Higuain deal stalling – Madrid bluff might cost them as Arsenal move for Suarez

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So things are kicking up a gear, I went into a lull of sadness, thinking maybe, just maybe, things weren’t going to plan as always. However, I’ve been given renewed hope… and not just because I love the new kit, and no club would put crap players in a shirt that nice? Would they?

Arsenal threw on an event yesterday for fans, bloggers and press for the release. They mentioned and audacious stunt, which with hindsight and foresight was a bad idea… had marketing and PR known there were no new players. It takes months to plan these things, so I feel for them… and the stick they’ve taken online. They’re at the mercy of something they can’t control.

Launch wise, it was nice to see us go big. We had the British core showing off the fancy hooped socks and retro look yellow shirt. The club arranged for fans and bloggers to talk to players and staff after. A damn modern approach to a launch if ever there was one. Amplify the new kit through the people who have the highest propensity to 1) buy it 2) influence those who might 3) make some friends along the way.

They also decked out the side of the ground with the players in the new shirt… and managed to get Arsenal trending in the UK.

Geoff on the new shirt:

I went to The Gilbert Scott restaurant in St. Pancras Station, what a wonderful building, I chose that so to be close to the launch of our new away kit. Which Pedro went to.

I am amazed as it was supposed to be an exclusive and I’m sure I had seen pictures of it before, but Arsenal say it was exclusive so I must be wrong.

I love the socks though and it now goes straight in at number one in my favourite away kits since the lightening bolts of the Bergkamp days. I love it!

So a big well done to Arsenal for doing something right for once, now onto the EPL trophy!

I believe that Wenger knows now he has to start delivering, he isn’t that dim that he can keep building teams that don’t compete and I genuinely think he is keeping us waiting to surprise us, he likes the grand entrance and this season I think he’ll deliver.

And that my friends is all down to beer, that’s all it takes to get back the belief and at least now I have something to blame if it doesn’t happen.

Also seeing the new kit is like an omen, I can see us winning the league in that.

Onto transfers. There are fires behind the smoke. Arsenal are working away on deals at the moment. As has been widely reported, Madrid are playing hardball on Higuain, namely because they don’t have a replacement lined up. The price has climbed, Arsenal won’t match it. Madrid were never going to give up their best striker easily. Too much money… too little Arsenal kindness. We’re still working on him though…

The real news, to which I’ll eat humble pie over, is that Arsenal have their sights track onto Suarez. The papers are onto something and it’s not PR nonsense. Suarez wants to make the move to Arsenal and as his history indicates, is not scared to push hard to get it. The opening bid has been put at £30m. I’d be surprised if he went for less than £38m… but jeez, we sold the best young creative midfielder in the world for £30m.

Suarez hasn’t been shy about the interest and is genuinely keen on making a move down to the capital.

“It is good to know that I am still valued by teams like Arsenal,”

“Friends call me up to ask if I am moving to Chelsea, to which I laugh. The important thing in the market, whatever else has happened, is that teams continue to value me for what I have done as a player on the pitch.

His interest flies in the face of  his ‘I want to go to Spain to escape the nasty media’ stance. But then again, his agent, Pere Guardiola (brother of Pep) will know the deal with Spanish economy and the potential ramifications for foreign stars. Tax rises, savings theft… you know, standard EU practice. The stability and potential of Arsenal must look quite appealing. Champions League football will once again be key to this move… so to all the naysayers who hoped we’d drop out of the elite last summer, I hope you realise the whole reason we’re moving for top players is our league status.

If a player genuinely wants to leave a club, you’re powerless to keep them… unless you want to make an expensive statement. My scouse pals reckon there is some sort of agreement where Suarez can speak to clubs for £40m. I’d say they’d take less in this market, especially as they don’t have Champions League football. Trouble is we’re up against a club that valued Andy Carroll at £35m and managed to sell Torres for £50m.

That said, times are changing… if Rooney is worth £25m, Higuain £22m, Cesc £30m, Thiago £18m, Cazorla £12m and countless other top quality players moving for smaller fees… why not Suarez for £30-35m?

The worry for Arsenal fans is this… there’s no pressure on Arsenal to make the purchase early, he has a 6 game ban. This could easily roll on until deadline day and we could suffer a… ‘Oh, we’ll get him next year’ type scenario.

He’d be an incredible signing if he did happen. He’s a better player than Rooney and Higuain with a longer shelf life. Imagine the goals he’d get being serviced by decent players?

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got… Things are moving behind the scenes, the clubs number one priority is a striker. Then it’s a midfielder. Then it’ll be bolt on squad players. Also, I’ve also been told that Sanogo is a really good guy, very passionate a out the game and the scouts really believe he’ll make a mark… not going to say anything else really, are they?

