Higuain, Fellaini and Cesc? The three Amigos?

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It could be the master plan, time to have a bit of faith!

The way this summer has gone I really hope this is the week of surprises, new kit today and new players tomorrow, I still believe our manager will sign Higuain and Fellaini and they were always his targets and the big surprise will be the return of Cesc Fabregas.

So until that happens we need to have faith. (There could be a record in that)

However we now have a problem at the back, Vermaelen is out for start of the season, Djourou is on loan, Squillaci sadly has gone, so apart from Kozzer and Mertesacker, we only have Miquel. So time to buy a centreback.

Now I keep reading about the deadwood that has gone, the great clearout, but as I see it we still have Park, Chamakh, Djourou, Coquelin, Bendtner, Gervinho and Santos. Granted some of them are out on loan but make no mistake, we will still be paying most of their salaries.

So the deadwood people talk about is Arshavin, Squillaci who came to the end of their contracts, Mannone who we sold to Sunderland, Denilson who was on loan for three years and we paid him off and about 20 kids that hadn’t signed pro contracts, well although it’s a start, it’s not what I call a clearout.

Still we are launching a new kit today and if you get down to the Armoury, you can be the first to see it, whatever has been shown on the internet for the last 3 months isn’t it, today will be an exclusive, Arsenal said so it has to be true. The internet lies.

Benteke has lodged a transfer request and Spurs will be in for him by all accounts, will that be an irresistible partnership with Bale or will he prove to be a one-season wonder like Demba Ba? Or do we give a rats, I don’t, I would prefer to see us spend some proper money.

The team go away this week as our first game is this Sunday, so us signing anyone in time for pre season is now looking a tad remote.

We have debated whom for the best part of 2 months now and since Ivan made us all believe we were going to finally spend large our buying options are falling by the wayside.

Villa went to Athletico and Rooney is no longer for sale, Madrid say we haven’t bid for Higuain and we know the Suarez offer was made up.

That leaves our options thin on the ground and makes it look like Sanogo and Campbell could be our new and improved strike force.

I would seriously look at Richards as a centreback or re-ignite our interest in Ashley Williams, if indeed we were ever interested.

Trouble is we are so often mislead by ArsenaI it’s tough to believe we are actually doing anything to strengthen this summer.

I remember at the end of the season Wenger was making noises about there being no difference between us and ManU, I thought at the time that was his way of saying he believes in this team and with Diaby coming back we need no one.

Diaby joined us on the same day that Theo and Adebayor did, he’s managed at least 3 games each time before he gets injured, hardly impressive is it? But this could be his breakout season, or will it be another breakdown one instead. I know where my money is!

Pedro told me that Wenger will finally buy the players we need as the sponsors are insisting.

I think Wenger will do what he wants to do, he is now the longest serving manager in the EPL and he will milk that, he will no doubt get a new contract as well.

I really hoped that with all the noises Jack and Podolski were making that we would finally be bringing in those special players, I am just hoping this summer sees more than a new kit.

Time will tell but if wait too long all the best girls would have gone.

Another fruitless season will see more young fans going to other clubs and more of our players wanting out, but then I said that last year and the year before, let’s just hope we all get surprised today!

Have a good’un Grovers, I’m out to lunch today.

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  1. Keyser

    Lol of course he’s on a wind-up, if he was the only mentalist on here it wouldn’t be soo bad, but he’s got competition, from the tottenham clique, the Wilshere is shite massive, the stick a burning hot poker up Wengers.. and so on.

  2. Keyser

    Ideal ? I start pre-season training tomorrow, and around Christmas I start to show effects of the rabid diabetes regressing and I can play 5 minutes from the bench with a lucosade drip attached to my wrist and supplied by a nifty backpack.

  3. MadeToLoveMagic

    Dial. It’s true, if you look at walcotts Southampton highlights, they look better than what he does now! But he is definitely a more complete player now. Who knows what would have been at another club.

    What I think, is that his confidence took a huge battering around 2008 due to big dickheads like galas and our general media. It was always , he has no brain blah blah, and that has to have an effect on someone. It has Ben relentless, the criticism of theo

  4. Keyser

    I don’t think it’s just confidence, you just can’t play like you do for lower league teams. Running around like headless but energetic chickens.

