freekicks and corners.

  47. unhappy gunner

    @Dial square
    Mnba mhun
    Bhun mugwa
    Munhim abagala
    Kolo kinyoma
    Um bongo
    There’s 5 for you mate. They play for their local village in deepest darkest africa. Yes I know they’re not pros but neither is gervinho

  48. Yellow

    Sometimes I wonder what Mr. Wenger makes of all the transfer rumors going around,

    Does he just sits there and laugh it off like the silly bastard he is, or maybe he just does not bother at all

  49. Reiss

    @Londongunner As I much as I want to blame Bendtner I can’t because we gave him such silly wages in the first place and truthfully why would he want to go to a club for significantly less wages. Of course he should leave to play more but his ego won’t allow for him to move club on such small wages.

  50. sam

    What a pathetic 24 man squad, we have to borrow 9 players from the under21 team.
    we actually need to buy 5 new players now just 2.

  51. unhappy gunner

    @Dial square
    I agree with you about wenger but if you can’t see the potential wilshire and ox have, especially considering they are 21 and 19 respectively, then you know fuck all about football. The forehead is 26 shockingly shite and will never get better.

  52. Inter YourGran

    Sam – granted we have no new signings to take a long but i’m happy with that squad as 95 pc will stay throughout the season.

    We’ve left those who are leaving at home, good for the mentality but some major signings would invigorate everything right now and as each day goes on the nonsense gets worse.

  53. dialsquare

    What a joke list Yaya Toure better than Gervinho, he was a water carrier in Spain when he played for Barcelona, yet in England he looks like Zidane because the Premier League is so crap.

  54. Inter YourGran

    Ug – I think gervinho has the ceiling to improve further but it still won’t be good enough for a club of our stature unfortunately.

    Just doesn’t have the heart or confidence in his own ability after the bashing he’s taken to turn it around.

    Sad for him, but we should never have bought him in the 1st place after we accepted him as an alternative to hazard.

    Urgh, just reminding myself of that window winds me up.

  55. Reiss

    Agreed Sam put it this way if we bought say three players and had Cazorla and Monreal back but sold Chamakh,Santos, Gervinho,Djourou and Coquelin our squad will still be quite small..

  56. sam


    what illness does Gervinho have? he trained with the squad yesterday. all smiling and thinking he will get a place in the plane.
    Him and the shisha dude

  57. londongunner

    Im sure we will buy players my pessimism about wenger overruled my judgement, we have to sign players as we have offloaded so many already.

    where my pessimism remains however is the quality of those signings I think the way we go about our transfer business is shocking and has been ever since dein left, fact is whoever is control of the transfers is utterly incompetent, in recent year we have signed complete drivel santi was a lucky exception..

  58. unhappy gunner

    @Dial square, Nope sorry never said that about Owen.

    @Inter your gran
    I don’t blame gervinho as I agree with you. Just like santos everyone could see he wasn’t good enough. We should never of signed either

  59. londongunner

    I would love some germans in our squad! come they might be nazi’s but they can sure kick a ball, the prussian germanic spirit at their heart is barbaric hence there great footballing prowess! I have had enough of the wimpy french poodles, lets get atillia the hun in and some spaniards for good measure, fuck the french cowards

  60. Inter YourGran

    LG – can’t really complain there but basically everything has been pure speculation. Have we really tried and failed with these bids for Fellaini, rooney, higuain, fabregas etc.

    Because from an official standpoint we’ve had bids rejected from leverkusen for bender and lyon for grenier and suarez at liverpool.

    From an official standpoint were at least bidding for top players.

  61. MadeToLoveMagic

    It’s funny, I remember dial square from when I first started postin in the summer of 2011,

    I’m sure he was an akb back then, I only seems like now that he has all these strange opinions and random player bashings. Mate chamberlain for 12 mil is fine. What the fuck you talking about?? Hahha

  62. Phallusaurus

    Does anyone know for sure if Gazidis & Law have gone along on our Far East jolly, suppose they’d have to? If so then that’s surely it for potential signings for at least a couple of weeks. Then it’ll be a couple more weeks till anything happens, leaving bugger all time for the new players to bed in properly.

    I dont believe we’ve already sorted players for them to be announced on the teams return. Too long for people to keep quiet and it would piss the Far East sponsors off for not having them there now.

    If Fellaini’s muted £23M release clause expires mid August, should’nt that put more pressure on Everton to take something close to it now rather than a lot less after? You know if we wait for that clause expiry we’ll be out bid in wages by some other fucker.

    Hate the way this club does it’s transfer business!