Cesc now has a £25m release clause | Would you take Flamini back? | Suarez for £37m… hmmm

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It’s like a transfer hand grenade has gone off in the press and now we’re linked to everyone.

Hey, if no one reads my post today, at least I know the CIA will pick up on it!

So what have we on the plate of excitement this morning? Well, we have Flamini who is a free agent after a fruitless time in Milan. He’s 29 years old and currently parading himself around Europe’s top clubs in an ill fitting crop top desperately trying to attract some attention. I know people have this auto-hate function when someone leaves us, but I’d have him back. On a free, that’d work perfectly. I mean come on, given the choice over Gareth Barry, surely you’d take the player 3 years the junior? Remember, we’re looking at building a squad, we know he can play in the league and we know he can play Arsene football.

Hi Arsene, the names Matty, Matty Flamini... sign me

Arguably, he was part of the best midfield post Highbury. Rosicky, Cesc, Flamini and Hleb… boy did those guys know the short passing game… you only appreciate great midfield quartets once they’re gone.

Give me a minute…








It’s not a tear, I’ve just got something in my eye…






… back in the game.

Talking of Cesc, the Mail have dropped the bomb shell that Cesc has a £25m buyout clause if it’s Arsenal doing the buying. Now, I don’t know whether this is fresh news or the Mail trying to maintain their position as the most clicked website in the universe. Either way, I’m talking about it because I still think there’s an outside chance he could land himself a move to Arsenal this summer. I know with Thiago potentially agreeing a move to PSG, that seems unlikely, but I’m going to keep banging the drum of hope until someone listens. I think if Cesc tells Barca he wants out, they’ll let him go. I don’t think they rate him as highly as Arsenal do… clearly. Still, let’s watch the summer pan out… my hope of us getting things done early seem to ebbing away more and more each day. Which is obviously a huge worry… but as long as we maintain the same vigour we’ve shown so far, I’m sure we’ll end the summer on a high note.

The Suarez deal has kicked up a level, obviously Goal.com are straight in saying we’ve gone to €40m… amazing how the talks have been going on for a month, now it’s dropped they’re straight on it like they handed the exclusive. I have my doubts over us going mega high. We’re not going to push that deal through quickly unless it’s closer to €30m. Especially as we’re buying a product we can’t touch until October. Still, very exciting we’re in for a player I’d said we should be pushing for earlier in the season. I know he’s a nutter, but Paddy V wasn’t exactly Theo Walcott. I think we forget that Liverpool are a terribly average side these days… players have stopped caring about what they once were… you need Champions League football to matter these days.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with The Hig… if we go for two expensive strikers, that would rule us out of a Fellaini.

The Nik B saga is over as he moves over to Germany, not Spain. I know I labour this point, but I’m sure Malaga offered him more cash… but what’s more important, 1 year of salary, then uncertain… Or 4 years guaranteed? I did read La Liga are moving to collective TV rights next time around to save the league. Sadly, the damage is done in the short term. It’ll take a while for those smaller clubs to return to profit… only the can the league start to compete.

Good times for the Premier League… we were irresponsible, we were unsustained and we spent like there was no tomorrow… but importantly, we shared the glory in the grotesque circus were put on.

That’s a sweet story right there… brings a money drenched tear to my eye.

Final snippet of the day is around the ‘Arsene dithering’ story. The slow deals don’t have anything to do with dithering, more to do with the fact we’re going after players their clubs don’t want to sell. The bigger question for me is why we’re not tying up deals for squad players. I’m guessing the club are prioritising a striker… I hope Arsene knows one player isn’t the difference between 4th and 1st.

Anyway, more from Geoff tomorrow. Keep it real people, and don’t shed any tears… those players just aren’t worth it.

P.S. I’ll get the mailing list sorted later. I lost my wallet the other day. All my cards. Massive ball ache. It’s cancelled all my stuff.

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  1. The Hig

    ZoranJuly 11, 2013 12:43:43
    The Hig July 11, 2013 12:32:07 I am watching football, be sure: And I watched also that they have beaten us in first leg that time 4:1. You seems to forget that.
    If we are true Arsenal fans, we have also to recognise that some teams are also playing in a different League as ours.
    That makes the difference between classy supporters and shitty ones.

    Lol. What game did u watch? We won the first leg 2:1 u mug. Remember RVP’s goal at the near post? Then they beat us 3:1 at Camp Nou.