So to everyone asking do I still believe in this summer? Absolutely. Why is it different? Intent. When have we EVER had a plan b.

Sell Cesc… sign Cazorla two seasons later…

Sell Paddy… Sign Baptista two seasons later…

Lose Flamini, Gilberto, Diarra… sign no one

Have a keeping issue… Lose out on Schwarzer… sign no one

This summer we’ve missed out on players and moved onto the next player. Hig deal stalls, let’s look at Suarez… we’ll make a statement, I just don’t know when it’ll be. But the club will do something, they have to if we’re to compete.

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  1. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal – You’re embarrasing yourself.

    It’s not that everything’s ok with us, it’s that you’re using Tottenham as an example, it’s not because I especially dislike Tottenham, it’s because you’re examples are usually pretty silly.

    Like wagebill, you’re saying ‘ooh look at how well Tottenham are doing with their wagebill’.

    The only way you gain perspective is by comparing us to the teams above or around us.

    We finished 2 points behind Chelsea, 5 behind Citeh.

    ..and that’s just one particular year ffs.

  2. sam

    chamakh, gervinho and santos are in the squad for asia?
    It means there is a chance they will be here when the season starts
    I thought we were shifting all the deadwoods


  3. Kjafc

    “KJafc – he actually said, “We have United, Chelsea, Tottenham – five or six teams who are trying to win the league. We will try to repeat what we achieved two seasons ago.”

    NO HE DID NOT! Get your facts right.

    Read it yourself, here is another source. You lot are doing my head in with all this mischief making. Pellegrini said Arsenal, trolls removed it and posted it on Le Grove to suggest otherwise.


  4. Dan Ahern

    Kjafc — I’m quoting the BBC. I copy/pasted from their article. It has nothing to do with trolls or mischief.

  5. kwik fit

    If Wenger signs Garth Barry I will run into the Arsenal Museum tomorrow afternoon stark bollock naked wearing only a smile and odd socks, kiss the first person I see and shout ‘ Freedom for Tooting!’

  6. Dan Ahern

    If Arsenal sign Gareth Barry, I will remain calm, assess his role, wait for the rest of transfer window to play out before rushing to judgement, and see–
    Nah, fuck it. I’ll be so fucking mad.

  7. Inter YourGran

    Of all the three gervinho will still have his suitors. Chamakh will prove difficult depending on fee/calibre of club, particularly in a permanent capacity. Santos will depend on him, world cup year, anywhere you can play or piss off every arsenal fan.

    I like bendtner as a player but he’s starting to piss me off with his wage stance. Just take half and play ffs.

  8. Inter YourGran

    To be fair Gareth Barry on paper is a title winning, England international. He’d be a decent option if he was what we needed and perhaps Arsene thinks he adds an element to support Ramsey and Arteta in a deeper lying midfield role.

    Don’t get me wrong, i’ll be abso-lutely-fucking-fuming though.

    Only signing cesc/ozil and suarez/rooney would allow forgiveness and it’s have to be done, done withing 48hrs of Barry’s signing.

  9. Dr Hypnos

    Tick tock tick tock
    And all sleep.
    The next thing you’ll here is my voice and my voice alone.
    You all love arsenal unless you are an idiot.
    No more arguing amongst brother gooners.
    The Arsenal board of directors is the problem and should all resign.
    Come back David Dein.
    One two three and—–All Awake

  10. sam

    Chamakh didn’t have a shot on goal against shitty asian teams last time.
    Wenger is so shameless, even the asian crowd will be surprised to see him again.


  11. Kjafc

    Kwik fit
    A couple of days ago I said I would stand naked outside the a emirates if Barry signed. If it happens, I hope it is a warm day 🙂

    Seriously, a made up story to market Barry by his mate Custis of the Sun.

  12. Keyser

    Toli83 – I think the Cesc one sums it up, 2 years after moving ‘back home’ just when Xavi and Iniesta are showing signs of slowing down, with a wife ? Kids, settled at Barcelona, people think we’re going to buy him back ? Worse still that he’s thinking about it.

    It’s like the media have planned the whole summer around Arsenal rumours, I’d just wait now, I think the 20m bid for Lars Bender might be along what we’re going for, Higurween at a reasonable price but he’s got 3 years left on his contract, Ancelotti might want to keep him, they haven’t found a replacement and he’s supposedly not one of the big earners so there’s room for them to convince him to stay.

    What are we supposed to believe ? Fuck it enjoy the Sun, 2 months of this left.