    The Ox, Walcott, Jenkinson had to learn discipline, shape, timing and also deal with the physical effects.

    Walcott was at least eased in, Jenkinson really struggled with players who could wrong-foot him with skill or a sharp turn, last year he showed signs that he was beggining to learn to deal with that, dropping off or timing his challenges far better, Danny Rose still got him sent off against Sunderland.

    The Ox was playing a more disciplined role earlier last season, coverng the right-back, making sure he tracks back, but he got injured despite getting regular game-time and lost his place to Walcott again.

    Even Wilshere, people were complaining how limited his game was when he was first asked to sit next to Diaby/Song and behind Fabregas.

  5. Menace Lurgtramp

    No big names signed yet but no doubt Arsene and Ivan are “working very very hard”.

    Anyone else get the feeling that the financial restraints comments at the end of last season were designed to shut us all up again?

    Seriously we are the wife of the serial cheating husband who keeps promising he won’t hurt us again.


  6. Samir

    Dial, I don’t see any point in answering your question because I know you’ll twist it into some rubbish.

    My opinion is that Giroud has no chance of playing defensive midfield and that not buying Fellaini would be absolutely stupid. He is the player we lack.

  7. Leedsgunner

    This might be Stan Kronke’s next bright idea — having Colorado links and all —


  8. dialsquare

    I don’t see the point in these AGM meetings where so called fans representatives sit passively and then leave with their tails between their legs, it’s time to up the ante by calling for Wenger’s head and for the Board to be removed.

  9. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Fellaini is an extremely accurate passer, and this rang loud and clear after last season, when he completed 1231 of his attempted 1500 passes—good enough for a 79.4 percent passer rating.

    Everton play alot of long balls

    Olivier Giroud only completed 64% of his passes last season for Arsenal

  10. N1Goon

    tim payton ‏@timpayton 5m
    Arsenal launched best kit for yrs today. Back to classic yellow & blue. Will look even better when we sign world class to wear it #patience

    Jeff Weston ‏@jeffnorthlondon 4h
    Exact words from a senior executive #arsenal today when I asked about our transfer targets “watch this space, very soon” #patience 🙂

    What has got into these two? Especially Tim he is usually more miserable than Geoff when Arsenal’s transfer season kicks in.

  11. dialsquare

    Most of these attacking left and right backs started out as Forwards or Midfielders.
    Take David Luiz it’s obvious he’s a Midfielder albeit a not very good one, that’s why they stuck him in Defence and he’s not very good at that either.

  12. Samir

    Thank you Wengers plastic bottle ( never thought I’d be thanking it, maybe only if it bounced back up and knocked some sense into Wenger)

  13. kwik fit

    Rumours circulating Twitter tonight that We’ve made a massive signing and news of same will be released shortly.
    Barry?………Mmmmmmmm I wonder.

  14. Samir

    Playing left back and left wing is similar though.

    Playing striker and defensive midfield is totally different.
    Giroud would be shit in midfield. He isn’t even good enough to play striker for us.

  15. N1Goon

    Kwik, please share your source? I am not one to dismiss everything on Twitter, you can usually spot the bullshitters very easily.

  16. Bermy boy

    I can’t wait for this fuckin clown to fall flat on his face,along with all the fuckin bastards in the administration that have supported him.anyone still believing in this clown love abuse…….period.

  17. Rohan

    Yeah a couple of people who are atleast notable names in the Arsenal community and AST have been strangely optimistic today.

    Oh yeah and Pedro said something along those lines as well. My call is late next week.

  18. dialsquare


    You talk crap, l explained earlier that Sol Campbell started out as a crap Forward and then was moved to a Centre Back position, explain that to me?

  19. kwik fit


    Think this was the source of the imminent news;

    indykaila News ‏@indykaila 1h
    I still confirming the #AFC story, if this source is correct, massive news for #Arsenal. Massive.

  20. MadeToLoveMagic

    Samir, I could see giroud at dm , his link up play, touch and flicks were really the only thing t hat impressed me about him last season. He is decent in the air too, so that would help. Anyway His finishing should be matured by now so it’s worrying how many chances he missed last season, I can’t really ever recall a beautifully crafted effort on goal from Olivier last year, some good poachers goals maybe, santi is a far better finisher.