    And the second part of your comment doesn’t make sense, We all know they play in a different league aka La Liga. What a cunt.

  2. gooner87

    even if there are plans to keep the #4 shirt free

    I can’t believe the shop would deter fans – surely they wouldn’t relinquish another chance to rip the fans off

  3. The Hig

    ZoranJuly 11, 2013 12:43:43
    The Hig July 11, 2013 12:32:07 I am watching football, be sure: And I watched also that they have beaten us in first leg that time 4:1. You seems to forget that.
    If we are true Arsenal fans, we have also to recognise that some teams are also playing in a different League as ours.
    That makes the difference between classy supporters and shitty ones.Lol. What game did u watch? We won the first leg 2:1 u mug. Remember RVP’s goal at the near post? Then they beat us 3:1 at Camp Nou.And the second part of your comment doesn’t make sense, We all know they play in a different league aka La Liga. What a cunt.

  4. samflu

    If Thiago is off to Bayern it’s really difficult to imagine Cesc leaving too. Especially with Xavi and Iniesta not getting any younger.

  5. RayGooner

    If you look at the “Invincibles” Squad it was a VERY VERY strong 1st eleven

    Lauren, Touré, Campbell, Cole
    Ljungberg, Vieira, Gilberto, Pirès
    Henry, Bergkamp

    But they were fortunate not to have any real injuries that season, cause’ the back-up players were not that impressive…

    Lehmann started every league game that season which was lucky, cause’ Stack were a young unproven keeper…

    Same with the back 4…
    Lauren 30 starts.
    Touré 36 starts.
    Campbell 35 starts.
    Cole 32 starts.
    Cygan 10 starts.
    Clichy 7 starts.
    Keown 3 starts.
    Hoyte 0 starts.

    Ljungberg 27 starts.
    Vieira 29 starts.
    Gilberto 29 starts.
    Pirès 33 starts.
    Parlour 16 starts.
    Edu 13 starts.
    Bentley 1 start.
    Cesc 0 starts.

    Henry 37 starts.
    Bergkamp 21 starts.
    Wiltord 8 starts.
    Reyes 7 starts.
    Kanu 3 starts.
    Aliadière 3 starts.

    That’s 7 players that played at least 30 out of 38 games in the league.

    Compare that to the 2012/2013 Squad:

    Szczesny 25 starts.
    Mannone 9 starts.
    Fabianski 4 starts.

    Mertesacker 33 starts.
    Sagna 25 starts.
    Vermaelen 25 starts.
    Gibbs 23 starts.
    Koscielny 20 starts.
    Jenkinson 14 starts.
    Monreal 9 starts.
    André Santos 3 starts.
    Squillaci 0 starts.

    Cazorla 37 starts.
    Arteta 34 starts.
    Ramsey 21 starts.
    Wilshere 20 starts.
    Chamberlain 11 starts.
    Diaby 10 starts.
    Rosický 7 starts.
    Coquelin 3 starts.
    Arshavin 0 starts.

    Podolski 25 starts.
    Walcott 24 starts.
    Giroud 24 starts.
    Gervinho 12 starts.
    Chamakh 0 starts.

    That’s 3 players with 30 games or more out of 38 league games….

    No consistancy….

    And if you don’t have the quality enough, your only hope is consistancy, and without that it’s actually a wonder that this team came 4th…

  6. LeMassiveCoq

    I can’t take this shit anymore.

    I literally can’t. If we have arranged some signings and not announced them, then they are even bigger cunts or making us wait.

    On the other hand, if it is more of Wengers lies, then fuck the lot of them, I wont support next season (Seriously), I’ll take an interest…but not support.

    (Bet they are shitting themselves eh?)

  7. Ash79

    maybe the Barry story was put out by Arsene to make us feel so low then he goes “here’s your new number 4………………….Cesc Fabregas” and we all die/swoon at Arsene’s feet.

  8. samflu

    What blows my mind is that Wenger can literally erase the last few years of frustration, anger and in some cases even hate against him by just pulling his fingers out of his arse and signing some top quality players. IT’S IN YOUR HANDS ARSENE, DO SOMETHING YOU LAZY CUNT.

  9. samflu

    It’s just incredible how Wenger and the whole board could go from zeroes to heroes so quickly but for some reason are satisfied with being greedy, stubborn cunts.