  13. Kjafc

    Dan Ahern
    I apologise, you are right. Somebody has obviously edited the word Arsenal out of the BBC transcript of Pelligrinis press conference. Not sure how that could have happened, probably a Spurs fan working in the editing dept of the Bash Britain Corporation. Shocking. The links I posted were transcripts from other media sources. If you listen to his press conference he clearly says Arsenal.

    Our media is a joke.

    Again, I apologise.

  14. sam

    If I mention Afobe football experts will say he’s finished and should be kicked out of the club. hey chamwank is rejuvenated and deserves a place in the plane, free hotel room for torturing asian supporters.


  15. kwik fit

    Dutch Media: Roma have tonight agreed a £17.2m deal with PSV for transfer of Kevin Strootman, WTF Why are these guys going to Italy.? Make’s no senses what so ever. Indicate’s a lack of ambition.

  16. Inter YourGran

    Sam – agree. Chamakh should be waiting in London whilst his agent finds him a club same for santos.

    Shame, we promote our British core but mug off our born and bread ones behind the scenes in what will probably be his last season at his boyhood club.

    Can’t have player loyalties both ways if you don’t practice what you preach.

  17. Kjafc

    “What are we supposed to believe ? Fuck it enjoy the Sun, 2 months of this left.”

    That perfectly sums it up mate, agreed. Unfortunately, too many people get taken in by the media. I suppose it gets activity on the blogs.

  18. Rohan

    even if it is correct, why would you get so stung?

    If Pellegrini actually thinks Spurs are title contenders over us, he’s a moron.

  19. sam

    Wenger supposed to tell chamakh its ramadhan you stay home and fast.
    gervinho and Santos should stay with him for shisha ceremonies.

    honestly the 3 seats in the plane these clowns are occupying should be for our 3 new signings.

  20. Inter YourGran

    I meant last pre-season at the club not season for Afobe. Just feel he should go along get a couple of games, get a move to a decent side in the championship instead were taking Chamakh to do what exactly?

  21. londongunner

    i have some friends who are spurs fans but the average spurs fan, is a of a criminal type neanderthal breed not quite fully human with a very low iq level, cannot speak actual english without some form of slang, generally holds a moronic base humour with little wit. is naive and is the kind of person who appreciates the match of the day pundits and sees them as genius. they often no little of football apart from cliches and are not only deluded morons but bitter resentful simpletons,

  22. Toli83

    Bender would be a good addition.

    Strootman, could mean De Rossi has a big money move somewhere, although Stootman would be great in the Prem.

    It’s rife with Arsenal rumours. But who honestly believes we were ever in for Rooney, Suarez, Higuain? Bit of reality needed.

    Gomez would have been within our price range from Bayern, top draw striker.

    At least we have the Sonogo song for away games next season.

  23. Kjafc

    Let go of the past and stop this nonsense about ‘out of our price range’. No longer true. Lets wait and see. We had restraints, whether we agree or not we did. Now is different.

    We have discussed this a million times. Ignoring everything else, the new sponsorship will generate an additional £1.2 million per week of income, that excludes anything else.

    No excuses, can only be a problem if we stick steadfastly to a wage limit, I hope not. But things are changing in football, the Europeans are largely skint – the days of Man City and Chelsea throwing millions around like confetti are about to end.

  24. Dan Ahern

    Kjafc — It’s all good. Pretty disappointing that the BBC saw it fit to edit that.

    Rohan — Why would you get stung (if true)? Because it shows the state Arsenal are really in. Ask a new manager a couple years back and Arsenal is the first team out of his mouth (after United perhaps). But now you ask one and he doesn’t even include us in the top five. It stings because the club isn’t considered a serious contender.

  25. Kjafc

    Most of the rumours are lies, we didn’t even have managers in place and the speculation started. Need to sell papers, can’t have empty pages.

    The deals will be done confidentially not via the press and that’s the way it should be. You know Arsenal, nothing gets released til done deals. There will be activity, you can bet loads has been going on in the background. Big advantage Arsenal have, is they can spend cash, always tempting against instalments. We shall see.

  26. Kjafc

    It just proves what we all know about the press. That is shocking, I can’ t see that bring a mistake. Sort of trick TalkSport gets up to on a regular basis.

  27. Mental Strength

    Arsenal squad for Asia Tour:

    Wojciech Szczesny, Bacary Sagna, Per Mertesacker, Laurent Koscielny, Tomas Rosicky, Mikel Arteta, Lukas Podolski, Jack Wilshere, Olivier Giroud, Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Aaron Ramsey, Lukasz Fabianski, Gervinho, Ryo, Kieran Gibbs, Carl Jenkinson, Chuba Akpom, Kristoffer Olsson, Ignasi Miquel, Serge Gnabry, Chuks Aneke, Thomas Eisfeld, Gedion Zelalem (+ potentially Marouane Chamakh).