    Anyway I’ll post thing again as I forgot to title it last time,

  21. tom

    kick fit
    Rumours circulating Twitter tonight that We’ve made a massive signing and news of same will be released shortly.
    Barry?………Mmmmmmmm I wonder.??? any idea who this?it better not be abou diaby again coz we have singed him about 10times alredy lol

  22. Toli83

    Kwik fit,

    So many ITK’s around just trying to get attention and followers, bunch of c*nts really. I genuinely don’t think we are after anyone of note, can sense it.

    Same old same old… Shame really – We can see what’s needed but I think Wenger genuinly feels that he doesn’t need anyone.

  23. goonerboy

    When it comes to buying players Arsene Wenger doesn’t give a shit what anyone else thinks or wants or needs. But is this level of self confidence justified?

    Maybe those of us desperate for him to buy should think again. His record in buying players in the past 5 years who have remained at the club is not an especially successful one

    For me players Wenger has bought still at the club- fall into 4 categories:

    Embarrassing failures: Arshavin, Denilson, Santos, Vela, Park, Gervinho cost approx 40m – not peanuts for a club with no money.

    Partial successes: Koscielny, Walcott, Sagna, Mertesacker, Arteta -thats 50m on players who have been good at times.

    The jury is out: Chamberlain, Podolski, Giroud-and they cost a further 36m.

    Unqualified success: Cazorla for 12 m.

    Granted we have had some bad luck with injuries with Diaby, Vermaelen and Eduardo and Ramsey which it is not reasonable to point the finger at Wenger for.

    With one unqualified success in the transfer market in the past 5 years how can the Arsenal Board justify hiring him for a further 3 years? Its a poor record that most other clubs in the EPL would sack a manager for.

    No manager is perfect but is Wenger not the biggest conman in the game?

  24. kwik fit


    It’s pathetic really. First pre-season game coming up and no new signings to wet our appetite. Ah hold on I forgot YaYa ‘at least its not that fucker from Togo’

  25. Cesc Appeal

    We forget we’re thinking about our squad/buys to win things and compete…Arsene and the board are thinking about it in terms of limping to fourth

  26. N1Goon

    I’ve seen windows come in similar patterns with Arsenal, but NEVER have I have seen such proof that we are bidding £20m plus on players.

    Confirmed ‘hits’ for Suarez, Higuain, Bender and intense talk of Rooney. In my opinion Suarez is worth £40m, but his price is dropping with every single interview he gives. It’s how Cesc’s price dropped down to £35m, constant tapping up and pressure from the agent.

    If Suarez hands in a transfer request and we get lucky with Madrid and Chelsea not going for him we are in with a fair chance.

  27. sam

    Big big season for corporal Jenkinson,
    I believe we should keep Sanga but if he’s still out of form put him on the bench.

    Jenko for england!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. GoonerDave

    When is the departure for the tour? In the coming days I think? Seems a right old shame not to have a new signing or two on board for it. That little extra bit of settling in time and team bonding could really help us get off to a better start next season.
    Also I hate the fact that the transfer window is open during all of August. Transfers should stop when the first ball of the season is kicked in my opinion.
    We certainly seem to be taking our time alright, but heres hoping that we get the players we want.
    That’s the most important thing really.
    As for Suarez, I cannot believe we would bid for him. Its been reported everywhere I know, but it seems crazy!

  29. BacaryisGod

    I was pretty emphatic about no-one wanting us to sign Barry yesterday.

    The rumours are that it’s a 1 year contract with a club option for a second year based on certain targets being met. The wage would be 75k per week and a 4 million transfer fee.

    Think about that-we would be paying 7.9 million for one year of Gareth Barry. That has to be nonsense. I could see 2 million at 60k bringing it to about a 5 million investment for a one-year back-up to Arteta but anything more would be crazy. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

  30. sam

    The whole new striker rumour is just one big summer myth to tease the fans.
    I believe it started when we were all convinced Podolski was leaving. but he’s not.
    plus wenger won’t give up on giroud.
    I could be wrong we should wait and see

  31. BacaryisGod

    sam-100% we’re buying a new striker. Giroud will still get a lot of playing time, but we need a Higuain or Suarez.