  10. Johnty79

    Ray gooner bergkamp was very average in the unbeatable season just to let you know.

    4 goals and six assists or something…ljungberg was pretty average also..

    The 2002 team was much better than the unbeatables of 2004.

  11. Reiss

    I find it a joke that Wenger hasn’t brought in a new player for the Asian Tour and he can’t have ant excuses he has had nearly 7 weeks to bring in new players and we have Gazidis lying to the fans yet again.

  12. Dan


    ‘I wont support next season (Seriously),’

    Get a grip FFS. What else are you going to do with your spare time mush?! How else you going to vent your pent up anger? God help your missus or your blow up doll!

    Lads lads can we just try and remember…good things come to those who wait 🙂

  13. Zoran

    Just a small revue for cunts which do not watch football but only Highlits:


    8(played); 1 (wins); 2(draws) 5 (losses); 11(For); 19 (Against); -8 (Goal Diff. )

    08 Mar, 2011 CL Barcelona (A) 1:3 Lost
    16 Feb, 2011 CL Barcelona (H) 2:1 Win
    06 Apr, 2010 CL Barcelona (A) 1:4 Lost
    31 Mar, 2010 CL Barcelona (H) 2:2 Draw
    17 May, 2006 CL Barcelona (N) 1:2 Lost
    03 Aug, 2000 F Barcelona (A) 1:2 Lost
    19 Oct, 1999 CL Barcelona (H) 2:4 Lost
    29 Sep, 1999 3:00 PM CL Barcelona (A) 1 1 Draw

  14. Arsenal 1886-2006

    The squad for the Asia tour.

    Full travelling party
    Mikel Arteta
    Lukasz Fabianski
    Kieran Gibbs
    Olivier Giroud
    Carl Jenkinson
    Laurent Koscielny
    Per Mertesacker
    Ignasi Miquel
    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
    Lukas Podolski
    Aaron Ramsey
    Tomas Rosicky
    Bacary Sagna
    Wojciech Szczesny
    Theo Walcott
    Jack Wilshere
    Serge Gnabry
    Damian Martinez
    Kris Olsson
    Chuba Akpom
    Thomas Eisfeld
    Chuks Aneke
    Gedion Zelalem

    Bet the fans out there can’t wait.

  15. Dan


    ‘bergkamp was very average in the unbeatable season just to let you know.4 goals and six assists or something…ljungberg was pretty average also..’

    haha that’s a joke right? Bergkamp in a bad season wouldnt be very average if he played on one leg. Those stats aren’t telling the full story. He brought much more to the team than 8 goals and 12 assists, there’s the key passes that aren’t counted or pre assists. Hardly a poor return either way.

    You can’t measure the importance of Dennis’ magic dust and the impact it had on the team

  16. The Hig

    Exactly Zoran,

    08 Mar, 2011 CL Barcelona (A) 1:3 Lost RVP got sent off at 1:1
    16 Feb, 2011 CL Barcelona (H) 2:1 Win RVP scored and Arshavin

    Thats what I said. U said we lost the first leg 4:1 and the 2nd leg RVP got sent off and we lost. Shame, u don’t even watch highlights, u had to scour Google for that information. U mug. U just proved yourself wrong. Cunt.

  17. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Stats are bollocks, they do not tell you how a player’s presence on the pitch on the pitch helped his teammates. A player can make space with an intelligent run for another player to score, but they do not include that as a stat.

  18. Romford Pele

    “Stats are bollocks, they do not tell you how a player’s presence on the pitch on the pitch helped his teammates. A player can make space with an intelligent run for another player to score, but they do not include that as a stat.”


  19. Reiss

    That squad is painfully weak and we are a joke paying Bendtner such ridiculous wages of course a man of his ego won’t leave for significantly less wages.

  20. The Hig

    samfluJuly 11, 2013 14:59:33
    Bendtner is a fucking prick. We should sign Suarez and then feed him Bendtner.

    LOL. Good idea. Along with Park.

  21. Arsenal 1886-2006

    I hope Mannone does well at Sunderland, he knew that his chances were limited and he has chosen playing over picking up a fat cheque and sitting on his arse.
    Respect to the fella and all the best to him.

  22. samsenal

    Bendtner probably hopes he can secure a big move. He can’t. No Big Club is going to want him. Not even medium-sized clubs (like Sp*rs) will want him.

    If he ever wants to earn big wages after his Arsenal contract he is going to have to take a massive step down in clubs and perform very well.