  28. Kjafc

    Good night all.

    Hopefully exchange posts over the next few days or so. Keep the faith, I have a feeling this is going to be a great season for us and there will be some serious signings.

  29. Keyser

    Afobe came back from his Millwall loan in May because he tore his anterior cruciate ligament, not sure how long that takes to heal ? But surely he’s not fit already.

  30. sam

    No santos then,

    well lets hope marseille still want their gerve
    they are sending a scout to watch him in asia

  31. Rohan

    Zelalem for a 15y/o in his debut last season had that rare gift that Cesc had of making it seem like he had a lot of time on the ball. Very calm and composed.

    Excited to see if he has the creative ability that Cesc did.

  32. rewenger

    Jovetic gone to city. They are pissing on the FFP as usual. Hope we are not helping them get the salary of Barry off their books. Let them pay the stupid money until he retires..

  33. MarsBar

    By the Orient game I bet we still have no one…

    No ones coming in to by pass this ‘future British’ core of ours!

  34. rewenger

    I dream of cesc every day, and have nightmares of him smiling in a United shirt next to the dutch c#%t.

  35. Adam Bucci

    i figured out why they used british players to model the away kit. there’s no chance wenger will be able to sell any of them before the season opener – and if you were making 55k a week to sit on a bench for 90 minutes each week, i doubt you’d be wanting a change of scenery, just ask mr almunia.

  36. Dan Ahern

    The best we can hope for in the case of Cesc is that something goes massively wrong at Barcelona and he feels unwanted. Hard to see that happening :/

    Don’t worry though, there are other ways to build a team. I really do hope Pedro and others are right. Too much smoke to all be PR spin.

  37. Rohan

    If Arsene can sell the master plan to Cesc. Show some signings of intent, Bender, Higuain and Cesar for example. Cesc will most definitely be tempted in being the crown jewel at the center.

    I’m looking forward to the United game. Arsene has almost always gotten one over Moyes.

  38. Marko

    Bringing Cesc back alone would transfer our attack and Giroud would score more goals than last season right off the bat.

  39. Dan Ahern

    Cesc also won’t come unless we make some signings. Let’s be honest: coming back to AFC is an idiotic move for him as things stand.

  40. Rohan

    More if Cesc wanting to stay depends on Thiago staying or leaving. I think it’s not as relevant as people think it is. Cesc’s going to play ahead of Thiago anyway.

    I think Cesc wants the free role as he alluded to when Del Bosque played him with Spain. He wants to go back to being one of the most talked about footballers in the world. It’s not just about him getting games, it’s about him being a star. We can give him that again. We’ll build the team around him, amplify his talents, and he’ll be North London’s prince.

    I feel it’s more up to us to show him we’re not going to fuck around and we’re gunning, excuse the pun, for the title. If we can sell him the dream, along with the fact his gf and daughter are in london, he’d be tempted.

    I don’t think he’ll ever be the main man at Barca, not to the extent Xavi and Iniesta are, they see him more as a utility player who can play across the midfield and forward line . He’s too good to be marginalized per se at Barca but he’s just not that happy on the pitch imo. Also don’t think Vilanova and him get along very well. Him being Pep’s boy originally and all.

    Let’s wait and see, but I’m sure all 3 parties have registered interests. Of course, Barca would be more reluctant if Thiago slips away, but if Cesc wants to leave, we’re right in the game.

    I don’t think anything will happen until mid August though re this story. Utd. have been suspiciously quiet as well. I’d be interested in what players they’re after. Can’t imagine Thiago would want to play for Moyes.

  41. Dan Ahern

    Agree it’s mostly irrelevant bc Cesc is ahead of Alcantara anyway. But it could still factor in. Alcantara is still competition.

    Don’t think Vilanova is much of an issue as he was Pep’s right hand man. Nonetheless I take your point; he’s not the one who signed him.

  42. Samir

    Cesc coming back is my dream.

    Just imagine this:


    And we’d be back…

  43. Marko

    True Dan but I’m sure there’s some guarentees of signings being made to try to get him back if he was to. The clubs buzzing that’s for sure and so are some in AST and some journo fans but because of what’s gone on in the past there’s apprehension from which I get but it’s clear things are changing

  44. sam

    Spineless Wenger did not get rid of anyone. Players that left their contracts expired and denilson is not longer part of the squad

  45. Rohan

    Something that would be significant is if Barca fight tooth and nail to keep Thiago, but are non-committal towards Cesc, or even entertain Arsenal to a certain degree…

    I personally think Thiago will stay, can’t see him going to Bayern. Would mess up a lot of things as Honigstein has alluded to tonight.