  32. rewenger

    Why is it spurs always grab the obvious target? Parker, Loris, Dembele and now maybe Benteke. Do Wenger feel its boring making signings everybody is expecting? Well Wenger its come so far we would be very surprised if we signed someone obvious!

  33. salparadisenyc

    BacaryisGodJuly 9, 2013 23:37:43

    “I could see 2 million at 60k bringing it to about a 5 million investment for a one-year back-up to Arteta”


    For Gareth Barry. I think we could spend that money in a much better manner like keep it in the bank.

    Posted this earlier, what a shambles he was and is.

  34. sam


    I hope so too but I don’t just want to get excited on rumours
    I wanna see new signings, the media also make shit up. especially la marca

  35. salparadisenyc


    I split my time about 2/3 NY 1/3 London.

    Rest assured me and my boys see that monstrosity we will deface it in any manner we can. That said time square security is tighter that Wengers arse.

  36. Relieable sauce

    People were debating the American/Asian tours & markets earlier & i thought it was quite an interesting subject.
    On first glance it does seem the Asian market is the obvious choice for what i would think the main motives are, increasing the brand globally & increasing financial streams. Its just that almost everyone in Asia already loves football & have long affiliations with well established teams, many Asian TV rights deals won’t be anywhere near as lucrative as the American deal i would think.
    There was also the talk of Man $ity setting up a team based in NY which has to get you thinking.
    They are at the forefront of modern football & FFP will not stop them in their naked ambition for success.
    …meanwhile, back at the lab Wenger rebuilds Diaby.

  37. luke

    It makes no sense to me why we weren’t in for schwartzer (how ever you spell it). Wenger liikes him, he was free and he provides maturity and cover in the keeper department. Instead chelsea sign someone they don’t need. I cant wait until the transfer window is closed so we can talk about all the players we should have signed and then focus on what we have…… again. Atleased we will know who to trust when all this is over and the only feeling around the stadium is disappointment and disgust.

  38. useroz

    Fellaini and Suarez will add a lot of fight and bite to our attack, and more.

    Arsenal will be feared by all including the Stokes!

  39. sam


    don’t forget these 2 will spend more time on the fa panel than on the pitch
    probably banned when we meet stoke

  40. SUGA3

    give me a 29 year old Flamini on a free ahead of 32 year old Barry for a fee any day, hell, would not think for one second if both were on a free!

  41. rewenger

    If spuds sign Benteke, what striker is better? As said in an earlier post I get that mancity, chelsea and maybe manu can buy players we cant but not spuds.
    So again what striker would make it acceptable for Arsenal not to bid for Benteke?

  42. Oh Theo Theo!

    Paul McDaid – he’s better be as good as Hig, Cesc & Fellaini rolled into one – we’ve been waiting for Patience for 8 years….

  43. N1Goon

    I’d take Higuain and Suarez over Benteke, who knows whether he is a one-season wonder, not to mention the fact that he has forced a move after a year shows he has no respect for Lambert.

  44. ikon

    Suarez, Fellaini, Cesc… signed sealed delivered in 100 milion, the premier league trophy, and probably the champion’s league as well.

  45. N1Goon

    Arsenal’s interest in Gareth Barry is genuine & is regarded as a back-up option in short-term, following failed bid for Bender. (Telegraph)

  46. wenker-wanger

    the optimists on here really have to be admired. The never say die attitude for the faith in wenger splashing the huge hoard of money hes accumulated in his profiteering on transfer deals.
    I hope i’m wrong but i cant help thinking its all a sham. Bidding for suarez is strange to say the least. But we havent signed anyone yet so maybe its just some gesture to keep the heat off his back.
    Of course wenger will be offered a new contract and as far as cushy football managers jobs go this is the cushiest. He is under no pressure, just to qualify for champs league and only when that is threatened will he strengthen. Winning the prem requires investment in quality players and clearly selling RVP last season should underline the fact that wenger has no great desire to win it.
    i would try giroud at centre back, he is a big lump and good at getting his head on the ball and he is brave as well. His mobility is better than the oiltanker mertesacker, so why not give him a go?

  47. electricistas barcelona

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