    The guy is insane.

  23. gooner87

    Answer to the bendtner problem is simple

    Do what city did with adebayor

    Make him train on his own if he refuses to leave. He’d be lucky to pick up 10k p/w after a season of doing that. No world cup spot either

  24. Romford Pele

    And I know it’s the Eredvisie but the dude is more than a goalscorer. Like Lukaku and Benteke, he will absolutely murder CBs next season and he’s very quick to boot- would’ve beena good signing for Spurs.

  25. Samir

    Bruma’s Lawyer confirms Chelsea made a €2m offer for the player and Galatasaray made a €8m offer rising to €12m

  26. Romford Pele

    “Weren’t we in for Bony?”

    I don’t think it was anything serious on our part. He would be good back-up if we didn’t have Giroud. This guy is just a shorter, stockier version of Drogba without the theatrics.

  27. AndyT

    Where has all this Cesc talk come from? Like Rooney and Suarez I just don’t see this happening.
    Higuain and Fellaini are our best hope of a top signing

  28. The Hig

    samsenalJuly 11, 2013 15:15:40
    Higuain, Cesc, Fellaini…all for just £75mMaybe if i keep repeating it, it will come true….

    I wouldn’t wanna sleep if that happens.

  29. Ash79

    re Nik B52 – why should he leave for less wages? not really his fault.

    yeah he could have some self-respect and think about his image, career and actually WANTING to play football but come on this is Bendtner. Imagine your boss saying we will pay you £100k per year for doing nothing for the next 2 years or you leave now, do some hard graft elsewhere, get some self-pride…. for half the money.

  30. Romford Pele


    He’s 24 and a full international for the Ivory Coast – a lot more established than Sanogo.

  31. Pascal Cygan

    Marca confirming that Higuain and Coentrao are the only players Madrid has put for sale post Essien, Carvalho departures. Higuain ask is Euro 30m. If this is not a come and get me call, then I don’t know what is

    Perez is playing mind games with Arsene nd holding out for more money. Good to see someone messing with le Wrinkle Face.

  32. The Hig

    Thanks Pele. Tomorrow Gents. Have a great one.

    What ever happened to Zoran? Who is this guy? Mug. lol.

  33. Zoran

    @ Dan

    No it doesn’t, you are correct

    @The Hig

    The whole blog exchange between us is because I did comment on your stupid comment from 11:00:40
    “And Barca never ever valued Cesc at all, they just bought him cos they saw that him and Wilshere together stunned them with Messi and all. And they know that Arsenal is the only team who can actually beat them in Europe at their own game.”

    As I said, you seem to forget that Bayern beat them 7:0 in two legs, Celtic beat them, Shachtjar Donetsk beat them, Chelsky beat them. So far I remember.
    Are we the only one in Europe who can beat them?

    I do really hate to discuss with guns this way, but as I said before, we are classy fans because we do also recognise when some teams are better than us, as we showed at Emirates with the Guard of Honour for Mancs and some fans are shitty, living in clouds and thinking that we are above all.

  34. RayGooner

    The best thing with the list of players going on the Asian Tour is that Chamakh, Park, Bendtner & Santos isn’t in it!

    That means they’re certainly on their way out sooner rather than later….

    However, also Gervinho were not included and i was hoping the reason was he also were on his way out, but it was sadly only cause’ of sickness…(or maybe not, you never know)

    Vermaelen were also not included cause’ of injury, and Sanogo, Cazorla & Monreal cause’ of their national duties.

  35. sam

    I am chamakh is telling gervinho welcome to the club.
    they’d rather sit here than take paycut to move back to france.
    I can see another loan for Santos

  36. TheBayingMob

    Arsenal 1886-2006 July 11, 2013 14:33:12 The squad for the Asia tour.
    Full travelling party
    … Lukasz Fabianski

    I thought Flappy-anski was out of contract!? Obviously-fucking-not …

  37. The Hig

    @ Zoran. I said we were the only team in Europe who could beat them at their own game, without parking the bus. Keyword: WERE. at the time Cesc was there. Barca this season was weak. Anyways, have a great one fellow Gooner.

  38. Romford Pele

    Chamakh is different – at least Gervinho still has some sell-on value. Plus, clubs like Roma and Marseille are interested. Sell him while we can.