    Utd look out as well.

  46. Marko

    People tend to forget he was at his absolute best at Arsenal. He was a key player, a captain and won the WorldsCup while at Arsenal. I’ve no doubt he does realise how much better he was with us. Sure he loves being home but at the expense of his career? I could see him coming back

  47. Rohan

    I dream of a Ramsey Jack Cesc midfield in Europe with Santi Theo and Higuain ahead of them.
    Throw in a proper DM for the league and to rotate, and we’re talking about a side as good as any in Europe really bar a few.
    Let’s not forget that we were relatively lucky with injuries last season. It would be nice to rotate Santi, and Jack a bit more.

    I think Ramsey is the man earmarked to replace arteta. Huge season for him coming up. Excited for him. Think he’ll come good.

  48. Dan Ahern

    How would they be “noncommittal” toward Cesc? It’s not like he’s poised to move or nearing the end of his contract.

    And Barça are fighting to keep Alcantara.

  49. Rohan

    I’m sure Cesc enjoyed his football more when he was the main man with us. There were some bad times, but there also were a lot of highs. Everything depends on how Arsene sells it to Cesc.

  50. Dan Ahern

    Marko — Yeah that’s true. If I’m Wenger I’m phoning Cesc daily and asking who he wants to play with.

  51. Rohan

    By non-commital, not doing more to convince him to stay if he’s considering leaving them. Our clause means that basically everything lies in Cesc’s hands. If he wants to leave, the deal will go through.

  52. Gunner2301

    Welcome back Pedro

    “We’ll build the team around him, amplify his talents, and he’ll be North London’s prince.”

    Rohan you sure you want us to go back to being an impotent team if Cesc decides he’s not playing? Responsibility is spread across the team makes us less predictable IMHO.

  53. Rohan

    Ofcourse not, we need a lot more quality to supplement Cesc. I’m not talking of a one-man team , but he will be our star player. A top class striker, in addition to an increasingly mature Theo, Santi, and Jack will make us a very solid outfit even when Cesc isn’t playing.

    Also, if Cesc comes back, i’ll put a cheeky bet on Theo hitting 30 goals next season.

  54. Marko

    It would make sense that we’re still interested cause we haven’t followed up our interest in Grenier and if there was more news around him then you’d be sure it means either there’s no chance of Cesc wanting to join us or no chance of Barca selling him. But the fact that the Grenier rumours are non existent at the month then maybe there is a shot of Cesc coming back. All if’s and buts though

  55. Dan Ahern

    Rohan, I have an extremely high estimation of Cesc. But Theo 30 goals? Sir, do not make that wager.

  56. Gunner2301

    I can understand why you would want Cesc back. Putting his fucked up self aside he’s a top player, but I’d rather let him carry on his life at Barca.

    I would suspect a big part of why he left and was do desperate he bought his way out was
    That he had heard enough of Wengers lies season after season. He was probably worn down with it. Why on earth would he want to come back?

    Players only come back to Arsenal once their best years are long behind them. Cesc will be the same, we’re a fall back option for him in his twighlight years.

    Rather than bringing back Cesc we’d gain more by bringing ex players onto the coaching team. Strange Wenger doesn’t want any of them around. Stories will come out when Wenger finally leaves that if we’d have known earlier we would have run him out of town already believe me there’s a lot going on that’s being hidden from us.

  57. Pistol Pete

    Dear Arsene Wenger,

    Time to leave our club, not sign a new contract. When are we going to sign a good players mr Wenger. Youare to slow and all the players you want will be sold in the next fortnight. Pay the money or piss off. Simple

  58. Dan Ahern

    I think AW has already signed a new deal. They are not announcing it publicly yet because fans would be (rightly) upset.

  59. sam

    Would Cesc come back? no he thinks we are not good enough for him. thats why he left us in the first place.
    Would Wenger have Cesc back? nope he believes Cesc stabbed him in the back and left when he needed him most.
    why waste time discussing something that will never happen?
    even if he comes back, how long before he cries homesickness again.

  60. Rohan

    When Cesc was around, he used to create 3 clear cut chances every single game guaranteed. With the Higster, Theo we could have two of the sharpest finishers in the world finishing chances off.

  61. samflu


    Totally agree. If there’s one thing Theo can do besides run fast as hell it’s finishing. I’ve always been really impressed by his composure infront of goal.