  39. Bergkamp63


    “Lads lads can we just try and remember…good things come to those who wait ”

    You really are quite entertaining ! I bet you have been saying that for the last 4 years.

    Blah Blah Stadium Debt can’t afford it.
    Blah Blah can’t compete
    Blah Blah we have money to spend.

    You should change your username to Danial !

  40. sam

    I hope Wenger sees sense, both ryo and gnabry are better than gervinho because they know what to do with the ball.
    Well tell Gervinho to fuck off and promote these 2

  41. gats

    @Herve, why is Yorke taking the piss?

    AVB is assembling a preety decent sqaud at spurs, with pace, power and strength. It looks highly likely they are going to keep bale as well, and he is adding to the sqaud.

    Wengers an asshole and he wont ever again challenge for the title, because all he cares about is making profot, which makes him richer, and signing 12 year old African/french speaking kids so he can fuck them in the ass. Wengers a cunt, and AVB is not. We haave the same sqaud from last year, minus a few. Tottenham look like they will be adding big time this summer.

  42. Romford Pele

    “Romford just stop posting you idiot. Iv’e had enough of you’r stupid comment’s.”

    Lol, chin up mate.

  43. Bergkamp63

    Given that we are a penny pinching club there could be one explanation as to why we are not buying yet ?

    If we purchase on the 3rd Sept we will have saved another 2 months salary on our new “Marquee” signings ! LOL !

  44. HerveDeNerve

    gats July 11, 2013 15:37:58
    @Herve, why is Yorke taking the piss?

    He must be not to mention Arsenal or Man City in that video piece!

  45. Zoran

    The Hig

    You too have a great one fellow Gooner.

    BTW I was more pissed when we lost from them in the final, as we where without Lehman the whole game and lost at the very end.

  46. gats


    “He must be not to mention Arsenal or Man City in that video piece!”

    Why is he going to mention Arsenal? I mean seriously we arnt even strengthening the squad at all, and his gona mention them as title challengers? We haven’t challenged for the title for years. We have the same shitty squad as last year, with no proven additions. Except a french/african kid that been injury ravaged for the past 2 years.

  47. Bergkamp63

    Oxlade-Chamberlain: “A fit Wilshere would be the best signing Arsenal could make”

    Even the Ox is suffering from Wengitis !

  48. gats

    Man even the players at Arsenal are deluded. Willshere hasnt been fullly fit for close to 2 seasons now, his just had surgery as well. How the fuck can anyone even rely on him to be fit? I swear Wenger and his staff must be putting some bloody jesus juice into the drinks over at Arsenal. Everyone over there is living inn cloud fucking fairy land.

  49. N5

    @romford, and that comment is coming from a guy that said the same comment about Henry’s statue everyday for about a week!

    Keep up your comments mate, you have knowledge and are polite unlike mugs like him!

  50. Bergkamp63

    salparadisenycJuly 11, 2013 15:54:14
    How many beers it take to shag porky up top?

    That much has never been brewed in the history of alcoholic drinks !

  51. Leedsgunner


    Our club’s much self congratulated, self sustainable business model in full flow and practice. It’s hard to know what to do… laugh or cry?

    Who agreed to NB’s ridiculous wages? Arsene.

    Who now stubbornly refuses to pay world class players what they are worth? Arsene.

    Anyone else see a contradiction?

    Arsene – he makes hypocrisy into an artform.

  52. HerveDeNerve

    Liverpool, Man Utd, Spurs, Chelsea & Man City all feature on Sky TV for the opening weekend Live Premiership fixtures. This is just another indicator how low Arsenal’s stock has fallen under this cretinous manager

    Liverpool v Stoke City
    Saturday 17 August, 12.45pm (BT Sport)

    Swansea City v Manchester United
    Saturday 17 August, 5.30pm (Sky Sports)

    Crystal Palace v Tottenham Hotspur
    Sunday 18 August, 1.30pm (Sky Sports)

    Chelsea v Hull City
    Sunday 18 August, 4pm (Sky Sports)

    Manchester City v Newcastle United
    Monday 19 August, 8pm (Sky Sports)

  53. sam


    at least lets celebrate, gervinho chamakh and santos out of the squad.
    can someone cancel out their contracts and pay them off if they don’t want to leave? It will be cheaper than keeping them or send them on loan.

  54. N5

    Nice one gats and you offer a lot to this blog with your insults and repeated comments towards the board + Henry’s statue, if you’re a hostile melt who wants to police what people talk about on this blog you’re on a losing battle, you can’t just tell someone to stop commenting because you don’t find it interesting, just skip passed their comments! simple really.
    Oh and nice use of language mate, I assume you around 15?

  55. N5

    “N5 you’r as much a ploNker as romford you cunt”

    Well which one am I a plonker or a c***?

    I can’t possibly be both!

  56. N5

    My wife does too Romford, she was asking to come up last season and has never asked that before, she always had a soft spot for Cesc being a Catalonian herself but she didn’t fancy him she wanted to mother him, but Giroud she really likes!

    Stupid handsome bugger that he is!

  57. Moanalisa

    Guys no need to worry about bendtner, wenger used arshavin as an example to players who are no longer wanted.

    Bendtner would definitely move – its a world cup year. The ones I’m worried about are chamack and santos, those guys won’t mind hanging around the reserves for a full season.

  58. salparadisenyc

    Bergkamp63July 11, 2013 15:59:00
    The way this summers going i’m thinking sixer and im in!

    Blitzkrieg in Munchen, that could be the top side in europe for quite a while.
    Decisive action on and off the pitch, that must be nice eh.

    For me no chance for Cesc, don’t see him stepping backwards into his past. It’s his season to stake claim in the starting XI. If we were going to get Fellaini would that of not already happened with the buyout, Wenger going to go cheaper, less experiened and we will suffer.


  59. Romford Pele

    Samsenal – lol, I think you’re right mate. The lynx effect? That and old spice are my go-to deodrants.

  60. gats


    In your case they both apply. As it takes a special type of person to be both a plonker and a cunt at the same time.

  61. peanuts&monkeys



  62. TheBayingMob

    There’s a lot to be moaned about with AW, but seriously :-

    “Wengers an asshole and he wont ever again challenge for the title, because all he cares about is making profot, which makes him richer, and signing 12 year old African/french speaking kids so he can fuck them in the ass. Wengers a cunt, and AVB is not. We haave the same sqaud from last year, minus a few. Tottenham look like they will be adding big time this summer”

    Fucking scum cunt … mind the gap you hairy ring sniffing prick …

  63. Romford Pele


    Yeah props where it’s due – what he lacks for in pace, he definitely makes up for in looks! Ramsey and Theo are also popular ones round the female side of the family – I think we need some more ugly ones to change things up! Way too many pretty boys in the Arsenal set-up currently.

  64. N5

    @samsenal F*ck Romford’s Statue!! loooooooooooooooooooool.

    @gats, yeah I think you are proving that mate, by talking to you I’m showing LeGrove I am both, so i’m moving on to someone who isn’t 15!

  65. mystic

    Every summer we see shit at the Emirates and spending at spuds – end of every season Arsenal are top North London team.

    Wenger is a cunt and Arsenal have NO chance of challenging for the title with him and Kroenke messing the club up, but don’t let you disgust for them cloud your judgement – spuds are even more of an also run team than Arsenal.

    AVB showed last season exactly what his predecessors during Wenger tenure have done, he can’t put together a team that keeps it’s bottle.

    Before you comment, no I am not happy simply that Arsenal get above spuds, it is fucking shambolic that 1st and even 2nd is so far away and nothing is being done to correct the matter.

  66. N5

    Lol Romford, yeah what happened to the Perry Groves’ and the Paul Mersons. Not once did my wife say take me up to a match so I can look at Alan Smith! I’m ashamed to say she like Arteta also, which bothers me, because his barnet is embarresing and I’d like to think she has better taste, especially because I’m like Brad Pitt.

    Why is your woman looking at others also with you being a Will Smith / Butler hybrid! 😀

  67. peanuts&monkeys

    we shd be giving up on Usmanov. He is bloody another Stanman. Toothless. Isnt there an Arab or another Russian who has a few billions and a true Arsenal fan?

  68. Romford Pele

    Haha, N5 you crack me up! This is what it has come to since transfer gossip is sparse!

    Anyway i’m off lads – take it easy!

  69. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Romford PeleJuly 11, 2013 15:04:59
    Bony got 31 in 30 games last season. JEEEEEEEZZZZZZ

    Sky Sports are saying 36 goals in 36 games

  70. Goona4life

    As much as I enjoy reading Pedro and Geoff, everyday, this one kid made me feel better about our off-season. I hope it does the same for you too.

    antoniafc says July 11, 2013 2:14pm

    some of you really think this is a game of championship manager…. ” why havnt we signed anyone, other teams have signed players blah blah blah” if arsenal are trying to sign for example G.H, u got to remember we are dealing with real Madrid and G.H is a top striker. don’t u think real Madrid will want too sort there replacement out before letting him go. there number one target was cavani. hes off too psg. so now they are looking at suarez. Liverpool want 40plus mil. put yourself in madrids shoes! there not goin to sanction the deal until they get there target.. if they fail g.h will not be moving anywhere… hes top class and u don’t sell top class unless you got top class coming in,, especially if your real Madrid. things are happening just be patient… yes man city have signed players and Chelsea… and they’ve done it swiftly but u got to remember they were dealing with Seville and shatkar! so when man city come with 27mil on the table for 28 year old … there gonna bite there hands off and try and get that deal completed before buying club changes there minds. common sense people common sense

  71. N5

    OTT I was thinking that it sounds a little like we fancy him doesn’t it, it wasn’t supposed to look like that when I was typing it, I like boys….I mean girls! arrrgghghghghghghhh.

  72. HerveDeNerve

    The top London derby clash between Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea is just one of the many unmissable Barclays Premier League football games to be shown by BT Sport in the first third of the season – the first time anyone other than Sky has had any of the top pick games.

    Former Chelsea boss Andre Villas-Boas will be hoping his Tottenham side can defeat his former mentor Jose Mourinho, who is back in the hotseat for the Blues.

    BT executives were today thrilled after securing a series of big-club clashes. BT Sport will also show one of the most famous Premier League rivalries, as Everton play host to Liverpool in the celebrated Merseyside derby.

    In addition, BT Sport has chosen two games involving champions Manchester United. Most notably, Tottenham Hotspur against Manchester United at White Hart Lane. And the Premier League champions home fixture against newly-promoted Crystal Palace.

    Another top pick match scheduled on BT Sport is Newcastle v Liverpool at St James’ Park.

    BT Sport will also be showing the match between former champions Manchester City, at home to European hopefuls Everton. And Arsenal fans will only have to wait until the second week of the season to enjoy a potentially tricky away game at Fulham live on BT Sport.


  73. Bergkamp63

    “hes top class and u don’t sell top class unless you got top class coming in”

    Unless your’e Arsene Wenger of course !

  74. N5

    Bergkamp63 I think he must of thought of that as he was typing it, did you notcie he put “if you are Real Madrid anyway” lol. I thought the same as you when reading that.

  75. Oh Theo Theo!

    Arsene wenger’s magic,
    he wears a magic hat.
    he saw the world class talent
    and said, I’m not paying that!

    lol – Just spend it le senile!!

  76. Bergkamp63

    Theo Walcock wants the fear factor back at the Emirates.

    I say it has never gone, that’s why we never spend more than £15m on a player !

  77. Hitman49

    Arsen wingers tragic

    He wears a flashers mack

    And when he saw the prices

    He said I’m not paying that !


  78. Jeff


    I am beginning to come to the same conclusion. All we get from Usmanov is talk. If he cared about Arsenal as much as he thinks he does, there would have been a hostile takeover bid by now giving Kroenke an offer he can’t refuse. As it is, he has no more power than you and me to change this useless crooked outfit. So I don’t think we can expect too much from him either.

  79. Bergkamp63


    Usmanov is a businessman and a bloody good one at that.

    You can’t seriously think he would but once we qualified for the CL again, he is waiting for us to slip up before he makes his move. Not to mention he has been paying way over the odds for the last few hundred shares which he is obliged to offer the top price he paid for his shares for the remaining one’s in the club.

    Once 12 months has expired he can offer as little as he likes.

  80. Dan


    Its called tongue in cheek my friend! I was expecting a worse backlash to be fair.

    I ran out of patience about 3 years ago regarding our signings, not filling the positions that were so obviously calling out for strengthening, and when we did buy we bought players that were decent but not the quality what we needed or in the positions we really needed them ie keeper, commanding cb ,dm, a back up cf.


    I believe this season we will get that super qualidee in and its about fucking time but we will experience an upgrade in quality this year

  81. Goona4life

    Fellaini or Junior Malanda? Who? Get familiar he’s a Belgian U-21 midfielder. If you know Wenger, like I do(No homo) he’s going for the youngster